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Found 36 results

  1. Hi folks. I've been having the hardest time getting village tile changes to work for approximately an eternity now. I'm using Tiled and Tiled Map Inserter, and I've been following Nintenlord's tutorial to a tee. Still, the game refuses to use a different tile change for visiting and destroying a village, as shown: Here's my tile setup: I know the destroyed tiles are supposed to be on top and have a lower ID, which I've done. I tried putting the closed layer on top, which results in the game using that one for both events instead: I've triple checked that neither of the IDs are already used in the chapter (I've tried different IDs too), I've tried shuffling the 3 layers around with every possible order, but no dice. At this point I'm well and truly out of ideas ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Edit: *Facepalm* A single hour after I post this and a random idea that ends up being the solution crosses my mind. I guess the game doesn't like that I used the entire 3x3 village for the closed tile change. Just the gate by itself is what it's looking for. The more you knoooooow
  2. SRPG Studio Ending a Map

    Hello! So I am working on my own game in SRPG studio yet I have come across a big problem. That problem being that my maps won't end and I have no idea what to do. I have created ending events and auto events but they always are so messed up. With Auto Events they automatically occur the minute the map starts, while I cannot get ending events to trigger. Any suggestions?
  3. Help make my completed romhack pretty!

    Hello all, A week and a half ago I released a completed 19-chapter romhack called "Heaven's Bloom." However, there are many things on the artistic side of the project which are somewhat beyond the scope of my talent, so I've come here in search of volunteers to help with a few aspects of this. 1. Mugs I've made mugs for all* the playable characters and major NPCs, but they're fairly sloppy splices of other FE assets, and they aren't 'clean' by any means. Additionally, minor bosses currently just have re-used FE8 mugs, and *two of the playable characters (Hands and Derruk) currently use un-used mugs from base FE8. I would ideally want all of these mugs to be re-done, while keeping things like hair / armour colour intact. 2. Maps For the prologue and chapters 1-9, I was working with someone who was really good at making maps look aesthetically pleasing. However, he got burnt out for the project, so the rest of the maps were done by me, and I'm much less talented in this regard; there's a noticeable drop in the visual quality of the maps after chapter 9. For this, I would want someone who can touch up these maps in the colour / shading department while retaining the current layout & terrain 3. Music This is probably the least urgent of my goals. I've written original music for much of the game, but sort of got burnt out and didn't end up doing everything - all the map & battle themes are done, but most of the cutscenes still have FE8 music. I know this is a spriter's forum so it's a long shot, but if anybody is good at composition and wants to send me MIDI files that thematically fit with the music I've written, I would not be opposed in the slightest. Anyone who's played the hack probably also knows that the battle palettes are also a bit of a mess, but somebody has already volunteered to take care of this, and they're doing a really good job so far. I'll be very grateful for any & all help with these aspects of the project! You'll be included in the special thanks section of the main thread & eventually the in-game credits screen. Just send me a PM so that I can make sure you're not working on the same asset as someone else. With that said, hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start
  4. People Needed for a Fan Game

