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  1. Yes that is indeed Camus. Mireyu/Milly and Terry from DQVI.
  2. Camus from DQXI, aka the guy who looks like a skinny thief version of the DQVI protagonist.
  3. Roy and Wolt being bros I guess.
  4. No, I'm going to write about why Fire Emblem Awakening is a terrible game!
  5. Can I write about Awakening sucking? Because I can think of way more things to complain about there than Ohio or France.
  6. Kliff from FE15 I guess.
  7. But I don't wanna write about France sucking!
  8. But I'm Glac.
  9. I am enlightened.
  10. Knows that with pulls like mine Horse Emblem was inevitable.
  11. Is not James Bond irl.
  12. It's alright, 8. Dignity, Murdock's theme from The Binding Blade.
  13. One of the only FE13 map themes I like. 8. Celica Map 2 from Gaiden
  14. Knows shikaisen are somewhat confusing.
  15. Joined in 2013.