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  1. Largest community of Cuban Americans in the US is in Florida by far. The others are negligible.
  2. Story-wise a bad FE character is a bad character everywhere else, no mystery here. So I think a bad character is simply one that's not useful enough. In Awakening for example I really don't like using Vaike, he's not fast enough to double enemies and he's not sturdy enough to endure too many hits despite his bonus HP from his starting skill. He's a berserker archetype (not the class, the historic Norse soldier), so he has high Atk and average/bad everything else. Not very flexible IMO.
  3. Weren't spears made obsolete by bows? Just saying. ;) Anyway, the one you linked to looks short. As someone not well-versed in this stuff, my advice is the simplest one: pick something light and short and work your way from there. Perhaps you could even become an Olympic javelin thrower (yes, this is actually a sport and you earn Olympic medals for winning at the Summer Olympics).
  4. I know I already picked cocoa but the others go really nice with sugar. Just saying. An espresso is superior to a Red Bull in keeping you awake, which is a plus, I guess. Most people drink sugarless tea, which I get the point of, but I tend not to like things which require some effort to feel the taste of.
  5. Save before fight, get it to red, paralyze or sleep, and pray to the PokéGods. Reload and repeat if you run out of Ultra Balls. No Dusk Balls in LeafGreen either, so it's all about the drama. People are spoiled nowadays. :D In RBY it doesn't even get in the ball unless you sleep it. Compare that to Reshiram, Xerneas or Solgaleo which will happily comply when you throw something as measly as a $200 Poké Ball at them (yet another reason why competitive Pokémon is slowly ruining the game itself).
  6. I actually agree with you, thanks for pointing that out. Brazil is so large and diverse that people experience different things everywhere. In the Northeast the poor were tired of getting crapped on by the right and decided to vote left, and they've stuck with the left ever since. I was speaking more of the poor people who live in Southern urban centers, I think those are more likely to vote right than left, which would be a problem for them in the long run. But let's get back to the US before we deviate too much! :D
  7. I think Suzaku is naïve, but he's important to the story because he's pretty much Lelouch's foil. Lelouch is not an angel, and he does terrible things for the sake of his goals. He's always treading the fine line between selfishness and justice (or at least what he thinks is justice). The fact Suzaku keeps having his ideal challenged doesn't mean his ideal is wrong, as Lelouch faces the same problems (or, at least, we as the audience see that Lelouch's path is corrupt despite his sincerest intentions). And Shirou is never portrayed as an exemple to be followed. All of the other characters always point that out to him, that his borrowed ideal is foolish. I haven't played Fate in ages but I'm pretty sure that Fate!Shirou is the least developed of the three but still develops and takes something from his time with Saber. In fact, I find HF!Shirou the worst of them, because HF!Shirou would end the world to be with Sakura if needed be, he just got lucky the events unfolded in a way he got put in a position to exorcise Angra Mainyu from her.
  8. It was just to point out how far we've come.
  9. Everyone idolizes those SNES games, but this literally destroys them and exposes them for the overrated stuff they are. My jaw dropped when I saw the trailer. This has the potential to be not only the quintessential DBZ fighting game, but also one of the best fighting games of all time. I'll definitely get it!
  10. My favorites would be 8-bit Kanto and Johto, however Kanto in GSC and HGSS has a unique theme which is not in the poll... But they make any random Youngster battle epic, IMO. Kalos and Alola are also very nice, but Alola is too happy-go-lucky for a situation which doesn't call for that.
  11. I think most of GSC songs... Also the Gym Leader song in RBY. I wouldn't say I have nostalgia for them, but the soundtrack in DPPt is one of the best in the series...
  12. @Lord Raven, I'll refrain to quote your whole post because I don't like the forum's system very much, but I'll address some specific points. Universal healthcare is a socialist thing. The whole concept of a welfare state is based on a capitalist society accomodating socialist ideals to make things fairer (but, ultimately, not totally fair, as capitalism is inherently based on unequality). This does not mean it's a bad thing. The things Sanders wanted to do were something I'd fully support if we weren't speaking of the USA as a world superpower. My country has them. It's no European welfare, but it's there. I like that it's there. But the more I watch stuff, the more I feel the US military is our leverage (I'm putting everyone under the American zone of influence in the same basket here, you, me, and pretty much everyone in this forum) against far worse things. The US has done terrible things in the name of "democracy". As of late, most (but not all) of these things were done by Republicans. But without the US, Russia and China will take over, and these are like going 200 years backwards in time. Sanders could implement public healthcare and state-funded university tuition, but he would have to cut money from somewhere else, and the obvious thing to cut from is the military. Perhaps he could find a balance, but definitely not underfund it, as pretty much everyone in the West needs it to ensure we can remain free of those threats. The Fox News bit is something I genuinely did not know about, and I was honestly surprised to learn that, but it's logical to be that way because it seems to me most of the population in the USA is flyover states. From a foreigner perspective we really do get the view CNN is bigger, I mean we have had CNN on cable here for ages, while Fox News was added only recently. I'm glad you pointed it out. When I speak of "mutual respect", I mean there are people who treat fighting for civil rights as literal war. When people were split between races by state law, it was, in fact, war (if you were black the state was, literally, your enemy), but we're past that, or at least I hope we are, despite Trump's moves against illegals and Muslims; if this is democracy, let's behave as democrats. Extremists may not be the majority, but they're the noisiest. Since they're the noisiest, mainstream media will go out of their way not to displease them in any way or form (and usually fail in the process, as they get pissed off over anything) simply