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  1. Atk Tactic's a good idea, at the moment I'm running 3 infantry but could replace my green dancer (I switch around PA!Azura and Elincia) with Reyson once he's built. Or bring something entirely different since I run Micaiah anyways. Spd Smoke's a good idea, thanks! I need to learn to remember Smoke skills exist. I see. her speed felt high to me but I guess with all the buffs around it's not that much. And hadn't considered that about Brazens at all. I'll see which works best for me, but I'm leaning towards QR or DD since I mostly use her to take ranged hits like RazzleDazzle or Firesweep bow, and don't have Darting Stance leveled.
  2. Well I was going to say Desperation doesn't guarantee a follow-up attack and Tibarn is bulky enough he probably doesn't need it, but others made it before me So, a question. I'm planning to run Nailah with her natural A and B passives as well as Noontime (mainly in AR instead of A!Tiki who shares a color with summer Micaiah), but what about her C passive? Aside from Hone/Drive of choice something I was considering is Odd Atk Wave to somewhat fix her Attack bane. But that would mean foddering my only Lewyn and that smells like waste of Special Spiral. For seal I was considering either Flashing Blade (in which case I could take Sol instead of Noontime) or Brazen Atk/Res to help those stats. EDIT: Forgot to mention Distant Defense as a seal option for her (which she competes A!Tiki with for)
  3. Honestly, I hope they go wild and come up with entirely new transformation conditions, because tying it to ally types wouldn't make much sense for non-beast units. Maybe they'll be refreshers who transform and get refreshed themselves when using Sing/Dance. Actually despite the strikethrough I wouldn't be surprised if they did that. I think we only have imp horns.
  4. I suck at this listing favorites thing, but let's try it by games I've played: Scrap that I'm not going to make a list of almost 100 FE characters. Seemed like slightly under 50% of my faves are in Heroes though. If I had to guess, it's likely because Zelgius Red kind of blends in with the background as far as story importance goes. It's still dumb though.
  5. The 10 characters most deserving to be added

    From the games I've played, in the order I thought of them: Ranulf: Probably the most important Laguz in the Tellius storyline after Reyson. To be entirely fair we got beasts for the first time last week so he's probably on his way. Marcus: the high level retainer of two different lords/games, and possibly the most iconic Jagen archtype, even outshining Jagen himself. Mycen: He joins late but as Alm's father figure and kind of having that old mentor role Marcus has, he feels like the most obvious inclusion from Echoes. Skrimir: We already got royal birds, so let's have a lion. Caineghis would make sense too as the king but Skrimir has such a nice character arc in RD he should probably be in. Nyna: As the main heroine of Shadow Dragon, she's the last Archanea character I feel really should be in Heroes... Kris: ... Aside from that continent's avatar, I guess. Even if he's not very well liked. Guinevere: As the Elibe version of Nyna, similar reasons apply. Ashnard: considering he's the main villain of PoR and important enough he gets mentioned multiple times in RD, he should have been a GBF already. Nergal: similar reasons to Ashnard, minus getting mentioned in the chronologically second game of his continent. Pelleas: Nyna/Guinevere of RD except playable. Or Elincia of Daein. Also, one of the few new cast members in RD who didn't suffer lack of characterization. Honorable mentions because their games didn't make it to top 10: Emmeryn, Lilith and I guess Saleh.
  6. Something they could also do is introduce the kids in their unpromoted forms while the adults are in promoted forms. Or the opposite. Speaking of things beast units make us wonder, if we ever get TMS units, would they be the transforming kind?
  7. Yeah that sounds somewhat too demanding for me... Well that's a bummer, though it makes sense. Moonbow+Desperation set earlier when I realized Flashing Blade wouldn't work on him. I'll try shuffling around that Heavy Blade seal and see if L!Ephraim, Catria or Naesala likes it best I guess. I did give him standard And typing that out makes me realize that almost all my Galeforce units are blue. Brave Roy's the only different one. Can't help thinking this wouldn't even be an issue if I could just change seals from the unit window, instead of having to go to Equip Seals menu. Thanks for the pointers on Flashing Blade Ice Dragon and @XRay, I think I'll give it to either my Firesweep!B!Cordelia or Galeforce!Raven. That should be fun for infantry things! And later possibly Nailah if I decide to inherit Special Spiral on her. EDIT: This feels like a dumb question, but Nailah is affected by Infantry Pulse, right?
  8. So I was planning to make Naesala a Galeforce unit until I realized he can't use Flashing Blade Seal... I already have several units competing for Heavy Blade so is there another way to make Galeforce work on him? If not, what would be a good and/or fun alternative build? Also, what would be some nice units/builds using Flashing Blade?
  9. Aether Raids General Thread

