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Found 259 results

  1. The basis of the idea is this: The game begins in Lyn's story. It goes on to Eliwood's (Or Hector's if you unlock it). You go through Eliwood's/Hector's story. The difference is, it has the support system of Awakening, with added S supports so characters can get married. The marriages affect the children's growth rates later in the game. After the ending scene, you move on to Sword of Seals. The children's stats are not affected by the parent's level, but they're growth rates are (I.E. Erk!Raigh/Lugh would have ridiculously high magic growths). Once you get done with Zephiel, sidequests appear to recruit the parents, who have the same stats that they had when you left them at the end of Blazing Sword. Changes: -Marriage system that's not completely OP like in Awakening (Canas/Dorcas can't get S supports, as they are already married. Also, Bartre x Karla is cann, so they only S support with each other). -Tactician is a character, you pick his starting class at the beginning of the game, as well as asset/flaw. -Recruit surviving parents in the SoS half. -Updated graphics, but not exactly the same as Awakening (We don't want Canas in that ridiculous Sorcerer outfit) -Voice acting. -World map, but no skirmishes. -Limited arena use for each character (A character can only get so many level ups in a certain arena). -DLC (Available for play after beating Zephiel) -Going to also add in Karla to Eliwood's story, so then Fir doesn't seem like she just came in to existence. My friend and I were speculating about a remake for FE7, and it escalated to this. What do you guys think?
  2. Has anyone done this? Used your affinity from FE7 and use only units in games with affinity matching it? I'm considering doing it I'm Wind so my teams would be FE6: Bors, Ellen, Shanna, Sue, Treck, Oujay, Garret, Hugh FE7: Lyn, Sain, Wil, Matthew, Priscilla, Fiora, Hawkeye FE8: Joshua, Forde, Tana, Saleh, Myrrh FE9: Rolf, Volke, Kieran, Nephenee, Astrid, Makalov, Ranulf, Haar, Bastian, Largo, Sothe FE10: Laura, Sothe, Vika, Nailah, Haar, Nephenee, Kieran, Astrid, Rolf, Ranulf, Bastian, Volke These all sound pretty fun to try. I may just end up doing that, So what is your affinity?
  3. Hey guys there is something that I`m sure I`m not the only one who wondered. Who do you guys think is Lilina`s real mom? I`m torn between Florina and Farina. Why I think it is them and not Lyn at all well one she has ina at the end of her name haha it is just like the ending in those two names and she does not have that trademark greenish or gray hair people from Sacae have (well Rutger did not either and he is half Bern) but Rutger atleast was of a class normal of Sacae a Sword Fighter. Now reason I think Farina well one she only joins in Hector`s story and if one is to look closely Lilina shares many traits with her. They have similar eyes,face and hair so that is what makes me think Farina is more Canon. Florina is harder but it is clear she does have feelings for Hector if one is to play his scenario ever since he saved her from that fall but Lilina does not share too much with Florina in my eyes but Florina and Hector is quite cute though. So yeah thoughts and opinions? I want to get to the bottom of this big FE mystery or atleast somewhat close.
