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Found 52 results

  1. FE Fates 2: Electric Boogaloo 2 Recruitment: Portraits

    Hey, this is Azure. I came here on behalf of those working on Fire Emblem Fates 2: Electric Boogaloo. It’s basically a redoing of Fate’s story on all three paths. As well as monster encounters (basically make it to where everything isn’t just Faceless). While we may not need it now, we will eventually need an artist to make some custom portraits in the Kozaki artstyle for characters without portraits that need to be added into the game, new enemies, etc., if they have the time. Here is the link to the original thread: Have @SandstormSaber send you an invite. Thank you.
  2. Also shows some new screenshots, concept art, and even some new tracks on YouTube.
  3. Hi! So I have been scouring the internet for the past few days trying to find portraits of when Berkut is being influenced/possessed by Duma. For the life of me I can only find one of them and nothing else. If anyone knows where I can find all of them thst would be great, thanks!
  4. I also draw stuff apart from Sprites!

    Suddenly I take my tablet back from its box (it was there because I lost motivation long ago) and started to draw a random FE6 portrait. And then I just wanted to share it, even when I forgot how to draw.
  5. Tsak's Sketchbook

    Hey guys figured i'd start a thread up since i finally got off my hiatus of drawing for no apparent reason. I'm willing to do requests but 1 at a time please, and try to keep it fire emblem. (I'm very busy most of the time so it might take a while, but once I'm put to the task I can complete it fairly quickly) I graduated in 2016 with a BFA in illustration and painting, since i've moved out to Utah i have almost no Art supplies, they're still waiting to be shipped out. Hopefully i'll get them within the next month or so. I love drawing character designs, and currently I'm hoping to become an Art teacher, (Utah is in dire need of teachers so i just need to have a bachelors and pass a praxis in the required field) so i'm working towards that. I just sketched out Petrine real quick, decided to go for a more interesting pose. I've never drawn her before so this is going to be a little difficult. (I'm also not very proficient at drawing the female figure, it's quite a lot tougher than the male figure i must say) She's pretty fun to draw, her armor isn't overly intricate, and i will enjoy doing some ink work on her (once i get my pens of course!) Lemme know what you guys think! I'm open to any sort of criticism, and willing to share techniques and inspirations.
  6. Okay so this has been something on my mind a little bit. What makes good character design? Now I realize that this sort of thing is almost entirely subjective but I'd like to know everyone's thoughts regardless. Personally I feel good character design boils down to answering one simple question: "What can I tell about this character just by looking at their design/artwork/portraits/etc." and if the answer is accurate to what the character is actually like then I feel the design is a success.
  7. Hello guys, To any of you that have the special edition artbook - are there any concept art or final art images of the antagonists or enemy units or is it entirely playable characters? I have a keen interest in the armour for the playable and non-playable characters as well as any concept art for Iago or even for art for the maps. Would it be worth purchasing a copy from ebay?
  8. Hello! Decided to try starting my own art thread-starting off with some pictures I drew featuring my favourite unit in Heroes, Spring Chrom <3 All of these were posted on my deviantart first(also Katrov), so if for some reason you've seen them before I'm not stealing them lol (original post on deviantart) (original post which also has credit for the base I used) (original post-what is it with me drawing bunny chrom with a brown backgrounds? LOL) But yeah, that's all for now, will eventually put more Fire Emblem related art as I do stuff etc....I hope others are just as blessed by Spring Chrom as I was,,,a good bunny <3
  9. Basically, I was passing an idea around with a couple of friends talking about making little animated skits (not really animated, more like slideshow drawings sorta) and voice acting fanmade supports between different characters in Heroes for YouTube. For example, here's a support I wrote of Eirika and Lyon upon meeting in Heroes. Every once in a while, we could find some voice actors who would be willing to voice new characters, and have an artist who'd be willing to work on animating them. I know it's hard work animating, so I figured it would only be an occasional thing, and something for FE fans to enjoy. I myself am a professional voice actor, and I know that there are others out there who will work for free to get their names out. If anyone wants to help out, then feel free to either reply or PM me.
  10. MetalAmethyst's Fire Emblem fan arts

