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Found 99 results

  1. FE5 Support Editing

    I've recently started a small patch for FE5. I have had success in getting the FE5 Character Editor Nightmare module to work, after reading this particular thread: I simply added, then later subtracted 200h from the address provided with the FE5 Character Editor module, until I eventually was able to pull up familiar character growths and edit them without corrupting my SRAM. The problem I'm having now, is that I wanted to edit some of the FE5 character supports using the FE5 Supports Editor module provided in the FE5 Nightmare modules 'Character Editors' directory. Even after editing the FE5 Support Editor's address numerous times, I still can't get it to load any sensible information. I don't believe I can interpret, or understand what information it is giving me. I've attached some sample output for the 0x402CD address within the spoiler tag below: Have I loaded this module correctly? If not, how can I fix it?
  2. Nightmare 1 or 2?

    Which version of nightmare should I use? keep in mind I'm completely new to ROM hacking.
  3. Extra Damage on Classes

    I am playing around with extra damage from weapons depending on the unit's class in Nightmare. I have two questions: How do I make it so a class counts as an armored unit, mounted unit, flying unit, or foot unit in Nightmare editor? I see in the abilities that you can define a class as flying or mounted, but I am not certain how to define a class as armored. Furthermore, I changed a mounted unit class into a foot soldier, but it is still receiving extra damage from the Wolf Beil. I do not have this class listed as a mounted unit, so I do not know where the super effective hit is coming from. I would like to make Fire magic and Elfire magic do extra damage for units stationed in forest terrain. Does anyone know if this is possible or how this can be done?
  4. map sprite insertion help

    Trying to import map sprites from FESS into FE7 and after following Arch's tutorial I managed to get the standing and walking sprites working, but when i move the cursor over the unit it shows some other class's animation (the last unit I moved the cursor over) and I cant figure out why. Screenshots for more details and any help you can give would be amazing, thanks.
  5. Extra Standing map sprites

    Recently i got interested in ROM hacking thanks to all the utilities that the FE Community has to offer, But sometimes even those guides and tools are a bit unclear to me, i've been trying to add a new class into FE7, A promotion for soldier, i got it all working, Moving sprites, Names, Descriptions, Animations, but the problem is with standing sprites, all the tutorials i see about inserting map sprites they always say to override an existing one, i'm not replacing any unit so.. There's a way to add a standing map animation without replacing or changing the pointers of an existing one?
  6. To spice up my love for fire emblem 7, I decided to try out nightmare. I switched Eliwood for Nino, class and everything but I can't seem to sieze the throne. Even if I give the lord ability to nino and her classes. Please help?
  7. Fix Walking Sound Effect

