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Found 2 results

  1. Concept for Elibe prequel

    I don't know if this has been tried before, but I want to try and make an FE7 ROM hack (or fan game) based on the events of the Scouring, and the origin of the eight legends, or perhaps just allies of the eight legends (if the legends seem a bit to OP to make a game with). There's a decent amount of backstory to work with, but there is also a nice gap for creative liberties, and original story. My Skills are: * Portrait Splicing * Nightmare editing of unit stats, starting items, etc. * Menu text editing of descriptions, names, and the like. I have only really worked on one project before, the Binding Blade Canonization Patch, so I am kind of limited in experience. Skilled persons I will most likely require for the project: * Those with a decent to excellent grasp of event editing * Those with a decent to excellent grasp of how and where the game stores code, offsets, etc. Especially with Feditor, Eventiel, etc. This job may consist of inserting the script into the game properly, bug fixing, and troubleshooting. * An editor or co-writer for the script * Map maker to design maps, and enemy placement, supervisor of most gameplay related subjects * Other positions are most likely available besides these examples, I will consider all applications. I really hope this project amounts to something, but I can't do it without some of the talented people in our community. Thanks in advance, and have fun playing Fire Emblem!
  2. I am also relatively new to modding games, but I decided to try changing a few things in Fire Emblem 7 since I am a fan of the game. I ran into two problems and was wondering if anyone had any pointers. Preparation Screen and Athos not joining: On the final chapter, Athos is not joining the team. I see the code lines where he would enter the map as a blue unit from the Event Assembler disassembled chapter, but his character does not appear on the preparation screen at all, which is really strange. Athos magically shows up during Final (part 2) against the dragon and replaces the character in the last active party member slot. Anyone have any direction on how to fix this bug? FeEditor's text editor works only sometimes: I have experience some difficulty with FeEditor's text editor. It works 100% of the time when I have a clean game; however, it only occasionally works when I do not have a clean game. I was wondering if anyone knows the easiest way to make simple text changes (e.g. if I accidentally wrote in the incorrect character portrait for a line) without having to start from scratch again. Does such a way exist?