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  1. So they're not the same thing.
  2. Sure does. My recommendation if you want to get better at Fire Emblem is to play on classic mode at all times. That's not the same as saying "play on classic mode, always". The tone is different and the reasoning is important. The point got across fine to most viewers I'm sure, since you're literally the first person to bring this up. It helps that it was literally the first thing mentioned in the first Pitfalls episode, where I explain exactly what the series is about. I'm not going to repeat that disclaimer in every episode. Then you must've missed the part where I said something like: "if a unit is good and forced at some point, sure, train 'em". You don't think it makes a difference whether a unit is good or bad when recommending them to players looking to improve their strats? Well, I explained exactly why I think Eliwood and Lyn are bad units in another episode and the community tier list placed Hector at #15 while Eliwood is #26 and Lyn at #30, out of 42 characters. That seems like a significant gap to me. So what's he doing that's serviceable, that makes him worth not just training him in part 4 after his promotion and then deploying? I don't see why you would ever want to put Sothe in enemy range when I could make these enemies suicide into laguz royals or some other more powerful unit. edit: If you're willing to go there, 0% growths. Or make all units that join, viable upon joining but make growth rates/promo bonuses low, while making enemy quality and density high enough to where you need to use a lot of people. Or take away the preps menu in a way gaiden did, so that a ton of units are forced onto every map in unpredictable locations.
  3. If you're going to be quoting me I'd prefer you kept the context: "if you're a player who enjoys the series I'd recommend you play on Classic Mode at all times". I'd also like to refer you to the first episode of Pitfalls where I explain that Pitfalls is not about me telling people how to enjoy their single player game. However, if someone's looking to find a way to improve, then I'm gonna give some advice. And I believe playing classic over casual can make you a better player. Again, great for them that they "feel" like they wanna play this way. But for those who want to actually play well (and I know that's not everyone), I think it's fair advice. Yeah, someone brought that up already. Regardless, trying to raise 9 units + the lord on each side is still more than you should. Yeah, but Hector is good, so he wouldn't be a good example. Yes, they will be. Sothe promotes to third tier in part 4 while Micaiah promotes right before endgame. Unless you're giving them like Wrath/Resolve, they're just going to slow you down and/or provide risky situations. I haven't played Fates so I try not to use it as an example. Willing to bet low manning in some shape or form is still easier than raising like 12 units though.
  4. FE9 Tier list v3

    Nobody is telling you how to play or who to use. Why would you worry about tier rankings when playing a game?
  5. Here's a guide you can refer to. Meant to be used to look up things you're confused about without spoiling everything, but if you want you can read the whole thing.
  6. It probably costs more turns to recruit Altenna than it does to make sure Julius gets Hel'd, if any. Marty's LTC seems to have done it just fine.
  7. It really isn't overblown. While there are some places where foot units can contribute or even be with mounts for a bit, you're better off playing around 75% of most maps with mounts. Like in Ch8, your foot units can reach the first batches of enemies, but there's no real point in having them keep up after that. Or in Ch4, they can kinda be there for the part where you have to cross mountains, but most of the enemies are too far away for infantry to reach.
  8. It's really nice for the pegs but Altenna's flying work is pretty superfluous.
  9. Hannibal with wings, in possibly the worst game for fliers. It's also a game where if you take minimum (1) dmg enemies prefer to go for other targets or not attack you at all. Also bad res at a point where all the game cares about is res. It's like Gar- Wait, stop, halt. Gareth is not bad. But Altenna is. 2/10
  10. This could be helpful if you still need to know how some things work
  11. Subtitles are available. Part 1 is here:
  12. Dew can always find opportunities to steal money. Ch3, Ch4 and Ch5 all have plenty of pirates carrying 5000G. If he walks up to one he gets 5k, then if someone else kills that pirate there's another 3-4k for him to pick up.
  13. Ayra is useless. I thought there was a limit of +0.5 on bias points but apparently it's more like +5. 2.5/10 For Dew, the most important thing about him is that he helps Raquesis promote ASAP. That alone is worth an above average mark, but he gets anyone out of financial trouble. I don't really factor parenting into ratings but there is this misconception that Dew is a great father. He's not. He doesn't have Pursuit and his growths are only okay. Yeah, best non-holy blood...but it's still non-holy blood. You don't want him to marry Ayra since Sol and Astra conflict. Sol is rolled first, and if Sol activates then Astra can't activate, so you're actually cutting into an important part of their offense in exchange for unreliable durability. Bargain is nice for kids who need the money for Paragon Ring or something like that though, so Dew/Sylvia has some merit. 8.5/10
  14. Thracia 776 Warp usage

    Just use one to Warp Lara, then use Salem's Sleep to stop Trewd from escaping.