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Found 68 results

  1. FE5 (Yuna Takanagi) Manga Translation

    Welcome to Fala Scans' work on the FE5 manga! This manga gets to around chapter nine character + event wise, give or take, with a lot of things excluded and replaced or simply left out due to the low volume count. These books are slightly short of 200 pages per book. Please enjoy! Edit: I do need to include the cover and stuff still. Forgot about that. As usual. Volume One: Chapter 0
  2. Thracia 776 Manga

    First that all, actually the scans of the manga of Fire Emblem 5 are online? Because I didn't viewed it. I searched in japanese pages too. And probably, there's not scans of this, so... I have the 3 volumes in my power, but because they never did a translation for other lenguage, all is in japanese. I can scan this, but we will need an editor and obviously an a translator. Is someone here that can be one of these two please? Here I leave 2 random pages of Safy and Lifis. __________________________________________________
  3. FE5 Support Editing

    I've recently started a small patch for FE5. I have had success in getting the FE5 Character Editor Nightmare module to work, after reading this particular thread: I simply added, then later subtracted 200h from the address provided with the FE5 Character Editor module, until I eventually was able to pull up familiar character growths and edit them without corrupting my SRAM. The problem I'm having now, is that I wanted to edit some of the FE5 character supports using the FE5 Supports Editor module provided in the FE5 Nightmare modules 'Character Editors' directory. Even after editing the FE5 Support Editor's address numerous times, I still can't get it to load any sensible information. I don't believe I can interpret, or understand what information it is giving me. I've attached some sample output for the 0x402CD address within the spoiler tag below: Have I loaded this module correctly? If not, how can I fix it?
  4. First portrait attempt

    And technically first spriting attempt in general. As you can see, it looks almost nothing like Asvel. The current colours for his hair are from his Thracia sprite, I intend to tweak that a bit but the hair is a mess and I'm not sure if that base is going to be easy to work with. I tried to make his hair poofy-ish? Though it didn't exactly turn out that way. Tried to make a smile but it's more like a smirk. I guess I'm just asking for some advice, criticism, if someone wouldn't mind. I need direction.
  5. So, that's it. The other day I was asking help to start FE4( I finished, and loved it) and now I want it for FE5. First of all, what's the best translation for FE5? And where can I get it? I am asking this because I played FE4 and it wasn't project Naga...ended up with a untranslated ending and bad translated weapon names. Any tips for someone who just beat Geneology of the Holy war to get into this game? I have read a lot about it already, the inifinite range staffs are scaring me... Anyway, I have already beaten Radiant Dawn, wich is probably the most complex game of the series( and probably the second hardest, Thracia 776 considered the first one), so I am not too scared. Any tips to get into, what should I do, when should I save, what I should NEVER do, would be apreciated.
  6. I feel like you all have been waiting enough. If you happen to frequent FEU or you've been vigilant here on Serenes Forest, you might have seen some Thracia notes or screenshots. I'd like to give you all a taste of what I've been up to. Zane's Thracia 776 Menu Translation More information and a download link is provided here Patch is for an unheadered, unedited FE5 ROM. Please, as always, reply soon
  7. I, Shouzou Kaga, the shapeshifting master of tactical simulation unleashed an UNSPEAKABLY CHALLENGING GAME in Japan only. But, a foolish translator; wielding an English patch stepped forth to oppose me. *Luxifer Angel patch, Shaya patch, blinkers87 cleanup patch* Before the final blow was stuck, I tore open a portal in time and flung them into the future, where my games are Japan only. Now the fool seeks to return to the past and undo the game that is SHOUZOU KAGA.
  8. Nothing wrong with being a Momma's boy as I am one myself. Anyway, Ronan or Marty? It's up to you!
  9. Whenever I get around to checking the polls and there appears to be an obvious winner, I'll add a new round to the poll. Anyway, Dadgar or Tanya? It's up to you! Edit: Looks like Tanya won. Now it's Marty's turn to take her on!
  10. Well it looks like Orsin crushed Halvan with his Pugi, but can he beat Dagdar? It's up to you!
  11. This will be the last poll in the NES/SNES era. The next poll will take place in the Gameboy era under Binding Blade. Anyway, first we have Orsin and Halvan and who wins is up to you!
  12. Notes on Thracia 776 Events

    This is a sort of crosspost from FEU. I've been interested in learning about Thracia 776 recently, so I've put together some notes and I figured that it'd be nice to share them. I'll continue to update the file with as much as I find. Thracia 776 Doc I was working on an entry for MAFC using what I've learned, but the amount of knowledge required outran the research I had done, so I ran out of time. Here's a screenshot of my progress, if you're interested: Info on inserting maps will come soon. I'm still transferring notes into the stackedit document, and certainly still researching things. Anyway, if you have anything to add, please let me know.
  13. Since FE4 got a wonderful updated translation patch (Project Naga), I've wanted an updated translation for the midquel, Thracia 776. The Shaya patch has a lackluster and often incorrect script, poor quality of the menus, and lots of garbled text. There are lots to improve of. I've heard that the Project Naga team is working on one, but I don't know.
  14. Hello everyone! New LPer here, bringing you all the joy (and pain) of Thracia 776! Come see why I stole the numbers from this game for my stupid username! Part 1: And part 2:
  15. Good Translation Patches

