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  1. Frey seems like he'd be top tier: He's Cain, but his growths are the same or better in literally every way, as are his bases except for 2 HP and a point of luck. Where would you place Athena, Norne, Horace, Etzel and Ymir though?
  2. Universal GBA FE Randomizer v1.0

    Can random growths exceed 100% like Karel (FE6), Fa and Myrrh have? edit: I'd like to see an option for preventing characters from all getting the same class. Doing an FE8 run and got a ton of armor knights and cleric/priests edit 2: Cormag is unrecruitable if he's a non-flying class. Erika (even being ferried by a flyer you might not have) can't get next to him, and he can't move. I imagine this is true for
  3. Fire emblem 8: Quality of Life Patch 

    Does this go first or second when combining with a randomizer?
  4. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

    I knew he got his arm back, I was just blanking on his name. Is there a list of where the treasure in the desert chapter is?
  5. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

    Is there a Karla like hidden character in 20x, or is Ernest mentioning the arena just related to his backstory? Enjoying the hack so far, though the swamp chapter and the one after it you fight the armless sage again in are pretty weak levels. The ones after it have picked back up though.
  6. Staff of Ages (Version 2.1 is here!)

    Is there a list of where the music is taken from? I reconize the clocktower theme (Frozen in Time) from Ys and another from Swordcraft Story 2 (I'm not sure if it's actually in the game, it's not in the sound test, but it was song 42 when I used gba_mus_ripper) As for the hack itself, both penultimate chapters (not counting the shared Gaiden) are way harder than the final ones, which are pretty easy. Owen's takes some luck with very little room for error (finally got it, though I missed a red gem) unless you're going for absolute minimum clear and kill the boss on the first turn. Sawyer's is just crazy and the two fliers from the north that occur a few turns in are pretty much guaranteed to ruin your plans if you didn't know about them before hand (and only at the end did I notice the villages to the south. Hope I didn't miss anything). Not sure where Lily went in Owen's route, as unlike the others who disappear I didn't see any story reason for her vanishing (I did that one first and she took my Hoplon Guard. Boo.). Sawyer's final chapter is just an EXP farm where the only twist is predictable reinforcements, Owen's is a little annoying with how unpredictable the spawns are. Also the guy who joins in Owen's final chapter has 6 speed. I really suspect that's an error because that's really low. I noticed a small bug where only Grace could start the Grace/Sofia support.
  7. Early Release

    Do we know if was kept intact yet?
  8. Best/Worst in the Series Round 177

    Best: FE7, honorable mention to FE10 Worst: FE6 armors. If Minerva could sub for Est ala FE10, FE12 would be amazing.
  9. Weapon Triangles? Instant Death Spells?

    I think perma death will be in for humans, but true humans will be immune to instant death (it works this way in DDS and Strange Journey, though only on the expel side)
  10. Where? I've seen like... 2 things on Pixiv.
  11. Top character picks

    Eh, you haven't seen my congress woman or the congress woman before last.
  12. Top character picks

    Assuming the entire MegaTen franchise? Raidou without a doubt, just for being awesome. Raido (because Raidou doesn't speak) and Nephenee could talk about hats! I'd love to see Naoto/Lucina supports Likely not. Mara wasn't in the two T rated DeSus and his presence is assumed to be why FES and Persona 4 got a higher rating than Persona 3.
  13. Zelda Wii U

    Oh, and the faces look weird without the cel-shading, as the complete lack of facial features except the nose on the model (instead of just textures) is strange. Prehaps make the eyes slightly off the surface?
  14. Zelda Wii U

    I really hope this looks different in the final release. The lighting is WAY too harsh. Lighting like that simply does not work with WW's art style (see: 3D Dot Game Heroes, where the same kind of lighting completely kills the asthetic)
  15. You know, I'd buy this game just to see the FE cast reacting to Mara.