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Found 18 results

  1. Years ago, I had an Action Replay Code for Path of Radiance that gave Every character's weapons and items infinite uses. I think the original code was made by Jay007, but it was for PAL and someone converted it to NTSC. But I've since lost the code, and I need some kind soul to re-convert the old code back to NTSC so I can use it again. R42B-2GP1-ZE19C UDZ6-3YM4-0YVEP ABMK-9J51-RGVHQ Can someone help me out, here?
  2. I remember using a few codes from a while back, one made it so you could access the prep screen/base screen from any chapter, like the very first prologue chapter, and another made it so you could access everything within the prepscreen, does anyone still have that? I'm trying to make it so the MU is whatever class I want them to be. Though if there's a way to hack the game so you can have him be whatever class you want that would be work too.
  3. Stat Modifier - add or remove extra stats 94000130 FFFB0000 621BED30 00000000 B21BED30 00000000 200000XX 000000YY D0000000 00000000 XX= 50 Max Hp 51 Str 52 Mag ...etc 5A lvl 5D Move YY= Number 10 means 16 9=9 if you want to remove stat from your unit just make it 0 This will make your units stat a default Growth Rate Modifier - it Adds to Growth rate 52050A10 0A000003 02050A10 E1A00000 02050A1C E3A000XX D0000000 00000000 xx for ex: if you make 05 you will add extra %5 growth for all stats Edit Item in Item Slot 5 94000130 FFFB0000 621BED30 00000000 B21BED30 00000000 20000070 000000XX 20000072 000000YY D0000000 00000000 XX Item Id - YY Usage Left
  4. Anyone know any codes for the NA version to get specific items such as statue fragments or the occult scroll. I've skimmed through a bit and haven't found any, but I'm sure they exist. Additionally I remember reading somewhere that using the recruit everyone code immediately before/after you engage in lethal a boss will make them obtainable on rout missions, can anyone verify this.. I could try this out myself if anyone is interested too.
  5. Has Anyone ever figured out the correct control all enemies Code for the Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Version 1.01 on Dolphin with Gamecube Controller? I really would be Grateful.
  6. Would anyone happen to know any action replay codes for Weapon Triangle on Hard Mode Ability to Check Enemy Range on Hard Mode Map Affinity on Hard Mode Battles Saves On Hard Mode And a Way to change experience gain on hard mode to normal - just the normal experience not the the bonus experience the codes that I have tried didn't work I am using dolphin version 5.0-321
  7. Recently I've been fooling around with recruiting enemy units, but sadly, I'm making a self-challenge to recruit every boss and that's already seemingly impossible. Bosses have -- movement. That basically means 0 movement. Yikes. Using movement changing codes doesn't work, warp glitches up recruited enemies on the map, and neither Rescue nor Warp work properly in enemy hands. If anyone has either has a movement changing code that works, or a portrait changing code, that'd be appreciated.
  8. AR Code for Triangle Attack?

    I have to assume that the ability for boyd, rolf, and oscar to use triangle attack must be like a flag that gets flipped when the second info conversation happens after they can all use bows, so would it be possible for someone to make an Action Replay code to enable that?
  9. Shadow Dragon: Gaiden Chapter Run

    So I decided to replay Shadow Dragon, but this time do the Gaiden chapters, because I didn't do them in my first play through. But I can't stand having characters die so.... I did some... light hacking and... I did this! My overall opinion on this replay is, as someone who has always appreciated Shadow Dragon, I thought it was really fun and I sort of feel like this is the way the game was intended to be played. Not the 99 Aum Staff of course, but sending off your defenseless units as distractions so you can go ahead to the Gaiden chapters. It brought me back to the whole decoy thing and being told that you'll have to kill someone off to get head. I'm not saying this was a good intention or not, just stating how I feel. The only Gaiden chapter I didn't do was the Nagi one, because I did it last time and I wanted Gotoh this time. Plus Marth doesn't even recognize Nagi in New Mystery so... whatever. The only cheat codes I used was to turn the Aum Staff's uses to 99, and get myself some Elysian Whips. Just to clarify.
  10. Hi, I want to recruit Zelgius in Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn with the "Make all enemies player controlled" but I don't know how. I saw a video of someone that used that code and the end chapter code in Endgame Rebirth 2 on the Black Knight but I don't know how that person "Transformed" the Black Knight into Zelgius. I have all the codes working and I recruited Sephiran, Dheginsea and Ashera, but I don't know how exactly I have to do to recruit Zelgius. Anyone can tell me how to recruit Zelgius?
  11. Codes/Saves for Revelation