    I've decided to post some works that I've created for Fire Emblem. Here they are: Scarlet (first drawing/2016) Chrom Lucina MLP crossover fanart Scarlet (second drawing/2017) Here's a link to my art gallery on Deviantart if you'd like to check out more: MetalAmethyst
  11. DefaultBeep's Doodles and Things

    Hi there! I finally decided to stop being lazy, and just make an art thread for myself. I'm not super great at drawing, and I don't do it much, but I do enjoy it, and I'm hoping that making a thread will motivate me to do it more. And even if it doesn't, at least I'll have a place to keep whatever I do draw! Please feel free to leave comments or critiques; most of what I draw will just be simple black-and-white sketches in my notebook, but that doesn't mean that advice won't be helpful. I can take requests if anyone really wants them, but I can't promise that they'll be finished very quickly, haha. To begin with, here's a sketch of Clarisse from New Mystery/Heroes that I finished a short while ago. Nothing too complicated, just a character I felt like drawing. I despise the design of her bow, though.
  12. TreblePoe's Doodle Noodle Oodles

    I'm a shy muffin and want to get better about posting art and getting critique! All feedback is very very appreciated! I have a somewhat rarely-updated deviantArt here: dA linkeroo ; though I mostly take commissions off a dragon-collection/breeding website called Flight Rising (ooooh boy, the obsession runs deep but that's an entirely different beast LOL I even made a fan-dragon for Chrom). Here's my latest, a sketch of Lon'qu. I'm been pretty sad/anxious and unmotivated to draw so I did this today to try and psych myself up! Still trying to get the hang of coloring in SAI ver2. Everything after this one was done in SAI 1. A commission I did for someone of their character: Sketch of my OC Kantor <3 <3 My OC Idunn :D Another commission:
  13. Hey guys, Does anyone have the special edition art books and is able to make scans? I am very interested in seeing the designs for the armour and any characters - particularly Iago if available.
  14. TitanTs' sengoku style sprites

    Hi everyone! I just a new member here and this is my first post. About 2 weeks ago I want to create my version of Fire emblem (Game of throne inspiration). However, I think that it going to be bad because I don’t have any skill in art. So I design to practice myself something easier. Over the past 2 weeks, I made some sprites from Sengoku rance. Some of them look good but some are not. I will continue post my work here. Like I said, I very new for this and I need you gays to suggest me. Please, Please teach me how to do better. Yamaoto Natori Kanami Rance Sill Uesugi Kenshin A regular samurai warrior Nogiku Yuzuhara Yusumi Akashi Kazemaru Rizna Shisuka Some failed works
  15. Tactician_Iris's Art!

    So uh...I ended up taking the plunge to make this thread, to share what creativity I end up drawing/painting and the like. ;) I mostly work with traditional mediums when I draw/paint but I also do digital work, sometimes on my phone a poor womans excuse for a Cintiq and I strive to improve. Atm, I'm working on getting more used to working in digital and perspective, colour is as ever, a learning subject (there's so much to experiment with after all). Well, that's the gist of this thread basically. So uh, since I'm not savvy with words (and if I'm left unchecked I'll just end up rambling nonsense) I think I'll let my art speak for itself..? Yes that sounds like a plan - onward then! For starters I'll leave this piece here: (As I make something new/or if I find an older piece to share, I'll update this post to showcase it - oler updates will get categorised under spoilers)
  16. DT75's Art Gallery!

    Hey everyone! I'm kinda new to this forum (but I've been playing Fire Emblem for a few years) so I figured I'd make a gallery of all the FE related art I've drawn! This thread will be an eternal WIP ;p (oh and here is my commission info, in case anyone wants it!)
  17. So yeah, before you laugh, I just gotta say that it turned out A BIT better than I imagined. The app I used was fairly basic, but got the job started at least. I did not even bother with shading and all that fancy stuff yet I'm honestly a bit proud of myself! I dabbled with using unity to make basic games and could not make a basic pixel dude to save my skin. At least I can semi make faces. xD I'm totally going to be doing mote. I easily see myself being great at this if I practice. :D
  18. Anime27Art's Art Gallery