    Hey anyone who's willing to help me, I have plans for a new Fire Emblem Fan Project, I currently have writers covered but anymore would be helpful, also for map design so all I need is sprite makers, portrait makers and code writers but if you can help in any way it would be greatly appricated. If your interested then private message me or comment interest/people who could help and I'll put in the effort A huge thanks to anyone willing to help and those already helping :)
  5. Hi, I'm taking a second stab at doing another FE randomizer for FE7. I wanted to be able to move some units around randomly and also detect potential issues with scripting, but that requires some knowledge of the map layout that's in the game. I could hard code these values, but I'd prefer to reconstruct the maps in code so that it has some knowledge on how to handle that dynamically. I've found the pointers to the map data, but I'm unsure how to read it. I'm not sure what the first 5 bytes are, but I can guess that bytes 6 and 7 are referring to the dimensions (width and height, respectively). But after that, just taking the prologue map as an example (which starts at 0x36AF00), I've messed around with the hex there and I've gathered that it's using some kind of encoding that lets it specify multiple occurrences of a tile pattern within a single instance of a byte pair. For example, changing the hex at 0x36AF07 from B0 to another value will change not only the tile in the top left, but also two tiles near the mountains on the right side of the map, presumably because it's the same pattern being used. I'm just curious if there's any documentation on how this is encoded and how it could be decoded. I figure it must exist somewhere if the map insertion tools exist because they're presumably doing the same thing when encoding it.
  6. Hi there! Before I start describing stuff I'd just like to thank you for clicking my thread. After a long time of playing and watching fire emblem (and various romhacks of it), I always thought it would be so cool to be able to make a game myself. So, I decided I would, and got to work conceptualizing and toying around with FE8. Now I'd like to present the (still growing) fruit of that work, Fire Emblem: The Flame of Tomorrow! THE FEATURES: A brand new story (more info below!) Brand-new and revised classes 3 promotion tiers (May or may not be for every class, depending) Varied objectives - no rout maps Scary (powerful) monster classes New and revised items, spells, and weapons ...And more! THE STORY: Long ago, the continent of Panthia was a (mostly) peaceful and prosperous one. Until suddenly, a mysterious otherworldly power tore the earth asunder. The once prosperous capital state of Ancia now lays in ruin, and demonic creatures rise from the rift left from "the Collapse". The Ancian governmental power is unable to afford to keep things in check. Tension grows between Ancia and their neighbor Derrain, who refuse to lend aid, and have build a great wall between them to try and stop the terrors. Our protagonists, twin brothers, Sanders and Ackard, are not nobles, nor rebels - they are scholars, seeking to learn about the mystery behind the Collapse. WHAT I NEED: I'll keep this section short: artists and writers. I have very little artistic talent, and would also love any assistance with my writing. Things that need to be made: Mugs, maps Things I would like to be made: Animations (high priority), map sprites, class cards, music Note that my standards are not sky high - if you can splice convincingly I have no complaints as long as it looks good. Once again I'd like to thank you for reading, and would love any and all criticism as well!
  7. I couldn't find a good one that I was looking for while I was searching through Google except for the NES maps. I was going to look for some video game level maps that I need for one of my recreated courses that I am currently working on for Super Mario Maker. I am using those video game level maps as a reference so that I don't make mistakes or forgetting something needed in the course map that I'm going to be working on. But, I am looking for some video game level maps from 3 specific games that I needed to use for one of my courses in Super Mario Maker that are from: Bank Vault from DuckTales: Remastered (Walt Disney/Capcom) - The NES version doesn't have the Bank Vault level. Future F*******s 2010 from The Angry Video Game Nerd (Screwattack Games) Hall of Champions from Shovel Knight (Yacht Club Games) Does anyone know where to find those three video game level maps, I couldn't seem to find them on Google nor Google Images?
  8. maps

    maps dunno where my last topic is
  9. Greetings, your everyday cat guy here with a new topic! Has there ever been a chapter or map that you really liked? Maybe you found the design unique or just really good, or maybe you simply just find the map really entertaining to play. Simply name the map(s) you like the most, and explain why. Maps can be from any game, including hacks. You may also include an image of the map if you so choose. You may also include anything that you believe the map/chapter could be improved upon I am exited to see what you guys have to say and I hope you guys enjoy this topic.
  10. FE1 Map insertion tut

