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  1. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    Forgot to actually try last week. so for a finish to the first set of these, Ursula. Infantry Emblem: Took the Brotel strat. Armour Emblem: 5* Hunktor (Drag Back, Armoured Boots Seal), Hector, (Vantage 3, Swap, SAA1 1 Seal), Arden (Earth Boost 3, Ward Armour, Pivot, Ignis, Panic Ploy Seal), 4* Draug (HP +5, Reciprocal Aid) First try. Both Hectors take the lead, with Draug acting as Reciprocal aid bot. The Hectors stand in range, take what's coming (including regular Hector finishing Ursula) and only leave the armour for Arden to finish. Horse Emblem: Phoenixmaster's strat. Flier Emblem: 5* Witch!Nowi, Newmilla, Newzura, Hinoka I'll fix it up later. But Witch!Nowi OP, no plox nerf.
  2. Well that's unsurprising. More like he can see other timelines. Like Shulk and his visions. Or Raven, if you know who I'm on about. I kind of get it. Could Tomas rock the dong armour though? How do I delete this? Huh. Fine, you're forgiven. Even if there's nothing to forgive. He's an incompetent. You need a villain more like the guy from Aristocats. Alright, didn't know. Because he and Allan are generic as all get out to me. It's that White Gem, man! Boy is rich, I'd use Igrene over him if we're on about stats. Had a snigger at this. Never seen Casper I take it? SO DO I. BUT HE. JUST. WON'T. Once again, Thracia is your friend. I at first thought this made no sense. Like Orlo was preaching at them and boring them to sleep. Those are pretty concerning stats. Thankfully light magic sucks here. And because I have to keep it alive (because apparently he is quite willing to burn everything down): I get it, though you'd be better off with fliers. I usually don't because I raise quite a few mounts so they can actually get around pretty quick. Eh, him saying it like that isn't implausible, but reading it makes it feels more forced than it might sound in conversation. They think they're isolated? Think it's somewhere they can talk? I don't know, I live in a valley and it's not like I climb up a hill any time I want a serious talk. Again, Zephiel is a bad ruler imo. Which when you consider he wants dragons ruling over dead humans...... This sprite seems so low quality to me. Is that just me or my bias for Gonzy talking? He also has 14% more chance to hit. Kind of inevitable. Pfft of course Mega Bloks man couldn't hold. Orlo: Best throwaway boss in BB? I think you're right. *Sigh. I knew this would happen the moment Clarine died. No wonder you've never seen Wendy actually being good. Course, her art's still the worst. THAT sounds weird. I can't think of that happening before. Which screws you over more. "Charge! Right past Orlo!" Their dominant philosophy. It kind of socks to be her. Lest she has good enough speed that it can be eaten into somewhat. Just imagine this playing as her entrance theme as she leaves. Maybe she'd be even better. Or bring more than a steel axe. We'll see. She has some percentage for strength. She might be a frontliner just yet. Let's be fair, getting that as a single stat level up is better than anything else for her. Those are buns in her hair. Like she tried to get hair like Leia's. Orlo: Actual monster. I wish he gets unique art in a remake. Klein might be considered and initial attache? Meanwhile, I get this when I actually bother using Marcus in BS (HHM): Your eyes do not deceive you: your actual Jeigan is looking to outdo a supposed Oifey, his younger self at that. The defences are actually above average, but he got speed once in 12 levels. I couldn't use him in endgame. The Sain I raised had double his speed, and was at 20 by level 20. Marcus looked even more pathetic in comparison. I've never seen Marcus so happy. So stealing this. Next time, we get to see Orlo die maybe?
  3. Heroes Crackships Thread

    I had that once. Currently regular Hector's supporting LEliwood and Hunktor and LALyn are also together, because of course I did. As for some myself...... Ursula/Titania (Titania literally saved her during the genealogy TT and they got to S rank right after, you can't tell me no) Arvis/Fjorm (Well, there's the ice/fire shtick (My Arvis has Iceberg, this is nothing new from me), their both trying to protect their nations, getting Arvis right away from Deirdre, I don't see much wrong with it) Camus/Xander (Obligatory) Nino/Eirika (I like the idea of Nino being taken in by Eirika and getting an education in Renais.) B!Ike/Azura (Two blue-haired people who are highly involved in their respective plots and who are inheritors of their father's legacies. About all my reasoning there.) Arden/Wendy (Worst units in two games? Slow armours? Ridiculous art in opposite direction? Of course I did! I do like the idea of Arden finding someone in Askr, he's unlikely to when I'm playing GotHW)
  4. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Professor Grima next FE spinoff?
