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Found 32 results

  1. FE7 Character Patch for FE8

    Hello, my name is Dualitysl and for a couple of days and nights, I have been working on a Fire Emblem patch that includes FE7's characters. I wanted to do this just so I can see other characters I wanted to promote as different classes but also include a promotion branch as well. I've tested everything up to Chapter 14 on Erikia's story, but I believe for the most part that this game is stable to play fully with some bugs to be listed below. Features: - Lloyd (ER) and Linus (EPH) are your lords. - Hector revised palette battle animation. - Characters from FE7 and some FE6. - New class: Dark Knight (Promotion from Shaman) replaces Necromancer. - Portraits are changed to their respective characters. - Main enemy bosses base stats has rose. (Game is to be played on hard. Normal is too easy.) - Fighter battle animation is now from Fire Emblem 10. + Much more to come! Known Bugs: Do not follow the story and promote EPH or ER using their respective braces to avoid anything happen to your game. Some characters still may be able to use their original weapon from their starting class if they're not a different character/class. i.e, Linus who replaces Ephraim may be able to use lances. I will get to the story soon. It will just take a tedious amount of time but I will get around it soon. PALETTES FOR EVERY CLASS ARE STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS Any bugs anyone is able to find, please comment down below and I'll see if I can work on it. But for the most part, this game should be stable to play. UPS Patch Growth chart coming soon. Charcter/class change chart coming soon. **When I get back on my desktop I will credit everyone who made anything custom for this game. Sorry, I’m not talented enough to create everything myself. :-) S/o to the FE Community.
  2. So About Ike

    So when it comes to Ike, it seems like everyone really likes him. He's extremely popular, at least PoR!Ike, and heck, it's hard not to like him. Ike is probably one of my favorite male lords, despite not being able to play PoR personally I do still know of his more major feats from that game, and so I'm interested to hear everyone's more in-depth opinions on him. Do you love him? Like him? Dislike him? Hate him? Feel free to share!
  3. Recently, I've noticed a lot of characters just out right hated. I've seen it happen to one of my favorites as well. And no matter what I do, I can't seem to get the comments out of my head. Is it me taking games to seriously, or is it something else? How do any of you deal with problems like this?
  4. In this thread, I will talk to you about a personal favourite of mine, none other than General Tauroneo, a former Great Rider of Daein. While Tauroneo is also a Path of Radiance character, I'm posting this thread in this section because he's way more important in Radiant Dawn and also because this section is way more active than the other two sections. I was sad how low he ranked in the CYL poll and I am disappointed why other people don't see him as a good character. What could be the reason behind this? Background Knowledge Tauroneo was born into a family of knights who have served the royal family as revealed in his B support conversation with Rolf. Being proud of his tradition, he made his son a knight as well. Unfortunately, his son Josh was severely wounded and his wife got mad at him. To make matters worse, Tauroneo's pride made him train his younger son to become a general but that only served to make his family even madder at his insolence and they left him. In hindsight, he realises his mistake but is made to live with the consequences. This explains why he's always sad to see children fight in a war because he's almost lost his son to war. Path of Radiance The first time you see Tauroneo is in Path of Radiance chapter 21 where he is tasked with defending Daein Keep. Ashnard has all but abandoned Daein and most of the country has been run amok by a coalition of Begnion and Crimean invaders, yet despite such odds, Tauroneo bravely fights on demonstrating his resolve making him a perfect candidate for the skill resolve which quite fittingly makes him stronger the worse his situation is. Despite Tauroneo serving an evil king, he's shown to be morally upright to the extent that he's willing to side with the enemy despite his whole life being dedicated to serving Daein. This is an example of character development as he's finally putting aside his pride unlike when he still had his family. Furthermore, if he gets attacked by children, he laments the fact that children have to fight in wars. This is in spite of FE lords, who are supposed to be paragons of morality, putting children in their army. What makes it even better is that he lives in an evil country so him having such morals speaks volumes about his strength of character. Other than that, Tauroneo also shows a warrior nature in his generic enemy battle conversation and his conversation against Ashnard making him a multi-dimensional character. Radiant Dawn Part One As a character, Tauroneo truly shines in Radiant Dawn. The first time you meet him is in chapter 1-5 where Tauroneo, Zihark and Jill valiantly face off against an entire army of Begnion soldiers. Once again, Tauroneo shows us why he deserves to equip the resolve skill. After the battle, his patience is truly tested by Izuka yet he remains steadfast (1)(2 ) and doesn't give in to immoral tactics. Once again in chapter 1-7, Tauroneo shows us that he's powerful and brave enough to single handily act as a distraction to make it possible to free prisoners. While he usually agrees with Micaiah and against Izuka, he's someone who can think for himself. When Begnion took prisoners hostage at Shifu swamp, Tauroneo actually agreed with Izuka and went against Micaiah thinking that rescuing the prisoners is reckless. Radiant Dawn Part Three In part 3, he's put into stressful situations having to fight his former allies for the sake of his country. When Pelleas begs Micaiah to return to the battlefield, Tauroneo tells Pelleas he agrees with Sothe which again goes to show that despite his loyalty to his king, he is willing to criticize him. It also shows that he's a very caring individual who wants what is best for Micaiah. Even after the blood pact is revealed, he thinks about whether leaving the country allows one to escape the blood pact which goes to show he's quite the inquisitive fellow who likes to ponder. Furthermore, he himself is willing to stay in Daein despite the fact it was in such a peril which goes to show he's not willing to abandon his country at any costs. In chapter 3-12, he questions whether Micaiah really wants to go through with the oil plan once again showing how despite being extremely loyal to authority, he's still willing to question it. Regardless, he's willing to give deserved praise to Micaiah for being strong enough to make such a tough and painful decision which goes to show he's willing to give credit where it's due and is in turn inspired by her own resolve. Once Ike arrived and Sothe was captured by Tibarn, he went in front of Micaiah to defend her from Ike and Ranulf, showing his reputation as a white knight. After Micaiah was put into a situation where she failed to give orders, Tauroneo steps up and orders the army to retreat, demonstrating that even in a tight spot, he is calm, collected and intelligent. Later on, he is loyal enough to follow through with Pelleas' orders to kill him no matter which of the three choices you choose which goes to show he can make tough decisions in terrible circumstances. He's willing to throw praise to Pelleas when he truly deserves it which shows that Tauroneo is a man who gives respect when it is deserved. Ending Tauroneo ends up becoming the leader of the army after Micaiah becomes Queen. He is also stated to be a pillar of statesmanship which goes to show that he's great at politics.
  5. I remember back when I first started lurking around SerenesForest, there was a thread where fans would discuss their opinions on various characters from Fire Emblem Fates. A successor thread was eventually made for Fire Emblem Awakening following the conclusion of the Fates one, and I remember keenly following both threads because of how interesting it was to hear other people's opinions on various characters. Now that Echoes has been out for almost three months now amongst the worldwide audience to the point most of us are familiar with the game's cast, I'd figure it'd be a good time to make a "Opinions on that Character" thread for Echoes similar to the Fates and Awakenings ones from the past. For those that participated in those threads linked above, you should already know how it works. For those that are new to a thread like this, it's simple: each day, I will randomly pick a major character from Fire Emblem Echoes and make a post in this thread asking fans to give their opinion on that character. When giving your answer, you can consider any aspects related to the character: personality, overall character, performance as a unit, stats, design, voice acting, etc. Below is a list that will be updated with various characters for each passing day: 08/12/17: #1: Alm #2: Celica 08/13/17: #3: Forsyth #4: Valbar 08/14/17 #5: Tatiana #6: Atlas 08/15/17 #7: Faye #8: Nomah #9: Berkut 08/16/17 #10: Luthier #11: Kamui #12: Irma 08/17/17: #13: Mycen #14: Boey #15: Rinea 08/18/17: #16: Delthea #17: Est #18: Halcyon 08/19/17: #19: Tobin #20: Conrad #21: Slayde 08/20/17: #22: Clair #23: Leon #24: Massena 08/21/17: #25: Mathilda #26: Genny #27: Fernand 08/22/17: #28: Zeke #29: Saber #30: Desaix 08/23/17: #31: Kliff #32: Palla #33: Grieth 08/24/17: #34: Python #35: Mae #36: Nuibaba 08/25/17: #37: Clive #38: Jesse #39: Rudolph 08/26/17: #40: Lukas #41: Catria #42: Jedah 08/27/17: #43: Silque #44: Deen #45: Mila 08/28/17: #46: Gray #47: Sonya #48: Duma 08/29/17: #49: Randal #50: Emma #51: Shade #52: Yuzu I'll be posting the next updates to this thread between 8:00-9:00 PM CST each day, so be sure to come back and check around the given time frame to give your opinion on the next batch of characters. For these first few days, I will present two playable units to give opinions on. After a short while, I will be presenting three characters to give opinions on: two playable units (one from Alm's army, the other from Celica's army) and one major antagonist/major NPC. The choices for these playable units plus major enemy units and NPCs come from SerenesForest's Pre-release Character poll.
  6. How do you go about planning builds for your characters? These are my general build processes, but they need a lot of improvement and streamlining so critique is much appreciated. Hopefully, this will also help players who have trouble figuring it out how to build their own units. Disclaimer: Here is the calculator from Kagero Chart that is required for this process. You can also use the calculator to experiment with your own ideas. The introduction covers some background information on my play style and philosophy. It is not necessary to read it, but you will have a better understanding of the build process. Here is the build process for Player Phase units: Here are my build processes for maximizing wins and minimizing losses on Enemy Phase. I do not enjoy planning these as much since they do not suit my play style as much. Here is the build process for Enemy Phase units: Here is the build process for Enemy Phase survival units: What do you guys think? Are there any flaws or things that I overlooked? Obviously, my build processes are not able to give you cool builds like Medic Lucina, Medic Linde, Galeforce Lyn, Wings of Mercy Hector, or Wings of Mercy dancers/singer; that takes creativity and creativity does not sprout from static formulas. You can also check this same guide on in this thread. The formatting there looks less "wordy" so it may be easier to read. Edit Log: Wishlist: — — — — — — — - - - BEGINNER POINTERS - - - Here is a list of pointers. Not a big fan of most beginner guides since they fail to mention important concepts and drone on about obvious stuff. If there is anything you think is too obvious on here, please let me know so I can remove it. I do not want new players reading about things they already know about; it wastes their time. —<>—<>—<>— Before you start doing anything, please read these. —<>—<>—<>— Rerolls Natures DO NOT SEND HOME FREE UNITS!!! —<>—<>—<>— Here are pointers for general housekeeping right after the tutorial. —<>—<>—<>— DO NOT COMPLETE CHAIN CHALLENGES ON NORMAL DIFFICULTY!!! Positioning Units at the Start of the Map Upgrade Castle Upgrade Barracks Skip Animation —<>—<>—<>— Playing the game. —<>—<>—<>— Grand Hero Battles Team Composition Ranged Versus Melee Units Player Phase Versus Enemy Phase Combat Use Dancers/Singer/Assists Skill Inheritance Merging —<>—<>—<>— Here are some other pointers. —<>—<>—<>— Online Resources Common Abbreviations/Jargon This section is still under construction. I will add more pointers when I encounter something new players should know.
  7. Hi there everyone. My name is Mangs and I have recently started a new series called the Fire Emblem Echoes, Shadows of Valentia character previews. These are very similar to the spotlights I have done before, only that they are shorter, completely free of spoilers, and showcases some of the upcoming characters we will see in Gaidens remake, Shadows of Valentia. The purpose of these previews is to entertain both veterans who enjoyed gaiden, as well as showing newer players what kind of characters they can expect in the new release. I will showcase their new art next to the old one and make comparisons on how they’ve changed. Since growth rates and bases will arguably remain the same in the remake, I am also going over their Gaiden stats just to give the viewers an idea of how the unit will perform. I will update this thread as more previews are made, and add them to this list as well. I appreciate any feedback you might have to give me, and of course, if there’s any characters you’d like to see me make previews of next, let me know in this thread, or in the comment section of one of my videos! Alm Celica Mae Kamui Boey Silque Valbar Genny Saber Kliff
  8. Since we've had a daily topic about what we think of characters, and one about the music of Fates, I decided to make one where we give our opinions on the character's aesthetics. Which might have been discussed a bit in the character discussion thread but for this thread It shall be the main focus. Does the clothing appeal to you? any facial features that really makes the character pop? anything that just looks odd to you? post em here. I'll stick with a 2 characters per day formula. List so far: To start us off I figured we'd start with: #1 - Corrin (M/F) I'm rather mixed about Corrin's design. It's not dull by any means and the black and white on the armour looks nice, It just looks a tad bit over designed in comparison to previous lord designs, particularly In comparison to our last avatar character Robin. Also the male version's hair is a tad silly, although the female's hair is actually quite nice. The headpiece is a nice touch to her design. With that said however her design suffers from unnecessary sexualisation in the form of those patch of exposed skin around the thighs. While not the biggest deal since Camilla and Charlotte exist it does feels forced onto her design as her male counterpart doesn't have anything like that (Similar for Effie when compared to Benny but I'll get to that later). It reminds me of Cherche's design in how inconsistent it was with that design choice. Also why do neither of them wear shoes? Since they were first revealed It's stuck out to me like a sore thumb (or in this case, a toe hehe). I'm guessing that it's because when they transform into a dragon they need space for their feet/hands? which is still odd since their armour seems to blend into their body upon transforming, at least that what it looks like. Edit: Also when it came to custom avatar designs for the male I preferred the long hair one as it gave him an elfish look. Haven't used F!Corrin yet so not sure what I'd prefer for her. I suppose we can also discuss Corrin's dragon design while we're at it. If there's one thing I noticed about this game and dragon's is that they seem to be really stretching what can be considered a dragon. Along with Lilith I just don't see them as a dragon, if anything the first thing I thought of upon seeing Corrin's dragon form was Xerneas from Pokemon X...while Lilith is just a bloody koi fish squirrel. #2 - Azura Azura certainly has an interesting design for a dancer. It's exotic, yet mysterious, which suits her character. The one leg stocking thing sticks out though since that's connected to her undergarment, so would that be considered a fan servicy design choice? or is it some kind of pants that just has one leg exposed? It reminds me of Palutena as she had one leg stocking as well. I like her long, flowing blue hair, which also looks hilarious ingame since some classes clothing clips through it or the gear from cloths shops, had her as a berserker recently and the combination of her hair with the barbarian look made me giggle.
  9. I'm just wondering what Boon/Bane/Talent combo I should use when playing conquest. Thanks in advance!
  10. If this topic has been mentioned before, I haven't seen it. :P The character doesn't need to be someone you use on every play through. Maybe they are a bad/underused unit? Maybe they are disliked across the community? Just... you use them from time to time even when the world is against you. (Maybe not that extreme) If you have more than one, feel free to put them in, too! Everyone deserves a time to shine! Also, be sure to put which fire emblem game the specific unit/character is in. Mine are: Macellan from FE 11. His armor is a different color than everyone Else's and he's just so serious about his duty. Plus he makes a good Hunter for me when reclassed. Marisa from FE 8. She's hot. She's not very sociable, like me! And I just really like her sprite's design.
