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Found 196 results

  1. Hey everyone. I don't know how new this is (or in the sense that you've probably improvised this one way or another) but I've though of a way to exp grind specific units so you don't have to worry about them falling behind. Every Fire Emblem game has at least one abusable chapter that you can use to grind units (like with Jill on RD on that prison map). As you can see, there's only 1 unit left which would be the boss, you can kill him later. Please excuse the picture quality, I took these from my phone and my copy is digital/not on my capture card Ds. Step 1 - The Setup: Make sure you have a similar setup where you have 2 staff users and 2 other random units of your choice on the spikes terrain (You can be as disorganised or numerous as you can muster, so long as all units are on the marked terrain). The idea here is that they all take damage and they keep healing each other turn after turn so that they get EXP and level up their staff proficiency. Step 2 - The Healing Circle: I usually have a Pegasus be ready to bring supplies back and forth from MU just in case I run out but basically there's 2 healers for two other units and you're constantly healing them every turn. Proceed to heal your unit, in this case you can heal Nephenee Oboro and then move on to your next healer. I feel this will be really useful for Sakura because I had a hard time raising her in Birthright purely due to how she can't retaliate and i'd have to spend time glossing over EzSeize castles to try and find Counter/Countermagic to make her a pseudo Izama until she can hold Yumi/Bows. (Takumi is really OP) Step 3 - The Overwatch: Here is where the boss resides, I've marked out his range to make you aware, he won't move from this spot so you're safe to crowd round and stare at him for as long as possible (I think up to 99 turns iirc, anything over that and the game forces a Game Over on you). Make sure you have a reliable unit who can soak up damage (and heal him/her if necessary). Also, make sure your unit can't strike back or place a unit where the CPU likes to throw stuff at which your unit cannot retaliate. I left him at 1hp so that Saizo can finish him off. You can keep on doing this until you feel satisfied or when turn 99 comes up (whichever comes first). I hope this will help those who are still about to start Revelations. If there's any other tech, feel free to share. I hope this helps!
  2. Bugs in Fates?

    I was playing Ghostly Gold today, and when Selkie fought an enemy she was floating. Can someone tell me if this is a bug or not? Or does it just have to do with terrain?
  3. Now there is a lot of people saying that people hack on fates. The best I've seen was a Laslow with 70+ uncapped stats. And I was streaming on YouTube the other day and one guy said that he saw a guy with 5 Omega Yatos, that's 20+ to str, def, res, and spe. He was doing 100 physical dmg at the least. This one is pretty common, Aptitude on 1st gen units, the only units that could get aptitude is Mozu, all 2nd gen except male Kana and Shigure. Aptitude on units isn't really that game breaking, I mean I've used it before, because I'm a scrub, but I think that multiple rare items and really high stats are the line for Nintendo. I think they put a anticheat to where if you try to buy a hacked unit, it won't let you, remember that Laslow with the 70+ uncapped stats? Of course you do, well it wouldn't let me buy his skills nor his actual unit. Who would waste their time on a game like this? You must have lots of time on your hands to do something like this. Castle Address: 13192-03861-44996-07646 I have lots of statues so I also have a wide variety of skills and some good stats, not hacked stats though.
  4. (Look at what the personal skill does here for Hoshidan characters, here for Nohrian characters and here for other / DLC characters) So basically this thread is about discussing the personal skills of the Fire Emblem Fates characters. Some of these skills are unique such as Odin's Aching Blood, while others are really similar to each other (Orochi's Capture and Niles' Kidnap). I really think Midori's Lucky Charm is probably the best personal skill. 20% is great and can make builds like 100% Miracle builds.
  5. Hey guys! If you're interested in Gaming and Let's Plays check out our latest Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest Hard Classic PERMADEATH playthrough! We're on Episode 2 so far, but more to come! Hope you enjoy! I'd love to hear any feedback you have on it. I've had experience with YouTube in the past so hopefully you'll be delightfully surprised at the level of polish (this should hopefully look/seem a lot more professional than a channel just starting out). At the very least it should seem pretty good for a channel with only 78 subs so far! But we started about two months ago and while we do more than just LPs, it's a pretty crowded environment to get started in and a bit challenging to get seen at times. I'm not a pro player by any means, but I've been playing/a fan since we got FE7, and I've played every once since including the fan translated FE12. So hopefully I can keep it together, but some deaths may actually make things even more interesting, so we'll see. But regardless let me know your thoughts, I'd love to hear them. Game on guys! Update: Episode 5
  6. I don't know if I'm allowed to post this but, what Fire Emblem Fates skill would you make? I would make something like an ability which swaps the opponent's pair up after combat if the user initiates it.
  7. An Interesting Question