    I created a male pegasus knight class for a FE7 mod and changed the Mercenary (F) class into a "duplicate" Pegasus Knight class in every way. My problem is that the sound effect that the pegasus knight plays while moving on the map is that of the Cavalier sound effect (sounds likes trotting), when instead I would like it to play the pegasus knight sound effect (flying/wings). Does anyone know how to change this? I saw there was a nightmare module folder for "Walking Sound," but could not find anything in that folder. Does one exist? Any recommendation on how to fix this?
  8. So I'm trying to replace the trainee soldier/fighter sprites with Eliwood/Roy respectively. I have their sprites ripped from their respective games, but I have no clue where to go from here. I went to the trainee fighter's pointers in Nightmare, and replaced the standing sprite with Roy's in GBAGE, but nothing has changed. I've also replaced the trainee soldier's standing sprite with Eliwood's, but again, no dice. Also, if anybody could point me in the direction of a tutorial on how to change their names, that would be great. I found a free space at offset 00B8EE10, and inserted Roy's standing animation there using GBAGE. I checked in HxD to make sure that it had been inserted. Then, I went to Nightmare, and repointed the trainee fighter's standing sprite to 0x8B8EE10. I made sure to change the size from 16x32 to 16x16 as well. Now when I load into the game, it just resets the ROM.
  9. Background: I am adding 4 new characters to vanilla Fire Emblem 7 and am replacing Citizen characters at (0xCE, 0xD3, 0xD5, and 0xD6 - I don't think these are used characters.). Of course these characters need supports as without them they are empty shells; therefore, I am repointing the Support Convo Availability Editor, Support Compatibility Editor, and the Support Ending Editor. Question on Support Ending Editor: I noticed the Support Ending Editor has slots for Eliwood Mode Ending and Hector Mode Ending and they are separated by two NOT TO BE EDITED. In order to add ending for these 4 characters, do I need to add similar ending to both Eliwood Mode and Hector Mode? When I increase the number of Support Endings Available, do I need to offset the entirety of Hector Mode Endings as well as the NOT TO BE EDITED to squeeze in these character endings for Eliwood Mode? Do I need to insert the new character ending before the two NOT TO BE EDITED? Confirming Steps on Process: Also, I am trying to list out everything that needs to be repointed to get these characters functioning in game. Can anyone think of anything else that needs to be repointed to get these 4 characters working? Repoint Death Quotes Repoint Support Compatibility Repoint Character Endings Repoint Character Palettes Repoint Final Chapter to add in Final Battle Quotes
  10. Hey there. New to this forum, but not the Fire Emblem community. I have been lurking in the shadows and now I am back to enjoy the lovely land of rom hacking. But, I am taking a break from learning the ropes to indulge myself in a nice PME run. Here are the rules: NOTHING from the PME of more well known FE community members/Youtubers. (IE: Lords always being dancers from Mangs or anything Amelia-is-bad Meme that also is a Mangs thing. Not that I am some whiny Amelia fanboy. I want to use every character at least twice in the run, and I want it to pertain to me. Not riding on the coat tails of someone more well known. That would be a huge disservice to Mangs and how awesome he is.) I would like to have promotions be a singular branch. I feel it would be more challenging and also ... the multi promotion shit was always useless in FE 8 due to how one class was always overshadowed by a better class. As an avid lover of the Halberdier class in FE 9&10 I would love to have at least one soldier. Maaaaaagic is liiiiife. (Jesus that was cringey) Previous characters from other FE games or Characters from future games are allowed. I will allow one original character in the game as long as it isn't to ... Mary-Sue-like. Have at it, boys!
  11. I am new to inserting new spell animations into Fire Emblem and was wondering what the best tutorial is out there for this. Let's say I want to insert a new animation for "Wind" into Fire Emblem 7. I see that the spell animation for Set's Litany ends at 0x3D. Does this mean that I can insert the Wind animation at input value 3E in FEeditor using the Load From Script command? Assuming that inserts the animation into the game, how do I use the Custom Item Animation List to create the spell animation? Does this table need to be repointed? Also, I assume the Spell Association Editor needs to be used as well. The problem is that I find this impossible to read. There is no way to change the Weapon dropdown, and the weapon labeled in the dropdown down not make sense. In the image below, the weapon states "value for entry 0x7D," which is Nini's Grace, but the animation used reads Excalibur. There seems to be a mismatch here.
  12. Custom Battle Animation Inserter

    I am trying to use the Custom Battle Animation editor in Nightmare to insert a new battle sprite that uses swords and axes, and of course throwing axes. Firstly, I am using the 0xFFF830 pointer and assume this is free space. How do I set this up the Custom Battle Animation UI given that I need to setup animations for Sword, Axe, Hand Axe, Tomahawk, and Disarm animations (5 slots); however, the UI only provide 4 slots (see image below)? Do I need to use both FFF830 and FFF840 for this to work? If so, how does the class pointer know which animations to play?
  13. Hello. I'm fairly new to using Nightmare 2 (and hacking in general). With the help of Crimson Red's Ultimate tutorial I was able to figure out the basics of using the program. I set myself some easy goals at first, and I successfully changed around some basic weapon values, shops, and character stats in the FE7 rom, and everything was in working order. I wanted to do the same and a bit more in the Sacred stones, starting with swapping around spell animations, but, there isn't any "spell association" module for FE8 like there is with FE7 (I downloaded all my resources from FEshrine) and in fact, there seem to be a few differences in the modules included. I did do a bit of searching, but most of the info I find is only related to FE7. To clarify, all I'm trying to do at this juncture is edit existing animations that are already present within the ROM, like say, I want to give a non-ranged lance a throwing animation, or give an existing sword a spell animation. Is there any way around this? Is there any way to acquire more nightmare modules for FE8? Thanks for your time. So far I've only used Nightmare 2, nothing else.
  14. Nightmare Help

