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Found 36 results

  1. (FE8) Animations won't load

    So I was working on a rom where I added new classes from fe7 into fe8. I had started with Eliwood and his promotion to knight lord. I tried booting up the rom and it wouldn't me use any battle animations in game. I tried fixing the problem. but now the rom softlocks if I move any character. Could anyone tell me how to fix this? Link to the patch for rom: 8 The only thing I could think of is a patch broke the rom, but I'm not sure.
  2. Hello. Because the animation topics on both Serenes and FEU don't have all available animations, we at FEU decided to make a new master repository which includes everything. It gets updated very frequently, and it uses Google drive, which means you can preview everything before you download, and the download links will never be broken. Everything in the repository is free to use. It also includes map sprites, portraits (not complete) and item icons (also not complete). If you have animations which you want to release, post them here or on the FEU thread. One more thing, some animations don't have credits yet, but we are slowly working to fix this. Here's the link:
  3. Basically, I was passing an idea around with a couple of friends talking about making little animated skits (not really animated, more like slideshow drawings sorta) and voice acting fanmade supports between different characters in Heroes for YouTube. For example, here's a support I wrote of Eirika and Lyon upon meeting in Heroes. Every once in a while, we could find some voice actors who would be willing to voice new characters, and have an artist who'd be willing to work on animating them. I know it's hard work animating, so I figured it would only be an occasional thing, and something for FE fans to enjoy. I myself am a professional voice actor, and I know that there are others out there who will work for free to get their names out. If anyone wants to help out, then feel free to either reply or PM me.
  4. Fates Custom battle animations

    I've always loved the GBA battle animations, and I recently got into making my own. This is my attempt at making Fates' Royal families, Someones probably done this better before but I thought I'd take a crack at it. I've completed the 4 Nohrian siblings and almost all of the Hoshidians except for Ryoma due to his weird faceplate. First I did Everyone's favorite cinnamon roll; Elise! Heal Animation: I had some trouble with the hair at first simply because of how bizarre her pigtails are, I ended up using a modified version of Rebecca. Next on the list was; Leo Basic Anima Attack: Anima Crit: I'm thinking about trying to make a sword animation for him, I definitely want to give him a special Brynhildr animation. The Most difficult thing about making Leo was that I couldn't find Male battle animations only sheets, so I just took Selena's battle animations and copy/pasted Ewan's hair onto her Skipping a sibling I actually did Xander next, due to Camilla's... unique character design. Basic Sword Attack: Sword Crit: It was fun to make a paladin without a helmet, it always seemed weird to me that Seth has a helmet when fighting but not in his portrait. I'd also like to come back to Xander to give him a fancy ranged attack when using Siegfried. Next we have Camilla: Basic Lance attack: Lance Crit: Sorry if anyones disappointed by a serious lack of something (she's not using an axe.) But i'm still learning and I don't think a more accurate design is something I can do, I took the face and hair of a pegasus night and changed it up a bit to fit a Wyvern lord. Moving on to the Hoshidians My first is; Hinoka: Basic lance attack: Lance Crit: Hinoka was a fairly easy color swap. Sakura: She was probably the quickest and easiest. And last one (for now) Takumi: With Takumi I decided to have separate animations for when he has his Yumi equipped vs other bows Regular Bow Attack: Bow Crit: The hardest part with Takumi was his pineapple hair I ended up using his actual map sprite from fates to give me a better idea. Fujin Yumi Attack: Fujin Yumi Crit: When he's using the Fujin Yumi I changed it so his bow is gold, the bowstring only appears when he's firing and has a cool "disintegrate" affect to it. In his crit the symbol is meant to be the Japanese word for storm, which is part of the names of the Japanese gods takumi and ryoma are based off of (Fujin of wind, and Raijin of thunder/lightning) I'm unsure if it really fits though, I'm considering making similar ones for the other princes, any ideas for those would be great! Any constructive critisism would be super awesome as i'm pretty new to animating as well as this forum so if you have any tips send them my way. I'm gonna go do more animating Thanks for reading all this stuffXD These animations were modified using a free internet software I found called piskelapp you don't have to download anything except whatever animations your changing. If you want to use these for something feel free! Please Credit me if possible (and send me a link please!)
  5. Hi I was hoping someone could help me with my face sprite. It's of my tactician in Blazing Sword I made her already but I'm having some issues with her in the game because of the positions. I tried so very hard to do this without requesting, but I got so frustrated with it I can't even think about it to much or I'll break my laptop lol. Most of the work is done for you so it won't be to much trouble. I just need someone to make her look good in the game. I kept getting her face to look longer, or it was very clear that her face was changing pictures to create an animation. I'l include the face sprite in here so you can fix her. Thank you so much :).
  6. Sacred Stones PME

