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Found 1 result

  1. Yggdra Union LTC [spoiler=Turn Counts]Battlefield 1 (4 turns) Battlefield 2 (5 turns) Battlefield 3 (16 turns) Battlefield 4 (7 turns) Battlefield 5 (2 turns) Battlefield 6 (5 turns) Battlefield 7 (7 turns) Battlefield 8 (13 turns) Total: 59 turns Stub topic for my LTC playthrough of Yggdra Union (which I will flesh out in more detail later). I've got to say, it's quite a bit different from LTCing a Fire Emblem game, due to the complex nature of the battle mechanics and such, and I've had some fun with it. Meeting benchmarks to "ORKO" enemies is super difficult though... Enjoy the playthrough if you're a fan of Yggdra, and if not, I highly encourage you to try out the game (perhaps on the PSP version for better graphics + voiced cutscenes).