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  1. DisobeyedCargo does a nuzlocke of Pokémon Gold!

    Shame on how late Metal Coat is, though still worth considering if you need a replacement imo. Anyone else you know with a Gen 2 title?
  2. DisobeyedCargo does a nuzlocke of Pokémon Gold!

    You monster- Oh yeah, it's gen 2. Carry on. Well, you can get Steelix, which would be a good choice in this gen. Either way, your options are shaping up nicely. At least the next gym won't be tricky (at least from what I remember)
  3. I've been colour sniping since July, it hasn't been a bad call, especially since I'd often go for more than one colour at a time on banners with new characters. It's pretty noticeable the difference in luck I had between the first four months of FEH where I didn't snipe at all and the four months after I started in July (Skipping June entirely because of misery), where I had a far more diverse barracks of 5* units compared to before where it was..... limited to say the least (5/7 of my 5* units were blue in June. I was up to 14 in the month after I started pulling in July again). Even still, it depends on what you're going for as well, green units usually being by far the hardest to try for. Aside from that, pity breakers are indiscriminate and don't give a hoot. Pre 2.4, it would usually be miserable (Jakob has done it 3 times. I've still not used that Armoured Jakob much despite his apparent OP'ness)
  4. But he looks too old to be paired with anyone! Yeah, yeah it would. Remember when old units got good supports? I assume Elise went with Azura, finished up and helped Camilla with what she had left, coming back with her. She's not delica- wait, wrong blond woman who's a sibling to the main lord. The unfun ride is well and truly in full swing. That being that Kotaro's being unfun in Corrin's eyes by not letting spies roam free to cause more trouble. Thanks Fates Mangaka.
  5. She's clearly giving a stealth insult that Leo would never marry. Bit late for that Elise. Considering Gazak's going around killing indiscriminately (except when dragon blood units are involved), that is the Nohrian way. I assume Garon's why he has a high defence growth then? Odinmandis was effective in dealing with sedition. Leo being unable to accept Gazak as his child is the real twist. Wait, are we sure he is?
  6. DisobeyedCargo does a nuzlocke of Pokémon Gold!

    Yep, Falkner in Gen 2 sucked so badly he's barely a footnote. The remake might have had roost for stalling, but at least he was a decent opponent.
  7. DisobeyedCargo does a nuzlocke of Pokémon Gold!

    Sure, none of these catches are high tier, but sometimes it's the low tier ones that surprise you and go the distance. Or die horribly. Also wait, did you catch a bellsprout too? Pretty sure that's also in Spout Tower.
  8. A newbie tries to Ironman Birthright

    Capturing Main Characters? In this game? Sounds like crazy talk to me. Well, it appears Kaze's ghost just won't go away.
  9. The Gharnef patch is a pretty strong one and it's been around for a long time. I would still say consider looking into Book of Holsety, even if only for the ending sequence as Gharnef's patch doesn't cover it. Otherwise roll with either one imo.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    So, there's 3 reds, but I'd like another Ninian. 3 Blue, 1 each Green, Colourless (Crap. You know what, I'll take the chance.) 3* Reinhardt (+Res/-Atk- Nope.), 4* M!Robin (Dangit. +Def/-Res, I wish he had better IV choices sometimes), 4* Clair (Well this was a waste. +Def/-HP, yeah no) That was a letdown.
  11. Silas being dead takes the line to another level. Nobody died at least, so that's good. Isn't it..... Oh no, I know what's next. We're in Conquest's unfun ride now.
  12. Julius and Ishtar, creepy or sweet?

    What about Oifey's father (Well, anything along those lines)? Considering he's a Chalphy, there's another possible link and one who'd give Oifey some lategame scenes considering Lewety takes the last chapter for himself.
  13. So...who's Sanaki marrying?

    I know what the actual answer is, but I'm going to say her job. It's a get out of marrying free card.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Well, at the very least Ninian would be nice. Sanaki could be alright, though I'm not too pushed. Tharja's high offensive spread doesn't really give much else besides imo. 2 Red, 1 each Blue, Green, Colourless 3* Mae (Please more Shanna, desperation machine broke. +Atk/-Spd), 4* Barst (Reposition/10. +Res/-Atk) 4 Red, 1 Green 4* Raven (Let me guess, you're as bad as all the others I pulled. +Atk/-Def, or not, I'm going to use this one.) 2 each Green, Colourless, 1 Red 3* Arthur (Well, it could be worse. +Spd/-Res, is that much good or is he as fodder as I think he is?), 4* Soren (Been a while since one failed to pitybreak me. +Atk/-Res, why no -Def?) 3.25% 2 Blue, 1 each Red, Green, Colourless 3* Rody (Bleh. +Atk/-Spd), 4* Peri (Threaten Def. That is all. +Spd/-Def, I already have that.), 3* Sheena (Merge fodder I guess? +Atk/-HP, is that any good?) 2 each Red, blue, 1 Colourless 3* Mathilda (Man, if only she were better as fodder. +Atk/-Spd, it just keeps happening), 5* Bridian (YAY! Got her! +HP/-Def, really? Do all my seasonal dancers have some awkward nature?), 4* Priscilla (Not quite the troubadour I want. +Res/-Spd, definitely not.), 4* Draug (I have no need for Ward armour right now. +HP/-Atk, likely merge), 5* Fellica (Oh look, a bonus! +Atk/-Def, close to perfect.) I think I'm done. Really should save for June even if I didn't empty my orbs.
  15. The Worst of the Best

    I'll separate my 4* and 5* units, mainly because I don't think it's as fair to treat them the exact same. HP: LARoy at 31, sheesh he needs better skills than he has right now. / Kagero with 26, most things aren't supposed to hit her. Maybe she should get Watersweep. It would be a reason to promote to 5*. Atk: Nanna at 30, her -Atk sucks, I'm wishing for a +Atk/-Def one already. Lissa's next at 33. / Azama at 16, it's not his fault I slapped two Fortress seals on him. Odin would still beat him if I didn't account for that, Wrys might not though he also has Fortress skills on him. Spd: Arden at 11 with Brave Sword, nobody's even close to his low speed./ Sophia at 14, If I only cared to train her she'd be a monster. Def: Sonya at 12, she's still an asset even if being tapped kills her. / Lucius at 9, Man his defence sucks. I'm debating promoting him for the Pain Train. Res: +Atk/-Res Cherche at 13, funnily enough both Ferdericks I have have 14 Res (Tying with Takumi and Jaffar, all -Res too)./ Ogma (+Atk/-Res) at 9, Lvl 1 4* Julius has the same Res.