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Found 366 results

  1. Hey guys, Here's what's been done so far: - dumped the installed CIA as a .CXI using GodMode9 - extracted gamedata.bin.lz from .CXI file by mounting it as an Image - tried to paste edited gamedata.bin.lz within the currently installed title (mounted as image) - met with error saying I cannot paste files in a virtual game path I'm trying to edit the classes and characters using Nightmare and FEFeditor but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Out of all of the personal skills in Fates the one I found the most difficult to activate is Selena's Fierce Rival. Just the idea of following up a critical hit with a critical hit sounds like an overkill. Did anyone got it to work?
  3. Secondary Weapon Triangle Poll

    Which of the secondary Weapon Triangles would you like to see more of in future titles?
  4. Hi! I am not sure if this is just me, but I seriously find that upgrading and interacting with the home instance in Fire Emblem: Fates - Birthright feels like a chore. I recall that even in my very first playthrough, towards the end, I stopped bothering to upgrade and harvest resources, let alone eventually interact with anything in the instance. Don't get me wrong, I adore the support conversations in all Fire Emblem games which feature it, as well as other niches, such as off-plot instances, but in Birthright, it really seems too tedious to click on each building and take your time to make decisions on what to do next. I think that the main reason why I fail to have the motivation to interact with the instance is simply that it is not necessary on Normal/Hard difficulty playthroughs. Let me know your thoughts. This is just my opinion, I am sure that others adore the progression and watching it grow maybe? Please note that the poll is only including Birthright on Hard or lower difficulties (therefore excluding Lunatic). Furthermore, necessities such as the shops and your house for relationship growth, I do use! These aren't part of the poll in my opinion. Have a nice day :)
  5. Conquest.exe

    Basically what happens when the likes of Mortis Ghost and Claude Higgins get their hands on Fire Emblem Fates. So this is a fangame, done in RPG Maker XP, so it will not have the same mechanics as Fire Emblem Fates. In fact, it will have very similar mechanics to OFF by Mortis Ghost (along with its own fangames, including UNKNOWN). But it is based off Fire Emblem Fates and pretty well 99% of the content is Fire Emblem Fates, even if portrayed differently (e.g. not the official resources). Okay so what happens is there is a Revelation timeline, created over a Conquest timeline but then Conquest tries to take over (hence the creepypasta-esque name Conquest.exe) and a huge struggle ensues. Like UNKNOWN, there will be multiple endings, based on the player's actions and the methods to get them will be secret (meaning the game itself won't give you hints, you'll have to find out for yourself or ask others how to get all the endings). It's going to be incredibly dark and stuff. It centres around the Avatar and her (headcanon) married family - Ryoma, Kana and Shiro and their determination to keep the timeline stable and protect it from characters from the Conquest timeline (but of course the other characters from the Rev. timeline will be assisting). Then along comes a Puppeteer... The Puppeteer decides to help the Rev!Characters out (if you don't want to help them out, then don't play at all, it's that simple) but evil ensues. So yeah, take care out there, my friends, and- YXZvaWQgc2VwcHVrdQ==
  6. Fates' exp system is broken

    Hi, Today I'm sharing my thoughts on Fates' exp system and why I hate it. Sure, avoiding your overlevelled units to take a level by killing 3-5 units is good because it forces you to use more units than Avatar+1 and roflstomp with a 10 levels lead on ennemies (especially after promotion). But FE Fates is a game, and we want to play the way we like. If we want to play with 2 units, why would you keep us from getting levels while the ennemies are scaling faster than our own units? Promoted units' exp gains are simply awful, and prepromotes like MILFkinshi can barely level up without taking out the prepromote ennemies (which can also kill her easy if you play hard or lunatic birthright since MILF is so squishy OMG) while you could want to feed these kills to your overlevelled non promoted units (because it's the only way to give them exp outside boo camp DLC) or to lower levelled units to give them 80+ % of their exp bar in order to catch up to the higher level units in your army and not stay dead weight. Meanwhile, staff users have less preferable classes and growths but they can level up from 1 unpromoted to 20/20 in no time by spamming heal on each other then finish the ennemies in 1 hit. What's the goal of making half-assed exp nerfs? I'm forced to use this or that unit as a