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  1. I'd rather each game have music of its own, rather than borrowing from another. Like, I love Path of the Divine Generals, but I'd like it to keep its association with FE6. It's a part of FE6, and it should stay that way. Let each game carve a musical identity on its own, aside from letting the FE theme stick around for obvious reasons.
  2. I can't stand Camilla, so that's the one character for this gauntlet I absolutely won't support ever.
  3. No Shanna in a Peg Knight gauntlet, 0/10 taste IS. I'll probably support Tsubaki in Round 1 because he's by far the least popular here and easy ranking.
  4. Eh, I'd prefer they put Shanna and Narcian over Beruka and Subaki, since I treat Fates as one game.
  5. NO SHANNA THIS IS AN OUTRAGE Like I know she's got no chance but come ON, they put two Fates Pegs, replace Subaki. No, actually...Truth be told, generally considered the 10th stratum quests a bit too stacked and decided they weren't worth the effort.
  6. As far as I'm aware, all Lunatic strata get some stat boosts and randomized skills. The tenth one is just the biggest cheater of the three. And that is why I hate higher levelling
  7. 2/3 of my 5*'s are red. All of my drawn 5*'s are red. I only have three so these statistics aren't hard to achieve.
  8. Xander is adorably fab. Lucina.... I think they were going for a combo thing but fell short.
  9. Really? Hm, I have three of them at Lv40 (4*Palla, 4*Catria, and 5*Shanna). I've trained my Michalis a bit, he's mid-20's. Goad Flyers is pretty great for All-Flyer teams, yeah. Desperation is honestly a really good skill for speedsters like Shanna, and Shanna's high Res feeds into Iceberg well. She's a good magekiller just in general, really.
  10. I actually like how you can't purchase things between missions like you can in FE6 Normal or FE8. It makes Weapon Durability feel more relevant and an actual consideration, since you can be going for several chapters without a shop. Though in FE6/8 you could only buy basic equipment during battle preparations, and iirc doing so will inflate the price a bit.
  11. Replace Camilla with Elise, and give her something kinda like what Maribelle wears. She's on a mount, so a poofy dress wouldn't work. Give Lucina a really poofy blue dress to replace the skimpy one.
  12. Bunny Xander > Bunny Chrom Truth be told though, I wouldn't call either "sexy." They look a bit too silly for that. They're cute though, and I like both designs more than Lucina/Camilla. shout out to Camilla's Wyvern though.
  13. Cecilia: I changed my mind. I'll let you learn magic after all! The idea of giving Roy magic always amused me, since he apparently really wanted to learn but Cecilia always refused to teach him, since he had pretty much no talent and would lag behind Lilina despite working harder. Poor kid. Elibe's in-story magic mechanics screwed him over.