  11. This is going to sound kind of weird but I'll get to the point. So lets say if Kent dies on a certain chapter, you get a game over, but I only want it to be for one chapter because it is key he stays alive but on any other chapter he can die and you can carry on. How can I create an event to do this, is it as simple as IFCD or something like that? I kind of feel a bit stupid for asking this but help would be much appreciated =)
  12. If FE7 characters had crit quotes.

    Seeing your units landing a critical hit is always great, especially how epic the animations are. I'm not sure if this has already been a topic recently but if characters in Blazing Sword did had quotes wither its text or voice acted in a future remake (not saying it needs one). What are the ones you would hear if the game had these quotes for these characters. I only have a few that I thought up for some units and they could be better but maybe you can give them or other characters better quotes. Sain: "Time to impress the ladies!" Farina: "I hope you have insurance!" Lucius: "Elimine, hear my prayer." Florina: "You will not harm Lyn!" Rebecca: "Concentrate..." Karel: "Savor your last breath of air!" Raven:"Not even close..."
  13. Trying to make a romhack, except that both of my characters causes the game to restart if they attempt to move to any location. Anybody know what might be causing this? I'm not sure if it will help, but here's my event code. Here's a test patch showcasing the problem:
  14. What type of person is your MU?

    What type of person are your main characters? Who will they marry, what will they look like, class, ect? Most importantly, how do you imagine their personality to be like? Name: Haruka Gender: Male Spouse: Zero Class: Rod knight (Will become strategist) Route: Invisible Asset: Magic Flaw: Defence Personality: Haruka is a very shy, timid and reserved boy. From a young age, he lived a very sheltered life which made him have a very innocent view on the world. He believes everyone is a good person at their core. He’s sweet, caring and very nurturing, wanting nothing but the best for others. Despite his timid personality, he has immense courage and will always do his best to help those in need. He hates fighting, and took up the staff instead. He has amazing magic power, yet is very frail. He can’t take hits well and gets sick easily. Combined with his asthma, he has difficulty living everyday life, needing to be taken care of well. He fell for Zero because of his rougue-ish charm and curiosity towards Zero’s adventurous lifestyle. Zero often told him about life beyond the palace walls, and the 2 were pretty close, eventually falling for each other. Name: Serena Gender: Female Spouse: Tsubaki Class: Oni savage (Will become blacksmith) Route: Hoshido Asset: Defence Flaw: Magic Personality: Serena is a loud, prideful, rough and tomboyish girl who loves to go outside and rough things up. From a young age, she’s been “one of the boys” and she never appeared to care for beauty. She’s tough, brave and will not back down from anything. She’s brash, hot-headed and can have a bit of a potty mouth. She can be a bit tsundere at times, especially towards Tsubaki, on whom she secretly crushes. She has a feminine side though. She’ll never admit it, but she loves wearing pretty girly dresses. She and Tsubaki had a bit of a rivalry, Serena constantly challenging him so she could out perfect him. EVERYONE could see that she liked Tsubaki, but she never admitted it until Tsubaki confessed himself. ] Name: Azusa Gender: Male Spouse: Zero Class: Wyvern Rider (Will become Revenant Knight) Route: Nohr Asset: Strengh Flaw: Skill Personality: Azusa is a real creep. He has a disturbed, child-like personality. Around people, he acts very spoiled, childish and demanding, emotionally blackmailing people with tears or hysterical tantrums to get what he wants. He’s mentally unstable and can be quite psychotic when angered. He cries easily and will scream loudly if he cries. He absolutely OBSESSES over Zero, and took quite a few lives already if they got too close. He’s a yandere, due to his overly possessive attitude and murderous attitude towards those he sees as “rivals”. Azusa, in an attempt to “relate” more to Zero, cut his own eye out, so that he, like Zero, can only see through one eye. His heavy bags come from his lack of sleep, usually due to his constant stalking. His obsessed behavior stayed, even when Zero and Azusa became a couple.
  15. Fire Emblem: Dream of Five

    Fire Emblem: Dream of Five Fire Emblem: Dream of Five is a FE7 ROM hack made with the collaboration of several members of various FE forums. This hack will include: Entirely new events New maps New portrait sprites New chapters Original Story New weapons/icons CGs Story routes The story follows a young promising Aukeman officer, Renair. Her job is to protect the border from bandits who attack civilians. Whilst doing her job, she finds herself fleeing the country, getting deeper into a plot that threatens the entire continent they live on, Kalias. [spoiler=Credits] If I forget anyone who has contributed, please let me know. Writing: Furetchen Xiltas Enjolras El Rey Leon Anti-Social Knight Callum McMillan Sakusa Hikarusa Graphics: AstraLunaSol Xiltas Seph1212 Amelia Luminescent Blade Vampire Elf Kai Ken ZOMG Aeorys LordGlenn Shiny Charmander Niharu Lord Glenn Hacking: AstraLunaSol Cam Seph1212 Dancer_A Enjolras shadowofchaos Arch Mariobro3828 Jubby Maps: Enjolras Dancer_A Seph1212 Feaw Lord Glenn Misc: Queen_Elincia Kitsune JB25 Reinfleche Allan's Aokage Iris Oblivion_Knight Spike Acacia Sgt Dio eclipse Playtesting: Aethereal Blazing_Soul Paperblade Aura_Wolf Ephraim Hithere21 Luminescent Blade Cam Music: Markyjoe1990 (Leaf's Theme) Mariobro3828 (Tearing Shadows, Remastered Guile Theme) Ken ZOMG (A Journey's Preface, Valorous March) Agromono (Various FE11/12 Midis) Animation Packages: MageKnight404 [Halberdier][Knight][Fighter][sword Pegasus] Arch [Eph GL Hair Fix][Aircalibur] shadowofchaos [Mage Knight SFX Fix][FE 10 Swordmaster][DracoZombie Fix] TheBlindArcher [FE 10 Swordmaster][Armored Bandit][Project Water][Axe Wyvern Lord][Female Mercenary][bow General] Markyjoe1990 [Female Shaman] Dancer_A [Alternate Cleric][Great Knight Hand Axe Fix] Blazer [shaver][Meteor][Aircalibur] Hexator, Nintenlord, and various people who made FE7 Nightmare modules. [spoiler=Readme] Version 4.0: Complete Up to Chapter 14 on both routes. Fire Emblem: Dream of Five is to be patched with a clean Fire Emblem 7 (U) ROM. To patch the ROM, use NUPS (which can be found here: http://serenesforest...ic=26913&st=0). If it says that the patch does not match the ROM, try selecting the Ignore option for patching and see if it works. If it does not, then find another ROM. Bugs: The Partisan and the Swordslayer have inaccurate damage display on the statscreen, they deal the proper damage when attacking World Map Events are glitchy and may not reflect things correctly. (Making map sprites turn into a different affiliation, making map sprites not appear) When refreshing, the Dancer/Bard (whichever you get) may get a weapon level up after refreshing, do not pay attention to it. Do not use cleared FE7 save, the generic prepromotes will have their stats increase severely, no augury will appear too. In Ch 10A, Katrina appears twice, during the prep screen and after it, will find a fix later. If you find any more bugs, please let me know by posting in any of the following sites: http://serenesforest...opic=24662&st=0 http://www.bwdyeti.c...ead.php?tid=215 http://tebrigade.b1....topic=1138&st=0 Here is a spreadsheet on growths/bases of the characters in the patch: Notes: Supports are not fully placed/written yet. There are 25 playable chapters in this patch. [spoiler=Screenshots] The download contains the Prologue to Chapter 14A/B: Download Mirror Also, our banner has updated: [url=""][img][/img][/url] Courtesy of Luminescent Blade. Feel free to use it to show your support! Want a stat Calculator instead of the google docs version? Click here, thanks to eclipse! Follow us on Tumblr! And if you want, donate to our project!
  16. Favorite Character?

    I'm bored once again, so let's talk about the characters we adore most. For example, I'm in love with Camilla. I'm not going into a super long rant, so I'll just direct to this Tumblr post I found which pretty much summarizes why I love her so much. I'm really curious though as to who everyone else likes…...
  17. This topic is for anyone to comment, or ask, about a character's in-game performance/usefulness/viability/etc. Mostly for the main-game and without grinding (at least for my own analyses) since character distinctions such as bases, growths, availability, weapon rank, etc, are often more prominent then. While I recognize the appeal of discussing the endpoint of character potential, there's also a significant amount of game content before then. I generally find this sort of thing interesting to think about and discuss and I'm curious what other people think as well. It can be a mini-character guide of sorts, depending on how things develop. General comments - Everyone feels decently usable and I used most characters at least a bit to get an idea of how they perform at base. Meaning if you like then, you could make them work, even in Lunatic. - Because overleveled units get so little exp, it’s possible to train up a larger team without sacrificing overall team strength, if one wishes. Actually I'd recommend training misc units to 10 early on so they can promote (lots of dropped Master Seals) and give full Guard stance bonuses or act as staff utility. - Also, because children paralogues give so much exp, you might end up net positive on exp/levels anyway if pairing them off at the same time. - I'm going to have a rating system of use (unless you don’t like them), maybe use, and don't use (unless you like them). Others can have whatever rating system one prefers, #/10, etc. - The ratings primarily correspond to continued deployment throughout their availability, training and/or using a unit long-term. Most units have short-term niches, which will be mentioned, but it’s not very interesting to rate everyone with "use". - Will also have some sample builds to think about and try out. Most builds will have 1 or less parallel/marriage/buddy seal, luxury builds can have more (though generally I personally won't include Eternal Seals and grinding through classes w/o weapon ranks unless super-early). - I'll start with the Birthright/Hoshido characters in Lunatic, but impressions for any character in any route would be interesting. - I’m going roughly in order, trying to get at least a short description for everyone down, but if anyone is particularly interested in an opinion for a character (in any route), just ask. There’s also definitely a considerable amount I’m purposely skimming over. Some like inheritance will be addressed a little more for the children, some specific details and insightful analysis will require more time. - Note the word impressions You can find how most mechanics work on the main site I try to remain consistent with the terminology used there, though I do use Corrin as the Fates Avatar's name, as Smash 4 "canonized" the default name Robin of the Awakening Avatar. There might also be some old-fashioned FE terms used since these writeups are informal, but they are usually self-explanatory. ____________________ Birthright/Hoshido [spoiler=Corrin]I'm mostly skipping Corrin for now to give a more detailed analysis later (though the builds might be interesting). Suffice to say, best availability equals initial level lead, plus good (enough) bases, great growths, any class with Buddy seals, slightly faster exp gain than others, prf with statbuffs, more boosts from Felicia/Jakob/Gunter. imo a tanky Asset like Hp/Def is better in Hoshido since you get +2 Spd from Yato midgame (always in effect), and many other units are glass cannons. +Mag is an intriguing option to abuse Horse God (but no Spells in White Blood, if that matters). Use Standard White Blood build: +Hp or +Def Nohr Prince/ss -> White Blood Hmm...I don't have much to say here. Use if you like continued Dragonstone access, I guess. It is a great tanky option, for certain. Can detour for some procs to synergize with Hoshido (usually Astra and Sol are best, both classes use Katanas as well). Tanky Hidden Weapon build: +Hp/Def Nohr Prince/ss to 10 -> Ninja -> Puppeteer/Elite Ninja Hidden Weapons are pretty reliable 1-2 range where it's otherwise nerfed. Pair Up with Jakob in Great Knight and steamroll like the good old days. Or pair with someone else like Rinkah; just stack as much Def as possible. Use of the Reverse Shuriken situationally is very important, as otherwise both Axes and Bows will hit very hard. +Hp/Def because class base Spd is pretty good and Shurikens (equipped) and Yato Sky (even unequipped) give Spd. +Hp is generally more stats overall, but you already have triangle against mages and decent Res, so +Def makes you more bulky on the (more important) physical side. It also raises the cap by more, which might eventually matter. Reclass early to start building weapon rank. Puppeteer eventually gives Copycat and has better Hp/Def/Move, whereas Elite Ninja is faster (Kunaifaire makes up the Str difference too) with better avoid/Res. Elite Ninja also allows use of Yato to attack and the Oboro though it's dangerous to use on enemy phase. Using Dread Fighter instead is another option for a stronger start and being better against mages. Only B rank weapons though. Magic steamroll build: +Mag Nohr Prince/ss to 10 -> Dark Mage/Spellcaster/(Dark Falcon) -> Dark Knight/Basara/(Revenant Knight) Corrin's natural Mag growth isn't great (and Yato doesn't boost it), so +Mag is preferred though it's possible Spirit Dusts and the class growth would be sufficient for good enough offense. Reclass early to build weapon rank. The purpose of these builds is to steamroll on enemy phase, so the tanky classes are better imo. Dark Knight is great as long as you have enough Spd (Yato and Horse God is +5, keep in mind) while Basara is more balanced and has arguably better skills. For Exorcist the lack of Def hurts and there's not much point in Sorc without Nosferatu and Excalibur, in Hoshido. Revenant Knight is another option as a flying magic class, but the base class doesn't have magic use so it would be necessary to Buddy/Marry or wait until promotion, which could impact weapon rank. It's generally a good idea to Pair up with Felicia in Maid if the Spd is needed, or Jakob in Marriage Seal'd Dark Knight for Mag/Def. Dark Falcon has promoted level bases and flies, making it an incredible starting mage class. Galeforce is a strong skill, but you might consider reclassing before then as Corrin is at his strongest when Paired Up. The Hp/Def of Dark Falcon is lacking later in the game. Copycat luxury build: Nohr Prince/ss to 10 -> Ninja/Elite Ninja to 20/5 -> Hero to 20/8 -> Swordmaster to 20/11 -> White Blood to 20/15 -> Puppeteer to 20/17 -> Elite Ninja to 20/19 -> Puppeteer/Elite Ninja (do last reclass to end in final class) The focus here is to create 2 superCorrins that can pair up with Jakob/Felicia/Rinkah/etc and steamroll maps. Take Merc as your secondary class in Hoshido, Buddy Seal the rest. Reclass first to Ninja to build weapon rank and get Lethality. Then pick up Sol and Astra, you still have Swords to fight with. Then pick up the --/15 skills. You end up with Copycat and Kunaifaire, then Hoshido + Sol/Astra/Lethality/Dragon Fang, and even things like Vantage. I prefer Hoshido + Sol + Astra because both those increase your durability significantly through healing and Dual Guards, but there's lots of flexibility. Awakening luxury build w/ DLC (female only): Nohr Prince/ss to 10 -> Dread Fighter to 25 -> Elite Ninja to 20/8 -> Swordmaster to 20/11 -> Great Lord to 35 -> Puppeteer to 20/17 -> Elite Ninja to 20/19 -> Puppeteer/Elite Ninja (do last reclass to end in final class) Similar to above, but abuse Vantage + Awakening with Copycat. Build weapon rank, then pick up Vantage/Astra, then Awakening, Copycat, Kunaifaire. Just make sure to do 2 levels in Ninja somewhat early or you cant get all of Awakening/Copycat/Kunaifaire without Eternal Seals. There's some Spirit Unity, Astra, Aether, and more to fill out slots as needed. Most other characters aren't going to get luxury builds from me. Corrin is special because of their availability and other unique advantages. [spoiler=Gunter]Gunter (pre-decision): The tutorial chapters are fairly straightforward. Gunter is certainly useful in them, but considering how things work out he should probably be helping Corrin get kills via Attack or Guard Stance. n/a [spoiler=Felicia]Felicia: She's a healer who can debuff which is certainly useful early on. She will be almost be pure support until obtaining an Explosive Shuriken at Vendor level 2 and reaching C weapon rank, or if reclassed to Strategist. Despite starting with E rank tomes, her magic is good enough to do decent damage, especially with Attack Stance. However, her growths are low relative to other characters so she doesn't make a great combat unit in comparison. An interesting niche is Felicia starts in a promoted class, with unpromoted exp gain, and 4 free eternal steals inbuilt. In particular, this lets her get the promoted class skills far earlier than everyone else. Some notable ones include Tomebreaker from Maid and Battle Command in Strategist. The former, combined with her Res makes her great against magic and the latter is an extremely powerful Aura-type support skill, and even moreso when combined with Demoiselle for male characters (Corrin, Ryoma, Takumi are some of the stronger characters). Some other interesting skills are Sol, Axebreaker, Kunaibreaker but the lack of Str and no weapon rank make those trickier to obtain without grinding. Through Marriage Seals, there's even the potential of stuff like early Copycat Puppet that are strong candidates for skill inheritance (and still using the child for more than like 2 chapters). Note that skills from Dread Fighter and Dark Flier cannot be inherited, even if she can obtain the latter ones such as Aggressor and Galeforce fairly early. It's currently uncertain how stat inheritance precisely works so she could impact her children negatively in that respect, though right now it does seem like the children's bases are not affected too much. Because of her personal skill boosting the avatar’s offense/durability, Felicia is a great unit to support Corrin. In addition, being promoted, she immediately gives the promoted stat boosts in Guard Stance. Hero is particularly good, giving both Spd and Def, or Maid/Strategist are nice for magical avatars. Very well rounded with a focus on Spd, considering both her Personal skill and pairup bonuses. Early Battle Command and her Personal pushes her into Use territory for me. Support build: Maid to 15-> Strategist Staffbot and chip things with magic+Attack stance (don't really need weapon rank for this, though could reclass earlier for it). Beat mages with Res+Tomebreaker. Support with Battle Command (doesn't work as support unit in Guard Stance, notably). Early Galeforce novelty build: Maid to 5 or 15-> Dark Falcon Get whatever skills in Maid you want, but reclass to build Spell rank. It is Galeforce, obtained early/midgame, but keep in mind Felicia's stats are fairly low and even moreso when avoiding the Stances. [spoiler=Jakob]Jakob: Very similar to Felicia, with better Str and worse Mag. His early offense is better until Felicia is reclassed or gets her magic weapons. Jakob has similar advantages as Felicia in being promoted already. Reclassed, he can also serve a more stereotypical Jagen role early on as a Paladin or Great Knight, tanking hits (from the class base) and weakening enemies for others. Jakob gets a child character himself and can pass on a high-level promoted skill to him. Compared to Felicia, its also a bit easier to fight in various other classes because of okay Str/Def. Besides, Jakob's Personal Skill is one of the best main-game ones in any case, significantly boosting durability, so definitely Use from me. Jeigan build: Butler-> Great Knight (-> Lodestar) Reclass asap to get that high base Def. Basically just act as Awakening's Frederick for a while, then stick around as a great Pair Up bot. Dual Guard+ makes him even better at it if you want. Could delay reclass until level 15 to get a high Def unit dodgy against magic (or for inheritance) but weapon ranks, etc. Early Galeforce novelty/luxury build: Butler to 5 or 15-> Dark Falcon to 15 or 17 -> Paladin/Elite Ninja/Puppeteer Same deal as Felicia, though he can choose between Lances or Shurikens. Dark Falcon is a bit weak on the physical side, so may want to reclass elsewhere. Will need to Marriage seal into Ninja (Corrin, Kagerou) if that's desired. [spoiler=Kaze]Kaze. Both base Spd and growth are crazy high. He doubles pretty much everything without help, so he can get pure Strength/Defense to help his stats in Guard Stance or is guaranteed to do decent damage in Attack Stance. He can use Steel pretty consistently for that extra boost. He's also good to counter mages with Shuriken usage and decent Res or dodgetank a lot of the hardhitting Axe/Bow combinations seen with the Reverse Shuriken. Maybe use simply because you get a few other very similar characters and can choose between them. I'd say Kaze is the best of them, but I haven't looked too closely yet. Debuffer and magekiller build: Ninja -> Puppeteer/Elite Ninja (whatever order) Weapon ranks don't give you much choice (Swords are generally worse than Hidden Weapons anyway). Puppeteer is a good promotion, since his Spd is so high already, but Elite Ninja is slightly more dodgy and better against mages (the Spd cap could be relevant too). Could go Dread Fighter for the early boost, as one of the few with a starting weapon rank in Shurikens, but he doesn't standout too much, as it's basically the same as Ninja. [spoiler=Rinkah]Rinkah: Well rounded stats but almost too much so, she would probably like some help on Spd to double consistently but also something to patch up durability. Her base defense is great, but Hp growth is slow and later on she's still getting hit very hard. Can definitely take quite a few hits early and hit back with the extra damage from Flame Blood but eh E rank axes and I was too busy training Mozume. To be honest I found her most useful giving Strength and Defense bonuses to others, so I can't comment too much here. So I'll say Don't use, except maybe to train to level 10, promote, and give Guard Stance. Fire effects on hit are really awesome Onitank build: Oni Savage- > Shura (to 20/5 -> Blacksmith) Res Seal and Shura has some synergy but enemies don't usually survive that long. It's more useful for your other mages in combination with Rinkah especially since chip is passable with Flame Blood boosting damage in general. Stay in Shura if that magic utility works for you or grab some crit, then Blacksmith to focus on the physical option. Can do Dread Fighter as can most, and Rinkah's tankiness might make her one of the better candidates. __________ Arya describes below Rinkah in Hoshido and Invisible Hard. If sticking in Shura, Magic is an option to use strong spells like Horse God, both targeting Res and increasing tankiness. [spoiler=Azura]Azura: Her Spd is really high and even Str is decent, but she probably won't do much fighting unless Lance rank is grinded up. On player phase she's usually singing and Hp/Def are too low for enemy phase, though she can take a weaker hit or 2 on the front lines (Res is decent too). I could rant more about utility of dancing, but eh, obviously use. [spoiler=Sakura] Sakura is a basic staff user initially, pretty much just worse than Felicia/Jakob to start as she has no weapons. Healers are usually always useful, however, and her Personal skill helps everyone nearby, so she’ll usually find a place in the team. Later on she can Rally Luck+Magic/Spd as well as fight a bit. Somewhat notably, her growths are actually quite high all around so she’ll be good at combat eventually. Despite okay Def and later access to things like Horse God, her low Hp prevents her from taking too many hits (but she may surprise in this respect). Between Attack Stance and her Mag/Spd, her offense is quite passable while building Spell rank if going that route. Her stats get good but they don’t matter too much for staffbots (healing scales poorly with Mag, Rescue is fixed range, etc). I’ll actually still rate use for now; she has her personal skill from base, which stacks with other Auras and adds up, and has a few Rallies to easy access. Best imouto Support build Priestess -> War Priestess to 20/5 - > Falcon Warrior/Exorcist Just staffbot while picking up some skills. Her damage is quite impressive with the magical Shining Bow or Shinrai Naginata, but building the weapon rank is painful. Her Str is okay for a staff user but you’re still babying and so just use Arms Scrolls if they’re available. Magic Counter is skippable, but might as well if just getting staff exp. The Rallies are definitely useful to pick up if you don’t already have them on your team. Offensive mage build Priestess to 10 or 20 -> Exorcist It’s not really a different build, but I want to draw a little attention to how exp mechanics seem to work now. The game “remembers” in a sense what level units are promoted at, such that earlier promos get faster exp gain than later promos. So the penalty to early promotion is just those really late levels that are lost. Sakura’s stats are high enough so she doesn’t miss those as much, and she really likes building the weapon rank early, so that she is still quite the competent fighter for a large portion of the game. Of course, promote at 20, or sometime in between, if you’re fine waiting. Note that the exp from staves appears to scale with the level of the unit you’re healing/using the staff on. So it’s harder to “grind” in that sense, or get very far ahead of the level curve. It’s understandable to sometimes heal a lot just playing through the chapter, not really trying to grind, but it doesn’t matter as much here. If Dark Falcon is available, that’s a very ideal class for offensive Sakura. I was quite impressed by early Dark Flier when I tried it. One-rounds very consistently for most of the game on both phases (not so common in this game), and even taking a few hits with Horse God. [spoiler=Hana] Hana: The easiest description is the obvious glass cannon. Str/Spd both grow well, while none of the defensive stats do. As long as she avoids ohkos (may require +Def in Guard Stance), it’s probably okay as many others are hit similarly hard, being 2-3hko’d, and she has her Avoid (as long as weapon triangle and the Reverse Katana are used smartly). On player phase, her Str, Flowing Strike, and Attack Stance usually allows avoiding damage, though RNG can still be a concern. Smart use of Dual Guard, once built up, lets her offense be used in more situations. Hana’s Personal skill does percentage-based damage, which is notable, but hard to set up consistently. Don’t use tho. Growths take a little bit to kick in. Bows or Magic are generally superior for player phase offense, and relying on avoid to this extent requires a bit too much prayer. Standard Samurai build Samurai -> Trueblade The basic Trueblade skills synergize well enough. Vantage can kill some weaken enemies (or crits/Astra happen), or give just enough Dual Guard gauge, just in time. Astra is offensive in nature, and boosts Dual Guard quickly. Swordfaire is more damage. It’s a little scary moving away from the avoid boost in Trueblade to grab Weapon Master skills, though it’s always an option. imo neither are that useful as Hana doesn’t want to face too many enemies at a time to debuff, and Line of Death usually doesn’t facilitate ohkos that late; instead she is probably more likely to be ohko’d. Not tanking with face Bow build Samurai -> Bowman -> Holy Bowman/Golden Kite Warrior This lets Hana use her strong offensive stats while attacking indirectly and avoiding most incoming damage (Kodachi’s can’t double, remember). Since a buddy or marriage (Setsuna, Takumi) seal is needed to get into Bowman, which takes a few chapters, normally I wouldn’t recommend this as she’s back to E rank. However, Hana’s stats are high enough that even with a Bronze Bow, she can probably do solid damage and oneround things. To be honest, right now this build feels like a worse version of Bowman!Mozume, but Hana does have a slightly better start. [spoiler=Subaki] Subaki: Very awkward stats. Low Spd, but Swallow Strikes means player phase is okay (until the lategame at least). Base Hp/Def and growth is surprisingly decent, but it probably won’t last too long if sticking in the Pegasus line. Str is not really good enough, especially since Steel will probably need to be avoided. Perfectionist is a solid boost that usually stays in effect between staffbots and Eastern Heart and other misc stuff like Azura’s personal. But don’t use, a bit too much anti-synergy between the growths and such. If Str was a little better I might actually say maybe, but nope. Still a filler option for +Spd, flight, maybe staves. (tanky?) Pegasus build Pegasus Warrior -> Falcon Warrior (to 20/5 -> Weapon Master) Falcon for Rally, then either stay for the staves and token healing, or try to do a little tanking in Weapon Master with Strength Seal. Subaki can probably take 1 or 2 more hits than the fragile characters, which is somewhat significant. fighting a losing battle silly Samurai build Pegasus Warrior (to 10) -> Samurai -> Trueblade This does somewhat work as the class base/growth is good and Swallow Strike gives a boost unlike say Hinata. Building up weapon rank hurts as usual but availability is high enough for it. Perfectionist makes avoid a bit more reliable, compared to say Hana. Getting Eastern Heart can help maintain it, but delays weapon rank, so a tradeoff there. [spoiler=Silas]Silas: Doesn't double too much, but initially hits really hard between base C swords (can use Steel) and Open Assault and sometimes his Personal giving another damage boost. Can orko quite often player phase with Attack Stance and easy to get into good position. A little later getting the Quick Draw Katana for the Spd bonus can help his offense and with a rank up in Lances, the Guard Naginata is great for tanking. Reclassing is probably most useful to pick up Sol. I eventually dropped him because I ran out of space, but he's quite good, especially being more tanky than most of your units. A very solid option. I'm saying maybe use because maybe his tanking doesn't hold out as well lategame, and his Spd is never really that consistent (I'm not rating that many characters "use", fwiw, you've already seen like more than half of them). Tanky build: Cavalier (-> Merc -> Hero to 20/5 or 20/15) -> Paladin/Great Knight Can go to Hero to pickup Sol and Axebreaker. The former is good for general durability (despite difficulty doubling), whereas the latter is interesting to use with Lances to negate the usual disadvantage (and still beating Swords/Magic). Paladin is far better-rounded, especially with Defender, but Great Knight has a small Def lead. Also does Dread Fighter decently like Rinkah with naturally high Def + class Res base/skills. Lodestar is an interesting option as well for the Spd though realistically it's probably most useful for Dual Guard+ in the maingame. [spoiler=Saizou] Saizou: His stats work well with his class, after getting a few levels (doesn't double very consistently at first). Personal Str/Def balances low class Str/Def and class Spd/Res balances low personal Spd/Res. With Shurikens granting some bonus Spd, the combination ends up working. Though magic growth is surprisingly high, it’s not as useful as one might expect since the