    Basically, I need someone proficient in sprite work to make me some portraits and talking animations for said portraits for my Sacred Stones pick my edits, If you are proficient please respond and I'll tell you what I need
  7. Elthunder vs Assassin Bug

    I found an issue with my FE 7 mod that I find confusing. I inserted a Elthunder animation in replace of the Emblem Blade. Everything seems to work fine except for one issue. The game freezes (screen goes completely white) on instances where Elthunder is used against an Assassin and the Assassin dodges the attack. This seems to be the only time I have seen this (so far). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks!
  8. I want to insert several animations in all the GBA games but keep running into a problem. I've followed the steps in the animation thread for insertion, but I can't get the game to run afterward or worse. the game crashes when any battle takes place. Here are the steps I took: Open FE Editor Render Edition, go to Class Manager and up the max index by the number of animations I intend to put in, proceed to put in said animations then add the correct information in hex for the classes. If I try to replace existing animations it either freezes up or says something along the lines of using too many editors at once. The animations I'm trying to add/replace are as follows: FE Binding Blade: Thief, Thief F, Pegasus Knight, Falcon Knight, Yetizerker, Lalum w/ Staff, Elphin w/ Magic, Wyvern Lord w/Axes, Soldier Reworked, General FE Blazing Sword: Thief, Thief F, Pegasus Knight, Falcon Knight, Yetizerker, Ninian w/ Staff, Nils w/ Staff, Wyvern Lord w/Axes, Soldier Reworked, General, Knight Lord, Hector Lord/ Great Lord FE Sacred Stones: Thief, Thief F, Pegasus Knight, Falcon Knight, Hawkzerker, Tethys w/ Staff, Druidmancer, Wyvern Lord w/Axes, Soldier Reworked, General, Great Knight, Female Assassin I've tried looking through lots of threads to see if a similar problem was reported but I came up empty. Any push in the right direction would be appreciated!
  9. Title says it all. Are you more of a fan of down-to-earth and realistic animations in Fire Emblem, or do you tend toward animated and flashy, and why? And which system has your favorite animations? In my opinions, GBA animations were fun, colorful and snappy. I like them quite a bit for the most part, but I thought some of them were a bit strange in look (the cavalier horse permanently having a leg in the air, general ranged axes just...hanging there for a second before being pulled back, and why does the mage do that strange pose while casting?) I've always loved the animations of Radiant Dawn the most, as not only because they're good-looking even to this day, but every single animation of RD had true weight and impact, while at the same time looking amazingly stylish. I mean, these are elite warriors for the most part, and the animations did not disappoint. Give me all the weapon twirling, backflipping and somersaulting. Flashier animations for me! If anything, by the time they got the flashier animations, it served only to highlight how badass your units were. I consider Radiant Dawn to easily have the best casting animations, even if a lot of them could get overly-long. I tend to leave them on regardless, just to look at how nice they are. Path of Radiance animations are...a little wonky by today's standards, but I think there's something charming about them. They're straightforward and simple for the most part, barring Aether's crazy flips, while still being impactful. Personally I'm not a big fan of the DS-style animations, as I feel they're a little too restrained while lacking the same punch as the others. I never much felt the weight behind a strike in Shadow Dragon, even when the "hit" sound punctuated it. Strangely, though, I think there's something charming about NES/Famicom animations in my opinion, as though limited, they felt more impactful than Shadow Dragon's did for me. Fates and Awakening animations, while fine, are a little too simple and strangely slow; seems like whenever anyone goes in for a hit, some sort of slow-motion effect activates and they hang for a few seconds before attacking. Maybe they tried to make it feel more epic, but I think they fell short of that. I also miss unique animations for criticals, like they had in POR/RD, which just drove home that feeling of power. But what do you think?
  10. I've started making simple edits to battle sprites, and I've started with a simple edit of the Necromancer spell cast animation. This is what I have so far. I'm not much of an animator, so I'd like to test out what I have so see if I've made an error somewhere. Does anyone know of a program that can let me preview the animation? I tried using Piskel, but I'm working off a sheet I downloaded from FEplanet, and the frames are not parallel to each other. I'd rather not move the frames around individually and risk mucking up the sheet somehow.
  11. Creating a Ranged Axe

