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Found 64 results

  1. Pirate X Brigand...

    Right....I've been thinking about this for a long time. First of all, I'm not that good with english, so...sorry. Second, this is NOT a fight to see ''who's better''. This is a discussion that I wanted to create to see what differences they should have, especially with growths, promotions, stats and such. With that said, let's start. -------------------------------------------------------- I was balancing FE6 for myself those days, and I come across the two characters that created this topic. Geese and Gonzales. By the way, I should say that ''sea-crossing''/''mountain-crossing'' is not the main topic. Having 2 similar classes with only one difference is not something that I would like to have. Btw, those are the growths: Geese- Hp 85 Str 50 Skl 30 Spd 40 Lck 40 Def 20 Res 10 Gonzales- Hp 90 Str 60 Skl 15 Spd 50 Lck 35 Def 25 Res 5 (I'm not going to put the enemy growths because...Let's face it, they're pretty stupid...) As you can see, they're pretty similar, even tough Geese Skill is way higher than Gonzales, it still some-what bad. The Hp, Str, Spd, Lck, Def and Res growths are almost equal. Both will end with good Hp, Str, Spd, bad Res and Mid Lck, Def, Skl (for Geese). How do you guys think we should make them into more distinct classes? One of the first toughs that come to my head were a new promotion for the Pirate. I think the Berserker works well with the Brigand, so to balance the Berserker we can make him have a even better mountain mobility, but remove his water mobility, or just make it 1-block. For the Pirate we can make a more ''Pirate-Like'' promotion, like Captain or such. He could have a better water mobility, a new weapon type to use (my first tough was a Gun, but...Fire Emblem, ya know? So maybe a Sword?). Now, to the main question: What about Stats/Growths? Now, that's my trouble...What do you guys thinks about this (And sorry for taking a lot of time for my ideas on this ''What you think'', lol).
  2. Hi, I was wondering what the Serenes community was thinking of each class's role. So I made this topic so everyone can give his/her opinion on classes/roles. What do you think the traditional FE classes are supposed to do? PT (physical tank), MT (magical tank), HT (hybrid tank), ORKO, OS (one punch man), wear down ennemies (giving exp to lowies), staffbot, planebot (carry things from point X to point Y), complete destroyer (most stats are sky high with good caps), dodgetank (sky high avoid), mobile, unmovable (defend units), melee oriented, range oriented (specify range from X to Y tiles away), jack of all trades (very even stats). This topic could be the starting point of a FE mod if there are enough answers. Please respect each other and everyone's opinion, everyone has his/her own view of the game and this is what makes such topic interesting. PS: by traditional classes, I mean classes that existed from the GBA games, and classes that can be made into GBA games classes from 3DS games (like dark knight/mage knight). Don't hesitate to suggest weapons available for classes you want to change. Edit: Seeing nobody answers, I'll begin: Archer would be a class with very high skill and high strength instead of speed, higher str cap but lower spd cap, with maybe 2-3 base range and 2-4 or 3-4 for long bows. Sniper follows the archer path while bow knight/ranger is faster, tankier and has less str and a little less skl. 6 move sniper/8 move ranger. Mages have no more 1-2 range, but 2 range only and more long range spells varying in power and accuracy. They're more siege-oriented, like archers. We could make mage knights awakening's dark knights or on the contrary let them squishy and make them more oriented to kill low hp targets while sages are more suited for the battlefield, what do you think of it? Maybe a few books could deal physical damage and have 1 range for the battle mages, so they can answer 1 range weapons?
  3. Hi, I'm playing with Chrom and spotpass characters only. I'm currently at chapter 10 with Nephenee, Malice, Lugh, Shiida, Ike's little sister, Serra, Sanaki, planning to recruit Elincia, Sigrun and Titania later. The question is: What class seems the most cannon for each of the unpromoted units? Having passed the desert annoying chapters I can promote some to horse units. Is Lugh more cannon as a sage than a dark knight? Shouldn't Nephenee be a cavalier rather than a knight seeing her good res and medium def? What class for Malice? Serra reclass to Valkyrie after level 10 or 15 warmonk? Ike's sister Valkyrie?
  4. Hello, Yesterday I went to the wiki to make some optimization for Subaki (because I'm doing a balanced units run and Subaki is quite balanced with average stats everywhere like Hinata). Here is my final class path: subaki sky knight 20: 30 hp, 14.25 str, 22 skl, 15 spd, 13.75 lck, 15.75 def, 13.75 res kinshi promotion gains: 1 hp, 1 str, 4 skl, 1 spd, 1 lck, 2 def, 1 res. These bonuses are making me puke. kinshi 20/5: 33 hp, 16.65 str, 28 skl, 17.4 spd, 16.35 lck, 19 def, 14.5 res swordmaster promotion gains: 1 hp, 2 str, -2 skl, 3 spd, -1 lck, 1 def, -2 res swordmaster 20/6: 34.5 hp, 19 str, 26.5 skl, 20.8 spd, 16 lck, 20.35 def, 12.8 res master of arms promotion gains: 2 hp, 2 str, -1 skl, -2 spd, -1 lck, +2 def, +2 res growth rates: 75% hp, 45% str, 50% skl, 30% spd, 35% lck, 55% def, 5% res master of arms 20/20: 47 hp, 27.3 str, 30 skl cap, 23 spd, 20 lck, 30 def, 15.5 res skills: air superiority: +30% avo and acc vs flyers; vantage, darting blow: +5 spd PP, duelist's blow: +30% avo PP; astra, strength seal/life or death: +10 damage dealt and taken. If facing mainly flyers, air superiority and life or death. If too few to no flyers, strength seal replaces life or death (too risky). I just saw I forgot 2 levels as swordmaster to get astra but it's not a big deal and the final stats won't be very different anyway. With this setup, he can have around 0% chance to be hit by ennemy flyers in PP and very low hit rates in EP. Life or death isn't a problem when he doesn't get hit and it makes for his low speed. WT control, average 30 def, 15.5 res, 23 spd, 47 hp and no class weakness are great. I didn't even have to use a partner seal to make him good.
  5. Favourite Classes