    (post withdrawn by author)
  11. The Map Matchup Thread

    So, as we all know, the maps in FE Heroes are miniature versions of maps in other games. So it might be fun to match them up! Prologue P-1: The Pirates of Galder (FE11 Chapter 2, mirrored fsr) P-2: Lefcandith Gauntlet (FE11 Chapter 7) Chapter 1 - Shadow Dragon & Mystery of the Emblem 1-1: Marth Embarks (FE11 Chapter 1) 1-2: Bonds (FE12 Prologue 4) 1-3: An Oasis of Magic (FE11 Chapter 15) 1-4: The Final Test (FE12 Prologue 7) 1-5: The Battle for Altea (FE11 Chapter 16) Chapter 2 - Fates Conquest 2-1: Embrace the Dark (Chapter 6) 2-2: Light Scatters (Birthright Chapter 14) 2-3: Leo (Birthright Chapter 18) 2-4: Burning Falls (Birthright Chapter 21) 2-5: King Garon (Birthright Chapter 27) Chapter 3 - The Binding Blade 3-1: Dawn of Destiny (Chapter 1) 3-2: Rescue Mission (Chapter 13) 3-3: Arcadia (Chapter 14) 3-4: The Bitter Cold (Chapter 19 Illia) 3-5: The Blazing Blade (Chapter 8x) Chapter 4 - Awakening 4-1: Shepherds (Chapter 2) 4-2: Warrior Realm (Chapter 3) 4-3: Incursion (Chapter 7) 4-4: Sickle to Sword (Paralogue 1) 4-5: Twin Wyverns (Paralogue 11) Chapter 5 - Shadow Dragon & Mystery of the Emblem 5-1: A Brush in the Teeth (FE11 Chapter 3) 5-2: Princess Minerva (FE11 Chapter 10) 5-3: Soulful Bridge (FE12 Chapter 8) 5-4: Clash in Macedon (FE11 Chapter 21) 5-5: The Dragonkin Realm (FE11 Chapter 24) Chapter 6 - Fates Birthright 6-1: Journey Begins (Chapter 3) 6-2: Unhappy Reunion (Conquest Chapter 10) 6-3: Hinoka (Conquest Chapter 24) 6-4: Sakura (Conquest Chapter 22) 6-5: Possessed (Conquest Chapter 23) and Ryoma (Conquest Chapter 25) Chapter 7 - The Blazing Blade 7-1: Imprisoner of Magic (Chapter 18xE/19xH) 7-2: Birds of a Feather (Chapter 12) 7-3: Genesis (Chapter 22xE/23xH) 7-4: Living Legend (Chapter 22E/23H) 7-5: Unfulfilled Heart (Chapter 24E/26H) Chapter 8 - Awakening 8-1: The Verge of History (Prologue) 8-2: Of Sacred Blood (Chapter 13) 8-3: The Exalt and the King (Chapter 5) 8-4: The Threat of Silence (Paralogue 17) 8-5: Two Falchions (Chapter 4) Chapter 10 - Path of Radiance 10-5: Despair and Hope (Chapter 8) Chapter 11 - Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia 11-1: Novis Cemetery (Chapter 2 Map 1) 11-2: One of the boat maps (Chapter 2 Map 2) 11-3: Fear Mountain (map from mid Chapter 4 in Alm's story) 11-4: MORE BOATS (Chapter 2 Map 3) 11-5: Nuibaba's Manor (map from mid Chapter 4 in Alm's story) Chapter 12 - Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia 12-1: Sluice Gate (Last map of Alm's Story in Chapter 3) 12-2: Zofian Coast (First Map of Chapter 3 Celica's Story) 12-3: Desert Outpost (Map from Chapter 3 Celica's Story) 12-4: Temple of Mila (Final map of Chapter 3 Celica's Story) 12-5: Temple of Mila inside (Not actually a map, but a walkable area from the end of Chapter 3 Celica's story) Chapter 13 - Path of Radiance 13-1: Roadside Battle (Chapter 4) 13-2: A Guiding Wind (Chapter 13) 13-3: Blood Runs Red (Chapter 11) 13-4: Clash (Chapter 26) 13-5: Repatriation (Endgame) Paralogue 1 - The Sacred Stones and The Genealogy of the Holy War P1-1: The Fall of Renais (FE8 Prologue) P1-2: Inheritors of Light (FE4 Chapter 6) P1-3: Two Faces of Evil (FE8 Chapter 18) Paralogue 2 - The Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, The