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Found 333 results

  1. This is just stupid.

    Seriously, Sakura being the final boss of Conquest is just very fucking lame. (I don't own this image, don't sue me.)
  2. Destruction of the fire emblem

    What if the fire emblem heroes were to fall and all their adventures were given to random people? The fire emblem has been corrupted by the presence of the fell dragons, now a lone group of adventurers must travel to the different worlds and pick up where the fallen heroes started. (roleplay is welcome to everyone, would prefer it if we roleplayed on discord. Canon and ocs are allowed
  3. Pairing Azura.

    Who do you pair Azura with? I paired her with Kaze since my avatar married Sakura in Birthright, and with Silas, since in Conquest my avatar married Camilla, but in Revelation, the pairing I chose for Azura, is Kaze.
  4. Lord: Lucina (Awakening.) Paladin: Seth (Sacred Stones.) Great Knight: Fredrick (Awakening.) Sniper: Takumi (Fates.) General: Amelia (Sacred Stones.) Falcon Knight: Florina (Blazing Sword.) Hero: Inigo/Laslow (Awakening/Fates.) Warrior: Garcia (Sacred Stones.) Sage/Onmyoji: Lilina (Binding Blade.) Bishop: Natasha (Sacred Stones.) Assassin: Matthew (Blazing Sword.) Swordmaster: Ryoma (Fates.) Valkyrie/Mage Knight/Strategist: Clarine (Binding Blade.) Bow Knight/Nomadic Trooper: Rath (Blazing Sword.) Berserker: Gonzales (Binding Blade.) Wyvern Lord: Milady (Binding Blade.) Sorcerer/Druid: Henry (Awakening.) Halberdier/Spear Master: Nephinee (Telius Series.) Rouge/Trickster/Adventurer: Sothe (Telius Series.) Dark Knight: Leo (Fates.) Master Ninja: Kaze (Fates.) War Monk/War Cleric: Lissa (Awakening.) Manakete: Tiki (Shadow Dragon/New Mystery of the Emblem/Awakening.) Other Shapeshifters: Tibarn (Telius games.) Decided to shorten it, because it would take up so much time, and probably fill up the whole comment. What are some of your favorites?
  5. Welcome to Fates Fanfiction Central Previously much of the story discussion and fanfiction writing conversations were being held in Yari's Fixing Fates Story Issues (Spoilers) thread. Unfortunately it has grown too bloated for individual author's ideas to be easily seen by curious viewers (or for disorganized writers like myself who forget where they wrote down all their ideas). So I've created a new thread where everyone's ideas can be discussed and included in an easy to access OP. Feel free to message me if you'd like your ideas to be included in the OP. Each writer will have their own spoiler section for their ideas. As the thread titles suggests, the posts and ideas discussed here will concern MAJOR SPOILERS so venture in at your own risk. Now, without further ado, I offer you a survey. You can always add more information if the questions don't cover all the ideas you'd like recorded. FE Fates Fan Fiction Survey 1. What routes are you working on? Is it an amalgamation of all three? Is it an alternate universe style retelling? 2. What notable changes would you make to the plot? Are problematic elements (the curse, the magic throne, the crystal ball, operation tears, Nohr and Hoshido being too black and white, everything Aqua does) going to be addressed? Are there any themes to be communicated over each route? What is the overall direction and "point" of each route? 3. What notable changes would you make to the characters? What is Kamui all about (background, personality, abilities)? What is Aqua all about (personality, role in the plot)? What are the Hoshidan and Nohrian siblings all about (personalities, roles in the plot)? What is Garon, Mikoto, Lilith or any other important character all about? What is Hydra all about (role in the plot)? What changes will be made to minor characters 4. What notable changes would you make to the setting? What ideas do you have for world building? What kind of history does this continent have? What is the balance of natural and supernaturual elements? Are the Faceless and invisible enemies in your story? 5. Do any characters die? 6. Do you introduce any new characters? 7. Are any characters going to be cut? If your ideas are posted elsewhere on the internet, you may also include links to those sources. Different authors and their ideas. [spoiler=NekoKnight] FE Fates Fan Fiction Survey 1. What routes are you working on? Is it an amalgamation of all three? Is it an alternate universe style retelling? Working on Nohr but will consider doing Hoshido as well. There will be no 3rd route. 2. What notable changes would you make to the plot? Are problematic elements (the curse, the magic throne, the crystal ball, operation tears, Nohr and Hoshido being too black and white, everything Aqua does) going to be addressed? All of these plot elements have been discarded and work is being done to make Nohr/Hoshido less black and white. Are there any themes to be communicated over each route? As each route is defined by the choice Kamui makes, there will be a different theme, based on the faction you choose. Nohr is about duty over justice. Hoshido is about doing the moral thing over what you want to do. What is the overall direction and "point" of each route? Nohr will transition into the invasion more quickly, the conquest of Hoshido completed earlier and the latter 1/3 of the story being devoted to the rebellion against Garon. I haven't given Hoshido has much thought, but I imagine it would be a combination of defending themselves from the invasion, solving internal issues and defeating Garon. 3. What notable changes would you make to the characters? What is Kamui all about (background, personality, abilities)? -Kamui is idealistic but not as naive (he was only locked up for the first 6 years after his abduction). Is passionate about defending the weak and prefers non-lethal solutions to problems. In spite of a Nohrian upbringing, he believes in the inherit goodness of people. Kamui was kidnapped and ransomed to force a trade agreement with Hoshido but they refused. Kamui's dragon powers are a result of recieving certain genes. What is Aqua all about (personality, role in the plot)? -Aqua is the daughter of the Water Tribe chieftain in western Nohr (that giant lake area). She is never taken to Hoshido and replaces Rinka and Suzukaze as the prisoners you fight in the second chapter, after Marx puts down her tribe's rebellion. She has a friendly, if not occasionally snarky, personality. Her magical singing is a special skill taught in her clan. What are the Hoshidan and Nohrian siblings all about (personalities, roles in the plot)? -Ryoma is a stubborn upholder of traditions and doesn't believe in the social mobility common in Nohr. He holds a grudge against Nohr for killing his father and taking Kamui. He's aloof in person but passionate in battle. -Hinoka is a more experienced battle commander and warrior, something she dedicated herself to since Kamui's kidnapping. She is bold and reckless, but a paragon of Hoshidan warrior culture, alongside Ryoma. -Similar to the canon characterization, Takumi suffers from serious middle-child syndrome and works the hardest to prove himself. He hates Kamui most of all for consuming his older sibling's attention and for betraying Hoshido. -Sakura is mature for her age but is concerned about her ability to contribute to the family. She is serene and determined, the most like her mother out of the five siblings. -Marx is strictly concerned with chivalry and upholding one's duties. Though he is dedicated to justice and protecting the common people, he's stubbornly loyal to Garon. He is the 3rd eldest and last surviving child (his two older brothers died in the last Hoshido/Nohr conflict) of the king and queen. -Camilla has PTSD from her participation in the Waifu Wars but hides it behind a motherly facade. She has attachment anxiety and clings onto Kamui with the belief that his status as a foreigner will make him safe from Nohr's deadly court politics. She's both a talented warrior and political strategist making her one of Garon's favorite children. -Leon is a prodigal mage and able battle commander. He is an only child and had the happiest childhood amongst his siblings. His ruthlessness is inline with Nohrian values but often puts him at ends with the more idealistic Kamui. -Elise is also an only child and was born at the end of the Waifu Wars. She's neglected by her mother (who is busy enjoying an extravagant lifestyle as one of Garon's mistresses.) She often feels lonely and unneeded but tries to maintain a cheerful personality to support her siblings who she feels have worse problems than she does. What is Garon, Mikoto, Lilith or any other important character all about? -Garon is a strict and brutal leader who isn't shy about using underhanded tactics to further the interests of his kingdom. He has a hatred of Hoshidans, and while he isn't unnecessarily cruel to Kamui, he is emotionally distant to them. His existence is to show what Marx would become if not for Kamui's influence. There is no Gooron. -Mikoto has the same personality and role as her canon portrayal. -Lilith has been cut. What is Hydra all about (role in the plot)? -Hydra has been cut. What changes will be made to minor characters? [spoiler=Characters] [spoiler=Shared] Joker: Kamui's snarky but reliable butler. He's the youngest child of a minor noble family so he didn't have many opportunities to advance until he came into Kamui's household. He apprenticed under Gunter who taught him how to be a proper vassal. Silas: Kamui's childhood friend and a yet to be ordained knight under the service of Lord Ackerman (new character). He has the best rapport with Kamui and is thought by many to have feelings for them, although Kamui hasn't noticed. Aqua: The daughter of the water tribe's chieftain in Nohr. After her tribe's failed rebellion, she is kept as a political hostage and left in Kamui's household. She has mystical singing powers and a calm and caring personality that makes her fast friends with Sakura and Elise. Mozume: A farm girl orphaned after her village (which resides in eastern Nohr, an area with a notable population of Hoshidans) was razed by bandits. She's quite shy because of her accent but has a surprisingly bold personality if you get to know her. Ashura: An ex-ninja from the now non-existent Kouga country, he has lived a rough life of banditry and mercenary work since. He's cynical and slow to trust but has incredible insight to the underworld of Hoshido and Nohr. Suzukaze: A ninja of Hoshido but doesn't serve a particular lord. He is the twin brother of Saizo and caretaker for Midoriko. His polite and approachable demeanor makes him popular in the army. He is not fond of violence and prefers to use his talents for collecting information. He'll side with Kamui in Nohr when Kamui announces their plans to defeat Garon. Midoriko: A war orphan from the last Hoshido/Nohr war. She makes and sells medicine to make ends meet but she was looked after by both Suzukaze and Saizo. Her cute mannerisms and hardworking nature made her something of an idol in the army. She is recruited by Suzukaze after he pledges himself to Kamui and the defeat of Garon. Crimson: A Wyvern Knight and the daughter of the late king of Chevalier. She is determined to restore her country's honor after a certain incident. She's a skilled and powerful warrior but has a passion for decorating things. She will ally with Ryoma in Hoshido to make up for the wrongdoings of her father. She will ally with Kamui in Nohr after they help liberate Chevalier from a Nohrian assault. Shigure: Another member of the Water Tribe. Well meaning but brash, he tried to impress Aqua with his leadership abilities and convinced her father to rebel against Nohr. When his plan backfired, he deeply regretted his foolhardiness and pledged to rescue Aqua, independent of his village. By the time he meets the party he has almost given up hope and is planning a dangerous attack on the capital. [spoiler=Nohr] Gunter: A seasoned knight who acted as the master of arms for Garon's children. He is stern but kind, acting as a surrogate father to Kamui. He meets his unfortunate end at the Infinite Chasm after a routine scouting mission goes awry. Elfie: A noble-born knight and guardian of Princess Elise. She is extremely devoted to training and Elise's protection that many find her unsociable. Her single-minded determination and overwhelming strength has earned her a number of fans, however. She has the appetite of a bear but always burns off any weight she gains. Harold: A low-born man with a deep passion for justice. Before he came into the service of Princess Elise, he wandered around Nohr protecting the weak from harm, asking for little in return. He has remarkably bad luck and is never far from danger, but somehow he has always survived his encounters. He's the unknowing father of Lutz. Ophelia: A mercenary mage and former lover to Soleil. An eccentric girl obsessed with fancy names and spellcraft, she stands in contrast to her more grounded partner, Zero. She believes she was chosen for a grand purpose in life but is still searching for what that may be. She's hired by Leon to assist Kamui in the subjugation of the Ice Tribe. Zero: An orphan who grew up in the slums of Nohr's capital, he made a living as a thief, street ear and child prostitute. He has little conception of personal space and his lewd comments often put people on edge. He has a sadism streak and has been known to deliberately cripple targets, rather than outright kill them. Currently he is a mercenary hired by Prince Leon and works alongside Ophelia. Flora: A maid in service to Kamui's household and unknown to them, the daughter of the Ice Tribe's chieftain. She has a playful personality but occasionally has bouts of depression. While affectionate towards Kamui and Joker, she places her own family first and takes part in her family's rebellion. She dreams of eventually starting a family one day and returning to her village. Flannel: The chieftain of the werewolves at Garou Peak and the fiance of Velour. He seeks Kamui's aid when dark magic starts making his people go feral. While the Garou are generally reclusive, he has a fondness for making trips to the city and is a snappy dresser. He loves picking up knickknacks, a passion shared by his fiance. Luna: The daughter of a noble family and a vassal to Princess Camilla. Her mother was an extremely talented fighter herself leading to Luna acquiring an inferiority complex. She's highly competitive and is often irked by Belka's indifferent attitude to her challenges. Luna has a passion for shopping and works hard to pay for her hobby. Belka: An emotionally distant, former child assassin now serving as a vassal to Princess Camilla. She kills freely and barely reacts to the death of comrades, which has led some to describe her as as cold blooded as the wyvern she rides. She is seemingly incapable of feeling affection but is secretly lonely and laments not knowing how to communicate with others. [spoiler=Character Ages] Joker: 20 Silas: 16 Aqua: 17 Mozume: 15 Ashura: 35 Suzukaze: 18 Midoriko: 12 Crimson: 23 Shigure: 20 Gunter: 62 Elfie: 20 Harold: 29 Ophelia: 16 Zero: 21 Flora: 19 Flannel: 25 Luna: 18 Belka: 17 Nyx: 125 (although she stopped aging at 13) Charlotte: 20 Benoit: 27 Lazwald: 21 Pieri: 20 Seigbert: 20 Velour: 23 Lutz: 14 Soeleil: 17 Ignis: 28 4. What notable changes would you make to the setting? What ideas do you have for world building? What kind of history does this continent have? What is the balance of natural and supernatural elements? -The main plot is mostly a political struggle (no world ending dragons) although the fantasy tropes prevalent in Fire Emblem are still there. There are lingering influences of the dragons from the past (the physical state of the continent, the royal's dragon blood, and dragon spirits that occasionally possess people. Are the Faceless and invisible enemies in your story? -Faceless are removed and replaced with bandit attacks, or possessed enemies. There are no invisible enemies. 