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  1. PKL's Conquest Tier List v1.1

    I think people are forgetting that pairup increases your dodge stat, which what your combat units are going to be in like 90% of the time.
  2. PKL's Conquest Tier List v1.1

    Maybe for the list here so we can just ignore that bit, but the Pegasus generic is a low cost and an easy way to pick up Rally Speed or another ferrybot.
  3. PKL's Conquest Tier List v1.1

    Corrin definitely wants to promote with one of the early heart seals for the reasons Carmine Sword already pointed out. When you have very two strong options such as Corrin and Jakob, it's difficult to justify giving Mozu one of the seals over them since you see returns immediately from both Corrin/Jakob when Mozu boils down to just being a potential unit that's only effective on player phase. Mozu's best argument for taking a seal early on is when you're playing as Male Corrin where the second Heart seal is less contested since Jakob isn't around. When you're playing as Male Corrin the other potential candidates are users that appreciate it , but don't exactly need it such as Camilla, Felicia, and Selena. Mozu's fine when you train her up and for a lot of players it's fun to watch your shrimp turn into a titan, however in an efficiency tierlist context we're trying to beat the game in a fast manner where Mozu's contributions are replicated by your other units without the heavy investment. Mozu offers good combat on player phase and flight after a Kinshi promotion which both aren't unique and you have alternatives (I was originally going to list them, but then realized they're mostly top-high tier characters anyways). - I doubt Azura's getting paired off to recruit Shigure in a timely fashion because of the reduced support points for refreshing and an Azura in the back of pairup is a waste of a turn of refreshing. If you want an alternative for Selena just capture a Pegasus knight from Ch10 or 14 and instant promote them. It's easy to train them up since they'll have instant Beast killer access and they don't require a Heart seal. - Instead of tomebreaker Felicia just send Kaze to mop up the mages in Ch13. It doesn't require training up Felicia to C rank shuriken (lol her physical damage output) or have her reach Lv15 for a small portion of a map. Calamity Gate Orochi is a bit scary for Kaze, but there's a gate close to her and she's easily baited on Turn 1 by tricking her AI into setting up an Attack Stance.
  4. Wyvern First Servant

    Jakob benefits from going Paladin at least for a few maps since he can pick up Defender and Elbow room before making the switch to Malig Knight for early Trample. Afterwards it's up to you what you do with him since he can carry his previous lance rank from Paladin into Wyvern Lord, but his magic output is good for awhile thanks to his skills+pairup so keeping him Malig is a viable option as well.
  5. PKL's Conquest Tier List v1.1

    Reclassed Ninja!Laslow is actually pretty similar to Kaze in that Laslow is -35%Spd and gains +35%Lck/15%Def over Kaze. It's definitely not worth the hassle since at Laslow's best he's another 1-2 range combat unit in a route full of movement based objectives. I'm guessing the placement is his rally skill that gives Corrin or whoever a bit more damage against Takumi for free, but it's largely a trivial boost for the majority of the game.
  6. Another Conquest Hard Mode Draft.