because they voice their views as "progressive" so they must be the good guys. This does happen in the right-wing as well but the mass media is more progressive these days, at least over here (because progressive is good for business, as said before), so you have to actually venture into the right-wing outlets to find it, the loudest right-wingers (which are usually the worst ones, I'm sure you know that) calling for stuff that suits their agenda, amassing support (since, let's be honest, most people are politically dumb and follow anyone resembling a loud conspiracy debunker) and having the right-wing media acommodate these louder, extreme opinions in an attempt to minimize friendly fire. Mass media has to do it because they need to reach as many people as possible (it's good for business), and in the process they attempt to build a better image of themselves to the general public (or, at least, to the people who watch them). Elaborating further on it, extremists are way too aggressive and they scare away people who don't necessarily have a stance on the subjects being discussed, they see the way extremists behave and they're immediately turned off by their agendas. This has effectively given the left a very poor image here (with corruption scandals being the nail in the coffin), and I believe it's happened in the US as well, as much of what happens here was directly adapted from the way the harshest liberals behave in America. And in my country it's really funny because the left tries to appeal to the poor, but the poor are usually religious and follow Christian faith, on top of being conservative, therefore subject to all the vices the left supposedly fights against (racism, homophobia, the whole lot). So you have an intellectualized left-wing that lives in its own fantasy world and does not appeal to the people they claim to fight for (the poor). Their votes go to right-wingers instead. It's complicated. But extremists are always for the easiest solution. Deport all Muslims, allow all Muslims in. People think it's easy. Even the ones that get elected nowadays (like Mr. Trump himself). I'm too young to be a cynic, but the world keeps pushing me in that direction, so what can I do.
  13. I did not want to deviate from the subject at hand, but you forced me into it. If Democrats are allowed to put all Republicans in the same basket, why are you criticizing me for supposedly using "fringe Tumblr groups" to depict the socialist agenda in the US? Many Trump critics are speaking as if all his supporters were part of the Ku Klux Klan or something, and they use the absolute extreme (videos of white supremacist groups, for instance) to prove their point. The people doing this are not "fringe Tumblr groups". They are the mass media. Why does this happen? Because Trump is bad for business. That's all there is to it. The human rights we have are just scraps we get so we don't bother the rich for earning hundreds of thousands times more money than we'll ever make in our lifetimes. Mass media is owned by rich conglomerates, those people don't work to support human rights, they work for profit. Trump is promising nonsensical things that will hurt pretty much any large American company in the long run, as "100% certified American labor" is much more expensive than outsourcing your labor to Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia or wherever. GM does not want to build cars in the US, they want to build them in Mexico where it's cheaper and laborers have less rights. Trump's anti-immigration policy also hurts these companies, because they look for talent everywhere (which is not a bad thing at all, but is also not for humanitarian reasons) and lax immigration laws help them poach talent from other countries. Do you think it's funny for example that Ubisoft went full anti-Trump agenda in the latest Far Cry? The conservativism and racism of white rednecks is bad, but don't believe for one second the mockery directed towards them by the urban "intellectuals" from Washington, Manhattan, LA and metropolitan Europeans is any better either. Mutual respect means just that. And it's not even anything new, Christian fundamentalism has been beaten to death in books and media galore. I think it's necessary to hit a sweet spot between freedom and avoidance of prejudice, but we haven't reached it yet so far, because hitting the sweet spot takes time, and most people are impatient and/or want to push their views at any cost. It sounds a lot like conspiracy theory, but it also explains why a certain mass media conglomerate in my country can be so anti-left locally and so anti-Trump at the same time. The closer to the extremes you are, the worse you are for business. Take France, for example, both Le Pen and Mélenchon would've been a disaster. The only reason Le Pen is considered even worse than Mélenchon is because far-right is associated with fascism, and the Holocaust is the closest example we in the West have of an utterly despicable crime against humanity (it may not have been the biggest one in terms of numbers, but it definitely was in terms of cruelty), which happened to be committed by a far-right, ultraconservative regime. Capitalism is all about business. Coincidentally, ethnic/racial/gender/sexual orientation/whatever agnosticism goes hand in hand with business, because it's all about hiring the best people for the job in order to turn in more profit. A capitalist should be a pragmatist first and foremost. Thus, everybody wins, but the rich win more, as they always have. :)
  14. The Democrat party is not a communist party of course (heck, it's not even a leftist party), but make no mistake, the people at the far end of social justice, who were Sanders supporters for the most part, would feel VERY comfortable with mandated cultural regulation in the vein of what occurred behind the Iron Curtain (and really, any totalitarian regime, whether right or left-wing), as long as it suited their interests of course. Artistic freedom should not be an excuse to attack groups of people (like right-wingers love to do), but a "sanitized" sort of culture, devoid of anything "harmful", is not something I find very desirable either. That's what I meant with my comparison to communism, which is the closest example I could find, though there are others.
  15. So Trump is trying to secure his Republican majority in case of impeachment with his new Cuba policies (which is basically back to pre-Obama days)... This guy is not dumb, he only plays the part. Well the bulk of Bernie Sanders' support in the primaries were people who would feel quite at home as high officers in a communist regime, so it's not like there aren't (plenty of) bad apples among the Democrats either.