5. Do any characters die? Many characters do (particularly recruitable characters from the opposite route). Some allied characters may die as well. 6. Do you introduce any new characters? A few Nohrian characters are introduced. Lord Fulmore, the Warden of the South. Lord Ackerman, the Warden of the East. Chieftain Aquarion, Aqua's father. Also mentioned is Crimson's father, the king of Chevalier. If I write Hoshido, they are also get an assortment of lords. 7. Are any characters going to be cut? Cut Characters: Odin, Eponine, Foleo, Sophie, Kanna, Deere, Tsukuyomi, Mitama, Grey, Felicia and Izana (no longer recruit-able) [spoiler=Alazen] [spoiler=Some Key Differences] Kamui's Parentage: Kamui is not Hydra's birth child. He is the 2nd child of Mikoto and Sumeragi. -Warrant: The reveal that Kamui isn't Sumeragi's birth child is blatantly an excuse to let Kamui marry from both sets of siblings. 2nd Gen: There is no 2nd Gen. Nor is there a Secluded Realm. -Warrant: Fates' 2nd Gen manages to be even less significant than Awakening's. It's embarrassingly obvious that Fates' 2nd Gen was shoehorned due to the presence of a 2nd Gen in Awakening. The Secluded Realm serves as an excuse for the children to all be of fighting age without including a timeskip or time travel. Awakening Returnees: ​None beyond cameos that are treated as such. -Warrant: The Invisible Kingdom has failed to address the presence of the Awakening characters in a way that doesn't drag down the setting. Character Consolidation: Ryoma and Hinoka have been merged into one elder Hoshidan sibling, Elise and Sakura into one possible younger Nohr sibling. Felicia and Flora are one servant from the Ice Tribe. -Warrant: Of all their problems, the royal sisters suffer from a lack of significance for how close they supposedly are to Kamui. In particular, Hinoka's crowning moments include seeing through a disguise and Kamui pretending to slay her. Flora is noticeably more significant with a certainly more rounded characterization than Felicia. Examples of Cross-path Changes -Aqua has been removed from Fates entirely. Elements linked to her such as the prophecy have been removed or reworked. -No returning Awakening characters beyond cameos that aren't acknowledged as actually there. -There is no 2nd Gen. There is no Secluded Realm. Any 2nd Gen characters that can be salvaged will be recruitable conventionally. Examples of Hoshido Changes -The heavenly children are Firstborn Daughter Hinoka, Kamui, and Takumi. Ryoma and Hinoka have been merged into the eldest heavenly child. Sakura has been cut out to trim down on siblings. -One opposing leader in Hoshido is a daimyo whose territory was forced to surrender to Sumeragi. He or she has both the resentment and resources to oppose Sumeragi's children. -Rinka's ethnicity has a history of conflict with other Easterners. Examples of Nohr Changes -One of the Nohr sisters is axed. -Fake Garon is gone. An alternative is for Hydra's faction to make contact with Garon and send assistance. The Maids and Joker -Flora and Felicia are now one character. Her backstory is that she's the daughter of the ruler of a land conquered by Nohr. She was taken as a hostage to Nohr, putting her in the position to meet Kamui and be in his inner circle. She's an ally if Kamui stays with Nohr, an enemy if she leaves it. -Joker is the son of a Nohrian noble who had the clout to have him study in the castle. He meets Kamui and the two hit it off. A dependable schemer, he follows Kamui in all routes. Suzukaze and Saizou -The shinobi brothers are the sons of a Fuuma jizamurai. Fuuma was invaded and conquered by Sumeragi's army with the brothers' father killed in the war. The two brothers were taken to Hoshido as hostages. -Suzukaze knows what happened to his homeland and father, planting the seeds for leaving Hoshido 1. What routes are you working on? Is it an amalgamation of all three? Is it an alternate universe style retelling? At least 2 Paths (Hoshido, The New Order). 2. What notable changes would you make to the plot? Are problematic elements (the curse, the magic throne, the crystal ball, operation tears, Nohr and Hoshido being too black and white, everything Aqua does) going to be addressed?No curse, magic throne is out, got rid of the crystal, don't even think about Operation Tears, Nohr might be ''evil'' but Hoshido surely isn't ''good'', Aqua has been axed entirely. Are there any themes to be communicated over each route?A. How far will you go for your dream? To get what you're owed? B. How should the world be ruled? What is the overall direction and "point" of each route?Hoshido-Kamui leaves Nohr to claim his birthright. He works within Hoshido to get the trust of his peers, fighting both inner and outer threats. Nohr-Kamui works for validation from Marx and Garon. He's not out for Hoshidan blood, so he'd be down with the power blocs coming to an agreement. Touma-Kamui ends up in Touma after an accident near the chasm. Kamui has to spend some time in Touma, being informed by Lilith of Hydra, Touma, their rising army, and what they stand for. After indoctrination and being told about his origins, Kamui agrees to fight for Hydra against all who oppose them. 3. What notable changes would you make to the characters? What is Kamui all about (background, personality, abilities)?Kamui is the 2nd child of Mikoto and Sumeragi. Born with the bloodlines of two dragon lines, Kamui has features marking his divine lineage. Sumeragi could tell his son was set for greatness, and so doted on him when he could. Taking Kamui with him on a trip to Chevalier, Sumeragi is slain in an ambush. Seeing the small child brought before him, Garon immediately had him taken. Ending up in the capital, it was arranged for Kamui to live within Garon's household but not as if he was one of Garon's actual children. Kamui would be kept within reach of Garon and his children, yet at a distance. She would be at least occasionally given access to tutors and trainers that even a wealthy Nohrian would want, yet be told to sit a separate table from Garon and his children. Rumors spread that Kamui was a bastard child of Garon, which worked for the Nohr King since a predecessor of his married a Eastern spouse. Kamui internalizes Nohr ideals and conduct. Nohr is a society with a focus on status, bloodlines, inheritance, what have you. He also grows a respect and perhaps jealousy for Marx. He looks for validation from Garon yet resents him. He hits it off with Joker and Flora, gets along with Leon and Nohr Sister well enough, and has actually made a name for himself among the castle's staff for going around and actually aiding in their tasks (and nicely, admittedly after some practice). You can trust him to get his hands dirty and look after his troops. Having bloodlines of two dragons has its perks. He was born with a more potent form of Dragon's Vein that unfortunately also is a heavy drain on her once it reaches a certain point, along with the greater athletic skill seen in other royals. The Touma route has able to Kamui transform into a dragon using a dragonstone embedded sword forged in Touma after some time being indoctrinated and magiced on. What is Aqua all about (personality, role in the plot)?Aqua has been cut. Elements of her have been given to to other characters like Flora. What is Garon, Mikoto, Lilith or any other important character all about?Garon is out to bring glory to his house. Lilith is Hydra's agent who intervenes around the world. Mikoto is the current heavenly sovereign of Hoshido who has worked to strengthen or secure Hoshido. What is Hydra all about (role in the plot)?Hydra is the ruler of Touma who commands a rising force. Having become a gestalt of souls, Hydra directs his troops around the world to sow discord until he can forge a new nation. 4. What notable changes would you make to the setting? What ideas do you have for world building? The succession to Sumeragi's conquests is now iffy thanks to having 3 dragon blooded children. Traditionally, the succession process would have whichever child shows they were marked as heavenly take the throne unless the none of the children show such, in which case the solutions have shifted. Hinoka is the firstborn child with Mikoto's blood pact inheritance, Takumi has Sumeragi's and Kamui has both. You should keep in mind that Hoshido isn't really a country in modern way. Sumeragi conquered around the East and married into the heavenly family, one could say that Takumi would be the heir to the conquered territories instead of Hinoka. And with his blood, maybe Kamui could press a claim to all of it. What kind of history does this continent have?One of blood, skulduggery, scheming. What is the balance of natural and supernaturual elements?Hydra's empire is a growing threat, but there is no Fake Garon. Are the Faceless and invisible enemies in your story?Hydra links to the dead, pulling their souls or whatever to the gestalt. He can direct bodies and has a sort of wide vision. However, while his empire grows the tide gets bigger and bigger. Unless something is done, Hydra will be swept away. He's looking for a vessel to merge with to form a new dragon god. 6. Do you introduce any new characters? At least a few figures to flesh out the world. 7. Are any characters going to be cut? Aqua, Sakura, at least one Nohr sister, and Shenmei are examples. [spoiler=warchiefwilliams] 1. What routes are you working on? Is it an amalgamation of all three? Is it an alternate universe style retelling? · Depending on how much time I am able to find to write with my schedule, I will work on the Invisible Kingdom route but with heavy alterations to many of the plots more… “questionable” elements and characters. Later, if I feel up to it, and I am not lynched for the idea, I might try an alternate universe IK route with a new faction. 2. What notable changes would you make to the plot? · I want to make the plot more about the characters themselves and how they drive events forward through their actions as opposed to poorly implemented concepts dictating the characters actions, even if they must act OOC. I will also be reworking questionable plot decisions like: · Are problematic elements (the curse, the magic throne, the crystal ball, operation tears, Nohr and Hoshido being too black and white, everything Aqua does) going to be addressed? Where to begin? I will obviously be trying to flesh out the world, Nohr and Hoshido far more than was in the game, which will (hopefully) make each one seem less “black and white”. As for most of the magical plot contrivances holes elements, the curse will be removed, as I personally feel that if someone were to run around saying that there an invasion from a realm hidden from reality was imminent, then they would be locked up in the nearest insane asylum or praised as some new cult leader. There doesn’t need to be a death cruse here. Because Garon will just be possessed and not a familiar, the Throne itself is little more than a glorified throne in a big castle meant to show the power of the King of Hoshido.· Are there any themes to be communicated over each route? Pretty much the themes that were originally stressed in the advertising for this game. Because I am pushing the “decision” chapter back a ways (I thought chapter 6 was too early for that and, after seeing it, I feel vindicated in that belief) this will give time for Kamui to be exposed to both ideologies and make a better choice rather than simply picking one family over the other.