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Found 53 results

  1. Robin as Myrmidon

    I tried a run where i reclassed instantly robin as myrmidon, and if you want my opinion, it wasnt that bad! He is still a myrmidon, im planning on making him a sword master. Tell me what you think! (and maybe let him marry WHO and WHY) DONT SAY TO ME TO CHANGE CLASS XD
  2. Donnel isn't Bad

    How is Donnel bad? He can learn skills such as Armsthrift, Sol, Counter, and Aptitude and the main excuse is "he is too hard to train" but his growth rates are superior to any other character and it isn't even an Est situation because you get him very early. Proof that Donnel has better growths than Chrom. Here is the photo. Some might be mad that I made him a merc instead of a villager but that is what he will be for most of the game.
  3. Hey guys !

    Hello, I'm glad to be here ! I'm a great fan of FE series and I like a lot the work of this site ! So, I decided to sign up here for help if I can. I've played at ALL FE games (excepted 1,2 and 3 but I've played at their remakes so it's the same thing lol). My Favourite FE is Path of Radiance, Ranulf top tier ! My pseudo is a popular French joke, you have it ? I hope we will get along well ! Have a nice day
  4. Chrom, Knight Exalt

    Chrom, Knight Exalt "Don't worry. I took a lesson on mounted combat a few years ago." This is the four version of Chrom we've had in the game, and probably the most powerful version of him yet in terms of offensive capabilities. Stat-wise he is pretty much a better version of regular Chrom with same Atk, more Spd, Def and Res, but it's all done by stealing from Chrom's HP, as he only has 41 HP now making him a mediocre Panic Ploy user. The other key difference is that now Chrom is on a horse so he also has more mobility and can run Horse Emblem buffs to bolster his offensive performance, and improve upon his tankiness. Due to his new stat spread Chrom can be built in so many ways, but I'll try to mention the ones that are the most unique and distinguishable, and I'll categorize them as well. Level 40 Stats: HP: 37/41/44 Atk: 34/37/40 Spd: 24/28/31 Def: 31/34/37 Res: 13/17/20 BST: 156~157 Skills: Weapon: Silver Sword > Sealed Falchion Assist: - Special: Luna > Aether A: Fury 3 B: Chill Def 3 C: Sword Valor 3 Movement: Cavalry - Horse Emblem Buffs. No Wrath 3 or Steady Breath 3. Outrunning Fate Wallheart Apotheosis Chrom
  5. Hello! Decided to try starting my own art thread-starting off with some pictures I drew featuring my favourite unit in Heroes, Spring Chrom <3 All of these were posted on my deviantart first(also Katrov), so if for some reason you've seen them before I'm not stealing them lol (original post on deviantart) (original post which also has credit for the base I used) (original post-what is it with me drawing bunny chrom with a brown backgrounds? LOL) But yeah, that's all for now, will eventually put more Fire Emblem related art as I do stuff etc....I hope others are just as blessed by Spring Chrom as I was,,,a good bunny <3
  6. Chrom, Gifted Leader

    Chrom, Gifted Leader "Lissa made me wear this." Chrom sports the highest Atk stat potential in the game along with Effie. He is an armored, and gifted boy who has great mixed bulk all at the sacrifice of Spd. He's practically like an Axe version of Effie, but with better distributed stats for being a tanky and hard-hitting unit. Level 40 Stats: HP: 48/51/54 Atk: 37/40/43 Spd: 16/19/22 Def: 32/35/38 Res: 26/29/32 BST: 174 Skills: Weapon: Sack o' Gifts+ Assist: Pivot Special: - A: Brazen Atk Def 3 B: Wary Fighter 3 C: None Movement: Armored - This means he can run and receive Armor Emblem buffs such as Ward Armor. Armor March, Fortify Armor, ...etc. Sack o' Pain Santa Chrom Indestructible Christmas Attire
  7. Best and Worst Lords.

