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Found 192 results

  1. Bridging the Sky

    Hinoka survived the war and wrestles with guilt as much as her duties as Hoshido’s Queen. Every day is a battle despite the supposed ‘peace’ and when the chance to strike at Nohr’s heart arises, she gives into temptation. Will the cycle of suffering continue, or can it be broken? Bridging The Sky ✦ a Hinoka/Marx fanfic Game: Fire Emblem Fates (post-Conquest) Rating: Teen+ Character(s): Hinoka, Sakura, Marx (most cast mentioned) Tag(s): survivor’s guilt, PTSD, hurt/comfort, politics, seduction, enemies to lovers, bittersweet ending, worldbuilding, and whump chapter 1 ✦ “Swallowing Sundown” chapter 2 ✦ "Stars Burning Underwater" chapter 3 ✦ "Dreaming Mortals and Gods Alike" chapter 4 ✦ "Woman of a Thousand Summers Yep, I started another multi-chapter fic. I'm trying to keep it on the shorter end, but there's some canon plotholes I'm itching to fill.
  2. Background: So I'm trying to play FE:Fates Special Edition (USA) Decrypted Rom in Citra (with Cheats Support). I just finished playing FE Awakening yesterday. I played FE:A using Cheat Engine (for changing uses/quantities) by using the method given in this post: I'm trying to achieve the same thing in Fates but unfortunately, I don't know where to begin with since I don't have any CE value for any Item/Weapon. In the link (mentioned above), they use the value: 196760 (for Vulnerary) to find the Item Slot for any character. But in Fates, I don't have such a value (because I don't know how to find this using CE). So I would really appreciate if someone would guide me on how to find the CE value for any item/weapon in Fates (like the one they found for Vulnerary: 196760) Or if someone can provide me with the value of commonly found items/weapons in Fates so I could use that to find the specific item slots and then values for other items/weapons. Or you can also help me by providing me with Gateway codes for FE: Fates SE (USA). Thank you so much.
  3. Favorite Royals in Fates.

    I want to ask, what are your favorite royals from all 3 Kingdoms?
  4. Both have the exact same plot (But KongQuest watered it down HEAVILY), Both have a main protagonist named after a thing responsible for a real life disaster, Both have an evil king, Both have a magical entity manipulating everything from an alternate dimension, And if you replace the G in Garon with a B then you get Baron!
  5. Fire Emblem Fates: Good Guy Garon Edition TRAILER & RECORDED CHAPTERS HERE HEAD HERE FOR THE LATEST PATCH AND UPDATE NOTES: MAIN THREAD To use this modification you will need to either have CFW and Luma3DS installed, or another method to modify the game's core files. Information: Chapter Videos: Overview of Changes (Mild Spoilers Within): Download (Updated 1/02/18): Installation: (via Luma LayeredFS) Special Thanks: SecretiveCactus for their Fire Emblem Conversation Editor thane98 for their Fire Emblem Fate’s Editor DeathChaos25 for their Fates ROM Hacking General Thread
  6. All right, I think it's high time I begin the planning stages of this one now! It's the sequel/counterpart to the challenging Wyvern Conquest run-- Ninja Birthright! Not only are ninjas one of the coolest Hoshido units, they're aboundingly plentiful in Birthright and much like wyverns, have the weapon triangle covered between their two upgrade paths. Conditions: - All units used for Endgame must end the game in a Ninja class > Mechanist clause: Mechanists are allowed for endgame, but only if that unit has access to the ninja class tree. - Staffbot support is allowed up until the final 2 chapters - no challenges or skirmishes (IE, no non-support grinding) > support clause: MAY make some exceptions to grind for supports, but only against the weakest possible enemies - no paid DLC (including Dreadfighter and Darkflier access sadly as I only have one game on each cart) - the free Awakening DLC & Anna DLC is available only for the sake of getting skills from those classes > no Paragon, it makes grinding too easy Current Status: Up to Chapter 25. Currently Planned Pairings: Unit Planning Breakdown Any advice/input/suggestions are hugely appreciated, as always! I've got a lot of data-gathering to do before I begin this run, haha (something I'm trying to learn from my Wyvern Conquest run, where I didn't decide to do it until after I started the file lol).
  7. Fire Emblem Fates: The Musical.