    Hi, I am trying to make a custom Short Axe for my hack, but unlike creating a new javelin, the animation doesn't show for my short axe. Im doing exaclty like ive do for my other custom ranged lance but idk why, the battlescreen always show up with only the user normal battle animation and any animation start causing the game to glitch. Can someone help me with this? Thanks..
  12. Custom Hand-Axe Type Weapons

    Not another hand-axe question :p Anyways, I was creating a new 1-2 range axe weapon and I've gone through the custom animation module and assigned it the hand axe animation. However, when I turn on the animation with the weapon, the wielder is still holding a regular axe and the battle could not continue. It seems like whatever routine that is checking the use of the proper hand axe animation is tied to the item id? I've previously tried something similar with some of the staves; I created a separate sleep staff with the only difference being the durability, but I was unable to use the staff at all. If this is the case, does anyone know where this routine is? Otherwise, how do I go about creating a new "hand axe" weapon? (This is for FE8 btw) Thanks!
  13. I am extremely unfamiliar with any sort of graphics-related hacking beyond simple palette swaps, so apologies if I do not provide enough information to work with. Basically, I would like to have an additional animation sequence for the Pupil sprite (Ewan) which is used for activating a Staff-class weapon. This would use the same progression of frames as the class's normal casting animation sequence, except that a vertically-oriented Staff graphic would float in front of the Pupil (visually reminiscent of the way this is handled with the Druid class). In fact, said Staff graphic would probably just be copied from the Druid, though it would probably need to be re-pixeled to properly inherit the Pupil's sprite palette. My main problems would be inserting this new sequence into the ROM, getting it pointered so that it played whenever the Pupil used an appropriate Staff, and timing the sequence so that it terminates at the correct moment after the attendant spell animation is finished playing. I'd also have a hard time getting the staff to 'float' convincingly from frame to frame, but that's minor compared to the other listed issues. I'm comfortable with using Nightmare and am quite willing to use other utilities, but might there be a pre-made sprite sequence that addresses something this specific, or an easier way to insert and pointer the result? If not, what are some tutorials you would recommend that might help me in trying this out? Thank you very much for any assistance provided in advance.
  14. Robo-Cone Animation

    If anyone here plays Plants vs. Zombies 2, do you remember the cone mechs in Far Future? Well, I made a sprite animation for it for use in FEditor Adv. It's for magic attacks. Here:
  15. Does anyone know where I could find gif of Emmeryn's critical cut in? I've been looking for hours and I've think I've found everyone BUT her TAT!
  16. Magic Character animation not looping