    I believe the best lord in my opinion is Lucina, and Kris is the worst. (I counted the avatars as Lords, because they are relevant to the story and they can't die, or you lose.) Image Below indicates my favorite and least favorite lords.
  8. I don't see anyone mentioned about testing the Chrom and Tiki amiibo that were released alongside with Fire Emblem Warrirors to Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. But, did anyone own the Chrom and Tiki amiibo and tested to see if those two amiibos can be summoned as monsters or illusory units or did Intelligent Systems managed to make an actual illusory models of Chrom and Tiki from one of the patches that we got that was fixing the mistakes for the Cipher DLC or got hidden in the game data. I do know that CodeName: S.T.E.A.M. and Fire Emblem Fates doesn't have the Roy and Corrin amiibo accessible in the game due to we haven't a single patch for Fates nor the developers didn't managed to make a new patch for CodeName: S.T.E.A.M. to add Roy nor Corrin as well. But, with Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, any Fire Emblem characters amiibos along with Alm and Celica amiibos can be summoned as one of the legendary heroes that we know in their Illusory form along with the other non-Fire Emblem amiibos can be summoned as monsters or any generic units.
  9. Pairing all 3 Protagonists.

    The Avatar (Robin.) Can marry anyone, so comment on who your avatar married.
  10. Hey guys, I need to discuss this build, and also need your opinion because it's a big investment for me. I love Chrom, and well .. for a 5* CHROM, you usually prefer a +ATK -SPD and build BRAVE SWORD+. But .. when we are talking about a fully merged one, maybe it's not the case. Let me point this out. A 5* +ATK and -SPD suffers a lot. It gets DOUBLED everytime. It has 26 SPD. I'm thinking about making my +SPD -DEF the +10 one. Because, if I leave it with Falchion, and give it LD3, it will be a monster: HP 51 ATK 60 SPD 38 DEF 27 RES 16 What do you think?
  11. Some highlights: As previously surmised, M!Robin and F!Robin's combat intro are exactly the same. M!Robin shows off his C5, but the finisher is actually different this time. Instead of a big lightning ball, he conjures pillars of light to strike the ground instead. Though, it could be his C6. Frederick's Axe glows with a green light during his finishing blow in his Musou ttack. Due to that, it's highly likely that his element is Wind. Robin's critical hit is shown during Female Robin's segment: lots of fire explosions before a flare of light. What appears to be Lissa's Awakening Musou is shown. So... for known elemental users: Fire: Camilla Thunder: Chrom, Lissa, Lucina, Ryoma Wind: Frederick, Takumi Light: Rowan, Lianna, Marth, Cordelia, Hinoka Dark: Corrin, Xander All: Robin, Leo, Elise EDIT: Added Ryoma to the known elemental users list. The pillars of light that Robin does is also most likely his C6.
  12. A friend of mine runs a podcast called Monkey Broadcast. It's latest episode features a spoiler free review of Echoes, so be sure to check it out at your leisure as any he would appreciate support or feedback you could give him. At 1:02:10 his co-host, SvenTheCrusader, starts a discussion on the Dungeons and Dragons based web series Critical Role, run by Matt Mercer, the voice of Chrom, and starring other FE VAs such as Laura Bailey, Sam Riegel, Travis Willingham and Liam O'Brien:
  13. Basically, this. When I got Awakening I pronounced it "Fall-key-on", but Rey in his LP of the game pronounced it as "Fall-shee-on". In Japanese it's "Farushion", but things get adapted, so... "Fall-shee-on" feel so weird to me, but I actually believe it's the right one. I thought it had to do with birds (an adaptation of "falcon", of course), but it's probably wrong as it's linked to dragons instead.
  14. Hard Mode Tips?

