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  1. Counterbuilding makes them pretty hard to need. Sometimes I'll mis-predict an enemy's movement or something, and it's nice to have them then. Sometimes I'll just use one for the fun of it =P . 4-mov horse mages are totally fair and balanced.
  2. Mobility and ranged initiation are pretty strong no matter which FE you're playing, though, so it's not like it's too unreasonable of a bias. @Boltlightning If nothing else, I would definitely look to get Julia and Ninian in there for color balance and dancer utility. imo -Spd Lucina (I can't tell what the 2nd one is...obviously) and low-mobility Effie (unless she has Pivot inherited?) are pretty good candidates to drop for those two. It's not like they'll vanish forever, you can always sub them in when you need strong physical red damage or a bulky, hard-hitting blue. But my experience tells me that those are situational requirements more often than not. Nice pulls, btw.
  3. I suppose that makes sense; I guess I was just caught off-guard.
  4. So, on Armor March...why does it have to let them bypass the forest movement penalty? That's just annoying.
  5. Well, I finally got around to completing my mage cavalry team, thanks to a +Atk/-Spd Leo that decided to crash the party while I pulled for Celica over the weekend. After a load of Tempest Trials to get SP for his annoyingly costly set, and a Nino promotion to (finally) get Gronnblade+ on Cecilia (it's only been months =P ), those two join Olwen and Elise as fully built death-on-a-horse units. Leo: Olwen: Cecilia:
  6. 11.4k total feather payout from Arena & Arena Assault...I'm definitely liking that. Looks like it's time for Alfonse to gear up for the next couple seasons, as I doubt I'll be pulling from the upcoming banner.
  7. If it were up to me, I would probably pick... Red: Katarina Blue: Hinoka Green: Minerva Colorless: ...Probably Faye or Elise. Katarina is a solid mage that also happens to come with Swift Sparrow. That, and I have something of a Katarina bias (which is probably pretty obvious). Hinoka('s currently exclusive C Skill) is a staple for flier teams, and is a strong Lance user to boot. Minerva because Minerva, it's also fitting to have at least one other flier on a banner that has Hinoka on it. Faye/Elise was just my bias talking because I couldn't think of anyone better.
  8. Yes. I'm actually running that on my Julia in the Tempest Trials now.
  9. He'll hit a Sword user without a Swordbreaker of their own 4 times. Spd is only a factor if the enemy has a Swordbreaker. In this case, your unit's guaranteed follow up from his Swordbreaker is canceled by the enemy's Swordbreaker (and vice versa). Then, any doubling is determined by the normal Spd calculation (so he'll still hit 4 times if he has at least 5 more Spd). See here for more details on the interaction of skills that guarantee and prevent follow-up attacks.
  10. I would go Drag Back over Knock Back if you have it (actually...you might even consider making it the 3rd pass-down from Roderick if you don't care about Drive Def or Rally Def/Res). It's closer to Hit and Run, for starters. Knock Back might have interesting/niche "keep enemies in range of Savage Blow" applications, but...idk how well that would play out in an actual battle. Speaking of Savage Blow, Goad Fliers would be better for a flier team, if you have a spare Palla/plan on putting her on a flier team. Otherwise, I guess Savage Blow would work. As for support from teammates...the usual Atk & Spd hones or rallies (Hone Fliers being optimal, obviously, but you could work with normal Hones...or Hone Spd Delthea...that'd be a pretty solid choice for a non-flier team, if she's available), and either a Draw Back or Reposition. Off the top of my head, I would give her Draconic Aura or even keep her natural Luna over giving her Moonbow. The reasoning there being that, if she doubles her enemies (not unreasonable with 39 unbuffed Spd), she would activate either a 2-charge special or a 3-charge special on the 2nd round of combat. That said, I haven't actually run the numbers to see if running Draconic/Luna improves her matchups that much more than Moonbow. I guess you could go Quickened Pulse/Moonbow too, assuming you have QP and won't be running it on someone else on the team. Reposition would be a solid assist choice for her to run herself. I've been running Summer Corrin on my Arena team and having a flying Reposition unit to flip my units over terrain (like from one bridge to the other on the bridge map) is hilarious.
  11. Update for 5088 (T20): 4:15pm 8/10: 117 4:15pm 8/11: 137 Teams faced detailed in the previous post. Highest Def score is now 586 (out of 15).
  12. This is hardly torture anymore, though, is it? My first bar of stamina (5 runs on Lunatic-7) was about 6.3k points; I didn't even get full points on all of them (I did on the first two though, I recall that much...). 6.3 * 14 (days) = 88.2, so that's almost all of the reward tiers on just one stamina bar of Lunatic-7 battles per day. Now whether or not I'll stop at 99k, I have no idea. I've got a couple project units I'm interested in and the HM cap raising the number of feathers I can get from my already fully-built units is kinda tempting.
  13. Score of 5088 (T20) is currently rank 117. Teams faced: Highest Def score is 584 (out of 10).
  14. So...I decided to go insane and start Arena Assault with a full team of +10s. Counter-building every enemy team actually allowed me to win each one pretty easily. The most entertaining ones were when I got matched up against flier emblem teams and just threw in Faye, Klein, Jeorge, or even Merric; none of whom I would dream of using in the standard Arena unless I was just messing around. 5112 (6x 730 and 1x 732) is currently spot-on rank 100 for that mode, though I expect I'll drop down soon enough.
  15. So...Arena Assault...I think I'm in heaven. No more will I need to worry about built up units sitting in the barracks, twiddling their thumbs: with the ability to basically counterbuild enemy team 2-7 I'll probably be able to use everyone I've given proper builds at one point or another. I won't have to worry about point values (as long as I don't lose units/battles) because all 7 enemy teams are selected based on the first team you go in with. I won't even have to fret over a strong 3-unit core, because the concept of bonus units doesn't exist. And of course there's the "play it as much as you want" factor. I haven't tried items yet, though they seem like they'll be interesting. At the very least they'll probably even up team matchups if I decide to be daring and lead with a more well-merged team ('cause I don't have anywhere close to enough units for 7 such teams). We'll see how the mode evolves, I suppose, but I'm loving it so far. I still need to figure out a good team to start with that gives a solid score but won't leave me completely screwed in future matchups though =P .