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Found 2 results

  1. Tellius, A Shonen Series?

    When I look into criticisms of the Tellius games, one of the points brought up is that people call is sometimes the games a Shonen series. I find that to be a quite interesting because I can sort of understand where is that point is coming from. With a emphasis on fighting comparing to other games of the series, and Ike grows from a kid to one of the greatest people in the continent, there is a large supporting cast of physically powerful people, and the end of the game has the most powerful people on the continent fighting one by one in the tower. I do understand these all these points are brought up in other games in the series. Or maybe I'm just looking into things a bit too much here. What are your thoughts?
  2. 1st Gen Story vs 2nd Gen Story

    Please note that I have not played Genealogy yet. That being said, in the various Fire Emblem websites that I visited, there is much appreciation for the story in FE4. But most of the praise seems to be focused on the first generation of Sigurd's tale. With the second generation feeling like it is glossed over. Why is that? When does the first half have so much admiration, while the the second half has few mentions? This question has been bothering me for some time.