staff bot if I want anyone to reach said skill level to grab it and enjoy my build. Otherwise, I can wait all the game before reaching the level I have to reach to grab one skill, not even talking of level 15 promoted skills (what's the point of keeping them if close to no one will get them in no grind playthroughs, and close to no one even in grindfest playthroughs? Getting 1 exp per kill is really trash way to nerf powerlevelling, it's just annoying and keeps you away from ever using prepromotes as more than strategic units for a few chapters). Weak prepromotes should have better exp gains than 20/1 units (by a large margin since most of them have lower stats on top of lower exp gain) and I don't see why MILF has so low base stats with shit exp rate while LOLRyoma and ScarLOL have like +20 to their base stats not even including HP alongside better growth rates AND better class (wyvern gives good bases/growths, swordmaster is good and Ryoma makes this class absolutely gamebreaking with his bases and his OP AF personal weapon, meanwhile MILF has to play with the same exp gains, shit bases and a class only viable for her joining chapter with many flyers to kill and awful map design making flyers much needed for rout). I don't know why Gunter has the same exp growth as unpromoted level 10 units while MILF has level 20/1 exp gain or close to it. It's disrespectful for such an original unit (Kinshi is an original class and she would be very useful if only she had stats and the class itself wasn't garbage in terms of stat bases/growths, being worse than Onmyoji, Sorcerer and other non-hybrid classes accessible from the same class as hybrid classes, with some differences of 8+ base stats between hybrid and non-hybrid). So yeah, Fates exp system forces you to use only the units who can reach certain thresholds before being limited to -5 exp per kill, like doubling a certain unit or OHKO this unit. The prepromoted are hit or miss, wit everything not royal or prepromoted wyverns being trash (and even Leo is not good in his base class and needs boosts to be of any use meanwhile Camilla comes earlier and recks everything for a while at base). Using non-optimal units like Subaki, Setsuna, dark mage!Odin, DK!Leo without stat boosters etc. is heavily punished because they won't reach the necessary thresholds for beating said units in said chapters and will make these chapters a real pain to deal with. If they could just gain 1 or 2 more levels they would maybe reach these thresholds alongside having other nice features (like Subaki's skill or Setsuna's speed) but they won't because the game cuts your exp gain with a chainsaw level after level until you barely gain any exp per kill. Meanwhile your staff users reach 20/20 before anyone reaches level 8 promoted. Without even trying, just spamming staves as you would've done in GBA FEs. Healers became no brain exp scaling bags while fighting units took a severe nerf. Sakura/Azama as a Priestess/Mountain priest outscale your whole army so fast excet maybe LOLRyoma an staff user avatar that it's not even funny, they just go frontline with 10 more levels than your highest availability fighters and blow everything up just with E-D weapons without stat penalties (especially Sakura and Azama who're really good scaling units). TO SUM UP, FE healers have always been slower to level up before Fates and you would promote them to get weapon access so they could contribute a little by softening an ennemy here and there for your fighters to destroy them, but in Fates they gain so much exp from the beginning to the end (because they only have to be close or under the target's level to gain massive exp from each heal) that they will simply reach OP stats before your fighters even promote. Healers are often my 1st units to reach level 20 before promotion, thus using the early master seals and completely destroying ennemies faster than light while completely benching my other units, just healing each other in the middle of the ennemies while Azama counterkills everyone with bronze naginata in no time. They don't even need a support bag, they just outscale everything for the whole game just by healing, meanwhile your fighters sit on the side because they can't compete statwise nor skillwise nor utility-wise.
  7. Weapon Ranks Staying in Other Classes

    I finally got Conquest after so, so long, and there's something I'm really curious about: if I have someone in a class that has a certain weapon rank and it's maxed out, then I reclass them in a class whose max weapon rank with the weapon is lower than in the previous class, can that character still use weapons with a higher rank than the new class's rank cap? (ex: If I promote Nyx into a Sorcerer and work up her Tome rank to S, then reclass her into a Dark Knight (whose Tome rank is A), can I still use Excalibur on her as a Dark Knight?). I really need to know, this is gonna affect how I plan out my promotions.
