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  1. Fate/Grand Order General

    TBF, said H scenes were awful and basically nobody takes them seriously (not even the authors themselves), and aside from Rider the original FSN cast is rather conservatively dressed. It wasn't until Extra and Apocrypha that Fate really started going hard on the fanservice angle.
  2. Fate/Grand Order General

    The current class banners in JP (and to some extent third anniversary paid gacha if you pull Extra) makes Salieri basically the easiest story locked 3* in the game to NP5 fwiw. That 40% drop rate. Salieris for everyone!
  3. Fate/Grand Order General

    I'd say he needs two, probably. First one to make Knight's Strategy not completely worthless (a Quick buff at minimum, but something like Musashi's first skill would be amazing). Second to make Love Spot less niche, maybe by throwing a second debuff on it (like a defense down) or throwing in a buff for female allies.
  4. Fate/Grand Order General

    Probably because he's not really FTP. Story locked and never given for free.
  5. Fate/Grand Order General

    Man, the wait on a Diarmuid Lancer buff is so frustrating... He needs help so badly. His third skill is useless, and his second is insanely situational. His hitcounts are awful, and the only thing carrying his damage is interluded NP. FIX HIM ALREADY DW! MY 10/10/10 LEVEL 80 DIARMUID IS WAITING! HE'S A GOOD BOY, PLEASE GIVE HIM SOMETHING...
  6. Fate/Grand Order General

    Honestly I kinda dislike spawn rate ce in general. They make optimal farming take... so... long... And missions are usually designed with the CE in mind (Just compare Case Files missions to CCC, CCC requires way more of most enemy types...) so it doesn't actually cut down on that front. Nero Bride lacks a NP battery of any kind, she only has the np gain up which isn't nearly as useful. She's automatically miles worse as farming support for that alone.
  7. Waver Velvet's Guide to Being an Insignificant Extra

    Prologue IX August 1, 1987 When Waver's booklist came in, his mother had insisted on him leading her to wherever the magical bookstore was on a day she had off. His explanation that it was in London did not sit well with her, nor that he hadn't known where in London it was until he checked the envelope which had held the booklist again, as it seemed an additional note had been enclosed with directional details. Reaching London would require a great deal of tightly scheduled public transport. As a result, Waver was now squeezed into a seat on a bus with his mother that had stops in the nearest town and London as it pulled into the city. Waver was fairly confident they were going to get lost attempting to navigate as they departed. And that he'd exhaust himself from walking so much. They had to ask patrolling policemen for directions multiple times before they finally found the street indicated in the note. "The note lied, there's no run-down taverns here," Waver's mother stated as she surveyed the street. "It's there… the note did say you wouldn't notice it or be able to enter it without my help." Why did he have to bring her if she was just going to act like this? Dragging her toward what she likely saw as empty space, Waver swung open the door and marched her through. The pub was a lot busier than the outward appearance would suggest. And if it had any effect, it made Waver's mother even more suspicious. "This is what greets you at the entrance? A pub frequented by that sort?" she hissed in Waver's ear as they walked through the establishment to the back entrance. "Maybe you should judge people by their looks less," Waver hissed back as they headed out to the back alley. He quickly followed the direction on how to get past the brick wall that greeted them, before promptly marching toward Flourish and Blotts. Waver doubted the new Defense Against the Dark Arts textbook would be any more engaging than the last one (from what he'd heard, competent teachers for the subject were becoming hard to come by as seemingly no one could hold the position for an extended periods of time). The reaction of his mother to the titles of the books she saw was simply to scoff at how ridiculous some of them sounded. Waver couldn't help but agree with her to some degree, some of the titles did sound very silly, particularly the fiction. While he had been in Hogwarts, he had tried looking for mystery novels written by wizards, but had come up quite empty-handed. Most of the fiction he'd read had, frankly, made little sense narratively. Magic was too powerful for the conclusions to make any sense in the few he had found, he could think of several other possibilities for an outcome that still could logically add up based on what he knew of magic. Waver and his mother barely looked at each other as they left the shop and went to restock on basic potion supplies. It was obvious that she was regretting coming, even if, without an escort, she lacked much choice. "None of these things make sense," Waver's mother huffed as she looked over the wares in the shop. "Some aren't even magical. What's magical about a caterpillar?" "The caterpillar by itself isn't magical, but it can be used as a conduit for it." Waver replied absently. It's less a reactant, and more a catalyst." "Then wouldn't anything non-magical work? Why a caterpillar specifically?" "Caterpillars completely change over their lives. The concept of the potential to become something else is what makes it the catalyst, in this regard." The cashier in the shop seemed amused by the conversation as Waver was paying for the supplies. "It's something most muggles feel, boy. Don't get too frustrated that she's no different," he was saying cheerfully. Waver's mother seemed beyond insulted by this, despite the man's lighthearted tone. Her demands to know what she was being called were cut off as Waver hurriedly finished counting the coins and dragged her out of the shop before she could embarrass him further before quietly explaining to her that he hadn't meant to insult her and was simply pointing out that she wasn't magical. Returning to their hometown after was a silent affair, Waver would have read his books if revealing them in front of all these non-magical people wasn't a potential secrecy break. Waver dearly hoped she wouldn't start crying again when they made it. The first time had been awkward enough. "How do you put up with all that?" Waver's mother demanded as he made a beeline for his room. "None of it is normal." "You get used to it." Waver gave the simplest explanation he could. "I'm going to go read these, don't bother me." She grabbed his shoulder. "You can do that later." "I am doing it now." Waver hissed, shaking her off. "I'm not going to fall behind, mother." He marched into his room and began to hold the door closed, hoping she'd eventually give up if he did so long enough. He really wished it would continue to just lock itself. Studying in peace had been so much easier then. If you're wondering why this took so long, Proto was pretty miserable and unmotivated. He's usually pretty thorough with criticism so I didn't want to publish before he looks it over just to go back and change so much later.
  8. Fate/Grand Order General

