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  1. Probably. Though there aren't any Gods in the Archanea/Valentia/Jugdral continuity. The Dragons there are just that powerful. Well, from the perspective of most people in those settings they are essentially gods though. That I admit I should have been clearer on. (Also, Anankos a god? Ha!) Isn't that considered a massive asspull in its own right though? Or have people thought about that one since and come to a different conclusion?
  2. Alright, I was being intentionally hyperbolic, and you're right on there being other methods in the setting overall and in this game too. You'd have to assume that the springs are blessed by the gods then, right? Or am I just incorrect on that too?
  3. Time to see my luck with 2 banners: Pulling from Nohrian summer and the Bladetome banner Blade pull: 2 Green, 3 Red 4* Titania (+HP/-Spd, honestly a fodder unit. Who wants Armoured blow?) That was underwhelming. TO THE BEACH! 3 Red, 1 each Green and Blue (not what I was hoping for, but eh, need to build that pity rate too.) 3* Henry (I've gotten you at 4*, you're faster fodder there), 5* Sanaki (I'll take it! May not have played Tellius, but I'll take it! +Spd/-Res. With that, all my Lilinas are canned), 3* Gunter (HONE CAV!), 3* Est (TRASH!), 3* Raigh (PROBABLY TRASH!) 3 Blue, 2 Green (More like it!) 3* Frederick (Well, could be a decent Luna), 3* F!Corrin (Is Draconic Aura particularly good for anyone?), 3* Est (TO. THE. TRASH!), 3* F!Corrin (Is it? I might have too many Corrins that don't fly), 4* Barst (+HP/-Spd, least he has some fodder options)
  4. ... I finished SoV lately (not chapter 6 at present), so do I have an opinion? You betcha! (Obvious spoilers are obvious)
  5. I don't think he's perfect (I've actually seen him not be viable in HHM lategame (from Victory of Death on, so not even that much time), which was essentially because he was speed screwed), but that's not the point: Marcus is kinda amazing in the hands of someone who knows what they're doing, and as a Jeigan is usually a viable unit to the end. It makes sense to use him, hence why I must lack it.
  6. Bit late to the party, but managed to beat all of Infernal Legion's units with M!Robin, Xander, Eirika (Gray might have been a better choice, but for the speed boost) and Sonya. Started with that strategy involving M!Robin taking the archer and Sonya being my blue mage tank. However, because I couldn't take out all the units on the second turn, I started getting reinforcements. AND IT DIDN'T STOP UNTIL TURN 7. From there, it was pretty obvious. M!Robin also took out the red mage, repositioned Sonya at one point and did damage to the red cav reinforcement, Eirika couldn't do much because she got doubled by the Legions but still tanked one, finished another and beat the red cav with Glacies, Xander did the obvious role of tanking Legions and Sonya pretty much helped deal with the rest. 9 turn clear, and that's mostly because I kept defensive for the rest of the map.