  8. I wanted to share this 3-part orchestral suite I wrote with those that might be interested. Each movement features a different game (I. Birthright, II. Conquest, III. Revelation) and totals to around 27 minutes of orchestrated and arranged Fire Emblem music. Had a blast making these over the course of this last year, and hopefully you all will enjoy them as much as I do. Given that, I appreciate comments as they are a good source of motivation and if you like my stuff, feel free to follow me! I plan to keep releasing Fire Emblem orchestral music over time (as well as a bunch of other Nintendo arrangements) :D
  9. Yes, I am 100% serious. We had it for the other games, it's only fair we have this topic even for Fates. Otherwise we are exactly like IS, who decides to treat certain games differently, just because. So, the rules for this topic are as follows: 1. You have to create an hypothetic new banner for Fates, who makes some sort of sense thematically and has 3-4 units in it, with a TT reward and a GHB 2. No alts whatsoever. 3. This rule is not as strict as the others, but I will follow it. No Kaden, Keaton, Selkie or Velouria. If beasts come, they should really come in a Tellius banner first. With that said, I have three idead in mind. First, a Nohr banner: Benny, Charlotte, Nyx and Shura. With Young!Garon as a TT reward and Arete as GHB. Benny, Charlotte and Nyx are among the few Nohrians not in the game yet, and Shura lives in Nohr, even if he is Hoshidan. Young!Garon on a horse, wielding Siegfried is something I always wanted. We always heard that Garon used to be a just king, and noble warrior before he was transformed in the Blob, but we never get to see this for ourselves. This doesn't break the 2° rule, because I consider the original Garon and the Goo Monster to be different characters. Arete makes sense as a GHB since she was a boss unit and the queen of Nohr for a while. Plus we will never get a Revelation banner. The second banner is a Hoshidan one, and for this I have a lot more options: Rinkah, Hayato, Orochi and Reina on the banner, with a Scarlet TT and Mikoto or Sumeragi as a GHB. Rinkah, Hayato and Orochi are easy to explain, and Reina would be the clear star of the banner as the third flying bow. Scarlet is there because of her deep connection with Ryoma, the future king of Hoshido. Mikoto or Sumeragi are interchangeable. My third idea is a new kids banner: Forrest, Kiragi, Caeldori and Midori. Asugi as the TT reward and for the GHB... Candace! Forrest and Kiragi are the last remaining prince, they should be in the game, and Forrest can be the first male horse healer. Caeldori is popular and female, so she makes sense. Midori I will explain together with the GHB and Asugi is here to finish the awakening clones trio and be done with it. Now, Candace as the GHB, let me explain. I always found the capturable bosses a really cool addition, and even if I understand that main villains like Iago or even Anankos should have precedence, I can't help but want one of them in the game, and I feel like Candace is one of the more memorable, and she is connected to Midori, who I put on the banner. But I could see the case for Nichol as the GHB and Sophie on the banner, so that's fine too. Well, I'm about done here, can't wait to hear your opinions.
  10. Chapter 20 can go die in a ditch somewhere in FE hell
  11. So yes i have cfw and all that jazz. Im curious as to how I can put a specific model on a specific character despite class. Ive seen it done before but its never explained. An example would be Keeping Rinkahs original body on a promoted class shes in. Or keeping Camilla in her original outfit despite being an unmounted class. Or lets say, Giving Arete's body model to one of my characters. Any help would be great.
  12. I had a crazy headcanon the other day and wanted to see what SF thought about it. Occasionally, I find myself wondering what the other side of the Dragon's Gate looks like. We never actually get to see the other side of it. BUT there is one other location in the series that we know of called the Dragon's Gate: The one in Fateslandia. What if Fates is set in the future on the other side of Elibe's Dragon's Gate. We do know that both Dragons and Humans lived past the Dragon's Gate which matches up with Fates' world. The Dragon's Gate exists in both Elibe and Fateslandia, and Fateslandia - as far as we know - lacks any other ties to other places (save for dimensional travel). Does anyone have any opinions on this? Thoughts they could add to this? This possibility blew my mind when I thought of it, even if it is just strung together by a few coincidences. I really wasn't sure which section to put this in, but figured I'd put it here given that there are two distinct Elibean games to pull from vs Fate's three variations.
  13. OK, my first time playing fates. I'm on conquest hard mode on chapter 13. I aproach the boss to bait and kill, then a bunch cavalier appear right in range of my units while the boss was still alive with the wivern riders by his side. I don't have enough units to be able to one turn ko all of the and some units were left defenceless truing to ko them (thank you 80% hit rates) and dying. I just played awakining for my first time on nomral, and while it was a bit too easy( thankfuly fates is a lot more balanced), it felt fair as the games warn you of reinforcements. In Fates? No clue of, not even forts in that chapter. Big step back in my opnion. Or am my missing something for skipping normal mode?
