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  1. I think that waiting until after the next trailer would be a good way to keep it fresh, I don't think that I am changing any of my opinions with time alone.
  2. as the title says, heroes most recent tap battle is using warriors music, and that japanese eshop sale that very suspiciously singled out FEW point to it as a possibility. if not soon fire emblem expo will definitely have it, I can also see it in the next direct. thoughts?
  3. How many of your favorite characters are in Heroes?

    I mean, I have low standards, I have zelgius (and endgame to boot), Myrrh (the best dragon loli), Mist (best little sister, deserves an alt, same as her brother), vanguard Ike (best Ike), and micaiah (kills horses) really all my must haves are here, I appreciate nailah and a few others, but really I never felt too strongly for them, lyre is the only one that comes to mind that I would like to see.
  4. I always prefered radiant dawn personally, as for PoR it's maybe my third favorite, and sacred stones is second (always had a soft spot for it), but RD always felt tighter gameplay wise, also it's difficulty wasn't butchered in localization.
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    honestly, next update would be a good time, could also remove dark aura users from the transform check so they have more utility as a base refine.
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    so despite it being kind of useless as of now (could receive an update in the future) dark aura effects beasts, this still has issues given the fact that the effective range is still 1, but it is something that people may not have noticed.
  7. Delthea, Free Spirit

    dark aura has received an update, it now effects beasts, not very useful, but still a thing to mention.
  8. When do you think Three Houses will come out?

    honestly, I really hadn't thought about it, but you are right, barring fe 1 and 2 (too old to be truly compelling due to hardware), every entry had some level of competence in their storytelling, genealogy and thracia are generally seen as good, binding and blazing had great characterization, tellius had phenomenal worldbuilding and even shadow dragon has it's fans when talking about story, I haven't really heard anyone say that new mystery was egregious outside of the avatar which could be seen as the harbinger of things to come, meanwhile it isn't until awakening that the stories don't hold up to scrutiny near as well and everyone is suddenly saying "fire emblem stories were never good" mind you we are not saying incredible either, just good. the only sin that previous entries committed was being typical at worst, meanwhile the least derivative story in series history (conquest) ended up being the worst hands down.
  9. fire emblem's aesthetics have been one of it's biggest selling points since the beginning, ask yourself, would elder scrolls work with an anime aesthetic, perhaps it could work in theory, but it would alienate old fans and fail to bring in new fans, an art style can be just as important to a fan as gameplay fundamentals.
  10. When do you think Three Houses will come out?

    honestly I find it to be pretty strange assuming that it isn't gonna happen this year at all, meanwhile animal crossing has had nothing since it's announcement but I have heard nothing about the obvious 2020 release year due to hearing nothing save for 2019, same can be said for everything at e3, smash bros was too big and everyone got a drought of information because of this, I doubt nintendo and IS want another radiant dawn situation.
  11. Felicia solorun breaks revelation

    to be completely honest, this is why I don't like conquest, it focuses more highly on overpowered skill sets that the player cannot hope to match and map gimmicks that add jank to make the map harder to get used to, this just feels like lunatic+: the game rather than legitimate difficulty.
  12. actually, In shadows of valentia the supplies tiles did show up in battles and I would say that they would be no less awkward than the traditional healing tiles.
  13. When do you think Three Houses will come out?

    I mean, do we really need to be showered with info, IS could very well be trying to make sure they pick a good time to not get shoved off to the side by smash bros or some other release, shoot we haven't even had a direct this year.
  14. or they just wanted to wait till we are a month or two away before showering us with info, I mean, last direct was a bit ago and they were focusing on announcements, three houses exists, it is in the public consciousness, there is little to be done before we are a couple months out, anything done in the months of november and december would have gone forgotten purely due to smash bros hype, we are 10 days into the new year, give it some time, an announcement is frankly all we need right now, the game is not slated for february, nor is it set to release in march.