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  1. Canto workings poll

    I prefer gba canto, it was great for making rescue useable and it wasn't too strong to break anything. I also hope that cavs in general get nerfed.
  2. I'm pretty sure that diddy and dixie kong was also rare creations, the main reason why dkc 2(?) had only diddy and dixie as playable characters, was because they were annoyed at miyamoto for making some comment (can't remember what it was exactly, but I think he was bad mouthing them), so they removed donkey kong who was the only character that miyamoto created of the bunch. It really just depends on who has the rights, who created the character is irrelevant.
  3. Here is a video I found that seems to show off zelda pretty well, a lot more speed than 4 that's for sure. @Fire Emblem Fan I think it best that you don't get your hopes up too much, I am still holding out on the theory that 3H is a tellius follow up to be true, but I will still acknowledge it is crazy, unlikely, and out there. I agree that we should not rule out lies (we will get absolute truth soon enough), but don't think that improves odds, you are only going to set yourself up for disappointment.
  4. Random theory: the Summoner grows up to be Hubba

    Well, that explains a whole lot. I approve of the thought alone.
  5. just call her edgelord and all problems go away typically the modified names are too japanese for westerners to understand, but this one is german, I believe people were saying, so, I guess we can have fun dealing with that one in the future.
  6. I'm not gonna lie, this guy is great, being able to take satisfaction in sakurai pulling the wool over our eyes, and instilling false hope into waluigi fans only for their dreams to be crushed, I can respect that. It's kind of like me holding out hoping for Grandmaster robin and vanguard Ike to be a thing in ultimate, but only knowing that I am setting myself up for disappointment, I really hope that DLC alts are a thing, if sakurai doesn't want to add these because he doesn't want us to have to pay for them, but that is the reason they are not a thing, that is really sad, at least let us mod in alts, or just let me give you $25 for a single alt, no extra colors, just the alt, why can't we settle this like normal people?
  7. The reason why the levels were kirby like, was because that suited the engine best and allowed for quick and easy stage creation, it would be easy to modify the already existing code and assets to work with simple side scrolling stages, but to create something as complicated as a zelda esque dungeon or a fire emblem esque stage, would require too much development time and resources, time and resources that could be better spent creating new stages, adding new characters, or even just balancing the game.
  8. I don't mind the attack damage, but I was hoping they would give them less launch so that counters are not such good kill moves, it makes the air game really hard to work with.
  9. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    at least then robin esque decisions would make sense. "Well you know what, teacher, I don't give a crap, I am ordering my soldiers to round up the villagers and burn them, and that is final" fire edgeblem
  10. I think that if they showed off everything in the direct, it could have broken well over an hour.
  11. $20 for a whole year if I recall correctly, and even then I think it was $7 for 3 months, certainly not breaking the bank on that one.
  12. to add, meta ridley was confirmed in the ridley trailer, he was not however in the E3 demo, so we may very well see more alts in the future, 8 alts was the standard in 4 and they probably didn't want to do any less even for a demo. I feel that expiration makes the most sense, not that canon matters much in these situations, Ike has no equivalent to great aether in his games or even recent games, at least expiration could be a nod to something. or they could just use a chrom alt for the final smash if he is an echo fighter, because everyone is required to have at least 8 alts for 8 player smash, and there would be no feasible situation where you would run out of chrom alts because you can at best have 7 chroms and 1 robin, that still leaves you with 1 chrom for the final smash.
  13. proper loli manakete or riot I can say that this does at least look to not be using too many non fire emblem tropes, so I will take it, I'm good with fire emblem tropes, but if we have too many bathroom incidents or accidental groping of the local tsundere leading to a rather humorous beating of our hero (not quite so humorous as the beating caused excessive bleeding of the liver, the local healer responded to the trauma with and I quote "dammit man, I'm a priest not a doctor!") I will need to have a word with someone.
  14. can I just say, I loved that snake gameplay at the start, that bordered on 16 dimensional chess, he had to be thinking like 50 steps ahead, he was thinking so far ahead, he was already playing the next match. an actually serious question though, was snake's original down smash considered degenerate in brawl meta? I am really sad they changed it, it was so much fun putting down a mine and watching my opponent forget about as much as I did, or they are hyper aware of it and just get rid of it by dodging into it. It never seemed broken to me though.
  15. I am curious to see where this goes actually, though I fear it may be a bit skewed, the christmas units all introduced really good new skills which were game changers for armors, this meant that all of them were desirable to some degree, and the vast number of seasonals were from fateswakening, this already increases the likelihood that a person will pick a fateswakening character at some point, and finally, some games didn't have seasonals until very recently, so this also skews the poll out of the favor of those who want to see more telius for example. I personally love seasonals but it makes me sad that I will probably never see my favorite characters officially in beach attire or in a cute halloween costume purely because they are not fateswakening. Then again, I doubt we will ever even get a seasonal Ike, so this is a phantom pain that all telius fans can share, unless you like sanaki, she always gets front billing for some reason.