    So I'm thinking of going and doing a hard mode run of FEA and would like to know if there are some basic tips that should help me get through without anyone dying. The plan is to try and actually finish the game on hard mode, although I am not too sure where to start. I would assume that this would be more than a significant challenge for me (I'm not that great at Fire Emblem in general) so practical help would be appreciated greatly. I would assume that this is the point where it would be pointless to pick up Donnel, even though it is tempting to get Donnel!Kjelle.
  15. Most Used Unit

    So who was the most used unit for you?
  16. Best Marriages?

    I would like help from you experiences players in this predicament I'm in. I don't know who to marry who to. I already DID do some pair ups, which are listed below. What other pair-ups should I do for the best stats and abilities possible? Any and all help is very much appreciated! ChromxSumia FeMUxPriam LissaxLibra VaikexNowi Those are my total supports. Who should the others go to?
  17. Fire Emblem Plushies

    Hello! It's my first time posting (I usually lurk) and I recently made some Fire Emblem Awakening Plushies for my etsy store. I made Chrom and Lucina (and have a half finished Chrom!Morgan and Robin) and am interested to see other people's creations! Who are your favourite characters you'd want to see in plushie form? I think from Fates I'd like to maybe make a Keaton in the future, though I suppose his ears and tail would pose a challenge at first!
  18. What if the Pegasus knight class wasn't gender locked but instead avaliable to certain characters (Chrom, Robin {M + F}, Donnel, Gaius, Maribelle, Lissa, Emmeryn, Cordelia, Aversa, Sumia and street pass characters/bonus map characters)? How would that change skill sets (if at all)?
  19. Bayonetta, understandable. She has had a game on Wii U. Cloud, not really a Nintendo character, but Final Fantasy did get its start on the NES. But who the FUCK asked for Corrin? Some nigga who can transform into a weird Arceus/Dialga fusion and has an annoying voice? DIDN'T SMASH HAVE ENOUGH FE CHARACTERS?! On top of that, why couldn't we have Caeda, or Chrom, or fucking Lyn?! CORRIN?! No! The three characters would make sense because: Caeda: Marth's wife Chrom: The real FE13 protagonist whose daughter is getting assraped by Nintendo Lyn: The first Lord you got to play as in FE7, the first worldwide FE game. But no. Dragon Marth. I see how it is, Nintendo...
  20. Stat Calculation Help...

