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Found 36 results

  1. Fig A: a generated, random map An FE tailored map creator, that can also generate random tiles to fill in empty space in your map or create an entirely random map. The generation rules can be edited, too. It also allows locking specific tiles, such as a castle or mountain range, that the generator should not modify and merely build around, as well as drawing in generic terrain types, which it will turn into fitting tiles of that type during generation: Supports opening and saving both .mar arrays and Tiled files, for inserting the maps into roms or adding in tile changes after the base map is finished. It can also create an approximation a map based on an image and the tileset used, if you just have a picture and not the data file. The vanilla GBA FE maps and tilesets, as well as map generation rules for each tileset, are included in the download so you can immediately jump into map making. Special thanks to Pi for ripping all the GBA FE maps, which I referenced to generate the initial tileset rules. FE Map Creator download zip You'll need .NET Framework 4 to run it, if the program doesn't work you probably need to download that: .NET Framework
  2. Hello all I'm still pretty new to this and I have some questions. I've checked all the map creation and insertion tutorials, but none of them cover replacing or deleting maps, only adding new maps. I have 47 new maps planned for a FE7 hack, and I'm not sure they will all fit on the rom. (Like I said I'm still pretty new to this.) So Question 1 : Do I need to make free space, or will 47 new maps fit. (I can make every map the same size as the original maps, with less map changes even. If possible I would like to make bigger maps though.) Question 2: If I need to make free space, how do I go about replacing each map or deleting the old ones. Current Last Line of the clean rom is at 01000000, pretty sure that tells me how much free space is left, but I still wouldn't understand how many maps worth that is. Thanks in advance for any help
  3. What are your favorite and least favorite maps in the fire emblem series? My favorite is Crazed Beast, the chapter 25 of Hector Mode [spoiler=Crazed Beast] I really like its objective, seizing the three thrones with any unit. It feels innovative, and having three different groups of enemies, with 3 bosses, each being the promoted version of the class in each group of enemy is an interesting concept. Then there's the map itself. The southwest with the river and the forests and the lake in the middle make you play it in a different way, requiring flyers, either to rescue drop other units or to fight the enemies themselves. My least favorite is Geoffrey's charge, in the part 2 of Radiant Dawn. I don't like the idea of having a bunch of weak enemies blocking the way while having to reach the other side of the map. Not having to kill the enemies to get xp makes it boring, IMO, and the then there are important droppable items in the middle of the myriad of enemies that you have to worry about.
  4. Viewing Downloaded Tiled Maps

    When I download a map made in Tiled, and I try to view it on my computer, this error shows up: Error loading tileset image: E:/Tiled map Inserter/FE7/1C1D1E1F.png Line 4, column 2 Can anyone tell me how I can view downloaded maps? Is there something I have to do to the folder or something?
  5. I really ought to make something like this. >_>" Anyway I'll just dump my map (and sometimes mug) creations here I guess. [spoiler=Random Maps] Just some other creations that aren't being used for any kind of project. Mostly done because I was bored. I tried my hand at formatting the Xia Kou map from Dynasty Warriors Advance to FE style. Certainly didn't work. I experimented with height here. All in all, personally I like it. Some... border thing. I was just trying out some fort tiles, don't mind me :U ... yeah. A more linear castle map with some alternation between cramped and open room (and also shamelessly copied 4 tile walls) I really would like to do more indoor maps. I just don't think I'm very good at them. I don't think I need to tell you the purpose of those islands, do I? ... I dunno. Bridges galore! I've did this one half-asleep, honestly... I like this one - a map with flying units attacking from the mountains, and your small army has to move through the woods. I - I like water tiles, okay? The darkling woods tileset feels so underused, honestly. ;~; [spoiler=32x32 Maps] Some maps that are 32x32 explicitly. I know that some of these may work better with smaller size, but I've only made them this big because I want to try my hand at bigger maps. (They're also some of my better maps, honestly, probably because they aren't too old. Most of my 2014 maps are pretty okay) Lots and loots of houses. Also beaches for possible pirate reinforcements. This map is designed so that splitting up may be a sound idea, but in practice its rather... dangerous. Iono. Would probably be better explained with enemies placed. You're supposed to defend some NPCs building a bridge on the right so you can get to the enemy castle. The cramped space might seem like a disadvantage, but can also be used quite nicely. Trespassing the woods that claim alot of the space also nets you a shortcut. Another defend map - this time there's a magic user NPC in the middle on the fort, and if you protect them for long enough, the rivers freeze so you can cross them. Here's where splitting up the group is a greater idea. (This map looks much better shortened, but since my goal is to make 32x32 maps... yeah. >_>") Now here's one I like - you start at the top left big fort thing and approach the middle, which has an NPC (you can recruit them though so no worries about that) you need to protect (and so does the top left castle, so you need to keep watch of both), but you also have to rout the enemy. [spoiler=Mugs] There's more but I don't wanna show that stuff off because it looks really lazy and bad.
  6. Sairento's Sprite Gallery