    I'm extremely curious about the Omega Yato. I was doing a my castle battle in a random castle and something weird happened. My Soleil, whose skills are Vantage, Counter, Rend Heaven, Astra, and Lifetaker, attacked the enemy avatar who had the omega yato equipped. I thought "Ok, i have 30 hp, whateves she dies for the castle battle no big. OH WAIT, she has counter, so i should kill him if he hits" however, with his 44 dmg x2, counter didn't activate. My question is, does the Omega Yato nullify counter? because Soleil was attacking adjacent to him, yet it didn't activate.
  8. False Prophet's Custom Fates convos

    So, I followed Custom FE:Fates Support Convos example and make my own Fire Emblem Fates support thanks to FEITS! Watch, Comment and Share! This is my first time doing this, so it is still very clumsy. Oh, and if anyone know where can I find the sound file for that "click" when you scroll through dialouges, then please tell me.
  9. I'mnewtotheseforumssobeniceplease. So I'm playing Birthright, and I'm a really indecisive person when it comes to pairings and I could use some help. These are by pairings: FEmui x Silas Hayato x Sakura Orochi x Saizou Hinoka x Subaki and here's where the pairings get really indecisive: Ryouma x Kagerou/Rinkah leaning towards Kagerou on this one but I heard Rinkah is okay Takumi x Oboro/Hana/Mozu Hinata x Oboro/Hana/Setsuna Azama x Bench Felicia/Maybe Setsuna Throwaway pair really but I'm open to suggestions, heard he's actually a physical unit. Azura x Kaze/Kaden/Jakob Kaze x Azura/Mozu/Rinkah Heard Mozu makes Midori OP, heard Azura can also do the same broken Miracle thing and makes for a great Shigure, Heard Rinkah helps Kaze a lot with stats or something Kaden x Hana/Azura/Mozu And Jakob can die alone. *sigh* Jakob x Flora Azura, Mozu, Kagero
  10. VIEW RESULTS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST UNDER "EDIT" The Fire Emblem Fates community has been pretty split on which of the two samurai retainers for the Hoshidan Royal Family is better, so the time has finally come to end it, once and for all! I am personally on Team Hinata, but I want to know YOUR opinion! (Note: Please choose between the first two, if at all possible. The last choice is really just for laughs. Only pick it if you don't like either Hana or Hinata.) EDIT: The results are in! At the time in which I am typing this Hinata is technically winning by two votes (42, 44, 19, 19), but due to the short distance between the two (which was constantly fluctuating) and request from other users I've decided to call this poll a tie. Many thanks to all who voted!
  11. Hey Guys, is anybody having trouble getting Bond units? I've gotten one, but no matter how many castles I visit, no more have spawned. Is anyone having this trouble? My castle address: 13808-31041-61758-68848
  12. Your Favorite Unpopular Units