  14. So, after struggling through a True Classic Awakening run, breezing through an Awakening Only Shepherds run, and struggling through a Hard/Classic Conquest run, I figured that I might as well mix things up a bit. Time for a Let's Play! Questions You May Have What kind of LP is this? Screenshot, of course. Video LPs are for the weak! (and people who don't sound like third grade girls) How will you take the screenshots? With my Ipad, which I will post these updates on. The images won't be super great, but, hey! It worked for Rezzy! Are you playing on Hard or Lunatic? ...Lunatic? HAHAHA! The first time I played Conquest, I had to go Normal/Phoenix just to complete the game. I've improved significantly, but not that much. I'm going Hard. Now, viewers, if you so wish, you may select one of these lovely royals to be our main character. Jamie. Naive and girlish. Loves helping people, doing chores, and the color pink. Boon: Clever Bane: Clumsy Talent: Troubadour Michele. Narcoleptic and somewhat cynical. While she has nihilistic beliefs, she figures she might as well make the most of her once chance. Boon: Calm Bane: Unlucky Talent: Wyvern Rider Jordan. Kind of dumb. Thinks of himself as cooler than he really is. Wears an eyepatch even though he doesn't need one. Boon: Robust Bane: Dull Talent: Mercenary Roland. Puts on a gruff exterior, but has a sensitive side as well. Surprisingly agile for his build. Boon: Quick Bane: Unlucky Talent: Spear Fighter
  15. Hey there all; I've been wanting to create my own sort of Fire Emblem Fates hack (for the Special Edition) and there's a lot I want to do, but I want to handle them all one at a time. To start this off, first I've wanted to alter the stats of the classes, weapons, items, and characters in Fates before I get to things like animations, but if there's one thing I'm still stumped on in how it works and like to confirm, its enemy/npc/joining cast growth rates and their relation to base stats. In FEFEditor, there are terms like Str? right before a number (for example there was Sorcerer with Magic? = 65 or something like that); what I want to know is this: are these terms for the enemy/npc/joining cast growth rates and how they scale with levels, and if so, how do these numbers play off of the base stats? For example, if I have a base stat of 0 for any stat, will any growth number change that through higher levels for enemies/npcs/joining cast or not? And if that stat is 12 instead, is the stat increase based on how high the number is (like if the growth rate is 35% vs it being 85%)?
  16. Well, today I got some rare free time, and decided to try playing Fates again after about a year hiatus. I thought I'd limit myself by trying an Ironman run. The Rules: 1: We will be playing on Lunatic/Classic 2: We will not reset if a unit dies. If my Corrin dies, I reserve the right to try again, or this might be a very short run. 3: No DLC grinding for XP or gold. Grinding supports in castle battles is okay. 4: I will limit myself to one "bought" skill per unit 5: No Bond units will be used, but "Captured" units are okay. 6: We will be starting after the route split. 7: Children paralogs will be played, if available, and children units are okay to use. 8: I will be skipping over most of the story for this LP, since it's more about seeing how well badly I do. 9: To make things interesting, I will let the audience pick who my Corrin will wed in holy matrimony. 10: If I forgot any rules, I reserve the right to add more rules. I've already married Jakob and Kaze in past playthroughs, so I prefer to try someone different, but we'll see how it goes. If the top choice dies before we can consummate the marriage, I'll try to pick the next top available choice. If anyone wants to visit my castle during this glorious campaign, my address is 05107-66614-62592-54117. Feedback and comments are always welcome! For Marriages and Stuff Summary as of Page 24
  17. Here are my planned pairings at the moment. I haven't looked at any statistical maps on what is technically best, but I have looked up "pairing recommendations" for each unit and tried to find a happy middleground for those who won't get their "best" pairing. With all that in mind, I mainly want the best for the children's stats etc etc. I honestly don't understand it in depth and it seems like a lot to get into, so I just want to hear opinions. Also keen on opinions for MU pairing (preferably offspring pairing), he is very single at the moment and needs a waifu.
  18. Wings of Despair Beta - All 3, practically no story elements. Game play focused, minimal story (for now) This is planned to be a series of chapters focusing around Robin and Lucina. Currently only 2 of the 3 chapters are done, and their stories are currently very minimal. Screenshots - Wings of Despair 1: Wings of Despair 1 overview: If Robin dies, a game over results. Enemy stats are late/end game level. Tested by a few people and (hopefully) well balanced with a margin for error. Screenshots - Wings of Despair 2: Screenshots - Wings of Despair 3 Wings of Despair 3 (Grima) Includes Id (Purpose) as a custom theme. As such, the mod no longer works with the fates undub. Big sorry. Download: Instructions: Make sure you have the folder F:\luma\titles (Obviously this requires Custom Firmware to use) Create a folder titled 0004000000179800 if you have the Fire Emblem Fates Special edition. (0004000000179600 for Conquest. 0004000000179400 for Birthright.) Create a folder within called romfs Place the contents of the "patch" folder within the romfs folder. Make sure "enable game patching" is enabled in the luma3ds config. Launch Fire Emblem fates Credits: DeathChaos, thane98, and TildeHat for providing various assistance and the necessary tools. Geodude671 for helping playtest. Arms of Sorrow for storyboard/ideas (even those not implemented) Assistance Needed! I'm currently looking for anyone interested in helping playtest and/or write for this trilogy. I eventually want it to have a decent story of sorts, and while I have the baseline down, I'm a trash writer. Please let me know if you're interested!