    So I finally decided to make an art thread to show off some of my art. I am a self taught artist who likes to draw lots of Fan Art as well as my OC's in stories that I have been writing. Feedback is welcome and encouraged. If anyone ever wants to post my art anywhere, feel free to do so as long as you credit me. Please send me a PM or message me on here to let me know that you're doing so. I do both digital and traditional art, though traditional art posted, will probably not all be scanned due to lack of a functional scanner. Feel free to request things, but there is a chance I might not do the request. Without further ado, my art! Oboro Lapis Lazuli Cana Alberona Nohrian Festival Leo Celica Profile I might add more later but five seems like a good number to start with.
  19. mao's fe sketches

    I have several more scattered about that i'll look into once i can find time! i mostly do fanart for stress relief, and i'll admit to finding the 3ds title's designs the most fun to draw despite some of the armor's craziness :p i have some awakening stuff around too somewhere that ill upload once i find it and once finals clear up i'm hoping to update with more new stuff but for now this is what i got to share. (ignore the low effort look of the lines LOL)
  20. Natalie's Art (New: Sumia)

    Newest work: Sumia So here's a place where I put some of my art for feedback, critique etc. If you head on over to the last couple of pages, you'll see much less cringy work, as I'm much more familiar with digital art than I was back in May 2017. Requests are currently closed. I'm active on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter and post more WIPs and non-related artworks on there, so if you like what I do you can follow me on those. Commissions are closed.
  21. Von's Fire Emblem Art

    So something I've been wanting to do for a while is make a full set of profiles for my ideal Fire Emblem class tree. Each one is a set of class uniforms (both male and female for each class) followed by class bases, max weapon ranks, weaknesses and promotions (if applicable), and Skills. The Skill system I thought of works like this: Each class has 1-2 Class Skills and a single Learnable Skill. Class Skills are, as you would imagine, tied to the class and are not retained when reclassing, except when the old and new classes have a Skill or two in common. For example, if a Swordmaster reclasses into, say, a Sage, his/her Class Skills would change from Pursuit and Critical +10 to Focus and Miracle. The Learnable Skill, on the other hand, is obtained when the unit reaches a certain Level (usually 10) and always carries over between classes. For example, given the above scenario, if the Swordmaster had Astra when reclassing, then he/she would keep that Skill, unlike the fixed Class Skills.
  22. Nyx Mini Sculpture

