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Found 99 results

  1. The one I have only lets me select 1 or all, so I can't edit any 1-2, 2, or 3-10 range weapons without their ranges being changed.
  2. FE1 Nightmare Modules There's a bunch of stuff there. Character editors, item editors, the like. A year and a half later EDIT: Here's said link on FEU. If I get back into FE1, that's where the most up-to-date download will be.
  3. So I ran into a little problem I never seen encountered before. I was making and editing custom weapons in nightmare and this happened: The dreadful screech of death. Well I narrowed it down to the nightmare spell association module, at least I think that's what it is but I'm not sure. Is this due to a limited amount of custom weapons? I went back and forth betweens backups and found that this only happens after I pass a certain number of edited/custom weapons in the spell association module. As in, telling the ROM which weapon uses which spell animation, I can only make 6 of these before the game shows me that screen. Things I did do: The item and spell association modules are expanded. The corresponding notepad nightmare lists are as well. I did check if I overwritten anything and I did not. Does anyone know why this would happen?
  4. I apologise if this is commonly known, but I couldn't find anything relevant in FEU's or SF's search. I want to mess around with FE5 and make some Nightmare edits and such using the SNES Nightmare modules, but several numbers in Nightmare show up as 100s or some other obviously-wrong thing. If I change anything in Nightmare, the emulator doesn't load the rom (bad checksum; SRAM corrupt). Is there a specific version of FE5 that is required to be used with Nightmare? Does it need no translation or a specific translation, or a header? I've tried it translated and untranslated, headered and unheadered, as well as applying the header before the translation or vice versa. Again, sorry if I'm being stupid and missing something, which is very likely the case, but having to ask stupid questions is just the way it goes sometimes. I looked in the Nightmare doc and found nothing (it's mostly GBA-centric anyway). Is there some fix that I need to make to the rom to get it to a mod-able state?
  5. I have come across a really strange bug, recently I have essentially been importing the trainee pupil class from FE8 into my hack, now the issue has come when I tried to get the battle animation working, it doesn't on the class I have been using while it works on other characters I have if I change their battle animation pointer. would this have anything to do with me using the Hung Leila class? if so then what classes are safe to overwrite, or even better is it possible to get more slots for classes in nightmare?
  6. So, Longtime Lurker here, finally made an account to start participating in the community since I'v started making my hack. essentially what my problem is when I apply the text file I am using for my prologue to any fire emblem ROM along with making the starting character a female cavalier eliwood (these are what I'm replacing with the character who is supposed to start) it also adds an off the screen level 0 hector with an iron sword which you can reach by pressing A once or twice (I'm on VBA) so it translates to pressing R on an actual GBA. since I have tested this on a clean ROM it must have to do with the event coding I am using, I will post that here, it's unfinished but I hope someone can figure out the reason for the phantom hector! thanks in advance! for refrence I'm attacking the text file im putting into event assembler ps. if anyone finds something else horribly wrong with the eventing please do notify me, I very recently started learning. Prologue.txt
  7. So I'm just casually Nightmaring everything to their FE4 stats, and I decided to convert Eclipse into Hel. As you may know, Eclipse was HP to 1 in FE6, as was FE4 Hel. So I open my FE6 item editor, and the item effect still says halves HP. That's an error, obviously. But would it be possible to find the effect offset from FE6 and port it to FE7? Or would I just have to ASM magic things over? FE7's item editor doesn't list any leftover HP to 1 effect. I improvised an FE7 Eclipse brave attack, but that has its obvious problems, instakilling people and all that. Basically, would it be as simple as copying the 6 offset, dumping it into 7 with my hex editor, or would I have to learn fancy ASM to pull it off?
  8. Trouble With Nightmare

    So I'm trying to just use Nightmare exclusively in my RNGless hack since I'm decent with the "creative" side of game design but I'm so slow when it comes to the "technical" side of things, (It took me three hours to implement that whole "fixed poison damage" ASM thing. My brain doesn't seem to manage such things very well, especially when it's my first attempt at it; the tutorials I looked up turned out to be a mindfuck, mostly) Nightmare's proven pretty simple and forgiving to work with, so I was planning on just using that all the way through my RNGless rebalancing hack, but I've hit a few snags here and there. (And yes, I checked FE Universe like a good little hacker. I found nothing relating to my questions.) I'm trying to use the Chapter Unit Editor module to edit unit positions and inventory (obviously) but when I got to chapter 12 of Eliwood's Story, I couldn't edit any of the allied slots besides Hector and Oswin. So, any changes I made to the slots 0x00, 0x01 through 0x05 of the Chapter 12 Unit Editor (Eliwood, Marcus, Rebecca, Lowen, Dorcas, Batre) AREN'T SAVED. Even changing the Character Reference Number doesn't do anything for those specific slots (like changing Rebecca to Pent. Just as a test to see if any changes are saved. This kind of thing works on any chapter of Lyn's story without a preparation screen). It didn't really matter in chapter 12, since I was able to edit all those allied units in Chapter 11E. But now, in Chapter 13, I can't edit Matthew's or Serra's inventory. Also, there are two instances of Matthew in Chapter 13, 0x08 and 0x13. Changes to both aren't saved either. I haven't tested it yet, but I bet I won't be able edit Kent, Sain, Lyn or Wil's inventory either , when I get to them in Eliwood's Story (I should be able to, even though they're returning characters; I was able to edit Dorcas's inventory in Chapter 11E). So my questions are: Why can't I edit those certain slots on certain chapters? Are those slots modified by hardcoded events that override the stuff I change in Nightmare or something? It seems so arbitrary and I'd like an understanding of why it's happening, especially if I can't edit certain enemy slots in later chapters for no reason, too. I hope this all makes sense.
  9. Invisible units?