· What is the overall direction and "point" of each route? In my view, the point of the IK route is to combine the strengths of both nations and cultures together to fight an external entity that threatens to destroy everything that both sides hold dear. It should be a story of coming together, overcoming differences and saving the world. It should also stress that there is no such thing as a fairy tale ending and that victory comes with a cost (a “beating around the bush” way for saying that characters WILL die).3. What notable changes would you make to the characters? · A lot of the characters will be either more fleshed out or have tweaks made to their background and personality to help make them less of walking tropes and more, well, well-developed. Some, mainly child characters, will be outright cut, due to character saturation and to them not being very interesting (in my view). · What is Kamui all about (background, personality, abilities)? Kamui remains the child of Mikoto and Anankos. As such he retains many of his abilities that are found in the game, i.e his dragon form. This detail, however, will not be simply glossed over by the story and will play a significant role during both the initial invasion of Hoshido, splitting off from both nations and during the revelations about the world. Kamui was kidnapped when he was only three years old, and other than some hazy images that he only glimpses in nightmares, believes that he is a child of Garon and one of the many dead concubines, similar to his Nohrian siblings. Due to coddling by his adopted family, retainers and (when he returns to Hoshido) his actual family, Kamui is a narcissist at the start of the story, believing that he is the perfect sibling. His extreme naivety will help cement this belief. As the story develops, Kamui’s narcissistic streak will break as he discovers the true cost of his beliefs and will slowly become a more jaded, cynical individual, especially as his decisions gets people close to him killed. I am placing Kamui’s age at a young 19.· What is Aqua all about (personality, role in the plot)? Aqua remains the child of Shenmei and the former King of Touma (who I have yet to make a name for). Unlike Kamui, Aqua remembers what happened in both the Sundering of Touma, an event that lead to her banishment to the real world and the deaths of her parents, as well as her own kidnapping from Castle Krakenburg and the deaths caused by that. In addition, her status as an outsider of the Hoshidoan caste system makes her, at least in the eyes of the public, little better than a criminal. Any attempt that she makes to try to explain the threat that Anankos poses to the real world are typically laughed off as the ravings of a mad princess and even the two people who show her some affection, Sakura and Hinoka, do not believe her. These factors combined make her an incredibly isolated and jaded individual, as well as an alcoholic, needing a fair amount of sake (while in Hoshido) and wine (while in Nohr) to get through the day. It is only after Kamui returns to Hoshido that she begins to see some hope for the future. Aqua is only a few months older than Kamui, though she is still 19 years old.· What are the Hoshidan and Nohrian siblings all about (personalities, roles in the plot)? I copied some of this from my post in the Headcanons thread. Camilla dotes on all her younger siblings as a way to attempt to cope with her role during the Concubine Wars. She especially dotes on Kamui due to his status as an outsider to the cutthroat nature of Nohrian politics and sees him as someone who won't ever try to stab her in the back. She does have a bit of a drinking problem, needing at least one bottle of wine to get through the day. Her role in the plot is to both be a mother figure to the younger members of her family, but also to be the one who monitors the political situation in both Nohr and Hoshido, as her specialty, besides splitting skulls with her axe, is political intrigue. Camilla is 23 years old. Marx is painfully aware that the Concubine Wars were effectively triggered by his mother, Queen Ekatrina and harbors a deep sense of survivor’s guilt, knowing that the vast majority of his extended family died because of his mother's actions. He doesn't show it though, bottling up his emotions and revealing almost nothing about how he really feels, even to his own family. Marx places a high value on loyalty to his country and especially loyalty to his father. However, as Garon begins to make decisions that endanger Nohr, Marx will begin to find himself questioning his loyalties. Unlike his younger sister, Marx chose to specialize in martial training, both as a warrior and as a strategist, relying on Camilla to help him navigate the political minefield that is Nohrian society and foreign policy. Marx is 24 years old. Leon is the most stable mentally of his siblings, if only because he knows constructive ways to deal with his emotions as opposed to lashing out during training (Marx) or drinking (Camilla). Leon prides himself in effectively merging his two older siblings’ specialties of military and political strategy, though his physical abilities are nowhere near as refined. Leon sees himself as the most pragmatic voice in the family, and is adaptable enough to know when to change his priorities to reflect the situation at hand. As such, he often finds himself advising all of his siblings (especially Kamui) on what is the probable best course of action. Leon is 18 years old. Elise sometimes wishes her family wasn't so defensive of her, but she is aware that she is the linchpin holding the Plantagenets (Nohrian royal surname) together, so she keeps up the facade of being a happy, innocent child. Deep down, she is aware of her family's past and wishes that she could comfort her siblings more than by just being the happy little sister. As previously stated, Elise feels like her role is to be a pinnacle of stability in a turbulent world. She is 16 years old. Ryoma is a strong believer in Hoshidoan superiority, but has a change of heart during the war, especially after during the abortive Chevalier Campaign and sees just how the rest of the world operates, realizing that several of Hoshido's societal and military traditions could condemn his kingdom to the ashes of history unless they change. Ryoma spends a lot of his time meditating on the samurai code and training to be as good of a king, if not a better one, than his father. Ryoma is 24 years old. Hinoka spends the vast majority of her time in training, both martial and statecraft, to the point where she only really has a close relationship with Ryoma. As such, her relationship with her younger siblings is not as strong as it seems. Hinoka, thanks to her early training under ImagawaYuugiri, has developed a rather brash and direct approach to most events, which has led to several near foreign affairs disasters. Hinoka is 20 years old. Takumi suffers from an extreme case of middle-child syndrome. In addition, the vast majority of importnat events in his life, including his birth, were overshadowed by Nohrian aggression that demanded his family's attention, leaving him with a negative view of Nohr and its people. Takmui has been struggling for the past few years to find something to excel at that his older siblings do not, though he has yet to find one. These feelings of inadequacy are only enhanced after Kamui’s return to Hoshido, which helps to drive him to Anankos’s control (at least at first). He continues to rely on old trinkets from when he was a child to calm himself though his retainers do what they can to help. He is 19 years old. Sakura wants to believe that everyone in the world is good and kind. A view that her family and retainers encourage to help keep her innocence alive for as long as possible, though the assassination of Midkoto breaks that mold. Sakura, however, quickly adapted to the new reality. She doesn’t like causing suffering, but her training in the healing arts means that the sight of blood and bodies does not scare her. Sakura is one of the few individuals in Hoshido who was not immediately suspicious of Aqua and instead tried to form some kind of relationship with her. Sakura is 17 years old. · What is Garon, Mikoto, Lilith or any other important characters all about? Here we go, I will refine more of these ideas laterGaron never becomes Gooron. Rather than be killed by IK forces and replaced, Anankos instead possesses him. This change manifests in his desire to severely weaken Hoshido or destroy, one of the major powers on the continent that could threaten his return. In order to maintain his cover, Anankos tries to imitate Garon’s prior behaviors and habits, though as time goes on, he loses patience and begins to force Garon to act more and more out of character (implied by supports between the Nohrian siblings who state that the current Garon isn’t the same one they knew as father. By the time it is discovered that Garon is under the control of Anankos, it is too late to save him, though he is able to die as himself as opposed to being Anankos’s slave. Garon is 55 at the start of the story Mikoto is not Shenmei’s sister, rather she was her close confidant and friend who was also part of the Anankos cult (one of the many Dark Dragon cults in Nohr that worship the Dark Dragons as the liberators of mankind). This was before the two of them fled to the Invisible Kingdom after the then Tactician Ektrina usurped Shenmei’s position as Queen of Nohr. After the Sundering, Mikoto fled from the Invisible Kingdom and was found by King Sumeragi, who took her in and eventually married her. After Sumeragi’s assassination, using magic she learned in the Invisible Kingdom, erects a barrier to dull aggression towards her home, though this does have the side effect of suppressing all dissent within Hoshido towards the government, stifling any opposition to her and the royal family. She still dies as a result of the assassination attempt in the Fire Plaza and is turned into one of Anankos’s agents. Mikoto is 34 at the start of the story. Lilith is a dragonkin (manakete) from the Invisible Kingdom originally. She is the child of two Astral Dragons within that hidden realm. Lillith fled from the Invisible Kingdom during the Sundering and, in an attempt to stave off degradation, chose to spend most of her time in her dragon form. Near-feral and injured after a few years, she encountered a young Kamui, Cyrus and Sophie (see other characters) who healed her wounds. Newly restored, she followed Kamui back to the Northern Citadel and was able to work there as a stable hand. When Kamui fell into the Invisible Chasm, she saved him and continued to accompany him on his travels (there is no My Castle here). She will later die trying to protect Kamui. Lilith appears to 17 though she is around 1457 years old. Iago is the son of a major noble family within Nohr’s capitol of Karakenburg. Despite being quite devious and snakelike, his talents as a strategist and his ability to find solutions to even the impossible. Like finding out that it was Queen Ektrina who struck the final blow of Concubine Wars by blowing up the tower containing the remaining concubines and their families, who were negociating an end to the war with Queen Ikona of Hoshido moderating (she died in the blast, which triggered the 4th Hoshido-Nohr War). Iago is loyal to his master to a fault, and has no problem throwing others under the bus if it means that his master is pleased with him. Ganz is a reformed mass murderer from the Underground District in Krakenburg. Originally, a soldier in Nohr’s Imperial Army, he earned a reputation as a ruthless man, driven to obtain victory at any cost. It was after he massacred almost everyone in an auxiliary unit that angered him was Ganz finally discharged and thrown in prison. Possessed Garon, wanting to sow as much chaos as possible, chose to free Ganz and place him in a commanding position within the Imperial Army, which Ganz took to with gusto, as he was now in a position to do as he pleased with the endorsement of the king. Ganz harbors a deep resentment towards all non-Nohrians, and believes that the entire world should belong to Nohr and he will kill anyone who thinks otherwise. · What is Hydra all about (role in the plot)? I will be calling him by his Japanese name, Anankos. Anankos is one of the few remaining Dark Astral Dragons left after the Great War in the far past, which split the continent. For the longest time, the Astral Dragons ruled the world under their hierarchy, governing the world in what they saw as the perfect order. Anankos is effectively their version of Satan, an individual who thought things should be run differently (ideally under him) and rebelled against the order, corrupting the original creation magic used to create the world into dark magic. At the war’s end, the few remaining dragons, including Anankos, fled to the Invisible Realm, leaving humanity, which had been the thralls of the dragons, free. Many cults in Nohr worship Anankos as the savior of mankind, while Hoshido’s religion despises him as the one who disrupted the order of the Astral Dragons. In reality, Anankos sought power for himself over the Astral Dragons and control of all creation. His lasting mark ensured the eventual extinction of the dragonkin, as the corruption of magic into dark magic triggered the degradation of the minds of all dragons who it touched. The minds of dragons could be preserved through the use of dragon stones, but only if they limited their time as dragons. Anankos’s degredation was even more severe as he was the original creator of dark magic. His attempts to stop it only delayed the inevitable. Eventually he had a relationship with one of his worshipers (Mikoto) in order to form a new vessel for himself. After Mikoto found out, she fled from the Invisible Kingdom as Anankos conquered it from the few remaining Astral Dragons. Upon securing his victory, and growing desperate, Anankos was able to trick three warriors from another realm to enter the world of fates (the Awakening trio) on the condition that he would restore their world, which he did. Though, they were unable to fully interpret his orders, causing them to be lead astray and conniving Anankos that humans could no longer be trusted with free will. Anankos still seeks to control all of creation, and will do whatever it takes. His interest in Kamui stems from the fact that he is the escaped vessel, thus being required to reverse Anankos’s degredation. · What changes will be made to minor characters Minor characters, like the named bosses, will have more of a role in their respective battles. There will likely be a few temporary OCs meant to fill roles required by the plot, such as army commanders and peasants.4. What notable changes would you make to the setting? · What ideas do you have for world building? I will post an in-depth outline of the countries of Fates within the next little bit, expect to see a description of each country, how its society operates, and how it fits in with the greater Nohr-Hoshido-IK conflict.