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Found 586 results

  1. Fire Emblem War of Deciet

    Hey so I'm creating a new Fire Emblem game by using the SRPG studio, I know this is probably the wrong topic feed or whatever, but I've currently finished most of the first chapter, and about 25% of the maps. If anyone is further intrested or can offer advice I'd really appricate it. You can get in contact through - Discord - ethanb2309#5114 Or just message me on here directly.
  2. 3DS FE Pairings Reference for Written Works

    So, I plan on making some written works here, and I decided to make his so you can understand who I have paired up with who. All of these stories will take place in the same universe... sort of. Basically, in this universe, there are: -2 separate Awakening timelines -2 separate Fates: Revelation timelines -1 Smash World that brings them together. This accommodates for each Corrin and Robin of each gender. Before we get to the pairings, a few notes in the spoiler below. Anyways, the pairings: Awakening: Robin timeline Awakening: Reflet Timeline Fates Revelation: Corrin timeline Fates Revelation: Kamui timeline If there are any thoughts and concerns about the details here, let me know.
  3. Hey, I'm making a ROM hack of FE6 and I was wondering how to edit the title screen where it says "Fire Emblem the Binding Blade"? If anyone knows how to edit the "Nintendo presents" part too that'd be helpful as well.
  4. Post ideas of villains you have. I made a similar topic in march but due to low activity and me generally running out of ideas to keep it going it kinda died (or not I don't know what the deadline for dead forums is). So let me make this thread so we can share our ideas. So here are some of my ideas: Name: Katsuo Class: Rogue Level: 17 HP: 40 ATK: 23 DEF: 17 SPD: 29 SKL: 26 RES: 15 LCK: 27 Bio: Katsuo, also called by "Alpha" and "Rogue King", is the leader of the Wolf Pack. He is the most successful and infamous rogue of his generation. Ruthless and devilishly handsome Katsuo is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Game Prescence: Katsuo is one of the three major antagonists of the first 11 chapters, not counting the prologues or possible paralogues, as he is fought in chapter 9. He is also one of your unit's archenemy as he killed and played with their mother when that unit was young. He and the other major antagonist of the first 11 chapters are also in numerous cutscences and often talked about in houses/villages you visit. Context before you face him: Well the final three chapters of the "first arc" is where the neighboring country makes a surprise attack on your home country's capitals. So Katsuo is outside the castle guarding the reinforcements, you, from joining in the battle. So there are two goals, defeat the boss and arrive. You are allowed to bring your lord and the unit who hates Katsuo plus 11 other units. Inventory: He has a Silver bow and a silver sword. He also has a droppable bullion (XL). Skills: Locktouch: Opens any lock without need of a key. Lucky 7: +20 Hit/Avoid for the first seven turns. Now you can post away!
  5. Robin as Myrmidon

