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  1. After saving enough to +10 Wolt ASAP in case he's 4-5*, I started actually using extra feathers I got on Roys. I do plan on eventually giving him Guard (from Leon). He's basically a dedicated dragon killer and does that pretty well. +Atk/-HP, +Atk to make the most of the QR and -HP since Roy's HP is needlessly high anyway.
  2. My Version of the Summoning Pool

    SM Eirika is outclassed by...whom, exactly? The only other red horsemage is Leo, who obviously doesn't outclass her unless you're trying to make a tanky horsemage for some reason. Combined with Alt status, I'd say she's well worth staying 5*.
  3. Vestaria Saga English Version Trailer, 2019 release date

    It was, but the translation costs money, so there will be a price here. It sucks, but there's not much that can really be done about it.
  4. Whoever's easiest to pair in combat, unless there's a ship I really like to the point I'll go out of my way to get it (like Odin/Elise) or a child really needs X parent and is a favorite of mine (Forrest kinda needs one of Nyx or Felicia due to his magic statline).
  5. To think, I just removed the old thread from my sig since it'd been dead + I got mixed up on how well the new SF worked with colored links... Well, since it's revived now, might as well put this there instead. Might participate, maybe. I have... something resembling an idea for this prompt, so we'll see how that goes.
  6. The Map Matchup Thread

    Yeah, that doesn't look right either... I have no idea. I guess I can put Brady's paralogue for now, with a (?)
  7. The Map Matchup Thread

    Maybe Owain's Paralogue? I can't find a map of it...
  8. Well, nobody seems to like Roy/Larum... Right. I suppose their friendship can be left to the main plot, expanding it could make said plot less barebones, I suppose.
  9. Roy, Miledy, Zeiss, and Elen are obvious possibilities. For less obvious ones... maybe Cecilia? She spent quite a bit of time with her while Roy was serving as Etruria's errand boy Western Isles. Percival might be a choice, person who was initially unsure about turning on his king and someone who put the right thingTM ahead of her brother's ideas.
  10. What Arena Crowns can be used for?

    I legit hope it's meant to just be bragging rights. If it's not just bragging rights I lose all faith in this game.
  11. Xander's superbanes are ouch. Literally every stat he might want a bane in is a Superbane... Honestly I really hate the way the system works that makes Superboon/banes a thing... It's very annoying. Though, I guess it doesn't matter too much as a dancer.
  12. Fate/Grand Order General

    I'm more confused how the boat apparently
  13. How Can Micaiah Be Made A Better Unit?

    Not entirely, Sacrifice's most useful trait is a free Restore. That she can use while silenced as well. It's pretty useful late in the game when all the magic bosses start spamming statuses at you. It does make it's most plot advertised trait pointless though... maybe just have her not own any staves prior to meeting Laura, but previously taught how to use them? That way, she'd still have to rely on sacrifice while running around Nevassa, and become known for it, but once she has access to a staff supply she uses them instead. Or... something.
  14. How Can Micaiah Be Made A Better Unit?

    Speed. Micaiah's weird because her stats just don't know what she wants to be. Giant magic... offense. Low speed... not so great for offense. High res... countered by trash hp, and the fact none of the dark mages fought in FE10 are in maps where she's available. She's very all over the place, and the low speed harms her in the most areas, I think. She can also maybe get dark tomes? would solve the WT issue. And way more DB chapters in Part 3 + third tier at the same time as Ike. The entire DB suffers from the lack of Part III maps and it's the big reason the mercs have such an advantage gameplaywise, they have more "tier 2 time." Five maps of 3rd tier is Roy tier bad promotion time. Buff tomes as a whole, FE10 magic has terribly low might and FE10 enemies don't have terribad res like most games. The final boss should also take a Res nerf, there's no good reason for her to have 15 more Res than Def >~>