anti-armor Needle Shuriken is already available. Still, the Explosive Shuriken has a significant 5 mt lead over Iron, and certain enemies do have lower Res than Def, which might balance out the difference in base Str vs. Mag. Compared to Kaze, he wants a decent amount of +Spd, but those Pair Up typically don’t give as much Str/Def. Kaze has the easy pair with Rinkah and uses Steel more reliably so their performance end up pretty similar. Kaze has a slight availability edge and seems to be better in Attack Stance, though I could be overestimating the Spd advantage. Maybe use. Saizou is kinda like a poor man’s Hidden Weapon Corrin, which is still very good. A little tanky debuffer and magekiller build: Ninja -> Elite Ninja Saizou really wants the Spd, I think, to reliably double. The Res also helps vs mages, since Ninjas are the most consistent class in countering them. Dread Fighter is a similar option to these Ninja classes if the seals are available. Because of his high Mag growth, gayserbeam suggested Dark Falcon. You already get a few other Ninjas, and not too many mages. ___________ donkeykhang explains the potential uses of early-promoted Saizou. [spoiler=Orochi] Orochi: Pretty one-dimensional, high mag, low other stats. Initially, Horse God and a +Spd pair may be enough to double some slow enemies, but eventually the Spd growth is just too low. Positioning is ultimately important to set up Attack Stance, ideally with strong single hits like from Silas, Takumi, or the Dragonstone to ohko and avoid counterattacks. You may have noticed so I skim over Personal skills if I find their effect negligible. While it’s mostly true for Orochi, capturing enemies is interesting enough to warrant some mention. Orochi doesn’t really double, so it’s not too different capturing them if the space is available. Generics have solid stats in Lunatic, especially the rare promoted ones early on (before your team really promotes). They can be filler, even tactical sacrifices, etc. While we don’t currently have too much detail on the capturable bosses, some of them have intriguing stats such as William and Hormone (from Kanna's Paralogue) actually having great Hp growth. Maybe use. Someone like early-promoted Sakura is probably a superior mage for most of the game, but reliable Res-targeting isn’t that common for Hoshido, so she still fights a few enemy types better than most. She's getting a good amount of credit for the Capture ability here. Lilina Standard mage build: Spellcaster -> Basara to 20/15 -> Exorcist The skills are probably worth the -2 magic in Basara compared to Exorcist. None of the other stats matter too much. Dark Falcon is a possibility though even the impressive class base and Spd+2 won’t last too long. Still flying and later Galeforce are nice utility if a seal is available. [spoiler=Mozume]Mozume: Bases are very low so she'll need to be babied, but admittedly that's pretty easy to do with Attack Stance. This trainee archetype is in an interesting position in this game because diminishing returns for exp sets in so quickly. A common argument against these types of units is if the same kills and investment had been given to other units, they would be even stronger than her. That's not quite as true here, as Mozume more quickly catches up. But on the other hand, her stats are not that high besides Speed (even then, there's obviously people like Kaze already). In particular, her low Hp can limit her frontline potential despite a good Def growth. While Str is good, she needs time to build up weapon rank. Inheritance-wise, Aptitude is best given to children as early as possible, since it doesn't affect the auto-level they get to 20 and their Child seal (I'm pretty sure on this). It can be interesting to get Kanna early with Aptitude since My Room can build the support quickly. Probably don't use. I don't think she's impressive enough when trained, to be worth the investment. Like some of the children join with nearly as high stats lategame, arguably better skills, and require no training themselves. Better than Takumi Backliner build Villager -> Bowman -> Holy Bowman Notably, Bowman is an option that gets around her low Hp, and she should probably reclass asap to build the weapon rank (can wait for Underdog, but probably not worth it). Her Str/Spd combination is quite nice (Spd over Takumi is quite noticeable), after a few levels. It's actually fairly impressive if you slowplay maps. Frontliner build Villager -> Weapon Master to 20/5 -> Holy Lancer Will probably need a Seraph Robe (or multiple), but picks up lots of Seal skills and overall solid statwise. Can wander in a crowd, counter them all with a Javelin, and debuff Str/Def/Spd by 6. Buddy Seal with Oboro for the Lance Fighter line. [spoiler=Hinoka] Hinoka: A more classic Pegasus, with high Spd and Res, middling Str and Def. Immediate access to the Guard Naginata does mean early durability is very nice, though she doesn’t hit back very hard and later enemy Atk rises too fast for her Def. Avoidtanking isn’t really a thing, except for the Reverse Naginata against Axes (Bows are ohkos and so very scary). High Spd allows fairly consistent usage of Steel for more damage, but she still doesn’t oneround that reliably without more help. She’s good enough, but underwhelming I suppose. Suppose you give her Energy drops, Str tonics, Str Pair Up/Attack Stance (usually someone like Silas), and Steel so she can oneround. It’s still only at 1 range and she’s like 2-3hko’d in return and can’t be near Bows at all. Most characters will do that with that kind of investment and usually take less damage in return, by attacking indirectly or having more Hp/Def/Avoid. Other units have more distinct, useful roles in the team like Ninjas killing mages at 1-2 range (just outclassing Pegasus here) or just weakening/debuffing a crowd or Archers onerounding key targets while avoiding damage or Corrin/Ryoma obliterating everything. Flying utility is useful as always and she can use Rescue later, but Subaki pretty much does the same thing except he gives more Def in Pair Up, which is probably more useful. Hinoka’s personal works as an Aura which helps a bit (though not in Guard Stance), but she’s actually the type of unit that would want that damage boost instead of giving it; many other units already oneround without it, or won’t oneround even with it. Basically, when I reclassed her to the Lancer line (+3-4 Str/Def + Lancefaire late) and she still wasn’t that impressive combat-wise, maybe she just isn’t that good? >_> Maybe use. Perhaps my expectations are off, but a somewhat better Subaki is not an incredible combat unit. Flying utility Pegasus Warrior -> Falcon Warrior (to 20/5 -> Golden Kite Warrior) Stay flying, pick up staves and Rally Speed. It might be notable that Hinoka+Falcon (and +Mag Pair) is a solid base Mag value and Shinrai Naginata can double, attacks Res, and has a big mt advantage over Javelins (which are rare in Hoshido anyway). Maybe go into Golden Kite for more skills, though stats are a bit lower. Note even Bronze Bow still easily kills fliers with Hinoka’s Spd, which is situationally useful. Hinokopter doesn’t need a pegasus Lancer build Pegasus Warrior -> Lance Fighter -> Basara/Holy Lancer Reclass asap for Hp/Str/Def growths and immediately +3 base Str/Def, all stats Hinoka likes. Her Spd and Res remain very high in this class, instead of fairly overkill in Pegasus. Basara vs Holy Lancer depends on how you value the skills vs. the stats. Hinoka’s mag is a bit low, though weapons like Horse God and Shinrai Naginata still maintain some value. Defense and Speed seal have some support value in helping other units finish up enemies and Hinoka can use the Guard or Reverse Naginata to inflict those with relatively low risk (she doesn't have to hit them either so it works against 2 range enemies). Dark Falcon should probably be mentioned, even though the stats are unimpressive for her and Galeforce is late. [spoiler=Asama] Asama: As a staffbot, he’s a slightly bulkier one, but otherwise pretty unexceptional since Felicia/Jakob are promoted already and Sakura has her aura. It is however interesting how good his physical stats are, especially Hp/Str/Def. When promoted, Asama can use lances to take advantage of this, but will need to start from Bronze. Another option would be to reclass earlier, giving up healing for another combat unit. Unlike many other units, he actually has durability, and isn’t crippled too much elsewhere (like Rinkah/Subaki/Hinata). Maybe use, Staves are always good enough filler, and being able to take a few hits to heal may mean a character’s life. Asama also has an interesting growth pattern for potential other roles. Bulky support Priest to 10 or 20 -> Mountain Priest (-> Falcon Warrior) Like Sakura, promoting early to get weapon access earlier is a strong option. Can Buddy/Marry seal with Subaki/Hinoka to go to Falcon which even keeps Lance rank, though it may be a little tricky building the supports (Pair Up doesn’t synergize too well, healing takes time). Boulder reincarnate combat build Priest (to 10) -> Herb Merchant/Oni Savage/Pegasus Warrior -> Puppeteer/Blacksmith/Falcon Knight Pick up Rally Luck if you want, or if waiting to Buddy/Marry seal. Otherwise pick one and reclass to something fun. Herb Merchant he already has, but Yumis are a little wasteful of his durability (interesting synergy with his personal that counter adjacent though). His stats should outclass Rinkah by a good bit in Oni, and in the Pegasus line his Hp/Def leads are significant while Spd is patched up by the class. Obviously there are other choices too, but Asama isn’t as special there. For example he could go to Lance Fighter, but Oboro isn’t really that lacking in stats and can use much better Lances already. Dread Fighter is still incredibly good with Asama’s stat distribution of course. Especially since many others need to build weapon rank there too. [spoiler=Setsuna] Setsuna: Well the obvious reaction is she’s outclassed by Takumi/Yuugiri and everyone else who can reclass to use Bows, because of her low level/bases and low Str growth. imo, it’s not actually that bad if you want to use her as there’s mages/fliers to snipe initially, then Prescient Victory for some damage, Steel usage for more, Attack stance, etc. Her Spd is really high, which is not overkill in Lunatic, and Bows have crazy mt nowadays. It should be mentioned she has parallel seal access to Copycat puppet lategame, though by then others could buddy/marry into it. But to be honest, Yuugiri is probably straight up better (Takumi is slower, which does matter. Look forward to that discussion. <_<). For “babied” units, Mozume outclasses statwise by far, even if she (very significantly) requires an early seal. Probably don’t use, I think base level is a bit too low as she needs 7 levels to more respectable damage. Pewpew build Bowman -> Holy Bowman to 20/15 -> Puppeteer Standard stuff. Might as well take advantage of natural class sets (though Puppeteer doesn’t get S Bows, do remember). She probably wants the Str and Bowfaire for damage, though Golden Kite as an option has more movement, obviously. [spoiler=Tsukuyomi] Tsukuyomi: Recruited later than the trainee, at level 1 without Aptitude, and there might be a problem. Don’t use. Wait...tanky mage might actually work??? build Spellcaster-> Basara to 20/15 -> Shura Okay a little more seriously there’s Attack stance for training, plus Tsukuyomi fights indirectly and base damage has Mag+2 and Arrogance in effect. Hp/Def is nice for a mage and other stats are solid. Horse God, as it keeps being brought up, is definitely also a thing. Might as well stay a little tanky classwise. Tsukuyomi is probably one of few that actually reaches reliable 1-2 range onerounding on enemy phase, but he does need a good bit of investment and effort to get there. Dark Falcon gives him somewhat passable bases so there’s some potential there. [spoiler=Oboro] Oboro: Another balanced unit but pretty good in the sense that all her physical bases and growths are decently high, especially combined with the class bases/growths. Her personal skill gives more damage, Naginatas give a bit of Def/Res (and the Guard Naginata exists). What’s a little borderline is Spd, so she would like a little help there from tonics, boosters, Pair Up (Hinata support does build fast), etc. I really can’t think of too much more to say about this right now. She’s very similar, but probably slightly worse than Lance Fighter!Hinoka, but doesn’t require a Parallel Seal. The “issue” imo with these balanced units is their niche is to use the Guard Naginata is tank and chip things (at just 1 range for low damage), which honestly doesn’t feel that remarkable. Notably, Defense/Speed Seal do make it easier for others to clean up on player phase. It’s kinda similar to another unit chipping with a 1-2 range weapon, though the Guard/Reverse Naginata might let her fight a higher quantity than many others on enemy phase. It may impact some high Spd or Def enemies more significantly, but generally the former are fragile (even without doubling) and the latter are weak to magic and effective damage. And low Hp limits this usefulness lategame, especially versus the Axe/Bow+Magic combinations, or if trying to use more offensive weapons like the Warrior Naginata. Sure maybe use for a solid, if not exceptional, contributor. Not an S rank Shuriken Balance fighter and debuffer build Lance Fighter -> Holy Lancer/Basara (to 15 -> Falcon Warrior/Great Merchant) Her base class fits best with the growths/bases, and again Basara is an option for the skills. Falcon’s Spd and Swallow Strike (Marriage Seal Subaki) could definitely be relevant later. Great Merchant is slower which matters for Oboro, but the skills are situationally useful. Dark Falcon mostly fixes Spd to the detriment of other stats. While the bases are good for the early/midgame, later the lack of Str/Def hurts while trying to make it to Galeforce. [spoiler=Hinata] Hinata: A speedy class with good personal Str/Def could work, see units like Saizou, but Hinata’s Spd growth is just too low. It requires substantial help to patch up, meaning Str/Def are actually middling since they’re hard to boost simultaneously with Spd through Pair Up. It’s a thin line between having balanced stats insufficient for good combat, and balanced stats that cover up weaknesses to result in a strong all-around performance, like +Hp or +Def Corrin. Hinata falls short, and doesn’t really have the utility potential of units like Subaki. I suppose he can instantly promote to Weapon Master to give the rare combination of Str/Skl/Spd/Def in Pair Up, which is useful enough, but it doesn’t scale as well with support rank like Awakening and is far less impressive than the Paladin Pair Ups there. There are some insights suggesting a potential tanky role for Hinata, but the rating remains don’t use until it's tested more in Lunatic. Theorycraft is somewhat promising, however. What Rinkah tries to do Onitank build Samurai -> Oni Savage -> Shura Luninareph brought up the interesting idea of not trying to "fix" Hinata's Spd, but rather play to his strengths, namely his Hp/Def which are a nice base 27/16 with 75%/65% growths in Oni and can be boosted further by stuff like Rinkah's Pair Up, Sakura's Personal aura, and Felicia's Demoiselle and Battle Command. His base Spd is sufficient for a while, but even when he starts getting doubled he probably won't take much damage. It's a bit unorthodox, but another small consideration is getting doubled also actually builds Dual Guard faster, which can block more damage (especially if smartly saved for mages as possible). Tanky units in Hoshido are relatively rare, so Hinata could definitely have a niche. He could hit back at 1-2 range or use stronger weapons like the Warrior series, unlike Guard Naginata users. For adjacent enemies, Counter and his personal adds a bit more damage (though a little anti-synergistic with