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Found 259 results

  1. In the whole fandom, Fire Emblem 7 is probably one of the most hated FE for the maps and "bad story" and, by the other side, the most loved thanks to the characters, maybe soundtracks and obviously because, huh, childhood? Anyway. Something undeniable is that the supports of the game are pretty nice for different reasons. And now, what are your favorites supports of this game? Mine are Canas/Renault and Heath/Priscilla. BTW, I know that it's off-topic with FE7, but can't avoid say that if Judgrall had supports at this style were amazing.
  2. Defense maps discussion

    So the new Defense maps are out, and these are pretty fun and creative. I'm having a lot of fun doing stuff like cheesing Map 3 with Flier Emblem lol. How about you guys?
  3. [Solved] Sea Sound Effect

    I can't seem to find any reference to the sea sound effect which plays at the beginning of chapter 17 in FE7 in the rom. I've looked on the eventiel list and in nightmare and couldn't find an ID for it. I even went through sappy to try and find it but I didn't hear it (I may have skipped one but I checked over 300 sounds). With my life story finished does anyone know where it is and how I can use it in the rom?
  4. So I'm working on a song for my FE hack, and it plays perfectly in sappy and it is exactly how I want it to sound. However, once I insert it into the rom it plays but in some parts of the song several drum notes don't play or the drums are just cut out altogether for certain sections of the song. If anyone has any idea how to fix a problem like this, help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  5. So I tried to insert a custom worldmap. Everything worked fine except that the transparent pixel on the upper left corner made the map not look very good. I tried to cut it off in Usenti but it didn't work. Is there any way to get rid of it?
  6. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section in advance. After scouring the internet for several hours, it seems save files for FE7 are few and far between. Would anyone happen to have a clean sav. file with the bonus disk content and all supports/cg images/sound room? I tried using dolphin and vba but I couldn't get it to work to install the bonus disk. The completionist in me wants to try and S rank all the modes again and have them on record, so hard modes unlocked aren't necessary I can do that on my own but I don't want to grind supports for days once more. I would really appreciate it, thank you!!
  7. OK, so I have run into a bit of a dilemma when trying to edit the text of Fire Emblem 7. See, I'm trying to translate the game into Irish, a language that uses the diacritical marks á, ó, ú, í and é. So, I thought, since the game has a Spanish localization, and the Spanish language has all of those diacritical marks, I can just edit that right? Well, it turns out FEditor Adv will only except ROMs of the American version of the game. So, I tried editing an American ROM, but the character "á" showed up as "?" in game. I've heard that if you can decompress the Huffman compression on the text in the ROM, you can edit the text manually with a Hex editor, like here, but I have no idea how I'd go about doing it with the Spanish ROM. So, is it possible to either edit the text of a European version of the game, or add new text characters into the American version, and if so, which would be easier? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  8. I am 99% sure that you have to change Chapter Titles through editing the graphics, but I can't seem to find anywhere the offsets that I need to extract that information with the GBA Graphics Editor. And by anywhere, I mean the internet, since I don't really know how to debug for that information myself (believe me when I say I tried). The odd thing is, is that I have seen many FE7 hacks with edited Chapter titles, so I assumed it was common knowledge. Specifically right now I am curious how I can replace the first chapter title "Prologue: A Girl from the Plain" Furthermore, where can I find an image of the font used in Fire Emblem chapter titles, since I want my custom chapter title to use the same font if I can. If anyone could help me out with this I would greatly appreciate it!
  9. Hacking FE7

    Hi everyone, so I'm new to the hacking stuff, but I've been able to get through most of it with the numerous tutorials that I have found. However, I can't seem to find the answer to a few questions regarding FE7. 1.) In Chapter 1 Map, there's a glitch. Wil seems to show up for some reason, twice and very glitchy. The UPS patch can be found attached. 2.) Is there a way to make the game 1 story-line instead of the three original ones?
  10. AMH9000's FE7 Rebalance Patch

