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  1. As with anything, it depends on your application, but I’m inclined to say yes. For Arena/AA, it depends a little on your team’s score range...at the higher ranges +Atk is cleanly better due to the prevalence of Armors. At lower ranges you might run into other Spd-stacked foes worth worrying about, but last I checked, Flier-supported Caeda needs to be fighting very heavily Spd-stacked foes to get more out of +Spd than +Atk. For PvE/Galeforce clears, definitely +Atk. Very few PvE enemies are at “+10 Caeda w/ Flier support can’t double” levels of Spd.
  2. @mampfoid Staff damage penalty is truly the worst...that, and Wrys’ Atk is kinda sad to begin with. I had no idea on the “Rochade” meaning/translation; good to know.
  3. @Xenomata I’m kinda zooming in on one specific aspect of this conversation, but... My opinion on +Atk vs +Spd for Caeda aligns with what @XRay told you pretty closely (copying from the analysis thread): “My condensed stance on +Spd is: You need the Effect refinement for +Spd to be worth it. It’s far more useful for a Player Phase focused set than an Enemy Phase focused set; her base Spd is usually high enough to guarantee the Wing Sword Effect (especially with Flier support), so +Spd really just helps her net doubles against the really fast/Spd-stacked enemies. An EP set can get doubles with Quick Riposte. It should definitely be paired with Luna or Iceberg, which help make up for her low Atk with one-round activations against foes who initiate or counterattack. +Spd can make it harder for her to net OHKOs on bulkier Armor and Cavalry units, depending on their build (she’s missing out on 6 effective Atk before Triangle modifiers without +Atk). I personally recommend +Atk over +Spd, especially if you’re confident that she will double the enemies she fights, or if you’re fielding her to OHKO cavs/armors in Arena Assault.” And on Phantom Spd: “Defense focused Caedas can use the Phantom Spd seal to help ensure the Wing Sword's special cooldown charge increase against the fastest of foes, if necessary. Note that an offense focused Caeda should build real Spd to help net double attacks (which almost always guarantees the Wing Sword's effect), while defense focused sets can run Quick Riposte for double attacks.” I’ll stop there because if I keep going, I’ll probably end up copying in the whole thread.
  4. I see what you did there. It looks like it actually is possible to shave off a few turns by having Wrys equip Assault and slowly chip away at the Lance Armor, healing Arden when necessary. If that was castling, then I violated no less than three of its rules right there. Yeah, a Swap or two would have been nice, but oh well. Agreed on Ike, I may or may not have voted for him for his free clear potential...
  5. Alright: 4* Wrys (neutral) - Slow, Rehabilitate, Imbue, Live to Serve 2, Hone Spd 2 seal 5* Arden (neutral) - Brave Sword+, Pavise, Follow-Up Ring, Panic Ploy 3 seal 4* Olivia (neutral) - Silver Sword, Dance, Knock Back, Hone Atk 3, Spur Spd 1 seal 5* Ike: Vanguard Legend (neutral) - Ragnell, Radiant Aether, Warding Breath, Seal Atk/Def 2, Def Tactic 3, Speed +1 seal handled Infernal. I’m 99.9% sure that would have worked with Hone Spd 1 and Panic Ploy 1. I finally used Arden for something. Wrys finally got a KO. I finally had some time to devote to this battle. This battle was a lot of “finally”s.
  6. New Event: Grand Conquests

    After poor finishes in Rounds 1 & 2 (Outrealm 684/Team Anna, 4 territories and Outrealm 1555/Team Sharena, 5 territories), I got a welcome 17 territory finish for round 3 (Outrealm 2867/Team Sharena).
  7. Grand Hero Battle: Legion!

    @mcsilas nice job on the wind team clear! Elise really gave that right-hand side the “nope” treatment. It’s always good to see her in action.
  8. The usual Caeda Infernal clear: The wiffle-waffling movement of the Sword Flier reminded me of Myrrh’s map tap quotes (“This way?” & “That way!”).
  9. Grand Hero Battle: Camus: Sable Knight (6/2/17)

    Well, I have nightmare week at work, so I’ll probably stick to a Caeda clear for now. I never thought I’d hear myself say “and now I just need to teach him Shove”. ~ @mampfoid congrats! Double congrats, getting Cherche to 5*. That last Axe Cav KO was close!
  10. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Offense score of 5178 (T20) remains in T20, combining with a defense score of 632 for max rewards. Teams faced: I decided to use Eirika as the bonus unit for my Flier Team this week. Ephraim in the next rotation means that I'll be able to simply swap Eirika out for him.
  11. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    I don’t have enough feathers for that (I have a small backlog of 4* Cordelias though). But if it’s a Galeforce clear you want...
  12. New Event: Grand Conquests

    Yeah, that’s probably my one dislike about the mode...and even if you are on a lot, there’s really not much one person alone can do with limited stamina/refills. I’m also convinced some people were actually following the “Try This” (or whatever it said) pointer, and I saw that thing in some...questionable locations.
  13. New Event: Grand Conquests

    I was one of those, actually figued I’d put her on a brigade since she has that tendency to hide during VGs! She didn’t see too much battle, though she did take out a Sigurd pretty handily. I’d take her over some of the well merged friend units, tbh, if only because she’s running Reposition over a dual rally.
  14. New Event: Grand Conquests

    Well...Outrealm 684 ended with 9:17:4; we of Team Anna got stomped pretty badly. Here’s hoping for a better 2nd battle. On the other hand, it seems Caeda and Myrrh were useful, judging by the +795 change in “Friends helped” over the course of the first battle.
  15. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    @mampfoid Nice work on the clear, as usual. This map was actually a one-turn for Caeda & her backup group as well.