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  1. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    Oh good, I can keep putting my orbs into Love Abounds. Skadikumi is the only thing I want, and he's free.
  2. New ~Official Touhou Chat Thread~

    Nice work.
  3. The Map Matchup Thread

    It seems to be more Sands of Time, since it has the area south of the throne room rather than northeast.
  4. Radiant Dawn was a Christmas gift.
  5. Which Lord has the most interesting concept?

    Throwing in a vote for Corrin. They'd have a shot at being my favorite lord, if the game wasn't so devoted to kissing up to them, they were actually related to the Hoshidans, and all the other issues Corrin's execution has.
  6. Space ship shooters | shoot 'em ups | bullet hells!

    I play Touhou sometimes, does that count? Haven't really played any others in the genre, though.
  7. Zelgius...

    It's pretty hilarious. There was a reddit thread on the cause, basically, Alondite and Black Luna are tagged as "Tempest unit" skills by the game, so Zelgiuses generated randomly do not use them. In training tower he's given random filler weapons (Ruby Sword +, Brave Sword +, etc.) and in Lunatic 7 Tempests he has no weapon at all. Luna appears as his attack skill over Black Luna.
  8. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    Dumping my votes into Hector. Really don't want Ike to win.
  9. The Map Matchup Thread

    Main reason I asked was in case they had a different name in Warriors and I wanted to be consistent by naming the Warriors name in the OP.
  10. The Map Matchup Thread

    Apologies for the Double post, it has been a while, but what maps are the new Warriors maps based on? I haven't played Warriors, so I don't know.
  11. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I think the people who criticize Ike, Robin, etc for being Stus and people who criticize Celica, Eirika, etc. for being flawed are different. Like, maybe there’s some over negative hypocrites scattered here and there, but I think it’s largely a case of different people disliking different things and being vocal at different times.
  12. What your favorite FE Game says about you

    I remember this pic FE6’s is only partially accurate, my first FE was FE10, so my child self couldn’t wonder about FE7.
  13. The Ice breaking map in Revelations. It's essentially a pseudo-fog of war that takes forever to get through if you want all the rewards. I'm still baffle IS thought it was a good idea. Almost all Awakening maps, with a few exceptions, are very, very boring. Most of Lyn mode, while short, is boring to play but still recommended for the reward. Chapter 4 of FE9 is the worst. It's the one map I remember from that game well, and I remember it for being particularly dull in a game I find dull in general. Gaiden/SoV have a lot of maps that are just forests, or open plains with a bridge, etc. The castles are better though.
  14. What's your preferred seasonal aesthetic?

    I voted for memes and other, because part of the reason I like the Valentine banner so much is the formal fashioned outfits. Formalwear is the best, even modern formalwear is still cool. So yeah, more dresses/suits please. Memes because memes.