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Found 196 results

  1. Hi, Ok so, if you're reading this, you've already beat Revelation I hope. So after the very happy cliche ending, Kamui is the king/queen of Valla and the siblings are all like "if you need anything please let us know/come to us. But in Kamui's ending story thing, it ssys that the Bottomless Canyon was sealed. We saw that the Bottomless Canyon was used as an entrance to Valla, and that the only person who could open a partal outside of the Bottomless Canyon was Azura, who stays in Valla, i'd assume (i fon't remember but mist likely) So if the siblings wanted to communicate, or visit Kamui, how would they do it? Just a random thought.
  2. Fire Emblem Fates Nightmare modules

    Here are some Nightmare modules for Fire Emblem Fates I've just made: For those who wonder what Nightmare is, it is a software that let you hex edit every file via modules. With Nightmare, even those who don't have any knowledge in data structure and hex editing can still edit the game's files and make some cool stuff. Instruction and documentation and be found in the README file and wiki of the repository.
  3. Best personal skill

    We have a thread for the worst personal skill, so this is a topic for the best ones. For the Birthright campaign, I'm saying Rinkah's Fiery Blood (IMO). She's bulky enough to take a physical hit or two and it makes up for her middling Strength in some cases. Oboro's Nohr Enmity, which makes up for the averageness of her Spear Fighter class, comes in close. If there's a Nohr-heavy map, I bring Oboro along. Of course, it's not that useful in Revelation, since you fight a mix of Hoshidans and Nohrians. Pretty useful in Birthright, though.
  4. Worst weapon name?

    Any weapon names you guys think are bad or weird or just really stupid? For me, it's mostly the tomes. "Ginnungagap." wtf Ragnarok is a close second, but at least it sounds something like Rock. And Hans' axe (I'm pretty sure): Aureglimer are also kind of weird, but it's one of the S rank/legendaryish weapons so I guess it's alright. Who knows, looking through the list on the wiki, these are the only ones that bother me :P Also just weird weapons in general, (not just names lol), i.e: Pebble. EDIT: Looks like a lot of them are related to Norse Mythology, (Something I'm not too familiar with), Should've done a bit more searching on it :P
  5. sorry im relatively new to fire emblem, my first game was awakening. but my setsuna's only a level 12 archer right now and saizos only level 15 and still just a ninja. should i use a master seal on them both then marry them? or have one or both of them use a heart seal to get different skills to pass down?? also are there any skills i really should give to asugi? or maybe he should have a different mother?
  6. So I decided I wanted to make a page on ideas based around the pairings I made with my Robins/Corrins. Here is what I have so far (pairings actually utilized). It might make for a good fan fiction but I don't know yet. Virion!Morgan Name: D'Artagnon General Idea: He inherited his father's fashion sense much to his mother's dismay. However, he decided to become a Dark Knight in order to show how powerful he is as a tactician. Being an heir to Rosanne also makes him nervous. He envies his mother's composure the most. Virion as a father is surprisingly helpful but only because the two of them don't want to disappoint each other. Tiki!Morgan Name: Wendy General Idea: The descendant of a Divine Dragon and Grima's Vessel left Wendy to live with conflicting views. Wendy overall doesn't want to be burdened with being Tiki and her father's heir and results in being just as childish as her mother when she was younger. When it comes to meeting others of her species (both human and dragon), Wendy feels pampered, which is why she stays in the forests where neither one can find her. Tiki wishes to feel closer to her and explain the pressure put on her. Niles!Kanna (Male!Corrin Father) Name: Cosette General Idea: Adopted into the family, Cosette wondered how come the people that are supposed to be her peers are much older than her. She's been awfully curious about the Deeprealms, a place where the others were raised. However, due to the randomness of the Deeprealms, Niles and her other father, the prince of Nohr/Valla