    How do I make invisible units? In Nightmare, I see how to make units unselectable, and how to remove the standing map sprites, but the unit still appears when the cursor is placed on top of it (to do the "hovering" animation"). Is there somewhere else in Nightmare I can remove that animation too, or does something else need to be done? I know it can be done, because I'm pretty sure it was in one of the Ragefest submissions. Sorry if this is a stupid question and there's a simple solution, but I can't find it.
  10. Is there anything that would cause DefeatBoss pointer in EA to stop working? As in anything event related to the DefeatBoss quotes and conversations stopped working all of a sudden for my ROM when they previously worked in earlier chapters. I erase all my game data and restarted my hack and played through, anything related to the boss quotes stopped working. This is for FE7 by the way. This is the third time that it has happened to me. Are there certain spaces in the so called free section of the ROM that contain important bytes? I feel as if when I get to the 0xD83000 section my ROM starts gtliching out. Notably with Boss Quotes. Specific Boss Quotes, non specific boss quotes, and boss death quotes that all worked previously are now not appearing when the conditions are met (Ex: batta dies and says something, now when he dies nothing happens and any chapter goal related to the boss death does not trigger anymore. I checked the event IDs in nightmare, check my EA scripts but all I've been changing are dialogue and portraits in Feditor since the time that the ROM was working correctly. I do make sure to not have more than one program open when I save my changes too.
  11. I am planning on creating a mod for Fire Emblem 7 that adds a few more recruitable characters. Though, I do not want to remove any of the other recruitable characters. I was thinking of the following options for starter: Create a chapter/secret chapter that allows the player to prevent Leila death; therefore, recruiting Lelia. Allow the player to recruit either Lloyd or Linus in the Cog of Destiny. In order to integrate these characters into the company, I need to write support conversations. However, Leila is not listed in Nightmare support editor. Is there a way to add her here without messing everything up or removing another character? Anyone have any suggestions? In general, is there a way to add new characters without replacing old ones? Thanks!
  12. Topic Since Feditor seems to downright refuse to run on my computer I'm stuck with Nightmare so I was wondering if its possible to say replace Eirika in FE8 with Lyn or something similer in FE6 If not could you aid my trobles with FEeditor on the thread I made last night
  13. The army editor only goes up to 1-4, there's no support editor, and it's impossible to edit weapons without fixing them at 1 range.
  14. First time using Nightmare and I can do class changes and chapter unit changes. But when I try and change Lyn (Tutorial) in document to Mark (Just testing.) I also use Guy's portrait and change class to myrmidon, but the name comes out as Buy. I have no idea why this happens.
  15. Best hacking tool?

    Hey there, As a total nub to hacking, I'm pretty sure this is a really stupid question. Anyways, assuming that there are multiple hacking tools (Nightmare, FEXP), which is the best way for me to want to kill myself program to start with? I've heard terrible great things about Nightmare, not so much about FEXP though. I'd like to get into FE7 hacks, and already have Nightmare (original) and GBA downloaded. xoxo Gamewhorde
  16. Opening Nightmare Modules App

    Hello there geniuses of the fire emblem hacking community! I'm going to just try and get to the point with this one: So I've downloaded Nightmare Modules (original) and attempted to start up the application. Every time I do this, I receive and error message telling me I do not have permission to do this. (This has never happened to me on any other application, plus this is the only account on this computer) I'm using Norton, and after the error message occurs, Norton tells me that Nightmare is a harmful file, then immediately deletes said file. What do? If this helps at all, I'm running on Windows 8, and downloading Nightmare Original Program off of this website:
  17. (REQUEST) Fire Emblem Gaiden modules

    Hi there, so I have been hacking FE2 with the few modules I have and I would like to ask whether these 2 modules exist, specifically: I need modules on a custom spell set editor(so Alm can learn some spells and Robin can learn something other than just Excalibur) and a drop rate editor, so that angel rings could be dropped at a 1/128 rate instead of 1/9001 rate for example. Does such modules exist, or do I have to request for someone to make said modules? Thanks.
  18. Inserting Animations

