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  1. It was on Maniac (it was the second hardest, whichever one that was) - and I initially chose a FemMage. After getting completely raped, I tried using a Pegasus Knight. (It only slightly altered the outcome) I'll admit that I always have trouble with the transition from "army of demigods lolstomping -> handful of schoolboys who would lose a fight to a kitten". But that is always just a minor setback, the annoyance of having grown used to crushing everything without any thought. But I've never encountered anything like this in any other FE game I've ever played. (and I've beaten FE4, 7, 8, 9 and 11 - and I played some of 5, but I'm waiting on the new patch for that) Honestly, anyone who says that there isn't a difference between the prologue to this game and the first few chapters to those didn't pay attention at all. It's just poor game balance is all. The game can be hard all it wants to, but the first few chapters should ease you into it.
  2. I eventually got around to finishing Shadow Dragon. I got bored and quit for awhile because my obsessive save state abuse was taking all of the fun out of it. (not to mention making it take forever) ...Which is actually something that can be said of every Fire Emblem game I play nowadays, but I digress. It was fun making Minerva an invincible goddess of destruction though. Arena Abuse + Stat Boosters + Forged weapons + Starsphere = lol But what the hell? I've never played a Fire Emblem game more impossible than this one. Even Thracia 776 (what little of it I played) was perfectly reasonable (except for healing staves missing - f*** that). In this, it's a struggle just to make it past the damned prologue chapters. The enemies are ridiculously strong, and you have basically nothing and no one to fight them with. And when you do somehow make it past the first two chapters (Mandatory Vulnerary spam just to make it past the first chapter??), you are stuck in a tiny inclosed box fighting people in a perfect inescapable formation that will massacre you no matter what. I shouldn't have to resort to a specific starting class or a couple of lucky perfect level ups just to make it past the prologue chapters. (assuming that would even work) Not even Thracia 776 was that ridiculous. And I'm not even trying to play on the hardest difficulty setting. I know, I know. I suck at this game. Maybe so, but this is absurd. And to add insult to injury, the prologue is bad fanfic tier.
  3. What anime/manga are you following right now?

    I just got back into Yu-Gi-Oh! Like Dragon Ball Z, I used to watch Yu-Gi-Oh with my brother back when it came on TV like... 10 years ago. It is really cool to watch with actual context of knowing just what the hell is going on, but even so - I'm still blown away by how much I remembered. It's crazy (and kinda bad) how I can play an RPG or watch some anime when I was 8 and remember every single detail forever - and yet can't for the life of me remember jack s*** when it comes to schoolwork. ____________________________________________________________ ...And is it just me, or do some of the characters from Yu-Gi-Oh look like they came straight out of Jugdral? Joey looks just like a blonde haired Sigurd, and Tristen looks just like Lex with brown hair. And maybe it is just the lack of a matching haircut, but even though her face just jumps out and screams "I look like someone you've seen before too" I just can't seem to think of any Fire Emblem character that seems to fit with her. What the hell, what do I know? (0:43 - 0:48) (The most badass anime opening ever btw)
  4. Its more of a case of people saying characters suck because they don't have a mount. Which in some cases, just happens to also mean Canto.
  5. I'm not denying the fact that Canto is useful. (Why else would I have complained about it's exclusion from Shadow Dragon?) There is a reason I have a hard time going back to the GBA games now that I've played FE4/9. I know full well why Canto is useful. Literally the only thing I am debating is the viewpoint that Canto is so godly that anyone w/out it sucks and shouldn't be used. Etc. (again - their is more than just one thing that makes a unit useful / suck) Or just camping and slaughtering everyone on the enemy phase. Move in range of a mob and they will all come to you. What is complicated about that?
