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  1. Go ahead and list the 4* units (and how many feathers you have): 4* units can still make a contribution and fight against 5* units (e.g. using units like FRobin, Selena, Lissa, Fae and so on myself: All but 2 of my 5* units are Blue, so I kinda have to) As for your 5* units, Titania and Abel can build up as part of a cavalry team for instance. Raven's a solid offensive unit and Fae... I don't know if 5* makes a difference but Fae's been useful for me at least.
  2. Fuck this shit I'm out
  3. Alright, because I'd rather not risk necroing the topic and I can't find any firm explanations for it, I think I have to ask now. I am utterly lost on getting the the Lunatic Rite of Shadows quests, I've finished the first 2, and managed to get the last one without a lance user (essentially Eirika boosting both Robins while they do the killing and Lissa healing as needed), so still not gotten the fifth quest. I've screwed up Flier Emlem with the third map, gotten past Celica and ???? before getting blasted by the Owl Duo and the 4th map....... Somehow I hate that one most of all. Getting pretty desperate, but I'd rather not spend all my Light's Blessings just yet. Finally managed the 3rd and 4th missions, but now there's the last quest, which I am still pretty lost on what to do. I'd assume Azura can do for a lance user, but I don't know what'll work for sure otherwise. Shockingly, MRobin can 1-round Celica with RTomebreaker equipped, so it's a matter of the Owl duo to figure out (Unless I'm not using someone who can blast ???? in one round) (Unit list in spoilers) Also, as an aside, which of +Spd/-Def and +Att/-HP is better for Lon'qu?
  4. Ask what she's doing in my bed. I have no memories of anyone else in there before now. (I don't wanna go to jail!)
  5. Apparently everyone would pair Stahl with Sumia. What if Chrom could marry others besides those on his list?
  6. The actual 969th monkey saw the 970th die, and realising their time had come, tried to make it so that they could never fall off a branch again. The monkey was found accidentally hung while attempting to make a device to keep it swinging without risking their life. The grappling hook would take many more years to be invented.
  7. .....Finally have enough orbs to try again. 4 Red, 1 Colourless (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) 4* Ogma (Yes, best merc is here! +Spd/-Str, eh might just change his weapons then), 4* Cain (I AM TOTALLY OK WITH ALL THESE BRAVES! +Res/-Spd), 4* Lon' qu (Hello Vantage fodder! +Spd/-Def, might just use him instead of the other one (who I spent shards on. Dammit. The other one's +Att/-HP. Which one's better?)), 3* Selena (Seriously, all you are is a Reposition to pass on!) and 3* Azama (Hello asshat.) That started amazing, then just dived right into the crap. (Also, 9% now)
  8. Well, one thing is getting Hector to monster status, and I'm close, pretty much just needing to pay off a moving skill and Vantage 3. A larger project is getting a bunch of units up to level 40, which has been slowed down by trying to get all these quests lately (and messing up the arena season as your only unit options are a bunch of 3*s, an underlevelled 5* Alfonse and 4* Xander/Roy).
  9. I know that it's not too common to bring up, but barring issues with working with save states (No hotkeys, less available states total), higan (the emulator formerly known as BSNES) is also a good choice and is cross-OS, if that's a factor.
  10. Get Kirby out of my bed, I'm lying on the floor. Likely get swallowed in the process.
  11. I'm kind of an abuse monster at times, usually with arenas (what, it makes support grinding less tedious) Making a Sain with 20 Speed and Strength at level 20 in Lyn Mode (admittedly some messing around with the speed, but certainly not every level or anything), making HHM so much easier when using just prepromotes (And Bartre. And the Lords. And also Matthew/Legault. I really need to do this more legit next time). I tend to try to avoid overlevelling in general, especially with FE7, but training units up a bit is a common occurrence. Pretty much habit when it comes to FE6 sadly, though usually only from mid-game on. I need to really improve with that game. One I do find hilarious is going for a long time (easily in the hundreds of turns) with the last arena in Thracia 776 to give lower levelled units a chance to level up, and somehow Hicks of all units ended up at max level, going up from a pretty low level promoted and thanks to scrolls capping EVERYTHING including magic (Except HP, but that's not happening in Judgral unless your name's Faval and your dad's Holyn). Something nobody else could. While still being useable in the next map. If he had a sword rank I would have used him in the endgame for sure. Grinding everyone up in Awakening/Revelations (In awakening's case over years. It's a long time), and that's mostly because the option's there and making your avatar able to proc a skill 99% of the time without an eternal seal is still amazing to see.
  12. ....Pretty sure I'm going down the tier. Least I hit over 4k on offense with a mostly 4* team (exception being Azura), so we'll see how that goes next time (fassumrassum when your bonus units are Roy, Xander or underlevelled Alfonse, and the other 2 are also below level 40)
  13. Either for a few more years or more than 2 weeks of SMT/Persona only questions.
  14. Accept the fact I may have been with Saxton Hale. Likely end up in some crazy scenario following SAXTON HALE!.
  15. screenshot

    There's something I've noticed with Pan: Essentially, he's a bully towards both Lifis and Tina. Lifis eventually runs off and forms another gang that attacks towns and kills people. With Tina, thing obviously work out differently, but he uses bugs to abuse her. The thing is, Pan's actions cause another person who acts far worse than him, and who knows what might have happened with Tina? Pan's a dick.