have both decided to keep her out of it. Cosette is only a princess now, however outside of her interest in the Deeprealms, she loves her two fathers very much, and also loves her adopted sister. Male!Corrin!Nina (Niles Father) Name: Nina General Idea: Cosette's older sister, Nina admires the passion her fathers have for each other. Of course, much unlike the Ninas raised with mothers, this Nina knows better than to ship other people. With her fathers as an influence, she's grown to be a much stronger Adventurer. Unlike her sister, Nina knows about the Deeprealms and has warned her to stay out of it for as long as she can. --- I will write more as I play the games. I am debating a name for the Yen'fay!Morgan right now in fact. With Awakening however, I only have one game and it only has one route as a whole. Buying three files for it seems a bit weak. I will more than likely pick my three favorite characters of each gender once I finish the Yen'fay file. The characters I picked are: Priam, Kallam!Laurent, and Gaius!Brady for boys, and Say'ri, Libra!Noire, and Chrom!Cynthia for girls. As for Fates, I may just read the supports for right now - but I do have them planned. Niles in Conquest is complete. Now there's Peri and Azura!Dwyer to work on in it, and then for Birthright, it's Yukimura, Izana, and Jakob!Shigure. Revelations might have more thought in it though. I plan to marry Scarlet in it despite what I've seen/heard about her in it, but I also plan to marry Arthur and Hayato. This would make me want to think harder on my choices in it. For me, actually watching the supports can help me write for these guys.
  7. So for my Birthright playthrough I'm marrying Crimson/Scarlet (obviously), but I want to know what skills to pass on to Kanna. I'm also having trouble on choosing what my asset should be (I'm thinking either Skill or Strength). My secondary class is going to be Fighter. Aslo, let me know who I should marry Kanna to (as well as what her ending class should be) so that she could get some skills that she can't get from her parents. It'd be very appreciated
  8. So, I don´t know if there is an existing post for this, but yeah, I had some ideas, mostly names for my builds but I´ll try to complete them soon. Well, here is the list of names. Clumsy Maid Felicia - Maid Sol Shurikenfaire Inspiration Live to Serve I really don´t know give me some ideas Multitalented Mushroom Hater Jakob - Butler Luna Shurikenfaire Inspiration Live to Serve Armored Blow Old Spice Gunter - G. Knight Luna Deadly Breath Line of Death Galeforce Aggressor Ice Cold Flora (or maybe Ice Ice Flora...) - Maid Vengeance Shurikenifaire Lifetaker Inspiration Live to Serve Dragoncursed Ninja Kamui - Master Ninja Lethality (or something else, I like Lethality..) Draconic Curse Deadly Breath Replicate Cut Through (couldn´t think of anything else..) My idea with this one is like to replicate the unit and separate them in order to drop the stats of enemies so that others can finish them up. Lobster Wannabe Kamui - Hoshido Noble Astra Swordfaire Hoshidan Unity Dragon Fang Vantage High Lobster of Hoshido Ryoma - Swordmaster Astra Swordfaire Death Blow Line of Death Lancebreaker Lobstar Ryoma - Lodestar Dancing Blade Speedtaker Astra Swordfaire Lancebreaker Dragonborn Hero Kamui . Hero Sol Dragon Ward Swordfaire Replicate Amateratsu My idea is like the Dragoncursed Ninja, use replicate but this one is to support your other units, halve their damage give them health or defense. Greedy Little Anna - Merchant Hana Banana - Swordmaster Tactical Puppeteer Yukimura - Mechanist Suicide Squad Saizo - Master Ninja Line of Death Lethality Shurikenfaire Deadly Breath Galeforce 50 Shades of Niles - Adventurer Little Boy Hayato - Onmyoji Little Cheese of Hoshido Shiro - Weapon Master Friend Bear Benny - General Cirque du Soleil - Hero Fabulous Forrest - Strategist Corn Prince Xander - Paladin Swordfaire Aegis Luna Armored Blow Lifetaker Little Princess Kamui - Nohrian Noble Swordfaire Luna Nohrian Trust Dragon Fang Draconic Curse (or another one?) Pieridorito - G.Knight Hoshidan Dragongirl - Kanna Nohrian Dragonboy - Kanna If you have any ideas for Names for the builds post them, or if you also have builds of your own post them. Edit* I also need you to change my ideas a bit since I haven´t thought much of if the skills will work right.
