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  1. To suggest valour skills are worth locking Lene behind a 3% drop rate is a very hard bargain. Even when people discuss 5 star demotions, Grey is one of the first people mentioned, sword valour or not. It's also pretty commonplace for Lene to be suggested for demotion in relation to her kit. If a characters only use is having dance (something available in the 3 star pool) and a valour skill that is both redundant and offers nothing but time-saving, they're not worth the rarity. Which is something available completely for free. There's a reason dancers have started becoming fliers and getting Guidance-support, Chill-skills and weapons that enable other units. It's because dance isn't something worth locking behind five-star. Lene, like Grey, wasn't locked because she can dance, but exclusively because of Sword Valour. It doesn't matter since you straight up never see Firestorm dance since it's straight-up outclassed in almost any situation. Two dancers already have a straight superior version of Firestorm in their weapon and the others prefer either Wings of Mercy or the Chill-skills. Again, this is nothing more than quality of life that boils down to a "time-saver". If you value that, then that's fine but as far as I'm concerned, it's worthless with how easy SP grinding has become on anything that's not a non-Wrathful staff unit.
  2. But there has been a history of Tellius banners in the past, so again, that's not an unreasonable expectation. Although from your perspective I could understand why you'd think Binding Blade is unreasonable. Regardless, I think both of us have said our opinions on the topic. In my opinion, not having outdated skills in the general summon pool (like the examples you mentioned) is pretty ridiculous and yes, IS has been ignoring (or addressing very, very slowly)... however, I don't see at all as unreasonable to expect that to change, despite IS's historical reluctance to allow for skill experimentation. The game has been in a period of which the playerbases contention is growing for awhile now. Issues like Binding Blade not having a banner for a whole year, as well as the missing weapons/skills in the permanent pool definitely need to be addressed. Sure, from their recent history, they have been doubling down on their bad decisions, but expecting that to change is completely within reason. Just look at how they handled alternates of characters, they had a few months where we got back-to-back alternates within every banner much to the dismay of some fans. A few months later and we've finally started having consecutive banners that only introduce new characters. Is this related to profit? Maybe. I'm skeptical whether this Flora banner would really earn as much as an alternate Corrin or Camilla, but they're listening to fans regardless. If you wanted Sword Valour, you would have pulled for it already. Having a third unit with it is nothing more than redundant. The reason Lene was pulled for is absolutely not a quality of life skill that doesn't impact arena (the new Duel skills) or the characters usability (Special Spiral, Wrath, etc). Neither Gray nor Chrom were popular units either, despite having sword valour and both being much more popular than Lene. The difference between Lene and them is clear: it's her art.
  3. There were seven dancers prior to Lene's release, just because they were locked behind being 5* and/or seasonal doesn't change that Lene didn't offer anything substantially different compared to being a guidance dancer or a quad-buff weapon. She essentially equated to a slightly better Olivia (who's in the 3* pool). Regardless, the point was that being a dancer was a... lesser consideration to Lene's popularity. From what I gathered, it's pretty clear that her art was the predominant reason as it appealed to a considerable portion of the Heroes fanbase. As for the comments on Sword Valor, I can't really agree or disagree. Frankly, quality of life skills like sword valor are absolutely worthless to me and have only seen people ever clamor Staff Valor, but if they're desirable to others that's fine. And I've never seen anyone keep Firestorm over Wings of Mercy, the utility of the latter is is unsurpassable. There's no point making her a budget P!Azura or Flying Olivia when she does that role substantially worse.
  4. That's the point -- being a primary motivator is fine, no one is expecting otherwise. Expecting one Thracia or Binding Blade banner every 1.5 years is absolutely not unrealistic and it's hardly "altruistic" of IS to provide players with such. Whatever "deficit"-- if it even exists -- that a Binding Blade or Tellius banner would provide is surely going to be overshadowed by the ridiculous amount of Awakening and Fates releases anyway. Lene came out at a time where dancers were already over-abundant, sword valour was already on two other units in the permanent pool, an outclassed B-skill compared to Wings of Mercy and a niche weapon. And yet, due to her appeal to the main demographic of Heroes, she became more sought out than Ares who had a brazen skill and interesting weapon. It's on it's way to being two years. It's absolutely not unreasonable for fans to ask for one banner for Binding Blade, Tellius or Valentia a year. Literally no one was demanding an Awakening or Fates banner after just having a terrible Chrom alt/Hinoka alt banner and yet they get another banner in 3-4 months, despite the general consensus that these banners were bad to pull on. Cipher, which also has a Fates bias, but didn't at all ignore Thracia or Binding Blade. So why should Heroes get a pass? It shouldn't.
