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Found 1 result

  1. It has the European names (Shiida, Doluna, Akanea, Nabarl, rather than Caeda, Dohlr, Archanea, and Navarre). But it has a legit ESRB E10+ Rating on the sticker. Here are pictures I took that I think may help... Here we have the front of my Cart, with the ESRB rating, looking like an American copy. Here we have the back of my Cart. Now, our first noticeable part of the bootleg once I pop it in: Archanea is Akaneia in this supposed bootleg... Next, we see Dolhr is its European name, Doluna. Caeda has her European name, Shiida... And a comparison to 4 of my non-bootleg DS games. You can see that my Shadow Dragon copy is slightly darker. So, is it a bootleg? I can't show the case because I only recieved the Game Cart when I bought it.