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Found 51 results

  1. Favorite Royals in Fates.

    I want to ask, what are your favorite royals from all 3 Kingdoms?
  2. Hello, all! I'm currently wondering who makes a good S support for F!Corrin, as I do not know who to decide for! I like Ryoma and Saizo's design, and I honestly can't decide. What do you guys think? And who did you choose of all available characters?
  3. In case you missed the title, this post has spoilers for Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest, Birthright, and Revelations You have been warned Introduction, Pretext, etc Now for the defense. As I said, Corrin had some good which is seen in a few moments of the story, even though, as a whole, he's poorly handled. One of his best scenes was in Revelations where Anthony isolates Corrin from the group into a trap. No one else trusts Anthony at this point after a bridge nearly collapsed under them. Only Corrin was willing to go with Anthony to try to make a way into Anankos's palace. Prior to leaving, Corrin makes "preparations." When Anthony reveals his true colors Corrin explains what his preparations were: a message left behind that if he didn't return, Anthony had indeed tricked him. Anthony points out that this meant Corrin had not really trusted him at all to which Corrin replies "I wanted to, Anthony. I really did. That's why I'm sad that things have turned out this way. Don't think that means I won't fight you with everything I have, though! The least I can do is thin your numbers so that my friends have an easier time." While Corrin still isn't exactly flawless in this scene, he's much more wise in his decision than his usual naiivities. I also feel this scene sets what could have been a good character for Corrin. If I were to rewrite Corrin, I would rewrite him a bit to not be stupid (for example the scene with Azura's "disguise," his agreement to jump off a cliff with Azura into a bottomless canyon, and his agreement with Azura that attacking both sides in the "choose a side" chapter for attention would work) and cringefully naiive. I'd write him instead as someone willing to take risks to reach people. I'd have him as the person willing to give people chances and extend a friendly hand, even if others aren't favorable of the decision, but he'll keep his sword on his belt. When Zola joins Corrin's party in Birthright and if Shura is spared in Conquest, Corrin displays this mindset. In each route, he allows the person to accompany him but makes it clear that if the accompanee takes one step out of order, Corrin will not hesitate to slay him on the spot. Likewise, calling back to Revelations, Corrin left a message behind for his friends to come if he didn't return with the assumption Anthony had set a trap. Rewriting Corrin, I'd would also have him show sense enough to discriminate between the allies he's trying to make and those he has in that he openly shows he has full faith in those allied to him, and that he deeply cares for his allies. He'd have trust for new allies to some degree and wouldn't distrust them, but the most important tasks would lie with those he knows best of course. Newer allies, trust would need to be gained more via experiences and time before relying on them for anything dire. Some support conversations could even reflect this, both with his family and with new recruits that were enemies at first. Thinking about it, a person like this Corrin would be needed to bring Hoshido and Nohr together after all the war, making him a perfect fit for the plot. As I think about it, it's like Awakening's theme of the strength of bonds and allies almost, but with a willingness to outreach and lower one's guard to connect with others. I feel focusing on that, with some degree of common sense, would make Corrin a better character. Probably still controversial though. This characterization of Corrin would make a theme of how, to interact with and reach others, you have to make yourself vulnerable. You'll be hurt by other people, you may get betrayed, but you will make many more connections and meet many more influential people than by keeping your guard up. I feel actual Corrin tried to be like this but failed at it. There was also the family theme distracting from it. I feel better Corrin would be accepting of the bad for the good of lowering one's guard to try to interact with more people. That's my opinion on Corrin. I hope you've found this interesting and that I may have given you another perspective on him/her. Oh, and as this is my first post, if there are any forum norms I missed and such, just let me know. Also, feel free to discuss. I'd like to hear opinions on my analysis.
  4. Corrin: Fateful Prince With the multitude of legendary weapon-packing sword lords on the market, it can be difficult to stand out and make much of an impression, which is just such a problem that Corrin faces, with his balanced but unexceptional stats that make it hard to compete with the upper echelons of sword units like Ayra, Ike, or Mia. A fresh breath of life was just what Corrin needed, and though Yato's unique refinement is perhaps a bit too... overly specific to be exceptionally good for anything but highly specific support, the additional refinement options combined with the +2 to all stats that all of the refinements give Corrin a surprising, useful degree of versatility, allowing him to hit much better stat thresholds than he could have ever hoped to before his sword was refinable. Sometimes, just that little bit extra is all you really need. Level 40 stats: HP: 38 / 42 / 45 Atk: 29 / 32 / 35 Spd: 29 / 32 / 35 Def: 24 / 28 / 31 Res: 21 / 24 / 28 Total: 157~159 Default skills: Weapon: Yato (refinable) Assist: -- Special: Dragon Fang Passive A: Def+3 Passive B: Obstruct 3 Passive C: -- Blazing Yato (speed-focused) General Use, Arena Offense/Defense, Chain modes Shadow Yato (tanky) General Use, Arena Offense/Defense, Chain modes The Third Wheel (support) General Use, Chain modes
  5. Why, Corrin.

    so in cyrkeensia in birthright i beat xander and king garon. the avatar still thinks xander is so much stronger. Why? i beat garon with 1 turn.
  6. Best and Worst Lords.