    I'm just starting out on hacking FE8, and I'm trying to use Nightmare. Everything runs smoothly in the application, and it saves correctly, but whenever I open my ROM nothing has changed. I know I'm editing the right ROM, and that I'm saving it because whenever I open Nightmare and the modules, the settings I changed are saved there. I don't really know why none of my changes are going into the game (changing portraits, base states, ect.). If anyone knows how I could fix it, that would be great.
  15. So there are about 44 playable characters in FE7 and I want to know is if it is possible to increase the number of playable characters and to make those extra characters have supports, growths, etc.
  16. Is there a way to set the priority of music in FE6 so you can play your musics on maps and in cutscenes like you could in FE7? Also, how to do give stat bonuses in FE6 because I wanted to give some weapons stat bonuses like in FE7 with the Uber Spear so I was wondering how you give them to weapons in FE6?
  17. I'm currently tinkering with Awakening so I would like to know how to edit growths, any help I can get is appreciated. I'm currenlty using FEAT to decompress the .bin.lz files and the Class Editor and Character Editor 1.1 modules to edit my files. I would also like to note that the Awakening Nightmare modules aren't on the resource directory, should I make that question there?
  18. Firstly, I apologize if this is in the wrong place. I'm new to the forums, but I figured this would be a great place to ask this. I'm curious as to whether or not you can use Nightmare 2 to change what mothers the child units have. Specifically, I'm wondering if Sety could be Adean's son and Lester become Furry's son. I know there are modules to change siblings, but I can't seem to find anything explicitly stating mothers being changed. And yes, I know some people might consider this sacrilege and I fully expect any relevant events to be bugged out or even completely broken, but I'd like to see if it's possible.
  19. So I'm working on my hack and I manage to insert axe cavalier animations, they work fine. they are in the game and working fine upon testing. After that I consider using different axe cavalier animations so I opt to test them and see how they look ingame, I then run into a problem with FEditor giving me this error message "Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: This ROM appears to have been hacked outside FEditor (wrong checksum) and the pointer array has been relocated... FEditor can't handle this properly since the array size is unknown." I then start again from a clean rom, doing each step then testing FEditor and it seems what messes this up is when I use nightmare to repoint the animation of the female cavalier to 0x8FFF800 which is at the start of the custom animation pointers for the nightmare module, I don't understand what's going wrong with FEditor as the animation is working fine in the game. did I forget to repoint something in FEditor or for FEditor so it wouldn't run into this problem?
  20. Question's regarding Nightmare

    I have decided to use the program Nightmare recently on Fire Emblem:Blazing Sword to create a new, unique experience for me within the game. However, I have a few questions regarding it and I am having some problems with the program that I would like to get resolved asap. 1.Every time I edit the map music, after an animation is started, the music is cut out and won't come back until the next phase. How do I fix this? 2.I was using a randomized rom of FE7 because I saw my base class for Lowen was archer and I wanted to make him a mercenary. If I want to do this, do I have to use a regular rom for FE7 without messing with it or there another way? 3.How do I increase the enemy growth rate's of characters without using the Randomizer and how do I activate Hard Mode Bonuses on Eliwood Hard Mode? Thank you for taking your time for reading this and helping me out with these Nightmare problems. Its just that this is quite a "nightmare" for me! lol
  21. Modifying FE4 with Nightmare

