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  1. Every time I see barst or bartre I want to throw my phone at a wall, I have never gotten a fae but I have more barsts and bartres than I will ever want (none would be preferable). I don't pick green often but when I do I will likely get barst or bartre even when the odds swapped I still get them.
  2. right now I'm using a team of celica, delthia, legion and serra to get through the tempest, I've just been using stamina potions and auto battle on hard 5 to get it all done with minimal effort (excluding daily multipliers). Even if my first team goes down I still get about 480 points per attempt doing this I have amassed a sizeable score of 67,437 with a rank of 2,472. I am so thankful that they added some more rewards in between the 3 orbs to make it more bearable to get through everything after 50,000 points. Previous TTs were brutal because you would only get rewards after 10,000 but giving some lesser rewards for 2,500 is much less painful to get through.
  3. I haven't gotten a single 5 star since resonating fangs ended, so I think you are just having a good bit of luck right now. during resonating fangs I got a 5* sakura, delthia and celica in the same day, and I haven't pulled any 5*s since. That sakura really pissed me off too because I could have gotten one at 4* and I really wanted mist or some other 5* exclusive healer it's almost as bad as when I got seliph when I wanted erika.
  4. fire emblem 1 box art, a truly majestic thing.
  5. Well that's disappointing, I was hoping for a new manakete, still though, this is an almost perfect focus otherwise, amelia was a nice touch for filling the armor axe niche though and that skill is great for making armors more useable. Too bad we are probably never getting another SS banner, they totally missed joshua and Gerik as well. sacred stone music in paralogues is making me feel things that I can't properly explain.
  6. I came here expecting to hear about how much closer to 99,999 points everyone is getting, btu instead I was greeted with a delightful conversation about sexual acts, human excrement and the realization that I'm not doing below average ATM. just got hardy breathing, but I wasted all my orbs trying to get Ike or julia (or at least a fae I don't care if she is good I just want the game to end my bartre and barst streak so I can have some confidence in greens again), now I am contemplating if I should just keep at it and grind stamina potions next month, or just take it easy and get what I get.
  7. huh, could have sworn he did, well you learn something new every day.
  8. The reason why link was able to have the HW redesign was because link's design has always been at base simplistic we have seen very little deviation from the original (barring BoTW of course came out long after HW), marth on the other hand has only ever had his design become more detailed with every new iteration to the point where we can't think of anything new that could be added t give it more of a warriors flare. I do think that the exclusion of the breastplate was a poor move on their part. I guess he had it repurposed into shinguards.
  9. Earlier I was looking at a thread about everyone's top 5 characters not yet in heroes and I saw a lot of people saying Leathe, Nahila and Ranulf, while I would love the inclusion of beast units in Heroes I have thought a lot about how to make them work as effectively as manaketes. I would hate for them to be forced into a tiny box with having them just use beast stone, beast rune, beast stone + or stuff like that, giving them weapons like claws and fangs may seem reasonable, but what about for units who don't use these weapon types Nahila doesn't use claws and Lethe and Ranulf don't use fangs, not to mention, I would hate for beast units to be forced to use kind of generic weapons, preferably I would like for them to have the variety of weapon effects that manaketes have been blessed with, I feel like perhaps naming them after skills would be nice but then you have a problem with skills like howl, I feel like it would have the dark breath effect (decreasing atk and spd) but that wouldn't allow for them to just use the typical animations (without it feeling weird anyways) so that may be a bust, then again maybe I'm just putting too much thought into it, I also wonder if beasts should have colors or should they just be colorless to contrast with manaketes. Also the addition of these units would be a bit tricky (because you can't add just one at a time) but I suppose that after an update, they would also release an entirely beast related banner. Do any of these seem reasonable enough or can anyone think of some better system to use instead?
  10. thanks for that, I got a pretty bad celica around the end of the last TT and I wanted to know if I would have to be careful about giving new skills if on the really off chance that I get another one.
  11. If you merge an old unit into a new one do the skills from the old one carry over into the new one? like if you put sol on an old Ike but got a better one could you merge without losing it?
  12. I'd say we dodged a bullet if Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is anything to go off of. I can't really think of anything different we can do with marth's design, he has always had the same colors the same general look, we can't just give him a scarf or an extra pauldron like with link, and he has never been a character where somewhat drastic redesigns have proven acceptable like zelda or ganondorf, best I can think of is having marth go pantless but I don't think that would go over well with the ESRB. Don't you dare recommend he ditch the tiara that is the only thing that helps me not mistake him for literally every other lord in the series.
  13. I'm going to take this point by point Grinding lower level allies implies that you are able to get them that low without killing them, subdue may be a thing in the future, but that still has a unit going up against an opponent they have no business facing realistically that implies that the person is wearing no armor or that the enemy is using a hammer or other anti armor weapon, perhaps this only applies to classes like swordmasters, but even then one could say that is the result of a successful parry, back to armors though, very few weapons can actually penetrate plate armor without attacking already hard to hit points on the armor which are exposed but aside from that save for the aforementioned hammers armor is borderline unbeatable, also considering that armors are shown to be blocking with their shields they have no good reason to take damage considering that in shadows of valentia you also had most units healing constantly tanking was still somewhat feasible, though mages would still decimate most armors so it only made that weakness all the more lethal when you are required to take 1 damage with most likely being doubled and a very low likelihood of avoiding you were almost guaranteed to take two damage per enemy, so assuming that you are hit by a mage and survive that only makes your enemies numbers all the more deadly and your barrons more useless I am not a fan of minimum damage, personally.
  14. seems I've been lied to once more. though maybe the person who told me about that didn't remember for sure, all the more reason to stop pulling colorless for now. I guess that now I am free from a sea of virions and felicias. Though I was not really trapped in one to begin with. Can't wait for another mist focus to be disappointed again and I still need ike.
  15. I have never pulled a jakob, which sucks because renewal 3 at 4* is great and I don't want to try for green anymore because I only ever get barst and bartre, or if I'm really lucky gunter so I will never get fae.