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  1. Me! =))
  2. I have this error about 1 month, I was try some methods on the Internet but it always can't fix this error.
  3. As Topic Title, it errors "the application was unable to start correctly (0xc00007b)". I have read the information on the Internet and try but these methods can fix and now I can't continue my hack, please help me fix this error.
  4. It's third tiers
  5. I want to know how to add the palettle for class in three promoion
  6. I'm making a hack for FE7, and I change some class have the third promotion, but i don't know why can do thic class have the palettles of charater.
  7. It the test
  8. I'm using 7. I use Zahlman's Song Editor for insert, Steps:I open and write code to command load 810 open fe7 burn 0x69f030 0x1700000 close fe7, load 811 open fe7 burn 0x69f038 0x1710000 close fe7, load 812 open fe7 burn 0x69f040 0x1720000 close fe7,that all. I change the battle animation of Lyn to the MautheDoog and Control Lyn attack, have battle animation but don't have sound. Yes,I made any other changes to the rom because My hack In-process.
  9. I was insert the sound of Mau The Doog at 810,811,812 but it didn't activate.Can help me fix this?
  10. Can you help me fix this error.
  11. I was use the patch of Nintenlord. It in folder 'Str&Mag split' of 'My Notes'. Here is the error: Yes, the text don't repair. And: I can go to the text of Res. Can help me. The address of text in 0x404b8e And here is the UPS:06_02_10 HELP ME!
  12. I don't know how to do when read that
  13. I was download this from video of Arch but can't. I think the link die, if anyone have it can upload for me?
  14. Thanks
  15. I want add skills for my FE7. Ex:Skill of class rouge,Summon,... Can help me?