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  1. Because Bows aren't melee weapons. When the non-nerfed Hand axes/Javelins existed, they were more or less choked out of one of their niches since hand axes and javelins could accomplish similar results except they could counter attack in melee. Preventing hand axes/javelins from doubling hurts their usefulness and I really appreciated that as an indirect buff to bows. It's also because a lot of my favorite characters tend to be Archers.
  2. The nerf to Javelins and Hand axes (as well as the addition of the Kodachi) was very welcome and I 100% approve. Bows should be the go to long ranged physical weapon, not hand axes/javelins. That said, the way magic is handled in FE13 and 14 isn't to my liking. Bring back separate magic types (preferably the GBA types of Anima/Light/Dark because I find the Jugdral/Tellius magic triangle a bit silly in comparison) with separate ranks and uses. Integrate the magic triangle into the physical one like Heroes does, really helps make the magic triangle more relevant. Hidden weapons as they are in Fates need a nerf... just make the debuffs last less time than in Fates. On the other hand, debuffs in Heroes seemed to not last long enough and generally feel much less useful than buffs. I'd say make the rate of recovery 2 or 3 stats per turn, and keep the inability to stack debuffs with themselves.
  3. I had something similar happen to me, though it was my sister (I don't have any brothers) and the game was FE11. I was on Chapter 24 too. It was an accident though, we blamed it on the touch screen. Besides that, there was once a time rather recently where I was just wrapping up Chapter 11 on Conquest Hard/Classic. Every enemy was dead except Hinoka, both the chests were looted, all of my units were alive... ...Hinoka proceeded to land a crit when she had a 52% hitrate and 1% Critrate and killed one of my units.
  4. It's cheerful, not the best, but good. 7/10. Youkai Back Shrine Road, Extra Stage theme from Touhou Shinreibyou ~ Ten Desires
  5. Irisviel von Einzbern.
  6. 111/164, Valter is the missing silhouette. Missing: 3-4: Oboro 4-5: Cain Roderick Jeorge Sheena Athena Lukas Boey Rebecca Titania Chrom Tharja Nowi Kagero 5: Luke Linde Young Tiki Katarina Alm Gray Faye Genny Saber Sonya Julia Lyn Hector Karel Jaffar Ephraim Seth Tana Amelia Sanaki Lucina Azura Ryouma Hinoka Takumi Elise Special BB Caeda BB Lyn SF Chrom YS Robin YS Frederick BB Cordelia YS Gaius YS Tiki SF Lucina SF Xander SF Camilla BB Charlotte
  7. Men: Henry Women: I guess Olivia? Sumia's also pretty nice looking. Also yeah you're missing some people.
  8. Wolt.
  9. Uuuuuuuh some character you know I'm fond of
  10. Yeah, I have (specifically, since the Nohr Summer Banner started, I've gotten 12), but it's purely coincidence. That said a bunch of them are -Atk or -Spd so I guess that balances it out a bit.
  11. Did my free summon on the FE8 banner and got this: -Atk/+Res though, unfortunately.
  12. Mine hasn't actually changed at all, sadly. Roy, Micaiah, Wolt I've actually pulled 5* Roy twice though, haha. IS please add Micaiah and Wolt and make me a very happy magic Glaceon.
  13. The entire plot of the game from Hector's death to Chapter 8 is trying to rescue her. And if she's not alive, then Roy doesn't get Durandal because she never shows him where it is. That's not a plothole, it makes total sense as it is. Lilina lives: she shows Roy where the cave is and they grab Durandal. Lilina dies: she can't show Roy where the cave is, and thus the Durandal is never recovered. This isn't complicated or hard to understand. To control them, as well as make more morphs. Then what about the other point? Idoun was in the shadows most of the time, and they had no means of tracking her without all the divine weapons. Also I can't comment on unrelated games I haven't played.
  14. No, if that was a viable solution he would have done it earlier. Only Nils and Ninian themselves could open the Gate earlier in the story. Lilina being alive at the end of Chapter 8 is what gets you Durandal though??? I don't see any plot hole here. If Lilina died in Chapter 8, Roy's army does not have Durandal because she didn't lead him to the cave. If she lived, they get it. Simple as that. Because it's the bad ending, and Idoun tended to hang in the shadows most of the war anyway. I think she appears in person like, twice before you beat Zephiel.
  15. I like FE7's story well enough, but it does have problems. Nergal's power level is inconsistent at best, with the summoning of the final boss in particular being something he logically shouldn't be able to do, since he spent the entire game chasing down Ninian and Nils for that exact purpose then suddenly opens the Gate on his own when he dies. Ninian's revival is an asspull, as well, with no prior indication that complete revival is possible in Elibe-verse and no explanation or foreshadowing. I appreciate FE7 making the conflict more personal and less grand in scale, but it does need some repairs in terms of how it's actually written. FE6's plot, meanwhile, has no real glaring plotholes, it's simple, but it works. I'd spread the exposition dump in Chapter 24 throughout the Gaidens or something and wouldn't change much else. Narcian could stand to be less stupid, but I guess one can also say that's part of what made him entertaining.