    Hi there! My name is AMH9000 and I have created a mod for Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. (Made for any hard mode) Download it here --> Emblem - The Blazing Blade - AMH9000's (tell me if something stupid happens to this link) The amount of changes I made were... minuscule to say the very least. Changes were made only to character's starting stats and their growths. Some were drastic (compared to the other changes), others were small, and most of them probably changed nothing. I attempted to change the levels of some characters but it never wanted to work no matter how hard I tried. :( I guess some of you want to know what the big changes were, so I'll put 'em in a spoiler, but there's only 3 I can think of as "big" changes. Now for the part that'll probably send about 80% of you away... I only worked on the Lyn's Story characters so the only things that are different in this patch happen in Lyn's 10 chapter story. sucks, I know, but this is my first Fire Emblem patch ever and I worked "hard" on it. It took me about 4 hours to make this so... I'm slightly proud of me. So, to the 4% of you that clicked on this thread that aren't considering leaving down a hate comment, have fun. As for the 16%... try first, and then leave down a hate comment if you REALLY want to.
  11. So there are about 44 playable characters in FE7 and I want to know is if it is possible to increase the number of playable characters and to make those extra characters have supports, growths, etc.
  12. Looks like Lyn won, but can she beat Florina? It's up to you!
  13. Yeah when it looks like there'll be a winner, I'll make a new poll to pick up the pace and not waste time. Anyway, Lyn or Wil? It's up to you!
  14. Yeah Lyn crushed Kent (makes sense since she won the female poll), but can she beat Sain? It's up to you!
  15. Welcome to the FE7 Favorite Character Poll! The winner of this poll will go on to fight against the other favorites from all of the other games! I already made the FE1-FE5 polls in the NES/SNES era and already made an FE6 poll in the Binding Blade subforum under the Gameboy era. To start, we have Lyn and Kent and who wins is up to you!
  16. In FE7, or Blazing Blade/Sword, there were a particular set of items that only Ninian or Nils could use, such as Nini's Grace (Improved Defense for a turn), Filla's Might (Increased Might for a turn), etc. Now with the advent of buffs/debuffs with Fates equipment, I think it'd be fitting to maybe see these rings again. Honestly i've been waiting for them to make some kind of appearance again, but I guess thats mostly wishful thinking. What are your thoughts?
  17. I want to insert several animations in all the GBA games but keep running into a problem. I've followed the steps in the animation thread for insertion, but I can't get the game to run afterward or worse. the game crashes when any battle takes place. Here are the steps I took: Open FE Editor Render Edition, go to Class Manager and up the max index by the number of animations I intend to put in, proceed to put in said animations then add the correct information in hex for the classes. If I try to replace existing animations it either freezes up or says something along the lines of using too many editors at once. The animations I'm trying to add/replace are as follows: FE Binding Blade: Thief, Thief F, Pegasus Knight, Falcon Knight, Yetizerker, Lalum w/ Staff, Elphin w/ Magic, Wyvern Lord w/Axes, Soldier Reworked, General FE Blazing Sword: Thief, Thief F, Pegasus Knight, Falcon Knight, Yetizerker, Ninian w/ Staff, Nils w/ Staff, Wyvern Lord w/Axes, Soldier Reworked, General, Knight Lord, Hector Lord/ Great Lord FE Sacred Stones: Thief, Thief F, Pegasus Knight, Falcon Knight, Hawkzerker, Tethys w/ Staff, Druidmancer, Wyvern Lord w/Axes, Soldier Reworked, General, Great Knight, Female Assassin I've tried looking through lots of threads to see if a similar problem was reported but I came up empty. Any push in the right direction would be appreciated!
  18. Hi everyone. I'm Rin and here's the project I'm working on. I called it 'Fire Emblem: Little Dream'. Patch download Some Notes The patch is for FE7. It is not a large patch. It has three chapters in total, including Prologue, Chapter one and Chapter two. In Prologue, you can get a hand axe from the village on the top right corner. It's better not forget to give it to your axe unit, because he won't show up in Chapter one, and there's no other axe user in your team for now. If one of the four lords die, it's game over. Known Bugs Credit Brief Background Story Brief Plot Updated Screen Shots Need This is my first hack, so please bear with my inexperienced work. I'll try my best to improve it. Please leave your feedback here, it'll help me a lot. Hope you all enjoy it!
  19. Hey there, sorry for the long post. So one year ago, I created my own Fire Emblem hack and posted it here. It was a fun experience, however it was pretty much ruined by a bug that everyone ran into that prevented pretty much everyone from progressing past the prologue. I was unable to fix it, so I lost all motivation to continue working on the project. Recently, however, I got the urge to work on it again and have completed enough content to release a new patch, however, try as I might, I can't fix that goddamn bug on the prologue, and I can''t release the patch with it still in. The bug in question is a soft reset that happens in the middle of the enemy phase, when no event should be running. It usually happens around turn 37 or so, but I've seen it happen as early as turn 8... When the soft reset happens, trying to resume the chapter will just cause the enemy music to play endlessly as the enemies do nothing for all eternity, so it completely halts all progress. It's important to note that the bug only happens in the prologue and it doesn't always happen. Whether or not it happens seems to have something to do with how many enemies there are on the map, as it seems to happen more often when you play defensive and avoid the enemies, instead of killing them. The map in question a very narrow defense map and has a LOT of enemies (like 50) at almost all times. Another thing is that the soft reset used to happen much latter, at around turn 40, so to remedy it, I made the turn limit in the chapter, 30, and moved up the latter events, however, that caused the soft reset to happen earlier, so maybe it's tied to the events somehow? Though I've tried to remove them and it didn't seem to work. I've already tried countless fixes and none of them worked, so if anyone had any idea what is causing the soft reset and how to fix it, I would be eternally grateful, and give that person a special place in the credits of the hack. This original thread of the game where those bug reports are: Thank you for taking the time to read this and I will deeply appreciate any help, no matter how small.
  20. OK to summarise the run - I can only use the following units: Pricilla, Wallace, Jaffar, Oswin, Guy, Kent, Nino, Harken, Renault, Lowen, Serra, Raven, Pent, Ninian/Neils, Florina, Hector. I am on chapter 20 with the following team (I didn't really use Raven :/) Eliwood L16 | Hector L17 | Lyn L20 | Lowen L19 | Oswin L20 | Guy L18 | Serra L11 | Priscilla L 7 | Kent L20 | Florina L19 However I have no clue if Serra and Priscilla should be higher levels (Since I am not abusing bosses or arena), and if I should promote them early to compensate this. Any opinions? Extra: I have only 1 knight crest at the moment, who should get it? Oswin Lowen or Kent? (Lowen got better lvl ups than kent :/ )
  21. [Solved] Changing Army Phase BGMs