  5. I hope so, I miss the game even though I play it regularly enough. A weird dynamic. Reina and Knoll are definitely not deconfirmed (although I would argue they're very unlikely). The point isn't that they're not ever going to be put in the game, but rather that IS makes the direct decision to ignore these characters to force a number of unncessary alts on more popular characters. Obviously, monetary value is the underlying reason behind these decisions and I understand people accept this because of such, but you have to understand that others absolutely will not stand by or accept this. Yes, Eirika and Hinoka fans get a new alt, but Knoll and Reina fans absolutely got screwed and now have many months to wait before they can get added into the game. Monetary gain will definitely be the underlying and most important factor for IS's decisions when it comes to character and banner releases, but... You're acting as if it's the only motivation behind their decision-making which is simply not the case. Many times they've released alts of lesser popular characters. Bride Sanaki, Olwen2, Hardin, Nina, Halloween Jakob, Summer Innes, Karla and so on... These characters absolutely would have not been getting seasonals, let alone included in the game if money was the only motivation behind releasing characters. Similarly, we wouldn't have gotten a Thracia or New Mystery banner in the first place. Similarly, there's no excuse for characters like Ike, Eirika, Ephraim, Celica, Alm and so on not having seasonals. Just look at the recent announcement, if they only cared about money, they absolutely wouldn't have made Aversa the GHB... and yet, they did. I do think IS has been greedy in a number of different ways, but they absolutely have been trying to listen to fans in other aspects, hence why they need to release a damn Binding Blade banner for the same reason Thracia 776 needed a banner (and arguably, still does, without alts bloating the pool). If money was the only motivation towards , they would have never released Leif, they would continue making alts of popular character only (rather than going back to new characters like the recent banners have been doing). Really... this whole circular discussion is a bit silly. When they make literal "irrelevant" characters like Lene, Karla and (to a lesser degree, due to his unique situation) Reinhardt desirable units with real fans now, it just goes to show that a bit of effort can actually go a long way.
  6. To be honest I'm kind of surprised you haven't seen these types of posts? The exact same stuff happened when Eirika "stole" Gelipnir and Hinoka punted Reina off her Kinshi. Maybe "should" is the wrong word as it suggests ownership over a theme, but it makes a hell of a lot more sense for Knoll to use Gleipnir, Reina to be the first Kinshi and Elincia to be the first flying healer. Hence, the basis of the complaints. I wasn't as disappointed over Mia overriding Elincia, but the other two were especially frustrating since the only reason Knoll and Reina didn't get included into the game was so IS could make a quick buck from Eirika/Hinoka fans.
  7. I agree - but Olwen isn't a popular character, so why did they bother making her? They should have stopped with Reinhardt if they only cared about profit, but they went out of the way to create an alternate version of Olwen to "justify" Reinhardt overshadowing Leif on the first Thracian banner. It's an ulterior move, potentially derived from the assumption that Reinhardt may carry the cost to create a second Olwen who wouldn't be popular.
  8. We have no idea what the sales are, so this hypothetical is a fruitless discussion as we have no real sale figures. However, considering the most popular character in the franchise has yet to even have a seasonal alt, it's pretty inexcusable when characters like Kagero begin getting two. "Trying to equalize representation" and "equal representation" aren't the same. One is an ongoing process, the other is a current or completed state. They were trying to equalize the representation amongst the franchise, but they stopped in favour of shilling Awakening/Fates characters. Some of which of whom aren't even popular (Nina, Libra). The game has continually made disappointing design decisions with an overall drop in community satisfaction. Should we keep expecting them to keep up this ongoing train of disappointment and bad decisions? IMO, no. We should expect them to be better. The first year of this game was great, despite the mishaps, expecting the game to be like that first year is reasonable as far as I'm concerned.
