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  1. [FE8] Fire Emblem: Souls of the Forest

    ahh, dang, well. good luck finishing it. I'll look forward to playing it if it does =)
  2. [FE8] Fire Emblem: Souls of the Forest

    One very important question: Is it finished? (If not polish-wise then at least like, is there a final boss/final chapter and such or does the game just sort of end mid-way)
  3. Fire Emblem: Universe

    LOL @ the name good luck yo
  4. Assuming it's finished by the time you get to it, haha I disagree on the balance element of those games (namely Ao) but, to each their own opinion. I guess it's better than Sen III, at least As for Crossbell not getting love... well, that's what happens when they aren't officially in English, lol. (Most people aren't so into legally shady and typically unpolished methods of playing them, and I can't blame them. The alternative of learning Japanese and importing them is quite a pain...) Anyway, good luck on your playthroughs
  5. oooh, the rare Trails fan does "all the games" include the Crossbell and unlocalized Erebonian games? just curious
  6. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    This seems really cool, a little disappointed I've only just heard of it, haha. Seems like you did some great work and it's even open-source, I'm kind of impressed lol. I'm curious about your next project, anywhere I can follow you for updates on that when you're ready to reveal it?
  7. Do You Enjoy Messing With Telemarketers/Scammers

    no, because I have a life
  8. Mugen is cool and all but...

    It's not like they have 60 unique frames per second Skeletal animation isn't really the best for fighting games or fighting-esque games but it's possible if there's enough time and care put into it (not FEH-esque basic animation) and as for 3D animation, it's easier in some ways sure but 2D is also easier in some ways, it really depends on the project's wants/needs anyway, a little kid once made a crappy little collection of FE characters for Mugen, but it was just that. crappy (awful by modern non-fan-work standards) and it used the GBAFE pixel art (with some edits), an actual fighting game with full sprites (like with BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle or such) would be cool but given that it'd almost definitely focus on just Marth and Awakening/Fates characters ala Warriors if it was made or supervised by IS, I'm personally not too excited by the idea (that's just me though, I like to see variety in my games, I'd be upset if it were all FE8 characters, all sword-users, etc. too)
  9. Imagine if this was in North America

    fixed, mini-modder I do wish it were in English but since it's not I'm just making do with what I have
  10. Imagine if this was in North America

    ok, I will imagine it
  11. What are your unpopular Smash opinions?

    too many Fire Emblem characters
  12. Why do guys in the U.S punch walls?

    not sure where this came from, but the one time I punched a hole through a wall I did it because I was extremely angry lol. If people just do it for the heck it tho, well... I don't know then. also, it hurt, but the wall's not actually that thick, so... not that much. and I'd consider myself a relatively weak person. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Under Grey Skies: An FE8 ROM Hack

    seems legit. hope it finishes so there's another decent FE hack to play. never hurts to have more in case I ever need to scratch that itch for some GBAFE fun without replaying the official ones. good luck~
  14. FEE3 2018: Can't stop, won't stop!

    Is this still not done? At this point it should probably be awarded for "most appearances in FEE3 history", or maybe even for "longest-running hack that won't die but won't be finished, either", lol no offense to anyone intended, I just find it hilarious lol
  15. The Last Promise 2: Broken Promises

    ahahaha LOL @ title joke while I had made some small plans for a sequel at some point, I definitely didn't leave enough things open-ended that it was necessary but I don't think it needs to be necessary for someone to want to do it, so eh anyway, I don't approve or disapprove of this hack, I happened to visit the forums at a convenient time and happened to be informed of it by one of the team members (I'm guessing the head, not sure if he or she mentioned as much), but I've long since left the scene and gone in hiding and am not in any position to really take any action of consequence regarding this hack, nor does it really need my approval in the first place, nor would I alone be able to give approval for it (since the original project had huge help with all the maps/sprites among some other things and wasn't just me) in other words, I think the creators made it pretty clear what it is, a simple fansequel to a simple fangame, if you're concerned about that or permission or whatever, you may also want to consider whether or not the original fangame received permission for its creation, but I'm afraid that's about all I have to say on that matter~ btw, the cavalier animation was kinda cool