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  1. The banner seems interesting and I do like Innes and Tana (Innes especially), but since I recently downed my orbs on getting Karla, going to hold off this banner after the first summoning session. The people on the internet not exaggerating? Ha! I haven't really taken part in the pose discussions on FEH, but for me personally, still images of poses like this (would you call them momentary? "Action-y"?) are going to feel disorienting unless there's obvious enough reason for the pose. I can rationalize it all I want with Noire running from and attacking enemies at the same time, but that's not going to help my natural reaction when I look at the art. In comparison, the football image from earlier or Catria don't cause this to reaction me. That said, this has nothing to do with the spine breaking arguments lol. EDIT: I forget who were talking about this in another thread, but Cordelia clearly came up with a way for Micaiah to hide her brand at the beach.
  2. That's interesting to me, since Special Maps is probably the menu I use the most on the map. Keeping the permanent content until you need it actually makes sense, I would probably throw the orbs at something I don't particularly need if I got them now... Like the last Legendary Banner. Curse that one. I vaguely remember a time I did that with Arena Assault... But I think I'm way happier with Heroes now that I don't, in all honesty. Funny how such a small change affected by enjoyment of the game so much. I would probably forget about Rival Domains if the game didn't tell me that "THERE'S A NEW MAP!!!" every. single. Saturday... Seasonals are a funny one because I somewhat like them in Granblue Fantasy, but don't in Heroes. Same goes for alts in general, now that I think about it.
  3. Do others here have parts of the game they just kind of forget exist? For me that's Arena Assault, I only remember it exists on last day of a season and then it's a gamble if I do it or not. Previous season for example I only did 1 battle for minimum rewards. To lesser extent this also happens with Chain Challenge and Squad Assault, though I notice it less because I'm not losing weekly rewards from it.
  4. @silverserpent I don't know either! Not like the armors in FE move either. Don't have her so can't check the animations.
  5. It's not exactly a skill but related to them: the way Heroes handles activated skills like Sol, Aether and Luna with a countdown instead of random chance is my absolute favorite thing I would like to see moved to main games. And I guess skills like Heavy Blade could be implemented to go with that system. Aside from that, I'm going to echo everything said here thus far. I'm going to add something I really don't want to see though: the simple stat+ skills. Those always felt lazy to me.
  6. Makes more sense than you would think, and Granblue Fantasy has an answer for you. To be fair, most of the starting difficulty in Granblue comes from it telling you pretty much nothing of importance when you start and having a ton of things you can be doing at once. Once you get past that it's mostly about time, perseverence and insanity. Makalov? Riev? Oh, oh! Hans!
  7. It's the first time I had a number of bonus units I like to pick from, so it's been really fun for me too. Currently running (regular) Nino, Ephraim, Karla and a healer, but I could also have picked Jaffar, or trained Camus or Linus. In fact I used Jaffar before I pulled Karla with the Tempest orbs (yay), and actually had easier time dealing with Ursula then lol. Actually having the same experience with the current arena season, I've got a bunch of units I can pick from for the bonus slot. Congrats! Nice to hear you're almost done with them, especially since if I remember right, you had trouble with them before. Also you mentioned it hours ago, but that Christmas Ike you drew is amazing xD
  8. Tempest Trials: Feud of the Fangs!

    Tried it earlier with Nino, Jaffar, Ephraim and Sakura. It worked fine except the speed score was on the lower side. Will try switching Jaffar to a Dancer later.
  9. This reminds me of "Hawke". I'm not sure I like that.
  10. One thing I could see happening with the main three is that, assuming they're the young to-be rulers of their respective countries - or smaller piece of land- they could have different styles of leadership. Which could in turn be either a point of conflict or character growth when they interact with each other. Namely, one would spend a lot of time mingling with his people, listening to their worries and being really popular as a result. One would be a bureucratic/political ruler who's got excellent control of the nobility and is fast at putting together new policies, knows what strings to pull to get projects going fast and so on. A high-level paper-pusher if you will. The third would be more of a military-oriented lord, focusing on strengthening the army either to protect their people or conquer more land (or fight the bandit problem because all fantasy lands in Japanese fiction must have bandit problems), excellent at battle tactics, and possibly be the type to lead the charge themself. I think it's obvious Claude would be the first type, though being surprised there would be nice too. Edelgard and Dimitri both fit either of the two types in my opinion.
  11. Same here, though I guess Dimitri's hairstyle comes off a bit... Messy? With how long his bangs are and that one strand coming from the back and ending next to his ear. Anyways, while Dimitri's design is my least favorite of the main trio, I don't think it's bad at all. Just that I prefer Edelgard and Claude to him. Claude in particular! His careful style and warm smile have a nice contrast to the other two's more serious looks and his main color of yellow really fits these aspects of his design. And Edelgard is simply stunning with those striking eyes. The only part of her design I don't like is that weird hole-that's-too-high-to-be-a-boob-window, but that's small enough that I don't think it's going to bother me during play. I do like the design all their uniforms have on front. As for other designs, Byleth seems fine, I don't have strong feelings one way or the other. He does seem like he could contribute to my fear of black overload but unless we get a lot more of that I don't think that's going to be a real issue. I did rather like the portrait we got of Mercedes but I would like to see her full design. Hilda's seemed a bit weird to me but I can't tell why. The one stern looking archer dude looks like I'll either like or really dislike him lol.
  12. Lol yes I know that, though the strikethough was mostly because I consider that a stupid habit and a meme that should die. They would definitely go to Lithuania next, after that who knows. Maybe the great drinking culture revolution of small brewery beers and wines will have taken over by then. Yes this is totally a thing that gets more allotted time on the news than needed.
  13. I am up here in the north. I knew that was going to sound weird.
  14. I kind of have the same issue with... Most of them actually. I like all the accessories we've got but I can't pick characters I like them on. I've only given Feh to Tiki this far because a message owl felt appropriate for greeting other players. No worries, we know about our neighbours up here in north. You appear in our news every few months. Also cheap booze.
  15. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I'm excited for this, what we saw was really nice in my opinion. The clothes designs in particular were really hitting all the right notes for me. There's a lot of black, but unless it's everyone all the time that's not going to be bothering me. At the moment it looks more like we're starting in a school / military academy setting and the black clothes are school uniforms. Also loving the character designs, particularly Mercedes and Claude. Only one I'm not feeling is Hilda at the moment, but we saw all of couple seconds of her face so that's not much to go on. Also female axe lord hype! The school setting and Avatar's role as the instructor are different enough from normal to strike my fancy and as far as mechanics go, squads and formations seem like they'll add nice flair to the usual combat. That said I can definitely see why there are people saying it looks cluttered, I do hope they won't be as big and spread out in indoor maps. On the samey faces on squads, I honestly don't notice it unless people post still images of them so not a bid deal for me. Not like I'll be looking at the game frame by frame. Same goes for complaints about cutscenes and so on, I don't see it. That said, hopefully they'll have time in the following months to polish things so people will be happy. One thought I had about the new stats Endurance and Resilience was that maybe the squads and formations would have some extra defensive values or something. Though Resilience also sounds like it could be related to debuffs. I agree, especially knowing how much shorter intricate titles can be in Japanese than English. That said, @silveraura25's point about the difference in meanings of the English and Japanese comes off a bit jarring. Though that's happened before so eh.