· What kind of history does this continent have? This continent (which I will be calling Ivron, a name I got from a continent name generator) has had a long history of conflict. Whether it is the Great War of legend, the Wars of Nohrian Expansion, the Unification of Hoshido, or the multiple Nohrian-Hoshido wars, conflict is simply the way of the land. The creation of the Infinite Chasm during the Great War led to the cultural drift between the lands in the west and the east. The land to the far west is uninhabitable due to the same conflict.· What is the balance of natural and supernaturual elements? While supernatural elements (the Astral Dragons, Dark and Creation Magic, the creation of the garou and fox spirits) played a huge role in shaping the world, by this point in time, their overall role is no longer as prominent as it was. The secret arts of Creation Magic have long been both lost and out of reach of mankind and mankind can only harness the tiniest fraction of Dark Magic’s potential without being corrupted by it. The supernatural elements are there, but they do not play a major role in the story, at least in the beginning. Religion plays a large role in shaping Hoshido’s society, while Nohr’s religion played a large role in the past, worship of the Dark Dragons is less common now. The Shapeshifters (Garou and Fox Spirits) have longer lives than humans. The life expectancy for everyone isHuman: up to 90 years with proper care Garou: up to 180 years Fox Spirits: up to 250 years Manaketes/Dragonkin: functionally immortal. Can still die to natural causes · Are the Faceless and invisible enemies in your story? Yes, though with a few changes to how they function. Faceless are the result of decades of research by Dark Mages trying to create thralls to serve them. While physically potent, Faceless have little intelligence beyond survival instincts and whatever sense of purpose their creator gives them. While this makes them ideal tools of war, they are little more than that, tools. In addition, they cannot be directly controlled, and it was not uncommon for faceless to turn on their creators and their allies due to simple bloodlust. Invisible Kingdom forces are comprised of both the human forms of Astral and Dark Dragons (dragons who sided with Anankos) that serve Anankos in addition to a mixture of human forces who reside in the Invisible Kingdom. These humans are the descendants of those who chose to continue to serve the Astral Dragons rather than choose independence. 4. Do any characters die? · Yes. As I continue to create the plot, I will decide who will die. If you have a few ideas after reading all of this, please feel free to make recommendations. This is the list as it is now: · Mikoto will be killed during the assassination attempt in the Fire Plaza, just like she does in game. She will later be reconstituted as one of Anankos’s agents along with Sumeragi and a few others, similar to the Deadlords. · Garon will die two thirds of the way in after the cast becomes aware that he is possessed. He will be able to die free of Anankos’s influence though, so he won’t come back. · Ganz will be killed by Kamui after Kamui, who has begun uniting the two forces, finds him executing a group of Hoshido prisoners, including Hinoka and her retainers, though Kamui will be able to save them. · Some of the retainers will fall at some point, though I do not know when yet. · I am debating killing off some of the royals if it helps to serve the plot. 5. Do you introduce any new characters? · Other than temporary characters meant to flesh out the militaries of both Nohr and Hoshido, as well as commoners of the land, I will not be making new characters. This game already has a large cast, no need to add more fuel to the fire. 6. Are any characters going to be cut? · Most of the 2nd generation characters will be cut. This is due to their shoe-horned nature. The few that I believe are redeemable as tweaked characters are listed here: · Sophie: Cyrus’s younger sister who, along with her brother, were friends with Kamui. She, at the start, harbors an Oboro sized crush on Kamui. Both Sophie and Cyrus join Kamui early on, before he even gets to the Invisible Chasm for the first time. Sophie is 16 years old. · Eponnie: A young thief who was adopted by Zero after she attempted to rob a caravan that Prince Leon was a part of. Seeing her potential, Zero was able to stop Leon from killing her and, upon finding out that she was an orphan trying to survive on the outskirts of Krakenburg, adopted the young girl. She acts as Zero’s apprentice and as his informer on the events occupying Nohr’s lower classes in Krakenburg. Eponnie is 18 years old. · Ophelia: A young dark mage, her skills at magic attracted the attention of Odin, who was seeking to pass along the secrets of the “spell hand”. Her urge to learn about the secrets of dark magic caused her to take Odin’s teachings a bit too seriously, and she believes that she is “the chosen one”. Ophelia is 17 years old. · Lutz: Arthur’s son. After his mother’s passing during the 4th Nohr-Hoshido War (the one prior to the game) Lutz chose to take up the axe so that no other child would bear witness to their parent’s death. It was during this time that he met Michel, and trained him. Lutz and his father share a relationship similar to what Garcia and Ross from the Sacred Stones shared. Lutz is 15 years old. · Deere: Joker’s younger brother. Determined to follow his brother’s example, Deere began training to be a butler. His brother, while he does not approve of this, still tries to tutor him, though Joker’s love is tough love. Deere is 20 years old. · Matoi is a young noble of the Samurai Caste who, due to her talents, was trained personally by both Imagawa Yuugiri and Yamoto Hinoka in the art of aerial warfare. She seeks to be (what she sees) the best Pegasus Warrior. Despite her seemingly perfect nature, she is very modest and humble and nurses a few insecurities, especially regarding her appearance. Matoi is 19 years old. · Both Kinu and Velour left their villages seeking adventure and fortune despite the warnings of their Chiefs, Nishiki and Flannel respectively. They encountered each other near the Infinite Chasm, and have been traveling together for two years, exploring the world and finding treasures. Both Kinu and Velour are 20 years old, still very young for their respective species. · Kisargari and Shinonome are two of the few remaining members of the Yamoto Branch Family, which was mostly wiped out during the Chevalier Incident, where Sumeragi met his end. The role of the Branch Family is to be the last line of defense for the Royal Family and their retainers, and this is a role that both Kisargari and Shinonome take very seriously. Kisargari is 17 years old while Shinonome is 22 years old. · Midoriko: a young traveling member of Hoshido’s merchant class. She was orphaned during the 4th Nohr-Hoshido War and raised by the Hattori ninja clan, though particularly by Hattori Saizou and Hattori Kaze. She left home early on, having both aged quickly and extensively studied economics, and is determined to be the wealthiest merchant in the world. She sees the Secret Shop chain, run by Anna, as a major challenge to her goals. Midoriko is 14 years old. 7. For fun, here are the character ages as well as their last names · Marx Plantagenet: 24 years old · Camilla: 23 years old · Leon: 18 years old · Elise: 15 years old · Ryoma Yamoto: 24 years old · Hinoka: 20 years old · Takmui: 19 years old · Sakura: 16 years old · Kamui: 19 years old · Aqua: 19 years old · Felecia Arendelle: 19 years old · Flora Arendelle: 19 years old · Joker Girard: 21 years old · Cyrus Bedivere: 18 years old · Sophie Bedivere: 16 years old · Hattori Kaze: 26 years old · Gunther Guesculin: 55 years old · Tsu-Sho Mozume: 16 years old · Kouga Asyura: 41 years old · Izumo Izana: 35 years old · Hattori Saizou: 28 years old · Chiyome Kagerou: 24 years old · Asama: 40 years old · Chosokabe Setsuna: 20 years old · Fujiwara Hinata: 18 years old · Goto Oboro: 18 years old · Tiari Hana: 17 years old · Ashikaga Tsubaki: 19 years old · Inaba Fuuga: 40 years old · Inaba Tsukuyomi: 13 years old · Nishiki: 95 years old · Moagami Orochi: 26 years old · Rinkah: 17 years old · Mori Yurikama: 39 years old · Imagawa Yuugiri: 38 years old · Crimson Pyrmont: 18 years old · Lazwald/Inigo Montoya: 22 years old · Pieri Ravenkroft: 18 years old · Arthur Pendragon: 27 years old · Effie Tarth: 17 years old · Zero: 24 years old · Odin/Owain Lowell: 21 years old · Nyx Tartarus: 255 years old (I like to think that her curse outright stops her aging, making her very old) · Luna/Severa Lear: 22 years old · Belka: 18 years old · Benoit Nielson: 23 years old · Charlotte Goldberg: 18 years old · Flannel Bigby: 80 years old · Yamoto Midkoto: 34 years old · Garon Plantagenet: 55 years old · Iago: 35 years old · Ganz: 28 years old · Lilith: 17 years old (human appearance) · Deere Girad: 20 years old · Kinu: 20 years old · Velour: 20 years old · Ophelia Hathaway: 17 years old · Hattori Midoriko: 14 years old · Yamoto Kisagari: 18 years old · Yamoto Shinonome: 22 years old · Shimazu Matoi: 19 years old · Eponnie: 18 years old · Lutz Pendragon: 15 years old [spoiler=Azz] FE Fates Fan Fiction Survey 1. What routes are you working on? Is it an amalgamation of all three? Is it an alternate universe style retelling? The route I am working on is a combination of all 3. Pretty much the focus is at first, ending the war, reforming Nohr and then Touma stuff. Basically a 3rd path but better (I hope) 2. What notable changes would you make to the plot? Well, everything is pretty much being re-written story wise. It starts kind of like Revelations with more Hoshido characters joining at first, then slowly characters from Nohr join and the remainder from Hoshido join. 3. What notable changes would you make to the characters? Well for main characters, they have pretty much the same personality bases but have been expanded upon to not be so Kamui-centric. Character roles have been changed, people have set relationships, the four Touma bosses (Shenmei, Sumeragi, Mikoto and Garon), have all been re-written. Kamui and Aqua had massive over hauls as well as Hydra. The FEA trio have been re-written to not be FEA characters. All the kids have been re-written to have roles in the story. 4. What notable changes would you make to the setting? The setting for the most part is the same with a few exceptions. I still have to finalize things. 5. Do any characters die? Yes, characters do die. 6. Do you introduce any new characters? Pretty much all the capturable bosses, specifically Draj and Nacht, have been given some form of role outside of time chamber shenanigans. 7. Are any characters going to be cut? Not really unless you count the FEA trio being completely re-written. [spoiler=Damosel] If you're interested in reading my FE14 AU series A Marriage Of States. I also have an update and feedback thread on this site for the series. 1. What routes are you working on? NONE, I'm going Alternate Universe! Is it an amalgamation of all three? Pretty much everything EXCEPT Touma stuff. Is it an alternate universe style retelling? YES! Biggest differences- no ambush, no Kamui. 2. What notable changes would you make to the plot? I've made a bunch of changes because there's no Touma characters. So it's all Nohr/Hoshido drama, with arranged marriages for an alliance thrown in. Mainly- it's looking at the trouble you can have outside the battlefield. Are problematic elements (the curse, the magic throne, the crystal ball, operation tears, Nohr and Hoshido being too black and white, everything Aqua does) going to be addressed? Likely won't be any magic items from Touma showing up (so Hoshido's throne is just a fancy throne). I'm definitely trying to grey up both Hoshido and Nohr without making them unrecognisable- LOTS of worldbuilding. Are there any themes to be communicated over each route? Since I'm not stick to a route N/A What is the overall direction and "point" of each route? Character driven world exploration with a side of plot. 3. What notable changes would you make to the characters? Sumeragi isn't dead, neither is Ektrina. Garon is not a goo-monster and actually brokered a peace treaty. Because there's no Kamui I've shuffled a lot of characters whose backstory was associated with him. Gunter, Joker, and Cyrus all work for Marx instead (and have known him for years). I've also changed Flora and Felicia's circumstance in Nohr, they're no longer servants but "fostered" and Krackenstein castle (hostages essentially). The FE13 expies have been replaced with Nyx serving Leo, Charolette serving Camilla, and Gunter+Joker+Cyrus serving Marx. What is Kamui all about (background, personality, abilities)? Absenteeism. What is Aqua all about (personality, role in the plot)? Not-appearing-in-this-fic What are the Hoshidan and Nohrian siblings all about (personalities, roles in the plot)? Pretty similar to their game selves. Ryouma meditative and serious, Marx reserved and stubborn, Camilla doting and ruthless, Hinoka caring and bold, Takumi insightful and hotheaded, Leo clever and ooportunistic, Sakura shy and nuturing, Elise cheerful and excitable. Main difference is that Nohr and Hoshido have been at peace for twelve years and the oldest daughters/sons got hitched- so different reactions in line with different circmstances. What is Garon, Mikoto, Lilith or any other important character all about? Garons about being an ACTUAL father and king, though he still has his terrible person moments. Same can be said for Sumeragi. No Touma characters. Iago's a pain in the neck but not a psyco, Ganz is a criminal not given a military position. What is Hydra all about (role in the plot)? Nope. Nooooooooooooooooope. What changes will be made to minor characters? Well I've already given Lala (the songstress from Muse) as speaking bit. And the Boldts mentioned in the Saizou/Belka supports will fairly present. Daniela, Draj, Senou and other faced units will all be getting a heavy injection of personality when they make their appearances (and it WON'T be in hyperbolic time chambers) 4. What notable changes would you make to the setting? No monsters, no Hydra, no Touma, no Kamui. Impacts a bunch of stuff. What ideas do you have for world building? A lot. I was the first to suggest Hoshido have an inflexiable cast system that cause them issues. Wrote up a historical blurb on why drak mages in Nohr would dress like strippers. More stuff than I care to sum-up. What kind of history does this continent have? A tirbulent one. Once it was ruled by a single empire, but a terrible earthquake ripped it's capital assunder and two large kingdoms eventually rose from it's ashes. To the west, one founded by a warlord and those loyal to her subjegated the surrounding territories until they were able to work together for a sustainable society. To the east, a priest was raised up to commune with the gods for all of the land and eventually founded the line of kings. (and plenty more but, this is a brief sum-up) In more recent history Garon emancipated Chevalier from being a tributary and there worked out an alliance with Sumeragi. What is the balance of natural and supernaturual elements? Well there's still plenty of magic and worship of the gods. Closer to Jugdral than Ylisse though- as in most of the drama is started by people. Are the Faceless and invisible enemies in your story? Nuh-uh. 5. Do any characters die? Yes. It'd be a spoiler to say who. 6. Do you introduce any new characters? Kinda. I've give all the Nohr sib's mothers faces and names, as well as doing so for mentioned families like the Boldts. Mostly it's fleshing in NPCs rather than wholesale OCs. 7. Are any characters going to be cut? All of Touma, and FE13 expies. See second post for more authors (Party Moth, Ebony, wvype, Taka-kun, Loki Laufeyson, Sunwoo). See third post for more authors (Mox, Phillius). See fourth post for more authors (Nintendoentersoft, Metal Flash, Skywolfe, Yari, dtmahanen101, MCProductions, RedRob, Dangerus, Sire, SaiSymbolic, Abvora). See fifth post for more authors (Blade_of_Light, NightStar) *New* Support Conversations (NekoKnight, Pretty_Handsome, [email protected], wvype, Thane).