    I tried a run where i reclassed instantly robin as myrmidon, and if you want my opinion, it wasnt that bad! He is still a myrmidon, im planning on making him a sword master. Tell me what you think! (and maybe let him marry WHO and WHY) DONT SAY TO ME TO CHANGE CLASS XD
  6. What the title states. What if we could put armour in our unit's inventory and have them give bonus in stats, skills, or status effects. I feel this would really work well with Three Houses and what looks like a pretty big inventory with 7 spaces. Armoured classes can have basic armour with different types (I.e. Iron, Steel, Silver) and there being special armour that give +5 DEF and maybe skills like Pavise. Would that work well?
  7. I am currently having trouble with installing the english translation for fire emblem if, I have all the necessary items for it, however when I start the process it stops working immediately, and yes I have Custom firmware. thank you and all help will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hey, Im not entirely sure if this is the right place for it, but it seems to be the most fitting. I personally am working on a fangame and wanted to know if there is a place where I can find the sound effects of Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn (Radiant Dawn would be okay too.) Things like menu move and select and such. I searched a lot for it and strangely couldnt find anything at all, just the general soundtrack. Maybe someone here can help me out. Thanks!
  9. Honestly, I believe the old/new divide is New Mystery of the Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow (a game I've never played bc it's hard to emulate). Anything before is rooted in the old formula (the one I prefer). There's a Kaga/Anime subdivide in there, but I won't get into that. It has weapon durability, deep stories filled with war, politics, evil gods, etc., no waifus (Genealogy does have marriage, but there's no self-insert of yourself, so no waifus), and no phoenix mode (I know casual mode exists. I'm fine with it). Sorry to sound elitist, but it's all the really good stuff. The new stuff is anything after, and its differences pander to the casuals. That's not a bad thing. I honestly like how there's a huge aspect on reclassing and customization. I (though I don't use it) think casual mode is a good crutch if you're scared of losing units and don't want to reset every time a unit dies. It's stories are meh (Awakening's is rushed, Fates' is bad, and Echoes is a remake, but Berkut and Fernand are new, so they make the original parts of the story great). Weapon durability was dropped in this era, and was handled well. The avatar gained priority over time (much to my dismay), and waifus (or husbandos) and children units went from a good idea to a unnecessary one. This era was more... experimental. New Mystery splices these two eras. It has a story and gameplay rooted in the old formula, and an avatar and casual mode from the new. That is what I say is the old/new divide.
  10. I’m thinking about replaying Birthright on Lunatic mode. My class will be samurai, and I’m considering S supporting either Takumi or Kaze this run. My bane will be magic, but I don’t know whether to choose my boon as +STR or +SPD. I was considering a +SKL boon as well for proc crit esteem, but I’m more so focused on a physically offensive unit this round (though I know Midori benefits from a luck and strength growth and Kiragi benefits from speed in my favor). Which boon (strength or speed) would be more optimal in my case?
  11. Is anyone excited to be able to bang our students? Sounds like something straight out of a harem anime. Fire Emblem meets High School DxD. Also, where will the children come from? The future? Deeprealms? Adoption? Timeskip? Divine intervention?
  12. Hey, I know I've been absent from the Fire Emblem community for a few years now. I've always held Fire Emblem dearly in my heart, but was going through a tough time in my personal life, so I had to get that sorted out. Now that I have (hopefully for good), I am now focused on my goal, my dream, which is to make a living as a Twitch streamer / content creator. So one of my ideas was to have a Fire Emblem Friday stream as a weekly routine. That's where you guys come in. What would you like to see in an 8 hour long weekly Fire Emblem stream? And what time slot is best? I was thinking noon to 8pm EST. It's great to be back :)
  13. OK, so as you may have noticed already, I'm in desperate need to expand my horizon when it comes to this franchise. I've been exposed to the GBA titles (all of them) too much, and have little to no experience or exposure with essentially all the other FE titles (other than Heroes). All I would like to know is where I should go next in the series, and how to handle those titles. For those who are looking to recommend me specific titles, I implore you to elaborate by informing me of some ways I can be playing the game in an efficient and smart way. I'd really like to appreciate this series for its entirety, and not just be a purist for a select few titles.
  14. Hey there! It's been a while but I am back with a new video and new mic and all sort of crap to improve with! Please do not hold back on any criticisms!
  15. I was considering running either a Dark mage, master ninja, mechanist, paladin, archer, cavalier, dread fighter or one of the knight(?) classes. I really have no idea; first file was a priestess with magic boon and luck or skill bane, it was decent as a support. For ref; female Corrin here!
  16. Fire Emblem OVERpLAY