    Some time ago I started Mapping, so I've made some maps and I'd like to know what you think of some of them [spoiler=8 September] [spoiler=Basic Map] Gameplay: this map is compatible with FE7 prologue Events, you start on the southeast corner Objective-Seize gate/defeat boss [spoiler=Green Castle] Gameplay: you start in south of the map objective-seize throne [spoiler=Mansion Castle] Gameplay: you start in the middle Objective: Seize Throne/defeat boss [spoiler=City Map] Gameplay: you start in southwest coner Objective:defeat boss in the northeast big house, he will attack you so getting the chest is tricky [spoiler=Overworld Map-1] Gameplay: star in one of the corners Objective: Defeat boss [spoiler=Overworld Map-2] Gameplay: you start in southwest corner Objective: defeat boss in northeast corner Note: This Map can be connected with the map above [spoiler=25 September] [spoiler=Mapping Contest 1 Submission] Gameplay: you start in the southeast corner, you need to seize the castle, from the fort in the small island will spawn pirates that will try to destroy the left village, from the caves you spawn brigands that will also try to destroy villages, there will be ballistas on the tiles (2,14), (3,17), (11,1) and (19,2) [spoiler=Blue Castle] Gameplay: still in progress, you start in the south of map, you need to seize the throne, the path that seems to be easier and shorter is actually less regarding, because the two rooms in the north of the map work like the "empty room, great reward", they would just have units with long ranged tomes, that would break before you could open the doors Note: this map uses a feaw tileset [spoiler=Shrine of Seals-Small version] Gameplay: you start neer the throne, you have to defend it at the same time you defeat the enemies [spoiler=Ruins Map] Gameplay: you start at the southwest corner, you have to defeat the boss, that would have some huge max HP, but would start with low HP because we as damaged, on the room in the southeast there would be a recruitable week unit that you would have to protect [spoiler=Small Castle] Gameplay: the third one would be tutorial map in your home castle, on the second one you would have to run away through the small passagein the northwest of the map, this would also teach you how to use light runes, [spoiler=Fire Fortress] Gameplay: you start the south of the map and you have to defeat the boss/reach door, from the stairs there would be enemies spawning, and this map kinda benifts archers, [spoiler=Flame Map] Gameplay: you start at the northwest of the map and you have to seize the throne [spoiler=Spiral Map] Gameplay: you start in the middle of the map and you would have to make a weak unit reach the four "exits" (for some reason), but you couldn't rescue that unit, in a certain number of turns enemies would spawn from every stair witch would make counting tiles quite useful, since there would be fog fo war [spoiler=Snow Fortress] Gameplay: In this map you would have to defend a specific NPC that would be in the middle of the fortress, but you would be rewarded by each bad AI NPC that you could protect, so you would try to defend most of the map, after a couple of turns you would have to kill every enemy [spoiler=Symmetric Map] Gameplay: your team starts in the four entraces of the castle/temple thing, you would be attacked by long ranged tomes, the rienforcements would work y summoning, also getting the chest would be hard because you would have to abdicate a essencial part of your team to get them, the objective in to defeat the boss in the middle of the map [spoiler=Mario Map] Gameplay: just a joke map, you would star in the left, and you would have to seize the throne Feel free to critique this maps, also I belive I need some help with the water I don't plan of using some of this maps, so if anyone is interested in using one of this maps, feel free to ask If you have an idea for a map feel free to talk about it
  7. The Royal Sprite Topic of Myself

    FOR THOSE OF YOU STOPPING BY FROM THE FUTURE TO TAKE A GANDER: Some of the images in the first few pages, back when I still used Imageshack for uploading, are now broken. HOWEVER, FRET NOT! If you wish to view them, right-click on the image, click "Inspect Element", then right-click on the image link that pops up on the right and click "Open in New Tab." As far as I have tested, this allows you to view the image. If it doesn't work, then you're outta luck, I suppose. *Shrug* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Seeing as how my old sprite topic is deader than a doornail, I feel like starting over, so to speak, with a clean slate. This time around, though, I'll be posting less exclusively FE sprites and more other styles of sprites. Anyway, sprites, in no particular order: Part of a series of sprites in a custom style where I sprite 100 of my favorite characters from my favorites games and franchises, with the stipulation of one character per game. Let's see if I can actually do it. A few FE-battle-styled sprites that I've made some time in the past year or so. A few Nintendo characters in ML3 style. The result of boredom and random scribbles in Paint. Another boredom piece from a while back. Also an experiment with limited colors on the mushroom; the grassy knoll came later. A custom style inspired by 8-bit graphics, though itself isn't. And a few maps: That should be enough for now. Comments and criticisms are always welcome.
  8. Nightmare question

    In the context of map design, are Nightmare modules enough to make a proper map? I don't mean in a way where I can add new unit type or something, just a repositioning, and editting in general. thx
  9. I'm at chapter 25 , I added the Bonus Maps including: Ghost of a Blade A Hard Miracle Etc They appear in my world But there are no Paths leading to them :/ Please Help
  10. Fateborn Who Can't Sprite

    LATEST PROGRESS is always on last page, so you may want to read through starting from page 13. I will link below the images that is currently finished if you do not wish the trouble of reading through that mess.
  11. Prime's Storage Facility

    Hello, and welcome to my gallery. You might find a few stray sprites but for the most part I do maps. Here's some examples of my work: If you're looking for some free-to-use maps for a project you're working on, I encourage you to check out my Map Pack. Not taking requests at the moment. Sorry.