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Found 1 result

  1. Healer Adjustments

    It has been a while since we got some Healer Adjustments via some Passives Skills. However even through the addition of this Skills Healers lack tools in terms of Repositioning and/or Damage to varant/justify a Spot in an Arena Team and are still deemed worthless outside of Training Tower, Tempest Trial etc. The Lack of Legendary Weapons on the Healer/Stave user side, doesnt help this Term either. Stave users are currently the only Class without any form of Legendary Weapon as an Access. This is a List of Assists/Skills/Weapons i would like to see introduced to elevate this to some degree: Teleportation and Warp can be used on Units that havent suffered any DMG at all yet. Divine Veil Passive: This extends also the range of Cardinal Direction Debuffs from 1 tile/line to 3 in each direction In Addition to this new Skills the following Addition/Changes should be made: Assists: Martyr: Abolishment of the +1 Cooldown, increase of minimum HP Restored from +7HP to +10HP Mend: Increasing the Restored HP from 10 HP to 15 HP Physic: Increasing the Restored HP from 8 HP to 15 HP Reconcile: Increasing the Restored HP from 7 HP to 10 HP Recover: Increasing the Restored HP from 15HP to 20HP, Abolishment of the +1 Cooldown Rehabilitate: Abolishment of the +1 Cooldown, increase of minimum HP Restored form +7HP to +10 HP Specials: Heavenly Light: Increased the Restored HP from 10 HP to 20 HP Kindled Fire-Balm: grants all allies +6 ATK instead of 4 Solid Earth-Balm: grants all allies +6 DEF instead of 4 Still Water-Balm: grants all allies +6 RES instead of 4 Swift Winds-Balm: grant all allies +6 SPD instead of 4 Passives A-Slot: - Abolishment of the A-Slot Skill Inheritence Restriction, giving Stave Users the Ability Inherit all A-Slot Skills that Tome users can use too, with the Exeption to Triangle Adept not being inheritable still Passives B-Slot: - Abolishment of Seal-Skills Skill Inheritance Restriction (example Seal atk etc.) - Abolishment of Poison Strike Skill Inheritance Restriction - Introduction of Stave-Breaker Skill for All Units to inherit Passives C-Slot: 2 New Infantery Healer (not usable by Elise and Priscilla due to movement type restrictions) excklusive Passives: - Fortify Infantery, same as the other Emblem buffs - Hone Infantery, same as the other Emblem buffs Thoughts from you guys? Any other Ideas you guys have? I am just sick seeing Healers underperform so much and be basicly worthless for anything outside of Tempest Trial and Training Tower. Of course I am well aware that Infantery melee Units need help too