    What is your favourite class(es) in fire emblem? For me it is the FE8 Great Knight because of the great (no pun intended) versatility of the class and Duessel is one of my most liked characters. In addition the FE 2 demon hunter due to the design of the unit sprite and the cool teleporting battle animation .
  6. FEU CrossPost the source because I know that's all you came for: #include "Extensions\Hack Installation.txt" #define HookLocation 0x01C090 //Debug Bootup, obviously Unused PUSH //Removing a bit off mov bonus(suspend only uses 4) //Saving Routine ORG 0xA575C WORD 0xFFFFFE1F //Loading Routine ORG 0xA6104 WORD 0xFFFFFE1F //Using That bit to save and load bit 8 of class class ORG 0xA535E SHORT 0x6019 0x2180 0x4001 0x0149 0x8159 0 0 ORG 0xA57B4 BL(HookLocation); SHORT 0 0 ORG HookLocation SHORT 0x4668 0x8941 0x04C9 0x0FC9 0x01C9 0x7800 0x0640 0x0E40 0x4308 0x4770 POP Explanations: Basically, Suspend allocates 4 bits for mov bonus. however, normal save allocates 5 bits for it. so what I did, was I made it so mov bonus for normal save was 4 bits, and used the newly allocated bit to store the top bit of the class index, to allow for 0xFF, aka 255 classes, instead of the old 127 cap. Proper save expansion is coming soon™ I promise. Pictured here: Eirika with class ID 0x82. FEBuilder patch: how to install: put folder in config\patch\FE8U, and it should autodetect.
  7. I made this awhile ago back when I had free time. I figured someone might find it helpful in visualizing and comparing class choices for characters, so I decided to post it. It's a bit cluttered but that is just how I think through things. All the stats have either + or - next to them. This is based solely off of the Growth Rate of the class not base stats. I set 10% to "middle" so to speak and a single - or + represents 5%, nothing written for that stat means it 10%. The exception is speed because the mean is a lot closer to 15%, so I made that the "middle" just for that stat. So Str++ = 20%, Str+ = 15%, nothing = 10%, Str- = 5%, Str-- = 0% The weapon symbols are pretty self explanatory, but I didn't put in the top rank that class can wield which I probably should have. The skills are listed in the order you get them, for normal classes this is Lv1 and Lv10, for master classes this is Lv5 and Lv15. Hoshido class.pdf
  8. This idea came to me when I was playing Awakening. I wanted to use my archer, but I didn't like how even though being on the offensive with him wouldn't allow the enemy to retaliate because once it was the enemies phase, he'd be a sitting duck and wouldn't even be that much help if it's just one enemy, he'd just be there. I wished that my archer could just somehow defend himself against the enemies that go into close quarters (single square) space, and that's when I thought of this; ironically, it wasn't firing bullets, but bayonet usage that made me think of maybe using a gunman as a class in Fire Emblem. Specifically, I think a Musketeer would be the name for the base class, and Rifleman could be the name for the advanced class. Some of you may think this may not work too well in a fantasy setting, but that's not true; in some "Sword & Sorcery" worlds, gunpowder weaponry exists along with swords, bows, magic, etc. A great example of this is Legend of Zelda. Anyway, here's how I think a Musketeer class would be: their design would be a round hat with a feather, puffy renaissance/late medievalish sleeves, and a big/long shirt with a nation's crest on it, sort of like this:
  9. I'm going into chapter 14 Erika's route My Franz: LVL: 20 STR:15 SKL:9 SPD:13 LCK:8 DEF:10 RES:6 I was thinking of going great knight but i'm not sure My Amelia: Cavailer LVL:11 STR:10 SKL:16 SPD:14 LCK:16 DEF:8 RES:8 I'm not promoting her just yet, as i'm waiting for her to get to level 20, but just wanted to know what to promote her into beforehand, and I was leaning more towards the paladin class
  10. Subaki in Revelation