    I believe the best lord in my opinion is Lucina, and Kris is the worst. (I counted the avatars as Lords, because they are relevant to the story and they can't die, or you lose.) Image Below indicates my favorite and least favorite lords.
  7. Corrin: Fateful Princess

    General Base Stats HP: 37 / 41 / 44 Atk: 24 / 27 / 31 Spd: 31 / 34 / 37 Def: 31 / 34 / 37 Res: 18 / 21 / 24 Corrin is a breath user, sporting decent HP, high Def, and a solid Spd stat (the highest of the breath users, at the time of writing). With a weapon refinement, she gains the ability to target the weaker defense stat of 2-range enemies, an absolute score given her low Atk stat. As a blue breath user, Corrin finds herself at the mercy of Julia and Deirdre's dragon-effective Naga. Additionally, her low Res makes it difficult for her to duel magical units in general. She takes effective damage from Falchion, but this is less of an issue due to Corrin's triangle advantage and high Def. She also has a very low Atk stat (the second lowest of the breath users, at the time of writing), though breath upgrades mitigate this somewhat. Suggested Skill Sets When multiple options are available, my personal recommendations (if any) will be in bold. Budget options will be colored red Dark Breath Standard TA Dragon Standard Defense (Lightning Breath, Water Breath) Change Log
  8. "A hoshidan Princess raised in Nohr. She won a ticket to a tropical island in a lottery." Stats: Hp: 31/34/37 Atk: 28/31/34 Spd: 31/34/37 Def: 19/22/25 Res: 23/26/30 Skills Weapon: Sealife Tome+ Special: Dragon Fang A Slot Skill: Swift Strike C Slot Skill: Fortify Fliers Intro: Being the second introduced Mage flyer in the game, Summer Corrin is a great unit despite some glaring weaknesses. Compared to the two other mage flyers in the game, specifically Halloween Nowi and Spring Camilla, she is faster than both of them, but has less attack than both of them. Strengths: Great movement abilities, Amazing speed, good attack, one of the top users of Blarblade+ Weaknesses: Abysmal Hp, poor def, mediocre res, weakness to arrows. Best Boons: +spd/+atk Neutral Boons: +res/+hp Worst Boons: +def Best Banes: -def Neutral Banes: -res Worst Banes: -atk/-spd/-hp And now, the builds: Bold = Best option Queen of the beach (Blarblade) Sealife Supporter (Sealife Tome) Army of Seagulls (Offensive Blarowl. Suggested by @BANRYU) Snakes on the Beach (Blarserpent) And that is all. If you think I missed a build, or I should change something, or something else, then just reply or pm me. Changelog:
  9. In Corrin's support with Gunter, why does Garon give a different punishment to Corrin for crying depending on their gender? With starvation for mCorrin, and whipping for Ccorrin? It this a ways to make the supports different, or this is a gender thing?
  10. I'm just curious basing on their stats, and their personalities.Which of these is better? The Avatar, or Child unit? (I suppose I put this in the wrong category again.)
  11. I'm pretty sure everyone in this forum knows that Corrin is a lacklustre protagonist. This was disappointing as when i first saw the fates trailers, they fleshed him/her (your preference) out as pretty bad-ass (class wise and story wise). So, what changes do we need to make to Corrin to make him a semi-competent lord?
  12. Thoughts on what would have happened.

    A. Corrin does a Hara Kiri, and then comes back in a new body, and has a limited amount of time to destroy his real father's dragon self, before he is sent to the afterlife. B. Sakura gets kidnapped by Garon, instead of Corrin, and the protagonist is Sakura instead. C. Takumi and Elise leaves their respective families, and Elise ventures out to have Corrin come back to Nohr, and Takumi ventures out to kill Corrin to make him pay for abandoning Hoshido, until they learn the truth of their true threat.
  13. Favorite Characters from Fates

    If you don't see your favorite character from fates, in this poll, feel free to leave him/her in the comments.
  14. Pairing your Avatar.

    If you don't see your wife/husband in Fates on this poll, feel free to leave him/her in the comments.
  15. Like the title says, I want to do a Corrinquest playthrough for Revelations and I want YOU to help (cheesy, I know). Sadly I can only accept EU Corrins as I live in Europe. Rules: All base Corrins must be at most level 10 You can be any un-promoted class as long as they aren't an exclusive or an enemy-only class. This means that you can't be a: Nohr Prince(ss) Songstress Faceless Stoneborn Automaton Astral Dragon Nohrian King Blight Dragon Empty Vessel Silent Dragon You get to choose 1 special skill to have as your "personal skill". You also cannot use a single stat-boosting item on your Corrin beforehand. Template: Name: Castle Adress: Boon: Bane: Class: Personal Skill: Notes: I will only recruit 15 Corrins and I want this team to be as diverse as possible so I will try to avoid characters with the same class. You can use any DLC-only class. This includes: Dread Fighter Dark Falcon Ballistician Witch I will not use amiibo classes. This includes: Lodestar Vanguard Grandmaster Great Lord Remember that your castle has to be entirely safe (No enemies and easy to seize)
  16. Whew! What a relief!
  17. Another Fates Corrin....