  19. One criticisms of Fates that I see frequently is that on Revelation there is a golden ending to the game. And that there shouldn't be one because that invalidates Corrin's choice.I 'm wondering could it have been better implemented in the game. Maybe Corrin could be an ambassador of peace to the continent? Or we are cynical people that want characters to suffer in the end.
  20. Greetings everyone, new user here. I started playing Awakening a few months ago, though I've been following my brother's playthroughs of Awakening and Fates well before that. Once I clear Awakening for the first time, I'll be moving on to Fates. My brother and I were recently discussing a what-if scenario where the rest of the Awakening children (barring possibly Morgan) returned in Fates, each sporting a new name like Inigo/Laslow, Owain/Odin, and Severa/Selena. We talked about which faction each would default to as well as gender distribution, class selection, and what the male descendant's children might be like. These were our choices: Nohr Gerald (Gerome) - Wyvern Rider, Oni Savage - Can have a son named Gordon. Gordon - Wyvern Rider, Oni Savage Kellen (Kjelle) - Knight, Oni Savage Neina (Nah) - Manakete, Diviner Nohr already has three out of Awakening's twelve, two males and one female, so that leaves room for three more with the inverse gender ratio. Gerome and Kjelle make perfect sense as their primary classes are Nohrian in Fates. Nah's inclusion is mostly to counterbalance Yarne in Hoshido. Hoshido Bary (Brady) - Monk, Troubadour - Can have a son named Gan. Gan - Monk, Troubadour Wule (Yarne) - Taguel, Fighter - Can have a daughter named Linne. Linne - Taguel, Fighter Renzu (Laurent) - Diviner, Dark Mage - Can have a daughter named Miru. Miru - Diviner, Dark Mage Celia (Cynthia) - Sky Knight, Knight Kuro (Noire) - Archer, Dark Mage Lumina (Lucina) - Samurai (prepromoted to Swordmaster), Cavalier Yarne's with Hoshido mostly as a nod to the moon rabbit myth. Cynthia and Noire's default classes are Hoshidan in Fates. Since Nohr already has Inigo, Owain, and in this scenario Gerome, that means Brady and Laurent go to Hoshido for gender balance. And since Nohr already has six Awakening kids, that leaves Lucina for Hoshido.
  21. So I decided to spice things up a bit and do a sword only run of conquest on lunatic, hard is significantly easier for this run which is why opted for this. I will make somewhat of a mini guide as I go through the run, as of writing this I am on chapter 18. Please feel free to give feedback and share your experience as I am by no means an expert at the game. Rules: No DLC (Path bonuses are okay) All attacking units must use swords (guard stance w/ a non sword wielding class is okay, as well as the use of healers and Azura with no weapons) No use of online features (castles battles, bonuses, etc...) Run begins on chapter 6 Throughout my trial runs there are a few things that I found make the run easier. First is that Male Corrin is the way to go as Felicia's personal skill and demoiselle makes chapter 7 much easier Having speed as Corrin's boon and the talent of samurai are very useful (personally I would not reclass Corrin until he gets Draconic Hex) USE FELICIA!!! She is probably the best unit for most of the run, so reclass her to a Hero in Chapter 8 ASAP Use your dread scrolls! It is very difficult to do this run without them on lunatic, I have yet to come up with a way to beat chapter 10 without using them So onto the chapters Chapter 6: Embrace The Dark This chapter is fairly straight forward. Have Camilla activate the dragon vein then move Xander to her right. Then pair Felicia with Elise and move her above Xander then separate them , now he gets the bonus of Lily's poise, Rose's Thorns and Demoiselle Kill Ryoma with Xander, do not worry about the other as Ryoma will only attack Xander Use Corrin and Xander to take care of Takumi and Hinoka Use Xander to kill Yukimura and you are done Chapter 7: A Dragon's Decree Things to do before starting: make a staff/weapon store; get path bonuses; use boots (optional); sell iron dagger, buy at least one vulnerary if you used the one form the tutorial chapters This chapter is pretty much a race to kill as many faceless per turn as possible. Having a speed oriented Corrin is very useful here as it allows him to reliably double the faceless, making this chapter way easier. Also resist the urge to make Felicia a dreadfighter, you will regret it later on. Pair up Felicia and Corrin and move them to the left. Separate them so that Corrin is able to be hit by both Faceless Pair them back up and move Corrin towards the forrest so that he can be hit by all the Faceless except for the guard stance ones and use a vulnerary Elise and Silas should arrive on turn 3. Pair them up and then separate them below the northern most woods tile. Move Corrin in place to be hit by the guard stance Faceless, the others should have be one rounded. Move Corrin as far back as possible while still being able to be hit by the last faceless and separate him from Felicia. Have Silas finish of the faceless that attacked him. Pair up Arthur and Effie and move them