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  1. Nintendo Power translated the title as "Descend of Jihad", which seems a bit unfitting. Speaking of FF6, it had an esper named Crusader, so if FE4 had been localised, a title like "Descend of Crusade" would have been fair game. Since there's quite a bit of incest possible in the second gen (most infamously the cousins who are half-siblings from a genetical standpoint), I imagine many possible pairings being censored.
  2. My guess is that their armor is simply really tough. Ether attacks are able to get through, and the Monado's blade is made out of ether. This would also explain why normal weapons can damage mechon when they're toppled: It gives you an opportunity to pry them open and damage the inside.
  3. According to Brawl in the Family, Fire tomes are used by setting the book on fire, hurling it into the enemy's face, and stomping out the fire afterwards. But yeah, tomes being magic batteries seems the most likely to me.
  4. It's much early for Gen 8, and a third (and fourth) version is already in the works for the 3DS. I'm certain we will get a Sinnoh remake, and since the 3DS is already pretty, old, it would make sense to switch to a newer, shinier system. I know Gen 4 mainly from Chuggaaconroy's Let's Play, so I would be excited to play a remake that fixes Gen 4's technical issues.
  5. An Idiot enables the destruction of an entire nation in order to show to everyone who the real bad guy is.
  6. Looks pretty interesting to me. If I pick it up, I'll take Ultra Sun, because I got Moon when it came out. I highly doubt this will be a full-on sequel like B2W2. Despite the change in outfit and hairstyle, the protagonists are still unmistakably the same, it wouldn't make sense to have them just start a new team from scratch after becoming the champion. Thus, alternate timeline where Necrozma interferes with the events of the games.
  7. It would be pretty easy to pull of if they did away with portraits and instead had animated models appear above the dialogue boxes. These models could simple be the same models used in battle animations. Unlike other systems FE was on in the past, the Switch is more than powerful enough to make character models as detailed and good looking as artwork.
  8. I think animated models would be better to present the dialogue. It's easier to show of reactions and emotions that way, and we could have more lively actions during the talk scenes, like the characters visibly drawing their weapons. Also, I want lip movements and blinking back. They have been a tradition in the series ever since there introduction in the first and seventh game respectively, why did Awakening drop that? Why wasn't it picked back up? These simple details already make the characters feel much more alive.
  9. Name: Solaire of Astora (From Dark Souls) "A Warrior of Sunlight in search of his own sun" Class: Sunlight Warrior (Heavily armored class with swords and magic) "Disciples of Lord Gwyn's Firstborn son. Protect their allies with Gwyn's lightning" Growth Rates (Based on SoV): HP 55, Atk 50, Skl 30, Spd 35, Lck 15, Def 40, Res 4 Personal Spell: Great Lightning Spear (HP 4, Mt 7, Rng 1-3, Hit 85 Wt 5, Effective against dragons and wyvern) Personal Skill: Jolly Cooperation (Small bonus to exp gain for units within 2-tile range)
  10. What I'm getting at is that literally the first thing we saw of the game was that three of the Shield of Seals' five orbs where filled with swords from the financially most succesful game in the series. And then they even give swords to the generic OCs. The distribution does seem quite biased here. I also don't really think Hyrule Warriors can be compared to this case. The three games they picked are pretty different, and OoT, the most popular of the bunch, doesn't get much more exposure then the very devisive TP and SS. Also, the major characters (Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Impa) where original reincarnations, instead of being tied to any canon game. There are more then enough major characters from the games that won't be represented who don't use swords (From the top of my head, I can think of Hector, Ephraim, Arvis and Micaiah). If they don't want more swords, including these characters shouldn't be a problem.
  11. I'm a bit annoyed that they de-epified Grima by making him the product of a mad scientist's work, just being artificially created with divine blood, instead of being directly of divine birth. Wasn't there a backstory that he's the fusion of all earth dragons, or is that just a fan theory?
  12. I'm not going to join after all. I simply don't think I will be able to commit to this, since I can't think of good ways to flesh out my current character idea well enough. Sorry to dissapoint you.
  13. This just about killed my excitement for the game. The OCs look incredibly generic. Their excuse about "too many swords" is complete and utter BS, since Marth, Chrom, Corrin, Xander and Ryoma all wield swords and the OCs do the same. Just admit that you're pandering to the new fans only.
  14. Are you talking about this trailer? Because if that's the case, what you're saying doesn't make sense. There wasn't any mention of the route split, and there was no Camilla. Her first appearance was in the second trailer, which also announced the route split and the return to more classic FE Gameplay for the Nohr Route. Thus, even if some people guessed from the very beginning that there could be a route split, Camilla couldn't be the reason the western nation was more popular when we only had that one trailer.
  15. A true Cheddar Knight? I always thought it felt familiar whenever I cast Summon Bigger Bunch of Mooks to solve my problems.