    (JP Raid spoilers)
  9. Fate/Grand Order General

  10. Fate/Grand Order General

    realized I had enough to 10/10/10 Gray on JP, so she's there now. The wait for her to be made permanent and NP5 is quite a thing. Also, I gotta say I'm overall fairly impressed by the Case Files Event, gameplaywise. I'd say this might even surpass Zero Accel as the best designed mission event for me. Seeing new missions unlock and already be cleared is pretty satisfying, there being multiple servants in free quests really helps. Though on the other hand, that duplicating Benkei quest is... a thing. Taunts, skill seals, np seals, stuns, curses, plus Chaos Tide and earthquake. Babylonia spoilers I suppose we should be glad that Ushi was the one taken in Babylonia proper.
  11. Fate/Grand Order General

    So, pulled 390 quartz for Reines Spoils: 1x Saber Diarmuid (now NP3) 2x Luvia 1x Fionn (first copy) 1x Berserker Atalante (now NP3) 2x Waver CE 4x Gray CE 9x Flat and Svin CE No Reines or any 5* really. There's some nice things though, getting closer to perfect Diarmuid now that I'm done saving Gold Fou for Richard and can use them on him.
  12. Fate/Grand Order General

    Well, now I have a pile of 150 Lancer EXP that I have no idea what to do with, we really needed a ST Lancer welfare whyyyyyyyyyyy. Glad she's free though, She'll be immediately level 100 when this hits NA. If Reines is really support oriented, I hope she has a self star absorb down of some sort. Otherwise she'll be eating the DPS's stars, being a Rider. I want all these CEs and I like Reines so I'll be pulling on this banner. It was also ST Arts once (MHXX)
  13. Fate/Grand Order General

    But you need to pay said currency to use command seals/quartz revivals. You’re not intended to be able to beat full power Kiara (or Full power Kama) to begin with, the fact they are beatable is more a testament to how absurd Merlin is.
  14. Fate/Grand Order General

    Wait, MHX? Why? Her stun is annoying to use with the delay (and doesn't have a 100% chance at lv 10), her invincible is nice but Shiki has a dodge which for most of the time is as good, her third skill would be nice on an archer but is pretty useless for an assassin, and her overcharge is basically worthless 99% of the time. Her gen stats are pretty good, but so are Shikis, and that doesn't really change how useless most of her kit is. Did MHX get a second buff that I never noticed?
  15. Fate/Grand Order General

    Class rate ups are actually the best time to pull for story locked 3*, because 3* rateup is otherwise always 4%. Or at least give him an animation update that shoehorns a buff to his art hitcounts... Kerry's big issue is his NP has an insane hitcount while his art cards have trash hitcount so DW basically put him in "Busted or underpowered?" situation and went with the latter. But yeah, the poor guy is kinda stuck in "worse Shiki" land thanks to similar kit with far worse spammability and less damage.