as close to Silas as possible. Move Arthur towards the bridge and them move Corrin next to him to block the path. Have Felicia heal Corrin and then move Silas behind the blockade. Have Elise heal Silas. Have Silas transfer Effie to him and move Arthur as far back as possible. Heal Corrin with Felicia. At this point Corrin and Silas should be blocking the bridge in a staggered pattern with Felicia behind Corrin and Elise behind Silas. Kill the seal speed faceless with Corrin and the other with Silas, do not break position though. Heal as needed Kill the last faceless with Silas and move Felicia and Corrin back so that he is next to Silas. Enjoy your one turn of no fighting and top off Corrin's and Silas' health From this point just defend and heal top of their health, do not initiate battle with the boss faceless until he can be reliably one shot More to come later~
  22. In case you missed the title, this post has spoilers for Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest, Birthright, and Revelations You have been warned Introduction, Pretext, etc Now for the defense. As I said, Corrin had some good which is seen in a few moments of the story, even though, as a whole, he's poorly handled. One of his best scenes was in Revelations where Anthony isolates Corrin from the group into a trap. No one else trusts Anthony at this point after a bridge nearly collapsed under them. Only Corrin was willing to go with Anthony to try to make a way into Anankos's palace. Prior to leaving, Corrin makes "preparations." When Anthony reveals his true colors Corrin explains what his preparations were: a message left behind that if he didn't return, Anthony had indeed tricked him. Anthony points out that this meant Corrin had not really trusted him at all to which Corrin replies "I wanted to, Anthony. I really did. That's why I'm sad that things have turned out this way. Don't think that means I won't fight you with everything I have, though! The least I can do is thin your numbers so that my friends have an easier time." While Corrin still isn't exactly flawless in this scene, he's much more wise in his decision than his usual naiivities. I also feel this scene sets what could have been a good character for Corrin. If I were to rewrite Corrin, I would rewrite him a bit to not be stupid (for example the scene with Azura's "disguise," his agreement to jump off a cliff with Azura into a bottomless canyon, and his agreement with Azura that attacking both sides in the "choose a side" chapter for attention would work) and cringefully naiive. I'd write him instead as someone willing to take risks to reach people. I'd have him as the person willing to give people chances and extend a friendly hand, even if others aren't favorable of the decision, but he'll keep his sword on his belt. When Zola joins Corrin's party in Birthright and if Shura is spared in Conquest, Corrin displays this mindset. In each route, he allows the person to accompany him but makes it clear that if the accompanee takes one step out of order, Corrin will not hesitate to slay him on the spot. Likewise, calling back to Revelations, Corrin left a message behind for his friends to come if he didn't return with the assumption Anthony had set a trap. Rewriting Corrin, I'd would also have him show sense enough to discriminate between the allies he's trying to make and those he has in that he openly shows he has full faith in those allied to him, and that he deeply cares for his allies. He'd have trust for new allies to some degree and wouldn't distrust them, but the most important tasks would lie with those he knows best of course. Newer allies, trust would need to be gained more via experiences and time before relying on them for anything dire. Some support conversations could even reflect this, both with his family and with new recruits that were enemies at first. Thinking about it, a person like this Corrin would be needed to bring Hoshido and Nohr together after all the war, making him a perfect fit for the plot. As I think about it, it's like Awakening's theme of the strength of bonds and allies almost, but with a willingness to outreach and lower one's guard to connect with others. I feel focusing on that, with some degree of common sense, would make Corrin a better character. Probably still controversial though. This characterization of Corrin would make a theme of how, to interact with and reach others, you have to make yourself vulnerable. You'll be hurt by other people, you may get betrayed, but you will make many more connections and meet many more influential people than by keeping your guard up. I feel actual Corrin tried to be like this but failed at it. There was also the family theme distracting from it. I feel better Corrin would be accepting of the bad for the good of lowering one's guard to try to interact with more people. That's my opinion on Corrin. I hope you've found this interesting and that I may have given you another perspective on him/her. Oh, and as this is my first post, if there are any forum norms I missed and such, just let me know. Also, feel free to discuss. I'd like to hear opinions on my analysis.
