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Found 85 results

  1. Hello

    Just wanted to say hi. Looking forward to discussing anything with fellow fans of FE. On a personal note, hoping to learn a lot here.
  2. I was doing some grinding in Warriors to get Azura's Blessed Lance unlocked when I thought about a topic that I thought would be pretty cool. What is your favorite Fire Emblem weapon? It can legendary or common or locked to a certain character? You can give any reason why you like. Feel free to have fun with this one.
  3. Anybody know how to insert an midi music file into fe8 using fe builder? Not just from another fe game but from any game that has an midi file, and if it requires a certain patch? I see there is a section where you can import and export from other games but it doesn't specify which address is music. If anybody knows how to do this, the details would be appreciated thanks.
  4. Hai so I was bored, so I made this😀 I could imagine VIXX in Fire Emblem though, Leo and Hyuk could be mages. Ravi and Hongbin as shamans (They be wearing glasses). Also Hakyeon and Ken would be assassins (Sexy assassins)
  5. Does anybody know how to import and export gba music from other games into fe8 with fe builder, I know it has some music features in it but I'm not to familiar with them, thanks for any help.
  6. Hello! I'm working on a FE GBA Project that I had to put on hold for a long time. Without getting off topic I am requesting some or will commission (references needed) unique FE GBA character portraits in the FE8 format. Normally I would sprite myself but I lack the ability for this job. I need some skeleton bros. Yep. Full on monster MUGS/portraits. Mainly as of now I only need three particular characters sprited as follows. Skeleton Skeleton Archer Skeleton Berserker I have some ideas in mind but would love to see what you guys can come up with. I should mention blinking frames are not required since skeletons don't have eyes; however, speaking frames can be a simple as just the jaw opening can closing. This is also not required but welcome to try or come up with something of your own. The mini/chibi is also not required. If you wish to discuss payment privately we can chat through PMs.
  7. Who should compose/direct the soundtrack for a future Fire Emblem game? My personal pick would be Nier Automata's Keiichi Okabe.
  8. I had this idea whilst revisiting my old Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 game. In the game, there's a (now offline I believe) 'scenario building feature' that basically lets the player create scenarios to put on the Dissidia 012 network for others to download and play. These scenarios consisted of a series of fan created conversations between characters, with battles following usually after. The creator set the rules and limitations for these battles. I was thinking about it, and I would really love a feature similar to this for FE Switch or any subsequent titles. In regards to supports, It would certainly be would be fun for character building even if it would be non-canon, and I've seen Youtube videos of people making their own supports that are significantly more in depth and interesting than what's been pumped out lately. And in regards to battles, it'd be fun to see what interesting maps players could come up with. (though Im not sure how enemy units would work? Maybe a simplified version of user macros to set the actions of them, kinda like FF12?) What do you guys think? For or against? And if for, what other features would you be interested in seeing in a mode like this?
  9. Who do you guys & gals think should write a future Fire Emblem title? I've heard Yasumi Matsuno as a suggestion, what do you all think though? Have anyone in mind?
  10. I'm curious to see people's favorite and least favorite lords. So I made these polls. Let me know if I forgot any and feel free to say why you like/dislike these lords if you want
  11. Hello everyone! After two (very busy) weeks since my registration, I finally get to introduce myself to you all. My name is Auramaster, and I'm from East Coast USA. I've seen this fascinating website several times while searching for Fire Emblem information, and I finally decided to join in on the fun. I hope to talk with many fellow fans and participate in community discussions, because FE is one of my favorite series. The main reason I like Fire Emblem is its ability to weave strategic, challenging, and fun gameplay in with interesting characters. That type of narrative and action is what I look for in a video game. I also like delving into the lore of the FE world and learning about how all the royals and dragons are connected. I've been playing Fire Emblem since Awakening came out (Wow, its been over 5 years). I played the demo and immediately knew it was the type of game for me. Along with FE13, I've played FE14 Conquest and Revelation Routes. Up next on my list is Shadows of Valentia, but I am interested in the older games as well, especially the ones from the GBA era with their stunning battle animations. Any recommendations are certainly welcome. Overall, Awakening is my favorite so far. And while my opinions may come from a small pool of games, my favorite lord is probably Lucina, for her courage in the face of the apocalypse. The other video games/series that I enjoy are Persona, Overwatch, and a bit of Pokemon. Of course, I am up to talking about them here as well. I hope I get to get to know everyone over the coming days and share my love of Fire Emblem with you all! All of the best, Auramaster
  12. Newcomer here!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this, so I'm kind of figuring how things work on here. I know my name may be a bit questionable, but I thought it would be funny if I called myself that (haha please don't be weirded out). I'm an avid fan (and a somewhat new one) of the Fire Emblem franchise, and I've played a couple of the games, but I would also like recommendations for a few of the older games. Other than Fire Emblem, I enjoy video games like Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, CS:GO Undertale, SSB, Persona, and I play a lot of MMOs. This community seems pretty friendly and I hope I don't regret joining, cuz there are lots of helpful tips on here... One question for you guys: Am I the only one hopelessly in love with Marth? Like as a character? He was the first Fire Emblem character that I knew of, and it brings back a lot of memories so he's quite..special to me. ANyways, have a nice day!