  6. My biggest and most despised aspect of 14 is how it is blatantly bad. I know, 14 hate is so overdone or whatever but really it needs to be said. 14 has an identity issue due to 13 and that hampers the game. Nintendo forced IS to make a follow up even though they shouldn't have. With split teams with different ideals and beliefs, a poor editing staff for the plot, and many more issues 14 was set for a failure, not commercially but as a game. As a follow up to 13, it had to do everything 13 did; child units, marriage, anything pandering to "anime" fans and "casual" audiences. 14 is a failure as a game, in game design, as an FE title, and as a major game. But how does that mean blatantly bad? It's all in the presentation, the game was presented as "Choices" but in reality it wasn't about choices or different routes, it was milking money and hiding it's flaws, which are obvious more and more as time goes on. That may not make the best of sense, but the game blatantly split itself, when we all know it should just be one title. While yes, Rev does exist, that doesn't mean there are actual choices and so on, it's cash grabbing, separating the major "choices" in game and making them only obtainable through paying more for something of either worse or equally bad content. Sorry if you read this trainwreck.
  7. Fire Emblem If Fan Translation version 4.2 (available now!) Hey everyone! It's been seven months since the last patch release. Since then, the project was passed on to a new group of fans. But we're still Team If, and we're doing our best to finish the rest of the game for you guys. From now on, all patch releases and files can be found on our GitHub. This makes it easier for us to host patches, push updates more quickly, and track issues in a more organized manner. GitHub Repository: Current Release: Instructions and Other Tutorials: DLC Patching Instructions: The plan is to update the repository on a monthly basis while assembling ready-to-use patch releases once certain milestones have been reached. If you find any issues while playing with the patch, please let us know! We're using GitHub's issue tracker to keep track of typos and other potential problems. Issue Tracker: Current Progress (updated 2/7/2017) Credits: As always, we're on the lookout for new team members! If you'd like to lend a hand and either know Japanese or have a firm grasp of English grammar, we'd be happy to have you. For more information, just shoot me a PM.
  8. I'm just curious basing on their stats, and their personalities.Which of these is better? The Avatar, or Child unit? (I suppose I put this in the wrong category again.)
  9. Hello! This is my first post to this site! Ok, so I’m not the best at explaining things but here goes...the holiday season is upon us in the US, and I wanted to give my best bud my physical copy of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright (since he always watches me play it) so that I could buy Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest for myself (since I kinda regret not picking that first, for irl reasons). I already bought Conquest and Revelation as DLC for the Birthright cartridge. Is there a way I could put them both on an SD card and give that and Birthright to him so that he’ll have all 3 versions on his 2DS? Or will he be forced to rebuy them (if he wanted to play the other routes) and I can just give him an eShop gift card with it instead? I really hope I explained that clearly, really super sorry if I didn’t! ALSO, since I’ll be getting a physical copy of Conquest, is it posible I can still retain my DLC of Revelation on my 3DS if its still on the SD card, or will I be forced to rebuy that too? Again, sorry if I missed any details or said something confusing! Feel free to ask me to clarify any points, and thank you for taking the time to read and help me!
  10. Fire Emblem Fates Randomizer

    I've been developing this tool over on gbatemp for the last few months, so it's already gone through some changes since its initial release. If anyone wants to try out an older version I can provide a link, though the first few versions were a little unstable. As a side note, this is my first real post on this site, so if I messed anything up, let me know! This tool allows you to randomize character classes and join order for Fire Emblem Fates. However, this randomizer goes a bit further than making simple gameplay changes - all cutscenes in the game are modified to follow the new join order. So if a character switches places with another, they will essentially take their place in the story. For example, if Selena switched places with Hinoka in Revelation, she would appear in Hinoka's place for every cutscene in Revelation. As of beta 4, the randomizer also allows for randomization of parent/child combinations. In addition to join order changes, the randomizer also includes basic support for randomizing character stats, skills, and join items. The tool is still a work in progress - while certain chapters have been tested thoroughly, others have yet to be examined. Therefore, you may run into bugs or glitches throughout a randomized playthrough. If you run into any issues or notice any cutscenes where a character's replacement does not appear as expected, please report the issue so that it can be fixed for the next version. This tool requires an up to date version of Java (Latest version of Java 8 is recommended). You can find more screenshots of the randomizer's results here. Download: link Patching: If you don't know how to run ROM hacks on your 3DS I'll give you a short break down on some of the methods for running them as well as how to gain homebrew access below. Keep in mind that homebrew entry points change drastically between firmware updates, so the methods I list below may become outdated in the future. If you want to keep homebrew access on your 3DS, I advise looking at community sources to see whether or not your entry point works on the latest version before updating your 3DS. Please note that homebrew programs do not always play well with digital versions of Fates. I advise attempting to run Fates through HANS at least once before going through the process of dumping and randomizing your game to ensure that it works correctly. Getting Homebrew Access: There are three methods for running ROM hacks: HANS, NTR, and Luma. I've included instructions for NTR and HANS below. Currently, you can set up either way of running hacks from a stock 3DS. NTR is the most convenient way to run ROM hacks, but requires you to install custom firmware first. If you want to avoid headaches in the long run and are fine with some initial setup, you can follow Plailect's guide to setup custom firmware. Given the availability of methods for setting up arm9loaderhax and custom firmware right now, I highly recommend going with this option. If you don't want to go through the setup to run hacks through NTR, your other options is HANS. For HANS, just download soundhax from here, and the homebrew launcher as well as the appropriate payload for your 3DS from this link. Place the contents of the files on your SD card, load up the sound player on your 3DS, and play the file that came with soundhax. You'll end up in the homebrew launcher if placed the files on the SD card correctly. From there, you can proceed to the directions for HANS in order to play your randomized game. For both HANS and NTR: Use this version of this version of braindump to dump your Fates ROM. Once braindump is done, take the romfs file from the dump and use romfs extractor to extract the files from the romfs. From here, you can follow the instructions listed below to randomize your ROM. Before you do though, I advise making a copy of either the romfs you dumped or the extracted files just in case anything goes wrong. HANS: When you're done randomizing your files, drag them back into the folder with the files extracted from the romfs and overwrite the original files. If you did not get a prompt asking you if you'd like to overwrite, chances are you forgot to recompress your files using FEAT after randomizing. Once everything's done overwriting, use romfs builder with the folder containing your ROM files to rebuild the romfs. Create a folder called HANS at the root of your 3DS's SD card and place the recompiled romfs inside of it. Rename your romfs to the last 8 characters of your version's ID. For braindump, this should be the last 8 character of the name of the dumped romfs. For example, 00179400.romfs would be the correct filename for US birthright. Open up homebrew on your 3DS, navigate to HANS, run Fates through it, and set the romfs option to load the romfs from the SD. Enjoy your randomized game! NTR: If you haven't installed NTR on your 3DS yet, do that first. I highly recommend using this version of NTR as it supports the latest firmware versions. Once you've followed the randomization instructions and recompressed your randomized files, download the Same-Sex expansion and copy the NTR version for your copy of Fates to the root of your SD card (you should have a "plugin" folder on the root of your SD card when all is said and done). If you don't want the contents of the patch, just delete everything from the other folder that came with the plugin (the birthright/conquest/fefatesSE folder). Afterwards, copy the randomized files into the birthright/conquest/fefatesSE folder. From there all you have to do is run NTR on your 3DS then run your copy of Fates. Keep in mind that you will need to run NTR every time you start your 3DS if you want to play with the randomized files. Enjoy! Installation: Changelog: FAQ: When I dumped my game, I only received one path even though I own the others as DLC. Why did this happen, and how can I fix it? DLC has to be dumped separately from the base game. Modifying it requires the installation of custom firmware. You will then need to use a tool like Decrypt9 to dump the DLC paths. You can then randomize the DLC paths by including their content in the randomizer folder for randomization and pulling the content back out afterwards. Finally, you can create an installable CIA for the DLC using something like ctrtool. Install that on your 3DS and you should be good to go. The file verification window said that everything verified, but I didn't get an options window! Update your version of Java. The options window uses some features from the latest versions of Java, so the window will fail to open if you're version isn't up to date. Troubleshooting: As this randomizer is still a work in progress, you may encounter bugs or glitches while using it. At this point you shouldn't encounter any serious issues like crashing, but if you do, the procedure for stopping the issues is fairly simple. First, you need to identify which chapter the issue occurs on so that you can find its files. If the issue occurs on Birthright Chapter 10, for example, the file name you'll be looking for is A010. From there, you'll need to replace files from your patch with the original files until the issue is resolved. First you should try removing all files in Scripts/bev that start with the chapter prefix. So for this example you'd delete every files in Scripts/bev that starts with A010. If that fails to fix the issue, delete the map script, which is named after the chapter (Scripts/A010.cmb in the example). If the issue persists, navigate to GameData/dispos and delete the dispo file (once again, A010.bin if you're looking at the example). That procedure should fix any issue you encounter while using the randomizer. Make sure to report your issue and the chapter it occurred on so that it can be fixed! As always, I want to thank a couple people who helped make this tool a reality: RainThunder for his nightmare modules and wiki which helped with setting up GameData and Person file randomization. DeathChaos25 for his original randomizer and general contributions to the 3DS Fire Emblem hacking community. Dylos for the inspiration to make the tool as well as his efforts to help with testing more unstable versions of the randomizer. SciresM for his archive tool, FEAT.
