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  1. I’ll have to see how this works (I didn’t participate in the last one), but...if I can vote for Caeda, I’m totally doing that. No surprise there. Beyond her...Leo, Elise, Jeorge, Merric, & Faye always put in work when I do playthroughs of their respective games, so I’ll probably honor that. There are probably more that I’m missing because I just skimmed the top of my memory and the Catalog of Heroes for that list.
  2. I had some time to burn. Faye already had Assassin’s Bow (for her current Guard Bow set) and Daggerbreaker (I gave her almost every breaker for Brave Bow shenanigans a long time ago) learned, so I figured I’d see if I could find a nice vanilla New Year’s Takumi in AA to run a quick test on. She (27 Spd) did double attack, and Takumi (34 Spd) did not. Regrettably, Faye did not survive the EP.
  3. Leo, Sorcerous Prince

    Alright...I haven't done anything so thorough as to look through individual matchups, but based on a few quick simulations I'm going to argue that it's a mistake to not list Atk-stack (+Atk/-not Atk*, Death Blow, Atk + seal) as an option for the main Rauðrblade+ write-up. *I have -Spd on mine as the only +Atk Leo I've pulled, but he could just as easily take -Def/Res, which actually benefits him in some very rare cases. Matchups below were run with +Atk/-Def. With Full Cav Buffs: With just Hone Cav:
  4. Leo, Sorcerous Prince

    I would look over +Atk/CC/Vantage for the -blade set. That coming from the perspective of someone who uses it at least once a day for the “win x in a row” AA quests. It’s also as close as you’re going to get to Conquest Leo.
  5. Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year!

    Retesting on the original test case yields a different result now, I forgot to tag you on my edit. So...either they changed the mechanics or I messed something up in one of the two tests. I don’t see anything glaring in either clip though.
  6. Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year!

    I might be able to check it out later tonight, depending on my motivation to grind TT battles. Edit: Preliminary testing on the same case (Hector, too slow to double normally, with Armads & QR 1, vs the Lunatic 9-2 Lance Armor) now has Hector performing a double attack, because...reasons?
  7. Carda’s going to like Def Ploy. I should have enough time before my Fliers are back as my Arena team to get it done after QR... I’d give serious consideration to making Arvis a Ploy-master if it didn’t require a Deirdre sacrifice. I wonder if they’ll give us Spd Ploy soon. And with those random musings out of the way, back to analysis write-up editing.
  8. Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year!

    Wow...Quick Riposte and Def Ploy seals, huh. I guess I know where my next 300 Sacred Coins are going.
  9. My observations on the red & green matchups for the TA setup, with a focus on high-scoring Arena foes: Some Res-stacked variants of Sheena, Lissa, Chrom, and Hawkeye (I'm not sure how much you care about Hawkeye) survive her OHKO. Depending on how Res-stacked they are, Sanaki could require up to +19 Atk stack to OHKO them all (idk if you've firmed up the team she's on, but judging by the post a few pages back, she'd be on the receiving end of up to +14). Chrom is the only one of the bunch that neutral Spd Sanaki would feasibly be doubling (-Spd and a +3 buff with the Sack o' Gifts puts him at 25 when attacked), and that's only if he swaps out his default Wary Fighter for something else. Even then, neutral Spd and (probably more importantly) Water Blessing+Fjorm exist, so I'd consider it shaky at best. After looking at all that, my conclusion is that she needs Axebreaker for KOs against those 4, so +Atk/-HP and +Atk/-Spd are functionally identical. Potentially of interest outside of the nature question: With Vengeful Fighter or Quick Riposte, Chrom can KO -HP Sanaki on the counterattack without a special activation (he needs +Atk and a +3 buff to KO -Spd Sanaki). The other three require a special activation, which may not be a concern depending on where you're running her (read: it probably wouldn't happen in top tier AA). Both natures are functionally identical against Green Tomes, since she OHKOs all of them. She requires minimal Atk-stacking for anything not involving insane enemy Res-stacking. She survives most red tomes not named Rauðrblade+, even with -HP. With -Spd she survives +Atk, +3 buffed Celica (with no Atk-boosting A Passive or Seal) where -HP would not, for whatever that's worth. Without Swordbreaker, both natures are functionally identical against common Swords with DC (natural or otherwise), where she will either OHKO or get KOd (usually the latter). With Swordbreaker, -Spd is a little bit safer against OHKOs. -Spd's most notable one-hit survival is against neutral Atk, +3 buffed Ayra. Assuming Regnal Astra does not proc (due to Slaying Edge, Pulse skills, etc.), Sanaki survives with 2 HP. I'd lean toward -Spd here; she's not going to be netting or avoiding meaningful doubles with her Spd stat, and -Spd gives her slightly better survivability in some edge cases.
  10. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Offense score of 5120 (T20) remains in T20, combining with a defense score of 612 for max rewards. Teams faced (streak): Teams faced (other): Well, four straight weeks of Flier Emblem was quite fun. I'll probably roll with Celica, Tana, Julia, and Fae for the next couple weeks, but I'll have to see how things go without Sharena's stellar supporting capabilities. If it doesn't end up working out I'll probably end up putting a new team together, likely using Fjorm.
  11. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    No Sharena this coming season huh...I wonder if Fjorm is just joining the rotation. If so, I guess I could make another Arena team for her to live on. Anyway, I suppose it’s Fae time. She’ll probably fit in on the team with Celica, Julia, and Tana. I hope.
  12. Beautiful Hero Battle: Oliver

    Needed a couple Reposition inherits to screw with the Lance Cav's brain, but I'm ok with that. 5* Camus (neutral): Gradivus, Reposition, Blazing Thunder, Grani's Shield, Spur Atk 2 4* Barst (neutral): Brave Axe, Reposition, Spur Atk 3 4* Olivia (neutral): Silver Sword, Dance, Hone Atk 3, Hone Spd 2 Seal 5* Arvis (neutral): Valflame, Reposition, Growing Flame, Recover Ring, Def Ploy 3 It should also work using Fjorm (with Reposition) instead of Camus. Bonus clear: after an assist from Mystery Tactician Robin, Caeda stomps all over everything. I maybe could have had her solo the entire map, but she doesn't have Cancel Affinity.
  13. Beautiful Hero Battle: Oliver

    Blushing Beauty Olivia is the normal Hero Map today...coincidence? After Spring Princess Camilla took out the Sapphire Lance Cav, Caeda solo’d the rest from the right-hand defense tile. I had a nice laugh when I saw that the extra unit for Infernal was a green manakete. 0 damage Blazing Light was also entertaining. I’ll probably try putting together something more replicable later.
  14. Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year!

    Well...that’s a familiar looking map. Possible Conquest spoilers.
  15. Yes, units with blessings get doubled SP from any battle, regardless of whether there is a legendary hero on the team. Only the stat boost is tied to the Legendary Hero/Season combination. ~ I finally got around to finishing one of my non-pragmatism-driven ally supports. Ok...it's actually my only non-pragmatism-driven ally support, but only because I don't use the Ally Support system that much outside of my Arena teams. I let that one sit at A for way too long...