    Note: This thread was originally called "Characters I Like That Most Other People Don't (please tell me why)." but its current name is "Your Favorite Unpopular Units", because I want to make this thread a place where other people can tell the world which unpopular characters they like and why, as well as receive the opinions of their fellow users. My original post can be found below. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RANT TIME! (Please don't hate me for this. It's just my opinion, and I want to know your thoughts.) So I was looking at some of the current results for a Fire Emblem Fates popularity poll here on Serenes Forest (Check it out here: I felt as though there were many characters who were being horribly misrepresented. Why is it that almost every single one of the characters that had a higher "dislike" score than "like" score are characters that I actually like? Here are some examples. If at all possible, if there is a character on here that you don't like, please tell me why. I would really appreciate the input. - Hayato I find Hayoto's over-confidence endearing. His characterization does well to remind me of one of my personal favorite units, since I really liked Ricken back in Awakening. - Yukimura My favorite of the CorrinSexuals, aside from Izana. He works really hard to protect Hoshido and I think people need to give him a little more credit. - Nyx I gave her the Excaliber tome at the end of my Conquest play-through and she destroyed EVERYTHING. I also really like her character design and I S-supported her on a whim. No regrets. - Asugi I didn't like Gaius back in Awakening, because he was worthless in a fight if you didn't put in the time to train him up or reclass him. Asugi is different. The superiority of the Ninja class and his ability to inherit skills allows him to be a powerful force on the battlefield. - Hisame The big one. The one that I just cannot comprehend. There are so many reasons to like him. He's great in battle with his high defense inheritance, he has good supports with many of the other units, he has good voice-acting, he is the ONLY character Shigure can gain a class from in an A+ support, and his quotes are HILARIOUS. In case you didn't know, his pickle obsession wasn't something that was added onto his characterization in the localization. The Japanese version had plenty of it: I just don't get it. Show Hisame some love, people. And while I'm not overly fond of Rhajat, I definitely like her WAY more than I liked Tharja. I DESPISED Tharja, but Rhajat isn't as bad, imo. The lesbian S-support really helps her case, too. Most people don't agree at all, and I have no idea why. If Niles is so loved, then why can't Rhajat just be given a little bit of that credit? I'm just saying. And also, why is Male Corrin always ranked lower than Female Corrin? They are literally THE EXACT SAME CHARACTER. They have NO DIFFERENCES WHATSOEVER. Please explain. Seriously. (And thank you for taking the time to read this.)
  13. I'm playing Birthright, and I decided to put Ryoma's Raijinto into the Convey, as I was curious as to what his actual strength stat was. Without the Raijinto, Ryoma has 24 strength. He is a level 14 Swordmaster. Sakura, a level 11 Priestess, has 25 strength. That is the joint second highest strength total in the entire army. I did not use a single energy drop on her. I promoted her when she hit level 20 in her unpromoted class. And no, I haven't reclassed Sakura either. She has just been a Priestess and her unpromoted class. Is this normal? Edit: Pictures, to show that I am not making this up:
  14. In the Heirs of Fate DLC Velouria uses a different portrait in the second half of her critical animation. Normally she uses her "angry" portrait (in which her eyes are open), but instead she uses her "eyes closed" portrait. What do you think this is? Is it a developer oversight? A localization error? A glitch? Please let me know! Any responses are much appreciated. A link to a source which shows her different portraits:
  15. My cartridge currently holds the power of Gay Fates Hack, Twin Kanas (male & female Kana), and save editing. Meaning that soon, I'll have a my castle available with every skill unlocked on every character + hair colour changing abilities + class changing abilities + every gem "My castle" resource + much more! I'll be sharing my castle when it's complete so everyone can get access to abilities and / or characters (recruitment) for every revelations character. However, to finish this I'll need to get every character. Including the second generations characters. Here is a list of all the pairings I currently have and / or considering (???) as marriage pairings. I'd like everyone to suggest their favourite fan pairings, with no limitations attached! This meaning everyone can marry anyone, including second generations and "special" characters (i.e Scarlet, Gunter, Flora etc) Current Pairings: * Odette (MU) x Rinkah * Ryoma x Scarlet * Leo x Niles * Odin x Elise * Subaki x Felicia * Azura x Hinoka??? OR * Hinoka x Camilla??? * Kaze x Silas * Keaton x Mozu * Kaden x Setsuna * Saizo x Orochi * Takumi x Selena * Hayato x Sakura * Nyx x Arthur * Laslow x Charlotte??? * Benny x Beruka??? * Hinata x Beruka??? * Azama x Oboro??? Revelation Characters reference: + DLC characters, such as; Anna, Ike, Marth, Lucina, and Robin (possibly?) My Castle will feature a daily character and / or skill change daily (if I have the time.) But you'll be able to request from multiple sources to have the characters + skills changed as you'd like them.
  16. Hana's Enemy Pair-Up Glitch

    I was preparing my units for a challenge map at Fort Jinya in Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation, and since I was playing on Lunatic mode, I wanted to get everything perfect. When I started the battle I noticed I had forgotten something, so I soft-reset back to the Preparations Screen. But when I got there, I noticed something odd. The tile occupied by Hana had an enemy pair-up standing right on top of her. Those enemies were originally standing below her, between her and Rinkah. Yet somehow they managed to move up a tile right onto one of my occupied spaces. I'm thinking this might be a glitch. What do you all think? Please let me know! I'd appreciate it. This isn't the first glitch I've seen in Fates. I posted another one here: And this also isn't the first crazy thing I've had happen to me in my Lunatic run of Revelation:
  17. Some characters just rub you the wrong way at first, and you just think they're a simple joke or stereotype. But then they do or say something that makes you see them in a new light. Mine was Arthur. I thought he was the average superhero guy who sucks at his job. I still liked him no problem, but earlier today I was looking through his Support conversations in the Japanese version of the game, and was shocked to discover one of his talks with Effie. To summarize, he asked how was Effie a better retainer than him. She responded something akin to "because Elise was my friend before I was her retainer." The next conversation was a followup answer to Arthur's question, saying that he was "too fickle". He responded by saying that it's simply how he is; he helps people in need, not simply Elise. Effie responded with saying that kind of attitude is just fine. I thought he was doing it simply for the possible fame and accolation, but it was simply because of how much of a good person he is. From what I understand, they flanderized him in the official translation, which is unfortunate. But I'll always respect Arthur for the man he was supposed to be.
  18. Redo

