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  1. It wouldn't be the same story anymore. The entire premise of the three Fates storylines is to illustrate the real-world consequences of Corrin's decisions and the effects they have on Corrin, the other characters, and the world around them. That can only really be done in a Black and White type of moral environment. Grey morality doesn't allow for the type of ethical contrast necessary for the style of storytelling that the writers were going for. Grey morality worked in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn because the story of those two games was centered more around an overarching Political conflict, so there wasn't really much need for contrasting morality. In hindsight, it would definitely have been better for Fates in the long run if the writers had taken more time to illustrate what Garon was like before he was possessed by whatever it was Anankos was using to control him. That way, the player at least has some frame of reference for his cartoonishly evil behavior instead of having it slap you in the face right off the bat.
  2. The code I once had, the one I'm trying to find, gave everyone on the battlefield 99 of any weapon and item they had in their Inventories.. even enemies.
  3. I tried that code, and it froze my game; I just didn't post back the results. And yes, I do mean 99 uses. As I said in my response to Hier, GCNCrypt DOES NOT convert codes to or from different regions; it only converts between AR, Codebreaker, and Gameshark formats. You need a HEX offset to convert from PAL to NTSC. That is literally the only way to do region conversions.
  4. GCNCrypt doesn't convert codes between regions, only to and from different cheat code formats - you have to use a hex offset to do that - but I don't know what that offset is, or I'd do it myself.
  5. I'd be wary of pre-patched roms if I were you. More often than not, they come with something besides just a patch. A friend of mine made that mistake, and got her PC infected with a very nasty virus that forced her to wipe her entire hard drive and reinstall everything from scratch. Patching a Japanese rom is always the safest way to go. But to answer your original question, the 3.01 version is the last patch that the HOS team made for the previous translation project. Honestly though, I'd wait until Hero and his team can finish beta 3 before trying to patch it, because beta 3 will blow everything that has come before it completely out of the water in terms of quality.
  6. I'm by no means claiming that Nintendo is innocent in any of this; they're not, and they've paid a terrific price in recent years for their mistreatment of 3rd party developers like Squaresoft. But by taking the tack he did, Kaga antagonized Nintendo at a time in which they were already fighting for their life in the corporate arena. This was destined to end badly for Kaga, and he has no one but himself to blame for where he is now.
  7. The main problem Kaga suffers from is Kaga. Look at it this way; Kaga left IS's employment and then immediately started a rival company that would have directly competed with Nintendo. How would you have reacted if you were in their shoes? Too many people on these forums look at this issue from Kaga's perspective and completely ignore the fact that there's another side to the argument; that of the publisher, who's having to compete in a VERY cutthroat industry where even the tiniest miscalculations are often fatal to a company. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that by doing what he did after leaving his position at IS, Kaga picked a fight that he ultimately couldn't win, and now he's paying the price. There's more than one way to crush a competitor, even if Nintendo lost the court case. It really doesn't matter if you win a lawsuit if you can't out compete the other company.
  8. Years ago, I had an Action Replay Code for Path of Radiance that gave Every character's weapons and items infinite uses. I think the original code was made by Jay007, but it was for PAL and someone converted it to NTSC. But I've since lost the code, and I need some kind soul to re-convert the old code back to NTSC so I can use it again. R42B-2GP1-ZE19C UDZ6-3YM4-0YVEP ABMK-9J51-RGVHQ Can someone help me out, here?
  9. Why surtr is a good villain that didn't work

    This, among many other reasons, is why I dislike Heroes. The entire premise of the game is just wrong at its core. There's a reason why I hate GATCHA games and it all boils down to the fact that they're essentially money making schemes disguised as legitimate games, and it shows in the poor quality of the writing.
  10. Data Transfer Playthrough

    Not even remotely. All you get besides some paltry BEXP is a few lines of altered dialogue. Definitely NOT worth the massive migraine you'll give yourself trying to get through those chapters the "RIGHT" way. As for the rest of your post, your choices seem solid to me, although if it were me I'd try to squeeze some use out of Mist as well as Rhys. Having Two healers with above average stats in Part III of RD is always useful, though that might be a little hard to pull off.
  11. FEXNA (Currently In Private Beta)

    How hard it would be to code an Avatar system in which it would be possible to choose different hair styles and faces?
  12. Should the weapon triangle return?

    To this day I still consider that to be SoV's one fatal flaw; the only dark blot on an otherwise stellar remake. Why the hell couldn't they have put axes in the game? I mean, it takes place in the same world as Shadow Dragon and New Mystery, both of which have axe users. It literally doesn't make sense for there to be no axe users in Valentia. Historically, axes were one of the very first tools man ever made to be weaponized; men were hacking each other to death with axes long before swords or lances were even a thing.
  13. No. Just.... no. I don't like the idea of characters from other FE games suddenly and mysteriously showing up in a completely different world and breaking up the immersion. I don't even want Anna to come back; at this point she's getting more than a little stale as a character.
  14. Battle and Spell Animations Thread

    The squire animation links to the swordsman download instead of the squire. Can anyone fix that?
  15. Who is the main villain of FE10?

    How, exactly, did RD make all this clear? I've beaten that game literally dozens of times, and I don't recall any point at which it's even implied that Sephrain did anything beyond taking advantage of Ashnard's violent, aggressive nature. And I certainly don't recall the game ever dropping a hint that Sephrain might have been the aforementioned traveling old man with the blood pact.