high durability). Despite pretty nonexistent magic, Hinata in Shura can get even more Def with Horse God and let enemies hit themselves for damage or chip though low Res (switch to better weapons on player phase for Attack Stance to cleanup). Getting Seal skills could be an option if willing to go through the classes, especially those like Weapon Master that have common weapon ranks. Standard Samurai build Samurai -> Trueblade Slower classes will get doubled pretty consistently, even if they have better Def. This build tries to hold it off as long as possible and keeps his solid base C Swords. His Hp/Def, combined with the Avoid/Astra of Trueblade might tank a few enemies, but it’s kinda a stretch. [spoiler=Takumi] Takumi: To be clear, I’m going to rate him use, but I’m a little surprised at how much hype he gets as a combat unit. I agree Bows do feel a bit more useful in this game because of high Mt and the Attack Stance mechanic, and Bowman have significant damage/hit boosts when attacking. Avoiding counterattacks is a big deal given relatively low durability all around, and most 1-2 range is weak now, and so they really do feel like the goto weapon a lot of the time on player phase. Takumi has solid enough bases, ignores terrain cost (not quite the same as flying wrt impassable terrain), and his Personal skill is another damage boost that’s fairly easy to set up if he sticks near characters like Corrin and Ryoma. So things will synergize well and Takumi can do like 60-80% hp damage with single hits w/ 30% crit, even on Lunatic. That sounds pretty good, but I suppose my bias arises because I distinctly recall my disappointment when Takumi’s repeatedly failed to (reliably) oneround enemies, missing Spd benchmarks even with a +Spd Pair Up. Really? <_< The crit basically doesn’t exist, since it’s not reliable enough. Even if he outdamages others, they still need to come in to setup or finish off the kill. Most of the damage boosts are overkill early/midgame (usually others can at least 2hko with Attack stance), and Spd might be a bigger problem late. Bows still only hit 1 target or so per turn, so if a unit fails to kill that target, he’s not being very useful. Compare Takumi’s base 13 str+4 prescient victory + 14 prf bow = 31(34) mt, 11 AS, to Yuugiri’s base 26 att with iron (which is enough for now), and effectively 25 AS. Later, Steel Yumi lowers the att discrepancy while the Spd lead is still huge, and offensive growths are similar. Yuugiri also has Lances as a midgame 1 range option or for the side effects, and has more move+flying. More about her later, but is Takumi really that much, if any, better than Yuugiri (who I’m pretty sure people aren’t as impressed by)? Perhaps overplaying the Spd issue, but if we have to use statboosters and a deployment slot for Pair Up so that Takumi can remain bowlocked with 6 move and kill ~1 unit a turn…well there’s something to think about. Worse than Mozume Pewpewpew build Bowman -> Holy Bowman (to 15 -> Puppeteer/Golden Kite Warrior) I feel like every point of Spd matters and Takumi ignores terrain anyway. Later maybe Marriage Seal Kagerou (incidentally a good Pair up statwise for Takumi) for Copycat or get the skills/movement in Golden Kite. Note the bases are worse and you do give up S rank Bows. And Zanshin pretty much has no penalties since it's indirect damage and has massive mt+Spd boost. Note that if Takumi has access to Pegasus Warrior (Corrin, Azura marriage) he gains those unpromoted skills, notably Swallow Strike, in Golden Kite Warrior even if he promotes from Bowman. Azura is also an interesting pairing gameplay-wise since she refreshes him (a heavily player phase unit) and boosts his Spd. __________ Ownagepuffs suggests below that the player has enough resources to help Takumi's Spd, if it adheres to averages. (though I want to note the chance that Takumi has his average Spd or higher at a given level is around ~65%) [spoiler=Kagerou] Kagerou: Base Str and growth is high for her level, but base Spd needs a little work. Still, her high growth there at 70% combined with the Shuriken Spd boost eventually gives her fairly reliable offense. Her defensive parameters are very low however, so she can’t take full advantage of 1-2 range. For indirect damage, Shurikens have far lower mt than Yumi overall, and she won’t get damage/hit rate from Presicient Victory/Raven Strike. Her Res growth and the class res is decent enough to take a few hits, and perhaps the Reverse Shuriken can avoidtank a few hits (it’s a little risky, like Hana). I would say Kaze is probably better in the Ninja role of fighting mages and debuffing (Needle Shurikens handles armors as well), especially with a considerable availability lead. Saizou clearly has higher defenses and also enough Spd to double. The mages have Horse God and attack Res and the archers have more consistently superior player phase. I’m not sure Kagerou’s Str is high enough to really give her an edge and by the time her Spd growth has kicked in enough, Yuugiri, Ryoma, Crimson have joined so she might get overshadowed (unless she promotes early, I suppose). Still I’m going to say maybe use. It’s hard to say without knowing how her Str is later, and I dropped her too early to find out. Her flaws don’t seem crippling enough to recommend against her, for now. A little stronger debuffer and magekiller build: Ninja -> Puppeteer/Elite Ninja (whatever order) Similar to Kaze. I think it depends on if her Str is good enough to obtain noticeable onerounding in Puppeteer, which might be the case midgame. Later, the Spd cap could come into play and she may want Kunaifaire. Elite Ninja is also more solid against mages which is important since her base and growth are decent, but not that high alone. Dread Fighter is similar to Ninja, but the Res boost might be even more advantageous for her, so it’s a strong option to consider. [spoiler=Yuugiri] Yuugiri: Another glass cannon type unit but Yuugiri noticeably has strong bases, being a prepromoted unit, and use Bows for the high Mt. Her durability doesn’t matter as much when attacking indirectly so her great Str/Spd bases and growth are enough. With Swallow Strike, she will never have AS problems, even with Steel weaponry, and she’ll always be great against fliers with Soar. While she won’t have Soar for the all-flier chapter near her recruitment, her own flight, bases, and Bows makes her possibly the top option there. Earlier on, her stats are even solid enough to fight at 1 range for a while, especially with the Guard or Reverse Naginatas. Later she’ll want to stick with Bows and she should use them early to build the weapon rank. Yuugiri doesn’t have many support options for Buddy/Marriage seals, but does have access to Ninja and therefore late Copycat, if you want. She probably won’t fight too much in Guard Stance so the lack of support ranks isn’t a big problem. There is some discussion of this elsewhere in the thread, but it should be noted that Yuugiri gains exp like a 10/1 unit. Unlike some previous games, this means her exp gain actually slightly higher than a 20/1 unit. She is slightly faster to skills and if used equally, maintains around a 5 level lead over characters promoted at 20, until capping at --/20. Use. High bases plus enough growth to remain a reliable contributor in her role later. Unless we want to rate Takumi "maybe use" Mobile archer build Golden Kite Warrior (to 15 -> Puppeteer) Not too many choices. Puppeteer for Copycat gives up flight, though it does have 7 move. The other class she would maybe want is Bowman for the damage and her only choice is Corrin there. Would be giving up a lot of mobility but the stat gap is huge, especially with Prescient Victory and Bowfaire. [spoiler=Nishiki] Nishiki: Bases are definitely solid enough, especially on even turns, but Spd is pretty overkill and Def is low. Base Hp and Avoid from the class and basic weapon helps that a little, but lack of triangle/reverse weapons means it only goes so far. While Guard Beaststone will give Def and Nishiki barely feels the Spd hit, his Def still never gets good enough to take too many hits (class base really hurts). Only 1 range means he isn’t the best against mages, despite nice Res (doesn’t fly like Pegasus, doesn’t 1-2 range like Ninja). Effective damage against Horses is a nice situational boost, though again he really does take a lot of damage in return. Ideally he’d try to avoid counterattacks with Attack stance. Note Beastkillers are very limited in Hoshido, though I do remember at least one drops around when Nishiki joins and you fight a few Paladins/Garou. I think the bases are good enough for maybe use. Kyuubi build Fox spirit -> Nine-tailed Fox Not much choice in other classes because of weapon rank. Unlike Awakening, transformers don’t have gimped bases, so he can’t pull a Panne and reclass for ridiculous stats. [spoiler=Ryoma] Ryoma: --/4 unit with effectively base 39 atk, 24 AS, +20 crit, +20 avoid, 1-2 range with no penalties in Chapter 14 is surely balanced. [spoiler=Crimson] Crimson: Basically Hoshido!Camilla except Str/Def are even better. Well she does level a little slower, and arrives when Ryoma does instead of alongside some scrubs, but her bases are incredible and she’s a flier as well. Building Lance rank allows her the Guard and Reverse Naginata, the latter of which can sometimes “tank” bows in an emergency. Not many people use Axes either, Rinkah herself starts with E rank, so there’s another niche there. Stuff like Generals are among the scarier lategame enemies and Crimson can fight them well. An Hp tonic and Seraph robe can really help her going into the lategame. This can be said for anyone, but Crimson’s Def is particularly nice and her Hp is particularly low. Do beware criticals from Berserkers; Goddess Icons, tonics, Rally Luck will help. And be cautious against mages, of course. It’s obvious she’s in Ryoma’s shadow, but hard to argue against use I mean, Miledy comes in Chapter 13 versus Crimson’s 14, and the first 6 chapters here are essentially tutorial Mobile combat Wyvern Lord (to 15 -> Revenant Knight/Great Knight/General) Could reclass for some skills/no bow weakness, but you give up a lot of mobility. It may be useful if not rushing the lategame, however. [spoiler=Izana] Izana: Really a great filler unit if other mages weren’t trained (or even if they were). Bases are great (35/23/19 is actually solid Hp/Spd/Def with tonics and Horse god, though it won’t last). Mag stays great for attack stance. Staff usage is great. His personal skill is great since Def is usually more useful for the player. Maybe use since availability is not so great and the team might be set. Invested early units are probably better, and there’s the possibility of children also to outclass at base. Hard to say, however. Great mage support Exorcist Really kinda pointless going to other classes without weapon rank. If marrying Corrin, could go toward Basara, Shura, Dark Knight for some skills and Def, if you’re okay with giving up staves. [spoiler=Asyura] Asyura : Really good bases but this is around the time enemy stats actually get kinda high. Bows does let him fight indirectly, but instead of skills like Prescient Victory giving direct boosts to his damage, he debuffs for others. His high Res is nice and can use the Mirror Yumi to slay Sorcs easily (others will require heals, Reverse Yumi works but isn't always reliable). Maybe use filler like Izana, especially if utility (staves, locktouch, debuff Spd) is needed. Utility build Adventurer (to 15 -> Puppeteer) If you want Copycat there’s an option. I suppose technically he’s 8 move, 1-2 range in that class, but needs Arms scrolls for the Kunai rank and Def is lacking. Stick to misc small tasks, I think. [spoiler=Yukimura] Yukimura : Balanced stats all around. Nothing very exceptional, especially since a bunch of children probably have joined/are joining. Maybe use for the chip, debuffs, and personal global hit buff. Combat support Puppeteer (to 15 -> Great Merchant) Kinda slow, but Extravagance can be fun to play around with. Ask questions, give comments, build suggestions and submissions, etc. This is very wip, and I'll be adding/editing more later regardless.
  18. Why is Fuuga listed as a unconfirmed affiliation on Fire Emblem wikia and why does he have next to no information known about him right now, considering he has skinshipping data (you can find it in the Live 2D Viewer program)? Has nobody gotten him yet, is he 3rd route only, or do people not care about him at all? I personally like how he doesn't blush at all or resemble anything romantically in his skinship. Feel free to discuss storyline shit with him and any other data about him. I hope he's playable and wasn't cut or anything... I really hope I wasn't just Fuuga'd with... Photo in case you doubt me:
  19. Hope this isn't a topic already. Out of all the games I think hands down that Tellius had the best character design. The armor looked practical yet unique to each character and they were all distinguishable. I also can't put my finger on it but the designs for each character just seemed right. So which character designs from this saga were your favorites? I like Ike's Lord design from FE9 the color scheme of olive green with the blue cape just looks good and goes with him really well. I like his base Hero design as well and think it suits him but I'll always like the color scheme of the Lord get up. Titania is another design I liked aside from being an overall pretty character the cloth under the armor matches real well with the hair while the armor looks like what you would expect of an elite Paladin. Greil/Gawain is another design I liked as well simple clothing and armor resembling Hero Ike. Fits the part of an aged legendary warrior. Black Knight. Pretty much the Darth Vader of the series in my opinion. Down right menacing and terrifying and gives the feeling of being one of the four apocalyptic horsemen. Sigrun and Nephenee. Like the hair color and armor choice for both of these and the way the helmet covers their eye is pretty nice too. Nailah. Unique one of a kind character cool markings along her body and that eyepatch is killer. I could go on and on and there's many more I like as well and this is just scraping the surface.
  20. Hey guys, while I was reading the new information, I came across the name of the characters we didn't know, as well as, their classes. To start with: Marx is a Paladin (nothing special there) Camilla is a Revenant Knight (New) Leon (the younger blonde haired prince from Nohr) is a Dark Knight (we guessed as much here) Elise (AKA twintails) is a Rod Knight Ryouma is a Trueblade (most likely not a third tier promotion) Hinoka is a Pegasus Warrior Takumi is a Bowman Sakura is a priestess What do you think these classes mean? Why isn't hinoka a pegasus knight instead? What is really interesting to me is that Camilla is a Revenant Knight. What does that mean? I thought that she was a wyvern rider? Are these special classes for these characters only or are they renamed. Of course this still the translation, but it is interesting to me at least.
  21. I know it's not likely at all, but, if it were up to you, which additional Fire Emblem character would you add to Smash 4? Personally, I would want Hector to be put in the game; Hector is my favorite FE lord character, and he loves to rumble. I'd like to see him stand toe-to-toe with the other Nintendo characters on the battlefield! P.S. I realize that other games need representation too, but this is just a "for fun" scenario for Fire Emblem. Have fun, and I look forward to hearing your ideas :)
  22. Discuss things and opinion on character customization. Which games have the best character customization? Which games would you like to have this feature implemented in? Any examples or memorable moments you had customizing? What do you add when making a character? It can be skills, attacks, stats, or appearance. The world is your canvas.
