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  1. Unlike GCN, Wii and 3DS, the Switch is powerful enough to make in-engine cutscenes look good. Thus, I want these instead of CGI or 2D-Animation, since it also allows to show off details like changing outfits, or have minor characters show up in the background if they are still alive.
  2. I voted for branched promotions, since third tiers would only work in either specific situations (Gaiden and RD) or in an overly long game. While a longer game would mean longer enjoyment from the game (If it's a good one), it should be done in a different way than the stat inflation of third tiers. I also don't think having both branched promotions and third tiers together would be a good idea. We would simply end up with way too many classes. Since there are only so many combinations for weapons, I fear that many third tier classes would feel too samey.
  3. My answer is pretty much the same as in the "Should the Avatar and S-Supports return?" Thread. I don't like Avatars, and S-Supports should be changed in a way that would reduce the number of romantic couples so much that children wouldn't be feasible anyways. Besides, the ways they justify explain a second gen are flawed. A time skip like FE4 would punish players who don't like the shipping aspect of the game, time travel would just be a rehash of Awakening, and Fates... let's not talk about the babyrealm. Are you saying that Waifu Emblem-Elements are superior just because IGN gave the games with them better reviews? What r u, IGN, casul?
  4. Monkey 943 wanted to write his own version of Hamlet and ordered 943 typewriters. Sadly, he was standing in the wrong place when the entire load was air-dropped.
  5. If there are many strong skills, somehting like Nihil should make a return, so that tough nuts with powerful abilities are broken a bit more easily. These Anti-Skills should be broken up into specific categories, so you can't just have one thing be the answer to every skill combo the Devs throw at you. Pierce: Disables the enemy's defensive abilities (such as Pavise and Counter) Overwhelm: Disables the enemy's offensive abilities (such as Sol and Luna) Sabotage: Prevents the enemy from benefitting from passive abilities, whether they are there own (such as Breakers or Renewal) or buffs from their allies (Such as Inspiration or Amaterasu). Effect lasts for two turns. These skills are not learned by any classes, they are taught through scrolls that can be found throughout the game.
  6. After their absence in the GBA games, skills have become increasingly common and varied in the last few years. Unless IS massively downgrades the game complexity in FE Switch, skills will surely return once again. Thus, I ask the question: Which new skills would you like to see in the game? Which old skills should make a straight return, and which should be changed a bit? For starters, I would change Miracle to have a 100 % activation rate - but it only works once per chapter. If a character's Luck reaches a certain amount, it can activate two times per chapter. As for new skills, I had the following idea: First Aid. Learned by the Medic (A reskin of the maid class), it allows the user of the skill to use a healing staff on an adjacent unit during enemy phase, if that unit's HP fall under 50 %. However, the skill has a cooldown afterwards, so you can't outheal an entire zerg rush of attackers.
  7. Some ideas for a pirate/seafarer setting: Fire Emblem: Towards the Ocean's Edge Fire Emblem: Tides Fire Emblem: Blade of the Seas Fire Emblem: Luminous Storm
  8. No for Avatars. To me, they nover really felt like representations of the player, only as rather bland characters who's appearance and stats I could influence. Yes to S-Supports, but only if they are changed. First, they are much rarer, every character only has 1-3 possible S-partners in their support pool. Second, they are not all romantic. An S-Rank should symbolize a bond strong enough to change a person's life, which is represented by a changed epilogue. Of course, some of these S-Ranks could be romances that result in the two characters getting married after the war instead of staying single, but others will be platonic. For example, a mercenary who hasn't thought much about his future would normally stay a hired blade in the epilogue, but if he befriends a soldier who wants to start a business after the war, he will instead decide to lay down the sword and work together with the soldier.
  9. I would like to see a jester. He seems like a doofus at first who's being kept around because he's funny, but he's actually one of the most trusted retainers of a major character and a skilled agent. He could be a refresher unit, with the option to reclass to Thief. Also, I want a male Manakete who's not an old geezer. Corrin doesn't count.
  10. Since FE1 had very little plot, they could afford to ignore some maps and characters to fit both campaigns into one game. FE7 had much more plot, so skipping maps is much less feasible, therefore it isn't likely to happen. That said, I wouldn't want two remakes at once. It would be better to have one at a time, so the developers can put more effort into each. Especially since 6 had much more rough edges that need to be smoothed than 7.
  11. Flora. She can crack open a cold one with the Boeys. Gonzales
  12. Python Because someone put poison in his mutton. Jill
  13. Is currently located in capitalist Leanbox.
  14. Darkest Dungeon and Fire Emblem Fates The plot of Conquest is exactly what someone who was exposed to the eldritch horrors of the dungeon would bring to paper.
  15. Nintendo Power translated the title as "Descend of Jihad", which seems a bit unfitting. Speaking of FF6, it had an esper named Crusader, so if FE4 had been localised, a title like "Descend of Crusade" would have been fair game. Since there's quite a bit of incest possible in the second gen (most infamously the cousins who are half-siblings from a genetical standpoint), I imagine many possible pairings being censored.