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  1. Well, can't use that idea then. A few more questions I have: Are robotic limp replacements allowed? How much time has passed since the Grieks attacked? Did humanity build it's own mechs before the invasion, or where all mechs created by copying Griek technology?
  2. So, you said "Rudimentary Artificial Intelligence"? Is that set in stone? I have an idea for an android character, but if the latest tech is only rudimentary, that probably won't fly. The basic idea is that the character is the prototype for an experimental combat robot which can pilot mechs, but also fight on foot when the situation requires it, like saving someone from a building that's about to collapse - something that would be very dangerous for humans without the protection provided by their mechs. I also have an idea for a human character if this doesn't work out, and I have to flesh my ideas out a bit more anyways, so nothing's certain yet.
  3. If you were as extremely paranoid as me, you would understand that this isn't enough. There's always the chance that someone accidentally blurts something out and I run across it. As someone who's very, VERY paranoid about spoilers, I just can't take the risk. And now I'll leave for good.
  4. ...Because there are massive leaks about SoV, and I'm really, REALLY paranoid about spoilers. Seriously, if I could choose a superpower, I would pick the ability to magical censor spoilers. (Admittedly that's partly because more exciting powers like Fire or Flight would be impractical in normal life) Until the end of may, fellow tacticians!
  5. I think chapter 6, being a post game story, will not feature the normal battle-to-battle progression, since the cast splits up after the war. Instead, you get a selection of episodes that detail what the various characters are up to (similar to the Elibean Nights Hack). Like how Kamui and his gang gather potential citizens for their new country, or Sonya dealing with that stuff that was revealed about her in her ending in Gaiden.
  6. The game being much more stingy with money. Instead of earning huge chunks of gold once in a while, there are many opportunities to gather small amounts during chapters. Raiding the enemy's supplies during battles will be an important part of the strategy. Have a durability system like in FE4, where instead of buying new weapons, broken weapons are repaired for money. Forged weapons are more expensive to repair. The Forging System of FE11-13. Additionally, rare materials can be spent to give a weapon a special property, but this will make repairs even more expensive. Buffs and Debuffs, although nerfed a bit. Also, the type of stacking debuff caused by silver weapons does not occure. Silvers are already limited by repair costs in my dream system. Useful siege weapons, like in Fates. Thiefs having the ability to steal directly from other units. Bigger inventories. Gaiden Chapters like in the GBA Era.
  7. My preference would be mostly the Tellius system with a bit of overlap with the Awakening System. Skills can be learned through scrolls, the number of skills is limited by a point system, and some units have skills by default, without needing to learn them. Unlike skills that have been learned through scrolls, these default skills can not be turned into scrolls and taught to other units. The overlap comes from my idea for the reclass system: Every class has a certain class skill, which a unit possesses alongside their personal/learned skills. Changing classes also changes the class skill, so swapping from Thief to Myrmidon exchanges Locktouch for Duelist's Strike. Some class skills can also exist as personal/learned skills. Class skills are not dependend on Level. A unit has it's class skill from level 1, and a second class skill is learned immediately upon promotion.
  8. Welcome to Corneria!
  9. Yeah, I agree. Lyn is a speedy swordswoman, Hector a strong axefighter. Eliwood is balanced, so lances would fit him much better as a main weapon, and with three lord characters, giving each a corner of the weapon triangle would be the obvious design choice.
  10. Because rewriting songs from Mulan is the best Disney Meme, I made this when I was bored. Enjoy! For a long time now we've been waiting for more FE We think that Fates was fine, but the writing was just iffy. With a Switch title and Warriors could there be even more? Yes! Take a look at What Echoes has in store! Huh? Look forward to What Echoes has in store! I want it loyal to a fault Gaiden with new graphics Lunatic's what I'm in for testing my skills in tactics I do not care about gameplay or battle glory I just want characters and story Alm, Faye, Berkut, ohhh... Now we fin'lly can experience oldschool FE without an emulator on a PC You can guess what we, since the Direct, want to know about more Tell us about What Echoes has in store! It makes the story much grander and the characters more fun Uh, how 'bout S-Supports and children, Masked Knight is Celi's son? Nah! My OTP is already Alm X Faye, Yee ha! Let's hope she's not a new Cordelia... It's a return to the one true FE Saga He'll play next to his shrine to Shouzou Kaga At the end of May, when it comes out, we'll come to the shop door just to find out... What Echoes has in store! Wish that I knew What Echoes has in store!
  11. I already thought this was some kind of joke, but I didn't make the april fool's connection. I figured it was a joke about Fire Emblem Gaiden having a similar name to Ninja Gaiden and both being for NES, so they're turning Valbar's squad into samurai.
  12. I think it's pretty likely that he's another survivor of the Zofian royal family, and wears the mask to hide his identity. He's probably gonna join Celica's group, seeing as Alm's also gets an entirely new character. My guess is he joins at the end of chapter 2, because the scene with him shows a castle wall with the Zofian symbol on a flag. He will probably already appear in chapter 1 and fight alongside the Deliverance, but decides to go with Celica once he meets her.
  13. I heard rumors about the Dark Souls trilogy coming to the Switch, I hope this will be comfirmed to be true. Speaking of that, here's a crazy, extremely unlikely idea I had that I think would work well in execution: A Metroid game made by FromSoftware.
  14. This looks awesome. Third tiers are confirmed, looks like I was wrong on my prediction that they would be gone. I like all the redisings. Atlas is a daddy. Headcanon: Nuibaba suffers from the same condition as Tesseract from the fifth Skulduggery Pleasant book. The mask injects her with magical medicine that keeps her face from rotting off.