    Hello, I was just wondering if it would be at all possible to change the player, enemy, or NPC phase's BGM in the middle of a map. I seem to recall seeing a topic asking this same question but nothing I search can bring it up. Does anybody know how to do this?
  22. Back at it again with hot content nobody cares about, I went and compiled a complete chart of the affinity yields of every possible birth month/blood type combination in FE7. And yeah, there's exactly one combination out of the possible 48 that actually yields Darkness. It's up to you if you actually wanna put this on the site or not, but uh, here it is, if you decide to.
  23. Alright so I noticed Itsuki got a few regalia that were Spotpass regalia in Awakening. I kind of wrote it off at the time as being technically an Awakening reference since those regalia appeared in awakening. then I noticed Itsuki gets ahold of Durandal, and I somewhat flipped my shit since Durandal doesn't appear in FE13. Also noticed Florete from FE10. So, in total, what regalia or personal weapons does Itsuki get overall from across the franchise? There looks like quite a few references to Jugdral, Elibe, and Tellius were put into the Carnage Weapon lineup. if any of the other cast get regalia, I'd like to know that too if that's not too much trouble Also I don't know if this should be a different topic, but how am I supposed to get ahold of True Falchion? (interested since it's clearly Marth's Falchion and, well, ending spoilers)
  24. Help with Boosting Items

    So, I am doing a challenge run in FE7 (Blazing Blade). I am only allowed to use the following characters: Pricilla, Wallace, Jaffar, Oswin, Guy, Kent, Nino, Harken, Renault, Lowen, Serra, Raven, Pent, Ninian/Neils, Florina, Hector. I am in chapter 17 at the moment with 2 secret books 1 goddess icon and 1 Dragonshield, any tips in who to use each item? (PS: sorry for Grammar mistakes, english is not my primary language xD)
  25. Meme Center

    Let's collect memes and shitposts all in 1 topic. In the following picture, we see a Lvl 9, unarmed Hector solo the entirety of a chapter in HHM.