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Found 228 results

  1. Currently trying to dump Fire Emblem Fates special edition via BrainDump to mod in the swimsuits, Getting a yellow screen each time, anyone know what I could do to extract it? Asked around everywhere got no answer, would be really helpful if someone could help out, Thanks so much!
  2. Outlook servers are unnecessary and expensive. It's been over a week since my brother contacted the Staff through G-Mail using "Administration @ serenesforest .net" ​Does that even work? And how long does he have to wait for a response? Should he send another E-Mail? ​My brother was banned just because I made an account.
  3. Just starting out

    I have a concept for a Fire Emblem game involving four kingdoms in a battle royale type situation. I already have the characters and their stats. Is there a specific software to make this? What game should I rip from? Anything else I'd need to know to make this a reality?
  4. "Official" names

    I need help determining which names are the most accurate in terms of the Binding Blade exclusive characters in my story. I've been seeing conflicting sources, and I'm not sure which sources are more 'true' than others. I don't exactly need all of them, just the ones below: Some of these characters are more clearly named than others, I'm just listing them for the sake of completeness. (hopefully I remembered them all)
  5. And you guys are gonna contribute maybe. Sort of. Anyway our beloved hero needs a name. Give ideas. After that I guess I'll post screenshots with sarcastic commentary sometimes.
  6. Questions?

    Hi can i just get some tips on the best programs for hacking a fire emblem game? I actually just want to make one of my out that i can play. I have a lot of questions regarding the modding because i have absolutely no background to such. I just need to know how to first make customized sprites and their animations? Making the story per chapter. Basically changing the entire game. and is it more advisable to use FE7 or FE8? Also i downloaded the FE Edition ADV but i havent got the slightest clue how to run it haha apparently im too dumb to open the program.
  7. Hello! I, like many others, have found that owning a physical copy of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance has become impossible without first shelling out hundreds of dollars. Plus, who has time to plugin their Gamecube, sit down, and play a game anymore? Therefore, as my skills in Fire Emblem hacking are few, I am proposing a group project to remake PoR in a pixelated, more portable format. This game will be called Fire Emblem: Portable Radiance (or Path of Radiance, we can vote on this later) It will be based off of the FE7 Rom and will be as close to the original as humanly possible. Some features will have to be cut because either they are bad gameplay elements or they are not possible on the Gameboy Advanced hardware. These will include: Biorhythms Laguz Gauges (will be replaced by claws, beak, etc. that function like infinite dragonstones, but with certain drawbacks) Skills (unless someone can implement class-specific skills like Sol, Aether, Impale, etc.) Bonus Exp. (unless someone can implement it easily) Trial Maps (DLC???? ) Support Bonuses Automatic Class-Ups (unless able to be implemented, each character could come with a class-up item that only worked at level 20) In-battle Recruitment (as far as I know this is not possible, except for villages) The Ranger class (seriously, Intelligent Systems?) This list is not final. Many things will be added to or removed from the list during development. Now onto the positive stuff. The development team!! YAYYYYY!!! I will act as the group/project manager and will be in charge of organization, updates and what the project should be like. Here is the list of open positions that need to be filled and their requirements: Assistant Manager - Aids manager and handles problems with staff, file management, etc. Must be readily available to answer questions from staff. Sprites:Pixel Artist - Chief of Sprite staff. Someone who has past experience in FE pixel art creation. Must be able to adapt portraits, overworld sprites, in-battle sprites, and item icons from source material into the project. Battle Animator - Similar to pixel artist, but for the characters' movements in battle. If able, can be combined with pixel artist. Background and Tile Set Editor - Must be able to edit backgrounds and tile sets (terrain) to resemble source material. Coding: (must be able to use Nightmare and other coding programs)Chief Coder - Codes main game play elements, such as text and events, directly from the source material. Also manages other coders. Must have experience hacking GBA Fire Emblem titles Character Coder - Codes all of the character info, stats, classes, etc. from source material. Map Editor - Edits in-game levels to match the source material. Also edits movement costs. Tutorial Get-ridder - Gets rid of the tutorial. Weapon Coder - Edits weapons to match source material. Menu Editor - Edits menus and such to match source material Miscellaneous:Compiler - Hardest job. Must compile all the data to make one coherent game. Must produce a demo with one level and all features and then produce the full game. Bug Tester - Make sure all features work as they are supposed to. Beta Tester - Much like the bug tester, makes sure every version of the patch is fully playable before release. Many of these jobs can be take by one person if they have the necessary skill sets, so don't me scared off by the big staff. All members who work on or contribute to the remake project will have the name they prefer in the game's credits. Alright! I f you have any questions about the projects, jobs, or want to sign up for a position, email me at [email protected] (don't spam me; It's a waste of time.) Let's make this remake a reality!
  8. MAJOR Fire Emblem Fates Bug