Binding Blade, and Radiant Dawn P2-1: Hero of the West (FE6 Chapter 11 Lalum Route) P2-2: Across the River (FE5 Chapter 22) P2-3: Eldigan the Lionheart (FE4 Chapter 3, portion) Paralogue 3 - The Blazing Blade P3-1: Whereabouts Unknown (Chapter 16E/17H) P3-2: Pale Flower of Darkness (Chapter 25E/27H, Kenneth's version) P3-3: Battle Before Dawn (Chapter 26E/28H) Paralogue 5 - Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia P5-1: Ram Woods (First map in Chapter 1) P5-2: Fleecer's Forest (Second map in Chapter 1) P5-3: Ram Valley (Fourth Map in Chapter 1) Paralogue 7 - New Mystery of the Emblem P7-1: Assassination of the Hero-King (Prologue 8) P7-2: Within the White Darkness (Chapter 13x) P7-3: Reunion (Chapter 16x) Paralogue 10 - The Sacred Stones P10-1: Hamill Canyon (Chapter 13 Eirika) P10-2: River of Regrets (Chapter 17) P10-3: Ruled by Madness (Chapter 16) Paralogue 12 - Awakening and Fates All: Voice of Paradise (Conquest Chapter 14)/Dark Reunion (Birthright Chapter 12) Paralogue 13 - The Genealogy of the Holy War P13-1: Birth of the Holy Knight (Prologue, portion) P13-2: Inheritors of Light (Chapter 6, portion) P13-3: Girl of the Spirit Forest (Chapter 1) Paralogue 27 - Fates: Revelation P27-1: Hidden Strings (Chapter 19) P27-2: Seeds of Doubt (Chapter 20) P27-3: Arete Undone (Chapter 23) Special Maps - Fire Emblem Warriors Map 1: Woodlands Encounter (Chapter 2) Map 2: Hero King of the Desert (Chapter 4) Map 3: Hoshidan Princess (Chapter 6) Map 4: Hoshidan Prince (Chapter 7) Map 5: Nohrian Princess (Chapter 9) Map 6: A Brush in the Teeth (FE11 Chapter 3) Map 7: An Oasis of Magic (FE11 Chapter 15) Map 8: Lefcandith Gauntlet (FE11 Chapter 7) Grand Hero Battles Narcian: The Dragon Girl (FE6 Chapter 15, mirrored: fsr) Female Robin: Disowned by Time (FE13 Paralogue 12) Ursula: Battle Before Dawn (FE7 Chapter 26E/28H) Michalis: A Knight-Filled Sky (FE11 Chapter 22) Navarre: The Scarlet Swordsman (FE12 Chapter 7) or a portion of A Brush in the Teeth (FE11 Chapter 3) Zephiel: The Neverending Dream (FE6 Chapter 22, portion) Xander: Bitter Intrigue (Conquest Chapter 12) Lloyd: Four-Fanged Offense (FE7 Chapter 23E/24H, version played if your total lord levels is below 50). Camus: Camus the Sable (FE11 Chapter 20, portion) Legion: The Mask Laughs (FE12 Chapter 10x) Clarisse: The Depths of the Abyss (FE12 Chapter 20x) Berkut: Forest Crossroads (FE2/15 Map from Chapter 3 on Alm's side with Berkut, Fernand and a generic paladin, 3 generic paladins in the original) Valter: Scorched Sand (FE8 Chapter 16) Arvis: Doors of Destiny (FE4 Chapter 5, southwest portion) Oliver: Revelations (FE10 Chapter IV-4) Lyon: The Sacred Stones (Part 1) (FE8 Endgame) Takumi: Night Breaks Through (Conquest Engame) (Note: This map is identical to the "Stepping into the New Year" Tempest Trial) Saias: Across the River (FE5 Chapter 22) Kana: Dragon Blood (FE14 Paralogue 2) Julius:The Final Holy War (FE4 Endgame, portion) Linus: Cog of Destiny (FE7 Chapter 27E/29H) Walhart: The Sword or the Knee (FE13 Chapter 20) Jamke: Girl of the Spirit Forest (FE4 Chapter 1, portion) Garon: Dawn Breaks (Birthright Endgame) Aversa: To Slay a God (FE13 Chapter 25) Gharnef: The Dark Pontifex Lives (FE12 Chapter 23) Naesala: Entrusted (FE9 Chapter 19) Panne: Forseer (FE13 Chapter 6) Rutger: Collapse of the Alliance (FE6 Chapter 4) Tempest Trials Dark Clouds over Awakening: Invisible Ties (FE13 Chapter 23) Resonating Fangs: Berkut's Final Battle (FE15 One of the Duma Temple Dungeon Boss maps) Reunited at Last: Labyrinth of Thabes - Final Floor (FE15 Bonus Boss map) To Die on the Battlefield: Light (Part 1) (FE7 Endgame) Moment of Fate: Solo (FE9 Chapter 22) Genealogy of Light: The Final Holy War (FE4 Endgame, portion) A Gift of Peace: Forseer (FE13 Chapter 6) Stepping into the New Year: Night Breaks Through (Conquest Endgame) Breath of Destiny: Sands of Time (FE7 Chapter 29E/31H) Invisible Ties: Grima (FE13 Endgame) Thunder's Fist: Across the River (FE5 Chapter 22) Feud of the Fangs: Light (FE7 Endgame) Chaos Named: Mother (FE14 Chapter 5) Doorway to Destiny: Birth of the Holy Knight (FE4 Prologue, portion) Familiar Faces: Forseer (FE13 Chapter 6) Before We Met: The Vallite King (Revelation Chapter 26) Life is but Fleeting: Arcadia (FE6 Chapter 14) Bond Hero Battles Alm and Celica: Castle Zofia (FE2/15 Final Map in Chapter 1) Cecilia and Lilina: Retaking the Capital (FE6 Chapter 16, portion) Eirika and Ephraim: Ruled by Madness (FE8 Chapter 16) Ninian and Hawkeye: Arcadia (FE6 Chapter 14) and Living Legend (FE7 Chapter 22E/23H) Minerva and Maria: Clash in Macedon (FE11 Chapter 21) Takumi and Hinoka: Another Hope (Birthright Chapter 13) Tana and Amelia: Distant Blade (FE8 Chapter 9 Eirika) Raven and Lucius: Whereabouts Unknown (FE7 Chapter 16E/17H, portion) Corrin and Azura: Into the Ground (Revelations Chapter 6) Chrom and Lissa: Awakening (FE13 Chapter 24) Tiki and Nowi: The Threat of Silence (FE13 Paralogue 17) Seliph and Julia: The Final Holy War (FE4 Endgame, portion) Hector and Matthew: Another Journey (FE7 Chapter 11H) Leo and Elise: The Path is Yours (Fates Chapter 6, vertically mirrored, very shaky guess) Micaiah and Sothe: Daein, Arise! (FE10 Chapter I-E) Reinhardt and Ishtar: The Final Holy War (FE4 Endgame, portion) Ephraim and Myrrh: The Darkling Woods (FE8 Chapter 20) Klein and Clarine: Hero of the West (FE6 Chapter 11 Larum route) Ike and Soren: Flight! (FE9 Chapter 5) Elincia and Nephenee: Clash! (FE9 Chapter 26) Bartre and Fir: The Escape to Freedom (FE6 Chapter 11 Elphin Route) Legendary Hero Battles Robin (F): Grima (FE13 Endgame) Lyn: The Law of Sacae (FE6 Chapter 18 Sacae) Ryoma: Ryoma (Conquest Chapter 25) Hector: Sands of Time (FE7 Chapter 29E/31H) Lucina: Noble Lineage (FE13 Paralogue 7) (?) Marth: Star and Savior (FE11 Chapter 17) Tiki: A Mystery Revealed (FE12 Chapter 14) Eirika: Last Hope (FE8 Chapter 19) Azura: The Vallite King (Revelation Chapter 26) Duma: Final Battle (FE2/15 Endgame) Roy: Door to Destiny (FE6 Chapter 1) Yune: From Pain, Awakening (FE10 III-E) Tactics Drills Another Reunion: Reunion (FE6 Chapter 8, portion)
  12. So a new tweet from the official account sounds like it says there will be a new map related event starting, which will hand out Orbs but I need help translating it to better understand it. 【予告】 明日2/6(月)16:00より、スペシャルマップに「リリース記念プレゼントマップ」が登場!ひとつのマップでそれぞれ3個、2つの難易度で合計6個のオーブが入手できます。これから5週間毎週1つずつマップが追加されていくそうなので、なんと合計30個! #FEヒーローズ Can anyone help? I want a translation, not a google translation as that keeps coming back with conflicting comments.
  13. Mappy Being Weird

