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Found 1 result

  1. Improved Sacred Stones

    Just added some extra content to Sacred Stones, such as two new supports and four new endings. A line or two has been changed in the story as well, but you probably won't notice unless you have a good memory. No combat edits have been made (because I rather liked the combat a lot and never found an issue with it). I'm willing to add more supports and endings as well, so I'm open to requests. The patch file is here. Edits: Eirika and Joshua support + ending Eirika and Knoll support + ending L'Arachel and Rennac ending Innes and Tana ending Slight dialogue change when Ephraim is talking about Myrrh (Ephraim's route, post-chapter before Selena). Slight dialogue change in Ephraim/Myrrh support.