    Uh... this is an interesting Idea me and friend of mine had. Basically we we would pick pre existing songs(like the musicals Mama Mia! Or Xanadu) for each chapter and collectively write a script. eh. It’s a dumb idea.
  8. No this is not a patch; I just wanted to put in a good name. Anyway, I've been playing Fates for the past 4 weeks and despite its story flaws, it's a fun game. While playing and seeing many different classes, I thought of something: "Wouldn't it be funny if I made Corrins based off of characters from other FE games?" And then, I thought of this neat little challenge. It's pretty simple; just pick a game and a character you want to play as and pick the talent (or buy dlc) that resembles their vanilla class. As soon as you are able to buy a heart seal, you have to class change and you can't go back to being a noble AND you can't use any other seals except the master and eternal seals. However, if you really want a challenge; pick a game, grab a random name picker, type in all the playable characters, and boom! The random character that was picked for you is now your main lord. Of course you get 3 tries and can only pick one of the 3 you pull. So that's an idea I had. What do you all think?
  9. So I've been looking everywhere for a Beruka with Lancefaire and I was wondering if anyone can put their castle address with one because It dawned on me how hard it is to just find lancefaire on a Beruka. Just need that one skill for her wyvern lord form.
  10. I had already posted this in the if Fan-Translation thread, but someone from gbatemp recommended I just make a dedicated thread on here. The title says it all. This Fan-Translation is dedicated to translating the Nohrian and Hoshidan Festival of Bonds DLC. This project is dedicated to the U.S. releases of the game but a port to the European versions is also very possible. The DLCs have their own slots, titles, and icons and do not replace any pre-existing DLC. The translation are based off of young-il-long-kiyoshi's and mariethe crocheter's translations which can be found here and localized where necessary. So far this is mainly a solo project in terms of getting the text into Fates script format and getting it into the game. I don't have much else to say at the moment but I'll leave the necessary info and links if you want more information. I'm also looking for help if anyone else is interested in helping turn the translation into script format. I'm not even asking for you to rebuild the DLC or test it as I can do that all myself. Just someone else who's willing to help put it into script would greatly speed things along. So if you're interested, shoot me a message. As of 9/8/2017 I've been focused on finishing the "Spring Scramble" before working on "Fall Scramble" as the Spring Scramble contains more content. The intro, pre-battle dialogue,, all kimono conversations, Shiro_parent, Kiragi_parent, and Asugi_parent conversations are complete. Links: GBAtemp thread (Has more info/Screenshots) Github page (Contains project files. I update it after every translation session so it's always up to date) Screenshots:
  11. Could someone tell me?

    I know this will sound confusing but hear me out. So in my new revelation file i want to marry Shura. but, i want to give some good skills like vengeance. aka. i need to marry him first so he can use the partner seal. Heres the problem:I dont know if kana will have the stats that correlate to the stats when shura and MU get married or if they correlate to the stats MU and shura have when they enter the side quest. So can someone tell me?
  12. I know this question has been asked many times but I'm looking to find if someone has made an optimal pairings list for good children or what is are good pairings to produce good children characters. Edit: who would femu be good with? (+str/-luk)
  13. Thoughts on what would have happened.

    A. Corrin does a Hara Kiri, and then comes back in a new body, and has a limited amount of time to destroy his real father's dragon self, before he is sent to the afterlife. B. Sakura gets kidnapped by Garon, instead of Corrin, and the protagonist is Sakura instead. C. Takumi and Elise leaves their respective families, and Elise ventures out to have Corrin come back to Nohr, and Takumi ventures out to kill Corrin to make him pay for abandoning Hoshido, until they learn the truth of their true threat.
  14. Looking For Skills for Gunter

