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Found 252 results

  1. Hi there! Some of you may remember I was on a 'play every fire emblem game' run a while back. I finished the SNES era, and well, I had to take a break as my wedding was getting close and I had to work on you know, planning that. Then I got sick, was in an accident...pretty much life kicked me around a bit. Still, after a long time away, I am resuming my run. I played FE7 (Blazing sword) to get me back into the swing of things, having beaten than game to death many a time before. I also wanted to refresh my memory for when I now play this game, I can see all the hints for FE7. But one thing I am noticing as I begin looking into this, is that there are some 'subtle' references, without being blatant. It's never clearly stated who Roy's mother is, for example. I would love to build a team around the kids of my old favorites, and would love to know what details we do KNOW, and what is speculated. I can't find this information at the moment, though I could have SWORN I had seen something like this on the site before. Did I imagine this? Am I going crazy? If anyone can shed some light on this, I would be most appreciative!
  2. Greeting fellow human selves! I'm sure you all know and revere me already, but I am Shin! In today's episode, we see our mighty hero take on FE7! Fear the prologue! El Premiso: This consists of LHM + HHM I play them and kinda but not really take suggestions You guys watch as fate smites me Stats