  4. Origin of Creation

    || F I R E . E M B L E M || O R I G I N . of . C R E A T I O N temporary topic for fee3 or something >>[ tumblr page ]<< -----------------==+==----------------- { s t o r y } An abduction. A secret. A disaster. Fifteen years have passed since the Fall of Ashgarde; its ruling family lost, and its land and people left to an uncertain future. The embrace of chaos casts Spelaria into turmoil as a conspiracy generations in the making threatens the entire world. Unaware, a boy and his sister seek the answers to their past... -----------------==+==----------------- { a b o u t } As with many hacks, FEOC began as a community hack. What initially was to be a casual exercise in hacking FE7 soon developed full-scale as the project garnered interest. However, the conflicting interests of too many parties eventually called for a decision that would later change the scope of the entire project. FEOC became a private project primarily due to waning interest from the original participants, as well as a lack of cohesion when it came to characters, plot, and a general unwillingness to compromise on a number of fronts. While little tangible product has been produced thus far, we ultimately hope to share with you a brilliant, engrossing product with well-developed characters, an intriguing plot, and, most of all, a believable original universe of our own creation. -----------------==+==----------------- { p r o g r e s s } | STORY | 3/?? (Dmi) | 0/?? (Osc) | 0/?? (Rhae) planned| Chp 5 [Osc] written| Chp 5 [Dmi] hacked| Chp 3 [Dmi] | GRAPHICS | 36/?? (PC) | 28/?? (EC) | 3/?? (NPC) maps| Chp 3 [Dmi] icons| 7/?? interface| none CGs| none -----------------==+==----------------- { c r e d i t s } hacking| AK, KoT graphics| Char, AK, Army, KoT story| Army, Char, AK | thanks | Intelligent Systems, Nintendo all of the lovely people who have made FE hacking possible and all of our friends and supporters
  5. I can't seem to tell if this item is a fake. It seems suspicious because of the extremely low price and the fact that it's from China, where Bootlegs tend to come from. The seller has positive feedback, but there is still something off about this bid. My apologies if this is in the wrong section or against the rules. Although i don't think it is.
  6. I have had this idea for a while and I was wondering if it was possible for making a command to capture an enemy in FE7 like in FE5?
  7. Fire Emblem: Re-coded (Updated June 8, 2013) -Alpha Version- FE:Re-coded is an FE7 hack that modifies the storyline, maps, and characters. The tactician, a mysterious hooded existentialist, now plays a major role in the story. The main storyline revolves around the tactician, sent by the Defender to investigate on a change in activity going around Elibe's code. It turns out that there have been changes to the characters, the enemies, and a whole lot of other variables. As the group tactician, it is up to him to come up with tactical prowess, as well as to seek the outsider who has tampered Elibe's code. The hack is still in alpha state. Only the prologue and some of Chapter 1 has been finished. Although it would be a struggle to get this hack going since it is limited to the "flow" of FE7 (since I have yet to learn about event assembly). But I guess following through the original storyline but making changes is acceptable enough. Hack features - One-of-a-kind storyline, featuring the tactician with a major role - Characterization, stats, terrain changes - Difficulty/challenge hack - New items, character stats, and maps Screenshots: Alpha Version (v0.02) Download link here. Right now, only the prologue map has been done and I have not yet removed the tutorials, so you would need the .sav that comes with the patch to play the game (Copy the .sav with the rom renamed to FERecoded.gba and when starting a new game choose Lyn Hard Mode) Thanks to all of the comments so far. Still a long way to go before this hack could be considered complete. I also implemented Alfred Kamon's suggestions from the comment below and have changed the Prologue map and dialogue entirely.
  8. Hi there! Some of you may remember I was on a 'play every fire emblem game' run a while back. I finished the SNES era, and well, I had to take a break as my wedding was getting close and I had to work on you know, planning that. Then I got sick, was in an accident...pretty much life kicked me around a bit. Still, after a long time away, I am resuming my run. I played FE7 (Blazing sword) to get me back into the swing of things, having beaten than game to death many a time before. I also wanted to refresh my memory for when I now play this game, I can see all the hints for FE7. But one thing I am noticing as I begin looking into this, is that there are some 'subtle' references, without being blatant. It's never clearly stated who Roy's mother is, for example. I would love to build a team around the kids of my old favorites, and would love to know what details we do KNOW, and what is speculated. I can't find this information at the moment, though I could have SWORN I had seen something like this on the site before. Did I imagine this? Am I going crazy? If anyone can shed some light on this, I would be most appreciative!
  9. Greeting fellow human selves! I'm sure you all know and revere me already, but I am Shin! In today's episode, we see our mighty hero take on FE7! Fear the prologue! El Premiso: This consists of LHM + HHM I play them and kinda but not really take suggestions You guys watch as fate smites me Stats