    Hello everyone! I've been getting to know my way around both Nightmare and FEeditor lately, and all my practices and experiments have been going smoothly so far. However, there has been one little blip that I have been unable to resolve yet. I have attempted to reintroduce Axe Paladins back into Sacred Stones, and that has worked fine so far. I have gone into Custom Battle Animation Editor with Nightmare, and made an entry for Paladins with all three weapon types. Following what the Ultimate Guide says, I then take the hexadecimal value that the custom animation set is located at, and then paste it in the box in the Class Editor for animations. Therein lies the problem. The Sacred Stones module, rather than having an entry box for the hex value, has a drop down list, which lists all the already existing animations, but doesn't allow for any other spaces. Is there some way to expand this list, or perhaps replace one entry in the list to point instead to the custom animation offset? If this is not possible (which I suspect is the case), I do possess a Hex Editor, but I have almost no experience using it, and my attempts to have so far given me no results. Would someone kindly explain how to replace one set of animations (Specifically the default Paladin animations) with another set (specifically the custom set) without screwing everything up? Thank you in advance.
  19. Hey there everyone it is me again Well I`ve halfway good news i finally learned how to use nightmare sorta i am still confused about some stuff but most is going well. Now the question i have come with today is does anyone have a more complete player weapon editor? similar to the 1st gen character editor? As what I noticed even in the shop editors is where are the enemy exclusive weapons and items? they are supposed to be there I need an editor that allows me to place enemy only weapons into player character item slots. As the hack I am making will be centered around Holy Blood and Holy weapons.
  20. Hello everyone it has been very long. Anyway After hmm lets see about 2 years since I last tried and failed I am once again trying to use nightmare to hack FE4! but I find myself again stuck on the same thing as the first time that drove me to quit. How in the world do you use it at all? I have it but it make me doubt the thing even does anything other than just to stare at it. Maybe I am for one missing pieces to it and that is why it may need other programs to use it. I have one thing atleast and that is the emulator and game of course. And Lunar IPS to but that may be an optional piece and may not be needed I just have it for patching already made hacks made by others to play them. And yes i have searched the web for tutorials for beginners such as myself but only to not find anything remotely helpful and most guides are aimed at FE6,FE7 and FE8 while great guides yes they don`t help as I am not doing GBA FE. I`ve tried youtube for some visual guides but shockingly there is next to no vids displaying nightmare in action. So the only way really is to seek out someone who has been there and done it already and has hacked an FE game already. I have taken a photo of where I am stuck at I have looked through every file in that folder but they seem to be just text documents and the NMM things just plain won`t open so something is missing that I did not pick up maybe. Anyway thanks in advance I can`t wait to begin using it as I heard it is quite fun using nightmare to mess around with FE!
  21. FE4 How to add more enemies

    Hello, this forum has been amazing. I've been having a lot of fun learning how to ROM-hack for the first time in my life. FE4 is my favorite. But can anybody help me figure out how to add more enemies to existing maps in FE4? I've tried looking at the Map Editor, Nightmare's Army Editor and Enemy Editor, but I can't figure this out. I'd love to learn how to add more enemy units, place them in different parts of the map and then edit their status and items. Thank you so much,
  22. Nightmare healing weapons

    So, I'm pretty much 99% noob currently. I'm trying to figure out how to make a Sword of Seals/Falchion style healing weapon. Using Nightmare, I can't find a way to let items use to attack, or let weapons use the [use] command. So, is there any way to do it using basic Nightmare? EDIT: TO clarify, I'm in fe7.
  23. Hey all. I've noticed that there are no editors and no documentation on editing the properties of terrain in Sacred Stones, so I've started a little project to fix that. Fortuitously, terrain data is structured identically in FE7 and FE8 - the only real difference is the location of the tables. Because of this, I have been able to simply adapt the FE7 terrain modules for my purposes. The modules here will allow you to edit the defence/avoid/resistance bonuses given by terrain, the percentage HP they regenerate each turn, and the movement point penalty that different types of units incur when crossing terrain. You can find them here: Terrain Editors Note: It is possible to edit the amount of HP regained per turn from terrain in Blazing Sword, as well. The most convenient way is to set the Terrain Stat Editor to use thirteen tables instead of six. Also also! I have ported over the Support Compatibility Editor to FE8. With this you can change how fast supports grow between characters as well as who can support with whom. Here's the link to the appropriate Nightmare files: Support Editors This was another simple one. The only difficulty was figuring out the order characters were listed in the support table...honestly, I'm not sure why this wasn't done earlier. Finally, I've ported the S-rank Bonus editor to FE8. Finding the offset of the data was kinda tricky, but not really. S-rank Editor Alternatively, you can just download all the new modules together: New FE8 Modules I also have ported the Terrain Stat editors to Fire Emblem 6, for those that are interested: Link
  24. How Do You Make a ROM Hack?

    Hello guys. I've been thinking about making my very first ROM hack. I'm just wondering how to start. I have a Sword of Seals ROM and the Virtual Boy Advance emulator. I have also just downloaded Nightmare but I don't know how to like activate it. Can someone tell me what to do?