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  1. Ayra, One Year Later

    The only real issues with Ayra was honestly the "surprise!" release which IS has taken great care to not do again after the massive backlash (Rhajat had warning, and also released before the rest of the Fates kids, so she was far from the same boat), and being the true herald of the BST creep (with which the true problem is the lack of retroactive buffs in this regard for Gen 1's caught behind). Her stats make her a good player phase swordie, her sword is worse than refined slaying, and... that's about it. A decent blue mage or dragon will kill her easily and always has.
  2. Fate/Grand Order General

    So, more info on JP Halloween event, gotta prepare the lolis and the shotas. and Da Vinci. I wish I had time to raise up Alex and KoGil on JP, but there’s not much I can really do since I’m still working on rushing Gotterdanmerung. At least I’ll bathe in FP for the grailed max skill Alex when NA gets this, he’s the only rider bonus.
  3. The State of Heroes

    Well, might as well say some stuff Ways to invest in units I've seen some people point out that too much of the game relies on the gacha. And thinking about it and the other two gachas I play (Fate/Grand Order and Magia Record) I'm inclined to agree. When I get a new unit in F/GO or Magia Record I have interest in raising, there's a lot to do to raise them. In F/GO, there's standard levels and skill levels. In Magia Record, there's magia levels and rarity upgrades, with the ultimate intention of unlocking the Puella Magi's doppel assuming they've been uncapped. These things take quite a bit of investment into the unit, and they don't require the gacha. There are merge mechanics in both games, obviously, but they're not everything to raising a unit. In FEH, the main things you can do to raise units are level them which takes a pitifully small amount of resources compared to MagiReco and FGO, merge them, and teach them skills. Merging requires summoning more copies of the unit. Skills requires summoning other units to feed to that unit. There's not much I can do to make my Micaiah better, beyond summon more Micaiahs and summon some fodder for her, which I don't think she even needs because her base kit is already great. Maxing Micaiah's level and learning her skills didn't feel like an accomplishment or way to show my love of the character like getting my Iskandar to 10/10/10 on FGO did. I've seen some people mention that since FGO lacks PvP it's not really comparable, but Magia Record does have PvP and is a lot like FGO, so it's fully possible to implement things like FGO in a game with PVP. That said, I generally ignore PvP when I play gacha games, it's just not worth the effort for me a lot of the time and I just want to use my favorites. Which I suppose leads into... Armors and Arena One of the things that really bothers me about this game is how sharply IS's reaction to "this is broken" changed. Back when horses were the dominant forces, and everyone needed a counter to Lyn and Reinhardt, IS took steps to try and dial it back. They arbitrarily locked horses and sometimes flyers out of skills like flashing blade. they added trenches. When armors started to rule IS did... nothing but encourage it. BST scoring has always been a thing, a bad thing, but a thing, but skills like Armor March and fighter skills leave armors with very few weaknesses but IS has made no moves to nerf either of them nor move to rework the score system arbitrarily favoring them. No trench equivalent for armors. Armors still score the best and with the introduction of Duel skills will have to continue scoring the best lest those become more useless than they already are. They're encouraging Armors to be the best and at the top, rather than trying to bring them back to everyone else's level like they did with horses. I mentioned Arena score a few times in the last paragraph, but Duel skills mean there's really no saving it at this point. Archers and Mages are still going to have an arbitrary disadvantage, armors are still going to have an equally arbitrary advantage because if they don't the entire skill family becomes completely pointless. Bonus unit kills means the unit types favored by the gameplay and the score system are different, and the player is discouraged from using their favorites and showing off however they made Odin work. I just don't bother to play Arena at all anymore, that's how wholly I have come to hate it. Summoning pool and powercreep Back before Seth was the only demotion of the first FE8 banner, The way stuff was added to lower raritys was pretty slow. the 3* pool never changed, and at 2 demotions per banner and lower 4* rate summoning got stagnant super fast. And they somehow made it worse. We get only one demote per most new heroes banners since Seth. Summoning, most of the time is just not very satisfying. The mass demotion was a nice step for cleaning out the 5* pool (no more Peris pitybreaking!), but it did nothing to remove stuff like Oboro from the 3* pool. Lower rarities stayed stagnant. In addition, while it helped clean the 5* pool, it by no means got everything. Stuff like normal Ike, who's rather completely outclassed by his FTP legendary alt, are still there. Mist, one of the worst units in the game currently, is still 5* locked. I suppose I'll mention Natures here. It's not a fun mechanic, made worse by the fact there isn't even a UI indication of it. I'll just leave it at I don't like it, because there's not much to really say about it. On to powercreep, BST creep could have been alright, if we had strengthening of some sort to bring old units up to par. Something like a special map you can do at say, 5* lv 40 that adds the missing stat points to a gen 1 unit upon completion. As this is still not implemented, though, BST creep is pretty easily one of my least liked things about this game. It just widens the gap between new and old, and unlike skills which can at least be inherited onto old units, there's nothing that can be done. The biggest problem with skill creep is how good the default kit synergy of newer units is, and how few skills become available at lower rarities. The reason people use fury and desperation isn't because there aren't better options, it's because better options are hard to get. The game could use a skill forge, quite badly, which would also be nice for the stuff I mentioned under unit investment. It could give a player something to grind for to make their favs the best and show off their love without having to worry about summoning 11 copies or that rare skill fodder needed. Modes The modes in FEH have... very little to do. TT and Forging bonds are the only really grindy events in this game, and both are fairly easy to just autobattle until maxed. The lack of any sort of engaging writing doesn't help, Forging Bonds tries, but it doesn't do well enough to truly get us attached to anyone. I feel a lot of the issues I have with the events could be eased with just, more and better writing. Give me a reason to care, get me attached to what's happening. The other thing is besides feathers I'd like to spend that grinding getting things for my favs that I can use to show love and dedication to them. It comes back to the "not enough ways to raise." The last thing that I should probably say about events in FEH is welfare copies. You don't get enough to max the character, which again compounds with the lack of ways to show love by heavily limiting one of the only ways that does exist. It sucks, I truly pity Joshua, Tobin, etc. fans. The way I usually suggest getting around this is 5* locking all the welfare's passives (like Xander), then having the Tempest give 1 5* copy and 10 4* copies, so a truly dedicated fan of the character can max them with investment. Men and also FE6 Give more men and FE6. I need Wolt in the game. The lack of these two things make his inclusion seem less and less likely. Overall In the end, my issue with FEH seems to boil down to: 1, It's hard to distinguish my Micaiah from the sea of Micaiahs, there is no way for me to put genuine effort into her and show everyone who sees her "I love Micaiah." You can look at my NA FGO account and say "Wow! This person likes Iskandar a lot!", you can look at my MagiReco account and say "Wow! This person likes Sayaka a lot!", you can't look at my FEH account and say "Wow! This person likes Micaiah a lot!" 2. I'm... bored. All I'm doing is saving stuff for Wolt. I can't do much with new units I get, events don't have as much motivators, arena is bad, I just... have no motivation. I'm not sure how well all this came across, or what I'm even trying to do by typing this up. I love FE, and I want to be able to still enjoy this game. But between IS's poor decisions and lack of stuff to do, it's getting difficult to.
  4. Forrest, Forrest, Forrest, Forrest GHB, and Forrest TT -my dream fates banner In all seriousness, something like Forrest, Kiragi, Mozu for banner, Hayato TT and Iago GHB I guess. just include Forrest and we’re good.
  5. Wolt pls, I need best boy. besides him, Lugh, Thea, Idoun, and Guinevere probably top my wishlist.
  6. Fate/Grand Order General