    This is about making the Nyx Mini Sculpture, that little entry for Misc Scribbles. I don't have a DevianArt account or anything like that, so I ran it by Tangerine to post here, who turns out wants to liven up this subforum a little bit, so I guess everything works out. Eye candy first: I began by picking a scale. It is important to keep in mind that Nyx has stunted growth, so whatever scale is decided upon, she will still be even smaller than usual. I used the proportions from this tutorial as the template. In a photo editor, I lined up the front and side proportions. Then I made multiple sizes of them, printing out a whole bunch, to get a sense of scale in real life. After consideration, I have opted for the sculpture to be 1.75 inches tall. A sculpture of her at 1.75 inches would make her just about 5 feet 1 inch tall in 1:35 scale, a common military model scale, and a reasonable life-size height for Nyx. The game itself is inconsistent with exact heights anyway. After settling on a pose, I then loosely followed this guy's method of making a small scale armature. Some changes were made to accomodate Nyx's smaller size. I stripped the plastic from the wire because the limbs with the plastic would have been too thick. I also only followed the wire steps, none of the other steps involving the cardboard and glue. Nyx is too small for me to bother with those steps. I timestamped the first step just in case I needed to prove I began within the contest time frame. The sculpture will be made primarily with Fimo clay. I chose polymer clay over epoxy because I did not want to be limited by any curing time. Polymer clay pretty much stays malleable until you bake it. I chose Fimo because it has a lower bake temperature than Sculpey, to minimize the chance of melting any extra material I may decide to add later on. The workstand thingy is just some pair of random nylon picture wall hangers being held together by a screw and some wingnuts. Most Nylon seem to have a higher melting point than the baking temperature of the Fimo, according to their MSDS, so I figured it's fine (and turns out it was fine.) One problem with polymer clay is that it adheres poorly to wire. Watching this guy on YouTube, apparently you need a layer of Green Stuff (it's a two part epoxy clay) in between. Basically, the wire provides good surface for the Green Stuff to stick, and then the Green Stuff provides a good surface for the polymer clay to stick. I followed that YouTube guy pretty extensively in the making of this sculpture, but I have to be extra careful to apply as thin a layer of Green Stuff as possible because my armature is made of twin wires. On the other hand the uneven surfaces of the twin wires were enough to make the Green Stuff stick, so I did not need to roughen the surfaces with a file. Green Stuff sticks to everything when it is initially mixed, including tools. I applied a thin layer of mineral oil (baby oil) on the tools and my disposable gloves, although people online usually use their own spit and bare hands. That's kind of gross, and I already had mineral oil and gloves anyway, so I went ahead and used them. The Green Stuff is so sticky that this is as thinly as I could have applied it. Before it hardens, I spread a thin layer of Fimo on the Green Stuff just like the tutorials teach. Then the bulking up begins. It will never be visible when finished, but adding individual major muscles helped me keep track of which places require more bulk. People like to avoid focusing on one area too much because it might make that area disproportionate with the rest of the sculpture. I pretty much ignored that practice to focus on the legs to make sure they aren't lopsided. I used some cheap drug store dental tools as sculpting tools, and dipped them in mineral oil so that any clay would be more prone to stick to the sculpture. After the legs are done, I moved my focus upward until the torso was done too. Then the arms were next. Individual fingers were rolled and stuck to the back of the hand. At this point I have accidentally bumped and deformed the legs a few times already, so after fixing them again I decided to bake the sculpture to harden the clay... ...which led to tragedy. The sculpture was bumped again and this time a thumb and finger snapped off. Attaching them proved difficult, there was not enough area for the clay to properly glue them back on. They look real flimsy and there was no way they would even survive posing a book on them. Plus the whole thing just plain looked bad. I decided to break them off and use Green Stuff to make finger placeholders. Green Stuff can be flexible after drying if you mix less hardener. This way they will bend first unless they were bumped too hard, and even then they were only placeholders. Also, the face and nose were sculpted. Finishing the basic sculpting was done relatively quickly, and the fingers were then removed and replaced with Liquid Green Stuff. It is a completely different product, not a clay. It is a goop that dries into a hard solid. It can be applied by paint brush. Here I formed the fingers using Liquid Green Stuff by touching a goop onto the hand using a paint brush, then slowly pulling away to form a finger. The Liquid Green Stuff also works as a gap filler, I thinned it with water and brushed it onto the sculpture to fill any unwanted gaps between the clay (which are all baked now) that have been there until now. It will dry rough, but that is not a problem because I was going to sand the sculpture's unwanted bumps smooth anyway. The colored sheets in the background are the Testor sand papers I was going to use. It is easy to see where the Liquid Green Stuff filled any gaps. I also used some to add some bulk in the back. Some fingers on the other hand broke off too, but at this point I didn't really need placeholder fingers anymore, so I just remade them directly. The next thing I moved on to was the cape. It is not made of paper, these are just templates. I found a random lid with a close enough curvature and traced it. Tamiya masking tape was used to hold the cape templates to the sculpture, to see how it would look. I will post more of the progress later, this post is getting long.
  23. Uh. Was bored so I decided to draw FE 14's lackluster villain. I used what I could make out from the hidden truth's DLC portrait and model of Anankos, plus using his kid, Corrin to fill in the gaps.
  24. Sietje's Art Stuff

    Hi, I thought I may as well open up an art thread. I'm not sure how often I'm going to post here, but for those who want more regular updates can check out my Tumblr: My finished works are also on DeviantArt: I'm open for commission work and you can find info on that on my Tumblr and Deviantart. So for this thread I'll start off with my most recent piece that I finished today. I'm open for any kind of critique, so don't be afraid of telling me what's on your mind. First up are the sketches for the pose and for getting a feel for the character. You get extra points if you can guess which character it is at this stage. Next up is the digital sketch, line art and flat colors. And here's the final piece.
  25. I have 45 frames of a Pegasus Knight animation that I have been working on. The problem is each of the frames now thinks it has 32 colors instead of 16; however, the colors are exactly the same. Basically I have two "white" colors representing two areas of the sprite. Even though they are the same color, Usenti thinks they are different. Does anyone know if there is a way to merge color swatches in Usenti or any other art tool? I am thinking it will be very timely to go through every sprite and combine the colors pixel by pixel.