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  1. as previously stated by others, great gameplay, but a wasted opportunity, I honestly think that Ike and Roy would have boosted sales by over 10,000 units at launch I also agree with @Etheus that they really could have tried harder to make environments and other things feel more like fire emblem, original content was a bad idea if you ask me.
  2. What does your Fire Emblem tier list look like?

    list is favorite to least favorite. Contractually obligated to put this on top: Radiant Dawn You never forget your first or infinite runeblades, swift soles, and stone ftw: Sacred Stones A really unique experience when placed next to the rest of the series: Genealogy Another unique experience that could have made for a good spinoff series: Shadows of Valentia Good, but the sequel was better: Path of Radiance Hey guys, let's never do shifters right again: Mystery of The Emblem Putting them together because they are generally the same, but conquest is overrated, I think revelation had better longevity for just general fun, and birthright was a waste of SD card space: fates Really just never stood out to me: Blazing Blade I can let remakes slide, kinda: Shadow Dragon Is not based on an nes game: Awakening --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No, seriously guys, I have the roms on my phone, I just need to play them: binding blade, thracia 776 Will not touch with a 40ft pole: fe1, gaiden don't care to look at: new Mystery of The Emblem thought it was pretty good: warriors Not a fire emblem: TMS
  3. Special Heroes Appear: Bridal Belonging (May 21 ~)

    wow, it has been a while since I have seen such a hard skip banner. I also agree with the view that this is bothersome, given that this is 4 units who aren't even in the game yet.
  4. Silhouettes for New Special Heroes Banner

    nah, that tail puffs out as it goes further, so it could only be nailah or selkie. 'course that assumes it is a tail.
  5. 4 more DLC characters, place your bets now

    don't know why, but I've got a gut feeling about a disgaea rep.
  6. as a gameplay mechanic the kids in fates and awakening were inconsequential at best, the inheritance was fairly shallow due to the only question being "what skill can I give this unit that they cant get anywhere else?", I mean in genealogy there is a real point to the children given that you are required to use them, but in fates and awakening the only child character that has any bearing on the plot is lucina and she becomes increasingly more irrelevant after her true identity is revealed to chrom, this means that in the grand scheme of things you could easily remove the children from fates and awakening entirely and lose little if anything.
  7. If I recall correctly warriors made it out unscathed, so maybe not, though that will remain to be seen, I don't think that the lack of region locking will actively prevent censorship however.
  8. I wouldn't call SoV's mechanics "great", "different" is a better way to put it, I mean I won't complain about using them again, but I won't say that they couldn't use some ironing out, I would like summons to be rebalanced, mainly not giving the enemy an objectively better version of a spell would be better.
  9. and so the pendulum swings back to persona once again.
  10. so, if she ended up being a cougar would she be fire emblem's first, I don't recall any in the games I've played.
  11. Playable Non-Student Teacher Characters

    honestly, I will be pissed if they don't do manaketes in this game, with the introduction of giant 4 space units being a thing, this would be an excellent time to bring back mystery of the emblem dragon mechanics or tellius shifter mechanics.
  12. I think that seth got a veteran nerf as well as cavalry stats, both of which grant reduced stats, heroes' mechanics do not benefit units who had mixed stat spreads, I don't recall seth having any explicitly notable stats, he was just good all across the board, that doesn't make units all that great in heroes.
  13. I expect them to pull an anankos again with that one.
  14. One thing I already don't like about Three Houses

    honestly, if they went outright "generic anime" I would have liked it more, it just looks bad now IMO.
  15. looking at the averages on the site, amelia's stat spread isn't too far off from her spread as a general in SS, her speed is a great deal higher than SS allowed, but that is just because heroes stopped caring about caps so they decided to make use that, otherwise her growth would allow her to cap it easily, likewise her defense is ok, her res is above average for the class, her attack is mediocre and her hp is solid. NB4 people complain about amelia being bad when the complaint is about availability, more so than max level performance.