  9. Since many people here seem to have questions about it/are worried if they'll get shadowbanned from Powersaves... There's quite a few threads already mentioning Shadowbans, but I wanted to neatly organize this topic. (This is only concerning Powersaves, so I can't help you cheaters if you are using some other hack methods.) Here's the run down of the many asked questions: Why is it called a Shadowban? It is, from what I've gathered called a 'shadow' ban because you won't be notified if you are banned. It is a result of trying to stop illegal hacks. So what exactly does it mean? If you are shadowbanned for using Powersaves, no one can visit your castle. Although you can still visit other castles. You'll most likely not be able to participate in online battles if the team you've chosen is from the file that is shadowbanned. ^You will get an error as soon as you are at the preparation screen. What causes a ban like this? When you use the Powersaves codes to hack on illegal weapons or skills it results in a Shadowban. More specifically: Enemy weapons, Enemy skills, basically anything that can't be done legit in game such as a Dragonstone +7/Beaststone +7, NPC exclusives, etc. If you are confused about accidentally hacking on enemy weapons you can visit this page for more information. If you are confused about accidentally hacking on enemy skills you can visit this page for more information. Some enemy skills will not cause a ban, includes: Wing Shield, Armor Shield, Beast Shield and Bold Stance. If I get banned on one file, what about my others? Getting shadowbanned on one file will not affect your other game saves/files. Can I undo this ban? Yes. You will have to put the illegal weapons/items/skills/whatever in your inventory/equipped skills and overwrite it with a save. You could either Powersaves different items/etc over so it removes, or click the option that selects it to be empty, in Powersaves. Doing that will remove whatever causes the shadowbans (after you update your data it should all be good). Um, Jin how do you even know about this stuff? From my own experience. I've tested out many things as well to see if it causes bans and whatnot. Hopefully this topic can help someone! If I forgot to add something, I apologize in advance.
  10. I just played through birthright and I used dragons gate alot to train my units, started conquest but dragons gate maps dont give exp at all? Is that a conquest thing? Or is it bugged
  11. Hidden Truths

    So, the DLC's released. Also, it SOUNDS to me like Anankos' voice is just one of Corrin's reused...with an echoing effect, like he's in constant Dragon mode. I kinda like it. Edit: Also, I love the title drops that Owain makes.
  12. Okay so something I decided to try early into my second Conquest run is to finish my endgame with all Wyvern units, or as many Wyverns as I can manage with support units filling in the leftover spots. I expect it will be something of a challenge, but between Malig Knights and Wyvern Lords I can have all three segments of the weapon triangle, so I'm gonna try to make this happen. I've never done a crazy run with such specifics like this before, so advice and suggestions would be hugely appreciated. Conditions: - All units who can class change into a Wyvern unit must end the game as a Wyvern unit (unless they're dropped and go unused) - Must go into the Chapter27 + Endgame with as many Wyvern units as possible. - Staff/Rally support units are allowed up until the final 2 chapters, or if there aren't enough wyvern units to deploy in the final 2 - No gold/exp DLC - No Dreadfighter/Darkflier access - 1 Hero's Brand, 1 Exalt's Brand, & 1 Witch's Mark available Current Status: **COMPLETE!