    Would any body mind if IS redid this game story wise? I mean, I see the potential for a great story at least.
  19. A Few FE:F Questions

    I'm attempting work on a fan fiction involving two friends, one taken by Nohr, the other escaped to Hoshido. In this particular scenario, the two friends inhabit a village in Nohr that has been involved in attempts to rebel against the nation. As punishment, Nohrian forces are sent in, and the friends are caught in the crossfire. I already said that one would have been taken captive by Nohr as a prisoner of war, which begs a few questions... Nohr-Related Questions I know Nohr take prisoners (i.e. Kaze and Rinkah), but what could possibly warrant such? Would they only take important individuals, such as rebellion leaders or advisors? (I get then, in this instance, why they'd take Rinkah, since she was important as the Flame Chieftain's daughter. Kaze, not so much...) Would any prisoners of war be assassinated immediately by the Royal Family as tests of strength, or would they be tortured for information (and perhaps later on killed or held prisoner/hostage)? Another aspect, since I've tried to understand is how some individuals become retainers, which is another part to my story. Leo, for example, allowed Niles to be his retainer despite his attempt to steal from the Nohrian castle. Would it or could it seem acceptable for a Royal Family member to take on a prisoner as their retainer if they proved their strength and capability? Hoshido-Related Questions Most of these are just similar to the Nohrian questions. The circumstance I have for the Hoshidan friend would simply be she escapes to Hoshido in an attempt to flee the Nohrians, but it captured in Hoshido and interrogated. Without money or anything to her name, she explains herself and her desire for asylum in the more peaceful nation, and eventually comes to serve the Hoshidan Royals as a retainer. Regarding retainers, would it be believable if a Hoshidan Royal took on this girl (assuming she proved her strength and capability) as a retainer? I also assumed Hoshido would be more sympathetic to someone seeking asylum from Nohr, and would thus be more willing to trust her (with others of course being naturally suspicious of her). Does any of this seem reasonable? I'm not looking necessairily for in-game information (already looked, from what I have seen there's not much to address my questions). I simply want the input of thos on serenesforest. Any and all opinions are graciously welcomed. Thank you.
  20. When I was playing through Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation (on Lunatic mode) I had what quite possibly was my most insane RNG experience in my entire life. For as long as I can remember, I've never really experienced something like this in Fire Emblem, or just video games in general, so you can guess how amazed I was when this happened to me. My Avatar (Kenneth) was on defense during the Enemy Phase in Chapter 7: Unspeakable World of Revelation. He had his Dragonstone equipped, so I wasn't worried. He held off two enemies like it was nothing, and it didn't seem like the third (a cavalier) was going to be much of a threat. However, I was fairly certain that I was going to take some damage from the encounter and I would have to finish off the cavalier on the next turn due to Kenneth's low skill and crit rate. Boy, was I wrong. My enemy missed a 79% shot, then I activated a 6% Dragon Fang and a 1% critical AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. I was stunned, so I did some calculations and found some staggering numbers. Here is the math: 79% chance for successful enemy attack, making the miss chance .21 or 21%. Then we take into account the activation of Dragon Fang, which is 75% of the skill statistic for the attacker. My avatar had an original skill statistic of 11, which was decreased by 3 due to the Dragonstone for a total of 8 skill. 8 X .75 = 6, giving us a .06 or 6% chance. Finally, we have the critical hit rate, which was only a measly .01 or 1%. To find the grand total percentage for all of these happening in the exact same combat we use the following equation: .21 X .06 X .01 = y, which gives us a final percentage of y = .000126% or a 1 in 7936.5 chance. This is basically the Shiny Pokémon of Fire Emblem. What do you guys think? Let me know! (Also, please let me know if this kind of post violates any of the Serenes Forest Codes of Conduct. If it does, I will stop these kinds of posts immediately. Thank you.)
  21. Resouce Fields in Fates: Revelations?

