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  1. while I will give you ninis' grace, all of these are buffs to allies and have no effect on ninian herself ingame, while I will say that that is not a dealbreaker none of them have any clear effect outside of these buffs, they all have the same animation and while smash bros may take liberties on occasion, the liberties make sense and/or are not very apparent, marth's moveset has little to do with the source material (outside of idle speculation on the part of fans, dancing blade may or may not be based on asta and dolphin slash may or may not be related to the myrmidon animation) but it makes sense either way, marth uses a sword, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to make a fairly generic sword moveset based on a fencing style, same with falcon he is fairly buff and his moveset fundamentally is incredibly basic, the falcon punch most likely is derived from his superhero esque design and name, the point I am making is that this is shoehorning an unreliseable character into smash bros. for the sake of adding them. as for celica, robin is portrayed as way more of a mage than celica is, there was not a single cutscene where robin's ability to use swords is ever acknowledged, meanwhile celica's default weapon is a sword, you can go the entirety of awakening and never have robin even touch a sword, but then we have celica who starts the game with a sword in her inventory (and not a ring to make her magic better), and in SoV she has a freaking signature weapon which is a sword, even ragnarok isn't even some exclusive spell that only she can use because delthia can learn it, not to mention that ragnarok omega is still an art only useable after getting and mastering beloved zofia, which is a sword, so I will hear none of this "celica really is more of a mage" crap, because that is an abjectly false statement and requires one to ignore several gameplay elements from SoV. and on a side note, that whole seraphim thing is ridiculous, you say tweaked, that is like the difference between getting a nose job vs getting complete facial reconstructive surgery, one you may miss depending on the gravity, they other is impossible to miss, nayru's love was originally derived from a defensive ability (which is why I gave you ninis' grace), but seraphim was purely offensive, it makes little sense to fundamentally change the way a move works, the only reason why I use barrier as a nayru's love stand in is because it actually defends. Edit: Also, you seem to think that source material is virtually irrelevant, a good chunk of what makes smash bros. great is the level of thought put into each character, changes can be made to make a move work better in a fighting game context, but if you need to fundamentally change a move to make it work why are you even bothering to try to make the character work at all outside of favoritism?
  2. I'm really excited at the prospect of stamina being a legitimate way to play the game.
  3. He is clearly overcompensating with that hair. I would like to ask, what your thought process is in having ninian as a zelda echo, she cannot warp, she performs no magical attacks, she cannot summon, she doesn't have access to any form of reflector, even in heroes the best we have is bride ninian who was a mage and regular ninian who would at best be a unique fighter given the need to incorporate her dragon form into her moveset. and as for celica, robin makes way more sense, given celica having an inability to warp, and cannot summon (amiibo wasn't in the original game and if you want to count it anyways, alm could do the same), I don't see a proper din's fire equivalent (though magic can be roughly whatever it needs to be, within reason, it is still a waste) and celica didn't have barrier.
  4. My Thoughts/Hopes for Three Houses

    for 1 I rather they not try to be too out there, a linear story is easier to handle for 2 I detest pairup and would like to see more of the tellius mechanics especially the shifters for 3 I prefer claude, edelgard and demitri just look boring, not stoic, just boring, I predict them to be uber wet blankets, and their designs really don't stand out to me (cept for ugly shorts and tights, but given that description I think I don't need to say much more), as for byleth... let's not talk about byleth. for 4 day one obviously, while I have my reservations, I am a blind fire emblem fan who buys everything day 1 without looking at reviews, I will wait and see about that limited edition, I am not in the best position finantaily as of late and I rather not risk overdoing it, I have people to bail me out, but I don't think this is worth the shame personally. for 5 a nintendo direct, smash bros says nothing (corrin looked like a jackass then he still looks like a jackass now) and heroes is a given, I expect a three houses themed banner in february. I think it is byleth's everything that is bad, the colors are not very complimentary and he looks too edgy in my opinion and given that name that may not be too far from the truth.
  5. Hard mode Laguz advice/suggestions?