** - Though the battle was bloody, the Wyvern Brigade made it through the Endgame to stop the evils of Twincest Takumi and his bow domination, thus striking down Fates' title as 'Bow Emblem'! > At some point I'd like to attempt to record a playthough of the endgame (even though all I have is my computer's webcam, OTL...) - Final Endgame lineup listed above; all Wyvern units used along with Azura - Attained all gold statues for units being used, including the support squad - Wound up adding Forrest to the Wyvern Brigade near the end of the game; he was probably my weakest unit, but he was usable! - Profiteer Midori with Anna's Bow + Luck Potions from Azura's Witch's Brew made farming for gold on the Awakening DLC pretty easy - used both boots on MU (squandered one on Azura, who got Warp) - Purely for kicks... All forged weapons get dragon-themed naming conventions, and all Wyvern units got decked out with uniform accessories depending on their character model - wound up ultimately not needing the last 2 Arms Scrolls out of the 5 used (one was given to Kana, one to Camilla, and I forget the third); proving that planning stuff out ahead of time so you can switch classes / train weapon ranks early helps a lot toward that Final Notes It took a lot of planning, and yeah there were some missteps along the way, but I think I proved that this can be done. If anything, Wyverns might be one of the best unit types for a class-specialized run like this, given their access to all three colors of the Weapon Triangle and their crazy mobility. Bows wound up being less of a problem than I thought they'd be between the magically-strong Malig Knights and all the units with relatively-easy access to Bowbreaker. Had a lot of fun doing this, and hope other people try some crazy stuff like this in the future for kicks! [spoiler=Detailed Unit Breakdown] Nubrya (Skil+/Luck- feMU) - reclassing path: Oni Savage (talent) > Lv20: Oni Chief > Lv11: Great Lord > Lv15: Malig Knight (end) - Skills: Dragon Fang, Aether, Death Blow, Awakening, Savage Blow - Weapons: [A] Axes / [C] Tomes; primarily Great Club, Odin's Grimoire, Steel Axe and Bolt Axe - married Ignatius Final Verdict: Wound up using MU mainly with crit-based weapons like the Great Club (which consistently got 100% crit rates owing to Death Blow and her high Skill) and forged Odin's Grimoires. Unfortunately this meant she didn't do as well against tougher enemies without a fair bit of backup, and Aether didn't proc as often as I'd have liked even with Awakening helping it on its way (It's worth mentioning I also used Berserker Axes with her to kill stuff early and get to the point where Awakening would work...) So a bit gimmicky overall, but she did the job in the end. Elise: Troubadour > Lv20: Strategist > Lv15: Malig Knight - Skills: Savage Blow, Trample, Inspiration, Lunge, Demoiselle - Weapons: Tomes / [E] Axes; mainly forged Thunder/Fimbulvetr/Disrobing Gale - married Odin Final Verdict: Though I opted not to reclass her early and wound up wasting her weapon levels on staves, she still wound up maxing out her Tome level and being a pretty strong unit. Basically played her like you expect a promoted Elise to play but minus staves and plus flight/MK skills. Being able to use the Bolt Axe might have been nice, but Calamity Gate sufficed in its place and she was good all around. Camilla: Malig Knight > Lv5-11: Sorcerer > Lv15: Wyvern Lord / Malig Knight - Skills: Savage Blow, Trample, Vengeance, Bowbreaker, Axefaire / Swordbreaker - Weapons: [A] Axes / Tomes; Silver Axe/forged Camilla's Axe, Brave Axe, Tomahawk, Bolt Axe, Dual Club - married Benny Final Verdict: Opted to keep her as a MK despite her mehh magic due to the Tome levels she was getting as a Sorc and you know, she did all right. By the endgame I'd given her an Arms Scroll to max weapon levels and bought her Axefaire from someone else's castle (could be considered cheating, but ehh) and she was using primarily axes as a result, and she did fairly well. May have done better as a Wyvern Lord, but ehh. Could farm some gold, buy her a Seal, and try another endgame run like that. Beruka: Wyvern Rider > Lv20: Malig Knight > Lv5-15: Wyvern Lord - Skills: Lunge, Str+2, Savage Blow (never got Trample and Swordbreaker) - A+ Camilla for Sorc, marries Leo to give him wyverns Final Verdict: Wound up ditching her by the