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Found 8 results

  1. Canonical Character Ages?

    Thread name should explain this. Also someone tell a mod to move this if it should be somewhere else, I'm not certain where to post such question threads or if we have a dedicated general Fire Emblem question thread. Anyways, I know some canonical ages for characters - Lyndis is 1815, Eliwood and Hector are 17, Marth is 15-17 depending on the game, Roy is about 16, Tiki is 3k or thereabouts, Myrrh is "1,200 years…roughly" but are there any other characters we have established ages for? Are there any characters you guys have headcanon ages for and would you mind sharing them here for my benefit…I mean, for everyone's benefit? The reason I'm asking is for my writing - making relatively random pairings for characters across various games is surprisingly obnoxious to write, and a better grasp of where characters fit into an age-based list will in theory help me to make the pairings more believable as well as help with my general writing of those characters.
  2. Posting Deck Ideas?

    So I'm curious - would you guys read/contribute to a post or set of posts involving users(including myself) submitting Decklists and Deck ideas and the like? Would such a post/s even be allowed in this section or would we need a new subsection for it? I've done this before elsewhere, so I'd be happy to start with my own ideas if you guys want proof that I'm serious. It'd be preferable if a mod for this section let us know first and foremost if we're allowed to post that kind of thing(and how to do so - one big thread, a thread for each contributor's ideas, or a separate thread for each contribution?) before people start saying they want to see our Decklists or contribute their own, but if you'd be interested, hey, this would be a good place to know I guess! Some quick clarifications as well for anyone who would be interested(assuming it's allowed of course)... This is a Discussion Forum. Someone's gonna tell you your Decklist sucks for X reason. Obviously you shouldn't be posting Decklists if you can't handle someone critiquing/criticizing your ideas. Continuing that note, please try not to be a jerk about other people's Decklists - some people spend lots of time coming up with their Decklists, and telling them their beloved Deck is a pile of (censored) is obviously not cool. At least try to be nice about telling someone they'd lose to two Starter Decks shuffled together. Obviously, we want to keep joke Decklists to a minimum to reduce spam - we would want you to try to be relatively serious. There are of course exceptions, like the fun concept of a 100-card all-Anna Decklist(don't post that though because it's kind of obvious how that would be run), but we don't want to spam this joint with a bunch of "LOL Decklist containing every single card in the first three sets" or comparably ridiculous ideas, both because then people wouldn't be able to find actually serious stuff in the middle of all the LOList junk and because someone would let Eclipse ban me for suggesting the idea in the first place and I'd rather not have that happen please. Anyways, someone tell me if we can do that, and if so let me know if that sounds like a good/fun idea! BTW, I'm not following this Post and won't be notified if you respond unless you either quote me or tag me. Just so you guys know.
  3. So, I'm on Chapter 19, and I want to know how my party are doing average stat wise, and to know which ones are the best and which ones are the worst in your opinion. Every one hit level 20. For those who saw my previous thread on the forum, I have decided not to use Rhys and I did use Astrid in the end. So, here we go: Ike: Level 2 Lord 37 HP 16 Strength 7 Magic 21 Skill 22 Speed 12 Luck 20 Defence 10 Resistence Jill: Level 2 Wyvern Lord 35 HP 18 Strength 3 Magic 16 Skill 17 Speed 9 Luck 15 Defence 7 Resistence Oscar: Level 2 Paladin (Bows Secondary Weapon) 36 HP 17 Strength 9 Magic 19 Skill 16 Speed 12 Luck 15 Defence 9 Resistance Boyd: Level 2 Warrior 46 HP 18 Strength 3 Magic 17 Skill 16 Speed (+1 Speedwing) 10 Luck 16 Defence 8 Resistance Nephenee: Level 2 Harberdeir 33 HP 12 Strength 5 Magic 18 Skill 23 Speed 9 Luck 16 Defence 7 Resistance Ilyana: Level 2 Mage (Staffs selected) 33 HP 6 Strength 15 Magic 18 Skill 17 Speed 13 Luck 9 Defence 21 Resistance Rolf: Level 2 Sniper 34 HP 16 Strength 7 Magic 19 Skill 20 Speed 12 Luck 12 Defence 9 Resistance Astrid: Level 2 Paladin (Axes chosen) 36 HP 17 Strength 13 Magic 19 Skill 20 Speed 15 Luck 18 Defence 13 Resitance Mia: Level 2 Swordsmaster 41 HP (+1 Seraph Robe) 13 Strength 7 Magic 19 Skill 22 Speed 14 Luck 9 Defence 6 Resistance Gatrie: Level 2 General 41 HP 23 Strength 2 Magic 17 Skill 8 Speed (Poor guy!) 9 Luck 22 Defence 8 Resistance Soren: Level 2 Sage (Staffs chosen) 31 HP 2 Strength 22 Magic 21 Skill 21 Speed 11 Luck 9 Defence 20 Resistance Mist: Level 1 Valkyrie 31 HP 8 Strength (+1 Energy Drop) 20 Magic 12 Skill 17 Speed 20 Luck 6 Defence 19 Resistance.
  4. Travel all of Europe in 1 vacation?

    I know some people especially my cousin who has traveled alot of European countries in one vacation. Like how does that work? Is it like cheap to travel all around of Europe? Is it difficult? I'm not traveling but I want to know how this works. Sometimes I wonder like how do they get around and or this sounds silly but have all the money? If anyone knows anything please tell me I just want to learn how this works.
  5. so we all know there is going to be a crossover of fire emblem and smt, but i haven't heard about this game much, i only know that there is a 3ds game of smt, so i'm kinda interested on what's this game about so if someone could explain me i would be really grateful :D (again sorry for my english, tho i've said this a lot of times so i should stop xD)
  6. I've been thinking of trying to S-Rank HHM later, and I was was wondering the recommended number of units that could promote. I know Hector's a given, and Serra and Priscilla should promote, too, but how many others could I promote?
  7. Which do you all prefer? Just curious.