  11. Fates Custom battle animations

    I've always loved the GBA battle animations, and I recently got into making my own. This is my attempt at making Fates' Royal families, Someones probably done this better before but I thought I'd take a crack at it. I've completed the 4 Nohrian siblings and almost all of the Hoshidians except for Ryoma due to his weird faceplate. First I did Everyone's favorite cinnamon roll; Elise! Heal Animation: I had some trouble with the hair at first simply because of how bizarre her pigtails are, I ended up using a modified version of Rebecca. Next on the list was; Leo Basic Anima Attack: Anima Crit: I'm thinking about trying to make a sword animation for him, I definitely want to give him a special Brynhildr animation. The Most difficult thing about making Leo was that I couldn't find Male battle animations only sheets, so I just took Selena's battle animations and copy/pasted Ewan's hair onto her Skipping a sibling I actually did Xander next, due to Camilla's... unique character design. Basic Sword Attack: Sword Crit: It was fun to make a paladin without a helmet, it always seemed weird to me that Seth has a helmet when fighting but not in his portrait. I'd also like to come back to Xander to give him a fancy ranged attack when using Siegfried. Next we have Camilla: Basic Lance attack: Lance Crit: Sorry if anyones disappointed by a serious lack of something (she's not using an axe.) But i'm still learning and I don't think a more accurate design is something I can do, I took the face and hair of a pegasus night and changed it up a bit to fit a Wyvern lord. Moving on to the Hoshidians My first is; Hinoka: Basic lance attack: Lance Crit: Hinoka was a fairly easy color swap. Sakura: She was probably the quickest and easiest. And last one (for now) Takumi: With Takumi I decided to have separate animations for when he has his Yumi equipped vs other bows Regular Bow Attack: Bow Crit: The hardest part with Takumi was his pineapple hair I ended up using his actual map sprite from fates to give me a better idea. Fujin Yumi Attack: Fujin Yumi Crit: When he's using the Fujin Yumi I changed it so his bow is gold, the bowstring only appears when he's firing and has a cool "disintegrate" affect to it. In his crit the symbol is meant to be the Japanese word for storm, which is part of the names of the Japanese gods takumi and ryoma are based off of (Fujin of wind, and Raijin of thunder/lightning) I'm unsure if it really fits though, I'm considering making similar ones for the other princes, any ideas for those would be great! Any constructive critisism would be super awesome as i'm pretty new to animating as well as this forum so if you have any tips send them my way. I'm gonna go do more animating Thanks for reading all this stuffXD These animations were modified using a free internet software I found called piskelapp you don't have to download anything except whatever animations your changing. If you want to use these for something feel free! Please Credit me if possible (and send me a link please!)
  12. I liked all but the arena, but that's because I'm an arena junkie.
  13. Fire Emblem Fates: Good Guy Garon Edition TRAILER IS HERE HEAD HERE FOR THE LATEST PATCH AND UPDATE NOTES: MAIN THREAD To use this modification you will need to either have CFW and Luma3DS installed, or another method to modify the game's core files. Information: Chapter Videos: Overview of Changes (Mild Spoilers Within): Download (Updated 11/19/17): Installation: (via Luma LayeredFS) Special Thanks: SecretiveCactus for their Fire Emblem Conversation Editor thane98 for their Fire Emblem Fate’s Editor DeathChaos25 for their Fates ROM Hacking General Thread
  14. Pairing your Avatar.

    If you don't see your wife/husband in Fates on this poll, feel free to leave him/her in the comments.
  15. Hello, and welcome to the thread for my semiblind ironman Let's Play / Roleplay of all three paths of Fire Emblem Fates for the 3DS. This screenshot let's play is done in the style of a magical war journal written by the main character, Dakota. Who exactly is Dakota? Dakota is a rather unlikely hero: a creepily pragmatic, eugenics-obsessed, megalomaniacal, narcissistic, borderline-sociopathic, socially inept control freak with basically only one redeeming quality: their genuine love for the select few people who manage to get close to their heart. Their motivations are not quite as noble as the canon avatar, though there's no lack of drive to accomplish them, and there is some humanity in there somewhere. What do you mean by "Semiblind"? Basically, I've been super hyped for this game, so I have checked out the wiki for certain stuff. I know most of the basic classes and skills, and a handful of the new basic weapons (though I have not read up at all on the metagame and thus only have my 12 years of experience playing Fire Emblem to work out which of them are and aren't useful), I've seen Nintendo's site and know about all the characters and information/videos listed there, but when it comes to anything beyond that, the rest of the characters, the maps, the story, I am almost totally blind. Almost. What I know: How will this work? Basically Dakota will go through Birthright first and Conquest second, with Revelation being third. Dakota's gender will also go by the covers of the two games. Dakota will be male in Birthright, Female in Conquest, and whichever I decide I prefer in Revelation. Here are the designs i came up with for Male and Female Dakota using the Serenes Forest "Kamui Editor": Male: Female: As for the rules I'll be using in this LP: I'll use every non-dlc trick available to me that I can discover in both versions, but I'm not allowed to reset unless the game forces me to for losing an important character or failing the mission, and I cannot abuse this to force a reset to get a lost character back. I may also exploit the fact that I still have my original 3DS (and that I'm buying physical copies of both versions for collecting reasons) to self-streetpass if I can come up with an interesting thing storywise to do with it (and boy do I think I can). Also, while I won't be using DLC, I'll be using the amiibo because I have them, and because they add characters I feel I can do interesting things with. I update every day but thursday, some time around 6 eastern standard time, though the length of the battle means this can vary, and you can expect later updates the further into each path I get. Is there reader participation? YES! As of Conquest, I've decided to start using the castle visiting feature, but I've decided that I won't visit random castles. I'll only be able to access the ones that are sent to me. I haven't fully worked it out because I'm trying to avoid spoilers so I don't want to look up much, but here's my card: Just punch this address in and visit my castle, and then you'll be on my visit list and I'll visit you back. You might even make a cameo appearance in the series!
  16. After roughly 9 months there were many main series additions that aren't event-related. Almost every series got more faces to its roster ... but almost is almost. I'm pretty one of the banners for November is going to be a special one, so it leaves space for another main series entry. The progression so far from launch: - Sacred Stones/Genealogy - Genealogy/Thracia/Binding Blade/Radiant Dawn - Blazing Blade - Shadows of Valentia - Path of Radiance - Shadows of Valentia - Mystery of the Emblem - Shadows of Valentia - Sacred Stones - Path of Radiance - Genealogy of the Holy War So far the only main series that didn't get any more faces are the newer entries, Awakening and Fates. Fates kinda cheats in that regard since we got Charlotte and Shigure in their event forms before the actual incarnation. Both games are, of course, represented often in special banners though there are some rather important characters missing. Awakening has still a lot of the original shepherds (Sumia, Maribelle, Vaike, Miriel, Ricken ... no I didn't forget someone), while Fates is missing pretty much everyone who isn't a retainer to a royal (most notably Kaze, Silas, maybe Rinkah and Flora). The ones that didn't get 'proper' banner presentation are the participants from the Sibling Bonds banner; Thracia, Binding Blade and Radiant Dawn. Noticeably, Leif and Micaiah, the protagonist of their respective games, are still missing. The latter is also quite high in CYL which begs the question of her whereabouts. What do you guys think about this? What game is going to get the spotlight?
  17. If you don't see your favorite character from fates, in this poll, feel free to leave him/her in the comments.
  18. Need me some Corrins plz?

    So I would appreciate if y'all could make some Corrins that resemble anime characters maybe?
  19. A. Corrin does a Hara Kiri, and then comes back in a new body, and has a limited amount of time to destroy his real father's dragon self, before he is sent to the afterlife. B. Sakura gets kidnapped by Garon, instead of Corrin, and the protagonist is Sakura instead. C. Takumi and Elise leaves their respective families, and Elise ventures out to have Corrin come back to Nohr, and Takumi ventures out to kill Corrin to make him pay for abandoning Hoshido, until they learn the truth of their true threat.
  20. Hey, Its been a long time, since I was active (not lurking in the shadows) and recently I had the urge to go and buy one of the 3DS FE titles. If you could kindly consult me about what game I should get, that would be nice. I know, many may not like them or even hate them, but I am still asking for (if possible) objective opinions, why I should or should not get game X. Meaning a reply like "Buy game X, cuz good waifu" is something I often see on non-Serenes Forest forums with unreasonable children. PS: If I seemed rude, then I apologize. But recently, I have encountered many kids in fandoms where I also lurk around with this kind of attitude, which increases my salt-level. PPS: If there are any mistakes, english is sadly not my native language.