  23. Birthright, or Blazing?

    YO! I mean, hello, people of the Web. I'm here today to ask a question about which Fire Emblem game is better; both of which I have played through to the very end. I'm asking, from personal experience, which Fire Emblem game, between Fire Emblem: the Blazing Sword and Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, which is better! Keep in mind that these aren't the only games in the series I've played through- I'm also partway through Sacred Stones- but personally, before I even make the list, I think it's going to be the latter. Now, let's start with the actual plots of the game... Category A: Chapters This is already looking bad for FE7's case. We've only started the list, and we already have an 11-chapter tutorial. Fans of the series know what I'm talking about. You know my pain. And if you don't, then here's the rundown; Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword, or just Fire Emblem, as stated in the West, is the seventh game in the series, and boy, does it make a bad first impression. At the start of the game, you meet Lyndis, a nomadic girl from the plains of Sacae. She's one of the game's three Lord characters, and the main character of the prologue through chapter 10. However, what Lyn fails to realize is that ten of these eleven chapters will take you through portions of themselves to teach a new player how to play the game. That's all fine and dandy, but why learn the ropes if you already know the basics? I asked myself that question HARD. And when I realized I only got 13 units throughout the whole tutorial, two of which couldn't even fight, I knew I was in for a rough ride. And none of them were either of my two favorite unpromoted classes, Myrmidons or Mercenaries. Luckily, Lyn is designed to almost BE a Myrmidon, so I can partially excuse this. So basically, the game makes you do so much that it's possible to soft-lock yourself if all but Lyn dies by the end of Chapter 3. It basically forces you to make specific moves. And while all modern F.E. games do this in some way, THIS game takes it a step further and makes you make specific moves for TEN CHAPTERS. Not for the whole of all of those chapters, but for most of it. And during this time, your units CAN fall and won't be available again until later chapters (Dorcas being the earliest re-recruit in chapter 11), after which they might DIE. But, there IS a plus side to this. These eleven levels were one of my best tutorial experiences EVER. And don't get me started on Sain. Sain is the whole reason I kept playing- he was like a fourth Lord- but more on that in a later section. And the satisfaction that came from felling Lundgren was too good to be true. Of course, the game wasn't OVER yet, but STILL. After that, the game branches off to the plots of the OTHER TWO Lords, Eliwood and Hector, who are re-joined by Lyn in either Chapter 15 for Eliwood's story and chapter 16 in Hector's. And, as to conceal spoilers as much as possible, I'll only say right now that the plot is about some bad guys trying to open a portal to a dragon, and... I'll stop there. As for Birthright... where do I BEGIN? The story's so well-written, that I'll probably have to play Awakening to beat it, although I'd have to save quite a bit for that. And the TWISTS... Especially the two HUGE and sad casualties Nohr suffers in chapter 26... And if you don't know THAT, then, well, PLAY THE STINKING GAME ALREADY. No need to say that Fates wins this one. Category B: Characters Let's get one thing straight. I REALLY don't like losing my units. In particular, there are two units- Kaden and Sain- who I will treat as pseudo-Lords for what it's worth. What? I like the showoffs. So what? Real talk though, Kaden was my first S-rank (albeit with FemCorrin, who I still treat as canon). Plus, he's SO powerful late-game. Birthright didn't try to make a legend. It just... happened. And the day Kaden is added to FE Heroes is the day I buy a fancy tablet just to play that game. Sain, on the other hand, is more or less, stats-wise, the same as Kaden. Hits hard, dodges fast, doubles constantly. This is why I like these two! They're evasion MASTERS. The Cavalier class is my third-favorite un-promoted class PURELY because of Sain. And as for Kitsunes, they'd be up there too if you didn't only EVER get two. In the meantime, the main characters are WAY more stale than these two. The most interesting Lord, in my opinion, would have to be Hector. And he's a Tank, too, so he can take AND deal huge hits. Personally, I suggest giving a Brave Axe to him until he receives Armads, the Legendary Battle Axe. Also, he's totally the best "Axe Lord", end of story. Corrin was fun, too, mostly because she felt like... a more girlish incarnation of myself. Heck, when she fell for Kaden, I actually felt a little jealous. Her kindness factor is quite high, and she can support LITERALLY EVERY OTHER UNIT IN THE GAME, AND S-RANK ANY BOY WHO ISN'T HER SON! And YES, the male variant CAN S-rank every female who isn't his daughter. But in all honesty, Birthright's characters felt a lot more bland than those of FE7. Take Hana and Subaki, the royal retainers to Princess Sakura. Did you, in all honesty, ever actually CARE for them? Their supports are the only thing they have going for them, and I feel like even THOSE aren't anything interesting. And as for the only Cavaliers in the game, Silas and his daughter, Sophie... I honestly