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  1. Also is not a Leafeon.
  2. Wonder who she was jealous of to wind up here.
  3. Should know younger me just put two things she liked together.
  4. Has an odd avatar. Oh, I saw. It was all in good fun so whatever.
  5. Wonder if I'm in Dreamland.
  6. Fan of Oboro
  7. Pinch myself, need to make sure I'm not going crazy.
  8. Knows his and Julia's failures led to me having to support a character I hate in the final round. Man you lot are fast.
  9. Lilith badge.
  10. Still remembers the porn conversation. We've got some steep slopes... At least here in the Northeast. It's really more the central/western part of the stat that's full of plains iirc.
  11. Should explain the joke.
  12. In a land that may or may not have been crushed by the moon three days after some kid in green showed up. The historical records are conflicting.
  13. Murder him, serves him right for daring to take the spotlight of FE10 from its rightful owner, the lovely Maiden of Dawn.
  14. Might be listening to multiple remixes of Eiki Shiki's boss theme. I mean, last I checked, you don't care for Touhou, so...