    Sorry, I had just had a quick question about map insertion. (I went through Blazer's Ultimate Tutorial and couldn't find what I needed, nor anywhere else) I was trying to redesign chapter 12 HM of FE 7, so when I finished and exported it, it said that I have more than 1024 block structures, and to only use this .MAR file with FMP 1.0 compatible editors/libraries. Then I tried to insert it using the a MAR Inserter, and after that I did everything I needed in Nightmare, but when I got into the game, the map was bugged, with most tiles being black. So I found Markyjoe's video on map insertion and followed that but it still didn't work. Did I follow the video incorrectly or is it the "1024 block structures" thing?
  14. So i have a mappy question

    Hey all, so i have another noob question, but how can I (if i can) make a randomized map in mappy? i usually make them by hand, but creating large mountain ranges that look good are a little beyond me... Thanks!
  15. Maximum map size parameter questions

    According to the research I've done, the maximum map size permitted in FE7 is 43x36. However... I have also read that the maximum map size varies by game. Is this correct? And, if so, what is the maximum map size for FE8? I recall reading at one point that those dimensions were flexible, but only if the two numbers added up to the same amount (or something along those lines); i.e. you could make a map that was 29x50 tiles if you wanted, since 29+50 and 43+36 both add up to 79. Is this correct? It kinda sounds fake, so I'll defer to people who know what they're talking about; what is the truth in regards to maximum map dimensions? Thanks for your time!
  16. Okay so a while ago I started working on a Fire Emblem hack and I've discovered that making maps is a lot of fun. So since I'm new to this sort of thing I've decided I might as well post my maps here for critique and just general advice. [spoiler=Spooky Temple] This tileset was a pain to work with with all the edge tiles. I'm worried the bottom half looks a lot more bland compared the top half. [spoiler=Castle Courtyard] The first map I made. Really simple. The main prince character gets ambushed by some assassins here. [spoiler=Obligatory Bandit map] The river looks kinda awkward but otherwise I'm happy with this one. The good guys start on the hill in the top right. [spoiler=Forest Map] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Decided to try something new and make this closed in pseudo indoors forest map. There's two versions here because I wasn't sure which I liked better, but I'm leaning towards the top one. I'm a bit worried about it being too chokepoint heavy though. [spoiler=Defense Map] So obviously this one isn't finished. Tried using FE Map Creator's random generation feature a bit for some parts. The mountain is super ugly but I don't really know how to do those. So yeah, please tell me if my maps suck or not. Edit: Fixed a height error on the temple map that slipped past me.
  17. Sacred Blaze's Maps and Stuff