    Alright, the drafting went ridiculously fast because we did it all over Discord. lol I'm starting the draft and I can't decide on which Corrin build I want to go for since almost everything is allowed for the draft. I'm going to go with Male, +HP/-Lck, Sky Knight Corrin. Male is just out of preference and I don't want to play as Female Corrin this playthrough. Prologue: 2/2 Turns Silly clear Chapter 1: 4/6 Turns +HP Boon Chapter 2: 3/9 Turns This clear is kind of annoying with Felicia since Jakob makes it easier by a considerable amount. Chapter 3: 5/14 Turns Standard stuff. The boss is a dick and forced me to reset a few times. Chapter 4: 7/21 Turns Corrin bumrush with Kaze gaining a level for Ch5 Chapter 5: 4/25 Turns I hate Ryoma in this map because he never seems to deal enough damage or just flat out dies right before I can reach him Chapter 6: 2/27 Turns Used everyone on the map. Camilla bopped Hinoka, Leo killed Xander after a Freeze and chip from Xander, and Xander+Felicia pairup took down Yukimura.
  7. Hey guys, we're still experimenting with the ruleset and this draft is allowing more of the previously restricted options for Corrin and Jakob/Felicia, which should make things either interesting or totally broken. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 4 players. 2. Corrin, Gunter*, Felicia/Jakob**, Rinkah, Sakura, Azura, Kana, Flora, and Izana are free for all. 3. The game will be played on Hard Classic mode. Exceptions: 1. Only the servant who joins you in Chapter 2 is a free unit. The other is a draftable unit that joins in Chapter 15. 2. Gunter is only free for chapters 2-3. He is not free in Chapter 15. 3. Rinkah, Kaze, and Sakura are free in chapters 4-6. 4. All units are free in Chapter 6. 5. Two undrafted units may be used in Chapter 10 without penalty. 6. Camilla is free for Chapter 10, and is available as a drafted unit afterwards starting from Chapter 16. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may: Pair up with undrafted units and trade with undrafted/drafted units (but must not be in range of a drafted unit when battling). 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to: pairing up with drafted units, entering battle, meatshielding, healing and supporting with drafted units. 3. NPC units may do as they please without penalty. 4. Paralogues excluding 1x are optional and are free up to 20 turns. 5. Challenge battles are banned, as are invasion battles. 6. Use of DLC and Spotpass (including free content and Visitor/Battle rewards) is strictly prohibited. 7. Mozu's Paralogue must be completed before Chapter 9. 8. Using the Branch of Fate option on the title screen to change your Boon/Bane after the pre-route split is disallowed. My Castle Rules: 1. You may build, upgrade, and use any of the following: Armory, Staff Store, Lilith's Temple, and Hot Springs. Use of the Private Quarters is allowed ONCE in between each chapter. 2. You may build and upgrade any Siege weapon for the purpose of recruiting Flora. 3. You may not trigger any conversations in My Castle. Corn: 1. Corn may chose any gender, Boon/Bane. They may also chose any non-Dragon (Malig Knight or Wyvern Lord) talent and cannot reclass into the Dragon class line through A+ or S rank inheritance. Penalties: 1. Using an undrafted unit results in a 10 turn penalty. Draftable units Players: Dark Sage: Beruka, Elise, Leo + Forrest, Peri, Laslow + Soleil, Nyx Gwimpage: Camilla (Chapter 16), Silas + Sophie, Kaze + Midori, Odin + Ophelia, Shigure, Benny + Ignatius LoveColored: Arthur+Percy, Effie, Selena, Keaton + Velouria, Felicia/Jakob (Chapter 15), Mozu BlueSS1: Xander + Siegbert, Niles + Nina, Gunter, Dwyer, Charlotte, Shura
  8. Skill Request Thread!

    Funny, I'm actually in the same situation where I have every Blow skill except Certain Blow. rip lol
  9. Skill Request Thread!

    First time posting and the thread is a bit too massive to look for it if it were posted already. Looking for a Sophie with Replicate and Quixotic. It's less important, but I'm also looking for Xander with Certain Blow.
  10. [FE14] Birthright Draft