    Starting roughly half a year ago, I started doing a playthrough of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. Originally, it was just gameplay with subtitled commentary I made for a friend who hadn't played the game, but as I learned more about how to use my editing program, I had more ideas for my project. Starting with chapter 24, I started making some visual novel-like scenes from scratch, to add a more humorous and dynamic aspect to my playthrough (though in retrospect, some of it is a little too silly). I started calling this series OVERpLAY, partly because of the use of overlays and that I'm doing more than just playing a game. I read somewhere that at least part of Kaga's vision for Fire Emblem was for players to make their own stories, and that's sort of what I'm trying to do with this now; have some more character interactions, show some ways the deaths of some characters have affected surviving ones... ... and also play some things for laughs. Here is Chapter 24, where I started doing stuff in the "OVERpLAY" style: I was, admittedly, still trying to find some direction when I made this, and some of the humor, particularly early on with external references, which even I find a little cringy now. Also, in case you're wondering why the dead unit list is so long when the Aum staff is used, when when this was still an LP I made for a friend, I deliberately sacrificed my guys to access the gaiden chapters so I could show as much of the game as possible. Here is the Endgame: This is where I started doing stuff the way I currently am: while still mostly comedic, there are some serious moments too, and I used my additional scenes for the sake of some extra character depth, like Marth feeling the pressure of living up to Anri's legend. Lastly, here is the Shadow Dragon Epilogue: I bring everyone back to life for the sequel in an unapologetically contrived way, and make shoutouts to what's to come in Echoes and New Mystery. The very end also lays some groundwork for some of my plans for NMotE, but I'm not saying where that is. 😄 Here is the full playlist: As I said, Chapter 24 is where I started doing stuff in the OVERpLAY style, but here you go if you're interested in seeing how things got to that point. If you're interested in seeing an expert playthrough, though, you won't find it here. I'm planning on doing a New Mystery of the Emblem OVERpLAY in the not-too-distant future, building a story around the results of an Iron Man run, but for this, I deliberately killed off units for the gaiden chapters and I wasn't above stuff like arena grinding. Here is an unfinished video showing the progress of my current project, where I set up a little competition between my units: Here are some screenshots: Anyway, I really hope you enjoy these videos, and if you do, please leave a like and comment for the videos, and maybe consider subscribing to my channel: It would mean a lot.
  17. A recurring feature of the FE games is a signature item named after the series itself. The Fire Emblem has come in all kinds of shapes and forms and has had many different uses: it's been a shield, a gem, a stone, a medallion; it's imprisoned maddened Earth Dragons, it's imprisoned evil beings, and it's imprisoned a supposedly evil being that turned out to not be evil after all. One time, it's also been a magic chainsaw Master Sword with a dark history that was barely touched on. Basically, the Fire Emblem has come in different forms, but there could always be more clever twists on the formula. Here is a topic for just that: post any ideas for a Fire Emblem that you think would be creative or a clever twist on the usual formula. Here's mine: in these games, the Fire Emblem has always been an object. How about an FE game where the player is led to believe at first that the Fire Emblem is an object, but it turns out to actually be a person. Perhaps, as a bit of foreshadowing, there's a scene where the villain interrogates an old sage character and the sage, with his dying breath, mocks the villain. But the villain notices the sage's choice of words and realizes out loud, "So, the Fire Emblem lives."
  18. Hello everyone, If I were to make a fire emblem copycat game but with different characters, story and dialogue and but only keep the gameplay mechanics. Specifically of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, would I get into trouble with Nintendo over copyright disputes? because from what I can gather they can copyright the game, characters even aesthetics. but not gameplay. The reason I'm asking this here is does anyone have any experience with making their own FE inspired turn-based strategy game? and if so what would be the do's and don'ts? to ensure the project, myself and the team do not fall under any lawsuits by Nintendo. I know it may seem shallow to want to copy the mechanics of a game, but I'd rather make a really good copycat than a really bad original game. My other (more personal) objective with the project is to promote cultural awareness of my father country, it's language, dialects, scripture history and culture. there is a lot of media out there in surrounding it like books, movies, and music. But no video games. So that's my motivation for this project, I even found the perfect historic event to take inspiration from, one that would really fit the "FE" archetype I think. So, any thoughts or tips?
  19. As the title says, i will post here how my walktroughts are going. I dont know if im doing well or im the worst xD. Ostian Princess Hard Mode: Chapter 11 Link Wars Normal Mode: Chapter 5 Voids Blitzarre Adventure 2 Blitz Tendency Normal Mode: Chapter 3 Fire Emblem 6 Normal Mode Spanish: Chapter 21 Fire Emblem 7 CC (Class Change) HHM Iron Man: Chapter 17 Fire Emblem 7 (Growth and Stats Change) HHM Iron Man: Chapter 17 Serra Rangers HHM Iron Man: Chapter 12 (Stopped for now) Dorcas Emblem HHM Iron Man : Chapter 4 (Stopped for now)
  20. Hello everyone. I'm starting my new project, Purging Flame, a reimagined balance patch for Blazing Sword. The goal of this project is to create a FE7 that is balanced in a different way than the original. Siince the original was already somewhat balanced to begin with. Objectives: - Increase difficulty of Lyn mode - Fix supports growth rates - Make a few units actually worth using (Dorcas, Barte, Karla... etc...) - Make enemies more quality based in difficulty, rather than quantity based. - buff some units so they can deal with those changes. Here are some videos that I already posted:
  21. Legendary Weapons

    I was watching some FE6 videos a few days ago and I started thinking: Should Legendary Weapons even have uses? They're the arms of ancient heroes, forged to kill dragons, demons, and gods! If they break and disappear forever after 40 or so attacks, doesn't that undermine their significance in the game's lore?
  22. Fire Emblem OVA: a sequel?

    Has anybody seen the two episode fire emblem anime/OVA? well my question is if they were to make a sequel of sorts, which game would be best suited to a television/film interpretation, I think a "radiant" movie would be cool, that game has real cinematic edge, and a pretty strong plot, while awakening would make a better television series as it feels more episodically written, Fire Emblem 7 is so dramatic it reminds me of a Wagnerian opera (Is that a word?) I've also heard people compare the dark and complex plot of Geneology to that of game of thrones, though that one might have to come in at least two separate parts with possibly a third for thracia 776, i dunno anyone have thoughts on this?
  23. Fighter Promotions

    Which Fighter promotions do you prefer? Not much else to say.
  24. Fire Emblem Vindication revisited

    Hi, there everyone. The purpose of this topic is to revisit a project of mine, a balance patch and see if there is anything else I can do to improve on it. For that purpose, I'm going to post here videos and screenshots of my playthrough so that everyone can see and throw in their opinions on this patch. Well, then, for starters, the characters growths for chapter 1: Roy: HP 90% STR 65% SKL 55% SPD 70% LUK 60% DEF 35% RES 35% Wolt: 80% STR 50% SKL 50% SPD 45% LUK 40% DEF 25% RES 15% Marcus:: HP 60% STR 35% SKL 40% SPD 30% LUK 20% DEF 20% RES 20% Allen: HP 85% STR 55% SKL 40% SPD 35% LUK 40% DEF 35% RES 20% Lance: HP 80% STR 40% SKL 50% SPD 50% LUK 35% DEF 20% RES 25% Bors: HP 90% STR 50% SKL 40% SPD 35% LUK 50% DEF 45% RES 20% Now, here are the level ups in this chapter: Wolt off to a nice start Allen gets level ups in areas that aren't particularly his expertise but will do Lance doesn't start so well Wolt gets an level for killing the boss and is a bit meh I will post the video at a later date.