    as someone who took lyre into the tower of guidance (not an accident but favoritism) I can say without a shadow of a doubt... she is bad, her strength just isn't high enough to deal damage and she needs that SS rank to be even remotely viable due to that, unfortunately it takes an eternity to rank up weapon ranks for laguz and they have no good methods for that, but then again I never thought to give her resolve so that could make up the difference for her, her speed and luck are good so her avo is solid but I don't recall it being game breaking (even with true hit) her defense leaves a lot to be desired and laguz have very janky exp gains. as for the full gauge galdr, it is nice because olivi grass is still a finite resource (in theory of course), and you can use it to have a laguz full and ready to crush everyone on player phase, olivi grass spam requires two turns and won't get you a player phase attack(or a same turn shift for that matter), it is also helpful for laguz types which take a long time to be ready (lions, tigers, especially dragons, I think it is about five turns assuming you are not attacked to shift, though it may be meaningless because by this point, assuming you do everything you are sitting on two laguz gems), there is also the full hp galdr which is great if you want to use it with rafiel. I admit I really like the laguz in concept, but really thinking about it, most of them needed better growths and bases, they are not near as op as they should have been transformed maybe a *3 multiplier is in order for the remake.
  6. really thinking about it, I don't know what qualities cloud and eliwood share that justify even making eliwood a semi-clone of cloud, other than the whole "anime sword fighter with XL sword" thing, and even then, eliwood doesn't use his durandall animation until he is mounted and otherwise seems more like a "marth type" swordfighter (and I think we can all agree that there are enough of those in ultimate at this point) prior to getting a horse, I also think that ignoring cloud in this context is unfair as well, cloud's moveset didn't come from nowhere and eliwood appears to lack any equivalents, climhazzard is fairly easy to copy as it is pretty indistinct, but I don't recall eliwood innately having access to a blade beam esque attack (the wind sword is an awkward thing to use here as it is a weapon very disconnected from eliwood), cross slash seems equally unfair to just use due to it being a cloud move in general, I don't remember eliwood having any multi hit moves either and if you want to say marth, I say giant sword on horseback, finally we have limit charge which while not a move from final fantasy 7 is the crux of cloud's playstyle, eliwood has no finishing touch equivalent to my knowledge so we will probably just have to give him a counter. I'm not trying to be a downer about this, but it just doesn't add up, it seems like you are basing it more on the aesthetic (10% of a smash bros. character) and less on actual functionality (80% of a smash bros. character(the rest is extra crap, references and the like)), which is not the best way to determine clones.
  7. I think the main reason why we haven't seen an echo of a character from a different series is because due to the way echoes work there are few examples where it makes sense to make an echo from a different series, micaiah was one of the better examples having the resources to have zelda's moveset almost 1:1, but if they are going to make echoes they still need to be similar and if they are from the same series they have a very high likelihood of being similar, bk works as an ike echo because his style is similar enough to ike and his movements wouldn't be too jarring, bk doesn't work as a cloud echo, not because they are not from different series, but because the differences are to significant to be believable. also the way that echo fighters are ordered doesn't force them to be in the same series, they just get that characters join number with an epsilon symbol, so that can be ruled out.
  8. Character Victory Quotes

    So, to prefix this, in Smash 4 there were unique victory lines between characters depending on who they beat, an example of such is robin's victory quote against lucina "How can you expect to protect chrom if you can't protect yourself?", that being said with the recasting of Ike what are the odds of alongside the voice reworks we may see some new victory quotes, not just for Ike but for more of the cast, and what do you think would be some suitable ones for specific pairs?
  9. Who do you usually give Paragon to in Part I?

    I usually give it to micaiah, a set 20 exp for one sacrifice use is great, it is a great way to get faster level ups early game, after promotions, probably meg on account of enjoying using her but not like it is a skill that you can't just give to whoever at any time, so I apply it as needed generally, I think laura may see it every now and again.
  10. Personally I find him to be one of the weaker lords overall, he really doesn't have all that much to make him stand out, I feel like if they made his short sightedness and aggression more apparent it would have improved him general, on the whole stu argument, he seems to have some issues in that regard, most notably how no good or reasonable person hates him, everyone who opposes him is just so evil that they have no credibility because of it (fernand is a traitor, the lowest of all sentient life). But, at least he doesn't do anything outright hypocritical and at least he isn't overshadowed by a self insert or is just an uninteresting copy of one or two better characters, so on the whole, he is not a very stand out character and he has some issues with the world seemingly wanting him to win, but otherwise he is ok, not incredible, not great, just ok.
  11. Actually I was thinking, this is also like the black knight's burger king nickname, it is based on initials of all things and people still use it on occasion, I don't see this meme dying that easily.
  12. Would FE4 be Different if Sigurd had a gun?

    I think that provided there is no body armor thrown into the equation it probably wouldn't be all that ineffective, people are way squishier than silver I think and even lead flattens when you throw it on the ground, I think the shape would be more important than the material, even if you can't get absolute penetration with them, store your bullets in a corpse overnight for some classic biological warfare, they either die or get so infected that they will never fight again. so, I guess the conclusion is, ok, I guess, it'll go through the squishy parts just fine, but probably get lodged in a bone somewhere down the line, which is great for the long term, but not very useful in the moment, unideal at best is my estimation, let's not ignore the waste of a good lightning rod either.
  13. Oh, silly.

    also, Type: Null is a terrible driver, it's legs are too short to reach the pedals and see the road at the same time, it was also very impolite not saying anything when it arived, would not recommend. also, Justin is a jerk, screw you justin!
  14. Oh, silly.

    I don't see null show up that often, and I'm still learning, so I can't remember, maybe, it may depend on the language, I would guess they are using javascript for the site or app and I am unfamiliar with it, I recall during java that was how it would look if you called a null value as part of an already existing string. edit: I checked, it looks about the same in java,
  15. I don't really see packaging a 1/13 scale statue of the main character with every copy of the is a good business strategy either.