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  1. FE16 "leaks"

    I wonder if they would continue to multiply in your stomach until it pops.
  2. How do you kill an Earth/Divine Dragon?

    This may seem late, but how do you explain the aum staff and the resurrection fountains in gaiden and SoV they don't seem to care how long ago it was that you died. I also assume the valkyrie staff also does this but I have yet to play genealogy.
  3. What units can break your Pity Rate any time?

    Even if she has finally appeared to me, Mist (Unpopular opinion) can break my pitty whenever she darn well pleases (not like colorless has much else that I care for), and myrrh is someone who I would like to amass a sizeable collection of if possible, a better natured micaiah would be wonderful (+atk - spd or def would be appreciated), and my door is always open to zelgius. As for non-core units, I doubt anyone would be legitimately pissed at getting a hector, amelia is also a delight, any version of Ike is also great if it is possible, I also wouldn't complain about a pity breaker celica, mine isn't perfectly natured, sigbert is also nice, I picked one up during L!Ike's first banner and atk tactic was very useful for my team, if elise showed up I would be very happy (can't even get her off banner), genny is also great as wrathful staff is always needed and I'm not dumping my only genny, while I would be pissed at the time, eldigan would be OK in the long run, and young Tiki is always great because who doesn't love dragon lolis (that was a rhetorical question, I know how everyone feels about loli dragons, though I feel it is only ever Nowi they are talking about). I guess that it is hard to think of units that would piss me off as most have left the 5* pool, goodbye Camilla (sacrificed to a wrys out of spite) you should have been a LA!Hector, goodbye Boey I hope you and your 5* renewal burn for pity breaking me not once but twice (in consecutive summons, yes both 5*) depriving me of Amelia on her initial banner, and finally, goodbye Seliph x2, I would have prefered erika that first time around but you are both 4* so I dont care anymore and I really don't remember what it was that I was going for the second time I got you, so you get a free pass until I can find a better reason to hate you, also goodbye lachesis I would have had a mist 5 months earlier if not for you (or a 5* priscilla given trends), klein falls in the same boat as lachesis but at least he was good fodder, also, screw fae, just screw fae, special mention to mae who I would have really hated if not for the fact that I did get Micaiah that go-around and two zelgiuses so I can't complain. The moral of this story is that I never got any really good pity breakers (except for genny, was a bit salty that it wasn't mist but I did want her, and I guess eldigan x2 was a bit cool if only for him and his double fury being a staple of my horse emblem team these days).
  4. FE16 "leaks"

    brings me back to that time when they told us what the grand hero battle was but not who was on the banner, freaking lyon spoiled most of the sacred memories banner with his presence alone.
  5. FE16 "leaks"

    welp, with this revelation, I have now realised that this game is getting pushed back, see you guys in 2026 when the switch's successor is already out and nintendo is swearing up and down that the switch is good for at least ten more years, before discontinuing it three months later.
  6. FE16 "leaks"

    actually, with the mention of jiggle physics it does make me wonder how they will play out, warriors used them very liberally on characters who you wouldn't think they would do them on (linde, probably lucina, but she is so flat that you can't tell), corse that could just be a koei tecmo thing, but they are distracting and I do wonder if they will just be used on any female character who isn't in plate armor (then again, life always finds a way, it'll be just like camilla's armor, skip boob plate just move straight on to completely exposed bra). here's hoping for a sumo with advanced jiggle physics jumping around like a ninja.
  7. FE16 "leaks"

    That is by far the most static sprite I have ever seen in a fire emblem game.
  8. Artist/Character Designer for FE Switch

    I don't think that that is up to the art director, at most I think the director would have just OKed the art but not explicitly described or decided on general composition of the official artwork, just said OK when kozaki put the pictures on his desk rather than say change the pose, it would still be a kozaki problem if that is the case as he himself should have caught this during rough sketches. Also on a more general note, we do need to note the difference between character designer and artist, unless the artist is credited under design as well as artist it is not ok to give them credit or yell at them for good or bad character design, awakening would have had crap character and class design independently of Kozaki, and radiant dawn would have had the same good class and character design regardless of kita's involvement. I had this problem myself at one time trying to act like kita could have made fates look good (I would have been very disappointed).
  9. Grand Hero Battle: Legion!

    these quests are a nice change of pace: earth: Myrrh, V!Ike, S!Robin, Genny water: Amelia, Black knight, Fjorm, Serra fire: Tiki, Ninian, Legion, BB!Lyn wind: Gunnthra, Eldigan, Reinhardt, Priscilla had to add a blessing to eldigan and reinhardt to make this work, micaiah and zelgius just couldn't do it. otherwise, I didn't have to change anything up too much.
  10. I don't know why but beasts just feel like one of those things that IS just doesn't want to do, they could have at least laid down the groundwork from the start but they didn't, there is also the matter of regardless of how they handle them it will require a fairly large overhaul and at least two banners worth of units to get the ball rolling(or injecting some units into the lower pools but I doubt it will happen), a new weapon class is also needed. IS really shot themselves in the foot from the start when they didn't want to add them in the beginning, leading to more work and overcomplicating the inclusion. I imagine the production of this would have to start roughly twice as early as a usual banner, probably about CYL length as far as production goes, because while characters are not hard to determine, figuring out how to make them stand out could prove to be harder than necessary.
  11. The reformed summoning pool

    Hey, I got two of those too... I hate this game.
  12. The reformed summoning pool

    This changes nothing, I got two 5* boeys, IS can never change that, the horror of seeing those stars slam above the character's name, praying they will only be 4, but then... gold, and it is then that you realise god has left us... TL;DR: iz coo.
  13. Bound Hero Battle: The Divine (Tiki & Nowi)

    If I had to find the best adjective to describe this other than easy it would be insulting, myrrh with buffs took out everything, this was the most brain dead BHB yet, they could have at least put a red dragon instead of a green one to make this a bit harder with more color coverage.
  14. Voting Gauntlet: Bunny Battle Ballot!

    certainly got a kick out of kagero taking out lucina. Still would like to see VG go away, but it has some moments of vague satisfaction.