  7. Been a while since I posted. Time to take that 10% rate from the Hero Fest, and likely try the SS banner for Tana. 3 Blue, 1 each Red and Colourless 4* Catria (The final 4* Pegasister's here! +Spd/-HP, she is certainly a viable unit!), 4* Abel (I am just going to get Archanaens aren't I? Least he's new. +Att/-HP, certainly a good natured Abel anyway), 4* Mathilda (Horsebreaker on a horse! +HP/-Spd sadly), 4* Chrom (Spin lord again? Come on, you're also +HP/-Def, not worth much), 3* Lissa (More Rehab fodder again!) It started well at least. 3 Red, 1 each Green/Colourless 3* Lon'qu (Vantage fodder? Vantage fodder), 4* Raigh (Someone'll be getting a wolf tome then. Though he is +Att/-Def), 3* Palla (.... Time to break the game with fliers at this rate), 4* Leon (+Def/-Spd sadly, could have been a contender. Ignis ofdder it is), 4* Cherche (Neutral, bit of a shame. I have a +Att one) I mean, it's 11.5% here! Will someone show up? 1 Colourless, 2 each Green/Blue 4* Clarine (+Spd/-Res, Might just use this one in the long term. I have 2 to compare to), 4* Frederick (+Def/-Res, this one might be useful after all!), 4* Effie (MONSTER ATTACK IS HERE! She's +Res/-Def sadly, so I'll wait and see on this one. Least Wary Fighter fodder's on the table now), 3* Jagen (OK, not cool man. Making it worse), 3* Barst (Reposition fodder. That's about it. Wish he'd shown up sooner so I didn't sacrifice a Lilina earlier) .. 1 Red, 2 each Colourless and Blue 4* A!Tiki (I would prefer the Y Tiki, but you are a decent fodder option. She's +Res/-Def), 5* Ninian (Finally, a Blue Dragon not named Corrin! Sadly +Def/-Spd, but she means a dragon team is a possibility now!), 3* Est (Worst Pegasister shows up at 3*. Probably sacrifice), 3* Setsuna (Bowbreaker fodder's nice), 4* Kagero (+Def/-Res, Shurikenbreaker fodder's nice too) I'd like to get Lyn after that pull. So to SS's banner! 1 Colourless, 2 each Red and Blue 3* F!Corrin (Dammit), 4* Donnel (Bit of a shame, he's +Spd/-HP. Shouldn't have pulled). I'll have to build up orbs again sadly, summer's still up after all and I'd still like to get Delthea or Celica
  8. So I've been playing SoV, and it's been fun for the most part, but I am lost on what is necessary to pass between the peddlers, and nothing about it is discussed on the forums (unless everyone's using a term I missed) So, what is worth passing between the parties? I'm still on act 3 and no peddlers have been used. Edit: I'm also confused on the subquests and which have to be done before a certain point.
  9. Hero Fest madness continues! 3 Colourless, 1 each Red and Green 4* Clarine (More stuff to sacrifice? I think +Spd/-HP is good though), 3* Niles (Really no need for this guy.), 4* Setsuna (Could be a good call, and reciprocal aid is good for Chrom to be a healer. Shame she's +HP/-Res), 4* Barst (This guy could be worth the sacrifice, but +Att/-HP is not a bad nature either, better than the -Att one I have for sure), 4* Caeda (Could be good, but I've invested in one already. However, this one isn't losing speed, as she's +Att/-Def) 1 Colourless, 2 each Red and Blue 3* Matthew (So you're not much use to me), 3* Laslow (Yet again axebreaker fodder), 3* Raigh (Seriously, what is my luck with red lately?), 3* Wendy (That's more Hone armour fodder that I don't need), 3* M!Robin (And that is a terrible pull for 1.6. ALL 3* units. Not too useful SI either) ... And then I realised Matthew has Hone Speed. For Ephraim then? 3 Colourless, 2 Green (Really not getting a chance for Ninian) 4* Lissa (MORE REHABILITATE FODDER!), 4* Jakob (+Res/-Att, so Renewal Fodder!), 4* Kagero (+Res/-Att, So Shurikenbreaker fodder?), 4* Nino (Can she do her best? +Def/-HP, she'll do for now), 4* Raven (Lucius's bestie is finally here! +Res/-Spd sadly) So, near 6* for a focus unit? 1 Colourless, 2 each Green and Blue 4* Klein (Clarine's brother is here! +Spd/-Att sadly.), 3* Arthur (Usually he's 4* for me, a shame that), 4* Bartre (He's still coming. +Att/-Def, better than last time), 4* Roderick (You're no Iron Patriot. You're Neutral though, could be worse), 3* Wendy (Like this one sadly. She wants to be the most pulled unit again, I swear) ...One last shot then. 3 Red, 1 each Colourless and Green (Why so little blue today?) 4* Virion (Once again, Leon's you but better), 3* Nino (Again, could do better), 4* Henry (... MORE FODDER HERE), 4* Hinata (It's the Fury fodder machine! I should use some of them.), 3* Draug (Fodder again) ............. ....... F it all?
