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  1. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    I did’t expect a banner trailer even I woke, but I did expect to see this one eventually. Keaton and velouria look really cool, but their garbage obsession swallowed their character so i’m not too big of a fan. Selkie sounds like someone who starts te get annoying quick. I like Kaden though so maybe I will try on him. Also yikes at those weapon descriptions.
  2. Thats one nice looking Titania. I hope she's less ackward to use then her normal counterpart. Its a bit weird to see IS of all people hand out Cecilia, Camilla and now Titania out as TT rewards thogh. I thought they reserved those spots for male units with meh skills. Everyone looks nice, but i'm not the biggest armour fan. I already get my favourite for free and I think i'll try a little to get Soren.
  3. He used to have the divine tyrfing on him, but now he has his special unique refine combined with distant counter, QR, Infantatry pulse and the +atk/def bond seal. He's guaranteed to survive at least one round and the extra +10 atk and defense is nice to have as well.
  4. New year Corrin was a unit I trainedonly because there was a spot open. His statline did't me very much and I did't think i'd be using a Corrin all that much. I did't know just how much defense NY Corrin could give to his allies and he put those defensive skills to use plenty of time. He turned out better then expected stat-wise too. Seliph was a unit thats now one of my MVP's and that was mostly an accident. After refining his weapon I felt it was a waste not to use him. Distant counter, Infantry puls and more stuff soon followed so now I have even more reason to keep Seliph going.
  5. CYL3: A Breakdown of the Rankings For Those Not In (Up to no. 350)

    Siegbert is all the way down at number 468 with only Ignatius, Fuga, Nichol and Hans being less popular fates characters. I have no idea how he got that low.
  6. Legendary Hero Battle of God, White Sage - Tiki

    Oh wow. I did not expect to pull this one off. This map was very kind to Raigh and his wolf tome so expect to see a lot of kills by him. Poor Tiki did't even get a single hit in. @Nanima @Landmaster @mampfoid
  7. I think i'd prefer if they did Jill or Haar, rather then both of them. I know both of them are popular, but doing both will cause a bit of overlap in the farfetched banner. But i'm a bit at a loss as who would appear though. I feel the beasts will have banners all to themselves and a lot of other characters are problematic for other reasons
  8. @Wanda Oh wow. That was less of a LHB and more of a massacre. That Tharja was though. @Hilda Thats a nice clear with a very nice battle music over it. No abyssal for my, but I did get a infernal one done. @Nanima
  9. Legendary Hero Battle Across the Plains: Lyn

    Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. Taking out Lyn early was probably the most important job. Sharena does not really like fighting her and Matthew could luckily tank the ranged hits and charged up Ignis. I did not expect Raigh to take out the blue tin man. Sure he had bons, buffs/debuffs and a special, but I still had to double check that. I probably should finish that one, but you don't get any orbs for it.
  10. Legendary Hero Battle of the Gods: Duma

    Well Roy still ranks amongst them so it was a little bit of both. Your bird team performed very well as well. Reyson is starting to get a bit of a reputation as the destroyer of bosses.
  11. Choose Your Legends 3

    Alm needed that win. It shows IS that its alright to give him one alt. Just one. I did not expect Micaiah to beat out Camilla, but i'm not complaining there either. I like Eliwood. He might actually be my favourite of the fe7 lords. So I certainly like him getting a legendary alt. On the other hand I do wish Marth had gotten that silver medal.
  12. Ah thats good news then. The free period is about to end so I thought I might have missed the deadline or something.
  13. So about Piranha plant. I've added the game to my Nintendo acount from the homescreen, collected the golden coins, but I haven't gotten the code in my mail yet. Does that take a while before you get it?
  14. Mythic Hero candidates

    I can see IS adding Yune to the game. She is a bit unique when compared to other godly beings so there are worse picks then her. I'm still a bit confused about what makes a hero mythic though. Will it be only divine figures and the like or is there also room for ancient heroes like Athos and Roland.
  15. Legendary Hero Battle of the Gods: Duma

    A skilled roy can beat any god. He did a good job tanking all those hits and ignis bombing the opposition. Gordin is pretty cool and cheap to use too. Probably outclassed by many other brave archers, but he does the job. Nino is of course just very good in general. Though your little dragon girls are quite tanky themselves. I've seen plenty of zero's while they hit back with powerful attacks and aether's.