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  1. Revelation plot complaint (spoilers)

    They killed of Izana and Scarlet in Revelation because they where safe to kill off. People needed to die to keep the stakes up, but Revelations is supposed to be the golden happy route. So they just kill off two corrinsexuals since few people care about them.
  2. Pokemon/FE characters?

    Roy: Litleo. A lion cub Pokemon is a good fit for a young lion. Henry: Murkrow is the obvious choice Forest: Leavany isn't the most manly Pokemon and its Pokedex entry mentions that it likes to make clothes for small pokemon. I think its the only tailor Pokemon so he fits well with Forest by default. Shigure: Alteria sings, is blue and it flies.
  3. Grand Hero Battle: Michalis

    Yesterday it was Lloyd and now its time for Michalis on Abyssal. Its a bit harder then the previous one, but I finally got something that worked. Gordin, Siegbert, Sanaki and Michalis vs Michalis
  4. Four-Fanged Grand Hero Battle: Lloyd

    Spring Alfonse got to fill in for Titiania who sadly did not impress my very much. This is probably one of the easier Abyssal maps so I did not have too much problems. Only difficult part was figuring out how to kill Lloyd and that surprisingly fast axe guy at the starts. Roys really are always appreciated. My Normal Roy became quite the tank, Legendary Roy has the galeforce strats and my -hp/+Speed Valentine kinda underwhelming normally, but here he managed to pull his weight.
  5. Four-Fanged Grand Hero Battle: Lloyd

    I hope this isn't considered necroposting, but it isn't often I beat a Abysal GHB. I don't think it happened at all before this actually. This is the Royboys, Cecilia and Bunny Alfonse vs Lloyd's team. It was a bit tricky for my all out offense team to deal with these super beefed up enemies. Even the mighty reinhard started underperforming. A few breakers, horse buffs and a bow did wonders though.
  6. Bound Hero Battle: Ike & Soren

    This BHB was tricky for me. Guidance galls are always annoying and giving this one a blade tome with super speed wasn't making things better. I had to try a few different things, but eventually ended up with a victory.
  7. The story starts out pretty strong and judging from the trailer they at least have a interesting direction to go on. I'm still a bit cautious with too much praise though. Part 2 started promising as well and that turned out to be an extremely boring slog. I do really like how the king and queen look. Especially Henriette who looks like a lady that can have a lot of fun.
  8. What FE chapter did you have the most trouble with?

    The final map of Conquest. It looks great on paper, but its a bit too challenging in my opinion. That hexing rod jerk that is unreachable also did not make the chapter any more entertaining.
  9. Bound Hero Battle: Heirs of Light (Seliph & Julia)

    That was actually my motivation for posting the video. I thought my team was a bit unconventional so I decided to try my hand at posting something. Thank you. I know Seliph and Merric had a bad reputation, which is one of the reasons I tried building them. NYCorrin is someone I also don't see a lot, but he does a good job at being a low investment, defensive buffbot.
  10. Bound Hero Battle: Heirs of Light (Seliph & Julia)

    Time for my very first video...Or at least I hope its time for my very first video since this is pretty new for me. I thought it'd be just downloading the video from my phone and opening it here. Instead I had to make a youtube acount because of the 10 gb limit? But anyway here is Seliph, Merric, New year Corrin and Bridal Ninian vs Seliph and Jullia
  11. Who will you be maining in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

    I mained Young Link in Melee and Zelda in Smash Wii U. So i'll be maining the two of them for ultimate.
  12. How Would You Improve FE Warriors?

    There are a lot of things i'd do differently. I would't do a combo of Shadow dragon/Awakening/Fates for starters. I'm not designing a whole new game from scratch though so I think i'll keep that combo for this post. 1. Go all out with clones or just don't bother at all. I'm not opposed to clones on principle. In fact I think that might work better in a FE warriors games. Movesets based on classes, rather then characters means its very easy to get a lot of the non lord characters in. However Fe warriors has both a relatively small roster and one that is filled with clones. I don't see any reason why Navarre, Owain and Tharja would be dlc when you can just copy and paste their moveset in. I don't see why shadow dragon got more characters in, in general if cloning is that easy. I'm not asking for Dynasty Warriors 7: attack of the clones, but at least a couple more characters would not have hurt. 2. Make cloned movesets more unique. Once again i'm not asking for much here. Even Dynasty warrior 7 with its 1000 clones gave each character their own unique special extender. Sima Zhao could follow one of its generic moves up by literally surfing on the enemy, Guan Pink could create a big tornada and there are many more examples of those moves. I know fe Warriors has stats, but fighting wise they only have their musou and magic attacks to seperate them. Those moves look different, but they still feel the same. 3. A bit more of an even representation I grumbled about it a bit in my part 1, but i'll say it again here. Shadow Dragon really felt like an afterthought in this crossover. Dlc fixed this a little bit, but in the base game they had no presence at all. They took the only 3 characters that where mandatory and left it at that. The shadow dragon dlc characters in the main game would have put it at the same level of characters as Awekening if I recall correctly. So i'd do that and pick out 3 new candidates for dlc. 4. Bring back classic map narration A more minor point, but still one that I would like. The tellius games have pretty good map narration where they give a brief description of the area, why they go their, how the armies move and such. Dynasty/samurai warriors does the same. So I'd like to see it in a crossover too.
  13. If you were in FE which class would you be?

    I would like to say that i'd be a cool cape wearing sage, but me being a villager would be more likely.
  14. SSB Ultimate Spoiler Thread

    I can see why Camilla would get a little bit of censorship, but i'm confused why Mythra got some extra leggings as well. Mythra's outfit is certainly on the skimpy side, but I'd still say its relatively tame. You can't see any pantyshots from a static image so she will just be showing some leg. Other characters such as zero suit Samus and Shulk can show plenty of leg already so i'm not seeing the point of this change. I can understand Camilla's design changes a lot more. It looks better too in my eyes so I don't really mind this change.
  15. I think i'll go with the +defense build yeah. Roy's base defense isn't that amazing, but his sword,close defense and steady breath seem to be doing a very good job patching it up.