  9. What are you talking about? They've literally spent the whole first year trying to equalize representation, with the only exceptions being Thracia/Binding Blade which got completely shafted. Expecting representation is completely reasonable, stop portraying it as unreasonable. That's why Awakening and Fates didn't get any new character additions aside from seasonals. It's not until this year where they tried shilling out Awakening/Fates characters on regular banners as well as seasonals.
  10. What metric of assessment are you using to denounce her opinion and label it as dumb? Regardless, what nonsense. Just because someone is in the minority doesn't make it reasonable to disregard them or their opinion.
  11. I agree with you tbh. Farfetched was (IMO) unnecessary in comparison to Binding Blade/Tellius/Valentia that desperately need a banner. People arguing that Awakening/Fates getting more representation whilst non-Jugdral gets shafted because they're more popular is "understandable" doesn't change the fact that it is a slap in the face to long-time fans who actually care about seeing their favourites from across the series placed in a celebratory-like game. You may not agree, you may not think it's a problem these games get focus whilst others get virtually ignored, and that's fine. But it is an issue for others, and for people to denounce your opinion is utter rubbish.
  12. Summoner wishlist, who you want to summon

    I don't like seasonals or alts, so I only want my favourites OG for the most part. If I want an alt it's because I like the character and just want the character (again) rather than the costume or get-up they're in. With that out of the way, there's still a lot I'm missing that I want. Dorcas: I want 1 copy of every Blazing Blade character. He's also a good man. Lute: Great character who carried me in Sacred Stones. I need her badly. Mia: Only thing that stops me from whaling for her, is her voice... But I like Mia a lot. Hopefully she'll get a refine in the future that'll motivated me to go for her. Myrrh: She seems very fun to use. I liked her in SS, too. Genny: I liked her in Valentia. Lewyn: Fun kit, would like to experiment with this pseudo brave-mage. I prefer his son though. Mist: Best little sister character as she actually gets off her ass and does something. I want all PoR characters as well. Flora: Her kit seems interesting, would like to experiment. Ophelia: Hate her character, but her art and kit are nice. Elise: The only character from the launch roster that I'm missing. Olwen: Outdated and inferior to her brother, but I like her character. Tana: Not much to say here, I want to collect Sacred Stone characters. I prefer Cormag though.
  13. Are there any Hero artworks you don't like?

    I actually thought Miwabe's rendition of Lyn on Twitter was actually pretty good: I suppose Lyn's proportions help provide a more mature outlook in comparison to Lachesis. Either way, I think that's still Miwabe drawing Lachesis on the new Cipher card? It may not mean anything in particular, but it makes me wonder if they're aware of the online/overseas community backlash.
  14. Are there any Hero artworks you don't like?

    Lyn's 15, too. And yet Wada's depiction of Lyn is a phenomenal representation of the character. Miwabe's... not so much. With that said, Miwabe's art is actually really good. I'm not privy to moe art, but it obviously appeals to a lot of other people. She done a great rendition of Delthea/Kana, just Lachesis... not the most accurate portrayal they could have chosen for her.
  15. Are there any Hero artworks you don't like?

    From playing FEH, I've noticed I'm pretty picky to be quite honest... Nothing against the artists, partially my fault for being hypercritical in terms of art. Fujiwara Ryo (Joshua, Seth) & Arai Teruko (Alm, Shiro). I'm not privy to the "female dating sim" art style, but these character arts are just a huge downgrade from their original iteration. Kaya8 (Tobin). I normally like their art, but their Tobin had design changes that were inexcusable, he just looks really, really bad in comparison to Hidari's Tobin. Keep Kaya for the female characters. No Nose Chiko (Sylvia, Micaiah, Hinoka). I really like their Olivia, though. Amagaitaro (Catira, Nino). I really dislike "moe" art. He's ruined some characters from other gacha I play and I don't want to see anything to do with this artist. Gaou (Mae), Washimoto (Winter Tharja) & Miwabe Sakura (Est, Lachesis). I dislike "moe" art, but even more so... Making adolescent or adult females look like children is incredibly jarring and my worst pet peeve.