  21. Fates Challenge Thread

    Hello, people who already own Fates, whether it's the Japanese or the North American Version. Bored to do the game like that? Then add a plethora of challenges to make sure you can do the game over and over and over again. These challenges are meant to be done in Hard Mode or Lunatic Mode. Normal Mode is for scrubs. Every unit in the early 5 chapters are allowed else it would probably be impossible. Kamui's Harem : Complete the game by only using characters of opposite gender. We have your back : Complete the game by only using retainers. If you're doing Birthright, that means that you can only use Kamui, Jakob/Felicia, Gunther, Kaze, Hana, Tsubaki, Oboro, Hinata, Saizo, Kagero, Setsuna, Azama, Orochi and Reina (thanks Quintessence and Elie). If you're doing Conquest, that means you can only use Kamui, Jakob/Felicia, Gunther, Kaze, Effie, Arthur, Zero, Odin, Selena, Beruka, Pieri, Lazward and Flora. If you're doing Revelations, that's obviously all of them. Only the leaders can fight : Complete the game by only using the royal family + tribe leaders. If you're doing Birthright, that means you can only use Kamui, Felicia, Rinkah, Sakura, Azura, Hinoka, Hayato, Takumi, Kaden, Shura and Ryoma. If you're doing Conquest, that means you can only use Kamui, Felicia, Azura, Elise, Camilla, Leo, Keaton, Xander, and Flora. This challenge is probably one of the hardest and also probably not possible on Conquest Lunatic. No horses allowed : Complete the game by only using units who are foot units on their base class. That means you cannot reclass the units you want to use but are mounted to use them. That also means that on Conquest you're pretty screwed since all the Royals have a mount. Only-Horses club : Complete the game by only using units who are mounted on their base class. Kamui has to be reclassed to a mounted class whenever it is possible. Same rules than the other. Meaning that now it's on Birthright you'll be annoyed since most units do not begin mounted. I can't master anything : Complete the game while not using any weapon who are over E rank. Don't worry though, because the broken legendary weapons are still at E rank. I can't use this weapon, it's too complex : Complete the game without using any weapon at E rank. That means that characters like Rinka and Sakura are pretty screwed since they start at E rank. And yes, that means you can't use Kamui until you get the dragonstone. Fun, isn't it? (you're allowed to use the Bronze Sword against Xander at Chapter 1, but can't use any other sword until you get your hands on an Arms Scroll) It's only me and my army : Complete the game while only using Kamui and Generics. As I can't get my hands into the game yet, I don't know how the capture mechanic works, but if it's how I think, then you can go for Skirmishes to get Generics. You can't do the challenge on Conquest unless you want to have almost no units for the whole early game. You're allowed to use regular units until you get your full party of generics. There can be only one : Each time you get a group of units in a chapter, attribute a number to each unit and roll a dice (x = number of units you get). You can only use the unit from this group that is selected by the dice. There is no problem in rolling the dice at chapter 4 in Conquest, at chapter 5 on Hoshido or Conquest and at chapter 6 in all routes. That means that some massive recruitements like Birthright's chapter 7 and chapter 8 can roll pretty bad. Though you're almost guaranteed to get Kaze and Azura in Conquest, and at chapter 5 on Birthright you get either Sakura or Azura so it's pretty fair. I think that's all! Add more challenges if you want, and have fun trying! (btw I'm prolly gonna try them all on Lunatic once I can get my hands on the game)
  22. So gameplay-wise Fates is wonderful. The only flaws I really notice with that is that Birthright and Revelations don't have that epic challenge feel that Conquest does, but other than that, it is fantastic for FE. However, while I liked many of the characters, the story of them felt a bit... weak to me, but I felt like there was promise to be had here. How would you improve the story of Fates in general? What are some missed out opportunities for pre-battle dialog between one of Corrin's units and a special unit in the field, and what would they say in such pre-battle dialog? How would you make some characters done better, such as character arcs?
  23. Choosing a Path.

    I chose the Conquest route, but I liked the Revelation route, and didn't like the Birthright route so much.
  24. So having beaten Conquest Hard (too scared right now to try Conquest Lunatic) and just about finished with Revelations Hard, I was wondering what you guys think of the various classes/archetypes and which characters are "best in class". As in, which of the three base ninjas is the best, which of the casters (mages and diviners) is the best, and so on. I am thinking purely in their base classes and promotions, and for the story mode. So I guess the rules for this discussion are as follows: - No DLC classes or characters. - No Corrin. - No consideration of Partner/Friendship / Heart seals (because at that point you can create a monster of any character given enough gold). - Join times \ availability are important, but that cannot be the main staple of your argument for or against a unit. For example, Revelations Odin joins late, at the point where your main party is promoted, and is a pain to grind up into use -- but his damage/utility results are subpar at best without some interesting reclassing using seals, which breaks the rule above (I do love Swordmaster!Odin, but that doesn't adhere to this ruleset). Arguments can be on a game-by-game basis. I don't want to talk about healers, because there's a lot of them, and it is very route dependent. For example, Conquest Elise is Jesus Christ in pigtails on a horse. Revelations Elise is an adorable benchwarmer, and eventually Odin's bedwarmer. Not going to talk about the beast units because the Kids are just straight up better because they get access to a parent's skill. The Wolves are better than the foxes IMO though, because of bulk. EDITS: 10/11/17: Mozu moved to lances (we all make her an archer and think of her that way, but she does technically need a heart seal to be usable, so I can't break my own rules, can I? I'll leave her description though, still kinda works. Some minor clarification edits 10/11/17: I FORGOT KIRAGI I'M SORRY. Also, some shifting in the Archer rankings. 10/13/17: I forgot more people. Such a bloated cast. Adding Percy, Anna, Izana. Will add Rhajat, Fuga, and Scarlet after reasoning for their placement is provided (I've never used them). I suppose I'll start with my personal ranking, which will probably change as the discussion develops: Mages 1.) Ophelia -- Conquest is a specialist-oriented game, meaning you want someone to do their one job super well. Ophelia consistently turns into a glass cannon that can one-round or one-shot many units with her personal tome. In Conquest, where your only other mage option really worth talking about is Leo (Mage!Odin just never performs for me, sadly), this makes her very valuable. Odin's early join allows for her birth relatively early on in the game when compared to other kids (with the exception of F!Corrin Dwyer and Effie!Percy). In Revelations, she is harder to get by a decently large margin, but the work required to build a support between Odin and someone else is, in my opinion, worth it. 2.) Leo -- Leo being #2 and not #1 is going to trigger people, because in Conquest he joins at a good time, with good bases (needs a speedwing, that's it) and is mounted. There, the key requirements for a strong unit. Oh, and also a powerful personal tome with a situationally useful effect (Final battle vs. Iago comes to mind, with Leo dueling the room full of Sorcerers). So why do I put him this low? Well, its because his damage output is just not high enough for endgame without heart sealing him into a sorcerer (which would then make him quite powerful indeed, I've tried it). Leo not being #1 is purely opinion. Strictly speaking, Leo is probably a better choice for #1, but I value Ophelia's damage highly. He does take a penalty from his late join time in Revelations, but it really isn't that late, so it's nbd. 3.) Hayato -- He's got acceptable bases and good growths in Revelations, so he can make a quality Onmyoji. I think his potential outscales that of the other options, though I admittedly haven't done a ton of digging for that comparison -- and I haven't played Birthright. I don't have a lot else to say here, I found myself not using him in my Revelations run despite his nice early join time and the lack of real mages at that point in the game. 4.) Orochi -- She can hit hard, with a good magic stat, but she's slow. Oh dear god is she slow. If you can't double, that's a major problem. Her personal is also functionally worthless, as there's no reason to really capture units in any of the games except MAYBE Haitaka in Conquest for the Rally Defense pre-Ch.10. 5.) Izana -- He is a strong replacement unit. He is a decently strong, but not exceptional, Onmyoji, with a personal skill that makes ALL units within 2 tiles of him take 2 less damage. If properly positioned, this can be helpful, if not properly positioned, this can be a detriment. You get him in by getting the bath house to max level IIRC, which takes awhile, and is a waste of DVP for a lot of the game. So he's good, but any of the above mages are just flat out better (except maybe Orochi, because of how many levels she would already have). 6.) Nyx -- She has higher dps potential than Orochi, in my experience, but she at no point avoids getting one shot by a physical unit -- even some mages can ORKO her, and that frailty is really bad for me personally as a player (I have a tendency to miss 83+% hit chances. A lot. It's a curse I swear). Ophelia above is not much bulkier, but she does a fair amount more damage and has a strong personal weapon, so I forgave her for that. 7.) Odin -- I'm sorry Odin, I love you, but you are just a middling mage at best. You are at your peak magic performance when Nos-tanking, and that isn't even as strong a tactic in Fates. A forged and named Mjolnir tome can potentially patch up your offensive problems, and your skill ensures a lot of Vengance procs (which doesn't matter, as Nos can't use offensive skills, so no synergy), but you just aren't a stellar mage. You are leagues better as another class, but we cannot consider this, because of my rules. You make a decent Dark Knight I suppose, but unless you're Corrin or Leo, Dark Knight just isn't a great class. Ninjas 1.) Kagero -- Based purely on my experience in Revelations, Kagero joins at a decent time, and only a level or two behind, so getting her to be in line with the rest of the team requires practically no effort. She has the highest strength growth of the ninjas, and her speed is equally high (70%/70%), both of those being higher than Saizo's, and her speed only being 15% lower, which doesn't affect much. She joins only three chapters after Kaze, and has a much higher potential for damage. While yes, ninjas are primarily debuffers, being able to have the strength to reliably kill things is incredible for a ninja. As a master ninja she won't proc Lethality much, but it's useless ass Lethality so who cares. She abuses Shurikenfaire to do even more damage (my kagero is currently doing roughly 30+ x2 to everything she initiates against that isn't another Master Ninja), and in the more even pairup against enemy Ninjas, her personal skill functions like a situational counter that also mirrors the debuffs. This allows Kagero to win just about every 1v1 (and a lot of 1v2, if paired up) Ninja duel in Revelations. She's also hot as fuck, so I can't in good conscience leave that out. 2.) Kaze -- In every route of the game, you get Kaze early. He's one of your first locktouch units (except for Niles), he's fast, so he can kill weaker enemies in the earlygame to scale up his level to stay somewhat relevant, and his natural Ninja kit allows you to easily set up kills for other units that need exp. His personal skill has saved me a few times, but you can't rightly rely on it (unless you have Kaze support Midori -- then you might be safe). However, as the game progresses he simply stops doing damage -- especially in Conquest, where you can't really get good shuriken for him (No Barb or Sting shuriken, those are the big-uns to make him useful). As a master ninja in conquest, he can be a BOON to you with a Hunter's Knife during the Furry Genocide, but after that he just can't hold his own. He's also made of wet tissue paper, so oneshots happen if an archer looks at him wrong. 3.) Saizo / Asugi -- His best growth is 80% in skill. Ninjas don't have issues hitting things, and lethality frankly is a trash skill that isn't worth using, if given the option to replace (which you wont, no heart seals, remember?). Every one of his other growths are average at best, and fall severely lacking behind the other two ninjas in the stats Ninjas need to be effective. Combine that with a personal skill that is literally only a positive in scrub-casual (phoenix) mode, and Saizo is the weakest ninja of the bunch. Again, we aren't considering seal usage here, even though I've heard he might be a decent Samurai. Asugi's base growths are similar to Saizos, but they might be able to be patched up with a good parent. I'm not sure. Cavaliers 1. ) Xander -- Siegfried is an amazing weapon, Xander always comes into the game with excellent bases, and in a class that can be both a damage class and a physical tank class (especially post-Defender). Good movement is obvious as a Paladin, and he is just a solid unit that most players agree is a very powerful and necessary unit for higher-difficulty runs. I don't need to say much more. 2.) Siegbert is a mini-Xander sans Siegfried. His personal makes him a decent pair-up bot, but his stats are respectable upon recruitment, and he makes a solid Great Knight (a class I'm not particularly fond of, but his stats are good). His effectiveness is depended on his mother to an extent, however. 3.) Sophie -- Silas' kid outshines him by default, especially with a good mother. She has a fun personal skill and can grow into a solid Paladin come lategame. She's a decent choice to pair up with Siegbert actually. Again, effectiveness may be hindered or buffed by her mother. 