endgame in favor of Benny (who essentially usurped her role) and the kids. Could have been usable, but I don't think I was getting the growths she needed. Selena: Merc > Sky Knight > Lv20: Falcoknight > Lv15: Wyvern Lord - Skills: Darting Blow, Spd+2, Camaraderie, Good Fortune, Lunge - A+ with Camilla/Beruka for Wyvern, marries whoever Final Verdict: Used one of the first 2 limited Heart Seals on her with the intent of training her in Lances; she worked very well as a Pegasus for a while, but by the time of the opera house chapter she wasn't packing enough of a punch to keep using. In retrospect, her Heart Seal would probably have been better spent on Elise. Charlotte: Fighter > Lv20: Hero > Lv5: Berserker > Lv15: Wyvern Lord - Skills: Swordbreaker, Axefaire, Sol, Rally Str, Rally Def - Weapons: [A] Axes; Adamant Club to make her more durable, Dual Club for swords, Tomahawk/Battering Club for range, occasionally Berserker Axe to make full use of her power - marries Xander / buddies with Beruka for Wyvern tree Final Verdict: Her high Str and Spd actually let her function pretty well as a wyvern. Adamant Club was probably her most useful weapon since her high strength compensates for its low might and actually lets her take a hit. By endgame she was too frail to take a hit from anything during the enemy phase, but could ORKO most anything, and made a good rallybot and pair-up partner for Xander. Benny: Knight > Lv20: General > Lv: 5: Great Knight > Lv15: Wyvern Lord - Skills: Natural Cover, Wary Fighter, Luna, Guarded Blow, Lunge - Weapons: Lances / [C] Axes; anything with a speed penalty, but esp Ryoma's Club / Beruka's Axe and Effie's Lance - marries Camilla for wyverns Final Verdict: Benny actually surprised me with how well he performed; basically wound up being Charlotte's polar opposite-- could tank enemy rounds all day and night, perhaps not kill anyone, but soften them up plenty for the rest of the Wyvern Brigade to clean up. Attempted to take advantage of Wary Fighter by abusing crits and Luna, which was pretty easy thanks to his high Skill. Leo: Dark Knight > Lv5-10: Sorcerer > Lv15: Malig Knight - Skills: Malefic Aura, Bowbreaker, Savage Blow, Vengeance, Trample - Weapons: Tomes; Brynhildr obvs, though forged Lightning helped him kill things a lot - marries Beruka for wyverns Final Verdict: About as solid as he usually is. Part of the Bowbreaker squad dedicated to stopping the dominion of the Bow Emblem. Xander: Paladin > Lv15: Hero > Lv19: Wyvern Lord - Skills: Aegis, Sol, Axebreaker, Lunge, Shelter - Weapons: Lances / [D] Axes; Effie's Lance / Bold Naginata, Spear - marries Charlotte for reasons, you all know them Final Verdict: Trained his weapon ranks hard (resisting temptation to use Siegfried as often as possible) and it paid off pretty good; he wound up not needing any Arms Scrolls. More or less functioned the same as Benny; had a hard time killing stuff since he was too slow to double, but tanks for days. Effie ! Percy: Wyvern Rider > Malig Knight > Lv 15: Wyvern Lord - Final Skills: Lunge, Savage Blow, Trample, Swordbreaker, Str+2 - Weapons: [A] Axes / [D] Lances; Venge Club for tanking, Fuga's Club for doubling, Iron/Arthur's Axe early on - marries Ophelia Final Verdict: The only Wyvern Brigade member not to share royal blood by birth or marriage, Percy ends pretty modest in terms of skiils but performed well throughout the game. Kept his class changing simple to conserve Seals, but he still did well. Elise ! Ophelia : Dark Mage > Sorcerer > Lv15: Malig Knight - Final Skills: Vantage, Bowbreaker, Vengeance, Malefic Aura, Trample - Weapons: Tomes; Missiletain, Mjolnir for crits, Ink Painting for tanking / Vantage abuse - marries Percy for his wyvern Final Verdict: Probably the best magic-specialized MK of the lot; more durable than Elise and has Vantage, faster than Leo and packs high crit rate; she basically never died. It's Ophelia, what more can you say? Azura ! Dwyer: Troubadour > Pegasus Knight > Falco Knight > Lv5: Wyvern Lord - Final Skills: Darting