    On the site of Actionreplay powersaves, I see codes of Fire emblem Fates Birthright, Conquest and Special edition. Which codes are to be used for a revelation file?
  12. Hello there, i just discovered that i had this device lying around. Originally i got one for sharing nice Pokémon with others, and since i've read across the forums that some of you are using these too, i figured there would be no shame in asking for help. These things came with a personal code to activate them online, i believe. About a year ago i had my code changed by Datel, but i didn't keep track of that so i don't even know my code, the only thing i have is the device. And that leaves me with the following questions: • Do i have to buy an entirely new device or can i just purchase another activation code? • Last time i had to deal with them, Datel/CodeJunkies' customer support was downright terrible. Is this still the same? • I've read about codes being region-locked, and only available through purchase or waiting past a certain date. What about this is true, and how are things for Fates as of now? • I have a physical copy of Birthright, with Conquest and Revelation downloaded. Is there any way to edit my CQ and RV files? Thank you for listening. Actually, i just want to make min-maxing and skill acquisition on my finished runs a little bit easier to present my characters as the heroes they are, in case you want to know. Have a nice day, -- Sétanta
  13. I am having a doubt, how do you convert an action replay code to a legible offset? If there is anyone who knows on the matter I will really appreciate it. The thing is I am working on a mod of FE Radiant Dawn , I want to make Florete into a magical weapon, and since there is a code for it it should be possible to modify it in a hex editor, but have no clue how can you read the first part of an Action Replay Code to know where it is pointing exactly. For example: This is a code that is used to remove the non-promote skill to Sothe 0488A104 00000000 But the offset in a hex editor seems to be 0x0000A3AC (found in FE10Data uncompressed) I guess the second part of the code indicates what is going to be writed. Thanks in advance
  14. So I've been playing around with AR codes from this topic (the actual codes, not the code creator thingy) during my recent playthrough of the game, and everything was working fine and dandy for a while. I used the EXP codes, the Gold and BEXP codes, and the item codes and they worked without a hitch. Right now, everything... Still works perfectly. Except for the item codes. See, I can find item slots, edit remaining uses and properties, and even spawn items in the slots just fine, but the problem is that they come out wrong when I spawn them. No matter what I try to spawn, it comes out as a nameless, unequipable weapon with weird stats (like, 1 Hit or 0-96 range), the symbol of some other weapon or item, an X where the name of the weapon type should be (the rank is always -), and a high max use. Example codes: 0484DB4C 80B66180 Here I try to spawn a Seraph Robe with 0 uses (which become 256 when I use it, this apparently breaks weapons but not items) on Nolan's first slot. It worked perfectly when I tried it in part 1 (along with some other stat-booster codes), but now it doesn't work. 0484DB4C 80B63250 0484DB50 0F000000 Here I try to spawn a Tomahawk with 15 uses in the same slot. Tried it in part 3 and it didn't work. What could have gone wrong? Is there some way of fixing this? I'm on Dolphin 4.0 BTW.
  15. EDIT: See a few posts below for an upload of RDCC - Radiant Dawn Code Creator! Generate masses of AR codes instantly! I had some trouble with getting some working codes on Dolphin. It took a while and even couldn't help me. Many people seem to be posting on this forum looking for answers, so here are some answers. I found that most stuff ended up being offset by different amounts - it was a bit confusing but everything has been shifted around in memory a lot for me. Most of this was figured out with the Dolphin memory monitor thingy, which requires running the command prompt, navigating to where Dolphin is installed and running "Dolphin.exe /d". Pretty damn handy for making AR codes. NTSC-U codes, not sure whether I have the patched RD disc or not... I also posted them here:
  16. Alright, I just obtained an Action Replay DSi as my Birthday Gift and I just unlocked a few undiscovered codes for Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon that it wasn't listed in and I just run the second playthrough and unlocked Chapter 6x with just Lowing the Allies' HP. And I also selected the Quick Level Up, Max HP, and Low HP. But, I just noticed that code for Max HP that if the player has selected for Max HP and then, stays on the Fort after the turn will revert the HP back to the like 99 HP -> Current Character's HP if it touches the Fort or Castle. But here's the Undiscovered Codes that I found: Over 100 Moves (I think this might adds 99 Moves) Just change from 6C or 6B from the Max HP or Low HP -> 6D for Adding Over 100 Moves. It permanently stays if its selected the character and it also allows to move in all areas in the map and I did tested this out on Caeda as a Pegasus Knight also and she can Move in all places in the Map. And I did tested out on Non and Mounted Characters and they can move on the all the areas on Land also. It should be like this: 62197504 00000000 B2197504 00000000 2000006D 00000063 D2000000 00000000 But, I did this discover this one also Make the Characters on the Map turns Invisible. But, this one stops the game and I think that one might be crashed. 62197504 00000000 B2197504 00000000 2000006F 00000063 D2000000 00000000 But, I did this discover this one also can do Select + L or R (It can choose which button you can use after holding Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 But, I just wondered that what kind of new codes that I can might possibly obtain clone Aum Staves, Elysian Whips, and some of the others with Action Replay.
  17. The Pokemon Creator Thread

    The Pokemon Creator Thread, where the kind souls of those gracious enough to help those of us in need make competitive Pokemon to transfer over to Gen VI. xP But seriously, thanks, guys.