  6. Can someone please explain to me why the hell everyone says this? Just because a unit can't fly over mountains or some crap doesn't mean that that unit automatically sucks. Look at characters like Aira, Lakche, Levin, Sety, Rutger, Fir, Ike, Mia, Zihark, etc. etc. - Are you going to tell me they suck?!?! There are a number of factors that go into making anyone useful in Fire Emblem. - Growth Rates - Base Stats - Skills - Supports - Weapon Mastery - Movement - Promotion Time (for Lords) Not necessarily in any order. And the order would probably change depending on the game (since not all of those are applicable, or at least as broken depending on the game). Movement is important, sure. But significantly less so than growth rates and skills. There are plenty of mounted units that suck. It doesn't matter if you can move halfway across the map in 1 turn if a kitten could kill you. Same goes for weapon mastery. Great, you have an S rank in every different weapon type. ...But you're base stats suck, and you have unnacceptably bad growth rates, so who cares? I'm tired of people saying that everyone sucks unless they have a mount and can wield something besides swords. So what if you are swordlocked? So what if you don't have a horse/pegasus/wyvern? Roy didn't suck just because he was swordlocked and didn't have a mount. He sucked because he didn't promote until the game was 90% over, was in a game where growth rates were less awesome (even though Roy himself had some of the best growths in the game), and even after all of that... his ultimate sword of legendary flaming badassery... only had... 20 uses??? ...Plus he only had 5 movement and coud only use swords. What does that even mean?
  7. Are you people fucking serious?! Not only did they exclude it from the remakes, but it isn't even in Awakening?! ...Man... And that was something I was using to console myself too. (Well at least it'll be in Awakening! (The game that is apparently supposed to have every good thing from all the FEs combined)) What kind of argument is that anyway? "Remove Canto because it is too overpowered - Nevermind the obscenely high growth rates and all kinds of other absurdly powerful skills in the game."
  8. Damn... Would it have killed them to have added Canto? I feel like I'm playing frigging Sword of Seals here - But at least in that game you could move after trading! Really don't know why I expected that to be in there...
  9. While it may be true that those scores are biased or unfair... Pray tell where on the internet am I supposed to find anything that isn't biased? Okay... I guess you could say in the opening post I was leaning more toward just playing FE3, but wanted to know if the DS remakes were worth my time. I wanted to know what all changed between versions and which was superior. Right now you could say I have been reminded of how archaic Mystery was (again - I only played a couple chapters like, a year or two ago) - and more or less convinced that the DS remakes are the way to go.
  10. Gamefaqs ( In all fairness though, a lot of those are good/great scores, but when a game has that many awful scores, you gotta wonder. (Hence me coming to a dedicated Fire Emblem site for opinions)
  11. Oh. And I meant with actual support conversations and stuff.
  12. Well it sounds like they really half assed Shadow Dragon... (It's too bad... couldn't they have at least added a support system?) But New Mystery sounds incredibly fun! I'll have to give them another shot, hopefully they won't run too slow. ...Well, after I'm done playing through the Phoenix Wright games. - I just beat the first one yesterday, and it was a blast! However, I am significantly less impressed with the bonus case you get at the end (That annoying girl is annoying - I want Maya back - Plus it's annoying having to check the evidence for more evidence after not having to do that for literally the entire game), and so I'm considering just skipping that and going straight for the second one. ...And what is this about Manaketes?
  13. You knew what I meant and you know it. Instead of using sprites, they used... whatever it is "technically" called that they used. (which just so happens to have a "third dimension" whether or not it jumps out of the screen at you like the 3DS is apparently supposed to - and even if you want to argue that it is certainly more 3D than sprites) But regardless of what it was called and who is or isn't being a smartass - the DS graphics suck. And I'm not denying that Mystery has aged pretty badly - especially since the latter two games on the same system make it look so bad. It has absolutely aged terribly. I'm simply asking what all exactly was changed, and at the end of the day, which is the definitive version? I only asked because Shadow Dragon got terrible reviews, and I'm not a fan of the DS remake's graphics anyway.
  14. Of course I like the idea of MU. But is that worth suffering through fugly graphics? One thing I really hated about what little of Mystery I played was that I had to have the animations on just to see what my level ups were. So not having to deal with that would be nice. Did they change the plot a lot?
  15. What exactly are all of the differences? (besides obviously changing the graphics and sound) I know New Mystery let's you make your own character, but didn't Shadow Dragon do something lame like locking characters to certain maps only accessable by having a certain amount of dead units? Plus there is class changing (I'm not a fan - it defeats the point). Was there anything else? What did you guys think of the different versions? Which would you recommend? I know I personally just can't stand the DS version's attempt at 3D. It's fugly. Sprites all the way. Is there any super compelling reason anyone would ever want to play the DS versions of either book over just playing both on the SFC?