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  1. I kind of had the opposite. I chose B!Lyn for free and pulled B!Ike later on. Lyn's a glass cannon, but that cannon blast is monstrously powerful. B!Ike is a fun enough tank to use, especially with +Def from what I've found. I've used him for two TTs now, he's very solid. He also has Threaten Def not Spd, which is still plenty useful. I don't think I see him killing as many mages as all that, but I have a -Atk variant (I just keep getting -Atk Ike). It's not like he's immune to reds, but they have to be built to overwhelm his defences and so would usually be overkill. On the topic, I wouldn't say B!Lyn's terror is over. I've only been seeing her more and more these last few weeks. We'll see how true this is in the next few weeks.
  2. Corrupted wish

    You were also turned into a dog. You either die with chocolate, or live without. I wish I could teleport.
  3. Developer maps!

    Gotten these maps out of the way (No Rein, one use of B!Lyn, 3 uses of Ayra, 11 uses of Nohrzura): Effie the Strong: M!Robin/Sonya/Nohrzura/Y!Tiki (Arvis instead of Nohrzura in Normal) Dark Rainbow/Alluring Four: Nohrzura/Springcina/Nephenee/Eirika Light and Breezy: Lyn/Brave!Lyn/Olivia/Julia (Gordin instead of Brave!Lyn outside of Lunatic) The Iron Wall: Arvis/Ayra/Nohrzura/Nephenee I think I'd rank Effie >> Iron >= Breezy > Four > Rainbow Effie's map is just a brutal first map (I has to use a stamina potion because of it alone) and everything else was so much easier. Took a few tries to get the Lunatic version of Iron Wall but it likely would have taken as much trial and error for Light and Breezy if it didn't click first try.
  4. OK, these are crazy maps. I am utterly stuck on Effie's hard map. That alone is beating me soundly. I am concerned.
  5. Beat it a few weeks back, made a highly optimistic post as the start of a topic. I think that a poll asking about this might be nice on this topic though.
  6. Wonder how I ended up in my least favourite region. Then likely be put beck to sleep by the Vivilon as I am in its territory.
  7. Buying old games and feeling good about it

    Me, I'm of the mind that there's no point for me to be chasing to play the older titles 100% legit considering the difficulty. Partly because I started pretty late in the series's life (during the doldrums, before Awakening came out). I've emulated in some form pretty much every title except for Tellius (because the best method to do so is a bit roundabout) and the 3DS titles (which I've paid for). Besides, trying to buy old physical copies isn't supporting IS at this point considering that they're no longer being distributed. If someone else wants to get them legit, I'm one less competitor. Supporting titles from here on out is more relevant. Fanright or not, I'm not really someone who could adequately get these legit. If that changes in the future, maybe.
  8. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    What did we do indeed, he's clearly loving this!
  9. I think I give the plots of this series too much credit. Spoilers for most of the series. Also in order from best to worst, though this is probably not as well sorted as it should be and is not final at all.
  10. I'd guess that Marth started circling the guards, went "Alright, I'll entrust the task of guarding my fiancee to......" and then chose the person he was pointing at when he stopped. It's not like he hadn't other options to pick from who'd have worked out better. This is not something I expected to see today. And I know it's not the pain meds, I'm not taking anything that strong. Navarre's face is great. It's almost like he realised he'd been dancing in.... oh wait. That's a great edit if it is though. Okay, now I might have been wrong about earlier. Am I actually high after all? OHO Ominous! So this is a mad update and I just don't see how this will end as of yet.
  11. I was referring to some of the other options for promotion, but she is certainly one of the better choices.
  12. I'd probably have promoted Klein already if he wasn't -Spd to be honest. Cordelia is probably the one I'd be least likely to promote of these four on the basis that she's in a competitive field already, much as that +Spd is great on her. Cecilia already has regular Gronnblade, and she would fit on a team quite well with all the horses I already have, probably promote her. Fae's probably one I should just get on with as well, regardless of the lack of Lightning Breath fodder. She has TA inherited too, she'll be a great blue counter.
  13. I hadn't given it to Nephenee because she has 40 speed already. The pain train is real with her. Probably should forge something like Spd if I got +Atk/-Res actually or Def on this one.
  14. Hopefully a bad Nephenne (for me anything that isn't +Spd/-Res because I already have one that's -Def) drops into my lap: I'd definitely go with Wrath. I have none currently, I only got her recently and the options for inheritance haven't been amazing from all my pulls. Still need to figure out a better A skill than TA2 or Defiant Atk 3 as well.
  15. I have a ton of feathers. While I have to keep around 14,000 for some 3* units, I've got about 100k right now. Naturally, I have no idea who to spend it on. I'll put what I already have up and what I'm considering as worth the upgrade. Or if I should go for merges, say so.