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Found 46 results

  1. Okay, Okay, so I just started act 3, and I've never played Gaiden before, BUT i've played all the other games released in America. I'm just shocked. Celica goes from overjoyed to see Alm, to anger that he's here in the first place, then really angry that he's leading the war. Then when he tries to defend himself, she insults him, gets more upset and storms off. I know something like this was needed so we had the Dual Protagonist system employed in Gaiden/Echoes, but it seems so contrived and forced. Like, when was she a pacifist? like she wants to stop the war without bloodshed, wait what? Celica, what about the 100-odd pirated you MURDERED to get here!? you led a small army and RAIDED A PIRATE BASE, so you wanted to be helpful and secure a small part to help the people who raised you and liberate them from their oppressors. sounds like a microcosm of what Alm's doing on his side. and this is fire emblem! you're not gonna just stroll on over to Milla's temple without a fight and magically fix everything. No, she's gotta fight her way there, The map tells me so. otherwise the game would be boring. so what the heck? She just comes off as a judgemental bigot. that scene just comes off like: "why are you here Alm! you're not supposed to be fighting and leading the war and fighting and killing people!" She says while holding her pirate-blood soaked golden knife in her hand and two cities praising her for murdering the pirates. While Alm is holding his own bloodied sword and has a country praising him for doing the same, but with the rigelians. and she thinks what she's doing is right. I'm just confused by this. so anyone who shares my views on this, or doesn't, please comment below. If you've played gaiden before I'd love to hear how it went out in that game. but yeah, I literally just started Act 3 and that scene made me so upset that it felt like it ruined Celica for me, who was really growing on me and becoming one of my favorite lords ever.
  2. I just want to know how the overall sales. I know the reviews were mix to mostly good but what about the sales. Nintendo usually like to brag about sales with their titles last year fate sold like 400k and Nintendo brag about that. Echoes not so much. So does anyone know the sales numbers yet.
  3. I found out in reddit the the developers were going to add a Avatar character to the remake but than they decided not to since they wanted to focus on Alm and Celica. I guess that confirm they aren't against the MU being in remake. Well I guess there Chris but most probably thought he be a one time thing for remakes.
  4. This is the feedback topic for Fire Emblem Fates: Double-Edged Destiny: For those who did not go to this older topic right here: and read bits and pieces of the story itself as it progressed and discuss it, this is the place to do that. For anyone who has not spoken with me before, I would like for you to know that I will take constructive criticism if that's what you want to write. You can tell me why you (dis)like something in the story and you may explain why you feel like that (you can choose not to though I would really like if you did), but I will not tolerate meaningless rants or irrational hatred at all. Everyone has preferences and we should respect them to maintain a healthy discussion and avoid clawing at each other's throats. That is all I would like to say for now other than I await your thoughts on this story.
  5. What are some of your ideas for another voting gauntlet? It doesn't have to be a full roster, I made this so we could share ideas. One of my favorite Voting Gauntlet ideas would be Nohr V. Hoshido for example. please leave your ideas below, I would really love hearing them. <3
  6. I've seen quite a few cavalry guides around here in the past which have inspired me to make my own. I have a separate cavalry account where I'm trying to get at least 1 of every 5* horse in the game. So far, I have Eldigan, Prinscilla, Xander, Olwen, and 3 Reinhardts. I also have some level 40 4* cavalry units that I don't think are worth the upgrade. I've used other cavalry units like Leo on my other accounts, so I know how they work as well. Cavalry Base I would argue you need two kinds of units to make an effective cavalry team - or any team for that matter. One for physical attacks and one for magical attacks. These two types should be opposing colors but they can be the same if the rest of your team is different. Having more than 2 of a single color is a very bad idea. The two golden gooses for a cavalry team are Reinhardt/Olwen and Eldigan. With these two, you can actually 'duo' most of the game and a few grand hero battles. In the latest one (Navarre), I used robin to bait a dagger unit (he didn't even do any damage that wasn't healed the next turn, just survived a hit) and Priscilla to heal him after so he could survive a second hit. Besides that, Eldigan and Reinhardt "duo'd" the entire map without needing any heals. If you have Olwen/Reinhardt and Eldigan both, you should definitely be making a cavalry team! Below is the full 'guide'. It's really more of a discussion. After that, is an estimated 'guide' that is essentially cliffnotes of my discussion. If you don't want to read a lot, just look at the cliffnotes and if you disagree with something read the justification in the full discussion. I'm also not going too in depth when it comes to skill inheritance, because quite frankly, if you're that into the game, you already know what you're doing. Just focus on goad/hone/fortify/ward slot C skills if you don't know what you're doing. Have any other team compositions I didn't mention? I'd love to hear about them. Full Cliff Notes/Summary
  7. Hey, it's 11volt. There's not much else to say on this. Let's discuss our picks for best and worst classes in the game. My picks would be Sorcerer for best and Sniper for worst.
  8. Current Question(s): Q5. 'What are you working on currently?' Previous Question(s): Q4. 'What styles of spriting have you tried? What would you like to learn/try?' Original Post
  9. FE14 introduced a new method of reclassing with the use of Heart Seals. What's interesting about this item is that the class that the unit becomes is based on their personality and if you include child units, the class that their parents pass on. For example, Charlotte, who's default class is Fighter, has a habit of acting frail and weak in the presence of men but ultimately fails most of the time, can reclass into a weak and frail troubadour as a nod to her character. Not only do I find this a fun and balanced way of reclassing in Fire Emblem, but this feature makes me wonder: if this feature appeared in the older games, what class could they have been? I have made a list of a few suggestions that I've come up with and you're more than welcome to post your own suggestions in this topic as well. 1. Renault from FE7 can reclass into a Hero. This is a hint at his past were he mentions that he was a ruthless killer and his strange growths for a Bishop. 2. Vanessa (FE8) can reclass into the mage promotion line due to her reserved nature and her ability to act calm under pressure. 3. Farina (FE7) can reclass into a mercenary due to her obsession with making a decent living from the right employer. 4. Roger (FE3) can reclass into a cavalier in a desperate attempt to impress a girl, like Shiida. 5. Finally, Nino can reclass into a myrmidon, as a reference to her idolizing her "brothers" growing up. So yeah, this is just a thread so folks can say what heart seal options unit could of had if they existed.
  10. I'm just sick and tired of it. I get why people don't like Awakening. It is a game with not the best map design and not the best story. HOWEVER. I am sort of a series veteran and just started replaying Awakening, and I actually kind of enjoy it. The map design is horrible as well as the story, but it doesn't really bother me for some reason. I like the gameplay, and since reclassing and overpowering your characters is OPTIONAL you can just play this game like any other fire emblem game. I also strangely liked the characters much. Not all of them like Cherche or Gerome, but a lot of them I really like. The characters are gimmicky, yes. But not to the point where they are not fun to listen to anymore. My least favourite fire emblem games, the tellius games, had just as much gimmicky characters that I liked just as much. But there were some EXTREMELY boring characters in that game, as are in awakening. My point is, while awakening has bad parts to it, it is still a fire emblem game. Why can't people just stop complaining how bad it is and enjoy it? Then we come to my favourite fire emblem game. Fates. I enjoyed all 3 versions. I didn't grind on BR and REV, and played on Lunatic. I see people complaining how easy those games are, but those people (Like Mangs) are often using much stat-boosters and visitor points items. With using those, you basically let yourself win the game, as it is almost impossible to lose the game. Me, I had quite a tough time with some of the chapters, Like ch. 23 and ch, 24. I feel like the difficulty spikes are handled very well in any of the 3 versions. Conquest, despite having not so good a story (Again, doesn't bother me) had a sweet level design, and could be enjoyed by almost anyone. Revelations is the game where the most complaints come from. ''The maps designs are the worst''. Really? I actually really liked those maps. All of them, except Ch. 25. I honestly don;t see whats wrong with those chapters and I had great fun playing it. Still, people complain about overgrinding, making the game too easy. 2 things. 1. It's OPTIONAL 2. Those same people complain about the later maps in REV being tedious and unfair, which makes them lose units. If you have trouble, GRIND. I had no trouble with those maps (except 25) and I enjoyed them big time.
  11. Hello people, and welcome! To a “Kipor Analyzes Stuff in Fates”. I’m your host, Kipor, and today we shall begin the analysis! ... Did that sound like a youtuber intro? Yes? Woohoo, success! So, now in all seriousness, welcome everyone. This little topic right here is one in which I... well, analyze stuff. But! That doesn’t give you a really good idea on what I’ll be doing here, right? Well, allow me to try and explain myself. Now, as some of you may know... Fates gets a lot of shit. Let me repeat that, slowly: a LOT of shit. Now, it isn’t as if that’s undeserved per se: the story has some pretty considerable faults and, well, let’s say it’s not exactly what most people were looking for and leave it at that, hm? But, thing is! One of the things I noticed, and some may have noticed as well, is that many of the points raised against Fates seem to come from... misunderstanding, so to say. It may seem weird to say that, but characters and events in Fates sometimes are a lot more complex that they may seem at first. What is deliberately shown to us is, many times, no half of what is really going on. You need to analyze something so that you can truly understand what is going on and why is it going on, why things are that way. Want a example? When, exactly, is it explicitly said that Anankos possessed Takumi in Conquest? Now, to explain a little more in what I’m going to do... it’s pretty simple, truth be told. I will try to analyze things. Characters, events, you name it. Tell me something you would like to hear an analyses on and, well, I’ll try to do it. I’ll try to explain what happened, I will try to explain the motivations and reasoning behind some actions. “Try” being the keyword here, folks. Keep in mind, the point of this is to discuss said things and to make the story better for everyone in a way or another. Also keep in mind that this is my explanation, based on how I interpreted things. And, this may seem hard to believe, but I’m not the “Lord of Truth”. What I say isn’t necessarily right and you don’t need to agree with it, and that’s fine, I won’t push it down your throat. What I’m offering here is no more than a point of view, a way to look at things, a different perspective. If you agree or disagree with that, or if you want to discuss something… well, that’s up to you. Also, I feel I must put this here before anything else: not a native English speaker! I’m born and raised in Brazil, buddies, and I’ve had no formal training in English besides verb to be. So, if things are a little hard to understand, well, my apologies in advance! Now, with that said, let us proceed to the very first thing I want to analyze… CROWN PRINCE XANDER OF NOHR Now, this guy is hated, I must tell you that. At least in what pertains to the story itself; seems like people like him a lot more in supports. But, what I’m going to get into is story. So, ahem, let’s go! The oldest of the Nohr siblings, Xander is – and correct me if I’m wrong since I’m not checking this particular piece of information – the firstborn son of Garon, before all the others born to his other wives and mistresses. One thing that is a pretty big part about the character of Xander is that, unlike everyone else (including us), he saw and lived with the actual Garon. Not the goo monster that twirls his mustache while training his evil speeches, but the actual, living and (supposedly) good Garon. Now, we don’t know really that much about this Garon since we ever saw it, but no-one can deny that he was very important to Xander. Described as a intimidating – but nevertheless kind – father, Garon was a very important piece in shaping who Xander is. Throughout the story, it’s made pretty clear that Xander had a lot of love, respect and admiration for the man that Garon was. Fast forward a couple years and we have a Garon that is not exactly that lovable. I mean, if you don’t enjoy guys who eat kitten-soup, then I guess you won’t be a fan of Garon. But, as far as Xander knows, that evil Garon was the same Garon he loved. And, as we can see, he thinks he is sick. Not, I can’t remember if this was during Birthright, Conquest or Revelations, but one specific scene shows that: one where Xander is speaking to Leo and talks about how their father is sick and how he would get better after Hoshido is conquered. Now – is it just me, or do we have here one of the main motivations for Xander during the war? But, let us establish somethings now. Let us talk about loyalties, hm? As with the rest of the siblings, Xander displays a strong sense of loyalty towards his siblings. He loves them, after all, but, unlike the rest of the siblings, he doesn’t love them above all else. In fact, as much as Xander cares about them, there are two things that he loves above them: his father – for the reasons stated before – and his home: the Kingdom of Nohr. If we were to organize things, we could say his loyalties and priorities are the following: FIRST – THE KINGDOM OF NOHR SECOND – HIS FATHER, GARON THIRD – HIS SIBLINGS (CAMILLA, LEO, ELISE AND THE AVATAR) Now, let’s take a moment to analyze this, shall we? Let’s consider these priorities and think about how they relate to the story. During the Birthright campaign, Xander displays a lot of hatred towards the Avatar. Well, maybe “hatred” is kind of a strong word, but he is definetly angry at the Avatar, and this is because of the betrayal. By siding with Hoshido, the Avatar betrayed both his family, his family (well, Xander’s father at any rate) and the kingdom of Nohr in Xander’s eyes, which motivates that hate. Xander consistently shows himself determined to follow the orders of his father – even if that puts him at odds with his siblings. That is something that makes sense for his character, not only because his loyalty towards his father is greater than the loyalty he feels towards his siblings, but also because he truly believes (or deludes himself to believe) that his father have the best interests of Nohr at heart, what makes him think that whatever his father orders is for the greater good of Nohr. During the end of Conquest, Xander threatens to kill the Avatar after he tells the siblings about goo-Garon if his claims are proven false. Again, that is in character with Xander; he loves Avatar and is loyal to him, but if what he’s saying is a lie, then he is trying to incite the siblings to rebel against Garon – which would be an act of treachery both to his father and the kingdom of Nohr. At the same time, during the end of Conquest, Xander is the first of the siblings to take up arms to fight against Garon after seeing the truth in what the Avatar says. That is because at that point he realized that he was never following his real father during this time and that whatever that thing was, it was manipulating and sabotaging Nohr for it’s own ideals. That makes goo-Garon an enemy to Xander, since that means he goes against the three things Xander holds dearest. During Revelations, Xander eventually betrays Garon. That is the only route in which this happens, and that is motivated by one thing: he hear Garon talk about how he wished to destroy Nohr. This, at the same time, made Xander realize that this Garon was not the same Garon he knew and triggered his buttons by going against his kingdom. And now, now we’ve reached the juicy part: Elise’s death in Birthright. One of the biggest things that make people hate Xander is how he insisted on fighting the Avatar, even after killing his own sister by accident during said fight. A lot of people wanted Xander to stop fighting at that point, to realize the mistake he was making and to turn against Garon… but it’s simply not that easy. Remember the priorities of Xander? Nohr, father, siblings. Nohr, father, siblings. Even if Garon was a cruel tyrant who killed people on a whim and declared a invasion upon Hoshido, Xander still saw the man he admired and loved. He thought that Garon was sick, he thought the war was for the good of Nohr, and he was loyal to the bone to this cause: Hans himself praises his loyalty to Nohr in Revelations. Turning against his father or simply doing nothing would both be a betrayal to the two things he loved the most: his country and father. Does that mean he didn’t love Elise? That he didn’t care about her death? No, not at all. Xander loved her a lot, he loved all his siblings. His anger toward the Avatar is built both upon his feelings of betrayal and on the love he had for the sibling that turned against the things he holds dearest. When Elise was killed by his blade, Xander broke: it really is as simple as that. He was sad, he was depressed, and he wanted to die. But still, he felt like he had to defend the things he cared about. It was not a matter of simply ignoring the dying wish of his sister, but a matter of Xander not being able to follow that wish: to stand down would mean that he would let the forces of Hoshido reach (and as far as he knows, kill) his father while, at the same time, mean that he would let Nohr, the country that he loves, lose the war. He would let the two things he held dearest to his heart down if he were to follow his sister wishes, and that is something that he was unwilling to do. During the story, Xander is repeatedly described and brave and noble. And, at the end of the day, he was. He never feared any enemy or any situation, always charging into the thick of battle regardless of the odds (as shown during Conquest, when he fights the Faceless while the Avatar makes his/her escape). And he was noble; that was shown in his sense of chivalry (ordering Peri and Laslow to not interfere in the duel against the Avatar), in the regal and imposing way he carried himself (very much what one would expect for a king or prince) and in his sense of duty towards the crown and king, carrying his missions in the best way possible (while at the same time trying to damage-control his father “madness”, as Leo says in Conquest by pointing out how the Nohrian siblings try to deal with Garon’s orders, as well as shown in the prologue with sparing Rinkah and Kaze). In the end, the conclusion I reach upon trying to analyze Xander’s character is basically this: he is very complex. He is a man with a great sense of honor and a strong code of morals, but with misguided loyalties that lead him to do things he would otherwise not do. He isn’t blind to how evil Garon is, but he can’t bring himself to go against the father he loved and admired so much in the past, nor against the nation he was born into. His sense of duty to father and nation guide his actions and hand, but he is not without his own way of thinking; while he tends to avoid going openly against his father wishes, he has no qualms against acting on his own at times when he feels so is needed. And, despite being very loyal to his father, Xander’s ultimate loyalty is to his country; if his country is on the line, he would go even against his father, and if he feels that something his father orders is not in the interest of Nohr and said thing goes against something Xander himself holds dear, then he is willing to challenge his own father for it (as shown in Conquest when he refuses to kill Corrin for no good reason). … So, uh… I hope this is legible? And I hope this was actually enjoyable. So, um, that said, I… well, that’s basically it I had in mind for now so, uh… be sure to… y’know… recommend a character or… stuff… you would like me to analyze! Yeah! That would be cool, I guess… I mean, at least reasonably cool as far as things go and… well, like I said, I hope this can be fun for you guys since it’s definitely been a lot of fun for me and, I, well, hope I’m not doing anything wrong with this and all, so I, uh, I hope to… ... Y’know what? I’m just gonna shut up now. See ya.
  12. So I've been juggling a few ideas for the affinities in my hack, Book of Eden, and I was wondering what you guys think about the affinities? In the few games that had affinities in them, there were generally two versions of them: GBA era: Fire, Thunder, Wind, Ice, Light, Dark, Anima Tellius era: Fire, Thunder, Wind, Ice, Light, Dark, Earth, Water, Heaven In my hack, much of the lore is inspired from things like Golden Sun, Avatar (element bending one), The Forbidden Kingdom, Chinese Zodiac, and Sun sign horoscopes. I wanted to come up with a 'horoscope' system of sorts for my universe and so far, thinking of sticking with just Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Light, and Darkness. As for the affinities stats, I'm going to change them for each affinity so they better match the element in my opinion. Currently for the GBA era, stat wise, I noticed each affinity always have two sections that are always empty. For example, Fire has 0's in both Def and Critical Evasion bonuses, where as, Light has 0's in Evasion and Critical Evasion. Should I stick with this or go with something else? In your experience of the games, do you think the affinities accurately reflect the characters, their personalities, and their stats? Though, I know most people don't give much thought to the affinity system, much less their impact on the character's personality and related. It's just something that's always been interesting to me, kind of like the Myers Briggs personality charts, nothing to live by but fun to think about. What do you guys think? I'm eager to hear what everyone else's thoughts on this are.
  13. As far as I'm aware, anyway, he seems to be, especially in Revelations. I haven't played the Radiant games (can't find any at a decent price), but I'm pretty sure they have an Oifey, too.
  14. With Sony confirming the PS4K earlier this month and Microsoft confirming Project Scorpio just minutes ago, it seems like if Nintendo's trying to be competitive with the NX they've lost their edge. Scorpio is aiming for Holiday 2017, with the PS4K likely launching around a similiar time. With the NX launch during March 2017, it will be less than a year before it becomes part of the bottom-band console hardware- gee, that sounds awfully familiar. Even though Scorpio (and most likely PS4K) don't mean a new generation, they'll still give devs much more to work with. The NX is most likely around vanilla PS4/Xbox One level- which wouldn't be an immediate issue, but definitely calls long-term 3rd party support into question. So, thoughts? As you can probably infer from my above write-up, I'm expecting the NX to face similiar problems that the Wii U did in regards to 3rd-party- though to a lesser extent, due to existing models forming the baseline. Nevertheless, outside of Nintendo upending all the rumors and releasing the NX on-par with the upcoming console iterations, I think the likelihood of Nintendo being competitive with the NX is very small.
  15. I want to know what Kaga stance is on the new take with Fire emblem, more so on 13 and 14. Does anybody know.
  16. So now that the game has been out for a while, what are your opinions on the new weapon system? Here's what I think: Pros The nerf to javelins and hand axes was a great idea and honestly should have been implemented in earlier games I know people here might disagree with me, but weapon durability ceased to be an important feature the moment they allowed you to purchase weapons in between chapters so removing it made sense The buffs/debuffs that weapons give you adds a new dimension to game Weapons that modify the double attack threshold are nifty Hidden weapons were a nice addition Cons Hidden weapons are a tad bit too effective since there's no way to remedy the debuffs that they inflict on you The stat penalty from using silver weapons are a bit too high, so much so that players may forgo using them in favour of forged iron weapons Raijinto and Siegfried are far too strong, completely disregarding the rules of this new weapon system on top of giving their users a stat boost All in all, I liked the new weapon system. It had a few flaws, but that was to be expected since this is their first attempt at doing it (ignoring Gaiden, which was a bit of a clusterfuck). I hope that they keep it for the next game and try to fix some of the flaws.
  17. This thread is going to be mainly disscussing the Supports from FE7. Which one was your favorite? Least? Also please keep in mind I haven't read ALL the supports in the game. I also don't care about spoilers (for example a characters background)
  18. Is there a particular game/game genre that you are particularly good at? A game/game genre you were able to complete it's challenges/adapt to at a faster pace then most? For me, I'm really good at rhythm games for some reason, I have a good sense of rhythm so maybe that's why. I'm also pretty good at Mario Kart. (Although I haven't played it in a while.)
  19. My favorite class is the Mage class line, or to be more specific, the GBA mage class line. I just simply find the animations of the Mages and Sages attacking and evading to be exciting to watch, and are my personal favorite. My least favorite class line is the Cavailar class line. I just find them boring. One of the reasons why I like the Fire Emblem is the battles that take place, as units get spectacular attacks. The Cavaliar class line gets a horse they ride and it neighs and jumps when crits. I simply don't find that very exciting. It also does not help that I find a lot of characters that are Cavaliars to be very samey, with the character trait of "Very serious and patriotic that thinks their country and their king/queen is the bee's kness".
  20. Something hit me the other day regarding Awakening. Oh, uh, spoilers, by the way. Validar tells you later in the game that he's had spies on you since the Carrion Isle map, but he never says whether or not they were Risen. The first time I played I figured that's what he meant, but what if Henry was his spy? Suddenly ol' Vally pitting Risen against you makes sense, it was all to make Henry integrate into your army. Chrom is quite naive and the Avatar is rather busy having migraines at that point, so there's really nobody to question it other than Frederick. (But really, did anybody ever actually listen to that guy?) I mean...Henry's generally a mystery, right? So does this make sense to anybody else? Could there have been others in the army spying for Plegia?
  21. Over the years, many game series' have been discontinued or abandoned. There is a variety of causes, companies have become bankrupt, games have a cult following but aren't financially successful and so on. Despite this, there are fans that want these series' to be continued, maybe because they believe it had potential, or maybe it's because the last game in the series ended on a cliffhanger that needs continuing, which leads me to the question presented in this topic: if you could "revive" a game series (this can be anything from a new title to a remake or to an international release), which one would you choose? For me, it would be the Mother series. I know they've said they are done with the series, but I would love to see another title with it's unique dialogue, or an international release of Mother 3 or a remake of one of the titles.
  22. What I mean in the title is that what would you change if you had full control over the FE games, remakes, story, gameplay, marketing, character and level design, art style, setting etc?
  23. I finally decided to join the forums. Not only because I want to know and talk to the people in it, but also to help improve the quality and design of its members' game-related projects. You see, I'm not really interested in learning ROM hacking or using FEXP myself, but I certainly enjoy watching YouTube videos related to it. More than a few hours have gone into Klokinator's, Markyjoe1990's, MageKnight404's, Mangs' and other people’s channels. The games tend to be funny and enjoyable. Some even have nice visuals and interesting mechanics. But to be completely honest, I feel the overall quality of them is... well... lacking. Sometimes the writing is appallingly bad. In other instances, the graphics leave much to be desired. And on the worst cases, the game isn't fun to play at all. It seems most of these problems arise from the lack of experience and/or attention to detail from the creators, who in most cases are new to the world of ROM hacking/coding/game development. That I can understand and forgive for two reasons: First, because working on a project for fun and personal satisfaction is an experience we can all relate to and agree with. If you get no enjoyment from an experience and only remain because someone else says so, it becomes a chore. And, unless you're somehow getting paid for doing it, there’s really no reason to continue. Second, because condemning a person for being a beginner is not only unreasonable and unfair, but it's also entirely hypocritical. Every human being starts without knowledge or direction. The community surrounding this person is responsible for providing the resources and information needed to develop one's abilities. A healthy environment full of polite and genuinely interested people is what makes all its members grow and become better. That’s how the great people of history and the societies they built came to be. We all need to start somewhere, and I believe sites like this forum serve that purpose very well. Beginners can make mistakes when starting, as long as they learn from the experience. We expect them to do so. However, there comes a point where inexperience becomes sloth. And that shouldn’t be excused. Intentionally refusing the knowledge when being provided, working on a lazy, unclean and unfocused manner and being uncommitted to a project that already has the interest and following from other people, who have shown support since the beginning and are hoping to see progress, just because "it's easier that way” is completely unacceptable. This community has provided top-quality content in the past, rivaling that of teams with higher budgets and more sophisticated resources. I believe its members are capable of great things if they commit to the task and get organized. But there's a negative reputation, deserved or not, that follows almost every Fire Emblem fan game. The gaming community at large looks at hackers and fan game designers as amateurs, people without aim or focus that work on a whim, who are only wasting potential on another company's intellectual property when they could be working on their own. I disagree with those who think that way. Productions that serve as a tribute to an already existing franchise have just as much value as a completely original game, not only because they're capable of having all the elements of a quality product, but also because they help newcomers hone their skills and reach a higher level of performance in whatever craft they're working with. We, as a community, must work to change this negative way of thinking and show everyone that we're capable of doing great things. I hope the day comes when a Fire Emblem fan game is not seen as lesser form of entertainment when compared to the original, but as it’s equal instead. For now, all I can offer to the people in this forum is advice and support when requested or needed. If you wish to discuss something with me or want feedback on your project, please, let me know. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.
  24. There are different games with many different varying difficulty levels. There are some games out there that give very little challenge but provide a more laid-back experience. There are some games out there that provide a massive challenge that causes people to rage and tear their hair out, yet still play the game to feel that massive satisfactory feeling when they overcome the challenge provided. Out of these two style of games, which do you prefer? Or do you not mind how difficult the game is, as long as you enjoy it? For me, I would go for the Easy but Laid-Back games. Personally,I play games to relax and to take my mind off of any troubles going on in the world for a little while, meaning those games that are filled to the brim with rage-inducing difficulty doesn't really appeal to me.
  25. From the 16th of November 2015, same-sex couples are now able to get married in Ireland and have more than a civil partership, which was decided on the referendum held on Friday the 22nd of May 2015, where 62% of voters chose Yes. This also means that same-sex couples that married in other countries will be recognised as couples if they are in Ireland. For anyone that was wondering, the constituencie that voted Yes the most was Dublin South East. The constituencie that voted No the most was Roscommon-South Leitrim.