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  1. Re. Ayra, I think a lot of the aversion comes from the fact that, unlike every other new banner character, there was never any real “heads up” that she was going to be on one. Regardless of what their actual intentions were, it feels like she was snuck onto the TT banner as a ploy, particularly to those who burned orbs on the Sigurd/Deirdre/Tailtiu focus that was released just a few days prior. ~ On the power creep issue...I can definitely see it in some things, particularly the way recent Legendary weapons have tier 3 passives built in rather than tier 2s. Other things, like the extra effects of Divine Tyrfing and Divine Naga, I’m not really convinced are actually power creep. Imo damage mitigation and buff nullifying effects are just continuations of IS’s response to the meta that began with Urvan and Mulagir from the CYL focus...it just gets seen as power creep because the weapons these effects were slapped onto happened to share names with weapons that were already in the game. That’s how it seems to me, anyway. I’m not sure how I feel about the uninheritable trend. It’s simultaneously annoying that we can’t use all the shiny new things for our old favorites, and relieving that we won’t have to deal with stuff like Pulse/Regnal Astra/skill-damage-boosting weapon every time we walk into the arena (admittedly, this is an extreme example). I guess what I’m getting at is that even though it is power creep-y, I think keeping it locked to certain characters that can be countered in consistent ways limits the outrageousness. The BST bumps Sigurd and Ayra got are troubling. Sure, they’re popular lord characters, but there are plenty of other popular lord characters that didn’t receive that same treatment. I see no reason they couldn’t have followed the same “rules” as those that came before them. They’d certainly still be potent units. Hopefully this doesn’t become a trend, but that doesn’t seem like something I should hold my breath over, sadly. I’ll see how it plays out as time goes on.
  2. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    I admit it...I trivialized Infernal with Brave Roy, Reinhardt, Olwen, and Cecilia before leaving for work this morning. However, after giving it some thought (part planning and part trial and error), I managed to get this team together to clear Infernal: 5* +0 Arvis (neutral): Valflame, [no assist], Growing Flame, [no A passive], Recover Ring, Def Ploy 3, Res +1 Seal 4* +0 Arthur (neutral): Emerald Axe, Swap, [no special], HP +5, Lancebreaker 2, [no C passive], [no seal] 4* +0 Donnel (neutral): Brave Lance, Reciprocal Aid, [no special], HP +5, Drag Back, [no C passive], Atk +1 Seal 4* +0 Olivia (neutral): [no weapon], Dance, [no special], [no A passive], [no B passive], Hone Atk 3, Spur Spd 1 Seal As a happy side effect, I'm now well prepared for the eventual "KO Arvis with Arvis" rerun quest...whenever that may come 'round.
  3. The matchup lists are the same, actually...probably because he's so slow to begin with. Admittedly I just defaulted to -Res out of habit. I would give some consideration to Axebreaker if you have a spare Laslow lying around. Axebreaker gives him back a lot of the green KOs he loses due to enemy inheritance & buffs. The enemy Def boosts prevent him from netting some axe 2HKOs, but quadrupling with Axebreaker solves that nicely. Bonfire gets an honorable mention too, since 39 Def after Fortify Cavalry usually out-damages Luna. However, it's not really something I would worry too much about; it only really comes into play when Red units are included from what I can tell.
  4. His stats, while lower, are pretty well distributed...assuming he's +Atk (35 before weapon), that's usually a safe number to run a Brave build with. He seems to have a decent enough matchup spread to me: running +Atk/-Res, Brave Axe+, Death Blow 3, and +6/6/6/6 with no seal or B passive he's got 90 wins/1 loss/10 draws against neutral/no-inheritance enemies that aren't red, staff-users, or dagger-users. That includes perfect blue coverage. That holds up reasonably well against enemies with Fury (85/1/15) and even enemies with a +4 Def buff on top of that (74/1/26). Most of the enemies he loses the KO on from those two are green, with the only blues being Lukas and Gwendolyn, so nothing super-concerning, in my opinion. The one loss in all three scenarios is Brave Mercenary Ike.
  5. I had a similar experience looking over Ayra's matchup lists yesterday (though I admit that this guy's spread is even more hilarious, even if it is against neutral/no-inheritance). Assuming their datamined stat lines are accurate, those two are insane...
  6. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Score of 5102 (T20) remains in T20, and combines with a defense score of 612 for max rewards. Teams faced (streak): Teams faced (other): After some thought, I've decided to use the Celica/Tana/Julia team for another two weeks, since I have a Celica/Sharena Ally Support (Sharena was the bonus Askr unit when Ally Support happened, and Julia and Tana got tied together). Additionally, instead of just rotating out the Askr unit every two seasons, I think I'll just rotate Arena teams, because why not? Thus, Alfonse has been tied to the Fliers and has started his ally support with Camilla; Anna has been tied to team Nino and has begun her ally support with Azura. I'll see how long that lasts before I spontaneously decide to do something wildly different again =P . At the very least, this setup prevents me from having to deal with the headache of having Anna on Celica's team.
  7. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    @Astellius, @Vaximillian I’m happy Caeda was useful to you guys =) . I got both Tiki and Sharena a couple times, and they were both very handy! Here’s hoping we find each other on the same side in the future. ~ Nice effort all, that was a real nail-biter at the end there...we almost pulled it off.
  8. Bound Hero Battle: The Ladies of Macedon

    The whole +2-merge-on-Olivia thing was bugging me, so I brought up the 1* Olivia I had been procrastinating on. Lo and behold, the sword peg moves a little differently with a 4* +0 Olivia. It can still be cleared, it just takes a little bit longer to set up the Maria KO. That kinda makes me wonder how important Tiki and Gordin’s natures are...but there’s not a whole lot I can do about that, so oh well.
  9. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Consider it done!
  10. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Welp...sounds like Corrin’s about to get the smack. Oh well, gauntlets are mostly about supporting my favorite to the best of my ability anyways. Any incoming Corrin-ers are naturally welcome to send or ask me to send them a friend request (just let me know, ‘cause my list is currently full...albeit mostly with random people that I don’t mind clearing out). My Caeda will be more than happy to do her part for you =) .
  11. Bound Hero Battle: The Ladies of Macedon

    Well, it cost a couple stamina potions to get it right, but it was worth it. Team of: 4* Donnel [neutral]: Brave Lance, Reciprocal Aid, (no special), HP +5, Drag Back, (no C passive), Res +1 seal 4* +2 Olivia [neutral]: Silver Sword, Dance, (no special), (no A passive), (no B passive), Hone Atk 3, (no seal) 4* Gordin [+Spd/-Def]: Brave Bow, Shove, (no special), Atk +3, Vantage 2, (no C passive), (no seal) 4* Tiki: Naga's Voice [+Spd/-Res]: Lightning Breath, (no assist), Bonfire, Defiant Atk 3, (no B passive), Spur Res 1, (no seal) successfully cleared Infernal. At a glance, Tiki can't be -Atk or -Def, but can otherwise be anything else. Gordin can't be -Atk.
  12. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Aww...I'm smack in the middle of a Faye Emblem SoV playthrough too... *headdesk*
  13. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    I somehow feel that a joke just went right over my head there.
  14. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    @Vaximillian Julia's geared up and ready to roll.
  15. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    A rare sighting of @Vaximillian's Sharena! I swear, the past few gauntlets the game has been adamant about having her not appear. I think this is the 1st time since Battle of the Mages...