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  1. I heard rumors about the Dark Souls trilogy coming to the Switch, I hope this will be comfirmed to be true. Speaking of that, here's a crazy, extremely unlikely idea I had that I think would work well in execution: A Metroid game made by FromSoftware.
  2. This looks awesome. Third tiers are confirmed, looks like I was wrong on my prediction that they would be gone. I like all the redisings. Atlas is a daddy. Headcanon: Nuibaba suffers from the same condition as Tesseract from the fifth Skulduggery Pleasant book. The mask injects her with magical medicine that keeps her face from rotting off.
  3. For all German fans reading this: The LE can be preordered at Media Markt now.
  4. In the discussion they said something interesting about the dialogue scenes: The upper screens show's Alm's perspective (explaining why the characters look into the camera), while the lower screen shows his face, and how his expression changes in response to the things he hears.
  5. Called it. I'm not a fan of mid-battle supports. It just doesn't make sense that characters just start talking about random stuff in the heat of combat. Conversation fit much better into the time between battles, when talking about your tragic backstory doesn't leave you open to stabbing.
  6. Jugdral was pretty normal medival stuff, apart from using names from Norse (and Irish) mythology. So a culture based on vikings and such would be something new. Egypt sounds great too.
  7. I also got a DR feeling from that. In the "Two Armies" trailer there's also a scene where various items are examined and collected with a cursor similar to how it's done it Dangan Ronpa.
  8. I voted Sonja for now, because I chose her when I played Gaiden. She had the rare Excalibur spell in that game, which sets her apart from the other mages in Celica's party a bit. Dean has nothing like that.
  9. Yes! Nabbed myself a copy! Games published by Atlus usually aren't translated in European languages (they don't even have an European branch and outsource the releases), so that isn't a good way to measure which language an imported SoV will be in, but the text on the box is in multible languages, the same happened with the LEs of XCX and Fates. The ingame-language should set itself to the system language of your 3DS.
  10. Fatigue might have something to do with the with the day counting system. The more days pass, the more fatigue builds. Maybe fatigue can be reduced slowly by resting, or instantly by making an offering, which also requires the person making the offering to fight their way through the dungeon having foodstuff equipped instead of a weapon.
  11. Once it appears on Amazon, it will probably be sold out faster than one can say "Faye is best girl". Goddamn scalpers. There's a major German electronics chain where Limited Editions and such are in stock for a far longer time because the scalpers don't seem to stalk it as much, that's how I got the Fates LE. I hope I will be just as lucky with SoV.
  12. It's cool that you can avoid battles now if you want. Also, I like searching for secrets in every nook and cranny.
  13. Nerfing crit damage sounds like a good idea. Maybe the damage multiplier could be based on the skill stat? That way, swordmasters and snipers could get high damage crits without a special skill.
  14. I really love all of the new designs, but if I have to pick someone, I would say Boey for the guys and Silque for the girls. Boeys outfit looks spiffy, and I like his expression and hairstyle. Silque also has an awesome outfit, I don't even mind the weird tail. And it also seems she has been aged up a bit, which serves as a nice contrast to the kids from Ram Village. From a design standpoint, I like Faye more than Berkut, but the latter I find more interesting storywise, due to being a villain.
  15. I don't think these are RNG blessings. Among all the stat comparisons, there are only very few cases were the stats were lower than in Gaiden. It seems that stats have been increased a bit, which I like.