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  1. Well it seems Trump is doing his best to dig his own grave here, which shows his severe lack of political ability. My stance on modern leftism in the US is well-known. I believe their radicalism is very dangerous to the debate. But extreme right-wingers manage to be even more dangerous. Leftists are (slightly) smarter because they tend to focus their radicalism on the destruction of property, be it public or private. Since right-wingers these days focus more on people than property, they end up being more dangerous because killing people is not only a bigger crime than damaging property, it also creates more ruckus. As someone who believes order is paramount to civilization, I find those acts simply abhorrent. In this situation, one side killed people from the other. It's easy to see who's in the wrong here. Everything else is speculation because I wasn't there so I don't know what happened. If you say both sides were to blame, you're essentially giving a free pass to murder. That's not something a president should do.
  2. It just doesn't work. Excalibur is Anti-Fortress and powerful enough to raze most stuff in its path. In an FE game that'd be beyond broken. :D It's not the best way to take an army down, but it's powerful enough to kill people, too.
  3. I dread to think how an FE party would be able to counter an Excaliblast without some miracle of their own. :D
  4. Oh I normally call "it" a he, haha. It's just people have called me out before for referring to him using person-specific pronouns. :D But yeah, normally whenever I refer to him I just use he since it's how it is in my language as well.
  5. @Dragoncat I'm surprised its name is not Garfield. :D Before I got my dog I was actually going to get a cat, but hindsight showed me what a disaster it would've been, since it would've vandalized my PC cables as well as pretty much everything else at home. :D My dog is pretty chill when it comes to that. Unless something ends up inside what it considers its territory, that is. Then it'll tear stuff apart without any reserve whatsoever. :D
  6. The obvious one is FE's old rival from the 90s, Shining Force. :D But I voted Final Fantasy since it has many of the elements of FE, the main one being the fact it's also an anthology series, and it also has a TRPG spinoff. It's probably not a good idea to bring Fate characters over since many of them are completely broken (*cough*Gilgamesh*cough*). In Fate the plot takes precedence over stats most of the time so we see many impossible feats and nonsensical turnarounds. Shirou's actual fate in FSN is any of the 40 Bad Ends.
  7. I agree with you, Ana. I have only a vague memory of Chrom's supports with Maribelle and Sully, but I believe they're very inadequate in the sense that you don't expect a relationship to arise from them. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, of course. :) There are quite a few poorly written supports in the game from a romantic perspective but a sizeable chunk of those was written that way for comical effect rather than logic, so they get a pass but it's not something I'd take as inspiration when writing my own.
  8. Having a connection =/= marrying someone and having children with them. But Sully is appropriate as a wife gameplay-wise due to what you said. If it wasn't for Olivia, who's kind of "just there", though...
  9. What exactly does Cordelia "control" in her life? The reason she's perfect is because she doesn't even try, her talent is innate. "Controlling" things is the least of her issues, because her mere wiggle of a finger is already inhumanly perfect. And that's exactly why she's so interesting. People EXPECT a girl like this to be perfectly comfortable with her love life. I mean, she's perfect everywhere else, why not in romance then? But she doesn't care. She searches for the impossible (which is impossible more because of Chrom, who, let's face it, is an absolute jerk), and she ironically and hilariously fails miserably at any attempt to win the heart of the one she loves. The reason why she'll never be able to support with Chrom is that with the others, her falling in love dawns on her out of a sudden, she doesn't actively pursue it, she realizes her attentions swayed from Chrom to the character she had supports with, and she becomes happier because it's best to love someone who actually loves you back than someone who doesn't even see you as a potential candidate (partly because he's a jerk on the level of Ash Ketchum). Seriously, Chrom would pick Sully before Cordelia. SULLY. I laugh to avoid crying, lol.
  10. My reaction to this trailer, quoting Cordelia herself: "OVER ALREADY?" <3 <3 <3
  11. Best form by default then. The Midnight Lycanroc was such a missed opportunity, it's slow as molasses, like 99% of the new Pokés.
  12. The religious motive for the Crusades was that Catholicism is supposed to be universal. If it's universal, it cannot coexist with other religions, or even branches of Christianism. Therefore, all non-believers are infidels and should be either converted or eliminated, as they're heretics.
  13. Dr. Manhattan. Though that one was more of a god than an angel. When giving names you probably need to take the theme of your story into account, because, like, if you're just using angels for the heck of it without any sort of religious reference other than the very figure of the angel, then they don't require biblical names or things like that. I think Metatron is a cool name, just because of Vincent's ramblings in SH3, but try to find a meaningful name for the character in question. Or, pick the name and build the character around it, that works too.
  14. The best decision Koei Tecmo could make, thanks a lot! :D
  15. The media tried almost everything in an attempt to end the Trump candidacy. Almost every dirty trick in the book. Bitter over what they treat as an inexplicable loss, they keep trying anything they can against him. So I would take whatever the media reports on him with a grain of salt. Of course, it greatly helps that Trump himself was elected on the merit of his talents as a celebrity rather than his political skills, as well as the overreaction against overdone social justice movements, but if there's anything inexplicable here, it's not Hillary's loss, it's the media not doing their job properly. There have been some voices in worldwide media exposing this behavior on the media's part, but they're few and far between, unfortunately. Which basically means I'm not pulling anything out of my a** here. This is a pretty bad situation because if you run away from mass media you end up in the dumpster with the likes of Breitbart, so you literally can't trust any form of journalism whatsoever.