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  1. Favorite FE support?

    >Taguel communes intensify I'm kind of surprised to see someone mention Stahl's supports with characters not named Cordelia here but I must admit I forgot about that support chain. As an aside, I am personally biased towards Canas/Nino's support chain. I really like how Canas also has to learn from Nino when she calls out how Hugh has been treated with dark magic and Canas becomes a metaphorical uncle to Nino within this new army before we even get to the confirmation that he's her uncle(-in-law).
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Back to Ike. 4 Red, 1 Blue 5* VA!Ike (THERE WE ARE. I hope I'm his friend. Also +HP/-Res, bit of a shame.), 3* Eliwood (Ward Cav. +Def/-Spd), 4* Sylvia (I wish I pulled other dancers. +Atk/-HP), 3* Sophia (Just... stop. +HP/-Res), 4* M!Robin (Should I make a +10? +Atk/-HP) We got him. Thank you, good night
  3. I'll be honest and say that my situation is that a unit (the gameplay relevant factors) and a character (everything else) are treated somewhat separately. Take Peri. Hate the character, hate the appearance but she's still one of Conquest's better units, especially in comparison with some of the trash that game hands you. Meanwhile, just try to use Wendy seriously in BB or even poor old Bantu in the DS era, but I'm at least alright with either of them while Nino has bad bases for her join full stop but her character is a compelling part of BS.
  4. I knew you'd mention this somehow. Hopefully I still have the chance to make a joke with this in mind in the future. You also missed the Linhardt meme (proving they're the only canon ship in Heroes?), but still. Yeah, I was especially terrible and got SoV's special edition for under 50. Well worth it though. They're acting too respectful for even that argument! I see, in the sense of picking fights you know you can win. Even if there wasn't a fight there to begin with. :P It's an elegant dance of death though. Like I could see Clive and Mathilda doing. They've been partying every day clearly. I must humbly request the immediate removal of this image from the internet. ......Haggis isn't Irish. I wasn't worrying about trying to make him the Archanean equivalent of Irish either, never mind Irish Irish. It just seemed like he was about to say haggis, which seems like s strange and Haddockian insult. I'm going to have to see just how many more parallels I can pull off. It's also nice to realise that a certain nation is the baddies this time. I recommend you take the lead. I wouldn't trust me with making the meme levels sufficient to make Frost great (in the eyes of the general fanbase). Because he's kool? I mean, I'd wish he had a camel for being a Mamluke. That is a lot of 0 fucking damage. ........ That implies Maerchen was taken seriously ever. This is Kaga in Dark Dragon reuseage and he has no excuse at this point. Sasha's just going to either be the hero this run needs or the moment it all goes to hell's right after her death, isn't it? Did he learn the Blink spell? I mean, it'd be nice if he cast it on someone else. .... Did you just waste Norton's use this map just to show this screen? Mixed offence Sasha. I think she needs a sequel for that album. She's got 21 speed already and the other bases are nothing to sneeze at. She'd be amazing in most FE titles and would likely have better growths too. It's like she's just there going "You'd wish I was merciful." as she keeps getting stronger. Some say that Ests are to blame. But they're wrong- I assume Leonie will be a regular from now on. If only she could hit the final boss. And not get copied into FE in some form. Hell, the age even sort of fits for this one. This seems fitting, even if Ruben's elsewhere. (It took me longer to find this than I'd expected. Thanks Abba and the show Gimme Gimme Gimme) ...... Oh he's totally trustworthy. OF NOT BEING TRUSTABLE FOR A SECOND! Considering Enteh, I could see that somehow working. Not sure why though....... You have to applaud such laziness on occasion. Disappointed that his name isn't Sonnet so we'd have a stupid reason for Neyfa to have been captured by Poem. ....... Maybe he considers himself a brother in arms or something. Thinks Maerchen's just not recognised for the master he truely is.
  5. >Chrissa took 4th I feel like I contributed to that, that was a welcome surprise (Shame it wasn't enough for top 20). All that aside, Myrrh, Azura and Duma I all saw coming. L!Lyn though? Of all the green units, her must surely be explained by her popularity and as it has been suggested, place on the map. Maybe some people also didn't want to be voting for another meta unit, or trolled by picking one that had a chance to win.
  6. What is the avatar of the user above you saying?

    "You know Corrin, this Byleth seems similar. Mysterious powers, talks to dragons, has a powerful sword, odd cos-" "Camilla, I'm not so sure about that." "He's even got a bunch of kids under his command-" "Please stop."
  7. Well, it's not the best price for what's in it, but it could be worse. That being said, I wouldn't pick it up for that much as it (or the others, I picked SoV for 45 because it was on sale. Absolutely more than worth that much.).
  8. Your main survived the Galeem purge. How?

    I am absolutely going to find a true main when I do play ultimate, but I'll try with the second main I have in the series aside as Marth was covered. Pikachu manages to take advantage of the Uair and Detect to survive the onslaught of the beams of light. Of course all the PP for Detect was used so Protect has to be used instead of their shield. As an aside, Mr Game and Watch literally just stands sideways and the beams can't touch him.
  9. February 2019 Direct Memes

    In the footage of Linhardt healing Byleth in the trailer, we get to see the full body model and hear an effort grunt, both of which are masculine. Threw me for a loop at the time when I first saw that being said. If I am proven wrong later, strike me down as unreliable.
  10. I could see Kliff (before he left) and Faye being among them on Alm's side, While Conrad would likely also have gone too from Celica's end. Not sure who else right now, I'd have to think on it.
  11. This is accounting for the Full Content patch made by Cirosan which allows Frey to be used in the higher difficulties. It allows him, Norne and the Gaiden units to be in with the rest of the army in SD.
  12. February 2019 Direct Memes

    Linhardt's a he. I was surprised too. And yes, I can see the resemblance too, I swear this is intentional. It also turns out there's a Leonie in 3H. I wonder if Kaga will sue.
  13. February 2019 Direct Memes

    Dashed indeed. Not mine, but I guess IS knows where the next level of powercreep is for Heroes: So, Reinhardt X Lyn is canon then?
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Another attempt at pulling for Ike. 2 each Red, Blue, 1 Green 3* Sophia (Could you not? +Atk/-Spd, got it before), 3* Draug (It's Ward Armour. +HP/-Spd) 3.75%
  15. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    I hope these are useful to you this Valentine's day. Especially BK's.