  23. Anon recites random FE ideas

    Well, if you remember from way back when, I had a little thread were I threw out some FE ideas I had. Well, that was a while ago. Those ideas have gone though many, many drafts and revisions, and I'm still settled on very little. So, this thread is a place for to ramble on about my random thoughts second only to get input on them. What can I say, I'm a crowd pleaser. So, this thread will, for me, be more about concepts for characters and gameplay than plot. The reason there will be inconsistencies is not because I may dream it differently, but because I'm indecisive and will change my mind. This is likely the exact opposite of what actually developers of the games do, but who cares, let's get started! NOTE: From here down is a 'log' of all my ideas, for the convenience of those who would like to read all the ideas at once. [spoiler=Unit set 1] [spoiler=Phern] -Class: Mercenary (retooled) -Affinity: Anima -Age at the start- 18 -Stats: Ladies and gentlemen, the 'lord' of this game! Looking at his stat's, it's obvious he's statistically quite different from most other lords, with his ludicrous focus on skill and high strength, defense and resistance, making him quite tanky (akin to a light general in a way). His speed isn't as high as most lords but is still passable, while his magic and luck are garbage. Personality wise, he's also different. Like Ike, Phern is a mercenary leader. Unlike Ike, Phern's group of mercenaries is small, inexperienced, riddled with internal conflict, and largely self interested. This is no doubt due to Phern himself, affectionately calling his group the Phern's Mercenaries (a group of childhood friends seeking glory and fortune), one of many points of contention. Phern has an unnatural resolve and obsession with money, one time as a child having spent an entire night stabbing a trade ship with a bronze lance until it sunk for a bet, rewarding him with a small pouch of coins. Unlike other lords, Phern's father is alive and well, a retired soldier who tried to train Phern to be a swordsman but instead the child pursued spear play. The two have never gotten along, and their strained relationship is yet another contention point among the mercenaries. Phern's very ambitious, dedicated to whatever lines his pockets, impatient and apathetic. However, he was always a talented spearman, in the end loyal to his friends despite their arguments and he does have an internal concern for allies and tries to be helpful, in his own short tempered way. He even admits to his own flaws and mistakes, and tries to get better, but usually only when it will help him make money. Appearance: Phern is a clean faced individual with muddy red hair and green eyes. His armor is of a similar mahogany and is meant to look thrown together. The vambraces, greaves, poleyn and cuirass are stylistically meant to look distinct and are covered with scratches and paint with a slight drip, like he took some old hand-me-downs and painted them to colors he wanted and then wore them out some more. His upper arms are guarded by two oddly shaped metal plates (kind of like a cul-de-sac road) attached to them and his feet are covered by a pair of brown boots, which are the only things he's wearing that look new. Aside from his brown boots and black doublet and pants, his whole suit is a dark muddy red. [spoiler=Isaac] -Class: Cavalier -Affinity: Earth -Age at start: 20 -Stats: Isaac is the first cavalier in the game, and fulfills something of a more balanced glass canon roll. He has decent skill and HP, above average speed and strength, rather average defense and for a physical unit impressive magic, allowing him to use magic weapons rather well. However, his luck, while better than Phern's, is still poor, and his resistance isn't great either. Personality wise, he is the most noble of the three mercenaries. Isaac was the son of a retired soldier (no relation to Phern's father), and while Isaac had many excellent qualities for a knight he ultimately did not become one because his parents and him agreed he was not suited for a knights life. Isaac and his parents have a stark contrast to Phern and his, as the former's encouraged him to follow his own goals and his father taught him sword play because he wanted to learn it. When the three friends who would later become the Phern's Mercenaries were children, Isaac was the one who proposed the idea of becoming traveling mercenaries. Isaac is chipper and carefree individual, optimistic and often daydreaming. In a parallel to Lowen and Oscar, Isaac has all the knowledge needed to be a good cook, but unlike them lacks skill at it, which had lead to the (often joked about) matter of him tending to burn his culinary pursuits. However, that has never deterred him, and he keeps trying. He is generally relaxed and his dreaming nature leads to him making many introspective quotes. He's certainly the most down to earth member of the mercenaries despite that and is often the one to quell the arguments. However, Isaac is also a stickler. He is constantly getting on the case of the other two mercenaries to be cleaner, kinder, and less barbaric in general, and is the member of the three who consistently demands Phern write an annual letter to his father under threat of him leaving the group. Isaac attempts to be a friendly and caring person to most everyone but his stern belief in doing the right thing (other than annoying his comrades) has lead to him tending to explode under certain circumstances about traits such as disloyalty, prejudice and harming the innocent, often following with an immediate apology. He is the one of the group who Phern most considers a friend, and will often be the one drawing out the latter's softer side. Appearance: Isaac has slightly kept black hair and brown eyes. Unlike other early game cavaliers, Isaac is neither green nor red. Rather, his armor is shade of tan and his horse is a dark brown stallion. Cavalier armor in this game is mostly like that of FE7, with Isaac's lacking any distinctive traits other than it's brown color, the gorget being slightly larger and the fact that below it is mail instead of a shirt (slightly ironic Phern has higher defense despite not having visible mail, except it is stated that Phern wears chainmail under his clothes). [spoiler=Gall] -Class: Horse Archer -Affinity: Dark -Age at start: 17 -Stats: Making up for Phern and Isaac's poor luck, Gall has luck that shoots through the roof. Making up for his rather low strength is his insane speed. He can double Phern (if barely) from base and his growths insure he will not be left behind in that stat ever. His skill, while higher that Isaac's, is not as high as Phern's and overall would be considered average, but given his luck and accurate weapon type hitting shouldn't be a problem. He is not suited for direct combat at the start, and his defense and HP are rather poor, though his resistance is surprisingly good, and he is a natural dodging machine. His magic is better than Phern's, but still poor. Gall is a rather shrewd person and causes much of the strife within the Phern's Mercenaries. This is somewhat understandable though, as he is both an orphan and a runaway who ran from his homeland as a boy, but was taken in by an elder general who took care of him for a short time before allowing him to leave. A street rat with more of a tooth for money than Phern, the two actually met after being caught trying to steal the same loaf of bread. He is a compulsive gambler, and will often make bets on the outcomes of events and will incorporate elements of luck such as coin flips into his daily life. He has developed a sense of honor of sorts with gambling, and insists that it be done fairly, which isn't to harmful given how his high luck stat translates into his character, as he is an incredibly lucky person in the now. Gall is also notable for being very cold, smug and sarcastic. His inflated ego leads to him often remarking that he should be the leader of the Phern's Mercenaries and his rude, sometimes demeaning remarks often spark outbursts from Isaac and Phern. He is quick tempered and will join in these arguments in a heartbeat, and is a fan on strife in general. Even is his 'angered' states Gall is still largely in control of himself and will continue his snark mannerism regardless of the situation or tone of his voice. He will answer most questions or demands with some dismissive remark and is in a way introverted, spending most free time practicing or gambling over talking with his allies (this is mostly with future units, as he, Phern and Isaac still retain their childhood friendship). He has a well hidden sense of honor, never taking something he doesn't earn (although he has a skewed definition of earn) and sticks around with the Phern's Mercenaries through thick and thin because of his belief in loyalty stemming from his past, and has a genuine care for young people for the same reason. Appearance: Gall has short, very dark black hair often covered with a red headband and grey-blue eyes. The outfit of a horse archer is a doublet under a shirt reminiscent of Sacean wear but without the cultural details, which is red in Gall's case, and pants which for Gall are dark green, and his horse is light brown. So, as you can see if you read that, there are a few gameplay changes noticeable right off the bat. The main lord class line is called Mercenary-Hero. As such, the traditional Mercenary-Hero line has been renamed to Swordsman-Vanguard. Nomads sort of return in the form of Horse Archers. And finally, affinities have returned! And another thing, these are the first units in the game you get. So already we have no Jeigan, no Marth, no Cain and Abel, etcetera. GAMEPLAY UPDATE 1: So, here I'm going to mention things which I thought would be good gameplay mechanics to have and explain either how they work or how they'd be different from previous mechanics. Starting off we have: [spoiler=Class System]There isn't a lot new to say about the class system here, it very similar to Awakening, which in own right was very similar to just about every other game in the series, barring the second seals. In this game, every character joins as a certain class and has 2 more they reclass into, which applies to the whole first generation, except for Phern, who has special lord privileges which give him 3 other classes. Another notable notable difference is how classes give skills. In this game, there are no skills learned at level one. Tier 1 classes grant a skill a at level 10, Tier 2 classes grant skills at level 5 and 15 for two total, and special classes (one's with a level cap of 30 and no promotion) give 3 skills, one at level 10, another at level 20, and another at level 30. Promotion and reclassing are much the same as well. At level 10 or higher, a Master Seal can be used to promote any character in a tier once class to a tier two class. At level 10 or higher of a tier one class, a second seal let's you reclass a character to any tier one class the character can access, while at level 10 or higher of a tier two class a second seal can reclass a character to any class they can access. In a special class, you can reclass to a tier once class once you hit level 10 and to any class once you hit level 20. The split promotion system returns, with every tier one class having 2 tier 2 classes to promote into. It should be noted that resources are far more limited for the main game here than in Awakening. Master Seals are not commonly available for several chapters, and by the time you get them it's still a fair amount of time before second seals become available at all. Neither are in limitless supply until the post game, the objective being to simulate to higher but more balanced challenge that Awakening lost transitioning from older games in the series. [spoiler=Mercenary System]Since Phern and his group are mercenaries, you can perform some good old fashioned mercenary work. Face it, in Awakening and Sacred Stones, it's very tempting to grind, but it's boring by a certain point and is there largely nothing besides EXP. Not that EXP isn't great, but the Mercenary System, in essence, is meant to make side missions more interesting. First thing is Reputability. Renown in Awakening was earned in certain ways and unlocked powerful items, but Reputability reflects the overall performance of your merry band. The more Reputability you have, the higher level jobs you can take on. Reputability is earned by either clearing chapters in the main game or by clearing other mercenary jobs, with better performances granting more Reputability. Every job requires a certain amount of Reputability to take on. Every side mission from here, and I mean EVERY ONE, has multiple requirements which are used to judge your performance. For example, at one point in the game is a mission to protect 6 merchants in a pass from bandits, keeping them from getting killed as they cross. The more merchants you save, the greater your reward at the end. For example, save 0 merchants, and you straight up fail, game over. Save every merchant, and enjoy 6 stat boosters. Similarly, the side objective is to defeat X/Y/Z bandits. Doing this will net you greater rewards as well. Either one, or both preferably, increase your Reputability gain depending on what level you complete the requirement to. The Mercenary System cannot be abused though. Each mission can only be completed once for an actual affect. While they can be replayed, this will not actually have any permanent effect. Levels are not kept and rewards are not given. In the after game however, these rules are broken. Levels gained from replaying missions are kept, and reaching requirements once failed nets the reward for them. These missions should not be confused for paralogues, though they are executed similarly. Rather than have a world map, the game offers lists (which take the form of old scrolls), one for paralogues, new paralogues being added to the list as they are unlocked and one's you complete being marked with a check. The other list is for the Mercenary System, and while you can only read the names of missions you've either completed or can try, you can see how much Reputability is required to play each mission. Gaiden chapters in the style of FE7 also return, which are executed the same. Completing certain requirements grants the ability to play these chapters, but they, like normal chapters, can only be played once. [spoiler=Other Systems]One notable thing is the changes to stat boosters. Rather than being one and done, stat boosters can be equipped and shuffled. Every tier one class can equip 3 boosters, and every tier 2/special class can equip 5. However, you cannot equip more than 2 of the same booster, and there is a limited number of equippable boosters throughout the game. For example, I can give 2 Seraph Robes to a unit and increase their max HP by 10. I can give boosts to a unit to grant them 2 more move, and then switch that to another unit when I want/need it. Capping stats can still be reached without a lot of luck and grinding though. A character get's a minimum of one stat every level unless all their stats are capped. In addition, BEXP is returned. Like Reputability, better performances grant more of it. BEXP gives at least 3 stat points unless the character it to close to their caps for that. What this means is that if a character has all but one stat capped, they get +3 in that one stat, unless that would put them over their cap. [spoiler=Visuals]Not exactly a gameplay thing, but more the aesthetic angle I have in mind. Character designs here lend themselves more to Tellius than other sagas, though FE7 and Magvel influences are far from absent. Portraits in this game are more styled like FE10, though with a higher polygon count since this would be on a more powerful system (the Wii U being what I have in mind). The character designs are meant to be realistic in proportion, and have feet. Battle's take their angle from FE10 over the rather...disappointing fight presentation in FE13. For one, the camera angles and the perspective the player gets are based off of FE10. Skills and other activations are notified and kept track of in the same little list in the corner as was used in FE10, and classes have separate animations for normal attacks, skill activation, and critical hits. Some notable things are that skills which happen to be critical hits don't get a special animation, it's just the skill animation with another pause to indicate the critical is happening. Also, Adept is represented by the striking twice animation like when using a Brave Weapon (Adept on a brave just runs the striking twice animation to start and then restarts the attack animation cycle, so to speak), and tier one classes simply attack 5 times in a row for Astra. HOWEVER. Every single promoted and special class has it's own, special, personal animation for Astra. Every class has a different motion and design for using the attack, from Phern's Hero class to Great Knights. GAMEPLAY UPDATE 2: This update, we will be talking about WEAPONS! Types: The 8 types from the GBA games return, described in the list below. [spoiler=Physical]The weapon triangle is the standard lances best swords best axes best lances, and triumphantly each of those 3 weapon types sees the return of reaver weapons to it's arsenal! Swords: These weapons have the lowest power of physical weapons, but have the highest accuracy of them as well. Looking at conventional weapons (bronze, iron, steel, and silver), swords have 2 less might but 10 more hit than lances. Lances: The weapon of the main lord Phern, lances are balanced between power and accuracy, and have the most available 1-2 range options, making them some of the most versatile weapons in the game. Axes: Heavy hitting weapons, they have the highest might but lowest hit of any physical weapons, but rather affordable 1-2 range weapons. Conventional axes have 2 more might but 10 less hit than than their lance counterparts. Bows: As many player will tell you, bows are not the greatest weapons, but this game aims to make them far more useful. Conventional bows get 1 more might and 5 more hit over lances, making them statistically superior despite their general lack of 1-range abilities. Another thing is that now bows get a weapon triangle advantage at 2+ range, but a weapon triangle disadvantage at 1 range. [spoiler=Magical]Radiant Dawn's trinity of magic system returns, with anima besting light besting dark besting anima and inside anima there being another loop, but it's a bit...different, as I will cover later. Light: Typically light has not been seen as a very useful magic type, but as with bows I wanted to change this. So while light magic is still easily the weakest weapon type in terms of might, including swords, it features some pretty crazy critical hit. For example, the basic light tome has 2 might but 15 crit, and that's the basic variety. They also have higher accuracy than even swords. Anima: Introduced alongside wind, fire, and thunder is a new sub-category (all sub-categories are of the same weapon rank, and some anima isn't a part of one) of anima, Water. Inside anima is a 'magic square,' where thunder beats water, water beats fire, fire beats wind and wind beats thunder. Each type also has different effectivenesses and statistics. Wind is effective against pegasi and is statistically similar to swords. Fire has no effectivenesses normally and is between swords and lances in term of hit and might, but there are many fire tomes with unique effects. Water is statistically similar to lances. Thunder is between lances and axes in terms of might, but features hit more like axes in exchange for having critical and effectiveness against wyverns. Anima is not only the middle ground of magic, but anima tomes have the widest range of effects of all magic types, doing things that previously only physical weapons did. Dark: Dark has to forms. One form is like axes. The other specializes in unique effects compared to anima's physical-inspired ones. As an example, nosferatu and luna both return, as well as several other new dark tomes having original effects. Staves: Status staves do not return. While staves are largely just for healing, there are a few rare staves that allow the user to perform very weak magical attacks for self-defense, but cannot be used to attack. Unless one of these staves is equipped or the only weapon available, a staff user will default to whatever other options they have. Finally, here is just one little thing: [spoiler=S-ranks]S-rank weapons return, but because training units to fit a multitude of roles and reclassing is available, how do you make them something not frustrating? Well, in this game, once someone reaches enough experience to have an S-rank in a weapon, but already has an S-rank in a different weapon type, they will be given the option to switch there S-rank to whichever S-rank they have which matches a weapon type their class has. What weapon the S-rank is can be switched freely outside of battle at the base. Having an S-rank in a weapon gives a bonus of 1 to final attack (so a minimum of 1 damage is dealt), and 5 to final crit and hit (so a minimum critical and hit rate of 5) GAMEPLAY UPDATE 3 [spoiler=Non-Human Classes]Since the very first Fire Emblem game on the NES, there have been groups with the ability to change from a human-like form into that of a dragon, and fight with incredible power for a short time. In Path of Radiance, they established the tradition of a group with more bestial transformations, which returned in the sequel and Awakening. But after Radiant Dawn, the group with a bird transformations disappeared from the series. So, with that, I have long had the thought that if I were to direct a Fire Emblem game, I would return a bird-transforming class. Heck, I even dug around to find a name for it. So with that completed, I present to you the three non-human classes I planned to have: [spoiler=Manakete]The Manakete are able to use a magical stone called a DragonStone to transform into a dragon. As a dragon they have a constant 1-2 range weapon in Dragon Breath, and statistically are closest to generals of all human classes. They do not have an armor weakness, like Generals, but have the weaknesses of a dragon to thunder magic and wyrm-slaying weapons. They can exceed Generals in both defense and resistance, and have higher raw attack. However, they can be even slower than generals in certain circumstances, and their lack of ability to use various weapons means that they might not deal as much damage or have as many options. Manaketes do have the most options of their beast and bird counterparts though. Awakening offered a meager 2 dragonstones, while here Manaketes have 6 to chose from. Each of the six (Dragon Stone, Fire Stone, Thunder Stone, Ice Stone, Wind Stone, Dragon Stone+) have advantages and disadvantages. For example, the wind stone counts as Wind anima in the weapon cycle and has the highest speed boost, thunder stone deals the most damage and counts as thunder anima, ice stone counts as water anima and boosts attack/defense the most, and fire stone counts as fire anima with the most skill and luck, so overall is the most accurate. Even the dragon stone+ doesn't beat the elemental stones in their strongest category, instead being a generally useful stone (if less accurate and shorter lasting than a regular dragonstone) [spoiler=Taguel]Users of the beast stones, taguel can only attack at one range most of the time, and are the most balanced beast class. They have more mobility and speed than a Manakete but not as high as the bird tribe, and are middle of the road in attack and defenses as well, minus low resistance. They only have 3 stones (Beast Stone, Fang Stone, Beast Stone+), with one (Fang Stone) being a killer weapon. Their advantage over other non-humans is similar to that of vanguards, they do everything well enough to be reliable and then some, and unlike birds and dragons don't have very many weaknesses, simply one to beast killing weapons. [spoiler=Vulceo]Vulceo are this games bird tribe, so to speak, and they can use bird stones to turn into giant birds like Hawk and Raven Laguz. They are statistically like thieves or swordmasters, trading a bit of power for mobility and speed. Being fliers they can cross any terrain but are weak to arrows and wind magic. They feature an impressive 4 stones (Bird Stone, Talon Stone, Hawkeye Stone, Bird Stone+). A bird stone is the basic variety, a talon stone is a brave weapon with more attack but less defense or resistance, a Hawkeye Stone which makes them weaker but more accurate and evasive along with granting a 2-range counter, and Bird Stone+ which is a short lived but all around good weapon. Now, all this would come with another change as to how stones would work. When a Manakete, Taguel or Vulceo has an appropriate stone, they have an option to use it with the 'Transform' command. Once selected you merely choose the stone they have you want them to use (reminiscent of selecting a weapon) and they will change into their animal form, with the boosts and combat stats of the stone being used. This is all very similar to a normal unit using a weapon except for one major thing: Stones work by turn count, not uses. If a stone has a 17 uses, that means it's good for 17 turns, not 17 attacks. But if a stone users stone runs out they revert back to their weak human form, and will not transform again unless they have another stone and you have them use it. It also means that if they see no combat that turn, the stone wastes a use. Stone uses can be saved by selecting 'Untransform' when ordering a transformed unit, where they revert to their human form. So there you have it! Just some random ideas I had for a potential FE game! So, please do tell me what you think, and all input is welcome.
