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  1. nice to see mist show up, I would love some pity breaker mists personally, I'd love to +10 her, but I fear the 1 I have is the best I'm getting, god I hope she gets a demotion to 4-5, too bad my 3 legendary, 2 brave and 2 vanilla Ikes didn't attract her, I also hope she gets a buff in the future, but that is neither here nor there, nice to see the best little sister in a comic finally. am I the only one surprised to see vanguard Ike in two consecutive comics?
  2. Dance Dance Revolution Movie in the Works

    bout time they made the one video game movie that needs to exist. also, in what decade is this a real thing, because I haven't even thought of ddr in 8 years. can't wait for fates on ice.
  3. Grand Hero Battle Breaks: Garon

    beat it after about 6 tries, used young tiki+1, ninian, legion+3, and genny, pain savage blow let tiki oneshot garron with aether easily on the final turn, also took tiki 2 turns to kill the cleric but it still went pretty well.
  4. So what is your favorite character?

    without a doubt tiki, just a really fun playstyle, I also have a massive bias toward manaketes which helps her, it makes me really want myrrh in FEW 2 should it happen, though I don't expect her till 3. she also gets a gold medal for worst voice acting, she single handedly forced me to switch to japanese due to how much I use her.
  5. as stated previously, I already have the game so you can skip me on the giveaway what do you think the odds are of us getting an FEW 2 and if we do, when do you think we will get it?
  6. When Do You Think We'll Next Get More Information?

    release day I agree with those who think a january fire emblem direct seems possible, FEW2 is something I am hoping for and CYL3 would be enough padding to justify another direct, also PoR and RD ports for the switch.
  7. holy crap, a female robin render that isn't crap, that settles it, best smash bros graphics, I also really hope for more p2 amiibos, female corrin got one so I can't see why robin is any less deserving, I don't think alph has one which is a shame, PoR Ike would be nice as well. I hear the boss speculation and it only makes me cringe, I like to think that sakurai has learned about these things from pyrosphere about making highly requested characters only extras who will never be seen outside of single player or friendlies/for fun, feels like a real slap to the face to those who want them in, though I also think that he makes no sense as a boss moveset wise, he has no width to his attacks and his range is limited, BK didn't even get aoe attacks in the tower of guidance, he is also tiny compared to most other bosses, being only slightly taller than RD Ike, sizing him up would be the opposite problem as ridley, and assist is even worse, as those are virtually restricted to casual and are completely random, he also doesn't stand out much there either.
  8. I was mostly in denial at the possibility as I hate chrom and found him undeserving to even be robin's final smash, or lick his boots in a victory animation, chrom fans should be grateful that he had the honor to be decked in the face by the majesty that is the falcon punch, captain falcon would have to wash his now sullied fist twice over to get the filth off. I don't think that any of these are necessarily incredible predictions, just ask the question, who is the most requested set of newcomers, and you get a very similar list, if we are talking fanservice smash bros, this sounds about right.
  9. Fire Emblem X Legend of Zelda is a favorite idea of mine, fire emblem mechanics are my recommendation personally, maybe they could crossover FEW with HW after FEW gets a properly represented roster. after that I would love to see a big fire emblem crossover including every character in the series (everyone is here meme goes here), might be a bit bloated, but god that would be fun.
  10. New Nintendo Direct at 9/13/2018 3pm PT: New date

    It was ok, there were a pretty good number of games that I am happy to see, I will look into those final fantasy games, but the smash reveal was somewhat disappointing, I understand why (Animal crossing 2019), but I think it needed something else to really get the blood pumping, I know that simon is hard to beat, but I think that something more would have been appreciated. Poor civilization was killed by the delay. also, town interests me for some reason, I don't know why, but it does.
  11. I know that this isn't the end, I just think that with a main direct it feels like there should be more, something to really get hyped about (Isabelle may have a big fanbase, but I doubt that they are that desperate to see her in smash), I also think that if we are getting a new SE rep, it will have to be geno, bravely default or dragon quest, because the best way to cap off that final fantasy announcement would be a new FF rep. besides, the only reason why I responded was the smartass response from zengetsu.
  12. I'm just saying that sitting on the speculation didn't help how I felt about it, no need to be a smart ass about it, I'm sure that nintendo had the budget to make a more impressive announcement for their flagship holiday 2018 title in their biggest announcement event of the year, or I don't know, a second announcement.
  13. Well, that happened, I now am very curious about the other blog posts. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed about a semi clone being our only announcement for the direct, seems a bit underwhelming personally. kinda makes that extra week hurt more.
  14. I voted for the black knight, I was unaware that you could legitimately vote more than once. I think we will get one or two newcomers along with one or two echoes if we are seeing a skipped week.
  15. Hopes for new/returning music

    actually on that topic I would love to see a remix of sins of the father, I mainly am really hoping for some MGSV stuff in ultimate, I know that that one has nothing to do with nintendo, but we got a trophy of iroquois pliskin and he wasn't in any way related to the twin snakes or snake eater, so I think a trophy of venom snake is possible, or pequod as an assist trophy.