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Found 27 results

  1. So basically whenever I try to launch fe 12 with no$gba the game just comes up and freezes.There is a message written in japanese and nothing else. Other games work fine however. So can someone tell me whhat to do. My operating system is linux by the way.
  2. I blew up the "Improving the Genealogy Path" thread with this and it was suggested I come over to the Hackers sub ... before we get started, I'm very comfortable with building software from source in a *NIX environment and hopefully you are too. OK, now to the nitty gritty - I haven't even made script changes to the patch, I'm just trying to build it vanilla in a SLES11 SP2 Linux environment. First issue - fe4p/fe4p.c, the #define macro for row and col vars doesn't like to compile. I manually moved it inline and I can compile this OK.The next big issue is in making the fonts. s11sp2:~/FE4/fe4transsrc # make menufont ... ./fe4enc newfont.bin zfont.bin gmake[1]: *** [zfont.bin] Segmentation fault If I run this command through GDB I see the issue is here: Compressing... 3.3% Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. 0x08048d6f in FindMatch (bestmatch=0xbffff514, readahead=0x8061239 "\347\271\ב\177\221o") at lz77.c:80 80 if(*match != *readahead || So I tried to fake this by using the Windows fe4enc.exe I've seen floating around by manually generating a zfont.bin from the newfont.bin included in the source package. I had to do this for another font file as well. I eventually got an .ips (yay!) but when I loaded it, everything was messed up in the game (boo!). OK, starting over. "make spotless" then just did a "make". All goes well until gmake[1]: Entering directory `/root/FE4/fe4transsrc/dcenc' ../bin/65816 -c -hi dcenc.asm ... [entering second pass] assembling code at $91FAB0...finished at $91FBD3. *** glibc detected *** ../bin/65816: double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x08063b20 *** ... Soo... Has anyone successfully compiled this from source in Linux to make a working .ips ? Anyone know why you'd make script, or make dump?