  24. Specifically, which female unit has the largest breasts for each Fire Emblem game? PoR: RD: SD: ect. I'm primarily talking about recruit-able characters, but the likes of Sonia or Petrine can get an honorable mention. Feel free to include runners-up in order as well. -My estimates for the higher end of the Tellius cast, in decreasing / shrinking order, including within tiers: Top Tier Nailah Heather Mia High Tier Almedha Sigrun Upper mid / "decent" tier Vika Titania Average tier Lucia Elincia Marcia Fiona Jill? Calill
  25. War For Our Future - Character bios

    The "The War For Our Future" thread is starting to become popular now, and in typical role playing fashion we're starting to make personalities and back story for our characters. This thread is where you write down your character bios! [spoiler=Bio template. This is optional, so use it if you wish]Name: Birthday: Birthplace: Last Known Residence: Class: Speciality: (List special skills). Voiced By: (Can take out if having trouble. You may list JAP and/or ENG voices). Crit/Skill Activation Quotes: [spoiler=Dusk]Name: DodgeDusk (Dodge and/or Dusk is acceptable) Class: Was a Sniper, but has recently reclassed into a Warrior Birthday: 30th July Birthplace: Small village in Ylisse Last known residence: A Valmese inn Critical hit/skill activation quote: "This is for them..!" "You never stood a chance!" "Meet you in the afterlife!" (He no longer says this, due to believing that he now has a reason to live) "How unfortunate!" "Your death will please me" Voice actor: Steve Valentine Stats: HP: 80 Str: 50 Mag: 5 Skl: 46 Spd: 42 Lck: 45 Def: 35 Res: 30 Axe: A, Bow: A Appearance: Has very similar hair to Narbarl/Naverre but is coloured white instead. He dons a light blue fedora with a white feather on the right side. He wears an asymmetrical white jacket, which reaches to the back of his left leg. Wears white trousers, white top and light blue gloves, boots and a light blue muffler, which covers most of the lower half of his face. Ever since chapter 1, his left sleeve has been mostly ripped off, due to being stabbed in the arm with a killer lance, and there is a gaping hole in his jacket, due to being shot in the shoulder by Breezy. He'd repair his clothes, but he thinks that the rugged look matches his personality and past Bio: Puts others before him, but his exterior is moderately cold. Has good intentions but can be a bit blunt and condescending but ultimately respects everyone in the army. Is very sarcastic and is the one who plays with his hair the most He never knew his parents, as they were killed by bandits before he could even remember. Somehow avoiding them, he ended up wandering into a small village and was adopted by a young couple out of pity. The couple weren't very nice however, as they forced him to study in isolation with little food or water. When he was around 9 bandits yet again attacked the village, killing the couple, as well as the others. He hid whilst this savagery was going on, and when it all finished the village was pretty much beyond the point of repair. Armed with a bronze axe one of his carers used trying to protect to village, he set off on his own. Not used to the outside world, he quickly fell unconscious out in the wilderness When he woke up, he found himself in a bed. Realising he was in a house he quickly found the owner outside chopping wood with his axe. After a conversation he found out that his man was a retired Feroxi soldier who used to fight representing Basilio in the arena until he was bested and nearly killed by the now-current champion, Lon'qu. The man decided on teaching Dusk everything he knew about an axe and trained him up until he was about 11. Around this time, Dusk noticed the man had an old iron bow in one of his closets. Explaining to Dusk that he used to be a warrior, warriors wielded both axes and bows. Dusk though that bows were a lot cooler and asked if he could be trained with a bow instead, which the man happily obliged to. This carried on until Dusk was around 13 or 14 when his training was finished. Thanking the old man, he decided to wander off and try life as a young mercenary. After a year or so, he found a quiet Ylissean village not too far from the Ylissean-Plegian border and decided to stay there. He tried joining the local mercenary group there (which consisted of a bunch of kids around his age, with the leader being a young adult) but none of them were happy with it and mocked him. Infuriated, he challenged the leader in a 1v1 to the death. After blundering wit his bronze axe the axe broke under the sheer strength of his opponent. Switching to the iron bow his old teacher gave him, he showed an excellent display of archery and nearly killed his opponent. Surrendering, the leader gave up his title and gave it to Dusk, thinking he was the better fighter. Thinking that he was much better with the bow than he was with the axe, he disregarded the axe and carried on training further with the bow. The other mercenaries quickly grew fond of him, and they eventually all became friends Was in the war against Plegia during Emmeryn's rule commanding a small force of close friends protecting a village. Would've won the day without any problems but the Plegians did a dirty trick which ultimately had the whole village burning to ashes and was the only Ylissean who walked out alive that day. Has survivor guilt because of this and doesn't want anybody to be too close to him, as the pain of losing another close friend could prove too much. His cold demeanour was somewhat forced by this event, but he was never exactly open arms to begin with After this he became a mercenary with morals, which is a rare trait for someone who had little money and barely any emotion. One day he was offered 50000G to be the husband of a daughter to a man who was an important figure in Valm. He accepted and is now officially married, although he had no special feelings towards this woman, until she was killed by a bunch of local bandits. Promising her he'd always be by her side protecting her he felt even more guilty about being alive. Since then he told himself he'd never get too attached to anybody ever again. In memory of her he still wears a chipped ring on his ring finger, but is covered up by a glove so nobody can see it. After the events of chapter 8 he no longer wears this ring, since he is in a relationship After chapter 3 he starts to question himself, seeing most of the things he believed in was crushed in a single night. He hides himself from everybody as he sees himself as a failure, only showing his face for important discussions. Otherwise he's either in his room or in the courtyard during the late hours of night, practising his bow (and maybe something else?) After the events of chapter 8 Kat and him started a relationship. For the first time in his life since his friends were killed he felt happy for once. Since that night his attitude has been a lot more upbeat and optimistic, but snaps very easily when something gets brought up that involves negativeness and Kat mixed together, or when his feeling of guilt is brought up [spoiler=Kat]Name: Kat Original name: Agrona Zaphikel, though if your name is Alicia, Sorin, Dusk, or Phoibus, call her that at your own peril. Most recent name before Kat: Elspeth Zatara Age: Appears 25. Her current body is over 200 years old, however, and her mind is even older. Birthday: No longer remembers. Celebrates it at the end of the year. Birthplace: Her original country is long gone, and forgotten by history. Last Known Residence: Ylisse, which is how she came across the Dreamers Class: Currently FE2!Priest Speciality: Assassinations, Rallying, Convoy management, Black Magic, Scolding Voiced By: Tara Platt Crit/Skill Activation Quotes: "Goddess Rally." -> For the Goddess Rally only "Yeah, no." "You're boring me." "Enjoy the afterlife." "I'm sorry, Mila…" Appearance: Currently has short black hair, with a bright blue right eye and a blue-green left eye, courtesy of Dan. Wears an assassin's outfit that's not quite as tight as the typical female assassin garb. Weapons: Swords and Black Magic, though she keeps a dagger on hand in case of emergencies Bio: Known as Mila's Warrior, Protector, and Assassin, she's far older than she looks. Due her contract with Mila, she has a type of immortality where she can be killed, but is instantly reincarnated as a baby again. Once she reaches a certain age, varying throughout the years, she regains her memories and takes her place again as a neutral guardian. Due to reasons she still hasn't truly revealed to the others, however, she has chosen to not be neutral in the Anna conflict, instead fighting alongside the Dreamers. However, the fact that they'll all eventually die on her scares her, due to how close she's becoming to all of them. ​In most of her lives, she's leaned towards the assassin profession as it's the most familiar to her. However, she has trained in many other types of weaponry and magic, though daggers, swords, and black magic are always her best. Since Tabitha's death, however, she hasn't practised and, to her chagrin, she's very rusty and practices often to regain her skills. Recalls only having one loving family in all of her lives, her most recent one. Thus, their loss was absolutely devastating to her (especially her little sister, Tabitha), and triggered events that separated her from Phoibus, her one constant throughout the many lives, due to his own contract with Doma. Has recently started up a relationship with Dusk, and, while this makes her incredibly happy, she's also very scared that his insistence on heroics will lead him to an early grave. Due to coming from a time where kissing wasn't kept just for couples, she freely kisses people, as a sign on admiration of affection, something Dusk hasn't realised yet. Remains the army's biggest enigma, due to everything she's seen, yet also appears to be one of the few people capable of holding all of the Dreamers together, something she doesn't quite understand. Her loyalty, or the faith she has towards a person can be lost if the person commits genocide, or something similar. A couple of days after chapter 11, she has been rendered bedridden and thus, can not do as much as she wants to. Yuffie has allowed her to travel via his dead wife's horse, which will make transporting her to and from places easier. [spoiler=Sorin]Name: Sorin Age: 20 Build: 1 Hair: 5 Hair: Silver Voice: 2 or Calm Birthday: August 29th HP: 80 Strength: 41 Magic: 41 Skill: 42+5 Speed: 44+5 Luck: 40 Defense: 38 Resistance: 42+5 Weapon Ranks (Awakening) Swords: A Magic(Anima, Light, and Dark): A Class Change "I will grow stronger. No matter what."(Class Up) Class Change "For the light at the end of the tunnel."(Class Change) Dual Support "I'm here." "This is nothing to you." "I'll watch your back." Dual Strike "Too Slow." "That all?" "Need a hand?" Dual Guard "I won't lose you." "Aren't you lucky." "Get Back!" "Just in time." Critical "Checkmate!"(Couldn't resist) "You're only asking to die." "Step Down." "C'mon, fight back." "There's no escape for you." Partner Defeated Enemy "I didn't need your help." "...Thanks I guess." "Well done." Enemy Defeated "Try again." "Did that hurt?" "*Sigh*" Voice actor: Brandon Karrer Appearance: A Grandmaster but with the clothing of Izanagi-No-Okami from Persona 4 The Golden (minus the helmet) or at least the cloak and chest guard. Roster A tactician found by Chrom in a field outside Ylisstol. He has a very rich bloodline that started back in the days of the Holy War. Also where his family blade, the Purgatorial Abysm was made. Refuses to use magic(Well this incarnation does.) no matter how proficient his is and chooses to hone his rather amazing sword craft. He mysteriously has both the Mark of Naga(On his chest from his mother, Chrom's Half-Aunt) and the Mark of Grima(on his right hand from his father, just guess) but tries his best to keep them hidden. Isn't afraid to get his hands dirty in wartime but loving to his allies and family. Fell into this outrealm and began helping the resistance somehow becoming its leader. Tries not to crack under the stress but... The most easily hid emotions of the army. His mother is the bastard child of Chrom's grandfather and a mistress of his. Although this making her Chrom's father's half sister, she was still shunned by him and the rest of House Ylisse despite her pacifistic nature(Which was later adopted by her half niece, Emmeryn.). Eventually she ran away and by chance met Validar. She somehow fell for him and bore him a son. Afterwards however she found out about his sadistic Grimleal desires and in attempt to save her son tried to return to Ylisstol but was denied by her half brother and exiled. The rest was lost to history....or was it? Due to Sorin's lineage of having Exalted and Grimleal blood along with many other bloods, using either Light or Dark Magic make the symbols of his hybrid blood cause him great pain. Using Thunder Magic is extremely easy for him and yet very powerful(During the Holy War, his blood becomes mixed with Tiltyu's Freege Blood.). Sorin himself has been reincarnated and has taken place in many major conflicts throughout history. It follows his bloodline and so far, he has been in Jugdral, Archanea, Elibe, Magvel, and Tellius. Once they die, that reincarnation's soul is sealed into Abysm to aid the future ones. His ancestors found the Purgatorial Abysm. Purgatorial Abysm was made back during the 12 Crusaders battle against the Dark God, Loptyr. Due to all the positive and negative energy from Naga and Loptyr this it was made from the mixture of both energies and took the shape of a blade. The blade was found by the original Sorin's family and was passed down eventually going to him. Abysm "infected" Sorin's family's blood with both Naga and Loptyr energy changing it into the only blood accepted by it. The Naga and Loptyr blood eventually fused many generations before the first Sorin was given the blade forming the Holy Blood known as, Purgatorial Since it was made from Light and Darkness it has an aversion to both while having a slayer effect on both and has been sought after because of the immense boost in power it gives. It is a powerful channel for light and dark magic as well as a unmatched physical weapon. Due to the blade's neutral alignment and the fact that the first hands laid on it were those of Sorin's family there is now a seal preventing those other than family from harnessing it's it because now Sorin's blood is the complete median. The blood can be replicated though. Just not easily. In Awakening, Abysm is acquired by Sorin from Tiki once they climb the Mila Tree. It was found by one of her followers once his mother lost it. [spoiler=Anonymous Speed]Name: Anon Class: Hero Birthday: 4/22 Birthplace: Unknown, somewhere on the Altean continent Residence: Wayfarer Specialty: Axes, science, surprise and variable tactics, preparation, deduction Voice actor: Nolan North Class change: 'Let's see what else I can learn this time...' Dual Strike: 'Impress me!' 'May help?' 'I love the feel of a fight during all times of the day!' Dual Strike: 'Excu-se me,' 'Worthless protoplasm!' 'Double the power!' Dual Guard; 'Access denied!' 'Ah-ah-ah,' 'Failure! You okay?' Critical: 'You think you've seen it all? I can do so much more!' 'Breathing is strictly prohibited among the enemy ranks!' 'Heheh, behold!' 'Strike a pose!' Partner defeats enemy: 'Well, color me impressed,' 'Hm, I must do better!' 'Well, I could learn a few things from you,' Defeats enemy: 'Heheh, I love a good fight!' 'Quite the experience!' 