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Well, this is a neat banner. I won't pull much from it today though, I might try for Bowy again. First, that fell banner: 2 Colourless, 1 each Red, Blue, Green 4* Hana (L&D. Neat. +Res/-Atk), 3* Bartre (BA is eh to be fair), 3* Est (Merge fodder) And now the hunt for Bowy begins. 2 Red, 1 each Blue, Green, Colourless 4* Sothe (I needed to wash my mouth out. Neutral, could be worse) 2 Green, 1 each Red, Blue, Colourless 3* Lissa (Well that's not much good) 4 Blue, 1 Red 3* Laslow (Well, it's Axebreaker) 3 Blue, 1 each Red, Colourless 4* Lachesis (Blanked for a sec. +Atk/-HP) 3 Red, 1 each Blue, Green 4* Chrom (Well, I could have pity broken here. Crap. Is +Spd/-HP any good?) 3.25%. 4 Colourless, 1 Blue (Jackpot?) 4* Maria (That would have been a frustrating 5*. +HP/-Spd), 3* Felicia (Is she worth anything?), 3* Niles (Bleh.), 4* Virion (Merge fodder. +Res/-HP) 2 Blue, 1 each Red, Green, Colourless 3* Gordin (That's crap.) 3.5%. 2 each Green, Colourless, 1 Red 3* Clarine (Bleh), 4* Azama (Asshat returns. +Spd/-HP, so close.) 2 each Red, Blue, 1 Colourless 3* Lissa (Once again, uh.) 3 Blue, 1 each Red, Green (Crap...) 3* Tiki (Well, it's Lightning breath) 2 each Green, Colourless, 1 Blue 3* Gordin (Again, crap.), 4* Klein (GOOD FODDER. For bloody once. +Def/-Atk) 2 Red, 1 each Blue, Green, Colourless 5* Bowy (Well that's good, I got Bow Valour 3. +Res/-HP, could be better), 4* Merric (*Sigh. +Def/-Spd), 4* Donnel (Pothead's not the worst fodder. +Def/-HP), 4* M!Corrin (Bad fodder. +HP/-Atk), 3* Draug (I've been looking for one for Hunktor, so nice) Spent over 100 orbs today, but I got Bowy, I'm done with the banner. Also some fodder's no bad thing.
  6. It speaks volumes that as someone on the other side of the border I don't have to worry that I can't currently get KFC if I wanted to. Course, that was if I wanted to, I can literally think of only one place I could find it in this part of the country. KFC is also not much of a good argument for a UI, but that's beside the point. It's like McDonalds pointing to using Irish beef in their burgers here. The fast food chains tend to get their supply close to the market, so different standards apply depending on where they are selling.
  7. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    Well this came out of nowhere! First off, GRIMA CONFIRMED! And he's an armoured dragon! And has Vengeful Fighter! And LB+? EVIL HARDIN? HOLY SHIT, THAT'S RIGHT THE FUCK OUT OF NOWHERE! AND HE HAS BOLD FIGHTER 3! And Celica's a sword infantry. :P Ruin the hype why don't you. Though she has Beloved Zofia. Hmmm. WITH AN EVEN MORE BROKEN RAGNAROK EFFECT. AND CHILL SPEED IS FUCKING AMAZING. Also Chapter 5. Neat. I actually might want Hardin the most, though I am okay with getting any of the three, there's no one must get for me. Also another Muspell character's confirmed, neat. On a side note, Betrayal's a GHB. Cool.