    Recently in my Fire Emblem Fates Conquest copy, i've experienced a pretty bulls**t bug that frezzes my game at random times and sometimes it even crashes my game, now i see myself i a position that i need a LOT of luck to beat a chapter. Does ANYONE know how to solve this problem ? I will attach a video showing my problem. capturedvideo.MOV
  9. Help Wanted for FE: Book of Eden

    Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone, I'm not sure how to ask so I'll just be blunt. I've been working on my hack for the past year or so and I'm looking for some additional help in my hack. You can find out more about my hack in the Fan Projects section, it's called FE: Book of Eden. Below are the categories that I'm looking for help in. Beta Testers: I'm looking for about 1-2 more testers. Tasks would include feedback on the story, things like consistency, plotholes, and your general thoughts. Extra people to bounce ideas off of. I already have grammar checkers but one more wouldn't hurt. Sprites: Spriters would be nice, though you do not have to be an expert. Mostly just touch ups and chibi portraits (90% of my portraits don't have a proper chibi portrait and the other 10 are missing one.) I'll admit chibi are not one of my favorite areas to work on. I'm willing to exchange favors/help. My hack has a sort of cross-over theme so we can also exchange portraits too. Script writers: Anyone experienced in writing animation scripts and converting FE8 monster animations to call the proper sound effects and run properly on FE7? That's pretty much what I need help in. I have no background in writing code or programming. I'm willing to provide compensation, either through exchanging favors/help or payment. Music: I'm currently using the default FE7 soundtrack but it would be nice to have help in this area. Inserting some songs from FE6 and FE8 and some other midi I found. I have even less knowledge in music than I do in programming. I hope I'm not being too confusing in my explanation. If you have any questions, you can either PM me or ask them here. If you feel that the questions are sensitive, you can just straight up PM me. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
  10. I've heard some units are bad and really aren't worth using because there better ones to get, i would like to know which units are worth using.
  11. Failed Paralogue 4

    So I did paralogue 4, and Silas died before he could talk to Sophie (it was casual) and then sophie died and i didn't get her. Which really sucks because she had APTITUDE. I thought it would be like the paralogue where you get Kana, and you don't have to talk to them. Do you have to talk to Sophie or have her survive?
  12. I only have one Rescue charge so I can't do the 2 turn strat with Nina I've been seeing, anyone know a strat with one Rescue charge?
  13. Hey guys! I'm kinda new here so, I need help with pairing my unit. For Birthright and Conquest I made a Male MU with +Speed -Luck with a Mercenary Talent and for Revelations I'm planning to make a Female MU with the same stats and talent(Unless you can tell me something good for a FeMU, because I have no experience with tehm at all) Do you have any partner suggestions? Any would be appreciated! Thanks for reading and helping me!
  14. Title basically. Last night after I had updated the data once I equipped Lethality onto Nina due to someone requesting it, I proceeded to start exchanging castle visits/feedback and would occasionally bump into someone strong who had visited me, so naturally I would challenge them, but before doing so, I'd change a lot of skills up to suit the current matchup (e.g. swapping out Lethality for Lucky Seven on Nina, which I did do). Note that I never hit Update Data again afterwards. Woke up a few hours ago and saw that the person who wanted Lethality messaged me back saying it wasn't present on Nina. I have auto-updating turned off and everything so I'm not exactly sure why it wasn't on her, and I'm worried that I just unintentionally false advertis'd everyone overnight. :/ So how does updating work?
  15. What do heart seals do?