    Aight, back at it again, this time with Subaki. What would be some good S-Support partners, final class, and skills for Mr. Perfect himself, Subaki. I heard Oboro was a good partner for him, what are your thoughts?
  11. Subaki in Revelation

    Aight, back at it again, this time with Subaki. What would be some good S-Support partners, final class, and skills for Mr. Perfect himself, Subaki. I heard Oboro was a good partner for him, what are your thoughts?
  12. What to do with Hana?

    I'm trying to optimize every unit, so it would be appreciated if I could have some advice on who to pair Hana with, what would her best class be, and what skills should I give her.
  13. In this thread I let you vote who represents the better unit of one class: The Dawn Brigade (DB) or Greil's Mercenaries (GM). I count everyone as GM who is playable in 3-2 at the latest so Brom, Haar and Nephenee are in as well.
  14. Personnally, I didn't follow the "canon" classes for villagers, but rather their interests in becoming this or that. Tobin became a mage, Kliff an archer (archers usually have good overall stats in FE and Kliff had about 11-15 everywhere), Gray a mercenary because he didn't do any good level up so I was bored of him and promoted him around level 10-12 (like Tobin who was a lot better). Faye had around 16 attack and 17 defence as a level 20 villager. Even my Lukas didn't reach so much defence (he had about 14 def at level 20 soldier). Assuming that I used villager Faye to bait ennemies, including archers, and that she had such high attack and defence, I made her a cavalier. Why? Because she has baron stats. A mage with baron stats, not able to double mid-game ennemies wouldn't be very useful. A cleric with so high defence would be a total waste of her tanking ability. A pegasus without speed would be a pain and she would have more difficulty to tank archers, that's not what I desired. So she's a baron-like cavalier with very high attack and defence. I'm training her to 1v1 Baron Desaix in final part 1. I don't know how good armor crush is, but I'm gonna try it. Anyway, she will probably take 1 damage per hit so I don't worry too much.
  15. I changed Eirika's animation in FE8 causing the rom to crash when the class reel starts. How do I get rid of it?
  16. So playing through Fate's again since I beat Echoes and have nothing to do again, to keep things interesting I like to change who I marry and what class I should use (I try to only use a class once to keep things from getting to boring) , this time around I think I may marry Selena but have no idea what class would be fun but also compliment her stat's, I was thinking Blacksmith but not sure if it's any good and i'm also trying to still have access to Swords for the Yato but it doesn't really matter, so if you have any recommendations on what I should do please voice your opinions and recommendations for what Class I should try. P.S I have already played through the game as a Sniper,Paladin,Master Ninja, Grandmaster, Lodestar, Hoshido Noble, and Nohr Noble Thanks for your time!
  17. So I was thinking earlier, and I was wondering, what's everyone's favorite FE class or classes favor/story wise, and what's everyone's favorite class or classes mechanics/gameplay wise, and why? For the former, my favorite is definitely Mage/Sage. I'm a fan of magic and magic-using characters in general, and I really do like the way FE does magic with the variety of tomes, effects and animations (well, except the magic oversimplification in Awakening and Fates....a return to the diverse magic of Elibe, Magvel and Tellius in FE Switch would be a dream come true for me). The bit of lore we learn about magic in the series as a whole is cool too — that it's cast by channeling elemental spirits, and is somewhat cast from their life force, because a mage can die if they use it carelessly. Talk about hardcore. Lol. Clerics/Bishops would be second on the list for me, just because I'm a huge fan of clerics (I play one most of the time when playing Pathfinder, and even in other games I tend to focus on being a white mage if I can). My kneejerk reaction for the latter was gonna be Mercenary/Hero, since they're almost always excellent units, but I thought about it more, and I'm gonna say my favorite class mechanics wise is Myrmidon/Swordmaster. In the games I've played a lot, they make amazing dodgetanks, crit monsters, and when Astra is involved (especially when you can crit while you Astra, because overkill is the only way to go), pretty much everything dies. Well, until Fates' weird RNG nerfed dodgetanking. While Hana is painfully useless imo, at least we have weirdly tanky Hinata who still does good damage and crits a lot, and godly Ryoma.
  18. So, thoughts? I was wondering, as I've seen multiple thoughts on both her canon class and her best class.
  19. Good Growths per Class