    Hello, I'm brand new to Serenes Forest! I've been coming across a problem with scripting (could be something else too, lol). My custom animation is magic-based and uses the classic looping cape. The animation does not loop properly using the L command and instead goes through the frames and stays on one frame after the spell loads, looking like the character is frozen in place. This is strange, because I have had the looping work fine before when I was using the regular hit codes instead of the spell related one (C05) to test with physical weapons. Note that this animation does not use the same amount of frames as mage animations or anything like that. I've tried inserting it over the female mage to test and also tried inserting it over one of the custom battle sprite slots (such as Lucius), thinking it might have to do with the hard-coded looping in FE7. Both do not loop correctly. If you need more information, I can post the entire script. Thank you in advance for any help! This is how the script currently looks for the basic attack: /// - Mode 1 C03 - C07 - 3 p- noelleatt1.png /// - Attack Frames /// - C3A C49 5 p- noelleatt2.png 5 p- noelleatt3.png C34 5 p- noelleatt4.png 6 p- noelleatt5.png C1B 5 p- noelleatt6.png 5 p- noelleatt7.png C1B 5 p- noelleatt8.png 5 p- noelleatt9.png C1B 6 p- noelleatt10.png 5 p- noelleatt11.png 5 p- noelleatt12.png 5 p- noelleatt13.png 5 p- noelleatt14.png 5 p- noelleatt15.png /// - ABOVE TIMINGS CAN BE UPPED? 4 p- noelleatt16.png 5 p- noelleatt17.png 12 p- noelleatt18.png C23 3 p- noelleatt19.png 10 p- noelleatt20.png C22 4 p- noelleatt21.png C3C 3 p- noelleatt22.png 3 p- noelleatt23.png C05 2 p- noelleatt24.png 2 p- noelleatt25.png /// - Frames after hitting but before stopping to wait for HP depletion L //RIGHT HERE IS NOT LOOPING FOR SOME REASON 2 p- noelleatt26.png 2 p- noelleatt27.png 2 p- noelleatt28.png 2 p- noelleatt29.png C01 /// - RETURN TO BASE 6 p- noelleatt30.png 5 p- noelleatt31.png 5 p- noelleatt32.png 5 p- noelleatt33.png 5 p- noelleatt34.png 6 p- noelleatt35.png 7 p- noelleatt36.png C34 7 p- noelleatt37.png C1B 6 p- noelleatt1.png C06 C0D (EDIT: Never mind, it just randomly worked after I retested it with the regular hit combo of C04+C1A+C1F, which looped, then C05+C1A, which worked again to make sure I wasn't crazy. I finally cut it back to just C05 and all of a sudden it worked for only the spell O_o. I have no idea how, I guess animation insertion is a strange beast sometimes.)
  17. Spell animation missing?

    I can't seem to find the DS Fire animation used in the Fire Emblem IV: Inheritors of the Crusade hack which is supposed to be downloadable at FEUniverse, but the link is broken. I know the animation has been posted a while ago, but why isn't it on Klokinator's topic or FEUniverse? Did they make it private or something?
  18. I recently bought Revelation, and ive been having fun with it so far. Revelation being my second path bought (conquest being 1, havent gotten birthright yet) I got myself the Dread Fighter class. So I jumped at the chance to make Xander an unmounted ninja who can also axe things. And I must say, Sigfried on a ninja does not dissapoing. Seeing Xander zip around the screen with a sword the length of his body left me in stiches, I loved it. It also reminded me of the time I made Mozu a Merchant, and how silly the merchant animations looked completely conflicting with her personality as a hardy but humble country girl. So it got me wondering, what characters did you class change/promote only to be left in stitches/weirded out by the result?
  19. Help With Animations

