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Found 7 results

  1. I did a spriting

    Well, I did exactly as the title says. Please, tell me all of the horrendous, terrible things I did wrong, (preferably also tell me how to fix it), and offer general advice about things that I tend to not think of at all, such as color scheme. If you want, that is. I guess I'll show you guys what I have. Please note that I am very bad at this, and just think it's fun to do, that's why I have these in the first place. Also, there's only one. C: I really only do these from boredom, and with school and all being here, that probably will happen less. Because I was inspired by the Radiant Collection, I also made Takumi in GBA form. Well, tried at least. I think if I ever manage to fix it, I'll definitely be doing more Fates characters. I'm still working on it, but it may take a while, as shading is a thing that I'm bad at. Obviously.
  2. I am Groot

    I am Groot [Translation: All anyone can say is 'I am Groot.] I am Groot!
  3. Hello, friends! I have decided to do a screenshot LP of my trainwreck through FE5. Not sure what I'm thinking here. This will be a side project to the FE6 Manly Run, so it will not get updated as much. The game will be played on Elite mode, because I don't want to tear my hair out every level. So, I will accept any tips you can offer, but please don't spoil anything, as I have never actually played this, or looked up spoilers before. Chapter one will be up tonight or tomorrow, depending on when I have time. Sorry about not posting it in the OP, but even for it, is there anything there that I shouldn't miss? Like, certain villages I should definitely not let the enemies get to, and other things of that nature. I'd also like to know who's actually worth training, like that I think one of the fighters in chapter one has really nice speed, so I was thinking about using him, but I don't know, is he going to suck? I feel like all the new mechanics are going to screw me over. Thank you!
  4. My apologies...

    I really am sorry, but, I... I... I REALLY LIKE M-RATED FAN-FICS I LIVE FOR THEM EVERY TIME I GET UP IN THE MORNING, I GO ON FAN-FICTION.NET TO BROWSE I GET SO HORNY Okay, thanks guys. I needed to get that off of my chest. Lots of love, Wizard.
  5. Feline Map Commisions

    Hello all, many of you may know me as just another random hacker, but I've always been a map maker by trade. Maybe something like a year ago, I started a small series of maps for commission here on SF(there were maybe around 7 or 8 requests I did), but eventually stopped because I didn't feel like I could reliably continue with the business. However, as you can probably tell from the topic title, I'm open for business once again. I mainly do maps for fire emblem hacking projects, although maps for nothing in particular I will do as well(and they will obviously cost less). Maps for Hacks include: - .fmp file of the map - .mar file of the map - .png file of the map - .txt file of any tilechanges in the map - .dmp for the map's palette if it's a custom palette(yes I will make map palettes insertable) - .dmp file of any custom tiles that you may want(if I can insert them. for example, custom floor tiles for castles I can do) Maps for fun include: - .png file of the map Side notes: - price range varies from $5-$20 US and is decided by both the size of the map and the tileset(custom tiles and palettes do not cost extra) - maps will be completed within 5 days when it was requested(school work will take precedent though), map palette files and custom tile files within 7 days - any revisions that are asked for do not cost anything extra unless the change that is requested is major(ex: changing a castle map to an overworld map) I think that's it, pricing will be announced before I start work and payment is expected before any files are given(obviously I will show previews to make sure the map is going in the direction you want it to). Blah blah blah, have some examples of the random crap I do.
  6. I am Gim-Lewis.

    The stuff you make me do Aethern. :P