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  1. Frankly I think Elornas got the short end of the pointy stick here. 7x4x30= up to 840 damage total. I don't know about you, but that's a lot of damage that if the berserker survives long enough no opponent can last. 1: Probably oversight. 2: Even if it is, they are probably the guys just holding the gate for the rest of the dwarves. I mean, at least they have some damage sources now. That arcane thing is new to me, why do most all elves suffer from that as a (minor) weakness? It's a bit alright I guess, one healing and the other hurting more, but it's quite clear that they're a bit of a limited species. Will there be any sign of the other half of the faction? That's pretty decent. Fast dwarves with some damage behind them (would strong affect both their attacks?). These things are interesting to fight, mainly because they're less of a threat over time, meaning it's better to take the melee hit as they get weaker and weaker. Scuttle scuttle y'ain't ready for the cuttle. I hate when wild enemies do that. TLOW wasn't ready for your mad workings. Neat on managing to mess a scenario more than once so far.
  2. I mean, least you didn't have to go back several turns because the enemy got the gryphon and had to restart my push on the mountain to ensure I got it. I felt pretty dumb. Then again, I sent mostly mages there because of the whole mountain thing. I kind of wish there was an upper tier for the queen. Gryphons are neat, but the riders are a bit nerfed in comparison. Turns out Ogres indeed have layers with that massive chunk of HP. Tom's face probably looks like he just got stomped on by feet made of swords. I mean, on the front of infinite riders, yes What the fuck? Again, not quite. You'll be waiting a few chapters for those riders and also I think that more time passes between these chapters than a week.
  3. Maribelle cleaning house, Charlotte finally having someone to look up to (I'd guess) and that terrified horse. Love it.
  4. Backwards interview!

    I really think that I've got a lot of things going for me right now.
  5. Fire Emblem Rejects?

    I'll just make a comment on each: Wil (I'd argue the worst of the lot, so definite yes here) Rebecca (I mean, much as I like her, she's still an unpromoted archer and has lower strength than Will.) Rath (I mean, he's an archer, but his bases are better and he's got access to a mount, which certainly puts him over most bows.) Nino (Yeah, absolutely difficult to bring in, especially with the amount of exp she'll need to be relevant.) Renault (He's got decent stats and ranks, I kind of feel like he's a no.) Lyn (but it's not unique) (Lyn's swordlocked until she can promote and she promotes to a bow infantry. I'd say yes.) Louise (Alright, I guess she's bowlocked. Without Pent though. Otherwise are you kidding me?) Wallace (Unpromoted Wallace absolutely counts here. Promoted likely counts too.) Serra (Kind of? She's not exactly awful, but she's absolutely not a terrific combat unit after promotion imo. Moreso because her enemy phase will be painful if she gets hit.) Karel (not karla because it's eliwood hard) (I'd say no, he's not Harken but he's a better boss fighter.) Dorcas and Bartre (Yeah, both are safe picks here.) Lucius (Now, I'd be remiss to say he's bad either. I might not be as enthusiastic about him/Erk, but neither of them would be bad to begin with.) Matthew (You'll be needing a thief, but Matthew's not terrible. Just not as good as the other two.) Isadora? (Yeah, she's promoted so I'd say she isn't awful. Her con really is her biggest issue.) Guy (He could be a lot better but I think his bases will salvage him for a good bit and his promotion's a good enough class mostly hampered by sword's lack of 2-range) Dart (I mean, I really don't think he's bad, though his promotion requires a specific item and so he's bad for ranked. He's also held back a bit by his low skill but I would also say it's not as bad. Your call here.) Eliwood (He's swordlocked until he gets Durandal and even after that he's not exactly a gamebreaker.) Lowen can also be pretty bad if he gets even a bit statscrewed, mainly because he's got the kind of bases that need a few good levels to save him. So, I'd say Eliwood, Lyn, Wil, Rebecca, Nino, Wallace, Serra, Dorcas, Bartre, Matthew for certain and maybe on Rath, Guy, Dart, Louise and I'd argue Lowen.
  6. 45 damage. You wonder why use the merfolk over them. I mean, they're meant to just be scouts. They're not exactly meant for 10/10 offence. I mean, it's not the Cuttlefish, so it could be worse. Not the most powerful (36 damage ain't nothing to sneeze at to be fair), but the Orcs only have this line as a whole for far movement. *Let the Bodies Hit the Floor intensifies I mean, he didn't have that high a chance to dodge all that. Weren't you going to not have any money anyway? -241 however, now that's being in the red.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    The Iceberg banner does have Flora on it. But then again, there's a legendary banner real soon. 2 each Blue, Green, 1 Red (Perfect) 4* Raigh (1 Why did I expect better? 2: I still want him banned from the pool full stop. +HP/-Res)
  8. At least it's one of the better ones. I think it's gone down in people's eyes lately though, used to be this one got called "best in the series" by plenty of people. Actually, no. Joffrey existed before TearRing, therefore Kaga didn't do it first. HA! The show just made the series widely popular. And no, I didn't read the books before the show came out. Scary? It's more murdery than scary Holmes. You know, I think I'm fine not knowing. Also where did this portrait come from? This is honestly some of the best work in this game if it's in the file. You mean Zepp's design is something you could have more fun with, I'd say Simon's is actually pretty boring. Strength of at least 50 men? I mean, if that's what we're building up to, it's a pretty easy guess. Too late Shigen, Holmes does something stupid every 7 seconds or something like that. Once again, these rings should be just destroyed. It's clearly for the worse to have them around at all. Also, Holmes could be gutted and have the ring stolen at any time Katri. He has a horrible curse where he can't see clothing? It'd explain both and why he tries to avoid talking with most everyone, hence the lack of appearances in the story. Also Dammit Kaga. Katri, you have your out! Run away with it now! I mean, for all we know that's exactly how Guenchaos goes down. I mean, Guenchaos getting her and the ring at the same time is pretty much the instant destruction of an entire town, so maybe this isn't the worst idea. From this being simultaneously too sappy and stupid at the same time. Thankfully we don't get that. SAMSON'S MIGHTY STRENGTH. It'll have some use in this playthrough even with him benched. :P I mean, Juni's what, 10? Man, Juni's a sick fuck. I mean, I've heard worse ways to try to find your parents. Considering his bases compared to her, no wonder she'd say that. :P So wait, what was she doing before she saved Shigen? Actually curious. Also that you saved me from death but I don't think I need to say that do I? What, would Ruben throw up first? That's kind of why she's drinking though. I've made myself sad now. Turns out Eisenbach was the Drinking Sage: IT'S TIME TO GET CRUNK! (Also, what are they drinking, poitín? has to be at least as strong right?) I see Peeping Wrys has gotten some time out and about that evening. Or was it Twrysvelyan? .....What. Really? Again? No. Why are you watching this is the question that needs answering. And if you used him maybe he could have. I mean, if it weren't for him asking about what he was I think this'd be fucking horrifying and that Lionheart was another creepy man in a hat taking children. That's a reaction image if I've seen one. I mean, she could have sent a letter to say what was going on, couldn't she? Because why would he be thanked for good things, this is Holmes we're on about. You know I was going to react to an earlier part with a certain clip? Well then this happened. Here you go. KATRI? ALBERTUS? SOMEONE GET HERE TO BURN HIS FACE. I hope there's a nuclear bomb for this shelter you're looking for, otherwise it'd be a waste.
  9. Favorite Encounter Theme?