    Hey there. Whilst I'm not working on anything major just right now, I don't want my skills to dwindle too much. So in the meantime I'm gonna do some stuff. It'll mostly be maps, but I might do some OK-ish sprites sometime later as well. It'll be a slow roll, but here's what I have so far: [spoiler=Maps] [spoiler=Sprites]
  18. Similar to Locke's topic about mechanical dislikes here, , I thought I should make a thread that's the exact opposite. I love unlimited weapon durability and weapon effects. I adore the nerfed Pair up 1-2 range bow options are awesome I never realized how much I wanted a 1-2 staff until Fates gave me one. Nohr chapter 9 is awesome
  19. Curious to see what maps people hate the most. FE2: At the end of chapter 3 on Celica's side, when you fight Geyse. I didn't grind in my run and it was normal mode, so he was far more powerful than any of my units and the summoner kept creating fodder for me to have to blast through only to get hammered by him. So I had to make my own fodder with Jenny's Illusion to stall the summoner's skeletons and maybe whittle Geyse's health away while I dealt with all the other units without losing any of my own, including sending Catria to the summoner on an assassination mission: Admittedly it was a funny thing to do but the map mostly felt like a drag because of what I had to do. FE4: Chapter 3, if the game's going to have massive maps, at least don't make you have to backtrack so heavily to get to the next castle, especially if you have to do this twice. The only redeeming quality is the music that comes it, imo. FE6: I don't remember this game well enough to pick. FE7: Battle Before Dawn, protecting someone far from your starting point in fog of war is not a fun thing. FE8: Don't remember this game well enough to pick. FE11: Chapter 7, its reinforcements felt endless and at that stage they were readily capable of murdering some of my units, which forced half a dozen frustrating restarts. FE12: Chapter 12 is a nightmare with all those dragons and wyverns and reinforcements, can't stand it. FE13: Hated Chapter 22 for its layout and frequency of reinforcements.
  20. Fire emblem Map Maker

    This is not really a problem regarding ROM hacking, but i figured that someone hear would understand my situation. I'm making a 2-player Fire emblem game where players use 4 units around a premade map and move around increasing their stats and abilities. They then can attack the other player's units and try to defeat them in battle. While thats all well in good, i have a hard time trying to find a good map maker to use for this case scenario. Since the images im using for units are too big for a 16x16 grid, i had to upscale the grid size to make it 20x20. However considering the map makers online are meant for ROM hacking, 16x16 is standard, so the tiles are not meant to be upscaled like that. Furthermore, since im thinking about using a txt file to keep track of terrain, i am unaware of how to alter the map image into a eligible txt file. Help would be appreciated. P.S this is the map im trying to use
  21. Converting map files

    I am using Cedar Nyx's event thing, and I'm trying to upload a map to put into my game, but it will only accept picture files. My map is a .map file. If anyone would help, that would be great.
  22. Editing Map Tile Palettes

    Hello Serenes Forest My question is really a simple one, though the answer I fear, may not be. Especially considering my inexperience. I've just begun using and testing the most basic of hacking utilities out there. Basically, I'd like to go from this... To this~ And this too, perhaps. These are just mock-ups for me to daydream about. I've been all over Nightmare and FEditor, and added a good number of portraits and a custom sprite, not to mention extensive text edits, through plenty of trial and error and a few gigs worth of corrupted roms, deleted in my Recycle Bin. My edits have gotten to the point where I've been getting a bit over-ambitious for my skill level. I've skipped over a specific tutorial here that dealt with extracting and inserting the 'battle frames' seen in the above picture with Sain. (shadowofchaos' "Inserting Custom Battle Frames, to be specific. )I thought it was a little bit too much, so I figured I'd do with a recolour instead. Is there any way to access/see/edit these specific palletes, that is also hopefully simple to accomplish?
  23. DrPikachu's Sprite Lab

    Hey, all. Work on the final check-through of my other project is still ongoing, so in the meantime, allow me to show off some of the other things I've done when I've had enough of looking at dialogue and manipulating code for a while. First off, we have this: [spoiler=Animations hidden within] Looking at the ever-neglected cult classic class, I went and edited the melee-range animations for the GBA Soldier. So now you can have smoother frames and witness an infantryman's impression of a marching band drum major/majorette...except it's much more lethal. The frames for throwing Javelins are still under construction. The lance-twirling comes from the original javelin-throwing frames, some of the leg positioning from other frames, and the *shing* effect was inspired by The Blind Archer's Halberdier v2. But other than that, everything else is either the original material or custom-made by yours truly. This set of animations has NOT been tested in or prepared for FEditor or any other sprite-based romhack tool. These are raw .gifs. I will update this thread when I feel I have something to show, so posts could be frequent, sporadic, or something in-between.