Blow, Str+2, Lunge, Swordbreaker, Tomebreaker - Weapons: Lances / [D] Axes; mainly simple stuff like Steel/Iron, but also used Arthur's Axe/Guard Naginata to bolster his weak defenses - buddies Percy for Wyverns Final Verdict: Grabbed him early and put him in Pegasus right away to start training lances, which paid off big time. Performed well throughout the game; his only real issue was that he's a bit more frail than most of the other WLs, but Darting Blow and his surprisingly high strength let him double and ORKO quite a lot. His double breaker action didn't hurt either. Jakob ! Shigure: Skyknight (offspring) > Lv5+: Falcoknight > Lv15: Wyvern Lord - Final Skills: Tomebreaker, Voice of Peace, Darting Blow, Rally Speed, Rally Defense - Weapons: Lances / [D] Axes; Silver Lance / Killer Lance mainly - has natural Wyverns by virtue of Jakob being his dad (don't ask me how that works) Final Verdict: Decent, but offensively the weakest WL, probably on the lower end of all the units overall. Performed well as a rallybot, and was still able to beat foes either through Silver Lance's high might or his decent crit rate with Killer Lance. Charlotte ! Siegbert: Cavalier (offspring) > Lv5+: Great Knight > Lv15: Wyvern Lord - Final Skills: Aegis, Sol, Luna, Guarded Blow, Lunge - Weapons: Lances / [C] Axes; mostly iron/steel but was the Killer Axe recipient and used it well Final Verdict: Definitely a strong unit, really balanced and well-performing overall. Possibly the best Wyvern Lord overall. Camilla ! Ignatius: Knight (offspring) > Lv5+: General > Lv6+: Great Knight > Lv7+: Hero > Lv10-15: Wyvern Lord - Final Skills: Guarded Blow, Bowbreaker, Lunge, Luna, Sol - Weapons: Lances / [C] Axes; mostly iron/steel, occasionally stuff like Ryoma's Club - married MU Final Verdict: Not bad, but not great; like a more balanced Benny or a worse Siegbert distinguished by having Bowbreaker. Actually wound up too fast to make good use of Wary Fighter, I think; Beruka might actually have been a better mom for him in that regard. Still did pretty well. Beruka ! Forrest : Troubador (offspring) > Strategist > Lv15: Malig Knight - Final Skills: Inspiration, Lunge, Savage Blow, Trample, Rally Res - Weapons: Tomes; Fenrir / forged Lightnings to compensate for his poor speed Final Verdict: Not terrible, but likely the worst wyvern of the bunch. His genetics did him no favors, sadly, but he was a functional Malig Knight and brought another Rally Res. That's all I can really say. Camilla ! Ignatius ! Kana: Nohr Prince (offspring) > Lv5+: Nohr Noble > Lodestar > Lv?-15: Malig Knight - Final Skills: Death Blow, Bowbreaker, Dragon Fang, Savage Blow, Speedtaker - Weapons: Magic / [C] Axes; Ragnarok/Bolt Axe for primary damage, Fenrir / Great Club for crit abuse Final Verdict: Probably better than MU, actually. His speed capped low, as expected with Camilla!Ignatius as his dad, but Speedtaker helped with that and he was about as good at crit-abusing as MU was, but could kill easier otherwise. His only real problem was lack of any healing skills, which I'd definitely get him next time. Azura: Songstress > Witch > Songstress - Skills: Luck+4, Inspiring Song, Voice of Peace, Witch's Brew, Warp - Weapons: Bolt Naginata (only lance-user with enough magic to use it), Blessed Lance (mainly because it's in her portrait TBH) Final Verdict: Warp + Sing. Boom. Wasted Shura's Boots on her, sadly... Witch's Brew also ended up making me a fair chunk of change by the end since I rarely ended up using her tonics. Nyx ! Nina : Thief (offspring) > Adventurer > Strategist - married Dwyer for the Troubador tree and ended as a Strategist for the sake of movement. Final Verdict: Shared the staffbot job with Forrest for a while, then shouldered that job along with Lockpicking once he went wyvern. She was able to handle both jobs pretty well on her own, and that's all she was really around for. Mozu ! Midori: Apothecary (offspring) > Merchant - The Wyvern Brigade all capped early, so I took the remaining paralogues to train up Midori's bow