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  1. Cleaning up my Inventory

    I wouldn't worry too much about the summonable units for quests, they are typically given away as part of the quests themselves. also there is no greater heresy than sending a GHB unit home, I will get to making them all 5* eventually I promise no seriously my 4 f!robins are totally not taking up space in my barracks.
  2. Would you go p2w is orbs cheaper?

    unless orb prices became criminally underpriced, 150 for $5, I would still not, I feel like a victory purchased is hollow and spending on a loss would only hurt more.
  3. IAP confessions

    hahaha! same here, I am still FtP but I spent way more orbs on summer corrin than I should feel comfortable with especially given the fact that I never got her. but if there is any unit that I have spent more orbs on than anyone should feel good about is at least 180 orbs altogether trying to get mist, I still don't have mist so that number can only go up. so I guess I am a leech clownfish.
  4. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    finally beat infernal, because I have no variety in units infernal took me quite a bit of time to get, it all together cost me about 6000 feathers and 4 stamina potions. my team was delthea + 0 dark aura, draw back, iceberg, spd +3, red tomebreaker 3, drive atk 2, spd +1 seal legion + 2 hammer(regular), reposition, moonbow, fury, blue tome breaker 3, spur atk 3, deflect magic 2 seal(unused) black knight +1 alondite, pivot, black luna, fury 3, quick riposte 3, threaten spd 3, distant def 2 seal genny + 0 absorb, rehabilitate, heavenly light, hp + 5, wrathful staff 3, fortify res 3, attack ploy 1 seal happy I didn't need to change my team too much to get this done, but far from optimal as far as GHBs are concerned. best part is, I had the black knight one rounding the blue mages because legion couldn't counter I may try harder to get infernal in the future.
  5. The dumbest thing that you said about Fire Emblem

    I don't know about you, but I made a playthrough of radiant dawn and managed to make kurthnaga ridiculously op before the second endgame map, just don't waste bonus xp on him and he is pretty solid after about 5 blossom levels. by the time I got to degiensia he could one round a white dragon. I recall thinking that meg was not viable at one time, but in RD almost everyone is viable, I still to this day shoehorn mist into my endgame team. I don't want to start over though, on my first time playing a fire emblem and a painfully underleveled myrrh was one rounded by orson, a few chapters prior half my team was killed by vigarde until I learned what bonus damage is I already have a pegasus knight, when I let tana die in her recruitement chapter I think I'll go with ephraim because I've already had a bunch of chapters with erika, I learned after vigarde, that I had really messed up. I still managed to beat the game on that file, almost everyone died but I still beat it.
  6. Which seals upgrade do you prioritize?

    I'm currently prioritising deflect magic, for reinhardt tanking purposes, and after that distant defense would be nice for the black knight.
  7. Western Launch Trailer + DLC info

    am I the only one who felt like the music in the trailer was about to transition into eternal bond around the 40 second mark, right as the dlc announcement pops up, I hear one of the earlier sections. are they subtly teasing that Ike will be added as dlc, are they further trying to rub salt in the wound after outright deconfirming Ike, or did someone in the music team not play radiant dawn and not notice the similarities? Probably the last one but Ike fans must stay strong and find hope in these turbulent times. Watch FEW 2 be entirely tharcia and genealogy characters 'this is what you meant by older characters right?' featuring micaiah as a guest because we're all tone deaf down here
  8. Could PVP be implemented?

    I felt like shadow dragon pvp was pretty good, the capture and limited turns was a good incentive for the players to keep moving. I think that if FE did have pvp it needs more win conditions, a simple rout does not provide anyone any benefits in the context of strategy, perhaps if they made defense pvp where one player is defending while the other is trying to take a specific point on the map. pvp in heroes would be horrible though, it would be drawn out and the only way to win would be through sheer cheapness, or horse emblem there's a difference?
  9. Could PVP be implemented?

    The problem with fire emblem PvP is that the first person to move loses and given how small FEH arenas are and how damage tends to be, it would be even worse making armors useless and horse emblem would be op I say that like it isn't already the case with some regular units just scraping by or just seeing use out of favoritism.
  10. Possible Genealogy TT?

    all I really care for right now is an arvis GHB just for the possibility of a armored mage. armor emblem needs more options.
  11. Possible Genealogy TT?

    if I recall correctly we got the sacred world banner in the same month as the moment of fate TT, so that may not be the case, we may just get a proper blazing blade TT, or a tharcia TT, but it is hard to say, though we may not get a mini TT this month due to how late into the month we are. I don't have any clue what is going to happen this month, but I think we are behind schedule.
  12. What are you doing with your feathers?

    A few days ago I promoted the entire askr trio for arena purposes, and Zephiel for my armor emblem team. Too bad I don't have a single armor axe and only one armor lance.
  13. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    ninian was a nightmare to get sp for looking back, 9/10 she would be killed by something stupid, but the good news is that now she absolutely decimates sword users. I'm pretty sure that was before double sp on weekends if memory serves me correctly.
  14. Should skills have less of a presence in FE Switch

    I feel that the radiant dawn skill system would be the best to go off of, the use of scrolls and capacity made the skills better progress with the player so that you weren't given too much early game and you didn't have too little late game, I would prefer a skill shop existing so you could get some extra scrolls to pad out your army with minor effects like strength +2 and having the occult skills being a thing would be appreciated for making some classes stand out more. I find being forced to use reclassing to get skills that don't suck in a very skill heavy game really kills a lot of the fun of the game. and on the topic of SoV's arts, no, just no, I am fine with command lists in strategy games, but not fire emblem, the more needless complication we throw in the further fire emblem will stray from what I like about it, if anything is done to complicate FE it should be in terms of additions to map design which change how you need to approach obstacles, not how many new ways the player can kill the same enemies.