  13. This is a program that will generate a text document with randomized class changes for all of the characters in Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon. Fe 11 instructions 1. Unzip the file 2. Open the dist folder 3. Run the ShadowDragonRandomizer.exe 4. Your randomized list will be Characters.txt in the same folder Post any feedback in the comments below
  14. Hello, I'm new to this forum and I recently have been looking for something. I very much am a fan of the Fire Emblem series, from the combat and rich stories. However I was wondering if there is a official mode in one of the games, or a unofficial rom that added custom matches or skirmishes. This would mean picking and selecting units to fight on a pre determined map to your liking, no real story involved or perma death to worry about, but more about enjoying wholesome fun of your favorite team duking it out with another, If anyone would know about it official or not, please dont hesitate to let me know.
  15. So what are your thoughts on FE switch being open world (This has not been confirmed, just me asking a question) When I say "open world" I'm not talking a game that plays just like breath of the wild or anything, but instead a game where the map in between chapters (like in sacred stones, awakening, and echoes) that is open world and 3d with side quests. So for example - Chapters are played out just like in any other Fire emblem game, you still have support conversations and all of that stuff ( and maybe children, that is another thing, what are you guys thoughts on the marriage system? should it be brought back?) So it is like any other fire emblem game with the exception of in between chapters you have a giant map ( like breath of the wild size) That you get to run around on in 3d and explore. More and more parts of the map would open up as you progress through the story. But this can be used to get from one part of the story to the next just like in Sacred Stones, Awakening, and Echoes. While on this map you can encounter bandits attacking villages and monsters in caves, and when you encounter them you strike them and go into classic combat ,just like in echoes with the dungeons. There would also be hundreds of side quests that you can do, and you could find hidden castles and villages and rescue people to recruit them but they don't have to be rescued for the story. SO it would play like a regular FE game with an open world. I feel like this could add a like a hundred hours to your play time.In My opinion this would be (if done right) the best Fire Emblem game ever. And should this be ported over to new 3ds as well, (it just wouldn't work on old 3ds) I think they could port it I mean they ported Xenoblade Chronicles. SO those are my thoughts, What do you guys think?
  16. So, If you don't know what FE Recolor is,1) Why are you here, and 2) It is a program made by BwdYeti. (Link Right here) It's a very cool program that lets you recolor sprites from the GBA era of Fire Emblem. However, it is missing a lot of sprites, and while the Pirate one is easy to find, the rest, like the FE6 exclusive Sprites and ESPECIALLY the monsters from FE8, are really hard to find, to the point where through all my digging, I could only scrape up a tutorial on how to make sprites compatible. So I made pretty much all the sprites I could, and they're all here: Missing Sprites Here, Ta Daaaaaa These include all the Monster sprites, Most, if not all FE6 Exclusive Sprites, and some missing sprites from FE7. I also did some work on some already existing Sprites, so that it shows more versions that use it's palette. For Example, the Female Druid sprite uses the same Palette as the Male Druid, however the original FE Recolor Sprite image only showed the male, so I put in the female. I marked the ones I worked on under revised so that you don't have to change anything, its just so that you can see it for an example. Directions Step 1: Extract all to a safe Location where it wont cause any hassle for you Step 2: Go into Missing Sprites>Sprites and Copy all the Pictures there into FE Recolor>sprites>battle_sprites Step 3: Go into Missing Sprites>Data and Copy all the .dat files into FE Recolor>data>sprites, This makes it so that you don't have to manually re position all the Palette indexes. For the Revised Sprites: Same steps as 2 and 3 except be sure to delete/move the previous .png and .dat files before adding them. UPDATE I've added The FE7 Female Theif Sprite, It could be the FE6 Sprite, but It was just easier to make an all new one. Notes So I have tested all the sprites I could with BS Palette assembler, however, I could not test the Monster sprites, Zephiel's sprite, or the Manakete-transformed sprites. Please tell me if they don't work too well in-game and please provide screenshots. Also make sure its correct on your end. Also, If I missed any sprites, please tell me, as I'll make it and add it on. Thank you in advance! And I hope I was of help. FE Recolor Missing