    Hey there. I'm currently playing through Conquest once again in order to finally complete it on Lunatic and in this play through I wanted to use Gunter as much as possible. I know he sucks, which is why I'm looking for skills to help make up for his shortcomings. I already got Aptitude for him, but I need more skills in order to make sure he doesn't instantly die. I'm mainly looking for two skills in particular; Wary Fighter and Pavise. Wary Fighter so that he won't get doubled and Pavise to take advantage of his Skill stat and help his survivability even further (I can get Aegis through Heart Sealing him into a Paladin). I know I could have done it myself had I made a Female Corrin with Knight as her secondary class, but I don't like using Knights, and I'm already at Chapter 16 so I don't want to have to play through the game another time. So I'm asking if anyone can share their MyCastle with a Gunter that has those skills that I mentioned. I'm a North American player by the way.
  15. Hi all! Two years ago, I started a series on YouTube where I counted down my Top 5 S-Supports for each individual character in Fire Emblem Awakening. Now, I'm finally doing the same for Fates, and I wanted to share them on here because I was hoping to get some feedback! I'm trying to do one a week, so as of today, there are two videos; one for Male Corrin and one for Female Corrin, and I'm already working on Azura for next week. Here are links to the videos: Male Corrin: Female Corrin: What are some of your favorite S-Supports for these or any other character in Fates?
  16. Top 5 S-Supports for Azura

    Hi again! Yesterday, the next video in my series, "Top 5 S-Supports," came out! It's Azura! I would love to get some feedback and hear what some of your favorite S-Supports are. I'm also starting to take requests for which character to do next; so far, I've gotten Kagero, Peri, and Felicia.
  17. Like the title says, I want to do a Corrinquest playthrough for Revelations and I want YOU to help (cheesy, I know). Sadly I can only accept EU Corrins as I live in Europe. Rules: All base Corrins must be at most level 10 You can be any un-promoted class as long as they aren't an exclusive or an enemy-only class. This means that you can't be a: Nohr Prince(ss) Songstress Faceless Stoneborn Automaton Astral Dragon Nohrian King Blight Dragon Empty Vessel Silent Dragon You get to choose 1 special skill to have as your "personal skill". You also cannot use a single stat-boosting item on your Corrin beforehand. Template: Name: Castle Adress: Boon: Bane: Class: Personal Skill: Notes: I will only recruit 15 Corrins and I want this team to be as diverse as possible so I will try to avoid characters with the same class. You can use any DLC-only class. This includes: Dread Fighter Dark Falcon Ballistician Witch I will not use amiibo classes. This includes: Lodestar Vanguard Grandmaster Great Lord Remember that your castle has to be entirely safe (No enemies and easy to seize)
  18. So basically I want everyone to make an avatar for a specific class line, and send me your castle address and I'll beat your team, pick your avatar, and use them in my run. 1. Jeff (Apothecary) by Me 2 . Lorelei (Troubadour) by @LoneStar 3. Madoka (Great Lord) by @AceDrake 4. Nora (Oni Savage) by TAR on Miiverse 5. Corrin (Knight) by Random Castle 6. Flynn (Outlaw) by Random Castle 7. Austin (Mercenary) by Random Castle
  19. I heard that Shura is a good unit in Revelations because of his godlike base stats when he joins. I plan on creating a female avatar and marrying him. My plan was to reclass him into a Butler and grab Seal Strength, Seal Magic, and Seal Speed from other playthroughs. His personal skill, Highwayman, plus these three seals and daggers will result in an unholy level of debuffing.I am now looking at his growths and caps as a Butler, and they seem.... lackluster, at best.30% HP, 35% Str, 20% Mag, 35% Skl, 50% Spd, 40% Lck, 45% Def, and 45% ResI want to know if I should use him or not, I really feel like he would fall behind if I i did.He looks great on paper, considering the fact that using a Sacrificial Knife, the enemy will obtain -8 Luck, -5 Def/Res, -9 Str, -9 Mag, and -9 Speed every time he initiates combat, but his growths are killing me. If i could have some assistance, that would be great. Thanks.
  20. These are my pairings for Revelations Lunatic!Classic MU (str+/def-) x Ryoma Azura x Kaze Oboro x Jakob Hinoka x Silas Camilla x Takumi Orochi x Saizo Setsuna x Kaden Kagero x Hinata Hana x Azama Selena x Subaki Nyx x Hayato Charlotte x Xander Sakura x Leo Rinkah x Benny Beruka x Keaton Effie x Arthur Elise x Odin Peri x Laslow Mozu x Niles
  21. I'm replaying Conquest on Lunatic, and following the best marriage pairings guide here: I have been Googling around for the best classes I should be working towards for each character, and skill sets for them... But I have only found this thread which didn't go anywhere: Access to DLC and amiibo classes is fine, I'm very early into the game still with school keeping me busy, but have been trying to play around with different skill sets. Maybe this thread could develop into some fun discussion about classes and skill sets? Have you created or seen any interesting skill sets for characters via online battles that interested you? :)
  22. What's up! ♡