  10. I've still got orbs. Let's go! 2 Colourless, 1 each Red, Blue, Green 4* Rebecca (New unit! Killing eyes is here, with +Spd/-HP. That's pretty good, you're cool), 3* Gordin (Shame Vantage is only at 5*), 5* Julia (NAGA BE PRAISED! She's Neutral too, certainly could be worse), 4* F!Corrin (Was hoping for Ninian, but you're alright, I haven't pulled you in ages. +Def/-Res, could be better), 3* Laslow (Eh, probably could be better) Is it worth pulling elsewhere right now? Because otherwise this is a banner I'd rather pull from.
  11. Hero Fest 2 is here! And my orbs are not ready! 1 Red, 2 each Blue and Colourless 3* Clarine (First 3* since the update, don't care too much here), 5* Mist (Not who I was looking for here, but whatever, new unit!. +Def/-Att, could be worse.), 4* Palla (Another flier! Another dupe! +Spd/-HP, Caeda might be replaced!), 3* Subaki (Yadda yadda, don't like Subaki.), 3* Subaki (OK. Seriously. Screw you Subaki) 3 Colourless, 2 Red 4* Leon (As I've started Echoes, I'm hoping he'll be cool there. +Res/-HP sadly), 3* Virion (Leon's you but better), 5* Takumi (TRAITOR! Why didn't you show up last time, huh? Ah well, best Fates royal is here. +HP/-Res, I can take this fine. Not like he should be fighting Robin or anything), 3* Palla (Oh look, more Goad Fliers to make my flier teams amazing! Or Moonbow), 4* Chrom (Wish you had more to pass on. +Res/-Att) 1 Colourless, 2 each Red/Blue (Why no Julia?) 4* Maria (Again, not what I wanted, but eh. +Att/-HP, not great), 4* Lon'qu (Vantage fodder? With +HP/-Att, he certainly is! And a certain Traitor might have dibs), 4* Hinata (Fury fodder? +Att/-Res, I might just promote the 3* one I have for that instead!), 4* Wendy (Another dupe! Is +Spd/-HP good on her?), 3* Shanna (Desperation fodder! For when I finally find a good Nino?) ...Oh my, it increases focus units by .3% each time? Think I'll roll again! 1 Green, 2 each Colourless and Blue 3* Saizo (...You are fuel for Michalis to grow strong), 4* Lucius (Hey it's that guy! +Att/-Def, could be good if I find a spare Genny?), 3* Wendy (What are you good for as fodder goes?), 3* Odin (R!Tomebreaker fuel? Too kind!), 4* Bartre (+Res/-Def kinda sucks to be honest, well he might be useful if ever Lyn shows up) 9% for another time then.
  12. I like it quite a bit, particularly how it starts with just the keyboard, and then it plays all the way down and the bass comes in, then the keyboard and bass works together to build up the tension that fighting the Valflame would be expected to have. 8/10 BS: Campaign of Fire
  13. Well, in preparation for Tempest Tantrum, I'm going to take that free pull and decide from there. I actually want any of these units (even Gray, just to get a not -Att version) 2 Colourless, 1 each Red, Blue, Green 4* Stahl (OK, will you stop that Stahl? I need reds that are not you. +Spd/-Att, that's poor. Might as well keep going.), 4* Clair (New unit! +Att/-Res, this is certainly workable), 5* Sonya (YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. +Att/-Def, an offensive mage, just what I was looking for), 4* Gaius (Oh, look, a dagger. +Att/-Spd, could be better), 4* Azama (*Price is wrong sound effect. +HP/-Def, could be bulkier) I got me a green mage, I'm good for now, might try near the end of the banner for Delthea/Celica.
  14. Part of me wants to say yes. However, sometimes a work will appear that shouldn't be given the benefit of the doubt and it's apparent from the start. So no.
  15. First off, spoiling everything, hope that's OK. Second, I'll go into my top 3 and a team I think doesn't count as a villain team in the end. First: Team Rocket Second: Team Plasma Third: Team Galactic Kinda disqualified: Team Skull