  17. Ho trovato Hector 5 stelle e subito mi sono messo ad allenarlo, fino al livello 23 , poi mi sono ricordato che potevo fare sostegno evocat. Per aumentargli le stats ma invece appena fatto, le stats si sono abbassate. In attacco aveva 43 e ora 39 , anche i ps si sono abbassati è normale? Aiutatemi
  18. If you had to pick a non-Japanese writer for a mainline Fire Emblem game, who would you pick? I'm asking specifically non-Japanese because someone over at /r/fireemblem had already basically asked a similar question but keeping it to Japanese writers, and even without any regional stipulations, most FE fans would probably pick a Japanese writer anyway, so it would be interesting to see what choices you guys make if forced to look outside of Japan. As an optional bonus challenge, pick a writer who is neither from Japan nor a predominantly English-speaking country. My pick would be Michael Kirkbride. He wrote the lore for Morrowind and he continued to write Elder Scrolls lore even after he left Bethesda. I think his writing style would add some really interesting flavor to the world of Fire Emblem. OPTIONAL BONUS CHALLENGE: The writer(s) for Nehrim: At Fate's Edge. The story and atmosphere completely blow (vanilla) Oblivion out of the water. EDIT: To clarify, I'm talking about writing for a brand new mainline FE, not rewriting a pre-existing mainline FE.
  19. Rate the Fire Emblem character above

    Title is self-explaining. The poster gives a rating and a comment (optional) about the mentioned FE character in the above post. After that a new character is mentioned which has to be rated by the next person. First character (a classic) Ike
  20. Fire Emblem 1-8 on the NES Classic

    If you are one of those special people that managed to buy an NES Classic this past year, then I have some good news for you. In the past few months, applications like Hakchi and RetroArch allow us to put any NES, SNES, GBA, and many more onto our NES. Now it is possible to play Fire Emblem 1 all the way through to 8 on your television. Of course you can always play emulations on your computer, but I've always enjoyed playing NES and SNES on the big screen. The menu music now is the 8 bit FE theme song. I'm thinking about making an entire FE theme for the NES Classic. I hope this thread inspires someone else with a mini to download the FE titles. This tutorial is not mine, but it is the best one out there right now. NOTICE*- The GBA games (FE6, FE7, FE8) require a Wii Pro Controler if you would like to enjoy the full experience. It is still possible to play them, but the NES controller does not have bumpers.
  21. Effie Sprite (Criticism needed)

    After recently replaying Fire Emblem Fates Conquest on lunatic mode, I felt the need to make a sprite of Effie in Gba style graphics. I would like some constructive criticism on how to improve it or perhaps just scrap the whole idea in general. All forms of bashing or strengthening criticism is welcome!
  22. Randomizing question

    Hey folks! I've been quite busy with my new job and haven't been able to work much on rom-hacking or my little merc-dude. I have been, however, been able to make nifty little fun hacks with a few wacky changes to the games balance and found that randomizing these is actually really fun! (turning the slim sword and lance into devil weapons for an example. Have fun pegasus knight Lyn that only spawned with a slim lance!) The only thing that's been bothering me is fe7's lack of female classes and a male healer. Te lack of male healer doesn't bother me much, since I still get plenty of variety in my male units, but the women have very little variety, especially in the early game! They can only be Archers, Lyn lords, Peg knights and mages for offensive classes and clerics, troubadours and dancers for support classes. That's pretty shitty for me since they almost always fill the same role as a dude when in offense. It gets a little better for pre-promotes, since they also get swordmaster, wyvern lord and paladin but I find it silly that I can't randomize it so they can also have myrmidon, cavalier and wyvern rider. At least that'd allow me to edit those classes into something else that I might want more. As of right now, there's little variety in female classes in fe7 and fe8 isn't THAT much better either, especially because of the silly generic palettes (plus, I just like playing fe7 more.) and it's not like I can edit many of the classes into something different because there's not many of them to start with. What bothers me most is how many unused classes are in the game's code as well. (fem merc, myrm, knight, cav, shaman, and their promotions) So I got to thinking. "If I could randomize this into including unused classes that aren't in the (I'm guessing) original "randomization table", would I need to alter something in the rom using nightmare, make my own randomizer that includes these classes, or both?" Also, I'm using this randomizer: Cheers in advance for any help folks! Update on the animation coming this next weekend!
