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  1. Character wise this banner is pretty good. Lukas is awesome, Flora is cool, Leo probably needed this alt and Genny is alright. I'd rather see someone else then Felicia, but I don't have anything against her. I'm much less fond of the classes though. I was expecting to complain about armours and their complete addiction to their broken fighting skills, but then I saw Lukas skillset. I don't play much aether raids and that means that there are exactly zero skills on him that are valuable for me. A unit I like being in a class I don't care for and with skills that don't do much for me kind of stings.
  2. The Great Grand Hero Battle: Haar

    spring Alfonse served me well, but lately i've been considering building groom Marth. His speed is excellent and his weapon can combine nicely with the +def cavalry buff. Haha seems like we had a similar idea. Gharnef did't do a whole lot, but Grima and Valter seemed to be having a easy time. They make a good duo. Manfroy isn't in the game, but Gharnef comes pretty close to being Julius trusty dark priest. Nope total accident. In fact I remember being surprised myself when I saw it after the new update. So I either forgot or just had't bothered to check his boon. They are all entertainingly mustache twirly. Aside from Takumi who sounds more like a edgy attack dog. It actually took a few tries. Haar constantly shielded that blue mage and the blue raventome mage was effective against the entire team. Julius did only take 1 damage from him though. Skadikumi and Gharnef sounded like a good combination for their turn 3 weapon effect. Also Gharnef likes hanging around brainwashed people so it fitted thematically too. Takumi is even being a good little servant by finishing his sentences.
  3. The Great Grand Hero Battle: Haar

    Boring stats, even more boring skills and now a easy map. Haar really did't swoop in to impress. My Sharena team had absolutely no problem with this map. Matthew would have been picking his nose the entire map if the AI did't change their movements this time around. I also tried to make things a bit more difficult with a different team. Gharnet and the possessed? They did not struggle too much either aside from them all being bad against the blue raven mage @Nanima Ouch. Haar's team could Haardly do anything without being killed by arrows. Flying and ranged units work really well on the map. OG Takumi was on repo duty, but the rest killed it/them. @Landmaster Oh hey thats a team I haven't seen before from you. You don't see lunge or (4 star) OG Chrom that much. I assume Haar would have done zero damage to helpfull Chrom? @mampfoid Bunnyfonse (And not -speed like mine) and Brave Roy. Half of my cavalry team is present. Guard did't seem to be slowing you down very much.
  4. My Roy was dreaming of Alfonse. It might be the beginning of a very ackward love triangle. Other then that I had Eliwood and Titania playing around in the hotspring. Ninian would't like that.
  5. Haar turned out to be a big dissapointment. Boring stats and an even more boring base skill set. I though Haar would be a perfect candidate for a vanguard axe. All of his skills have to do with defense so why not give him a shiny new axe to complete the package. Would it make Haar better? Perhaps not, but it would be far more interesting then a boring brave axe. Its not like they'll introduce new non prf axe heroes on normal banners so they might as well have given the weapon this way. That aside the rest of the heroes look pretty cool. I see people think Ranulf got pretty shafted, but I like his stat spread. Him focusing more on defense while still being pretty speedy does a good job of making him different from Lethe. Caineghis is the coolest, but I'm not the biggest fan of generals so I think i'll go for one of the cats first. Won't say no to the lion king though.
  6. "L’Arachel was, in time, made queen of Rausten, with Dozla at her side, as always. Later, Dozla wept like a baby when L’Arachel was wed. His emotional outburst is remembered as much as, if not more than, the ceremony itself." Come on IS. Do it. Give us wedding spectator Dozla. L'arachel herself might be good as a bride too, but other then that i'm not really looking forward to anyone. Other then Severa I have a hard time finding new and unique types of brides.
  7. On the one hand this is a really cool banner. Ranulf, Lethe and Caineghis are all solid picks. They are popular or very strong in story. The fact that Mordecai of all people can make it into heroes was a nice surprise. I always thought he'd be too 'ugly' to join heroes. Haar being a GHB is very weird, but its still cool to have him in. However I was kinda ready for Edward/Leonardo/Nolan/Jill/Pelleas now. The Beorc of fe10 are still kind of missing with only Sothe, Micaiah and a rather lame alt. So great banner, but not one I was hoping for.
  8. Yuck Peri. I wonder if they'll try and draw inspiration from her personal skill. So getting stat boosts when she kills stuff. Cain and Abel are nicer to see though. I was hoping Gordin would join them, but this will do for now. I can see them getting a refine like Klein.
  9. Grand Hero Battle Breaks: Garon