forgot Silas existed by the end of my first Birthright playthrough, even though I ADORE having a good Cavalier. His own DAUGHTER, whom you aren't even guaranteed to RECRUIT, is more personal to me than him. (Of course, that may partially be because she can strip her enemies ) The last characters in Birthright I actually LIKED were Kaden's daughter, Selkie, and Corrin's son, Kana. And the biggest reason I LIKE them is that... it almost felt like they're my ACTUAL CHILDREN... But yeah, apart from Corrin, Kaden, Selkie and Kana, the cast of FE7 feels better to me than Birthright. I don't know why. Category C: Game Mechanics Two words: Pair. Up. These two words were the entire foundation for Support Grinding in Fates and Awakening, and quickly became my personal favorite way to fight. I would pair up my couples so they would always fight at their best; actually, I think Takumi and Oboro are paired up right now, as a matter of fact, let me check... No, I'm actually at My Castle right now. Oh well. But for whatever, Fates totally screwed up the weapon triangle. You know how swords beat axes, axes beat lances, and lances beat swords, while tomes and bows are usually neutral? Yeah, apparently they wanted to add shurikens and knives, so those beat swords now and lose to axes. But that means tomes and bows have to be ADDED to the weapon triangle; tomes are basically a counterpart to swords, and bows join axes. And I almost ALWAYS deploy wizards to dispose of Knights, so that's a small problem there. FE7 had a different weapon setup; bows and tomes are neutral to the other three, but there's a different thing for tomes; the Trinity of Magic. Anima magic beats Light magic, and then there's Dark magic, which beats Anima, but loses to Light... And this was surprisingly less complicated than Fates! Fates had Dragon Veins as well; special tiles that, when one of a select few units stood on them, would trigger battlefield traps or open new paths. FE7 didn't have that, but it didn't need to. And remember when I said that Pair Up is my favorite way to fight? Well, to add that, they removed the "Rescue" command, which pulled a unit out of danger. And don't get me started on the fact that Cavaliers don't get their second move if they didn't fight or move all the way! FE7 also had breakable weapons. I honestly don't know why Birthright took this away, and nerfed the silver weapons. Now I almost only ever use Steel. In FE7, silver weapons are VALUABLE. Basically, gameplay-wise, Fates is nowhere near as simple as the original. Actually, it wasn't simple in the first place. But still, they tried! Category D: Difficulty Do I really need to go over this? Games have been getting easier and easier as time goes on. Birthright has endless grinding time, ridiculous amounts of gold for better weapons, and even a method to recruit enemies if they're felled by Orochi using the "Capture" skill. And it also has two ways to make the game easier: Casual mode, to simply retreat your units, and the ridiculous Phoenix Mode, for players who don't want their units to die AT ALL and want them back EVERY TURN. Needless to say, it tries to make the game easier. Despite this, playing on Classic mode REALLY takes some skill that I don't seem to have much of. In fact, by the end of the game, I only had eight units, only seven of whom made it out of the endgame! And I know that Fates' characters technically retreat more than die, but I'm talking from an FE player's perspective. FE7 is a lot rougher. It doesn't have Casual mode, so you'll have to make each decision count. And remember when I said Birthright had infinite grinding time? Yeah, FE7 has none of that. So you only have the chapters in the game to train your units to max levels. And they are TOUGH. And you know how in later games, your units can go beyond Lv. 20? Not in FE7. This means that pre-promoted units, such as Marcus, can only level up 19 times before running out of level. And for most, they don't even get THAT many. But, as I said before, the first 10 chapters are like a tutorial, which you can use to power-level those aforementioned 13 units. Even Nils the Bard. Of course, because of a HUGE difficulty spike in chapter 14, I wound up losing unit after unit in FE7. Then I tried again, and actually lost more of my army in Chapter 13. Overall, I would rate FE7 as generally harder. I really don't give a crud about the difficulty anyway... unless it's Hector's Hard mode. Lord, do I hate Hector's Hard Mode. Results What? Do I like playing FE7 more than Birthright? It's actually a stalemate! I don't prefer one game over the other after all! I'm actually pleasantly surprised. Now, the Sacred Stones... That's a whole different story. Fire Emblem 7 vs. Fire Emblem Birthright: Indifferent. They're BOTH Fire Emblem!
  24. Hi! I know there have been tons of skill threads, but many of them are out of date and I’m on a new playthrough of Conquest and was looking for Aptitude on male Kana. My mistake for not having him inherit from his parents :( Was hoping someone had an up to date castle I could get it from :) Thanks in advance!
  25. A Vexing Encounter Feedback Thread

    Hello! I have decided to write A Vexing Encounter, seeing as there was no support conversations between Rhajat and Soleil. I figured it would be nice to see how they would interact, as well as work on my writing since I am a bit rusty. Any constructive feedback is welcome and appreciated.