level so she can use Anna's Bow for the +5 Luck. She also had Lockpick from Kaze, which helped in levels where I had enough unit picks to bring her. Final Verdict: Does her job: makin' sick bank. [spoiler=Budget Calculation] - Total Budget: 120,000g (not including Paralogues and Lilith gold bars) - approximated Master Seals needed: 9+ x 2,000 apiece - approximated other Seals needed: ~20 Heart/Friendship/Partner - Available Arms Scrolls: 3 free + 2 for 5,000 apiece [spoiler=Pairings] - Odin x Elise - Arthur x Effie - Niles x Nyx - Kaze x Mozu - Azura x Jakob - Selena x Silas - Beruka x Leo - Camilla x Benny - Xander x Charlotte - Laslow x Peri - Keaton x Felicia - MU x Ignatius - Percy x Ophelia - Shigure x Midori - Dwyer x Nina - Kana, Forrest, and Siegbert go unmarried; could use My Castle to pair them off with the 3 unmatched ladies, but ehhh no point really
  13. I thought it wasn't supposed to be released until the end of april so was i battling a hacker or is there another way to get the witch's mark?
  14. Basically, I'm creating this thread for one purpose: to give me the necessary closure I need to convince me that the Fire Emblem community hasn't all gone straight to hell since Fire Emblem Fates' release. In Nintendo's most recently released Fire Emblem Fates YouTube video: Fire Emblem Fates - A Tale of Two Families: Revelation (Here's the link:) I posted a very passionate and rant-like comment on how I was sick of all of the negativity that has been geared towards the localization of Fire Emblem Fates, and how it seems to me that the people who are actually fine with NoA's localization of Fire Emblem Fates are stuck as a nonvocal minority, due to the mainstream belief on places like YouTube and Twitter being that NoA has done a terrible job of localizing the game and has basically ruined it. I'm sick of constantly seeing all of this negativity, which is why I am creating this thread. In essence, this thread is a place where people can post things they like about NoA's localization and point out the things they did well, rather than the bad. When you make a post on this thread (which I really hope becomes a popular one), here's what you can expect: - A positive outlook on Fire Emblem Fates despite the controversy it went through. - No prejudice against people who have different opinions on changes or altercations in the game. - A peaceful environment, free from hate and overly-harsh judgement. When you make a post, it should generally fit the guidelines of "I like Fire Emblem Fates, because...". It should be meaningful and positive, yet simple. Here's an example: "I like Fire Emblem Fates, because I think the English dubbing for Xander and Elise in the Mingled Tears cut-scene in Chapter 26 of Birthright was done really well." Also, if you want to go in-depth as to why you believe this, that's more than welcome. Like this: "Dubbing for Anime cut-scenes in which the character's mouths match the words they're saying in their original language is much more difficult than what you might expect from regular Anime, and the dubbing team handled that one particular cut-scene flawlessly." If you want to include a funny phrase or picture with your post, that is also perfectly fine. I always enjoy seeing all of the funny stuff the Serenes community comes up with. Fire Emblem Fates is a fantastic game with a beautiful story and incredible gameplay mechanics, and we shouldn't let a few screw-ups that happened during localization hold it back. We may be a vocal minority, but I'd at least like to give the Serenes Forest community a chance to show some gratefulness for the many ways in which NoA didn't screw it up. Hopefully, this thread will become a place where hostility and aggression towards a great game are a thing of the past, and we can all show some well-deserved and long-overdue appreciation for what is one of the greatest titles on the Nintendo 3DS and a worthy installment to the Fire Emblem franchise. Please, help me be a proud member of the Fire Emblem community once more.