    Anyone have know of any quality English translation patches for FE5 and FE3?
  16. I made this as a goof on the Lair of the Fooker Discord chat. The story of Thracia 776: The game was made by an angry Japanese man. He was mad about the sales of Genealogy of the Holy. So he decided to make a midquel to that game. He wanted to make hard game. Since the Japanese complained about the franchise being so easy that the Americans can play it. So he brought back a thing no one cared about/hated. The dismount system. So the man said "Take that, but weaken them more." and "And don't let axe or lance knights use axes or lances." "Make 'em all use swords." He then thought of more annoying mechanics like Fatigue and Con. "And make steel and silver weapons weigh the units so much, that even a pegasus knight couldn't double with pursuit." "Make so that if the units perform a set number of actions, you won't be able to use them in the next chapter." "Give the healers low HP so they can get fatigued more easily." Then, he made bullshit map objectives. "Let's add optional Gaiden chapters that are very important." "And we'll let the player figure out how to get in them." The angry Japanese man smiled. He just came up with the greatest idea... "Let's explain these new mechanics very vaguely." The angry Japanese man worked hard to make sure everything was...right. "Make sure they can't see where to go, or even know where/what the map objective is!" "Wait...I have escape maps and fog of war maps..." "Let's combine them!" "Make sure there are certain tiles that warp them into prison chambers." Chapter 24x. "How dare you make a man over the age of 30 good! Don't even get me started over 40, they're Jagen units." "You have to make the youngest people the best to please the Japanese crowd!" The angry Japanese man was done, and he and his development team of Russian hackers were proud. Then he released the game to the public, to his surprise, it flopped and the Japanese said it was too easy. So he left his company and tried to ripoff his own game on the Playstation. The end.
  17. I'll list mine from each game. Mystery of the Emblem: "Advance"(Beginning chapters theme)and "Holy War"(Final chapter theme} Genealogy of the Holy War: "Girl of the Spirit Forest"(Chapter 1 theme) and "Lionheart Eldigan"(Chapter 3 theme) Thracia 776:" Advance B" and "Base" (Haven't played much of Thracia 776)
  18. Fe3 and Fe5: worth playing?

    Hi I was thinking of playing Fe3 book 1(since fe11 is so damn awful) and Fe5(just because). I still want to play them, but I want to know is if they are fun?
  19. Xator Nova/Ronaldo Villanueva decided to talk about one of his favorite games, Thracia 776 in probably his most ambicious project nowadays. He wants to defend the position of Thracia as one of the best Strategical Games in the Story of the Videogames. Note: The video is in spanish (his native languaje), but has notes with english subtitules.
  20. While I procrastinate working on and recording defense chapters in my active playthroughs, I decided to figure out how to effectively RNG abuse in yet another Fire Emblem game... and this was the result: No plans to pursue this any further at the moment (since I've never played this game before, and I have other playthroughs that are higher on my priority list), but thought you guys might enjoy. EDIT: Sorry, there is a recording issue at the moment that will get fixed in like 2 minutes when I change the link. Fixed!
  21. FE5 enemy growth editing

    I understand that there are 9 sets of growths that the game uses in FE5 to determine random enemy stats and I have found them, but I wonder if there is a way to alter the pointers so that certain classes only pull from certain growths. I've checked the data via nightmare and windhex to try and see patterns, but no luck. I'd like to take those 9 growths, like with physical 1&2 and fighter 1&2 and change them to be more speed or defense oriented and assign swordmasters or generals to the appropriate growths. Does anyone know where this data can be found?
  22. Actually I had the problem in my first playthrough too. According to this site she should turn into a sage. But in these screenshots you can see that it doesn't work. I know from my first playthrough that Sara could be promoted, so why not Linoan? Does she need a special promotion item I haven't heared yet or is it one of FE5's bugs? Idk which translation patch I'm using. A friend of mine sent me the link (I can't find anymore) since the patch on SF didn't work for me.
  23. In the page here on Thracia 776's unused classes, Dragon Master (M, D), meaning male and dismounted, is listed as having access to Lances and Swords. However, when I hack the Dismounted Dragon Master class into the game with action replay, it can only use Swords. Is there something I'm missing here, or is this an error? I will say Male Dismounted Dragon Lords being able to use Lances is similar to Raffin in Kaga's next game, Tear Ring Saga. On a related subject, was no one being able to uses Lance indoors in Thracia 776 an intentional decision? Like did they plan Lance, and Duke Knights to dismount to Swords all along, or was it a time saving measure by making the majority of dismounted classes re-use the same animations? If they did plan Non Sword mounted classes dismounting to Swords, why?
  24. ...without things going wonky? I know in the GBA games it's 31, but what about the SNES ones?