    I know that I have seen a post like this some where, however I am no good at math and the formula has practically left me in the dust like formulae often do. Can anyone help me work out what our lovely Lucina's stats will be? Any and all help appreciated! Chloey's current stats pre chapter 12: 78 HP| 29 Str| 31 Mag| 34 Skl| 34 Spd| 35 Lck| 42 Def| 32 Res Chrom's current stats pre chapter 12: 80 HP| 44 Str| 7 Mag| 41 Skill| 42 Spd| 46 Lck| 41 Def| 27 Res Chrom is capped in all but Res and Magic and Chloey is capped in strength. Chloey's asset is defence and her flaw is luck if that will help to work out her base stats Again thanks for helping ~TSC
  21. What is your favorite critical quote? Please only talk about the Awakening critical quotes considering Fates hasn't come out yet. I'd have to say mine is between "Errr...Rage!" and "Checkmate!"
  22. So, after taking a long break from Awakening (since August 2015) I've decided to pick up the game again. I'm still not sure if I'm gonna play on Normal just to breeze through the game, or go through Hard as a warmup for the higher difficulties. Now comes the problem of pairing everyone and planning everything. I decided to have change some things up, like certain pairings and use some of my less used characters more. Don't have dlc. First of all, the Avatar. I plan on going with a MaMU with the name Camus. I am going to have him end up as a Paladin and marry Cordelia. I only know he will have Luna and Aegis. No plan on asset/flaw and other things. Also, does anyone know what hair color looks the most like FE11's Camus' hair color (or Sirius)? With Cordelia I'm probably have her finish as a Falcon Knight. Seeing how I'm not doing an optimal run, I thought about running Sol/Armsthrift/Galeforce/Lancefaire/Bowbreaker. Thoughts? I plan on having Severa and Morgan end up as Bowknight and Hero, not being set on who gets which class. They will inherit Galeforce and Luna. Ideas for other abilities? How I wish Bowknight was better, but I'll still use it. My biggest change will be pairing up Chrom with Sully. I rarely use Kjelle, even though I like her, and this will fix that issue. As mentioned earlier, I don't plan on having this run be optimal. I will keep Kjelle as a General, even though they suck, and have her inherit Aegis. Since I plan on having fun I might run something like Pavise/Aegis/Aether/Deliverer/Astra. I know Donnel gives her Galeforce, but I'm limiting my Galeforce use. For Lucina I thought about Aether/Rightful King/Aegis/Swordfaire. Not sure what her last skill would be. Thinking about Vantage/Lethality/Lancebreaker/Astra. For the remaining characters I'll go with pairings I like, and the parents of children I'm not interested in will be paired with who's left. Going to list my current pairings below. Open for changes, either because the children will suck or the pairing isn't that great. Lissa-Vaike (I want a blonde Swordmaster Owain) Tharja-Gaius (Nearly always go with this) Nowi-Kellam (Great support, tank Nah) Sumia-Stahl (I like this pairing, plus Stahl seems to work with a lot of children) Cherche-Gregor (Funny support) Olivia-Lon'qu (Great pairing) Brady, Yarne and Laurent I don't care about. Might go Miriel-Ricken so I get another magic user. I also thought Olivia-Frederick and then have Lissa-Lon'qu. Still debating on it. I'll worry about the children as the game progresses. Feel free to leave ideas for them though. That was a long post. Thanks for any help in advance though. In the meantime I'll try to figure out the optimal for my wannabe Camus MU.
  23. Min/Maxing Help

    I currently have a problem for my normal F!Robin run through Awakening. I am debating on getting non healers to max out to level 20 or second/master seal them while they are at level 10. I have several units that are near or past the level 10 threshold and are able to second/master seal. I am pretty sure that I will be second sealing Chrom and Robin at level 10 (if my luck with Anna holds!) or at the very least master sealing Chrom. Is it better to go to level 20 or second sealing/master sealing at level 10? ~TSC
  24. I've noticed that most high-difficulty clears revolve around either a Chrom/FAvatar duo through most or all of the game, or quadruple Galeforce inheritance using Chrom/Sumia and MAvatar/Cordelia. I've decided to investigate the Chrom/FAvatar route, but without Avatar. In other words, Chrom solo (hence the title). The rules: In battles where the preparation screen is available, only Chrom may be deployed. When other characters are forced to be deployed, such as Avatar in Ch.23, not having preparations yet or joining after preparations, they may be used as seen fit (I recommend minimizing their use so Chrom gets maximum EXP). DLC is allowed, but I won't be using it. It makes the Archer/Sniper part of the class path easier, so I won't judge. Grinding is allowed, and I will be using Risen skirmishes and Spotpass teams for this purpose. All Renown is allowed (I'll be using 1020 starting). Event tiles are allowed. Deaths are allowed, because if they weren't Chapters 5 and 6 would be impossible. I've routed this on Hard, using a class path of Lord 20->Cav 10+->Archer 10+->Sniper 15+->Bow Knight 15+->Great Lord 15+->Great Knight 15+->Paladin (Final class) and capped all stats but Mag at the end of it (For what it's worth, Mag was 10 at Endgame). A note for people willing to try this is that if you want a good turncount you will need to spend about half of your total budget on throwing weapons. Also, during the Archer/Sniper part of the class route, you will want to spend most of your time in skirmishes on maps where enemies can be bottlenecked, like the Longfort (Ch.3) and the Border Pass (Ch.5). Paralogue 3 (if you're willing to sack the villagers) and Chapter 8 are also good spots for these classes (but if you're using Par. 3 for this, only do it as a Sniper).