    Hello everyone. I'm a relative newbie to the franchise, being versed in much of it's lore and having several games. But one thing I have issue with is figuring out what stats and growth rates are good for what classes. I would like some help figuring out what constitutes "good growths" for various classes in the series because as it is, any time I read growths of characters online, they just look like numbers to me. If this topic is redundant, please let me know. Thanks for helping.
  20. How would I go about locking certain weapons to a specific class in a Fire Emblem 7 mod? For example, the game locks the Wo Dao to the Myrmidon and Swordmaster class. How would I lock the Longbow to only the Archer and Sniper class?
  21. I have noticed in the trailer that the classes seem more systematic. (Weapon) (unit type) IE Axe Flyer Bow Fighter Blue (for lances) Cavalier Etc. It seems this apparently would allow for more "classes" while saving memory space
  22. Best Classes?

    So I see a lot of threads concerning this very topic, and I have a general idea of what I want my characters to re-class into. Now, I'm just looking for advice and answers, I guess o: Here are my pairs & classes: Corrin (Hoshido Noble) & Hinata (Master of Arms): Kana (Hoshidan Noble) & Hisame (?) [swordmaster/Master of Arms?] Mozu (Master of Arms) & Kaze (Master Ninja): Midori (Master Ninja) Oboro (Spear Master) & Takumi (Sniper): Kiragi (Sniper) Selena (Hero) & Subaki (Kinshi Knight): Caeldori (Great Lord) Orochi (Basara) & Saizo (Master Ninja): Asugi (Master Ninja) Camilla (Malig Knight) & Ryoma (Swordmaster): Shiro (Spear Master) Hana (Swordmaster) & Keaton (Wolfssegner): Velouria (Wolfssegner) Sakura (Priestess) & Leo (Dark Knight): Forrest (Strategist) Charlotte (Hero) & Jakob (Butler): Dwyer (Butler) Nyx (Sorcerer) & Hayato (Basara): Rhajat (Witch for Warp then Dark Knight) Beruka (Wyvern Lord) & Benny (General): Ignatius (General) Elise (Dark Falcon) & Odin (Swordmaster): Ophelia (Witch) Hinoka (Falcon Knight) & Xander (Paladin): Seigbert (Luna then Paladin) Setsuna (Sniper) & Niles (Bow Knight): Nina (Bow Knight) Effie (General) & Arthur (Berserker): Percy (Wyvern Lord) Peri (Great Knight) & Laslow (Lodestar): Soleil (Hero) Kagero (Master Ninja) & Silas (Great Knight): Sophie (?) [Paladin?] Felicia (Maid) & Asama (Great Master): Mitama (?) [Priestess/Dread Fighter?] Azura (Songstress) & Kaden (Nine-Tails): Selkie (Nine-Tails) & Shigure (?) [Dreadfighter/Kinshi Knight/Falcon Knight?] I have all the DLCs, so I can get any available class & I'm on Easy Revelation Mode Thanks in advance!(: EDITS: Added Shigure Changed one of Rhajat's option from Onmyoji to Dark Falcon Final decisions on some character's classes & Coloured the ones I'm still unsure about.
  23. As the title implies, if you were a recruitable character in Fire Emblem(from any game), what class would you be? Personally, I would either be a Armor Knight or Mage(or even Dark Knight). Kinda baseing this on how I play games(and how I like to generally do things). I usually like to be a bit crazy in some moves I like to pull, but I also like to to be the support and keep everyone else's back. Armor Knights are defense tanks and mages are magical tanks(and Dark Knight are a little of both, but more magic tanks). I wouldn't mind taking hits for others just so they can say fine...but also because I can fend for myself quite well! Also, I would have my own critical quotes(this part is optional): Crit doesn't kill: "Underestimate me, will you?!" or "You ain't seen nothing yet!" Crit kill: "You fought the WRONG guy!" or "You're outta luck chump!" (You can add your affinity if you want. Mine is...either Fire or Water.) So...what about you guys?
  24. As the title states, what do you pick for your "side" class for your MU? I personally like Dark Knight (obviously) because it gives you both access to the Yato and to higher-grade magic tomes while also giving you more mobility in a fight, although you do end up with a dual-weakness to both Beast and Dragon bonus-damage weapons.
  25. Avatar Stat Calculations

    Hello! How is everybody? So, I was wondering how to make the most balanced avatar with the final class of Hoshido Noble. Once I've figured out the stat caps, I plan to use the statues to even Kamui out. I figured the most balanced boon and bane combination was HP+ and Luck-, but with two final classes for the original base class, I wasn't sure. I don't know how to calculate the boons and banes. So, if anybody could show me how to calculate or simply give me the final stats for each combination, that would be great.