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  1. Somehow that Tempest Trial banner surprises me more than the Ares demotion, I was really expecting them to make last year's bridal units the other bonus units. Not that I'm complaining, with regular Ninian I can just throw dragons on auto at the TT. Or I could use the opportunity to build Marth but naaaah. PoR!Ike, gen1!Ephraim, CYL!Lyn, regular Celica and performing Azura are the 5* exclusives I've got the most copies of, thought I also pulled more 5* Mathildas than I care to remember when that was possible. I've got Ike the most out of them so he's the one I suppose. Mathilda and Ephraim copies came as random pity breakers, while the other three were concentrated on legendary banners and their introductory banners.That said that just means I've got three dupes of him to 2 of the others. Aside from Lyn and Celica, all the copies were merged to each other for... reasons. It's weird how well I remembered these circumstances after just looking at my characters' merge levels.
  2. Glad it worked out for you. Darn I got out-Tiki'd Based on how much I like my Brave Cordelia, I'm looking forward to using Cherche when I actually finish getting her that SP. I've just got a... Bunch of all types of characters who are in queue to get trained, cursing the queue for not moving. xD Speaking of swords though, my free bridal pull gave me an Ayra so I guess she's going to get past that queue eventually.
  3. Wow, that's a lot! I get bored by SP grinding really fast, spent 40,00 feathers and some change to make a brave axe build for Cherche since I finally got her with +atk but then didn't feel like getting enough SP this weekend... Backlog of units I want to build just keeps growing lol. @Lewyn Sorry I'm late with this, but if you still need that adult Tiki, I've got one as my lead all the time
  4. No such thing happening on Lunatic at least. Don't see a reason to assume it would be different on Infernal.
  5. Team Anna buddies! "Because". In mobage world GC's the only normal event in that regard we have anyways.
  6. Let's not forget all the dupe tacticians.
  7. Team Sharena in Outrealm 6462 is going nuts with knockouts as well. In fact, Team Anna (that's me!) seems to be straight on course to be at 1 node after round 2 lol. This after I noted at the start Anna only had 3 nodes to defend at the start.
  8. I've been using Oscar Quadruples, mainly because there's no mage or dancer I have enough of to make a foursome. Also hero merit gains. Mages and dragons throwing around those enemies without their usual attack animations is also oddly amusing.
  9. On the topic of Tap Battle, I'm finding taking four of same unit into it more amusing than I probably should. Never thought I would see the day one of my party slots is allotted for that one.
  10. It's easy to forget, but some of the mental images are pretty amazing!
  11. Yeah, I imagine it's an amazing feeling. I'm still waiting for Maribelle, Reyson, Tormod and some other childhood Tellius favorites myself.
  12. It's about the size difference between the shover and the shovee. Reminds me of the Rescue comics on Awkward Zombie.
  13. Oh wow, didn't expect more Jugdral this soon after Thracia banner. Congrats to @Vaximillian, Ishtar is finally going to be there waiting for you. It's kind of interesting that all the characters in the gacha who are unplayable in main series games are from Jugdral (unless you count Zelgius and Grima. I don't.) On personal Heroes news, that last legendary banner was kind enough to give me Inigo. My precious son is finally dancing at home. Also got a +def -spd Lyn, on that one I'm halfway between wondering how to build one and who to give Speed Tactic.
  14. Tempest Trials: Thunder’s Fist!

    Huh. I even looked for it and didn't find it. Whoops. Thanks!
  15. Tempest Trials: Thunder’s Fist!

    Yeah going to agree the Try this thing is pretty dumb. Going to send feedback to have a setting to turn it off. I used Xander, Olwen, PA!Azura and Maria on the highest difficulty to get the bonus points. Probably switching Azura to Titania and Olwen to Reinhardt for autoing lower difficulties on weekdays. I really should build a horse healer sometime.