4.) Peri -- Peri is a mixed bag for me. On one hand, she has decent growths in strength and speed (60+% at base and with either promotion). On the other hand, she is frail. 35% defense growth frail. In Revelations, you get her too late for her to be worth training. In Conquest however, she could be worth training, as she comes into the game early on, at the same time as Laslow, and at a decent level with usable bases. Her personal skill is weird and slightly un-intuitive to make use of, as it gives her +4 to all offensive stats after initiating combat and killing the target. But only for one turn, meaning that to USE that stat boost you either need to dance her (which may be worth it, depends on scenario), or put her in a position where she can use those buffs in enemy phase, while counterattacking. Let me remind you, 35% defense growth, and base 10 in both defense and res in Conquest upon recruitment. She can counterattack mages fine (55% res growth), but if she's counterattacking on enemy phase, she is probably in melee, and Bloodthirst doesn't give her any defensive buff. So she's clunky to use to maximum potential. 5.) Silas -- He's good earlygame, and should be benched in the midgame, because he is painfully average in every way, and his personal skill encourages risking a reset-by-Corrin-death. Lean on him for as little time as possible. In Revelations, he's hot garbage with a late join time. In Conquest, he's mediocre at best but you get him early. Use him for his kid and move on with your life. 6.) Gunter -- It's Gunter. I need say no more. Swordfighters (Mercenaries and Samurai) 1.) Ryoma -- He has a personal 1-2 range weapon that gives him +4 str. This weapon pushes Ryoma into a power tier with Xander, though perhaps less reliable because of Swordmasters' reliance on dodging for survivability. Vantage is a skill I like a lot, and paired with Ryoma's high skill and Astra can lead to some clutch 1vMany scenarios -- but don't rely on these, please? His stats and growths are above average, and in Revelations he joins even before Xander and Leo IIRC, so you have more time to abuse him if you should so desire. There isn't a ton to say here. 2.) Soleil -- With a non-mage mother Soleil can be a very solid unit. As both a Bow Knight and a Hero she can perform as a solid offensive threat with her base 60% strength growth, though her defenses aren't amazing. An argument could be made for placing Laslow here instead because he is slightly bulkier, and therefore can more effectively use Strong Riposte, but Soleil is a reliable unit with a strong personal skill. Her personal benefits from having a bulky female unit support her (In my runs I've supported Soleil with GK!Sophie), and that can effectively patch up her defensive problems. 3.) Laslow -- Laslow is a (Marginally) bulkier Soleil, and his high skill, strength, and luck let him be a reliable, if not exceptional, player phase and enemy phase unit (if given a 1-2 range weapon). All of his pros are generic Merc/Hero pros, aside from his unique personal skill. His personal rallies +1 speed and +1 strength, which may not seem like much, but can make a distinct impact on a chapter. If you promote him into a Bow Knight he also picks up Rally Skill, so he can (by still following these rules) become a semi-respectable rallybot, which is never a bad thing. He is a solid unit all around. 4.) DISCLAIMER -- In my Revelations runs I have not ever found much effective use out of the samurai retainers, and therefore I don't have much of a good idea for how good they are. They just never seem to pull their weight, especially fucking weak ass revelations Hana. So I'm going to assume at least one of them (Probably Hinata's kid, kids are usually better) falls in here. 5.) Selena -- Selena is a slightly weaker, but noticably faster, Mercenary that comes into the game just a couple chapters before Laslow, in a chapter that has many axe users that she can just kill for easy experience. She, much like Laslow, won't become a stand-out combat unit in the lategame, but she can, like Laslow, be a reliable pick with a good pair up, however her personal skill provides disincentive for pairing up, as it is solely a situational crit for the attack stance -- a situation in which her supported ally's crit doesn't kill the enemy, which doesn't happen often. She's decent, but second rate. 6.) If they werent in #4, they go here. Fliers 1.) Camilla -- Joins early in both playable routes, has excellent bases and actually okay growths, she has flier utility, and is just generally strong. Malig Knight is not the optimal class for her, Wyvern Lord is, but that takes a Heart Seal so I won't consider it. She as a Malig Knight still has strong speed and strength, allowing her to scale into the lategame as a damage threat without babying (or even dedicated use). Her magic stat is just bad, so its not worth trying to use her as a flying magic threat -- so unless you're one of those people who burns a ton of spirit dust on her, she will be a physical threat pretty much exclusively. That said, she is a strong flyer and can ORKO most of the other characters in the game without much effort. She also gives some nice physical attributes to her kid, some good strength and some good defense. Excellent unit. 2.) Caeldori -- Cordelia, because we all know the best pairing is the Selena!Subaki pairing for story reasons, is a quite solid flying unit, and frankly the only flyer besides Camilla that that I found good use out of. Hinoka was good, but fell flat. Her personal evens out power imbalances to an extent, she has good stats, and a good parent can double down on that. She is a solid flying unit that is worth using useless Subaki for. 3.) Hinoka -- Her personal skill is really nice, but other than that she just never works out statwise in my Revelations. I might just be unlucky, but I don't have much to say. Remember, I have not played Birthright. 4.) Shigure -- Shigure can either be quite powerful or totally useless depending on his father. If he gets some rally skills passed down to him, and then promotes into a Sky Knight, he can double down on his personal skill, which is a rally that does small heals. This is usefull, but rarely lifesaving. It is just easy sustain. Like other pegasus riders, he will not hit super hard, but he will usually double, and his utility as a flier makes him usable by default. His combat effectiveness is reliant upon his father, and his best non-Corrin father is Kaze by far, giving him a 53%/65% strength/speed growths, which can make him deadly indeed. 5.) Reina -- Reina is a powerful midgame pre-promote in Revelations with a mini-Lifetaker personal skill (which I am a fan of). Her stats are decent, and she will serve as that strong flyer until you can get actually decent fliers trained up. A big weakness of hers is her total lack of supports with non-Corrin units, which limits her pair-up potential for stat bonuses. She is your midgame crutch unit if you need it, and I say that's okay. She will be effective for awhile, but she stops being useful lategame. 6.) Percy (tentative ranking) -- Percy has always been hit or miss with me. I usually get access to his paralogue (which is the child chapter that actually gives me the most trouble for some reason) pretty early because it's easy to pair off Effie and Arthur and then forget the dad exists. Percy is another wyvern rider, with decent growths and really high skill and luck. But he has never seemed to work out well enough for me to justify filling a slot on my team with him. I'm interested in other opinions here, potentially in what mother is better off for him. I've tried a few different ones, but Percy just never works out. 7.) Beruka -- Tankier Camilla(?). Without the lovely breasts. Her personal skill frankly doesn't matter, dealing +4 damage to helpless units makes little difference when those units are healers or archers 9 times out of 10 -- the latter of which you probably wont double, and therefore shouldn't be hitting. She's decent pair up fodder, gives good defense to kids, but she's overshadowed by just about every other flier. 8.) Subaki -- Subaki doesn't do damage. At all. He's hot garbage and literally exists to help bring Caeldori into existence. I hate this unit. Fighters / Savages These are just kinda...bad. Across the board. I don't use them for similar reasons as a certain Berserker-triggered user that will probably show up here ( <3 ). Doesn't help that Arthur is abysmal, Charlotte is bad, I didn't use Rinkah and I just don't have an opinion on where they fall relative to eachother. I'm interested in what you guys have to say on this one. Knights 1.) Benny -- Benny is a min-maxed tank, make his ass a General for wary fighter, and watch him just not take damage from anything that isn't a mage. His strength is decent, his defense is excellent, his res actually could be worse, and that's fine. I personally don't find myself using this entire class of units in the endgame, just because of low movement. 2.) Effie -- She is Benny, but with earlier Conquest join time, and respectably higher damage output. In Conquest, she's better because of availability and damage, but Revelations Benny is better across the board, so why use her there? 3.) Ignatious -- He's like Benny, but a child unit, and therefore potentially really good or gimped. It's hard for me to rank this class of characters, because they all do the same kind of thing, with slight variation. Lancers 1.) Oboro -- Comes early, comes strong, her base classes have some excellent skills, and her personal skill is only situationally effective in Revelations, but that's okay. Lances in general are pretty damn strong in Fates as a whole, and she can abuse that. She's your best candidate for the Waterwheel come lategame, and can be both a debuffer, a frontliner (if not a tank, per se) and a damage threat. 2.) Shiro -- Child unit, child of Ryoma. Potentially stronger than Oboro, but I haven't personally used him, so I'm not sure. Again, this is a category i'm interested in discussion about -- for learning purposes. 3.) Mozu -- She has a lot of levels to get stats in, and as Conquest's only potential Sniper, she has a lot of value. Her stats will lead her to out damage Takumi in the late game, she is only #2 and not #1 because of the amount of effort it takes to level this little girl up. She can scale up super hard, and can be decent, but I find that she isn't worth the grind required. That exp could go towards other units. But all of this is moot because she needs that heart seal to do literally anything. Archers 1.) Takumi -- His stats are only slightly above average at best, but he is #1 because the Fujin Yumi is just...strong. His availability is excellent, his usability is similarly so, and he can scale into the lategame because he gets carried by the Fujin Yumi. 2.) Kiragi -- He's a better Takumi without the Fujin Yumi by default, and give him a strong mother like Camilla and he can make for a super powerful Kinshi knight. His personal skill is designed around enemy phase, which isn't a great thing for any archer unit, but it can be helpful if you want him to duel Ninjas with WTA. His good stats and strong weapon options in Revelations make him quite powerful, and is worth a slot on your team. Come endgame, he might be more powerful than Takumi (especially if you make him a Sniper instead). 3.) Nina -- She's Niles but with more magic focus. I haven't personally had her be incredible ever, but she can put in work with a Shining Bow and provides excellent staff utility. Her personal benefits from you having two dudes paired up nearby, and that isn't a hard thing to do. Her biggest flaw for me has always been her abysmal defense. She is super frail, and that can make her a liability. That said, I think my experiences with her have resulted from me making really bad decisions regarding her mother, and I have been told by others that with an actually good mom she becomes a very nice adventurer or bow knight that can replace Niles on Conquest or be a solid unit in Revelations. 4a.) Setsuna -- She's either #4 or #5 depending on which Shura you are looking at, but she can become another Mozu, with just a little less effectiveness. Her personal is kinda just...bad. It's not useful, so she gets not unique combat edge. 4b.) Shura -- In Conquest he's a decent Adventurer that you will usually kill for free Boots. In Revelations he's a super powerful prepromote that you can get pretty damn early. You can bench him until chapter 20, then pick him up and he will put in work. He does decent damage, and he comes with staff utility. His personal lets him debuff 1 range units, which is situationally quite nice. He's solid. 4c.) Anna -- Anna will be a better archer for you than Shura outside of Revelations. her personal is a fun little quirk that nets you some spare cash, but she won't be doing a lot of damage until she promotes to Adventurer to make good use out of her magic stat with a Shining Bow and staff utility. Shining Bow Anna can hold her own, but her biggest weakness is her physical frailty, so don't misposition her. Her recruitment chapter is...interesting. I have problems with trying to do it early (as in pre-CQ ch.10), but if you can do it, it's pretty decent. 6.) Midori -- She can be a money-generator for you, or a decently powerful unit as a Merchant. Mechanist is also an option for her, and her stats are decent enough to facilitate both option, but as a merchant she gets the capability to generate gold, and then throw it at people for bonus damage. She has some powerful sets that abuse heart seals and the like, but she's a solid unit with just her base promotion options. Her personal makes her generate gold so much more often, it's really nice, especially in college-debt-poor Conquest. But, she doesn't kill as efficiently as others, and as such is somewhat gimmicky. 7.) Niles -- He's great earlygame in Conquest, unusable in Revelations, and he will never be a superstar or even a reliable lategame unit. You use him into the midgame, then you should either not need him or replace him with Nina. I'm really interested in what you guys have to say :)
  25. I understand that the child units in Fates are generally considered weak for a story perceptive and opening up a be of weird implications. I am going to going to attempt a retelling of all of the Fates to make them have more interesting than growing up the the babyrealms. Siegbert: Forrest: Ignatius: Dwyer: I will try to add the rest of the child units later next week.