  8. I'll watch stuff on the traditional channels if it interests me. Matter of fact, live government talks are on as I type this.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Oh look, this banner doesn't look too bad, maybe I get lucky on it. 2 Green, 1 each Red, Blue, Colourless (Eh, maybe Hinoka will be in the blue orb. Everyone says she only shows up as a non-focus, but I got her as a focus unit once) 3* Subaki (QR. Neat.) Well, I'm done here.
  10. That explains why Morgan sucks then. YOU FOOLS! Nord: a horrible person, but still put more thought into his terrible plans. Well, you had me concerned for a second when I thought Geese wouldn't be safe. Edit: Also, this was the perfect time to put a "See what I did wrong" in. I wanted to see where things went from here. Course, that is not the case when the merc still gets to someone. So the knight Wryllan rode into the battlefield on a great and powerful- Wait, I'm not writing a fanfic, how did Wrys get there so quick? "Barth, you can't even do this simple task? Fine, I guess I'll have to." Also, Barth finally got the bench. It's a shame he's not much good. It's not that surprising, especially with your lack of swords at this point. Treck saw a glimpse of the B route and went "Nope" Well, if you're going to have to use one OP unit, might as well use both as supportbots for best cav. Geese, even with that next HP level up, would have died. That's dumb. Almerians? The people of Alm? Well, it's not like he wouldn't have a cultish following, Walhart exists. Hey look, Geese isn't doing bad so far! Fate's a bit of a prick sometimes, isn't it? Treck the tank engine? I'll get out. IDOLTARY? Yodel might want to get on smiting this sinner before it's too late. Or spell an abbreviation of it apparently. :P That's not appropriate, Merlinus is just a dumb incompetent servant. Don't try to make him a monster! I'm going to go with the idea of an offscreen satchel. Mainly to preserve my mind, please do as Eclipse says. Well, he might have? It's not impossible that he heard something there. I'm not sure Eliwood wouldn't mention Pent. Well, at least the alternate timeline stuff is proving useful. Don't tell me Pent's been possessed, Lycia will be doomed! Either way, 11A is coming and Klein has to be recruited by Roy. This can only end well.
  11. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    I actually have an idea for rebalancing the horses. Make use of them have a cost. Kaga had originally intended for everyone to be able to dismount in the game, but they ran out of space so only Seliph can in the final product. However, something similar, where horses have a not insignificant cost means that those who use horses want to be as precise as they can when galloping off that they don't have too little resources lest they get thrown off or far off from the battle with no way to get there fast enough. Now I'm not sure what cost should be there, but I just wanted to get the initial thought out there.
  12. Leif certainly isn't. He's not an amazing unit but his actual potential isn't bad, he's got some pretty useful tools with all the crazy swords in this game (especially the light brand, though the Blaggi Sword is also good). No a great unit, but to say Leif's the worst is underestimating him imo. I'd say something on Michiah if I'd ever played RD.
  13. TFS Abridged

    Yeah, I get having issue with Satan, even as someone who never watched the original. They've been very open to the worship, even if it's as a joke and have just been keeping that up. It's so noticeable with him being around so much in the last few episodes as well. It's a bit sad to hear Buu might never happen, but as is that's an if. And even then they might change their minds in the future. Up to them though.
  14. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    So I've actually kept on pace to get all the rewards up to this point, surprising myself for once. I also switched out Wendy (as she hit 2.5k HM) for LEliwood, giving him the QR seal. Even with his default kit his offence is great, just wish Hunktor had Ward armour as well. I got the boots today, slapped then on Hunktor and laughed because this is stupidly good. I though the skill only worked on the first turn. Glad I was wrong.
  15. So I tried again with Hunktor and LALyn in tow, with Arden and Hector in tow. Got it first try. Somehow. Hunktor needed +Res to do a lot of the tanking, but Lyn starts off holding off the enemy and as usual retreat. Lyn takes out the sword next turn and both heactors start tanking while Arden waits for Narcian. From there it's a question of how the two Hectors hold off the generics but eventually I'm down to everyone but Arden low on HP and the bows and blue mage still alive.I managed to tank with Arden and Hector after Hunktor took out the closest bow. Hector Vantages the mage and Arden tanks the bow, leaving the last bow vulnerable on PP.