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  1. Cleaning up my Inventory

    I'll say, he was a core for that TT. Promoted him to 5* after it, and he's pretty optimal as I can get him right now (Probably should show him under the garbage thread). I had Ninian and Hector, but he was the best choice for red I had thanks to the boosts.
  2. Cleaning up my Inventory

    I'm of the mind that I use pretty much any of my spare pulls (Barring limited use units) as SI fodder, we do get plenty enough feathers imo. I also assume that you've either got a copy of each of these units you do want kept or don't care. (And of course someone comes in with a quick link while I'm typing this, so I don't know if this is any use at all) You should be asking this in the Ask Questions thread, but while it's here (In big boxes of text): Of your 4*: Of your 3*: My conclusion? Take a look at your units and decide what skills you need passed and work with what you have. Merges might not be a bad idea either, depending on the unit.
  3. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Well, I thought this was sweet at least (There's also a link to their previous work in the topic, including a song about pulling 500 Niles. I think that's obvious.
  4. ..... I just realised a few things checking my pull list: 1: I've actually pulled as many times since 1.6 as before it as of yesterday. 2: The only units I haven't pulled are 5* only as of yesterday. 3: That the rate swap has not been as much of a boon as I hoped for 4* units: I'm still over 40% for 3* units, but my 5* rate's actually above average. And good riddance with what happened in the early months of the game: at one point I'm pretty sure I was close to 70% 3* units and my 5* rate was atrocious before Hero Fest. Count your blessings indeed, even when you struggle in vain for more than one dancer.
  5. You'll likely have to use an unpatched rom unless it says otherwise. Did it myself before, didn't work. As for save transferring, I'd say it depends on your emulator how you go about it. For most, I've seen changing the name of the save file to be the same as the new rom and leaving it where it'll be noticed by the emulator can work, but I can't tell if it works for the DS emulators (Partly as trying to find the save files is somehow tricky for me, for Desmume at least)
  6. Yeah, I have to admit he's been a disappointment for me too. Guy's just below being good at either speed or attack, and he also has horrendous Res, which isn't great as a mage. Maybe he can get away with tanking daggers, bows and DC, but there are others who do it better. Though to be fair, Seliph and Takumi might take the cake on worse legendaries. Least Merric has some type of effectiveness for, say, Valter (who still isn't all that common). I mean, he's still faster than Boey, but Boey has ways around it and a better attack.
  7. Sadly she only has Ward Cav (I just have no luck pulling Gunter, and somebody told me to avoid giving hone/fortify to ranged units. I ignored them with Clarine, but not since sadly enough). I actually used Elise in the third TT to great effect, so I'll see if I get lucky on a buff skill for her. Also, I haven't been grinding and pulling THAT much to have my armours super OP. Hector's built, but the others are still needing some work put in to be ready and my only other 5* is BK. If I ever get Ayra, I might just pair her with B!Ike and see what I can do from there.
  8. I'm leaning towards Elise as well, though Clarine has more options as a healer, thanks for the recommendation. I'll leave Brave Lyn on the second then, with (I think anyway) Camus, Xander and Cecilia. Thanks for the advice. I assume leave Blarwof+ on Ursula as I don't have much horsebuffing on this party? Or is Hone Cav on Titania enough for Blarblade? Also @XRay, so does that mean you don't need a bonus unit in your party for AA? Asking out of curiosity.
  9. So, I've managed to get Sigurd. I decided to promote Ursula and Titania (Also Arvis for a backup team), so now I wonder who should act as the fourth unit on the first team for TT. I have plenty of horse options: Red: 5* Eligood, Xander, Brave!Roy (-Att. :( ), 4* Seth, Stahl, Cain (Cain and Brave Roy are default, none are particularly noteworthy in the 4* units) Blue: 5* Camus (S-rank on Xander, planning on leaving them on a backup team), Clive, Peri, 4* Jagen, Abel, Roderick, Mathilda, Berkut, Peri, Sully (Pretty much only Camus might be relevant here Green: 4* Cecilia, Frederick, Gunter (Frederick has Fortify Cav, Cecilia has G Tomebreaker and Gronnraven) (We need more green horses. Full stop) Colourless: 5* Elise, Brave Lyn, 4* Clarine (The healers have Rehabilitate and Horse Support skills, Brave Lyn is default barring Swap. Also, Yukimara would be a great mounted dagger choice)
  10. IAP confessions

    Still a no-spender Clownfish. I've only been tempted once in May, and that was because of the SoV banner being a desert of a pull session (Barring the bad luck of a suboptiomal Peri). My venting is mainly on principle.
  11. After pulling Sigurd, I decided the way I was going to prepare for Monday was to make more cavaliers ready. So I promoted Titania and Ursula, because 1: I don't have Rein (The only Rein I pulled was 4* -Att, not worth raising I thought) and 2: Because as of pulling Sigurd, I have 4 horse swords at 5*, and no 5* horse mages. I kind of need variety right now in that department, and these two fit the bill. Of course I also plan on promoting Arvis because a Triple Ploy threat is so worth it and he'd be good for a backup team for TT. This is despite my ending up with so many red 5* units lately. I kind of need to stop pulling red after getting Sigurd and Brave Roy in quick succession.
  12. Units that you have gotten the most?

    14 Raighs. Trash pulls to be honest after getting so many.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    I've finally been getting round to Chain Challenges, and done enough for a pull. 2 Blue, 1 each Red, Green, Colourless 4* Priscilla (Hey look, not a dupe! +HP/-Res, I've had worse), 4* Barst (Least he's good fodder. +Res/-Spd), 5* Sigurd (ZIGLUDO-CHAN-SAN-SAMA-SENPAI-SAN-SAMA-SAN-CHAN-SAN-SEMPAI-CHAN! +Att/-HP, I feel bad pulling Brave Roy now), 4* Jagen (Least he can be fodder. +Att/-Spd. Why would I use this unless I really wanted a Grumpy Old Men party?), 3* Est (And trash once again.) I got a 40% bonus unit, I'm okay with this.
  14. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    The strat does require Donnel's extra move and Drag Back, so Effie's not going to make much of a dent. I could find the link again, because it's honestly a pretty cool strat, partly because it doesn't need SI at all (SI allowed Nino to blow things away faster, but not by much: she still hasn't learned Draconic Aura) and in the latter half you can deviate once the cavs are dead, unlike a lot of the other videos I've found.
  15. The Forum of Death

    My name is..... Dayni No, oh wait AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA My name is..... Well it's not Dayni now, is it? My quest is..... I'm honestly not on one at present. Probably finally get round to the Chain Challenge maps. My favourite colour..... is green.