'Whoo, glad that's over,' Appearance: Tall, pale faced with curly brown hair. Has a flawless jawline. Bio: A high end mercenary, Anon has spent almost half his life trying to better his faith, fighting and mind, and over the years has accumulated an impressive collection of texts, weapons, scrolls, and other trinkets and trophies. He has very high professional standards, believing that any qualified professional should be able to complete their job without collateral damage or civilian casualties. Despite his love of warfare and obsession with weaponry, he is picky about who employs him, and has a strong hatred of unnecessary death, such as slaying surrendered humans and slaughtering individuals not directly involved in the fighting. He has vast array of fighting techniques and facts at his disposal learned from intercontinental travel and devoted study, to the point of his having a web if contacts in several underground circles if battle and theorization. Generally, Anon is boastful, difficult to deter and upbeat, taking joy in every moment of his fights and every so often making some snark remark. He's also very scientific, thinking through even the most ludicrous of possibilities and explanation and being well versed in a handful of fields of research. He is rarely worried or somber, except in scenarios were he perceives himself unable to protect close associates of his, such as his family or allies. However, he has a difficult time getting over his failures. His many possessions make his quarters the most cluttered of anyone in the army, he despises waste or time or resources, and is very strict about being prepared. One last defining trait about him is his over-zealously celibate tendencies, taking pride in his single life style and having high disgust to the point of hatred towards explicit sexual material. He has a brother named Block, an archer of engineering ability to rival Anon's genius. Anon puts a lot of faith in his brother and is on good terms with him, as he writes when time allows and has left him in charge of looking after his family while he is busy in the Dreamers campaign, never showing doubt in Block's ability. [spoiler=Carter]Name: Carter Birthday: October 21st Birthplace: Ylisse Last Known Residence: Ylisstol Outskirts Class: Dark Flier; War Cleric on foot. Speciality: (Timeless) Tomes, Singing Voiced By: Karen Strassman Crit/Skill Activation Quotes: "You can try..." "Get ready!" "Slow down!" "Not today!" Appearance: Long, smooth brown ombre hair. Usually puts hair as a bun (w/ side braid) or high ponytail (just in case any of you don't know what these look like). Has her share of dresses, usually shirtdresses or wrap dresses. If not, she normally wears crop tops with high mini skirts, or her tank tops with skinny jeans & UGG boots, or short shorts and sperrys'.. (LOL I feel like I just described my dream wardrobe). Bio: A generally nice girl with an alter ego.. that is if you can trigger it. Is honestly blunt, and extremely rude. If you can get onto her soft side, then kudos. A normal girl in Ylisse, living with her brother and sister. She joined the group after reading said recruitment. Being one of the first to sign up, she has become the Master Tactician, alongside her old friend, Sorin, who has become the commander. Her reasons for being mean are unknown, but you should never do anything to upset her. Gets upset real easily, and likes to have things her way. Is smart academically, but physically weak. When in a tantrum, adrenaline rises a thousand fold, and her strength becomes uncontrollable. Doesn't spend much time fighting with most of the group, as she just stays behind and practices her magic. She spends most of her time singing, regardless of others' opinions. She is usually shy and withdrawn, and extremely self-conscious. She aspires to be a singer. The one with the loudest scream. [spoiler=Polydeuces]Name: Polydeuces (Poly for short) Birthday: April 25th Birthplace: Regna Ferox Last Known Residence: Ylisstol Outskirts Class: Hero Speciality: Ranged Swords, Diversions Voiced By: Katsuyuki Konishi (JP)/DC Douglas (ENG) Crit/Skill Activation Quotes: "Time for the showdown!" "I'll rip you in two!" "Witness the impossible!" "Your ass is mine!" Appearance: Short, messy, greyish-white hair and a scar on his face. His battle model is more akin to Linus & Raven's models from FE7, as he wears a dark blue and black longcoat with the Roman numeral 'IV' on it, signifying his past as "The Emperor of North Ferox" as well as lending to the tarot motif. Under the coat, he wears light armor akin to that of the Bow Knight or the traditional Mercenary class. Bio: A young man from Regna Ferox with a chip on his shoulder and a flair for dramatic entries into battle. He joined the Anti-Anna Brigade alongside Kat and several others, but due to a supply snafu, he did not appear until later in the liberation campaign. Poly is a classic case of split personality syndrome; on the battlefield, he was formerly known as "The Emperor of Northern Ferox" due to his wild and vicious fighting style - which he pays homage to with the 'IV' on his coat - whereas off of the battlefield, his scatterbrained intellect allows him to be the ideal diversion specialist for the army, though he occasionally gets lost in the woods if he ventures too far in. He's known for being a great cook amongst his friends, though he is generally reluctant to showcase this side of himself. As a former Khan of Regna Ferox, Poly holds considerable influence amongst the Dreamers, but rarely acts serious in relation to missions due to his rather lackadaisical nature towards life in general. His family is considered a very touchy subject, as his parents were both high-ranking Grimleal priests from Ferox and his former wife, Sumia, was murdered and devoured by the Risen after an ambush led to the fall of Regna Ferox to the control of the Annas and their legions. His daughter, Cynthia, remains alive, and is currently travelling with Chrom and several other survivors in order to find a safe haven whilst the Dreamers attempt to purge the world of the Anna infestation. He has an eye for romance, at least where it concerns others, and often attempts to pair people in the army up with their comrades in order to promote chemistry (or something like that). Despite this, he has no eye for romance relating to himself now, since his wife was killed. He's also noted as the one who slayed the former Khan of Ferox, Basilio, in combat, though he claims it was out of respect for him as opposed to a grab for power. [spoiler=Ace Tactician]Name: Ace Tactician (or just Ace) class: Grandmaster Birthday May 1 Birthplace: ??? Last Known Residance: Ylisstol Castle Voice Actor: Wendee Lee Critical hit/skill activation quotes: "Keep your hand raised to the level of your eyes!" "Rest in ashes and dust!" "You can't stop Chaos" "My appearance means doom for you all!" Stats: HP: 80 Str: 39 Mag: 44 Skl: 37 Spd: 42 Lck: 45 Def: 39 Res: 42 Appearance: Long brown hair kept in a high ponytail with long side bangs, wears glasses. Wears the standard Grandmaster outfit but with a red sash around her waist. Has on her right hand, a brand consisting of a golden bird flying towards the rising dawn sun. Bio: A kind, cheerful and idealistic woman who is an expert with swords and magic tomes. She values friendship, honesty and loyalty. Ace was born with strange powers, although she had trouble controlling them until she was eighteen years old. Whenever Ace gets angry or upset, her normally brown eyes turn deep red and she becomes a formidable opponent in battle. She watched her best friend, Gaius die before her eyes by an Anna, and because of this awful tragedy, refuses to let anybody else that she considers a friend die. Due to slipping into an extreme grief fueled blind rage, Ace suffered from memory loss afterwards for a time. Due to spending time with the Azure Dreamers, Ace remembered that her best friend's name is Gaius and that she married Ylisse's Prince Chrom after defeating Mad King Gangrel and that she has a daughter, Lucina. And there were events that suggested Gaius might not have been dead after all, and that she was from an outrealm. Ever since meeting her twin sister, Alicia for the first time since being separated at birth Ace learned that Gaius was alive thanks to Alicia’s powers of Soul Judging. The two have since formed a close bond despite their separation for so long. Ace has since then become a bit protective when it comes to Alicia, even going to far as to pummel those who would hurt her, physically or mentally. She has also developed an aversion to watching people die, either by suicide or an enemy. Ace fights on for the day she can see her husband and daughter again, though after hearing what Alicia went through in life Ace also wishes for her twin’s sisters. happiness. Outside of battles, Ace can be found constantly studying to improve her skills and tactical prowess as to not lose her edge. The one most likely to lose her temper. Ace’s powers include: super strength when Chaos Mode is active, taking the form of either a bird or blue flames and empowering her allies by channeling her power into her friends. And occasionally dreaming about events. Tumultuous Arrangement's (AKA chaos mode) limitations is this: 1) Ace has to get angry at something, eg a foe or something the foe did. 2) There has to be enough chaos around her to tap into the skill, like a raging battlefield with lots of fighting and bloodshed. 3) There's also the risk of Ace losing her perception on who's a friend and who's a foe if she stays in Chaos Mode for too long since she hasn't mastered it yet. So Tumultuous Arrangement is purely a battle skill since it requires Chaotic energy to be used. [spoiler=Alicia Taylor]Name: Alicia Taylor (or just Alicia) Class: Grandmaster Birthday: May 1 Birthplace: ??? Last Known Residence: Somewhere in Eastern Ferox Voice Actor: Caitlin Glass Critical Hit/Skill Activation quotes: "Rulebreakers shall be punished!" "Your actions shall be your undoing!" "Your time on this plane has ended!" "Farewell." Dual Guard quotes: "Overruled!" and "Motion denied!" Stats: HP: 80 Str: 44 Mag: 40 Skl: 41 Spd: 37 Lck: 44 Def: 42 Res: 40 Appearance: Long brown hair with half in a bun and the other half down to her waist. Also wears glasses. Wears the standard Grandmaster outfit but with a blue sash. Also has on her left hand, a brand consisting of the morning sun rising over a blue set of scales. Bio: Ace Tactician's twin sister and the Heiress of Order, also skilled with blades and tomes. She was raised in Ferox by her uncle, an assassin known as ‘Twilight Jack Taylor’ who she referred to as Father in public to make everyone think she was his child. Alicia values honesty, order, friendship and written rules and regulations. Alicia used to come off as cold, logical and emotionless to most people, but now she's better about being herself around others. Alicia deeply cares about her twin sister, Poly and the friends she makes. Alicia being the Heiress of Order has the duty of guiding the souls of the deceased to their proper plane of existence, which means she is capable of reviving a select few people who are not ready to move on to the next plane of existence. Her powers include turning the vilest of evildoers into stone and the Risen since they are unnatural creatures, dismissing the bound souls inside Risen under the right conditions and empowering her allies. She can also cast magic without tomes, though doing so tires her out since it uses her own energy to power the spell. Her limitations are these: 1) Alicia's surroundings must be calm for her to use her powers, it can't be in the middle of a raging battle. 2) Alicia herself must be calm and collected. 3) For dismissing Risen, the souls used to create said Risen must be displaced from their proper plane. If no soul was used, this ability doesn't work. Also doesn't work if they are souls Alicia hasn't guided to the correct plane yet. Alicia as a child discovered she could sync with the emotions of others, given the proper environment and the person allowing her to peer inside. Though this ability was sought after by many people seeking answers their loved ones, leading to Alicia’s empathy power being abused for purposes without the best intentions in mind. Tired of being someone else’s tool, Alicia ran away and discovered a place where the planes of Earth, Heaven and Hell intersected, creating a neutral ground where secrets could not be concealed. It was also where the souls of the deceased would often gather before moving on. This place became Alicia’s safe haven where she often expressed her feelings, locked away from the outside world below her. When Alicia’s uncle died from walking into a trap set by his rival, she found out first when she encountered his spirit in the Neutral Ground. Alicia would later find out her crush was the one responsible for setting up her uncle’s demise. This added grief caused Alicia to become disillusioned with romantic relationships, and resulted in the young man being turned to stone. Even after taking over leadership of her uncle’s assassin group as ‘Emotionless Judge Taylor’ people still sought after her empathy powers, now even more so after being refuted to lack emotions of her own. Alicia fled to the Neutral Ground one night, frustrated over being used to solve other people’s relationship problems and inadvertently summoned her uncle’s soul from heaven. At his advice, Alicia resigned as leader of the assassin group and freely wandered around Ferox, Ylisse and Plegia as a freelance mercenary. Though years of having her empathy power used for other people’s personal gain rendered her unable to freely express her emotions around other people out of fear that her gift would be discovered, thus adopting a façade of being logical and stoic. Her only safe haven at that time was the Neutral Ground. After noticing the disappearance of many deceased souls from other planes, Alicia traced their disappearance to the very outrealm where she meet her twin sister for the first time since birth. It was in this same outrealm that she met and eventually fell in love with Polydeuces, the ruler of Regna Ferox, after seven years of believing she’d never love again. Alicia has since then decided that her true home is here by the side of the man she dearly loves, using her intellect to help the country prosper after the war. Outside of battles, Alicia is normally found reading books pertaining to legends, rare weapons and items and/or tactical strategy tomes. Has the best control of her emotions of the army. [spoiler=Crizix]HP 63 STR 21 MAG 42 SKL 35 SPD 40 LCK 43 DEF 20 RES 47 Bio: A modest, self-effacing girl that loves to help others when she can. She is very kind, but quiet and somewhat of a doormat. She values solitude, but is always happy to hang out with friends. The one who stutters most. She spent her childhood reading fiction and studying magic in a convent. As her "sisters" always spoke against violence, she started learning to use Staffs at a very early age, avoiding Tomes until she was fourteen. Even then, she had to train with her offensive magic in secret. After she was given Luna, her trusty steed, for her sixteenth birthday, she decided to travel around Yliesse to learn more about the world. However, the Annas started trying to wipe out humanity after some time, so she joined the fight against the unnatural family tree. Although she tends to shy away from everyone in the army, deep down she truly cares about them all. [spoiler=Giraffatitan]Swordfaire, Zeal, Wrath, Gamble, Astra Bio: Niall was adopted at 15 when his parents died of some strange disease. 2 years have passed since then and he teaches many how to wield a blade. Other bios are in second post