    I'm doin' it! This is my run of Corrinright, or for the ill-informed, a Corrin only run of Fates: Birthright! Watch the stream at kappastrife on twitch! My current units: Madoka the Great Lord w/ Renewal Aura the Darkmage w/ Astra Serge the cavalier w/ Death Blow Nevarine the Apothecary w/ Sol Seth the Outlaw w/ Point Blank Lorelei the Troubador w/ Rally Defense Jeff the Apothecary w/ Nobility Daru the Knight w/ Dargon Fang Alice the Troubador w/ Elite
  18. Im doing a corrinquest but I can't find any healer corrins. Do you guys have any? I would suggest around level 10-13 unpromoted. ~ My castle address: 13594-87419-94525-33994 Class: Outlaw Special skill: Lethality Boon/bane: Skill/luck ~
  19. Leave your corrin, castle address and lvl/class in this post! Corrin: Eliz Class: A fighter Special skill?: Vantage Level: 10 Best to recruit: start of the game Castle address: 13594-87419-94525-33994 Have fun guys :D
  20. I have a crackpot theory...

    Disclaimer: potential FE Awakening AND FE Fates spoilers ahead. So I've been harbouring a crazy conspiracy for a long while that Corrin, through the hardship and suffering in Fire Emblem Fates, becomes the original Grima. And therefore ultimately also eventually becomes Robin as well. That said, I haven't played or completed Conquest or even Revelation. So with that in mind I'm going to share my crazy theory from what I understand now, bookmark this page, and then hide in a bunker until I'm all caught up hehe. And wait with anticipation to read what the FE community will think or say. So... Let the craziness begin! Hoshido and Nohr are considered mythological kingdoms by the time of Awakening. I propose that Corrin's life ends with severe tragedy, which is the cause for Grima's lust for apocalypse for a lack of better words. After the realms of Hoshido and Nohr are brought to ruin, Corrin invades Ylisse as the original Grima. His Risen army; the remnants of his devastated world. Corrin is from a divine bloodline and can transform into a dragon. Grima is a also a humanoid dragon. On top of this, Robin and Corrin are both praised for their tactical prowess. And have white hair. So they share some common traits. Such is the case that Corrin becomes the dark bringer of the apocalypse, that this is the ultimate reasoning behind Selena, Odin and Laslow's appearance in Conquest, as they are on the lookout for Corrin, the progenitor of their realm's doom. And that's all I have now. I appreciate that this is a pretty wild one hehe. I welcome your thoughts.
  21. So am thinking of changing my corrin class for his final class and am wondering what is his best skill Set for my corrin and his information. my corrin boon and bane Lck+/Res- i like to use the omega yato in the class that is best for me this is for online can't Change into apthocary or Oni savage i like to deal Str damage and that is it so please help me
  22. Conquest and Coup D'Etats

    So, I recently got into a discussion with someone about Fates: Conquest, and they made the claim that the only ones who could technically be held accountable for Nohr's atrocities in that game are Garon, Hans, and Iago. They claimed that since they rule through fear and have an "infinite army of Faceless," that the heroes, and the entire Nohrian army, can't really be held accountable for only acting when they did. Now, as someone who's forgiving of a lot of the more recent games' shortcomings, I still can't really buy into this conceit, so I want to know, is there a way for Xander, Corrin and company to stage a military coup against Garon, Hans, Iago, and the Faceless while keeping civilian casualties to a minimum?
  23. Do you like Corrin?

    So, I am very curious if people like Corrin or not. I have my own opinion on the matter, but I will express it later since I want this OP to be as impartial as possible. It might not spark much of a discussion, but who knows.
  24. Heya, friends of the Forest and fellow video game enthusiasts! I finally got some free time again after a rough period of studies, studies and more studies. Anyways, recently, I got into a discussion with a friend whether or not it is possible to solo Conquest with Corrin (with some kind of pair-up bot, like Jakob or Felicia) if you equip them with five Breaker skills or alternatively, four Breaker skills and Sol, Renewal or Nohrian Trust. (Currently testing this in Revelations on Hard) Chapter 10 notwithstanding, I'd still say, based on how difficult Conquest is, it shouldn't be possible to do. Maybe on Normal but beyond that, I don't think it is entirely doable. What do you think? Do you think this idea is ridiculous? Did any of you actually succeed in soloing Conquest with Corrin? If yes, how did you do it? Did you have a pair-up bot or did you not? Would you need one? I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter.