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Found 10 results

  1. My brother recently finished this map using the editor on StarCraft II! This does mean to play it you'll need a account and have to have SC II downloaded but both are available free of charge ; ). How to play: Open Starcraft II -> At the top click "Custom"-> Just below that click "Arcade"-> Search "Fire emblem" -> click Fire Emblem : Beccas Disaster-> Click "Create Lobby"-> Click "Start Game"! OR click this link battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/293602 Here's some general details: The story follows an amnesiac main character who is accompanied by a cat. 36 playable chapters + optional random battles 26 playable characters Unique skill to each character + spots for 3 more skills gained from classes. Reclassing - after reaching level 10 as a promoted unit, characters can become almost any of the base classes or switch to the other promoted branch of their 1st tier class. Contains lots of humor :P Support gameplay effects are in but vast majority aren't written And just some more notes: Doubling happens with a difference of 3 speed Weapons are unbreakable, balanced by them mostly being obtained through the shop Promoting and reclassing costs gold In the "Options" menu you'll find a checklist to skip attacks, skip movements, and to hide the grid, as well as the option to forfeit a battle, and the "Menu" button which allows you to quit the game The grid is color coded to reveal what each tile is: green for a forest tile, blue for water, white for normal, purple represents a flier only space Game automatically saves after each completed battle, can manually save while in your base ( so you don't have to redo a bunch of stuff like buying items, reclassing etc if you get a gameover on the next level) Should be free of bugs but you never know if you catch any let us know please :).
  2. So, I started doing a lot more work on my fan game, and I wanted to share some stuff. I also have the main character growths, but I don't want to share those just yet, because I'm nervous about what you guys will say. SO for now, here's the base stats, class, legendary weapons and affiliation. Feedback would be nice. FE 12 Heroes Main Character Base Stats.xlsx
  3. After several days of slaving away working on this video, it's finally finished! This video stars the villain, Maya, and her two retainers. As for the game, Fire Emblem Tiding Bonds takes place in the continent of Torrenia. Across the sea from Archanea, it's a land of peace and prosperity. Indeed, the Torrenians even refused to take part in the Scouring. The continent nor the nations in it have any militia or military to speak of. But now, darkness lingers. Monsters have begun to appear, bringing death and destruction wherever they go. It's up to the avatar, a mage from Khadein, to lead an army to Princess Maya who's summoning the creatures. Alongside the avatar are two twin lords from Estuan, a country inside Torrenia, named Castor and Pollux. Together, the three of them need to regain control and restore peace to Torrenia. I'm very happy with how the project's going so far. It's being made using FEXP. Unfortunately, progress is slow since we only have two people on the team including me. Not to mention my programmer/event scripter/map designer/wizard is busy working on his own indie game with his company so both of us are seeing it hard to find time to work on it. We'd love to have more people on the project. Especially people who have experience splicing mugs, coding events, map designing, and other things of that caliber. Hopefully soon we'll have a demo to present, but this is all we have right now.
  4. Download (Windows v0.7) (un-zip and then double-click lion_throne.exe file) A fully custom and open-source Fire Emblem fangame Summary The Lion Throne has 11 chapters of innovative objectives, custom classes, a fully functioning custom skill system with activated skills, a Tellius-style base menu, area-of-effect spells, an actual difficulty curve, Xbox 360 controller support, and much more! Journey with Ophie, Prim and the rest of the Resistance as they attempt to restore the rightful heir of the Lion Throne to her place. Their fate is in your hands. What's next? Level Editor and Tutorial Access to a Mac machine to build a Mac executable. Access to a Linux machine to build a Linux executable Access to an Android device to finalize Android version Both the engine and the game (while essentially complete) are still in Alpha, so you may encounter bugs. I am only one man and cannot catch 'em all. Tread carefully! If you do encounter any bugs, please send me a PM or place a comment here describing the events that led up to the bug, so I may squash it as soon as possible. The file Saves/debug.log.1 will have the most recent error in it. Please send that as well if you can. Thank you!
  5. Fire Emblem: Legacy of Fallen Stars

    Working on an FE fangame called Fire Emblem: Legacy of Fallen Stars. I made an r/fireemblem post about it which covers a lot, and the comments cover even more. Link I'm posting it here as well because, although I'm more than happy with the amount of composers, mugspriters, writers, and programmers that have stepped up, there are still a few issues I need help with, and, of course, more publicity never helps. First of all, what should I do for actual gameplay? I have this whole thing planned with a new skill system and branching classes and three tiers of promotion and all that, but...I can't do much of that with just simple romhack tools. Generally, would it be smarter to try to make a ton of new systems in a rom hack, or simply wait until FEXNA releases? I'd reccommend reading the entire thread above, or at least most of it, before commenting here as a lot of questions were answered there.
  6. Hey everyone! I'm SEVA. I don't post regularly, but you might know me as the person who made Micro Emblem, and this Paper Mario fangame. Well, over the years I've been making fan games, of course I accumulated quite a few 'sketches', most only one level long, which could have become full games but didn't. And it's probably a good thing, 'cause most of them are terrible! :whoops: But nonetheless, they might be quite interesting to look at, so I decided to stream a bunch of them today. If you're the kind of person who enjoys laughing at , or just likes fangames, you may enjoy this. There won't be any Fire Emblem in this stream (unless there's high demand for me to play Micro Emblem or something) but there will be some Mario fangames, some Sonic fangames, some things which aren't really fangames... [spoiler=Just a few of the exhibits:] You can find my Twitch channel here. The stream starts today at 22:00 BST. That's also 9:00 PM UTC, 5:00 PM EDT, 2:00 PM PDT. Any other time zones, you can look up yourself.
  7. Hello, everyone, and welcome to a Let’s Play of Micro Emblem! I’m sure you all recognize me from my Nuzlocke playthrough of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War… Anyone? No? Well, today I present you with an LP of a creative and fun Fire Emblem fangame made by SEVA with 19 chapters. This game is supposed to be pretty challenging. I guess we’ll see as time goes on, won’t we~ I aim to get the secret ‘Good Ending’, which apparently exists in the game. Hmm, I wonder how you reach it… Well, on to Chapter One! [spoiler=Chapter One] As you can see, the creator chose an 8-bit art style for this game. I quite enjoy it. Naturally, I press start and… That’s right, this game even has a VS mode! I didn’t check it out, though… Anyway, I click story. Then new… And Chapter One begins! This is going to be fun : ] Here's the map. We get to use a King, an Archer, a Knight (cavalier), and a Soldier. Here we have the King’s stats. I thought for sure I got a screenshot of the unit’s placement… That’s not what matters here, though. Below his stats there’s what may turn out to be my favorite button in the game. the Rename button. I’m going to have fun with these names The King’s name. What? You think it’s a strange choice? Bah! You have no taste. Here we have Jiffy, the Archer. He’s so cute~ Viscoci the Knight, named after viscosity. Or at least I thought so, but apparently the second ‘C’ is an ‘S’... Here we have Ikrace the Soldier. His name does NOT stay the same, and his next name is ‘Tesla’. I shall refer to him as Tesla even while he’s Ikrace. Some menu changes here. Attack has been replaced with Fight while Wait is changed to Stop. There’s also no healing items like Vulneraries in this fangame, and no trading (since each unit is given a weapon they permanently use and it never breaks). Here’s a demonstration of Quek’s move. Don’t worry, this is average for Micro Emblem. Our starting formation. The plan is to lure the Butcher over there (not a Healer, I couldn’t tell either) and attack him while he’s separated from the rest of his army. Config is still here, not that I change anything in it. Quit is like Suspend but sends you to the beginning of the chapter (I did that once on Chapter One :(). And finally, End ends your turn. Quite a few enemies start to approach us. Jiffy heads forward to try and pick off the Butcher. Then, Viscoci goes in to… Yeah, Knights aren’t that great of fighters… Instead of that, we make the most well-planned wall in existence. Definitely no glaring flaws in its design… Naturally, the Butcher attacks Jiffy so Tesla goes in to stab him. He does a whopping 5 damage to him, too! That village isn’t just there for show. You can visit it and get… His name is Berah. Don’t listen to that lie of a name. His stats are good, though. Heal has been replaced with treat despite the class’s name being Healer. Tesla gets some of his precious health back. He needs it… Our new formation. Don’t worry, Berah can’t be attacked by the Butcher. There’s still a large amount of forces walking over to us, and I’m very intimidated. We’ll be able to pull through though, I’m sure! Spot the problem with this plan! I found it! What a close call… Tesla attacks and kills the Butcher. Jiffy moves forward while Quek starts aggressively stabbing this poor Soldier. Viscoci is actually useful! :D The best formation. We (obviously) survived that but now another Butcher is approaching! Jiffy chips away at the Soldier’s health (and is only in range of the Soldier). Viscoci is so good… Well, he’s able to kill the Soldier right here. Good job unless you’re fighting a Butcher! Berah helps Quek make a wall. Quek slices this Butcher’s arm off and… If there weren’t as many Butchers in this game, then you would be a pretty great unit, Viscoci. But there are so you’re going to the bench (if there is one). The worst formation. Berah and Jiffy are both attacked and put in pain. Jiffy, I think, could survive another blow however. Quek misses. Thanks a lot, RNG. No one else can get into a position in which they could kill the Butcher except for Jiffy… Who also misses! Thank you Anna, this is very helpful >.< Tesla attacks the Soldier, by the way. I would’ve been able to kill the Soldier if Quek had hit the Butcher and Jiffy had attacked the Soldier, but sure let’s just let me get RNG’d. So yeah, Tesla and Berah both died. I reset and take a break. I’ll see you all next time! Obviously, I was kidding. LET’S DO THIS. We lure out the Butcher. And I didn’t take any other screenshots for this oops, but the Butcher walked over and died. I create a wall to block off any and all possible death. Except for the fact that Jiffy’s in the wall. God, I need to plan better. Nonetheless, the wall works and someone even kills one of the Soldiers or he backs away. My units begin their advance and let our useful worm do its job. Apparently that Soldier isn’t biting… Oh well, all the better for me to work with. Quek decides that he wants to stand in the range of the Butcher as well. How selfish. The fish bites but it appears the Soldier is standing in the range of it for backup. Yes, the generic Soldier had smart enough A.I. that he KNEW to do that. I was impressed. I make one of the better formations of the chapter... And it allows me to reel in our catch! The Soldier is wounded as well. Well, that’s the end of the Chapter. You guys put up a great fight. Good game! Wow, that was fun and had just the right amount of challenge for the beginning of the game. It was intelligently planned and genuinely required me to think unlike Awakening. Great job so far, SEVA. Alright, I plan on uploading these once a day, but I wouldn’t count on that being 100% the case. Could someone help me create a gif showing the map in it? I don't know how to do that with Imgur. Thanks!
  8. No sort of promotion intended from the original creator, kudos to his / her efforts. DOWNLOAD LINK: Quite an impressive work this guy made with such immense game. Nintendo, hire him! xD Enjoy!
  9. [non-hack] Micro Emblem

    Hey there, everyone. So here's my creation. It's not really remarkable, but I figured I might as well share it. I call it Micro Emblem. What is this and why is it so small? I make games using Yoyo Games Game Maker as a hobby. It's my favourite thing to do. So, since Fire Emblem is one of my favourite game series, naturally I really wanted to make a full-fledged Fire Emblem fangame. Well, this certainly isn't it. The story with this one is different. One day I was having a look at a game called Game Boy Wars 3. It's a strategy game for the Game Boy Colour and the predecessor of the Advance Wars games. It made me think - so this is what Advance Wars looks like on a GBC. What would a Fire Emblem game look like on a GBC? But then I realised that, since small 8-bit graphics are fairly easy to make, I could actually make a likeness of a GBC Fire Emblem game, rather than wondering about it. I decided to make this an exercise of sorts in making various bits of strategy games, particualrly the AI. And so, after a bit of work and a lot of debugging, I made an extremely simplistic tactical RPG. It is like Fire Emblem, watered down to the very basics and the bare minimum of features. (Hence the name.) Since my goal was to finish this 'exercise' in an extremely short amount of time, you'll notice that the presentation is deliberately about as basic as it could get. There isn't any story apart from about three lines of text at the end (kinda like the original Super Mario Bros) and there is minimal animation. And I mean really minimal. That's Great. So why should I care? Well, to my own surprise, despite its extreme simplicitly, this game turned out rather fun. Sure, there is no story, but nevertheless there is a complete 'story mode' consisting of 18 chapters and one bonus, with a half-decent (if a bit cowardly) AI. So those more strategically-minded of you may find some enjoyment in this little thing too. I also implemented a 'versus mode' with a small selection of maps, where two armies are pitted against each other, and you can play on them human vs. human, human vs. AI, or even pit two AIs against each other! (Note that this can result in a stalemate sometimes.) Well, I don't think human vs. human will do you much good since I never implemented netplay..... So, if that interested you, download the game here!!adYVBR6J!TMIjvkg_pnatIRFum-5p3-_WChJNSjY0czhej6HvK2Q UPDATED! Based on feedback from certain members of the community, I have made a major update to this game which completely changes the balancing and adds some useful features. It should hopefully be less frustrating now, but it is still a pretty hard game, so if you complete it, especially with the bonus chapter, you can consider yourself a pretty darn good tactician! Below is a full list of changes, for anyone who cares. [spoiler=List of changes]-The stats/growths of all units have been increased to reduce the impact of terrain and the amount of NO DMGs. -All playable units can now be given unique names in both Story mode and VS mode. (See the readme) -The experience formulae have been completely changed - experience gain is no longer damage-based, and you recieve more for defeating an enemy, like in the official Fire Emblem games. Units gain levels much faster now, so there is a much greater spread of enemy levels in Story mode. -The calculations for Hit and Crt have been slightly modified. -The game now uses a 2RN system instead of a 1RN system, hopefully leading to less annoying randomness. -Terrain now gives evasion bonuses as well as defense bonuses. Also, the defense of some tiles has been decreased. -You can now bring up a Terrain Info window to view all of a tile's properties. This is done the same way as unit info. -The battle sequence is now slightly less confusing. But you can still switch to the old version through the 'Config' menu during a map. It's a bit faster. -You will now see the stats your units gain when they level up in a pop-up window. -The key configuration can now be changed during a map through the 'Config' menu. -Some maps in both Story mode and VS mode have been edited. -I added a Gameboy mode - previously the game was designed to look like a Gameboy Color game, now you can switch to black and white and experience it as a Gameboy game. This is done through the 'Config' menu during a map. If you find any bugs, please report them to me here or by PM. Also report if you complete it or get the bonus chapter!
  10. This game works similar to the FE characters game: You can give some characters a vote. The last remaining character in this list will be the winner. Voting rules completed rounds