    But will I fit in anymore with my defense team of 6? Yeah I saw the information for Mythic and Legendary Heroes getting the Blessings for their season, that's a nice change. I had assumed it only gave stats and not a score boost though, but now I know that's because I had Grima only in my defense team. Seems far too easy, they should add some extra steps in there. So wait, AR offense guide is only in the Allies menu Incidentally, thanks for reminding me that Special Teams menu exists, I had completely forgotten of it. Should make it easier to edit the teams for various modes going forward. I get you, since I dream of Naesala+10. I didn't mean ignoring AR in its entirety, but for example changing the goal from increasing your tier to maintaining it, since difference in rewards between the tiers isn't that big. Of course, whatever you decide to do is up to you, not this random person on the internet.
  10. Aether Raids General Thread

    That makes sense. I usually do AR in the morning but could move that to evening instead. That's interesting. So if I'm understanding this right, with 1 Mythic Hero and 2 Blessed Heroes, assuming my defense team doesn't kill anyone, I would lose 72 Lift instead of the normal 80 during Dark/Anima seasons? Does this also mean that Eir isn't being very helpful in my defense team even during Light season? Incidentally, what's the incredibly obvious in-game location I could have checked this information from (except for the formula which I assume was discovered by players)? Yes, Tier19 gave me a very warm welcome! I could have just faced bad luck on opponents though and tomorrow could be entirely different, who knows. I have to admit though, if I keep facing those same kind of teams I might intentionally drop back to tier18 lol I came to the conclusion some time ago that I can just ignore parts of the game that I feel are too much. I've enjoyed AR but also if I don't feel like doing it, I can skip some daily fights just as well. And it's been over a year since I last did AA without there being Arena Quests that involve AA. Incidentally, couple of seasons back when it was time to switch bonus structures, instead of buying the new bonus structure for my defense team, I accidentally leveled up the old one. That was kind of irritating, but also funny when I thought this might confuse players attacking me.
  11. Aether Raids General Thread

    After few weeks in tier 18 I finally got to 19 this season... And suddenly all the teams I see are a combination of 3-4 of legendary Azura, legendary Lucina, Surtr, Veronica and a number of Eirs. Granted that's just 1 day and 4 battles so I could have gotten unlucky, but as someone who's actually enjoyed AR gameplay today was the least fun by far I've had with the mode. That said, there's something amusing about watching a team like that decimate my own lol The heck? There's a difference like that?
  12. Official Pull Topic

    This banner's been funny one for me. After some 500 orbs aside from getting Nailah and Reyson who I wanted, I've got my first copies of Leo, Katarina and Helbindi, as well as second copies of Libra and Sanaki (the latter with the exact same +hp -spd boon/bane my first one has). oh, and my first L'Arachel (4*) too. Still missing my favorite hawk so the hunt continues as long as I have free orbs to throw at the gacha.
  13. Heavy Blade + Special Spiral + Slayer + Wo Dao effect on Ettard. You heard it here first, unless you didn't. I probably forgot a special skill related skill there. Honestly, I don't think refines to DC weapons would be that unlikely at this point in the game (since DC weapons with additional effects already exist anyways). Not necessarily needed but also nothing too horrible. Personally I would like Ike and Fjorm in particular to get some extra oomph. On the topic of Mythic Heroes, if we are getting one this month, I could see Mythic Lehran happening if they want to keep to the beasts/RD theme for the month. Probably not though.
  14. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Yeah, I know in Tellius they didn't work like in Awakening and Fates, my point was simply that if IS want inheritable weapons shared by all beast units, beaststones might be the best of not very good options. Though I think energy drink can be a weapon too
  15. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    They could go for Fates/Awakening style Beaststones for inheritable beast weapons, even if it's not entirely according to Tellius lore. They did exist in Tellius at least.