    Ch.19 5/83 Turns MU with Lunge and Malig Knight's 1-2 range combat made this map really nice for movement without needing a Rescue charge. The top room gave me some trouble with the bulkier enemies so MU and Saizo took an extra turn clearing stuff out. Reina with the Bolt Naginata is really nice at killing enemies left behind from MU's rampage. Ch.20 1/84 Turns Lunged an enemy through the wall with MU and killed the boss on EP with a Dragon Fang proc. Ended up skipping everything in the map, but lunging through the wall was too amusing to pass up. Ch.21 2/86 Turns Reina used a Rescue charge for the MU bosskill as everyone else was attempting to grab as much EXP as possible. Ch.22 2/88 Turns Did a bunch of paralogues because Saizo and MU reached S rank and Rinkah/Silas S ranked forever ago. Kana promotes and gets reclassed to Mechanist in addition to an Arms Scroll for an Iron forge. Asugi promotes to Master Ninja and both help out with the rout. MU and Saizo/Paladin pairup go north, Reina takes on the bottom, and Kana/Asugi go West and East respectively. Ch.23 3/91 Turns Double refreshed MU and Reina on the other side of the alleyway so Reina could Rescue MU forward. Positioning was tricky because Camilla destroys the stalls and exposes Azura to a Paladin, but thanks to Rinkah's Shove I can do the second refresh out of range. Asugi+Scarlet head north from the start and Saizo kills the Wyvern Lord in the middle of the river. MU reaches Selena's range on Turn 2 and every else goes on cleaning duty. Ch.24 1/92 Turns Rescue Staff and gg. I collected the gold and the Wyrmslayer for some extra tonics. Ch.25 2/94 Turns Cleared out the starting position with a bunch of my effective weaponry and set up a double refresh so MU reaches close to the top staircase. Reina after a shove can reach MU with Azura in tow so I can barely reach Iago for the bosskill with Saizo. Ch.26 1/95 Turns RIP Xander. Asugi and Saizo collected some useless EXP because why not? Ch.27 2/97 Turns This map is pretty ridiculous but Reina, MU, Saizo, and Asugi with Paladin pairup made it more bearable. The bosskill is always stupid, but MU and Saizo took him down. Endgame 1/98 Turns This boss is such a joke after Garon and his goon squad. Thoughts on the team: Corrin with Wyvern reclass becomes incredibly dumb in the midgame. You're forced into their base class for awhile, but if you were to do a srs LTC run you'd likely just My Room abuse so you can A+ Seal without needing the Heart Seal. Jakob with an immediate Heart Seal is so dominant and obsoletes a lot of characters. Since starting this draft there's been a few rule set revisions and I think limiting his Heart seal use would be better than entirely doing away with his Cavalier line. Perhaps you should restrict him to reclassing until a specific chapter, or allow him to reclass freely through non-Avatar S ranking. Silas was merely okay for the entire draft. This has mostly to do with Jakob being significantly better in the earlygame and him being meh as the game reaches into the lategame. He was nice to have as a 7-8Mov unit and the several Double refresh setups throughout the game. Saizo was AMAZING. Saizo only requires a bit of a push in the earlygame and then his combat never stops being bad. His constant +1Mov boost to mounted units and good combat made it nice for people like Jakob/Silas/Scarlet to ferry around and help out in rout objectives. The only thing he might have against him are the super bulky enemies that he doesn't 1RKO, but meh. Reina was so clutch for her versatility. As a Kinshi knight she was an erase button and could even take out armor knights after a yumi forge. I should have reclassed her earlier because I didn't get Azura S ranked she was my only Rescue staff user. I ended up finishing the draft with 2 Rescue staff charges left and I definitely could have used one in at least Ch16. She's criminally underrated right now so it's nice to get so much use out of her when most players don't even bat an eye at her. Scarlet's such a great unit, but I didn't get too much use out of her combat. She was mostly around to fly people around and kill the occasional enemy. She definitely shined most in Ch15 where she 1HKO'ed everything she fought with the beastkiller. Rinkah was surprising as a late pick. Her combat is passable after her personal skill is active and she gets a lot more use in an LTC setting after getting Shove. Shigure didn't exist because Azura has like no time to build supports. For a past Conquest draft I would Shelter and fight on EP to build supports, but the situation wouldn't arise often and Azura ended up at B support with Jakob. Mozu was useless, but after a reclass her pairup bonuses were nice. She doesn't get CQ!Ch10 to gain any EXP and she just falls behind too easily. She ended the draft at Lv9 so I missed out on the Kinshi promotion. lol
  11. Best way to grind staff ranks?