    Hello! I am new to these forums and most of my friends don't play Fire Emblem Fates much anymore, so I was just trying to find a place where people still play the game and talk about it. So yup, nice to meet you people of the internet. Uh, if you wanna add me as a friend on here that'd be awesome! I'm open to being friends so it's cool, thanks! Also you can come visit me at my castle if you want, I just started over so it doesn't have much yet, but between today and the next few days it'll be together! You can even leave me an accessory if you want! I'll even send one back as soon as possible. In the future I'll have up a bunch of skills for Corrin/Avatar! See yaaa 12433-63409-26272-00262 *P.S. Anyone else like dank memes? ♡
  23. Basically, I'm creating this thread for one purpose: to give me the necessary closure I need to convince me that the Fire Emblem community hasn't all gone straight to hell since Fire Emblem Fates' release. In Nintendo's most recently released Fire Emblem Fates YouTube video: Fire Emblem Fates - A Tale of Two Families: Revelation (Here's the link:) I posted a very passionate and rant-like comment on how I was sick of all of the negativity that has been geared towards the localization of Fire Emblem Fates, and how it seems to me that the people who are actually fine with NoA's localization of Fire Emblem Fates are stuck as a nonvocal minority, due to the mainstream belief on places like YouTube and Twitter being that NoA has done a terrible job of localizing the game and has basically ruined it. I'm sick of constantly seeing all of this negativity, which is why I am creating this thread. In essence, this thread is a place where people can post things they like about NoA's localization and point out the things they did well, rather than the bad. When you make a post on this thread (which I really hope becomes a popular one), here's what you can expect: - A positive outlook on Fire Emblem Fates despite the controversy it went through. - No prejudice against people who have different opinions on changes or altercations in the game. - A peaceful environment, free from hate and overly-harsh judgement. When you make a post, it should generally fit the guidelines of "I like Fire Emblem Fates, because...". It should be meaningful and positive, yet simple. Here's an example: "I like Fire Emblem Fates, because I think the English dubbing for Xander and Elise in the Mingled Tears cut-scene in Chapter 26 of Birthright was done really well." Also, if you want to go in-depth as to why you believe this, that's more than welcome. Like this: "Dubbing for Anime cut-scenes in which the character's mouths match the words they're saying in their original language is much more difficult than what you might expect from regular Anime, and the dubbing team handled that one particular cut-scene flawlessly." If you want to include a funny phrase or picture with your post, that is also perfectly fine. I always enjoy seeing all of the funny stuff the Serenes community comes up with. Fire Emblem Fates is a fantastic game with a beautiful story and incredible gameplay mechanics, and we shouldn't let a few screw-ups that happened during localization hold it back. We may be a vocal minority, but I'd at least like to give the Serenes Forest community a chance to show some gratefulness for the many ways in which NoA didn't screw it up. Hopefully, this thread will become a place where hostility and aggression towards a great game are a thing of the past, and we can all show some well-deserved and long-overdue appreciation for what is one of the greatest titles on the Nintendo 3DS and a worthy installment to the Fire Emblem franchise. Please, help me be a proud member of the Fire Emblem community once more.