    First of all, I'm sorry if this isn't the best place to post this. I'm new to the forums, (I've lurked for a long time but never posted anything) so if I should put this somewhere else just let me know and I'll move it. Thanks. So I decided I wanted to try modifying FE4 in nightmare, and there are several things I want to do. However, I'm not sure how to do them, or even if I can at all. I'm going to try and think of as many questions as possible so that I don't have to update every time something new occurs to me. First of all, I want to make all of the Holy Weapons, with the exception of Gungnir and Loptyr, usable by the player. However, I want to do it in a somewhat realistic way. As in, I don't want a character to just randomly have the Helswath or Valflame in their inventory right off the bat for no reason. That's where the tricky part comes in. Messing with Holy Blood and inheritance is easy, but the game doesn't even give you the Holy Weapons that no one in your party should be able to use, for obvious reasons. So, this question has 3 parts. First, can I make it so that the minibosses will drop their holy weapons? For example, Langbalt with the Helswath in chapter 5? I went into his character data and tried to make it his dropable item, but it doesn't seem to be an option. If I'm able to do this, can I make it sellable, just in case the wrong character kills him? And if I'm not able to do these things, is it possible to put it in the proper character's inventory after the boss is dead? If someone could direct me to a way to do any of these things, I'd be very grateful. And that's all I can think of for right now. If I run across any other issues, I'll update. Thanks in advance. EDIT: I should probably mention that if I have to use a program other than Nightmare, I'm willing to do that. Keep that in mind.
  22. Swapping unit recruitment.

    Heya folks! I'm having a bit of an issue changing character's recruitment around. Like say, for an example, imagine I want Isadora and Marcus to swap places, how would I go about it? I've tried to go to the individual chapters they join in as a test and simply changing the character number that is "loaded" but when I tried to go on Eliwood's route that way Marcus joined instead of Isadora and he "joined" as a green Unit. I've also tried to simply go on the character editor and changing Isadora's Character number to Marcus' and vice versa but the Isadora was the one to join as a Green Unit. Help?
  23. So I have a question. I've been trying to change map sprites around just to learn how to do it and I've done so properly now but... the animated map sprites have a list of the classes there to tell you which class you are altering. [img=] but the standing sprites do not. [img=] I figured "whatever, I'll just use the list from the animated ones on the standing sprites and it should be about right" but it's not. Example: the female mercenary is the 0A on the animated one but it's actually 07 on the standing sprites (I figured it out after a little experimenting) but is there a way to know which is which without spending an hour or so trying to figure out which are which? Thanks in advance!
  24. Adding Custom Battle Sprite Modules

    So I tried doing this a few months ago but didn't have much success (I kinda stopped cuz of stuff), but can you expand the number of Custom Battle Sprite slots? There's like 15 or 16 or so for FE7, but can you add more? I tried copying some of the individual modules (i.e. Bishop Lucius or whatever) and changed the information, repointed everything, changed the needed modules and text files, and made custom animations. So then in the Character Editor in Nightmare, I could go to Dorcas or someone, and under the Custom Battle Sprite drop down menu I put one of my new custom slots (0x11 or something). But it didn't work, just showed the map animation. Am I doing this right or is it not possible. I'm fairly certain I edited everything pertaining to class animations accordingly...
  25. I have a problem with using the Item Editor module on Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. I want to give certain weapons the unlimited usage and like make them unsellable. But when I use Nightmare and the Item Editor to click on any weapon under "Weapon Ability 1", there's no "Indestructible Weapon / Magic", no "Hero Indestructible Weapon / Magic, no "Unsellable Hero Indestructible Weapon / Magic", etc. It's all negative values but with just "Indestructible", "Weapon", "Magic", "Unsellable" listed. Giving a weapon or magic the option: "Indestructible" won't give it unlimited uses, but it makes it completely unusable. I don't have this problem with Fire Emblem: Binding Blade or Sacred Stones as the options "Indestructible Weapon / Magic", etc. are listed and work with no problem. But Blazing Sword, I don't know why this problem is occurring and has negative values on the drop list. Can somebody please help me on this issue?