  15. Did anyone else notice..?

    That they still keep a part of If~hitori omou in the opening scene? It's very, very subtle and kind of an operatic rendition, but you can hear the Japanese version of the song being sung. It starts around 1:29 in this video and is most prominent around 1:40 when Azura and Kamui are falling in the water. It's basically the first hook of the song.
  16. Azura Skills?

    So... Obviously there are only so many skills that the Songstress class can get. I want to fill the whole skill "bar" for her. She CAN turn into a Sky Knight, but are there any skills in particular that I should give her?
  17. Long shot, but out of curiosity, is there any confirmation on whether or not Fates continues the 2-RN hitrate system, or is using a 1-RN system (or something entirely different)? Been feeling like Fates has been giving me more misses than usual for extremely high (90+) hitrates, but of course, this could be simply observer bias, and I have no idea on how RNG manipulation works in this game (or if there is even a stable method) to test.
  18. So, I bought a physical copy of both versions of Fire Emblem Fates. I bought the DLC Map Pack 1, and it said that there was no downloadable content on Birthright after I switched from Conquest. How do I register the DLC for Birthright after I purchased the DLC on my Conquest?
  19. Female Kamui Armor Help?

    So, recently I started an art piece which is centered around female Kamui and I'm struggling on the armor. So basically I'm wondering, does anyone have some sort of character / concept sheet for her? I really only have a few images to work with. If you have any sort of image that may help that would be great
  20. Male Kanna with Lethality anyone?

    I messed up on passing down skills to my male Kanna and was wondering if any of you guys have male Kanna with the Lethality skill equipped? If so, PLEASE PM with your Castle address. Prefer a castle that's easy to seize.
  21. Azura's best pairing?

    Okay, I finished Birthright and Conquest, and now I'm starting a playthrough of Revelations. I didn't get a lot of units married in my playthrough of Conquest, but in Birthright, Azura married Kaden. Shigure was pretty great, but Azura turned Selkie from tanky to trashy. I'm wondering which child wouldn't get completely ruined by Azura's terrible HP and Defense growths for this playthrough. Right now I'm thinking her and Hayato might work, but I'm really not sure, since Rhajat was a decent Res-Tank for me in Birthright.
  22. I had Niles intercept her and when he defeated her the death music played. Now I know in some other child levels like Percy's you are supposed to defeat them but the death music did not play. Pretty much I need to know if I goofed or not.
  23. I want to level up my units more and get skills so I can have a good team for street pass and stuff
  24. Hello, I am completely new to FE and would like some advice. I have spent hours thinking of what would be the best team for hoshido (see image attached) to play this game on hard/classic mode. I am playing birthright so I have the chance to grind as this is my first game so I would like the option. After doing hours of research I have read that some characters/children are completely worthless which threw all my research out the window. I am looking for 4-6 attackers 1-2 defense characters and 2 magic users. I am about to loose my mind over this so any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  25. Is it wrong of me to ask for the characters of both Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates to be redesigned in the style of one of the earlier Fire Emblem Games (I was thinking earliest would be Fire Emblem 4 but Fire Emblem 6-8 is one I was thinking about?) Just a thought I had. I probably wouldn't use them for anything special, I just thought of the aesthetic and figured it would be nice to have it.