    So I've been playing Revelations recently, and was told that I would have access to all the resource fields (gems and foodstuffs) of both Hoshido and Nohr. Currently I have milk (Nohr), crystal (Nohr), Lapis (Hoshido), and RICE (Hoshido). The amount of milk and rice I have is ridiculous, especially rice, which I have so much of I have actually begun to hate it. Is there a way to change the resource fields I have? If so, how? Or are they randomly generated in each playthrough/game? I need some help. I don't have many companions who play the game, so my ability to travel to castles is limited, and the lottery rarely provides me with anything of value. Any help is appreciated!
  22. So now that the game has been out for a while, what are your opinions on the new weapon system? Here's what I think: Pros The nerf to javelins and hand axes was a great idea and honestly should have been implemented in earlier games I know people here might disagree with me, but weapon durability ceased to be an important feature the moment they allowed you to purchase weapons in between chapters so removing it made sense The buffs/debuffs that weapons give you adds a new dimension to game Weapons that modify the double attack threshold are nifty Hidden weapons were a nice addition Cons Hidden weapons are a tad bit too effective since there's no way to remedy the debuffs that they inflict on you The stat penalty from using silver weapons are a bit too high, so much so that players may forgo using them in favour of forged iron weapons Raijinto and Siegfried are far too strong, completely disregarding the rules of this new weapon system on top of giving their users a stat boost All in all, I liked the new weapon system. It had a few flaws, but that was to be expected since this is their first attempt at doing it (ignoring Gaiden, which was a bit of a clusterfuck). I hope that they keep it for the next game and try to fix some of the flaws.
  23. Voice actor of Hayato?

    Just a quick question: Is it confirmed that Ben Diskin voices Hayato? Because to me he sounds exactly like Bryce Papenbrook... For comparison: Skip to 17:22
  24. I'm playing fire emblem fates: revelations, and Azama's and Effies supports were surprisingly nice, and effie seem to pass down really good stats to mitama, who i have been wanting to optimize. I was considering passing down Paveis to Mitama since it's a pain in a butt to grind for, but unless I marry Mitama to Hisame, there isn't a way she can get Astra unless effie A+ hana and pass the skill to Mitama. So I just wanna know, is Astra more important, or should i just pass down pavise? (I wish to end Mitama as a priestess.)
  25. Chapter 1: A dark presence It had come to pass that Hoshido and Nohr had signed on peace after the fall of Anankos. Words could not describe how beautiful the kingdoms have become, after the treaty between the once war torn countries have agreed to stop the fighting once and for all. But, for some reason, a new dark presence has been felt by the mages of the kingdoms, yet no one could find out what it was and/or how it got to the surface of Hoshido and Nohr. In Hoshido, Orochi rushes to the throne room to tell Ryoma of this news. She kneels to him once she had arrived there. "Prince Ryoma... I have felt a new presence outside our borders, and I am relieved to say it is no presence of Nohrians or people of Valla." She explains to the Eldest of Hoshido's royalty. He looks shocked of the news that Orochi brings to him, and is silent for a few minutes. "If it isn't Nohr or Valla.... What could it be? We must send a message to Corrin and Prince Xander at once. If we don't find out what it is soon... I fear bad things will happen." He finally replies, taking a deep breath. So Ryoma wrote two letters, and sent them on birds to get the message. After writing the letter, Takumi, Hinoka, and Sakura arrive to the throne room, where Ryoma sits, with a worried look on his face. "Ryoma... is something wrong? I haven't seen you this worried since Corrin made his decision on which side to choose." Takumi tells him, sighing. "Takumi, Hinoka, Sakura.... Orochi had told me that a dark presence had been felt, and it's not the Nohrians, or the Valletes. I fear if we don't find soon... The kingdoms may be attacked by an unknown enemy. I have sent a letter to Corrin and Prince Xander about this, and told them we should try and find where it's coming from." Ryoma replies. Takumi, Hinoka, and Sakura have a shocked look on their face from the news. "W-we have to find out what it could be... It couldn't be any of Anankos's leftover powers s-summoning the source, could it?" Sakura theorizes, taking a deep breath afterwards. "It couldn't be. Corrin destroyed him with the Omega Yato and help from us." Hinoka reminds them, "Some people in Cheve and Izumo have seen strange sightings of little shadows on the ground and in the lakes and rivers, considering it to be other worldly... So it may be coming from-" Hinoka, Sakura, Takumi, and Ryoma are shocked to already find their answer. "THE DRAGONS GATE!" The Royals of Hoshido all say at once. "We have to tell Corrin and the Nohrian Royalty to come to there. It may lead to an uncharted part of the two countries."