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  1. No. Just.... no. I don't like the idea of characters from other FE games suddenly and mysteriously showing up in a completely different world and breaking up the immersion. I don't even want Anna to come back; at this point she's getting more than a little stale as a character.
  2. Battle and Spell Animations Thread

    The squire animation links to the swordsman download instead of the squire. Can anyone fix that?
  3. Who is the main villain of FE10?

    How, exactly, did RD make all this clear? I've beaten that game literally dozens of times, and I don't recall any point at which it's even implied that Sephrain did anything beyond taking advantage of Ashnard's violent, aggressive nature. And I certainly don't recall the game ever dropping a hint that Sephrain might have been the aforementioned traveling old man with the blood pact.
  4. I agree with pretty much everything you said except for this statement. Making Byleth a silent or mostly-silent protagonist would completely defeat the purpose of an avatar character. An avatar is supposed to enable the player to feel as though they are a part of the story; making Byleth silent would take away the feeling of inclusion that an Avatar provides. Of course, all this hinges on Byleth actually being an avatar - IS could very well pull a fast one on all of us and make him a normal character.
  5. I seem to remember seeing a scene of Byleth wielding a lance somewhere. If that is so, then Byleth may be a "Jeigan" type character who starts out as a pre-promote. Swords, lances, and magic would be an interesting combination for a character. If light and dark magic are a thing, then maybe they could have Byleth wielding dark magic - that would be cool in my opinion, and it would fit in very well with the etymology of his name. We haven't had a main character wielding Dark Magic that I'm aware of.
  6. What happens to Thria at the end of the game?

    Giese, the Twins, and Niime were characters whose stories in Binding Blade were intimately tied to the stories of their parents, which were being told in Blazing Sword. Orun has no similar Narrative thread to connect him to the events of Blazing Sword other than the fact that he's Hector's half brother. Putting him in Blazing Sword would have taken narrative focus away from Hector, which would have been a bad idea from IS's perspective.
  7. What happens to Thria at the end of the game?

    Not necessarily; Orun may be Hector's half-brother, but he's a minor character as far as the plot goes. From a narrative standpoint, Blazing Sword is really more of a side story to Binding Blade anyway; it's unlikely that characters like Orun would have had much relevance to Blazing Sword's plot. Blazing Sword was a separate and mostly self-contained series of events that involved a relatively small number of people, and that didn't really affect the entire continent as a whole other than the death of Hector's brother and the elevation of Eliwood and Hector as major political figures in the Lycian League.
  8. I'm neither miffed, nor being passive aggressive - I was just stating what I believe to be the correct answer to the OP's question.
  9. Unfortunately, I'm 99.999 % certain the answer is "no". Those critical cut ins are probably controlled by event scripts (or something close to it), which means we would need some kind of editor to disable them.
  10. Am I the only one on SF that actually enjoyed the Tiki X M!Robin Pairing? It just seems so natural somehow for those two to get together. Tiki calling Robin "Mar-Mar" was actually pretty sweet in a depressing kind of way when you consider her backstory and how hard she grieved when Marth passed away. And Robin's enjoying being called by Marth's old nickname really accentuates the fact that He has no memories of his own past and is clinging to Tiki's memories to compensate.
  11. I'm not trying to be insulting here, but I think that would be a terrible idea. The entire point of having a self-insert avatar in a game is to allow the player to feel that they are part of the story; that their decisions are having an impact on the game's plot, even if it is just an illusory impact created by the writers. Making Kris a "silent protagonist" (or nearly silent), would defeat the entire purpose of an avatar character. Kris should and must have a significant role in the story of any remake of 12; taking that away would take away the feeling of inclusion that a self-insert provides to the player. That said, I do think that Kris' role in the plot should be refined so that he doesn't make Marth look Insignificant - Marth is the hero of the story after all, and that should be apparent in the game's dialogue.
  12. I have an intense dislike towards GATCHA games in general and I likely won't ever play Heroes, so I honestly didn't know about Luke's dialogue in that game. I was just going by what I read in his FE12 Dialogue. I suppose I'll just have to accept it as what it is.
  13. I really like what I see so far! My only real complaint (if it could be called that) is Luke's informal speech patterns. If I remember correctly from one of his base convos, he's supposed to be from minor nobility, since he was forced to join the knights by his family to make up for the fact that his older brother couldn't. Should his speech really be that informal? I find it rather jarring, considering his family background.
  14. How Public Was Altena's Survival?

    Oh. Well then, consider me educated.
  15. How Public Was Altena's Survival?

    Not necessarily; Altena had only just recently been born when Quan and Ethlyn were killed, so I doubt many people even knew she existed aside from the nobles you mentioned. It was common practice among medieval European royalty to withhold announcements regarding births until the child could be blessed by a priest and the birth officially recognized as legitimate by the church, so maybe there's something similar going on here. Of course, I don't know much about Genealogy of the Holy War or Thracia 776, so take my response with as many grains of salt as you prefer. <Edit> Reality beat me to the punch, and his explanation makes a lot more sense than mine does.