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  1. Oh certainly! Alfonse and Seal Res. Felicia and Seal Res (I had a lot of Raighs). Selena and RTomebreaker. Giving Roy Glowing Ember, or Eirika Fury (it has bitten me before). Giving so many units Night Sky (Including Sharena. Just waiting on Luna and likely Desperation and she'll be fixed) Hell, Cherche and Vantage is mostly bad from the perspective of "Why give it to her?". It has been useful though, even as tier 2.
  2. The one that's certainly what I'd associate with the term the most.
  3. The point being that with all them Blues around, having a green unit who can tank their magic (Reinhardt) is a good thing (of course they're considering skill inheritance as well, so that Fae can counter as well.) Of course, Reds aren't as extinct as they argue, but still.
  4. ...I think not having an opinion on Ike is the minority here. :P Also, imo Takumi is best of the Fates royals.
  5. Well, there's definitely pokemon byproducts being eaten, such as Slowpoketails (as unethical as it's considered) and Moomoo milk. And of course Pokemon were eaten. Well, we're not sure as to nowadays, but Son/Moon may have clinched it with a random reference to meat, in a world which never alluded to normal animals (unlike the anime for a few episodes). However, Farfetch'd was noted as rare because it was being hunted and cooked up in meals as well (with it's stick and all). So Farfetch'd certainly are still being eaten at least as far back as RBGY. Also, Pidegot certainly have been confirmed eating Magikarp in Pokedex entries (Reliable as those are.....) all the way back in Gen 1 as well. So Pokemon being vegetarian and Magikarp being inedible has been disputable too.
  6. Honestly, my least favourite of the three last map themes from Shadow Dragon's story (across all versions). There's still something about it I like, but it's kinda ill-fitting imo. I also forgot it was the last map theme and thought it was for an ice level. 5/10 Doors of Destiny (GotHW)
  7. I should put a spoiler on this (big enough for spoiling Geneology, Awakening and Fates). If I am wrong on something, let me know, I'm kind of rushing this down. Also, there's a long ranty spiel about Fates. Fair warning. tl:dr Anankos sucks as a villain, Manfroy is a terrible person.
  8. New thread, and I actually finished Fates since! -Odin can actually be a decent mage, and is more fitting as a Dark Knight than Leo. -Fates somehow made Armour and Archer units some of the best units in game, and I'll take them if I do drafts over mage units any day. -Gaiden has got some great bosses to face, despite the level design, and Duma is one of the best final bosses in the series. -Revelations has my favourite gimmick in Fates.... The box map in Chapter 13. I legit want that to come back more than any other map gimmick, and to allow other things to be moved too like Ballistae. #MBMA -I do think Heirs of Fate is the best story overall from Fates (not necessarily particularly good, but I prefer its concept and how it's executed overall versus the other paths) -Anankos is an overrated boss: Just rescue Corrin around and have the other .... holy weapon users? Yeah, those guys attack as well while the rest of your army supports, heals and rescue chain. (Meanwhile, the final bosses in Conquest are easier than Iago + Hans) -Boa is a good unit.
  9. Kleinrine is just too much on his own. This is glorious in all the wrong ways. I think the joke with Robin and Takumi is that Robin took the skill from Takumi (which is a bucket of tentacles..... I think), leaving Takumi legless and in pain. At least, I think so, never really had much of a chance to see that show.
  10. They (and Alvis's growth) are the reason I (jokingly) think the scrolls in FE5 were in Velthomer at some point. Have to get those stats somehow.
  11. Can confirm that 4-star Cherche with +Att nature, +Att seal, full hone attack and attack spur and default skills and weapons otherwise just 1-shots the lance flier. Managed to get Alfonse to kill Michalis from there and finally clear the lunatic map! (Yeah, dumb method just to kill one unit, and Narcian is a better call for this strategy) So I'm wondering if Michalis can do the same as Cherche at 4* or if he'll need particular skills and or supports.
  12. "This game....." *Spectacular *Serene *Calming "It's okay. I guesssss."
  13. Pet it, get a comb and brush.
  14. ...... I didn't even manage to get 5* M!Marth what with being distracted by other things. I mean, Tempest Trials just demoralised me in general with how they work. Didn't manage to beat it on Lunatic more than 4 times, Didn't even get the 27.5K reward because I didn't quit to score the points needed fast enough. Simply put, this mode has put me off the game in terms of just how much is needed to put into it for an ineffective go at it. This mode is not fun at all. Hell, I've found grinding in other titles in the series more fun than this.
  15. Trash? There are some units like Kein/Alva or Ronan (OK, maybe Ronan is) who aren't all that good but they'll still be fine especially with scroll abuse (ABUSE ALL THAT FREE TRADING ALL THE TIME. Seriously, this game allows you to freely trade, this helps with scroll abuse so much and getting items off of enemies). Miranda comes in late, but it's not impossible to raise her.... but at that point she'll be behind everyone actively being used and she is also a mage without staves. And the last arenas in a map with a time limit, a map that can be fine for bringing her but there might not be space for her and a map you will not want a single unit unready for. A route has chapter 16 (aka cav assault and a unit who needs another unit to be dead to recruit) and Cyas's 10 stars in the second map and B has annoying warp tiles in the forest in the first map (as well as the second copy of Pugi, aka best weapon. Still doesn't excuse the agonising tedium) and too much ballistae in the second map. Pick your poison: Slow death (B) or fast death (A) Dagda is always a useful option, even if you have him just take ballistae to the face.