    Achilles is 90 and 7/4/4, not fou’d though. Hans is mostly leveled, currently in gear hell so stuck at level 55. There’s a np3 ozy on my support list, only catch is he’s got a Mona Lisa so his ce slot is basically a dud. I guess I can try, dunno how effective it’ll be though.
  7. Fate/Grand Order General

    Ugh. I’ve gotten a bit stuck on Anastasia, I lack good ST riders in JP (Achilles was my main rider up to this point in JP, and he is not doing nearly enough damage), my only decent support is vanilla Mash who can’t be used (she’s forced to be her nerfed LB VR self), and she loves firing her arts up + ignore invincible before her np after you break the first gauge. I’ve tried Jeanne supports, double herc, Maid alter support... I have no idea what to do.
  8. Fate/Grand Order General

    Been trying to catch up the story on JP due to the LB 2 requirement on Halloween 2018. I'm on Anastasia, about halfway through it. Making good progress. Unfortunately node after node of JP story left me with little time to farm NA, but I've got the ascend mats, CEs, and CasLizes that I needed to NP5 her from the shop, so there's nothing I really need from NA event anyway.
  9. Best S-Supports that Never Existed

    I just prefer reading Micaiah and Sothe's relationship as being sibling like really... she basically raised him. Combined with Sothe not being super likable on his own in FE10 (his shtick is "protect Micaiah" and... that's it really), I just don't like the ship at all. Lack of interactions is really more the fault of RD's crummy support system than anything. Though even without proper supports, I still found Micaiah/Pelleas a much more likable ship than Micaiah/Sothe.
  10. Best S-Supports that Never Existed

    FE6 pairs that don't involve Roy don't get paired endings. Even when the last line of the support is "I love you." So stuff like Noah/Fir, Sue/Shin, that really feel like they should have a paired end but don't because reasons. Edit: Also let me pair Micaiah with someone who's not Sothe. Please.
  11. How would you handle rerolling IVs?

    I'd implement a system for changing banes so you don't feel screwed over, but not boons. The crushing discouragement of getting -[important stat] is way more intense than the excitement of +[ideal stat] imo, and a character can usually do much better without an good boon than with a bad bane. Letting us modify banes would help deal with the disappointing nature of IVs without losing too much from whales going after ideal (though this brings the "ideal" chance up to 1/5, so there's still some loss). The system can use a new currency, if IS wants, but not Arena crowns. Either that or allow us to set nature to neutral.
  12. New Calendar!

    Please please please let one of those banners be FE6. It's been 3000 years over a year and a half, come on IS. Give FE6.
  13. Who’s your favorite “Bad Unit” in FE?

    Wolt, cute boys are used, not benchwarmers. even if they have 4 base Str!
  14. Same way I did in CYL2, probably, so Wolt Wolt Wolt Micaiah Micaiah Micaiah Eirika. Either that or just Wolt x7.
  15. Heroic Feats

    I’m glad, Roy deserves all the love~ -HP best bane though... OT: I guess this is basically a FEH raid...? Fury is so common that I imagine this’d hit its goal pretty fast. I hope we get more LA Eliwoods and Bride Marths in particular. I like Marth and Eliwood and would enjoy investing more in their alts