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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Not enough for a Hallow'een pull, but a new banner's a new banner. Maybe I can finally get Tana? 2 Red, 1 each Blue, Green, Colourless 4* Odin (He's alright fodder. +Spd/-Res, eh)
  2. ITT I rate BW

    It does: Megahorn is a Heart Scale move and Swords Dance is pretty high level (57) Samurott is by far my favourite of these starters. It's got solid move variety, decent mixed offence and does't have much issue despite the lower speed (helped by rock and ground tending towards less speed). Sure Razor Shell is 75 power, but it's learned early on, is great from then on and is actually a decent endgame move. I will say though that Hydreigon is a tricky beast at the best of times, Ghetsis's is tough for nearly anything to fight and in competing with others.... Well, I only won with paralysis and the best Whimsicott I could ask for. I think you not mentioning the first gym is a strange thing, though saying "They're ready to defeat you" would be boring, I get it.
  3. Post your desktop

    Nope, stylistic choice. I was never interested in using my desktop in Ubuntu.
  4. Post your desktop

    Just this: Literally nothing on it.
  5. What is the avatar of the user above you saying?

  6. Hoshido: Rinkah, Orochi, Hayato, Reina, Mozu TT (You know that's not impossible, despite her not being male), Yukimura GHB Nohr: Nyx, Charlotte, Scarlet, Benny TT, Shura GHB Kids: Kiragi, Forrest, Percy, no related TT/GHB All of Fates G1 finally cleared out!
  7. Yeah, it's not exceptional I know. The only reason I did this was because I pulled her at 5* back in January and thought "You know, merging my current Rebecca on would mean raising her wasn't a waste." I'd probably keep DaB because of being better able to edge out faster fliers, while her C skill is a matter of what could she better work with, Hone Atk will do for now. Her most notable triumph was near-soloing the Infernal Chom and Lissa BHB (5/6), though Nohrzua was on support there. She's also a regular for AA due to getting a blessing and she's in plenty of Lunatic difficulty stuff (1-rounding Julius in particular).
  8. @mampfoid Seeing as you asked about my Rebecca in another thread: In case you're wondering about Desperation 2, that's because I haven't gotten enough Desperation fodder. Like, at all. She is far from the only unit who's still waiting. I really do need to get her a better C skill as well.
  9. General US Politics

    Okay, so while as an outsider the Electoral College is a quirk of the past that doesn't hold in my opinion, even within it there's some ways to do something. Maine from what I remember does divide the districts up (so that each district gets to vote the way they intended, preventing an R district being represented by a D on their vote), which should really be the minimum if the presidency is going to have a system that allows for stuff like 1 person, 1.12 vote.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Another day, another pull. 3 Colourless, 1 each Blue, Green (Well, no Myrrh chance) 3* Leon (*sigh. +Spd/-HP), 4* Legault (It's been near 4 months, but finally! Neutral, let's hope I can get another soon), 4* Sothe (It's good fodder day, thankfully. +Res/-Spd, so L&D for me.) Still 3.75%.
  11. AAAA my ears! Why'd you have to link that, I'm trying to forget! Anyways, I'm picking Threshold of Destiny. I don't think Chapter 5 would be half the chapter it is without this slow pace towards the end of the first gen and the losses that keep piling up as they come to the end.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Trick or Defeat's rerun is now (I'm surprised it took this long). Can I get a cat? 3 Blue, 2 Colourless 4* Lucius (CAN I GET. GOOD FODDER. PLEASE. +HP/-Atk UGH.) I really don't care enough because I got FrankenJakob twice trying to get her. Never again. Back to the other banner. 2 Red, 1 each Blue, Green, Colourless. 4* Klein (Better. +Def/-Spd), 3* Caeda (Fortify Fliers. I guess. +Spd/-Atk, ho hum.), 4* Silvia (NEW DANCER YIS. +Atk/-HP, could be better honestly.) Still haven't pulled Legault, COLOURLESS. 3.75%
  13. Fire Emblem The Altered Stones

    But... But Geitz. Could be worse, she is a mage knight. Imagine if Mage General was a third tier class. :P Eh, you're not the only one. He's the only trainee people seem to consistently tolerate. Me, I'm just happy a fast berserker is possible with him. Okay, so spoilers. The post can be put in spoilers using the spoiler button on the editor. There's an eye in the editor (I can't tell you what it'll be on mobile) which generates a spoiler box to put what you want in.
  14. I'd be concerned, but if it made a good impression there's a chance.
  15. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    So, finally got started with Myrrh, M!Tiki, A!Tiki and F!Corrin for my first team. It works really well with bonus hours, but because two of them are 4* units it doesn't seem like they'll be as good afterwards. Thankfully Dorcas has a full team as backup right now.