    @mampfoid @Landmaster I believe your beasts (and Keaton especially) completely trampled this map. Only the blue general posed a bit of a threat. Hearing Giratina news was probably the biggest surprise though. @Nanima. Its been a while since i've seen those two teams. Sakura is probably one of the least likely characters to take down big scary Garon so it was funny to see her do so twice. Meanwhile the Royboys cleared this without too much trouble. I believe my biggest problem was slowing Brave Roy down a little so he did't one shot stuff.
  10. Legendary Hero Battle - Roy: Blazing Lion

    Nice Clear. That blue blarblade mage did't seem to be the main problem in this map for you. Flying really came in handy in this map and Neasalla expertly and narrowly avoided death with 1 hp. Poor Roy His feet where probably killing him and then he got attacked by two big birds.
  11. Legendary Hero Battle: Lucina

    Seliph is putting in a lot of good work for me. He would be my second +10, but the final one doesn't seem to be showing up. The jerk. I hope to keep using at least some overlooked units, although in Abyssal I also have to bring out the big guns. It was a surprise for me too. And yeah Seliph doesn't really care much about blue's when he's above 50%. Its a good thing those green units where lining up to get their health stolen too Its torture for galeforce guys/galls. NYCorrin played a key role too. His buffs allowed Seliph to stay in QR range once or twice which made enemy phases a lot easier. And agreed his art is good too No problem. I'm not always the fastest either. I would't be surprised if I really was the only one. Most of the lance cavs are pretty boring so I barely have any. To clear as many enemies as possible on turn one I needed someone to repo Rein away and someone who could kill swordguard jerk. Clive was the only one in my barracks that fitted that bill.
  12. Legendary Hero Battle (Storm): Ryoma

    Thanks. Glad to have a fan :). I think its because the map is relatively simple. No crazy things to watch out for like Lucina moving again or mass debuffs. A very retro pick, but he helped Roy and Lilina along with the colourless tanking so he was a natural pick. Yeah killing Ryoma without a AOE was a massive pain. Valentine Roy and Gordin could't do it because Ryoma cheats against arrows. But Klieins are rare) I'll probably try a few. I can see some being impossible, but I did get a taste of victory now.
  13. Legendary Hero Battle: Lucina

    @Landmaster @mampfoid @Nanima @Robert of Normandy My second Abyssal run and ouch this one took quite some time to do. Guard really complicates a lot of things and that healer fully deserved to die in a (bon)fire. Seliph was the main powerhouse of this run. He could hit hard, double, restore his healt and his refine saved his butt more then once. NYCorrin did his cheerleading like usual, but this time he occasionally had to put the pom poms away for combat. I had to replace some of his kit for this one. Reinhard did his Reinhard thing. (Also he finally got death blow 3) My last spot went to a very surprising addition. Someone I never considered taking along for Infernal runs, let alone Abyssal ones.
  14. Mythic Hero Battle: Yune - Chaos Goddess

    That team name reminds me that I should have probably used the Kliff hat on one of the team seeing how it looks like one of those japanese school hats. Smolzura originally did't cross my mind, but I needed that blue archer gone and someone to help Gordin keep brave bowing. I think I remembered seeing her be a offensive threat in one of your (or someone else's) video's. It was originally supposed to be Sanaki, but she did't really like that Green Manakete. So Raigh got her spot in class. I might be able to build a better brave bow user, but Gordin still does his job good enough. Thanks. I like to use the more unconventional units when I can get away with it . Although in this case this was my only team that could do it.
  15. Legendary Hero Battle (Storm): Ryoma

    @Landmaster @mampfoid @Robert of Normandy(Oh wow doubling a 51 spd enemy) @Nanima Normally I'm not able to beat Abyssal LHB's. Those stats on the enemy are just too much for my units. Ryoma's LHB is the first one i've managed to clear and with a relatively unmerged team too. I did have to dust of Reinhard again, but thats alright. It was a good thing that MRobin was born for this map. Those colourless enemies are nasty. LRoy was great as usual and VLilina got to put her blade tome to good use.