    They change your class based on personality what does that mean, also i made my character talent mercenary yet i have my heart seal change for a samurai.
  16. So I've been having this problem for about a week now. There is one particular friend's castle that I've been trying to get to. However, I've been getting a persistent "try again tomorrow" message. This happens to a few different people I've gotten the calling cards of, and some who I haven't. Trying to find a fix for this, I went online and found this person who had a similar issue: I found that my clock was off, both time wise and date wise, so i fixed both two days ago. I've been able to visit other castles that I visited before, but still not this particular friend (plus a few others). I was just wondering if anyone else has been having this issue, of only being able to revisit some people but not others even though more than 24 hours have passed. Oh, and for reference sake I'm on a physical copy of Conquest on a 3ds XL. I think it MIGHT have something to with their castles being not updated, but I would like confirmation if possible. (also apologies if this thread exists elsewhere, I didn't see it when i looked)
  17. I'm playing Conquest (hard/classic, if it matters) and I wanna try my hand at planning ahead. Is the Lodestar class viable? I know Xander benefits from it quite a bit, but would it be acceptable to not change him into another class?
  18. I just got this game and am really bad, any tips for a beginner?
  19. i need cute ideas

    ya so like i wanna draw fates characters and do group pics (2-3 charas in a drawing) but i honestly have no idea wat they should be doing in the drawing ive seen stuff like corrin brushing takumis hair and laslow pulling selenas pigtails and i just cant come up w anything sooo maybe if someone suggests something cool ill draw it and post it here hahaha
  20. So, at the endgame, do the enemy reinforcements stop at any point that I could just try to hold out until? I'm playing on Hard, and I was quickly overwhelmed long before I got anywhere close to Takumi.
  21. So I was wondering why I dont have her I did the Paralogue 10: Hunter & Prey but I still don't have her can someone help me with this PLZ!
  22. Hello, I am completely new to FE and would like some advice. I have spent hours thinking of what would be the best team for hoshido (see image attached) to play this game on hard/classic mode. I am playing birthright so I have the chance to grind as this is my first game so I would like the option. After doing hours of research I have read that some characters/children are completely worthless which threw all my research out the window. I am looking for 4-6 attackers 1-2 defense characters and 2 magic users. I am about to loose my mind over this so any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  23. Recruiting Player's units

    I currently have Birthright and I'm trying to recruit other people's units in their castle. I want the Nohr siblings. I've beaten other castles from Nohr games using no handicaps and in my castle, but I still can't recruit units. I also seized their castle as well. After beating them, I get the message "Would you like to add a character to your log book" and that's it. I've heard it should say "would you like to recruit?" Am I doing something wrong? And what should I do to get the Nohr siblings recruited in my game?
  24. Hi everyone! I've treaded on Serene's Forest for a long time, but I just recently made an account and will now make my first post! I need help with my Birthright pairings, I have confidence in some, while others I feel are just leftover characters matched together. Any type of criticism is welcome, as long as it is justified. So let's cut to the chase: MU(Male)xScarlet SakuraxHayato RyomaxKagerou AzuraxKaden SilasxHinoka TakumixOboro (this is where I have low confidence) JakobxOrochi SetsunaxHinata AzamaxHana SaizoxMozu Any and all help is greatly appreciated, and if you took time to look at this and critique it, thank you in advance!
  25. Testing gone wrong.

    I have no idea what's going on and why.