    I need help with custom animations. Can anyone make Mage Knight with Sword please? I would appreciate it if you have pre-made sprites and a pre-made script.
  20. I think this is a nightmare issue, as you now, the character module has the incredible feat of asigning an individual battle sprite (Lucius, Raven, Lloyd, Guy, Legault, Nino Sage) This is an amazing feat that lets you have an special sprite without the need of making a new class...What i want to now is how to add new custom battle sprites that can be assigned to a specific char. There are like 12 slots in the char editor, but, i dont now how to modify the other slots. I need those pointers to asign new custom battle sprites. Does anyone now the pointers next to the slot 12- Jerme? I found that that one was Jerme, that is next to Hawkeye, but slots 13 to FF that aparently are empty. How do i find those offsets? or how do i make the nigthmare module to accept full ofstets instead of the byte? Cause I just bricked my rom changing the Nightmare Module...Well, to be honest just bricked Dorcas, he Became Isadora...OR THIS WOULD TAKE ASM? Im already using the duplicated Custom Battles sprites from Lloyd and Linus.
  21. Animation help???

    I having trouble doing animation script for the sprite sheet and here some of my sprite sheet I posted on teb that I want to use for my hack and free use for other people. If someone can show me how to make them or maybe do them they will got half of credit for scripting my sprite sheet for these three and future sprite sheets I'll release to the public Shogun/Samurai Reaper/Grimmer Xane Mage/Skull Mage
  22. Hello guys, again, like i said in my Concepts topic im trying to make a GBA Crossover, so i Want all the Final Bosses in The last Stage :3. But now im kind of lost. Sure, i have the sprites of Idoun and Fomortis, and even if im a total newbie to animation and coding i know i can make them work if i made them...Cause i just made a Working Lust(FMA) in FE!! LOL But here are some central cuestions. The sprites of Fomortis have a black background, and the ripper said that it was the same in the OAM Viewer. Yet, if you remember when you fight Fomortis the whole screen is black, and he is Huge. Well, I know perfectly that Fomortis uses backgounds as any other GBA FINAL BOSS and the Necrodracos and Mamkutes in FE6. Now, what would happen if i just make the animation and leave the black color intact, and by making the animation i mean using the huge sprites, like it was done with FE6 Mamkute(By the way is awesome, im planning on making a transforming FE7 version like the ones circleseverywhere did). If I leave the black color in transparent...Should i "Call" a black background?Can that be done by coding the animation? Or how do i use background comands for this issue? If i do not use transparent at all, would that make the black color apear above the char that is figthing Fomortis? if i dont use transparent would that overlap the other sprite? Or, if i Try to rip the script from FE8 would that help me? What happens if i just FEeditor import the head and arm? And i think that applies to Idoun as Well, she also uses background, and i dont now if Idoun had black background in the OAM Viewer What should i Do? Do i make the animation or do i just import it and wait for it to work well?? XD Or try to import anything like the backgrounds it uses? What would be easier? Im most say that i am bad At GBAGE If i can do it ill just relase it freeuse, by now im starting with the Necrodraco, wich of course when i relase it will be free-to-use
  23. Hi I'm everyone friendly pal Singaara. This is where I am going to ask all my questions about fe7 and fe8 hacking. So warning I may spell something wrong and spell check may not help at times so bare with me ok. Well first question, do anyone know how to edit the title screen for fe7and fe8. I don't know where to start on how to do it, if anyone willing to teach me. I'll own you one. Question two, is anyone willing to teach or help me out on making my sprite sheets to an animations. I can sprite, I can draw, I can program things on nightmare but making animation not my strong suit well Ty for your time everyone.
  24. How do you make frames loop in a battle animation script? (Like for example when a magic user casts a spell) Does the code differ in FE7 and FE8?
  25. I am trying to get the shading right for this dark elf animation (a GIF is included below), but I cannot find a pre-existing palette for what I need. I am a total moron when it comes to shading and colors/ect, and I am wondering if anyone can tell me of an existing palette (or if you can make a palette, but I am definitely not expecting anyone to do that for me) for my animation. I need a lot of grays/whites, and blacks/blues for this animation, but I also need a magenta like color for the eye (since the character is supposed to be a dark elf). I have already asked a very friendly moderator about this, but I am a little hopeless with this sort of thing, and do not want to bother them about this again. Thank you, Here is a GIF of the animation: