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  1. Very frantic theme for emergencies. Certainly fits what it's used for, but not my favorite, 7. A Dark Fall (Fire) from Fates.
  2. Knows FE6 axes have shitty accuracy.
  3. Should know that FE6 is fun despite the polish problems.
  4. 9/10, I love FE8's later map themes. Chapter 7: Crossing the Desert from Genealogy of the Holy War
  5. Kokoro avi Nah I'm just aware that you haven't played FE6 haha
  6. You can maybe make the gen 2's cousins instead of parents/kids if you want to avoid making the gen 1's adults. They'd still be related, but able to be the same age. I have a weird weakness for School AUs if I find them well done enough, so hopefully this goes well.
  7. Hasn't played the Fire Emblem with my favorite character in it.
  8. Twilight of the Gods from Shadows of Valentia.
  9. Knows there are a few I dislike but not many.
  10. Knows that before her name was revealed, the badge selector called Elise "Blonde loli"
  11. Really depends on what you prioritize. Like, I hate Camilla as a character (I find her personality rather creepy and much too focused on Corrin) and I don't like her outfit (she looks fine in better clothing), but I won't hesitate to admit that she's a good unit.