    This. Absolutely this, I am of the opinion Thracia's kind of feels like the best parts of Together We Ride and Comrades in a blender. (I know Comrades didn't exist at that time shut up) Comrades was my favourite before that though.
  10. As a concept I do think there could be something here. I might not agree on the use of combat arts with it though and if I were limiting it to that the game has the issue of really only having that option for mages. It's a pretty basic layout as is: Use your lowest level spell if attacked (e.g. Fire) or your weapon. I think it is acceptable as is but if this were to be implemented it'd essentially have to be an option like item wherein you equip the skill you respond with I assume. It'd have the potential of being insane (See: Alm using Scendscale to attack from further range with the Falchion or Celica freely choosing Omega Ragnarock to respond to an enemy with on EP, though of course you'd likely be unable to counter if you didn't have enough HP). I'd even say Windsweep (if that's the combat art that prevents counters) would be even more powerful if you could use it to prevent an enemy from using their combat art (this kind of thing is why locking combat arts to weapons is a little sad to me personally. I'm not pretending it isn't an understandable limitation, just regrettable).
  11. At the time I commented the poll wasn't up. No need for you to be on there at this point.
  12. The power of RNG for you. He heard you called Thunderers shit. That's a shame, bit disappointing. Does Kalenz have multiple portraits? I see a meme coming from this. He even looks like that one jerk on the heroes' side who mistrusts everything outside the close clique and who likely betrays the lot.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    There's a banner for this TT and I'm not sure who I want more out of it. 2 each Red, Colourless, 1 Blue 3* Florina (That's disappointing. +Atk/-Spd)
  14. ! (Man this avatar works perfectly here as a response) Okay, onto the big question. The Chaotic option seems like it'd fit Denim more based on everything up to now. That's what it'll come down to for me here. No Way all the way. (Somehow I feel being bloodthirsty will still happen on the Chaotic route.)
  15. Yeah, pretty much. Who's #1? "You might be a person forced into being a reprobate, but you may not touch the robe. Got it?" I'm sorry, I am not getting the song. I just do not comprehend what's going on here. Also, you going to just skip past 5x and have Ephraim solo (by the way (case you never did it before), he can totally do that. I've done it before and I'm frankly kinda shit at FE when it comes down to it.)?