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  1. The new heroes of the 24th january

    pretty good, I only disapprove of cormag riding valters wyvern, Cormag's wyvern had four legs not two. and I would rather Geric come with a zanbato. and I have no clue what you could have used for Lyon's tome, but using a fire tome is weird, naglfar had a ghostly pale color to it... I'm out of nit picks... umm, Lyon's hair looks too short? I give this picture a Myrrh is not here out of ten - gamespot
  2. The new heroes of the 24th january

    I heavily agree with this, myrrh is the only character that I really want that isn't already in and we should have had her last year from the first SS banner. if she ends up getting passed up because a fan favorite who literally brings nothing to the table, just had to be added I will not be happy. I am very tired of fae.
  3. Grand Hero Battle: Lyon

    unit colors are not chosen at random, given that lyon's primary weapon type was dark magic, he will very likely (like 96%) be a red tome (as all dark magic has been classified as red), also we need more red tomes than any other tome color. they could make him a staff user, but that would also be very questionable.
  4. How about we compromise... CYL Moulder. can't wait to crush a bunch of thots with such a big beautiful boulder.
  5. I'll probably sink about four of my votes into micaiah(I really want light sage or light priestess micaiah), and then one into mist(Maybe my odds will increase), myrrh(I'm really hyped for possibly having her in heroes), and ranulf(maybe we will actually get beast units in this game)
  6. Together, we must rally our Laguz allies!

    lethe had a dagger, that's all I'm gonna say.
  7. New Tempest Trials Mini: Shrouded by the Storm!

    Tethys would be a red tome user because she could use dark magic in SS. Seriously though that would be one of the most meta things if they did that, I would love it so much.
  8. If anyone gets in because of memes, lets get merlinus, using a tent pole as a lance. or elena because she is dead. or amy, because I want IS to crap themselves when they get the results, we were too easy on them the first go around let's give them something unviable and unlike the smash ballot they can't ignore meme additions.
  9. Grand Hero Battle: Lyon

    if his defenses are good enough, that could be one of the most broken units in the game, run him with miracle, heavy blade, vantage and close counter, and he would be an enormous pain to deal with in the right setting.
  10. New Tempest Trials Mini: Shrouded by the Storm!

    I'm gonna call it right here. Dussel Myrrh L'arachel all are plot relevant, all offer something that we don't have a ton of, and none would be complained about and all are ephraim's love interests. and ewan or ross as as a TT reward. or masked marth edit: given that we have no real precedent for tempest trial minis with new units as the focus there is not anything to go off of for whether we get marth or something new, the new years TTm was a seasonal, so it could be a one time thing (new TTm unit), and the original TTm was centered around units already in the game guess we will have an answer to this question that no one asked on the 23rd.
  11. Grand Hero Battle: Lyon

    probably just naglfar, he can summon, but I don't think we will get that in heroes. I just hope it's not like in awakening where he came across as evil all the time, I would much prefer his version where he is not evil, would be great if they could put emphasis on his being possesed, rather than have have him be all "I am the demon king bow before me mortal!!!!" so far I have enjoyed heroes' writing of several characters and antagonists, and I would hate for lyon to break the streak. @Glennstavos It will be more weird when we have three lyons running around.
  12. Nintendo agreed to give me free heroes, some exclusive...

    I admit, I would be a bit annoyed if they got an exclusive hero, where I haven't heard of anyone who actually has met the 10k mark talking about getting the same offer. I fail to see what makes the OP so special. also can't find the channel, searched fury wings, furywings, furywingsyt, fury wings yt, and got nothing save for three channels all with under 100 subs. must've been a copyright strike.
  13. Thoughts on Omni's video: Deleting Fire Emblem Heroes?

    I don't know about everyone else but my phone has been clogged up since I bought it, android has way to many built in apps that you can't delete and they take up a crapton of space, though at least I can get more space, I've just been lazy about it. on the video, I really don't understand everyone's gripes with not getting what you want, sure there is plenty of crap you don't want, but I feel like if I don't get what I want that's just how it is, I'm peeved for a few hours but it goes away pretty quickly, I've probably spent a cumulative total of 240 free to play orbs on mist alone and never gotten her, all I can do is be optimistic and act like one day she will just fall into my hands, even though that is very unlikely, so I guess if you have a problem with not getting what you want this is not a good game for you, as for me I probably have over 200 hours played all together all freeloader to play, all pretty enjoyable, maybe it's just me but I feel like if I really spent money the crap pulls would only be made worse and my great pulls wouldn't feel near as good. and I always hated calling it gambling, you have nothing to gain, it's an insult to gambling, FEH is less than gambling it's like a slot machine where you get chuck e. cheese tokens or blackjack where you only get to keep a card from the deck when you win.
  14. Artist/Character Designer for FE Switch

    I take issue with it if I can joke about just how edgy and dark it is, dark fantasy would ultimately devolve into dark for the sake of being dark (especially in fire emblem, can't wait to see jagan's severed head on a pike.), Radiant Dawn is the darkest I care to see the series go personally, but if we are using corpses for cover, or choosing who to sacrifice for the greater good while they meet a truly horrific demise, it will just be generally unappealing. There is a good reason why I don't want edgy vampire emblem. Oh, right, artist opinions, I like kita personally, her style isn't too distinct to distract from the overall designs and she is competent enough to draw characters with two different feet, unlike a certain somebody I know... So I guess what I prefer is somebody who is indistinct and won't distract from the subject too much, I also appreciate good coloring, like not oversaturated or having a weird sandy look to it.
  15. Would you like to see more interactivity in battles?

    Personally, if a new mechanic idea for a new fire emblem game seems out there, I think it's best left thrown away, this would not feel like fire emblem, its the same as command lists in theory, give me a good reason why I should want a fire emblem with command lists, when disgaea or final fantasy tactics or literally any other strategy RPG exists, why play fire emblem at that point? rhythmic combat is not fire emblem, it's like playing chess but every time you try to take a piece you instead must win a game of patty cake to determine if you actually get to take the piece or if you fall victim to a counter attack. Sure there is more investment on my part, but is it even strategy any more?