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  1. Fire Emblem Cipher - Rules and Q&A

    Do you need a separate colored bond for each unit of the same color you want to deploy that turn or just one and enough bonds to cover all the point costs?
  2. Characters that Join for Stupid Reasons

    The thing Eirika is being accused of being "a cruel and merciless fiend", which is cartoonish propaganda at best. At least the claim her brother takes opposing women as slaves being met with confusion works better than her mistaking Amelia for a civilian. She also has no doubts before this in Eirika's route like she does in the other. It's especially bad when Franz recruits her in Eirika's route since there is even less reason for her to join (Frankly Franz being able to recruit her in the first place is one of the more unusual recruiters in the series). As for FE11, I was talking about how they're literally all joining an army with a 50+% death rate. I remember at least one of the gaidens mentioned Marth was looking for recruits (since he killed everyone else) too so it wasn't just game mechanics. As for Gaius and Henry, I really ought to look up their Japanese join scripts with all the nonsense in FE13's translation (I already know Henry is one of the characters with a completely different and far worse characterization in English). I may do that tonight after dinner.
  3. Characters that Join for Stupid Reasons

    Erika route Amelia. In Ephraim's route she's treated horribly by her CO, is aware she's being used as cannon fodder and expresses doubts on serving Grado before being asked. In Erika's route she is treated professionally and joins the enemy because... Erika isn't as bad as the propaganda makes her out to be and someone she admired was opposed to the war. All the FE11 Gaiden recruits.
  4. Fire Emblem Cipher - Rules and Q&A

    Problem is there's a few possible wordings ("face-down Bonds and flip it face-up", "unflip", "Flip one of your face-down Bonds face-up." "flip them face-up"). Deirdre, Ethlyn, Leif, Lewyn, and Linoan (all yellow/Jugdral) are the only ones I found that have a possible net positive unflipped. An google image search for サイファ 絆 表向きにする helped a bit, though it finds a lot of orb flips and the like too. Better than nothing I guess
  5. I'm going to put an outside bet and say FE9+10 for the next remake, but it would be more of a port with fairly minimal changes. Something like better graphics (14+'s battle areas matching where on the map the fighting is and better battle models for 9), 10's skill system in 9, an extra Dawn Brigade chapter in part 1 and part 3 so their XP curve works, buffs/nerfs in 10, and support conversations for special partners in FE10.
  6. Fire Emblem Cipher - Rules and Q&A

    I meant if there is a way to search existing cards to find what cards have a particular ability.
  7. Lilina and Illyana both share the misfortune of joining after a better mage has already joined, reached a higher level and become familiar to the player. Illyana has this problem in two games and makes it worse in RD by stealing XP from the fail brigade if she's used.
  8. Fire Emblem Cipher - Rules and Q&A

    Do Camus, Sirius and Zeke really count as different characters (so they can't class change into the other and may exist at the same time)? Same with Zelgius and Black Knight. Is Mist #B12-005N's ability replacing the support or adding to it? edit: Is Ilyana #B14-097S as solid an ability for a lord as it seems? Is there a way to check for cards that can unflip bonds? Have synergy with an affinity?
  9. Frey seems like he'd be top tier: He's Cain, but his growths are the same or better in literally every way, as are his bases except for 2 HP and a point of luck. Where would you place Athena, Norne, Horace, Etzel and Ymir though?
  10. Universal GBA FE Randomizer v1.0

    Can random growths exceed 100% like Karel (FE6), Fa and Myrrh have? edit: I'd like to see an option for preventing characters from all getting the same class. Doing an FE8 run and got a ton of armor knights and cleric/priests edit 2: Cormag is unrecruitable if he's a non-flying class. Erika (even being ferried by a flyer you might not have) can't get next to him, and he can't move. I imagine this is true for
  11. Fire emblem 8: Quality of Life Patch 

    Does this go first or second when combining with a randomizer?
  12. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

    I knew he got his arm back, I was just blanking on his name. Is there a list of where the treasure in the desert chapter is?
  13. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

    Is there a Karla like hidden character in 20x, or is Ernest mentioning the arena just related to his backstory? Enjoying the hack so far, though the swamp chapter and the one after it you fight the armless sage again in are pretty weak levels. The ones after it have picked back up though.
  14. Staff of Ages (XNA release eventuallyTM)

    Is there a list of where the music is taken from? I reconize the clocktower theme (Frozen in Time) from Ys and another from Swordcraft Story 2 (I'm not sure if it's actually in the game, it's not in the sound test, but it was song 42 when I used gba_mus_ripper) As for the hack itself, both penultimate chapters (not counting the shared Gaiden) are way harder than the final ones, which are pretty easy. Owen's takes some luck with very little room for error (finally got it, though I missed a red gem) unless you're going for absolute minimum clear and kill the boss on the first turn. Sawyer's is just crazy and the two fliers from the north that occur a few turns in are pretty much guaranteed to ruin your plans if you didn't know about them before hand (and only at the end did I notice the villages to the south. Hope I didn't miss anything). Not sure where Lily went in Owen's route, as unlike the others who disappear I didn't see any story reason for her vanishing (I did that one first and she took my Hoplon Guard. Boo.). Sawyer's final chapter is just an EXP farm where the only twist is predictable reinforcements, Owen's is a little annoying with how unpredictable the spawns are. Also the guy who joins in Owen's final chapter has 6 speed. I really suspect that's an error because that's really low. I noticed a small bug where only Grace could start the Grace/Sofia support.
  15. Early Release

    Do we know if was kept intact yet?