    Use the Mokushu forest (Ch10BR, Ch11Rev) and stand on the spike traps. The enemies are weak, there's a chokepoint at the bottom blocking off non-flier units and you can sit there as long as you want.
  12. what a rude and crude let's play. what's worse is we didn't even get to see the incredible gomez in action.
  13. [FE14] Birthright Draft

    I didn't work on the draft today because I was going through Luna Conquest to check a few benchmarks and positioning for a few maps I think I make improvements on. The trigger line in Ch17 is a vertical line on the starting side of the lake. The line goes directly down starting from the Avatar's position. What's silly is that you can force a Rescue staffed unit into that spot and still trigger the Reinforcements, but if you shove someone onto it you don't. A Birthright LTC with a full team will probably need to use Rinkah, Oboro, and Oni!Hinata to save a few rescue charges by making it easier to double/triple refresh units further out.
  14. (Conquest) Lunatic Mode Playthrough

    If you rig a Gunter crit (60ish% hit and 3% crit) you can 4 turn Ch3. I think you might need Jakob over Felicia to keep the enemies from blocking your path though.
  15. [FE14] Birthright Draft

    Chapter 7: 7/32 Turns Reclassed Jakob to Paladin, gave him Azura's bronze lance, gave him a HP/Def/Str/Spd Tonic and Rinkah a Str tonic. The only notable thing about this strategy was the opening few turns and breaking through the enemy pairups. Jakob dropped Rinkah as Azura transferred MU and refreshed Jakob so he could 2HKO the fighter. Jakob kills the leftover Outlaw and RINKAH murders an outlaw behind the pairup so Jakob could keep moving after a refresh. Jakob and Rinkah killed the cavaliers as MU finished up the middle portion of the map. Chapter 7x: 5/37 Turns Jakob with Azura pairup moves through the map clockwise while everyone else moves left, Saizo gains a few levels since he's a crucial unit. I'm hoping to recruit Shigure before the mid to lategame so I can have a Rescue staff user. Reclassed Reina will have to do if I can't find ways to get Jakob and Azura support points. Jakob and Azura reach C support. Chapter 8: 5/42 Turns Jakob and Saizou run up the middle of the map. I had to use Azura to get MU to the DV point on Turn 1. I couldn't DV the second point until Turn 3, but Saizou cleared most of the mages and weakened a few enemies for Silas and Mozumeme. Jakob and Saizou kill the boss and priestess while the rest of the units mop up the pairup enemies and remaining priestess. Oh yeah, I recruited Hinoka on Turn 3 because she moved beside the 2nd DV point. She and her group cleared out and let Mozume grind a bit on the Oni chasing them. Chapter 9: 5/47 Turns Turn 1 was kind of tricky killing the right amount of enemies and setting up for Saizou/Jakob to reach the middle formation in the map. Silas and Rinkah stick around the start so they can clear up the enemies. MU with Azura follows behind Jakob so I can refresh people forward after mopping up a few remaining stationary enemies. Jakob can 1RKO the boss after the mages were cleared out by Saizou and the armor was killed by MU. Mozume is still Lv2 so I doubt she's going to be remaining relevant for very long. lol --- Chapter 10: 5/52 Turns This map had another tricky Turn 1. MU, Silas, and Rinkah have to kill a few starting enemies and I have to make sure Azura can refresh Jakob far enough without exposing her. Jakob with Saizou AtS 1RKO most of the enemies in the middle as they continue moving forward (I had to rig the Steel yumi dude to miss so Jakob could heal to full HP for the next EP. Jakob and Saizou continue to move forward through the map as the chump brigade picks up their scraps. I had to skip the Rescue staff but Saizou got the bosskill and actually has a conversation after he kills the boss. I manage to kill the cleric in the top corner and the last enemy dies to Rinkah (who's actually mildly competent). Chapter 11: 5/57 Turns Praise Reina! Jakob/Saizou get refreshed and move forward to the top middle portion of the boat, Silas and Rinkah move north and MU hangs out at the start to recruit the incoming Reina. Reina joins and she gets refreshed and Mozu passed to her, she moves west and uses a Def tonic. MU, Silas, and Rinkah are set up waiting for reinforcements. Jakob and Saizou continue moving forward and killing everything, the two Kinshi Warrior's are actually 2RKO'ed but fed to Saizou. Reina kills the bottom left portion and Saizou continues mopping up the top left corner (engaged the boss on Turn 4) for a 5 Turn. Chapter 12: 2/59 Turns Reina simply just flew MU to the escape point as everyone else frantically attempted at killing as many enemies at the starting point as possible (which wasn't very many because of the starting positions). I managed to collect the Hammer and 3K gold. --- Chapter 13: 5/64 Turns Jakob and Saizou get refreshed to kill the first general and most enemies on the left bridge. Everyone else heads to the right and collect most of the villages since I couldn't finish everything (2nd general and the archers near Hans) off on Turn 4. Reina kills Hana pretty safely with an Iron yumi forge. I also reclassed MU to Wyvern Rider on Turn 1 with a convoy warp. Chapter 14: 3/67 Turns Jakob moves forward, Saizou carries Azura so she can transfer him and refresh Jakob forward. Silas uses Shelter on Azura, Saizou kills Benny with the Sting Shuriken as Reina, Scarlet, MU follow along. Charlotte died on EP so the path is clear for Reina to transfer Azura to Saizou, who drops Azura forward in the empty fort. Next turn Saizou gets refresed with Scarlet pairup and he kills the boss. It's funny that I set up to fight stuff on EP, but the boss moved first and ended the map before I could kill anything else. Chapter 15: 2/69 Turns I used AtS off of Beast Killer Scarlet to remove the starting enemies as I moved Reina+Saizou northwest, Crimson north, and MU west. Used the DV point with Azura the next turn so after I got into position everything dealt minimal damage and I landed the 1RKO's on the promoted enemies. Chapter 16: 6/75 Turns I hate the mages at the top corner of this map. MU promoted to Malig Knight for this map and with Saizou pairup ran through the map. The opening turns at the start were really tricky because everyone in the chump brigade is weak to magic. I would have landed a 5 turn had the mages on the turrets move to attack me, as they weren't dealing damage with the turret but could have with their tomes. Oh well. Chapter 17: 2/77 Turns RINKAH LEGIT SAVING A TURN I was prepared to go for the 3 turn, but I wanted to try seeing what Shove would do if I moved a unit passed the enemy spawning trigger line with it. Turns out Shove does nothing to the line and you can freely fly over to Flora as she's the only enemy on the map. lol I reclassed Reina to Falcoknight so she could use Rescue on MU+Saizou to get into position to get shoved. After a short transfer chain I managed to get Scarlet to fly Rinkah to shove MU a tile closer. Saizou bodies Flora at 2 range and I managed to end the map with Flora as the only enemy. Too bad I missed out on some EXP and the gold, but I just found it hilarious that Rinkah lets you 2 turn this map. Chapter 18: 1/78 Turns Double refresh Reina and MU so they can collect the Horse Spirit tome from Odin and land the bosskill. Lv2 Archer Mozu got a kill here because lol and I topped off Silas' level for a promotion next map.