  23. Considering the fact that every Fire Emblem game since Path of Radiance (except Tokyo Mirage Sessions ) has contained at least one character that also appears in Smash Bros., I think an Echoes rep would be nigh on guaranteed. Also, Alm would be another generic AF swordlord, so he's not getting in! Now, sure, they could make Celica a Robin clone with recoil damage instead of the limited uses mechanic, but that's boring. So, here's my idea for her moveset, with some notes on how it could be used in a competitive setting. I'll assume the mechanics are smash-4-esque. Tilts (and jab): Jab: A fast string of two swings with the sword (to reference how easy it is to double in Gaiden) with reasonable damage and low knockback to start or continue combos. However, the move has pathetic range, allowing opponents to stuff the move with their own attacks. F-tilt: A small explosion comes out of her hand, which deals plenty of horizontal knockback, which makes it a good combo finisher to get the opponent offstage, and can potentially kill if the opponent has a lot of damage. However, the move hits high, so most characters can duck under it, and it also has lag so it's unsafe on shield. D-tilt: She stabs her sword into the ground, which spikes aerial opponents, breaks shields and buries grounded opponents for a short time. Great for punishing 2-frame vulnerability and starting kill confirms, but has poor frame data. U-tilt: Has her summon an angel above her (like the seraphim spell) to juggle opponents and block aerial approaches. However, this move won't hit anyone on the ground. Dash attack: She summons a cone of wind in front of her that is also an intangible hurtbox, so it can block incoming attacks. The animation is similar to her dash in the dungeons. Useful for stopping rushes but has a lot of endlag. Aerials: N-air: She sets herself on fire for a short amount of time for a multi hit attack, somewhat like Lucas's N-air. F-air: She swings her sword downward in front of her, which can be used for spacing. Similar to Lucina's F-air. B-air: She propels herself forward with a small blast of wind which has a powerful windbox at long range, and a decently strong hitbox up close. Could be used twice for an aerial cross-up. U-air: She summons an angel that flies up to the top blast zone, which can kill very early if the opponent doesn't know how to SDI. However, it deals pathetic damage and doesn't cover her sides or the ground at all, somewhat like megaman's up air. D-air: She makes a blade of wind underneath her. The start of the move (ie the blade itself) spikes while the later part of the move (her arms) deals weak horizontal knockback and can lead to follow-ups. Grab: A slow, short range grab animation that is VERY unsafe. Down tilt is a better shield punish every time. Her throws all involve her tossing the opponent with wind in the appropriate direction. High knockback, but the only significant damage you'll be getting is off her pummel. Smashes: F-smash: A sharp stab with her sword that deals a huge amount of damage and knockback. Causes a crumple animation if you hit with the hilt of the blade. However, the hitbox is very thin and the move has a lot of endlag. U-smash: A huge plume of fire with multiple hits for maximum damage output. Can cover every landing option except airdodge. However, if the opponent does airdodge or drift far enough away, you're fucked. D-Smash: Celica slams her hand into the ground, making a huge explosion that hits on both sides and deals insane knockback. However, it has a LOT of start up, the the opponent can react with a roll or spotdodge. It could cover all options in a tech chase if spaced correctly. Special: Neutral-B: Seraphim. She fires small angels in front of her, like Falco's lasers. Side-B: Throwaway food. She throws a food item at the opponent that deals damage and can be eaten for health. You can press B during the animation to hold the food in her hand where it can then be eaten with the attack button or thrown with the grab button. Down-B: Thunder. On the ground, she charges up a blast of lightning that deals huge damage and knockback and has a disjointed hitbox that extends all the way to the blast zone. In the air, she rises while charging (can be B-reversed) before launching the lightning downwards for the most badass-looking spike in the game. However, the very slow startup makes this move very much fashion over function. Up-B: Excalibur. On the ground, it's a toned down version of Cloud's limit-break blade beam. This combined with thunder would make a VERY flashy long-range trap that covers all grounded options except jump. In the air, it's a recovery move which surrounds her in wind as she travels up, which works somewhat like Meta Knight's drill Rush. Final smash: Ragnarok Omega. A VERY beefed up version of her down smash. Overall: Celica is a slow but long-range character who focuses on covering as many of the opponent's options as possible with powerful hits and combos. Alternate skins: Celica, Mae, Boey, Tobin, Faye, Silque, Nino(FE7), Lute(FE8) Stage ideas: There's already a boat stage. Thanks, Toon Link! PS: If any modders (or even people at Nintendo) want to steal my idea, go for it. As for why I didn't put this in my smash moveset ideas thread, curse you double-posting rules!